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188 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States Located in: Historic Charleston City Market

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REVIEWS OF Confederate Museum IN South Carolina

Gail Pritikin

Cool place with the market below

Tama Clarke

Interesting artifacts, but I would liked to have seen more of the documentation and history from the Confederate perspective. We had visited Ft. Sumpter earlier and wanted the other side of the story. Still, it was interesting to see the Confederate artifacts.

Cheryl Kuntz

Very neat seeing history!

Yvonne Price

So much history from the Charleston area and beyond.

bobby morrow

Highly recommended it's owned by the daughters of the Confederacy and it literally has flags from the Civil War and full uniforms


Less racist than expected, not much there but some cool artifacts if you're into that sort of thing. Worth the $5

Michael Berenis

youve got to look at places like this as a way to remember what we are capable of as a species, and to understand ourselves better in order to evolve. We arent getting off this planet unless we work together

Sam Rivers

This museum didn't have any artifacts that were amazing and it is small, but the $5 admission fee made up for it. Be warned that there are very few firearms, and there is not a lot of explanation on artifacts. Also, the museum is not racist in anyway.

Tanya Pochatko

What an interesting and informative collection of authentic Civil War artifacts! So happy that there is a place like this that respects the value of our history! Instead of tearing down to try to erase the past, this museum is a must see for anyone who wants to learn from our past! Thank you so much for the time and effort put into this important time of American history!

DET48210 michigan

Very interesting memorabilia. I Saw a review here calling the museum racist? How ignorant are people these days? Well worth the $5 adult admission. One of a kind memorabilia thats a must see...

Robert Brooks

A step back in time to a respectful and well presented remembrance.

Mike Spivack

Only one room of artifacts but all genuine and very interesting. Wish they allowed you to take pictures.


This place is 5 dollars admission to walk around a small room. I understand they have to keep the museum up, but the price to walk around for 10 mins adds up when you have a large group. NOT for kids, there are lots of breakables and its super small so please dont bring your small children in here, you don't want them to break something or disturb others. They had a pretty good selection of civil war memorabilia (alot of stuff I havnt seen any where else) but like I said its very very small and not free. Military ID gets you in free, and its on top of the oustide market. (We had trouble finding it)

Jan Croon

A lot of history resides in this remarkable location!

Joel Parsons

Interesting things to see!

Mike Bador

Well done but really small and pricey for what's there.

Joseph Collins

What a beautiful place great to seehow things were in the south

chester hufstedler

Small, but very well done. Worth the time.

Brett Bradshaw

The quality of historic artifacts is second to none. It was an emotional experience. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. This is a museum to visit again and again.


Don't know.. only takes cash in 2019.

norma williams

Not much to do

Rick McMillen

Interesting to see the artifacts from civil war, before, during and after. No pictures allowed. Very small area. Be sure to take your time and read the placards associated with various pieces.

Rebecca Miller

Very cool items, no photos allowed

Valerie Wilder

Needs more spacw

Pookie The Psychopath

Ok if you thank the conference is racist you need a history lesson

Naomi Phillips


Jochen Wängler

Small but fine and the employee are so friendly and helpful!!

Janae Arnell

Another great history lesson!

Yang Clau

Racist and hateful place. Avoid it at any costs.

Tara Clerk

Very interesting, hoped to get more history, but the number of artifacts is amazing

Samuel Oswald

It's just a big participation trophy

David Weinberger

Very interesting memorabilia. I wish they'd allow photos, though.

Doug Johnson

If you are a fan of American history this place is a must. A great combination of military history and daily life in the CSA. There are exhibits here that you won't see anywhere else in the world. If you are a researcher they have a large collection of primary resources.

Hank Polk

Smaller than expected but great to see history isn't being deleted!

Spencer Bemus

This place is horrible. Daughters of the Confederacy? Get over yourselves. Realize your family was on the wrong side of history and move on. There is absolutely nothing in this place to celebrate...


