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Where is Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum?

REVIEWS OF Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum IN Tennessee

Adam Mayo

Great Environment and a Wonderful place to Visit and relive Rock n Roll History and Memphis Blues!

William Black III

Outstanding Adventure through History, really the highlight of my visit. RevMeBlack

Brandon Stark

This is a really cool experience, its different from any other museum that I've been to because you get to listen to the history and music through a headset.

Loren Aspenson

One of my favorite museums to visit. Loved all the history and brings back a lot of good memories.


Me and family love that place you have to get there before a line start and it will start quick they have great food and service

Aubrey Porter

Great collection of history

Linda Ready

Price was different than I saw before arriving, $12 each. No educator discounts. EDIT: To my surprise, the museum, John Doyle, replied quickly to my original 4 start review. He was apologetic and insisted on making up for the small difference in pricing. These t-shirts were waiting at the post office when we returned. He definitely went above and beyond. I'm so thankful to have memorabilia from such a wonderful attraction.

Lillie Jones

The museum was excellent. The exhibits awesome. A lot about Memphis and more.

Robert Ridley

Excellent experience for those interested in the history of the South, Memphis and the music that makes it unique to the world!

Lidia Sandoval

Loved this museum! It's fun and informative on historical events. It teaches you how music in the bible belt areas helped unite colored and white people.

John Manuel

Very tourist informative.

Michael Beach

Excellent venue to learn about Memphis's influence on music.

Madison Grant

A really awesome interactive museum!! We had such a great time. You can go at your own speed through it, and you are not rushed. It's really interesting to learn the history of Rock 'n' Soul.

Clara Hamilton

This is a small museum with a diverse collection of memorabilia dating back to a time when people from low socio economic groups were engaging with the emerging genre of rock and soul music. The collection of juke boxes illustrates the increasing sophistication and evolution of the machines. The audio guides/headphones allow visitors to enjoy a self paced tour.


Why is this rated so high? I feel like I just paid money to read a Wikipedia article printed out and affixed to the walls. The audio tour is clunky and poorly thought out. The memorabilia is sparse at best. The best thing I can say about this place is the staff was very friendly and the bathrooms were clean. Go to the Stax museum or Sun Studios instead.


Unique, fascinating walk through Memphis history related to the evolution of Blues, Soul, and Rock & Roll. Great displays and personal audio tour.

Bill Gendel

Great self guided ( with the use of programed headphones for informed stories and music) . A wide range of all the many styles of music prominent and originated in the region. We went as a part of a bus tour of Memphis, but well worth the time.. Take time to listen to as much of the extra music of all types that are available in your headphone program.

rene betancourt

Great tour, great value. Walking distance to Beale Street.

Gordon Campbell

A very good way too spend 90 minutes or more understanding a story of Memphis music.

Melinda Holcombe

Such a nice place have recorded that you have earphones to listen to at your own time

Dayna Jones-Ollie

We had a good time, however this museum needs an update.

Jeff Cooper

Loved it! Plan on at least two hours.

Norma Catlett

Plenty of memorabilia of several recording artists.

Amber Crawford

Informative. The kids loved it. Self guided audio tour.

Derrick White

The past is brought back to life the journey of the Memphis sound is told in audio and visual effects. It's worth the trip and exposure to what was going on in the south at that time.

Lorraine Blanco

Great history and memoirs

Cindy Allarie

It is a self guided tour with a headset and player they you program... Some great memorabilia.. I was disappointed

Aaron Zornes

This museum is OUTSTANDING (!) Allow 2-4 hours to truly soak up the wonderful stories about Beale St, Stax records, the radio stations, the vibrant black culture of the past 100 years, the early golden years of rock n roll and more Beautiful and poignant at same time You can take a break and comeback later in day ... they lock the doors at 6pm but you can stay and enjoy until 7pm

Luis Angel Molina Quiñones

Cool interactive museum to have an overall knowledge of Memphis’ history

Riley Rhoton

So much great information! I spent nearly three hours trying to soak up as much information as I possibly could. The audio tour is nice because it gives you the option to pick and choose what you’d like to learn about. The headsets even offer the ability to listen to many full-length songs!

