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REVIEWS OF Lane Motor Museum IN Tennessee

Mike Nicoletti

Incredible! If you like cars you have to go see this place. Lots of European stuff but still very interesting. Absolutely amazing, I would definitely go back!


Dedicated a week's vacation to drive from Maine to Tennessee to visit this museum. After seeing the vast and unique collection of cars from several media outlets, I knew I needed to make a trip! It was well worth it (with other museum stops along the road trip) and this was by far my favorite! Everyone was kind and welcoming. The Lane Motor Museum is a must go for any enthusiast!


I really enjoyed looking at the older model cars. This is a great place to visit if you're ever in Nashville Tennessee!!!

Adnan Ahmed

Never seen such a cool car auto museum. A must see for gear heads.

D Allen

This place is very cool, the giant amphibious vehicle in the back is huge.

Casey Eaves

Absolutely love going here. So many cool and unique cars. If you can, get the basement tour. There are as many or more cars down stairs that you usually don't see. Plus, our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about not only the cars, but the individual cars and how they got to the museum.

David Gilbert

Southern Illinois University automotive technology students had a great visit!

D Kingore

Very cool collection of cars! Oddballs!

Andrea Keeble

We enjoyed the large variety of cars at the museum. It’s very casual with a great children’s area. Definitely worth it and will be taking my dad there when he comes to visit.

Lawrence Cole

A fun antique car museum!

Imagination Traveler

Very well maintained museum. Personally met Mr. Lane who was extremely interested in your experience in the museum.

GLloyd Philpo'tt

Good car museum for rare & odd small vehicles.

Tom Forse

This museum ranks amongst the best we’ve been to. Cars are grouped under the national flags of their country of origin. Interesting stories involving the car’s histories and owners are posted beside the cars and shared by museum caretakers. Below the main floor are even more cars in various states of renovation. Rides and demonstrations of the vehicles are scheduled at various times. We spent 4 hours here but could have enjoyed several more. One amazing auto museum. We will be back!

Alan Richards

Unique and rare car collection

Kelly Kasper

This museum is certainly not what I was expecting. It was much more interesting and the inventory is always changing. Definitely take the basement tour.

Sarah Collins

I am not a huge car person, but I visited the Lane Motor Museum with my family. While I did not understand the ins and outs of the vehicles, there was a large selection of interesting vehicles to look at. We did take the vault tour, and were sort of disappointed because they only focus on a few certain vehicles, of which we weren't super interested in. The customer service is great and everyone is super nice.

Carol Cross

Love going through looking at the cars they have from back when I started driving and seeing cars I rode in when I was young.

Nicole Delle Donne

Good place to go to experience a step back in the history books. Plenty of vehicles - bikes, airplanes, cars, boats, etc. including prototypes of vehicles that never hit the market. Very cool!

Jeffery Hageman

Awesome place a must see!!

Ammon Simmons

The eclectic collection of foreign vehicles was impressive and rich in history, but mostly just downright cool! So many cars and wacky designs I'd never seen before.

Robert Tucker

A very enjoyable experience. Could have spent the entire day there. Highly recommend it for a visit to Nashville. A ++

Joseph Fritz

Definitely one of the best museums I have ever been to. Celebrating the creativity and imagination of human beings down through the years. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves the history of transportation.

Kayla Roush

It is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy cars, bikes and of course the odd or unusual vehicle. Definitely see neat cars. I'm very glad we made the visit.

Jamie Rosenthal

Very fun museum, even spotted my old racing bicycles. Unusual vehicles that I enjoyed seeing.

Mel Johnson

Very cool place! Well worth your time and money. I've been saving this tour for a rainy day, wondering if it was worth my time. I wasn't real convinced it was and have done many other things before this one. I took the family and we were all truly and wonderfully surprised. Had a wonderful time and so will you.

Juris Matusevics

Great collection of antique and unique vehicles. The grand military amphibious vehicle was my favorite.

Laura Belrose

Great museum to view some interesting cars! The price is very reasonable- the staff is friendly! While you’re there don’t hesitate to see the HUGE tank carrier out back- you will be impressed by its size!

Grace J

There were so many cars to look at! We spent a good 3 hours here. Not only do they interior they have a garage outside with more.. I felt like Billy May's voice ways saying "But wait there's more" as you venture outside. They have cars, bike, motorcycle, planes, trucks, buggys, engine break downs. It's great!