Of all the shameful and racist memorials I’ve been to, they have the worst understanding of history. Kudos!

Brian LaVigne

Good collection of historical items

Tiffany Howell

Fasincating! Enjoyed talking with the staff! My favorite museum in Charleston.

Lane Adger

Lots of History

Vanessa Vanover

Amazing historical artifacts and books! Well worth the visit. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable

Brad Hayes

A lot of interesting artifacts and documents from the southern perspective of the Cival war. Well worth the trip. Free to veterans and service members.

Dustin Roberts

Fun and interesting. Definitely one of the cheapest entertainments we've found here

Joseph Mulé

A small place but packed with a lot of very interesting Confederate artifacts. Volumes of documentation as well, including a register of all Confederate soldiers. A good visit if you are an American history buff.

George Drakulic

A great exhibition for the Civil War buff!

Peggy Valenza

Lot of history and staff shared tons of information

Jason Norton

Never got in because the hours are so limited, I think 10-3:30.

Travis Collier

Great experience

Dawn Turchin

Just ok

Timothy McGough

We appreciate the Daughters of the confederacy preserving the noble heritage of confederate veterans.

Mary Olenhaus

So much history to learn! It was amazing

Anthony Ruiz

A must see

Calvin Tromp

Do yourself a favour and go here. A bargain at $5:00 for a traditional museum chock full of artefacts.

Steve Howell

Educational great history

Tonya Browder

If you love the Antebellum Era, then this is the place to go! They have more genuine artifacts per square foot than any comparable museum you will ever go to. I spend hours in here every time I'm in Charleston and always learn/see something new. Lovers of Dixie will feel right at home!

Kim Parigoris

Very nice little museum. Would be nice if they had a bit of a bookstore.

Jennifer Hein

A quiet secret, staffed by volunteers, go inside. It's worth the $5 for air Conditioning & u could be amused

James Diedrich

Very interesting museum. Lots of displays in a limited space.

Robert Bruce Bell jr

Neat place for $5.

MIsty Hughey

A Lot of very interesting historical items to see.

Darin Durham

Well worth the visit

Edward Plyler

History of the civil war is interesting

Gene Fry

Wow , never knew it was there ,had a awesome time, very informational on our history.!!!;)

Declan M. Hurley

Very cool museum.

Moi Wee

This is an ok museum. Very small and ran by descendents of the Confederate soldiers. I kept an open mind. It is pro confeseracy in there so if that is your cup of tea. Not very much in there. Pricey for the amount of things in there. Dusty and no curators.

Tara Pace

Enjoyed this museum very much. So much History to learn about. Was only 5.00 to go in.

Lou Tag

You have to be interested in this to truly enjoy. It has some interesting displays. Well worth the time to visit.

Marvin Owens

Educational and enjoyable.

Bradley Elam

A small, but impressive exhibit!

Clay Hall

Great museum. Very interesting

Matthew Young

Let me say, I am a history nerd and I have an interest in military history. The $5 admission price was worth the entrance. This museum is owned and operated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy whose mission is to make sure that the sacrifices of Civil War soldiers and their families are remembered. The ladies working were very helpful and answered a few questions I had. The place is very artifact heavy and light on interpretation. That being said, you'll find the sword of Bernard E. Bee, a button from the coat of a Confederate naval officer off the CSS Alabama, and several original Confederate officer coats, among many other objects. If you like history, spend an hour here. You won't regret it.

Angela Sun

You can get very close to the exibits. A lot of original pieces. Not just war related, but also the families and children of the time. Plenty of personal stories. No photography allowed.

Mark Wilemon

Awesome artifacts, knowledgeable staff

Jerry Peterson

Another must see to have a full appreciation of our nation's history...especially if you have a direct family connection to The Cause.

Mildred Buchanan

Loved going back in time. All the artifacts they had. Everyone should experience this time in history.