Roni Keini

Memphis is full of music and it's local history - do not miss this exhibition!

Michael Levine

Not bad. I went with my 3.5 year old son who loves music. It's pretty small and short unless you really take your time with the recordings at each display. We were out in an hour. We enjoyed it. Not sure it's a top stop in Memphis unless you're a big fan of Memphis music history

Brennan Fedak

Great museum. We stopped here after having a nice meal on Beale street. There were not many people which was nice so we were able to enjoy most of the exhibits. Being a wrestling fan I loved the Sputnik Monroe area. We will definitely be returning on our next vacation

Valerie Lockhart

If you are in Memphis Beale Street it's a must-visit museum love the setup of this Museum self-guided tour

Joel Halse

Very well thought out and organized museum which delved not only in rock and soul but how the people and music shaped the civil rights movement in the south. I liked the way you could stop at the jukeboxes displayed throughout the exhibit and listen to your choice of music. The provide headphones and it's go at your own pace so you could easily while away a 2 hours here. Some areas may be a little tight but it's wheelchair accessible and offer a AAA discount!

Georgette Breland

Loved it the history there is amazing wish I had more time

Bree Sauers

Great museum. Loved the headphone tour

Alexandra King

The self-guided audio tour was an awesome idea. Really helped bring the exhibits to life without too much reading!

nathan greenhall

Decent to good. Workers were very nice. Clean restrooms and sells water. Short exhibit though

Garry Shuck

Interesting trip through the birth of rock and soul music. South of Motown, there was Memphis blues music. Well worth the $13 admission price. Takes about an hour, lots of audio, really enjoyed the time!

Renee Kossman

What an informative history of rock and soul music! Loved it.

Barbara Silvas

It was educational. Self guided tours. But the combo deal!

Melissa Hildum

The ladies that work the front counter are amazing, very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks Memphis u rock.

Ginger E

If you love rock and soul music this is the place to go! So much info, music and the self guided audio player is our new favorite way to tour.

Sandra Richeson

Beautiful museum full of story, The museum’s digital audio tour guide is packed with over 300 minutes of information, including over 100 songs. It takes visitors at their own pace through seven galleries featuring 3 audio visual programs, more than 30 instruments, 40 costumes, and other musical treasures. At the gift shop you can get some souvenirs as well.


Way cool! Lots of great music history.

Knuckles Ugandan

Good history, bad prices, nice hermanica, really added to my band trip.

Russell Segura

I was really looked forward to this musuem after reading up in my Frommer's book. Since it is affliated with the Smithsonian, I knew it would be well done. Words can't describe how much I enjoyed the tour. It is so amazing to read and see and learn about the early music scene that was happening in Memphis. There is a lot to read for sure, but we enjoyed our tour, and also got to see the Beatles photography exhibit. Plus afterwards we continued on to B.B. King's on Beale Street, which is right around the corner. Any music fan should take the time and check it out!

Bunky K

Worth a visit!

Eugene Marshall

The audio guides were very helpful and the museum has quite a few memorabilia, but the person who issued my ticket wasn't especially friendly. Also there wasn't much interactivity, it was basically just a while lit of reading and listening. The items on display were pretty attractive and well organised. They have a lot of scope to make this museum are far more enjoyable experience

Mary Fitzgerald

Loved it! The music is great and the displays are great.

Sabrina Adams

It was a cool museum.

Tomeka Rone-Winfield

This was fun and very informative! Had a blast

Jane kinney

This museum was fun to go to if you like music. Very nice displays and information cards. We had audio tours so got to listen to a lot of old music some I knew and others I got to enjoy for the first time. Great visit.

Deano David

A well thought thru museum

Angela Blackmon

Beale street is the place to be. Love the blues and people there. So nice!