Jacob Z

Great museum. I like that the vehicles were separated by country of origin. Gentleman at the ticket counter wasn't very friendly. I had to initiate the ticket purchase conversation, was not greeted. He seemed like he didn't want to be there. We were going to check out the vault depending on how long our stay was, but couldn't because tickets sold out. Had I know tickets were limited, I would have purchased them upfront. Oh well.


Wonderful collection of Soviet block vehicles. Beautiful Citreons. Whacky collection of propeller cars. Best value in town.

Brett H

I've been to Lane several times and it's always a great experience. Staff is friendly,the cars are really interesting, and the exhibits are always changing. I think my favorite thing is that they drive most of the cars. Just so cool that that's a big thing for them. On my last trip I had the privilege to see the Nissan Heritage museum which is not always open. Very cool experience with very neat cars. A bonus of that tour is the opportunity to go through the basement of Lane which is literally packed with unique cars. Overall I'd say a fun and inexpensive way to spend an afternoon.

Dan High

Really enjoyed our visit. Even kept the kids attention!

Jack Dicken

Great place to visit. Playroom for kidd

Aaron Rose

Tons of really cool vehicles you won't see anywhere else. I'm not really a big car guy but I went with my nephew who is and we both had a great time. Lots to learn and they even have a play area for littler kids

kathy marsh

Great cheap place to go to in Nashville area. Nice set up of displays. Very informative. Wide variety of cars. Looks like they are expanding. Check out garage area too. Try scavenger hunt. Need at least 2 to 3 hours to really see it all. Make a stop to put in a pin for your hometown. Old pin maps on display. Stop in gift shop a must. Highly recommended.

Antonio Gonzalez

One of the finest motor museums I have visited. One of a kind private collection, many of which have been restored in-house to near new condition. Only Gateway Motor Museum and Barber Motor Sport Museum come close. Over 550 vintage vehicles. A must-see-before-you-die venue.

J. Terry McCombs

Beyond superb! What an awesome venue. I already want to go back. Be sure to go on a "Vault Tour" day.

Fred Oettinger

This was a wonderful museum, and my wife and I really enjoyed it. You could walk right up to and around the cars, which isn't always the case at museums like this. The collection is a lot of very unique and innovative vehicles including on of the largest "cars" I've ever seen. It took about an hour to self guide through, and was well worth it. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the facility was very clean. They even had a big play area for children who are bored of the cars. My favorite part was an old Periwinkle Citroen 2CV that you can sit in!

Iris Barnes

It was incredibly fun to look at the cars. They also were very family friendly, with scavenger hunts and a child play area. They had a lot of really neat cars that we'd never seen before. My kids and I loved it and will probably go again!

Rob Sanchez

Exellent collection but the air quality inside the museum needs improvement specifically on the summer months (too hot and the chemical smell is to strong).

Sara H

Very unique museum of cars. My kids loved it! Check out the old military amphibian vehicle out back!

phil mcdaniel

Lots of unique things to see, the tour guide was not very thorough, but it is still a great and interesting place.

Paul Cornn

Fun collection of unusual autos. Leans heavy on Citroen but still really cool.

Tim Clapper

Awesome place for the prize the cars you get to see . That may never drive the roads again thanks to climate change

Joanna Nash

One of the best car museums in the country. If you find yourself in Nashville, check out this gem!

Forrest Miller

Interesting and unexpected collection of classic and modern cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and some oddities. What a cool museum!

steve constantino

Great place with one of a kind, old cars. Very cool. About 2 hrs or so. Pretty cheap afternoon.

Mike Spencer

I love Lane Motor Museum! I've gone several times since they've been open and always enjoy it. Lots of unique cars, motorcycles and even bicycles. Stuff you just won't see anywhere else. If you're a car buff, you're going to love it.

Emperor Newberry

If your looking to see something different, this may be for you. From dead end technologies, to seeing who did something first, this place will capture your attention and your inner car child! Highly recommend the guided tour downstairs and the LARC around back. Good times here for young and old.

Art Mann

The huge collection of mostly European historical oddities was quite fascinating. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Well worth 2 or 3 hours and the price of admission.

K Nuff

My wife and I loved our visit. Beautiful building. Impressive and educational. There was so much to see, we plan to come back. Owning 3 Honda Blackbirds the Caterham 7 Blackbird had my heart.

Daniel Forbes

Really cool museum! A lot of very rare and concept vehicles. They do all their own restorations on site!

Jacey Lynne Clemens

My boyfriend is an automobile fanatic, so this was the perfect place to visit on our trip to Nashville. There is so much history in this place! It was awesome to learn so much and have fun at the same time.