JC Baltz Wildblueyonder

Great historical items

Brent Jackson

Awesome place full of history, and great staff

Jimi Patricola

Never knew it was at top of stairs on Meeting Street. Went there with out of town relatives. Full of old confederate relics, war items, memorabilia. Seemed old and tired. Photos not allowed.

WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning

Been coming to Charleston for over 40 yrs and never visited until this year. Very informative and a great display of our civil war history.

B. Amoakohene

It's no place I would visit.

Lauren Hanson

First of all, there is nothing racist about this museum at all. It is an invaluable resource for those researching their ancestor's role in the Civil War. Many soldiers have write-ups about them if you can find their name and company in their stacks of books. It's packed full of donated photos, weapons, clothing, and other artifacts related to the Civil War and the South during that time period. It was very interesting. One reviewer mentioned the ladies who work there as being stuck up... well, they're older women and from Charleston.. some may refer to them as "society" types, so that is just how generational Charlestonians are and people should not be offended by their aloofness. A very educational day would be to go to the Confederate Museum and the Old Slave Mart museum. I have noticed though, even as a novice, that some historical 'facts' as reported by signage and displays at the state historic sites are not totally accurate or are spun but I suppose that is probably true of any site managed by the government.

Lona Minkler


Robyn Schrimsher

The space is quite small and admission is more than what it should be. Good for people who really just want to be in a historical spot and are passionate about civil war artifacts.

April Thompson

It has a lot of history and artifacts. Very disorganized and cluttered. I could not piece together a concept. Items are labeled and I could distinguish the artifacts. Probably will not go back but I can say I have been there.

Robin Baggarly

Was able to confirm my husband and I both had great-great-great grandfather's who fought for the Confederacy.

Shaun Fletcher

Must see. Lots of really good info and artifacts you cant see anywhere else

James Huey

What's "sad" are liberals who want to rewrite history to fit their agenda. Pretending history was not what it was only causes one to be ignorant of the truth. Liberals don't like truth so they try to change it, which then makes it untrue. Great museum!

Trever Cochran

It's good to see history being perserved, and not try to cover it up! This and every war ,I salute to all that have fought, and those who have died for our freedom! Along with those who serve and have served in our millitaries!

Rachel MK

cheap entrance fee. Just to have a peek is fine, but the collection is not organized and therefor doesn't really inform you like you would expect from a museum


Small but packed with so many things. Could spend all day looking and reading. Just wish you could take pictures but I understand why you can't.

Reni McLaughlin

Informative piece of American history. Little warm inside but fee is nominal and the folks working there were nice and friendly about answering any questions. Parking is premium in this area so a garage or lot park and walking to the museum is probably best.


Easy to see all exhibits in an hour or two.

Jenna Hendershot

Very interesting... Has a beautiful Market underneath

James Tuck

Interesting but the staff weren't very knowledgeable

T. Duncan

Excellent! Enjoyed our time and visit. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a great informative interesting way to learn a few things about the civil war and south in general. A+ 100% reccomended.

Jamie Weber

It's a small museum filled with lots of little treasures. The museum could use some help updating its exhibits but being able to see the actual articles is pretty cool.


This is a great tour of history. Knowing your history is the best way to keep from repeating our ancestors mistakes. Lots of cool relics are kept here and preserved for generations to see and ponder a time long since past. Its a small museum, but packed with all kinds of historical relics. It's a short visit, but worthwhile to the history buff.

Zachariah Burke

Great historical place in Charleston SC

Mari Ju

Small but a lot of artifacts ! People were nice and helpful. Taking photos is not permitted. $5. Free for military with ID.

Glen Newman

Loved this place Tons of great stuff Lots of pictures and information

Blanquito Chulito

Lots of priceless artifacts that have lost their historical significance in today's world unfortunately. Well worth a visit for those who understand there are 2 sides to the story of this war.

Mark Lott

Smaller than I was expecting but very nice items. It's a shame they won't allow pictures.

Scottie Emerson

Wonderful history of the Confederate Army. Many artifacts to see and read about.