Jewannes Witte

In the Rock 'n' Soul Museum you will learn a lot about the history of these music genres. Not only these, but also the connection with country, blues and jazz. The audio tour tells you a lot about these years and explains the items in the museum. You can also listen to a lot of different music numbers and genres. You should do the audio tour otherwise this museum is not very interesting.

Jay Weaver

Gotta see this Museum if you are s music buff! Home if Rock 'n Roll. GREAT historical presentation.

Michael Tessier

A great place to spend some time and learn about the history of rock and roll. Great tunes and memorabilia.

Christine Renock

This place was the most fun!! You were given head phones to listen to songs throughout the museum. Our tour group was singing and dancing to the great songs from the past. This tour was one of the best & most fun!

Bill D -

See this one before you visit Stax or Sun. It's a quick overview of Blues to early Rock to Soul. Well curated with a timeline that runs from the roots of blues music, through the country music Branch to 50's and some 60's rock and roll before touching on soul. It is a history museum that centers around Memphis and Memphis music, not a hall of fame for classic rock. Headsets are provided with the entry ticket. There is a "master play list" that can be accessed with complete original versions of songs. It's interesting how many famous artists covered so many of these songs. There is a small area at then end which focus on Elvis's movie posters and fortunately it's small.

Joanne Morrow

Staff was nice and friendly. They were knowledgeable of the downtown area.

Barbara King

Awesome history


Interesting museum, lots of Elvis belongings, audio tour for every section. Worth visiting if you are interested in music as much as I am)

Marcy Warkentin

Lots of interesting things to look at, great car collection.

John Moran

Great place to learn about the music of Memphis. First time here and really enjoyed it. Highly recommend.

Bill Johnstone

If you have the opportunity do not miss...

Brad L

Good tour for the price. Lots of history.

david driver

Wonderful and very educational.Great history of rock,blues, and jazz music.

Liv Timmons

Very cool information would have been better if my mood wasn't so bad while visiting

Kimberly Snody

One of the many music history stops in Memphis

Georgellen Burnett

This is a must to understand the evolution of rock and roll and soul from the blues and country music. Lots of great artifacts. Be sure to visit STAX as well.

Jeff A.

Great history of the blues and the birth of Rock and roll. Self guided audio tour let you wander at your own speed. Well maintained

Karla Buechter

If you love music, you'll love the Memphis Rock'n'Soul museum. And why else be in Memphis if you don't like music.

Deb Hanson

Fun place to spend an afternoon

Marquetta Rattler

Nice place to browse but the truth is somewhere in between..

Katie T

Wonderful! Loved it. Get into a group and bring while family!

Andy Wiles

Well worth a good hour. Great to explore some (to me) unknown artists

Mandy Jetton

A must see attraction when you're in town.

Helen H. Gonzalez

Enjoyable place to learn of the music history of the area."

Billie Hardison

Enjoyed this more I thought i would. Well worth that admission

Kati Thomas

Good time! Liked interactive nature of exhibits. Fair price.

Margie Moore

Excellent place to go. Very well organized. Video at the beginning and tour with Walkman. On your own speed and sequence. Great history lesson and full songs to listen if you choose to. Starting with a very-well-done video, the museum did a great job of explaining the various types of music and musicians that came together to create the music this area is known for. It was fun to be able to play the "juke boxes" throughout the museum as we reviewed different eras and styles of music. All in all, very well done and worth a visit.

Susan Larson

Burger was excellent and blues was really awesome. The Eric Hughes Band played their hearts out. Fun humor. Loved the song "meet me in Memphis" which they wrote!

Manuel Pérez Leindekar

Must see attraction for any music lover! Many interesting historic items to see and listen to. It's audio guided so that's a plus for the visually impaired. Simply amazing.

Robert Steven

Great history, but a bit too static of displays. It would be more fun if a charismatic guide told the story, like the sun studio tour.