Christopher Rohrs

This is the greatest collection of odd and unusual cars I've ever seen. (Examples include a bi-directional Citroen and various microcars.) You will probably enjoy it even if you're not an automobile enthusiast. My preschool son loved it.

Scott Mackelprang

Well worth the money. They have a great collection of limited and unique vehicles from all over the world. If you like cars, you'll probably like this place.

Jennifer Sanchez

Came here with my family and had a total blast. The museum has a great collection and has both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Highly suggest watching the intro video before you go into looking at the collection so you can get the history of the museum and understand the layout.

scott knox

If your deepest desires include wacky, European automobiles, this is the museum for you. It's a huge collection that perfectly displays the advancement of automotive technology and the uniqueness humanity used to encase it with. For $12 an adult you get to see hundreds of sweet cars, vans, electric vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, and even a huge and goofy snowmobile thing.


Awesome collection of unique vehicles! My husband who has gone to MANY car museums/shows over the years says this one is the VERY BEST!! I'm not really into cars, but I enjoyed the museum A LOT!

Romero Mariano

Even my wife, who is not usually interested in historic automobiles, enjoyed touring the Lane Motor Museum collection. The time flew by as we recognized vehicles in which we had ridden or saw an ingeniously designed vehicle. This is a wonderful collection designed to show auto enthusiasts the interesting cars beyond those produced by the "big three" auto manufacturers of the USA.

Jeneal Southern

Not really my cup of tea, but my husband, father and son all loved it. There were even some fun things for those of us who weren't really interested in cars to find (I enjoyed the bikes and the scooter hall). Plus there's a small area for little ones to play once they get tired of walking around. It didn't have much to offer my 6yo, but my 4yo had fun playing there. Definitely a great place if you like cars.

John Schafer

Great display of cars .

Robert Fox

Nice collection of exotic cars

Jasmine Coleman

This place is so cool! There's such a large variety of different cars, both unique & rare. The volunteers walking around were so nice & offered additional information that was much appreciated. We went on Father's Day weekend, so they were letting fathers in for free, which we thought was really nice.

Matt Ashley

I'm not a huge car fan but I spent three times as long here as I expected. Highly recommend.

Victoria Perdue

A lot of variety and unique vehicles! Learned about a lot of vehicles I'd never heard of before. Helpful staff.

Sara W

$12/adults Check out the into video to learn about the history and origin of the museum. Good layout, no ropes and each car has a placard and information about the car. Great way to see how the wars, history, and economics influenced each other and created (or stopped) some car productions. Personnel friendly! Motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks, and aviation

Alan Anacki

I own a European repair shop. This place is great. I could have spent days here.

Dakoda D Sellers

Worth the price of admission. Interesting collection you wont see anywhere else.

Ryan Cox

Museum staff is very friendly. Location and parking was easy. You can sit in one car, specifically for photo ops.

Michelle Miller

Very nice collection of unique cars and other motor vehicles. If you love cars...or even if you just have a passing interest... you will enjoy this museum.

Zach Bergner

The price is good. The self-guided main floor is massive, and laid out very nicely. Each car has a description explaining what it is. When they open the vault I would definitely recommend paying the small amount extra to tour it as well.

M Myers

All kinds of unique automobiles...home made, kit cars, micro cars, foreign. Bicycle and motorcycle sections too. Kids play area. My second time visiting. Love it.

Richard A

Excellent small car museum and you don't feel that it's small. Fun few hours, if you're a car person it's very worthwhile.

Terry Waggoner

Definitely go! My wife and I spent about three hours looking at the cars and it was a lot of fun. If I had been alone I would have stayed longer. On Saturdays and Sundays there is a tour of the cars "downstairs" that are not on current display. The tour is an additional 6 dollars. Plenty of free parking. Check the website before visiting.

Southern Shine

An unbelievable collection of cars from around the world and thru history. I saw many cars that I knew nothing about and others I had heard of but never seen. They also have a selection of motorcycles worth checking out. Next time we are going to take the vault tour to see the entire collection.

Robin Haynes

An amazing collection of vehicles! Enjoyed reading about each vehicle although I wish print was a little larger!

Tryon Lippincott

Very cool cars and some are very rare. Whoever is curating this museum now is doing a terrible job. The floor made no sense and a bunch of the cars are dirty. I like that you can get close to the cars, but you can so close that I watched some cars get dinged by patrons. Also there was an Audi that had the keys in the ignition, and had there been more people there, those keys would have been gone. Also, what year Kenmore stove is that and is it available to drive?

Richard Hoover

I really enjoyed this museum with so many foreign vehicles separated by country. The person at the front counter was very friendly and we spoke for quite a while. Great way to spend a day. They have more in storage than on display, so I will return some day, even though I live over 1500 miles away.

Jess Nance

Very cool place to walk around if you like cars. I loved that they had a play place for my toddler while his Dad walked to see the cars. This way we did not have to keep on him to stay away from the cars!

Dirk Schumann

What an eclectic mix of cars! I fully expected to see the usual suspects, Porsche, Ferrari and the like. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many that I knew as a child that weren't from those brands. Since we don't have any French cars sold here in the US, it's was delightful to see the Renault and Citroen cars in many shapes and sizes. The Subaru display was particularly interesting to see. Next time I'm in Nashville, I'll plan more time to tour it thoroughly.

Melinda Carlson

A really great visit here. Plenty of cars to look at for both gearheads and people who just want to see interesting things. It was a nice way to spend an hour and a half. There's a play area in the middle of the museum for the kids. A neat set of maps on one wall show where everyone is coming from.

Nate Grant

Great place with lots of cool old cars. Very unique

Amanda Gagnon

Fun tour. Cool cars. Highly recommend. Kid friendly


Interesting place! Many good memories and amazing old technology!

alison downing

If you bring a brochure from your hotel you get 4$ off each ticket. We even did a scavenger hunt. Awesome cars!!

Trey VanWieren

The museum was fantastic. The main section was well laid out and allowed for good freedom of movement to quickly see the exhibits you're interested in without having to get through crowds or follow defined paths. We got there right when they opened and stayed for about two hours. During that time there was a moderate to light amount of other visitors. The Vault tour is essential. Only a limited number people get to go so its best to get there quick. The day we went there was two tours and ours had about 10 people in it. The tour is of their basement where restore and work on the cars. The guide told us that since they keep all the cars in drivable condition, they frequently change the regular displays and what cars are on the tour. Because if this and because the museum is constantly acquiring new cars, no two visits are the same. The only down side is there are very few domestic cars or recent cars. If you want to see a bunch of suped up modern sports cars or expensive supercars, this isn't the museum for you, but if you want to see on of a kind or cars you'll likely never see any where else, this is for you.

dennis l lanning

quirky car collection of fully restored cars from different places and eras.strange bikes too.

Clay Johnston

Fantastic place to spend an afternoon. Lots of cars ranging in age and function. From amphibious trucks to sports cars and everything in between.

Chelsea Qualls

Wow!! Totally worth $12 a person (adult.) Loved seeing all the different types of vehicles, bicycles, and motorcycles hrough history. The history behind the memorabilia is astonishing. I learned so much and it was worth the time to read as well as sight see. Definitely worth the experience!!

Joshua Collins

Lane Motor Museum is a great automotive museum with a unique & ever changing collection. Their sign says "vehicles from A to Z" but it should also say "Micro to Macro.

Adriana Urbanczyk

You can get up close to the cars and really see them

Stephan G

Great stop on our trip to Nashville. Anyone who likes cars should make the trip.

Victor Samuel

Excellent walk through a lot of different types of cars, bikes, and even some unique vehicles as well!

kawliga leverett

Awesome place if you like transportation vehicles of many different brands, makes ,years and models

jake farrell

Amazing place for lovers of cars but always lovers and the whacky and weird. It's without a doubt got the best selection or rare, unique and outright crazy vehicles of any car museum I've been to. Definitely recommend a visit.

Ben Liebersohn

Great place to learn about technology and our society. Very educational and lots of exhibits for all ages and interests! Everyone will enjoy seeing the miniature cars, amphibious cars, airplanes, and other vehicles, as well as fun descriptions. This is a special museum

Marc Petzold

Very interesting vehicles, many I've never heard of!

Michael Schiller

Had a great time exploring vintage cars, bikes and more. If this is your interest, give yourself a full afternoon.

Teresa Wali

Cool place to visit & see the changes and improvements that have been made to cars over the decades. Some cool cars to see, definitely a place to see if looking to do something for a few hours. It will take longer than expected if reading all descriptions of cars. Make sure you take full advantage of seeing all it has to offer. PS it is offered at most hotel sight seeing stands and has a coupon for $3 off!