Stephen Dann

interesting museum, well worth a visit


Such a fun time and what a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. The history was incredible. Maybe not a place for little kids but tweens and up would really enjoy this, especially if they have a love for music.

dawn grice

Very interesting learned alot. Great music

John Donna

Underwhelming, but good historic detail for those who've never studied the heritage of folk blues music, which paved the way for Rock and Soul as genres of music. Best lesson learned here: Why/how could the slaves, sharecroppers, & other early workers sing their blues while being worked literally to death? The blues & gospel music helped them feel better.

Cherie Woitena

Really enjoyed the video tour. So many that I remember and dancing too. Brought back a lot of memories.

Patrick Gebhard

Very cool look into the history of country, gospel, soul, and rock music...and how they inspire each other and crossover. Some great memorabilia on display-Johnny Cash, Elvis, Ike Turner, Isaac Hayes, etc. After a short film, you receive a headset to listen as you move through the museum. I learned about several artists I had never heard of who I plan to look into some more.

Leslie Parmeter

Another great place I visited I highly recommend

Mold Spec

Inexpensive place to go! Several cool things to see

Don V Nielsen

Definitely a great experience. Catfish was good, the live music was great. Definitely coming back.

Dave Donars

This has to be one of the best museums in the United States. Truly incredible and immersive experience. After watching a brief film, the staff gives you headphones and a device to listen to carrots oral histories and songs. The curration of the collection was extremely well.tgoight out and organized. Top caliber. Our five and seven year old daughters had a ball listening to the old tunes, sharing the songs with one another. Rock 'n' Soul is a fun museum and you learn so much. People were dancing and bopping along to their music as they walked through the museum. Old people and young people--everyone was dancing a bit. Excellent friendly staff. Rock 'n' Soul is an almost magical place.

Barb Jamrozy

Great experience

Janice Saenger

Thoroughly enjoyed would definitely come back again

Ariana Cagle

Nice museum. They give you a headset and little audio device for a self guided tour. Interesting information. If you want to listen to all the information on the audio guide, you may spend a couple hours here. I just picked random things to listen to, so it did not take me that long to go through it. I did go here with my husband and 11 month old baby. I would recommend that they put a baby changing station in the bathroom. Other than that, everything was great!

Paula M

A very interesting museum to visit. We went there as part of a tour we went on.

Lasandra Lucas

One of the best museums not only in Memphis and state of Tennessee but in the country. Major hidden gem for music lovers everywhere.

Dale Anderson

This museum is setup for a great experience. From the short movie to all of the history of rock n soul music. Its great

Terri Puckett

Very small and a VERY condensed version of Sun Studios tour + Stax Museum. If you are short on time, this is ok but a little pricey for what you get. If you have the time, it’s worth going to the other places instead.

Tom Anderson

Wow...loaded with musical photos and items.Great place to visit.

Guadalupe Padilla

Amazing tour!

Bj Cummins

Not to be missed. You will get a great education of Memphis music history. When done cross the street to Gibson guitars or go around the corner to Silky O'Sullivans on Belle Street. All within a 2 minute walk of each other.

Victor DuFour

A walk through the history of blues and rock in the city of Memphis. Starting with the sharecroppers from the early 1900s through the 1970s. They touch on all the greats and some who should have been greats. They do not shy away from the shameful parts of this history. They highlight the bravery and struggles for equality that were a huge part of this Memphis culture. Worth the trip for the playlist alone.

Ruby Young

Great place!

Stefan Naude

A must see for any Rock and Soul fanatic

d w

awesome place for music lovers & history buffs

Bill Robbins

Provides a great history of the music and musicians of Memphis. We'll worth the price of admission.

Debra Conkle

Very interesting and love how you can go at your own pace.

Rosemarie Lewis

This is a small museum with a diverse collection of memorabilia dating back to a time when people from low socio economic groups were engaging with the emerging genre of rock and soul music. The collection of juke boxes illustrates the increasing sophistication and evolution of the machines. The audio guides/headphones allow visitors to enjoy a self paced tour.