Daniel Harris

A fun place if you have an interest in cars or engineering, of particular interest to those who like microcars and European cars. They also have a pedal bike display. Lots of good info to read on the signs by the cars. An area for kids to play in too.

E Michael Arnold

Recommend for parents and enthusiasts. Reasonable prices, and there is a play area for kids which is great on a rainy day. Really unique and interesting cars for enthusiasts. Bathrooms are clean and have a changing table in the mens room if you're a dad with small children. Will be a return customer.

LaDiva TK

What an amazing museum! The variety of cars and vehicles here is astounding. Loved every moment of it!

Aaron Schreiber

I just can't say enough about this place. Super clean, friendly, and an amazing place. It's unbelievable to have such a unique collection that is displayed so you can get up close and personal. Even my kids (8 and 10 years old) were respectful and didn't touch the vehicles. What a pleasure to be so close to the collection. Very enjoyable. I was surprised to see an East German Trabbie (Trabant)! I highly recommend!

Keith Dziedzic

Absolutely fantastic place! Clean facilities and the tour guides really know their stuff and make it interesting. Highly recommend

David Smittle

Great museum with really ecelectic collection. Very enjoyable!

Lauren H

Best $12 I’ve ever spent.

Brandon Bradley

Great place with a ton of cars

James Wilson

The Lane Motor Museum is a Hidden Gem off The Nashville beaten path of Lower Broadway. It is only 3-Miles Down Murfreesboro Pike from the Country Music Clubs and is a Bargain Admission Price for an afternoon of European Automotive History. You will see many Makes and Models of Vehicles that you probably never knew existed. Every Vehicle is Fully Restored and Operational including Antique Plates. The owner actually Drives Different Vehicles on the Nashville City Streets each Month to Promote the Museum and just have fun watching the People’s Reaction to seeing these Rare Vehicles in Action. His Largest Piece in the Collection is Parked out back and took 4-Hours to Drive the 3-Miles to the Museum from the Riverfront Dock. It is an Army LARC LX8 capable of Loading Full Size Tanks and any other Large Vehicle in the Army’s Inventory. There are over 500-Vehicles in the ever growing collection and on Saturdays they offer a Behind the Scenes Restoration Shop Tour that gives you insight to their processes and a peek at the next Vehicles to appear in the Museum. All in all it’s a Great Way to change the Pace from the Music City Club Scene.

WD Murray

Lane Car Museum is one of our favorite places to go in Nashville. It's unlike any other car museum and that the cars are not Marth mothballed they will all start if they were fueled up and put a hot battery in them. Don't go through Lane expecting American muscle cars but if you want to see three-wheel bubble cars from countries that don't exist anymore they're there. if you want to see the largest military vehicle ever built go outside the lane just Jeff Lane owns the Lark it's well worth seeing. there's also some motorcycles even a few bicycles . It's a great place to spend a rainy afternoon in Nashville, it's inexpensive the folks there are a lot of fun and I can't encourage going they're strongly enough .it's just a wonderful experience

Brittney Chasteen

This place is really neat!! There are some very interesting vehicles and it was fun to see all of them. They had several then and now cars where you could see how it looked in the 30s of 50s and compare that to a more current model. It was very interesting and they had some rather unique cars as well. I would recomend going to check this place out!

Martin Lutz

What a great museum! I've been here several times. It takes about an hour to go through all the countries' cars. You can spend as much time as you want. They have a Cinelli race bike like I used to race. Which is amazing. Very rare stuff. If you're even remotely interested in history and cars or mechanics, you'll enjoy the Lane museum. Did I mention they have a Cinelli?

Frances Schuetz

Was very interesting. Had a nice display of all kinds of vehicles. Me and my boyfriend enjoyed ourselves. Fully intend on returning with our children.

shane huffman

It was really cool saw some really cool cars & race cars its worth checking out when ur in town

Robert Melancon

Pretty interesting and unique selection of cars. A lot of one of a kind pieces here

Nathaniel Jones

This museum is a ton of fun! The cars aren't roped off so you can go right up to them and look through the windows, you can't touch them though. My favorite part was the garage because they have some military vehicles in there and they are super cool. I highly recommend this museum because it is very relaxed and very interesting!

Viru Agrawal

This is not your usual auto museum - it's one run by true enthusiasts! The cars you'll see here are unique, quirky, and far beyond the ordinary exotics most people recognize. Grab a friend and spend the day in awe.

Carl Kahle

A great place to spend a few hours when it is sooo hot outside! They have a lot of unique cars, motorcycles, etc and even a large area for kids to play.

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