Mozes Hensley

This ticket was part of our Backstage Pass which included Sun Studios, Stax Museum and of course Graceland. The tour starts with a short video and then you put on a headset and make your way around the museum at your own pace. The audio set takes you through a musical history of Memphis starting in the 1930s and traces it's way right up to present day. The headset let's you listen to dozens of tracks from various artists. The museum has a small gift shop with reasonably priced items. The only problem we had was the ticket we bought included a round trip shuttle to Graceland but unfortunately it was in for repairs and no replacement was offered.

chris crowe

If you love music and want to learn about its history while listening to amazing songs throughout the ages get yourself down.

Mark Dezuba

Awesome, love it, a must see, take minimum 2 hours to see and hear all the sounds of this amazing museum.


Nice place to visit for a little music history.

Elie K

Very well done. You have lot of music to listen contrary to other music museums

Cassidy Henry

Great place to learn about the birth of rock and roll and its background. Worth a visit

Rita Jordan

This is a small museum with a diverse collection of memorabilia dating back to a time when people from low socio economic groups were engaging with the emerging genre of rock and soul music. The collection of juke boxes illustrates the increasing sophistication and evolution of the machines. The audio guides/headphones allow visitors to enjoy a self paced tour.

Anita Boyce

Enjoy it It is a lot to learn about the music and the groups.

Joseph Larsh

I was kicked out for going to the restroom first. So :(

M Tate

Small but awesome museum

Karren Ferron

Great place to see staff very helpful

Brad Klucas

Great opportunity to learn the evolution of blues, country, and rock n' roll has impacted our culture back then and today

Paul Ly

Saw how this is an affiliate of the Smithsonian so already had high expectations! Provides wonderful context to the artists that played their role and made music what it is today. It's mostly a self guided tour via an audio guide headset. They also include options to listen to songs so you can spend hours there! Opted to take a pic of the songs list to explore later though. Kind lady in the gift shop mentioned a group had once spent 7 hours there! Highly recommend if you're looking to learn, experience and expose yourself to it's history, culture and revolution!

Colleen Rogers

Loved It! Can tour at your own leisure and take your time! Highly recommend.

Rich Cullen

A must see. So interesting and with lots of authentic articles.

Kim-Marie Santiago

Fabulous start to our music portion of the day. Loved learning about the history surrounding the music of Memphis as well as the area having the first all black radio station and the first all female station. The interactive hand held devices let you go at your own pace and pick which sections you want to learn about. We especially enjoyed the option to listen to many music selections from different eras. My man heard the original Hound Dog for the first time ever!

Kevin Herrell

It's a good way to kill an hour. Two if you listen to every audio item available.

Chip Milosch

Huge entertaining and informative

Courtney Jimenez

This ticket was part of our Backstage Pass which included Sun Studios, Stax Museum and of course Graceland. The tour starts with a short video and then you put on a headset and make your way around the museum at your own pace. The audio set takes you through a musical history of Memphis starting in the 1930s and traces it's way right up to present day. The headset let's you listen to dozens of tracks from various artists. The museum has a small gift shop with reasonably priced items. The only problem we had was the ticket we bought included a round trip shuttle to Graceland but unfortunately it was in for repairs and no replacement was offered.

David Berke

This is such a great museum to be able to walk through and learn all the histories wearing those headphones. I glanced at the writing and the audio was just so good. I like that they start you basically in the beginning and walk you through. I wish there was more to this place.

Stephanie Fisher

Great place with great music! Take the time to listen to the history in the audio player that is provided.


By far the best museum on this road trip. Dedicated to the history of music of Memphis from early blues of sharecropper farmers to soul and rock'n'roll of the 70's.You're given a headset to listen to the interactive displays and hear interviews with famous musicians, but you're also allowed to create a playlist of the music to listen to while you peruse. Little kids to grandparents rocking out to their own private selection. Top notch.9

Natasha McNutt

A great museum to visit and understand the history of rock n roll.

Liza Saunders

History, loved this place!

Ronald Sledge

A lot I did not know about rock and soul History

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