Josh Bond

Great market for local crafts and family atmosphere. Free to enter and has alot of restaurants close by.

Alycia Morell

Pricey for a group of 5. They had a lot of historical items. If you are a history buff, go!

Diane Rinier

Very interesting. Should be open more days each week.

Amy Merritt

Well worth the visit. A lot of history.

Robert Stinson

Amazing that this place was established by the Daughters of the Confederacy in 1899. Very unique collection.

Sean Chick

This museum is less an organized display and more a random collection of Confederate artifacts. It is a bit cluttered and overwhelming, but the items are good. The Lost Cause is not hammered home, but do not ask the staff why the war started: expect to hear nothing about slavery. Like most staff's at Confederate museums, the workers here are a bit odd, and probably defensive given the country's turn away from the Lost Cause view of the war.

Harry Vasels

We were unaware of this. When we went on we spent 1 1/2 hours that flew by. Great history here. Loved it.

geah celeste

The only thing missing was the Confederate Flag flying out front.

Shane Smith

It was great seeing all of the civil war artifacts. But my only complaint was we wasn't allowed to take any pictures. So you better have a good memory if want to remember this encounter for years to come.

Casey Seyler

Learned alot of things you can't learn in a classroom or in a book or on a screen

Steve Wasser

Neat place

Grant Alexander

Cheap and a plethora of Confederate items. If you enjoy history, definitely stop in!

mad zax

Part of history, a must see, perspectives on our country that should not be ignored. Very interesting.

Matt Craven

Great history there History people you can't erase it.

Helenann Knopp

Learned a lot about the Civil War.

brad solomon

In a world that wants to hide from a history that WILL ALWAYS be there, this place is a diamond. Just remarkable artifacts!

Murray Williams

A real learning experience

Rick O'Brien

Compact display of artifacts from the war between the states

Hunter Byars

Vary historic

Helen Yorn

Loved it!!! Absolute must see if in charlston area!!!!

Kelly Emerson

Very well kept history

Patrick Gibbons

A wonderful collection of Confederate history and artifacts. A must see, just know it is a cash only museum so be prepared. Superb!

Kenneth Rybeck

Some really nice artifacts

Richard Sherman

Worth a visit if you are on Market Street in Charleston. They have some really cool artifacts from The Civil War. There are some amazing and detailed maps to study. I particularly enjoyed the displays of original letters and writings from the time period.

Jon Jarrell

awesome historic site

Scott Christensen

Really interesting.

Nancy Coe

Great collection.

Tim Wilder

Truthful information. I teresting displays of artifacts.

Janet Biggers

Lots of history here

Brandon Arrieta

No photography allowed.

Terry Briegel

Great Building at the end of the City Market

Becky Sparks


Dalton Leonard

Well worth the money with real artifacts

Christian Puryear

Some very nice artifacts and excellent paper documents

Craig Bennett II

This daughters of the Confederate museum is eh. It said it was free, but it's $5 a head. The museum hardly had anything in it, and you can see more for free online.

Tiffany Blackwell

Really interesting pieces, including money used during the war... but very small space. Only $5 so worth checking out if you're interested in the war. Also, you can look through their record books to see if a family member was on the confederacy but need name and better if you know which state they were stationed under.

Frank Mosuch

If you are interested in actual Confederate history then this museum has some excellent reference and document material. It's not a large facility, but it is packed with artifacts. We spent hours there.


alot of stuff in a small area

LaRhonda Williams

5.00 and well worth it. Lots of great artifacts. Could be laid out better but it is a small 1 room museum.

Robert Morrison

Great historical museum

Michael Hill

If you like civil war history or American military history this is your stop. $5 admission free for veterans. Friendly reception. The war relics are fascinating. Confederate war bonds were really neat to see especially with the bearer bond coupons still attached.

Van White


Ken Ovryn

Sad part of US history.

Robert Lambert

This a small museum cool stuff lots of great history. Nice ladies run the front table. Let them know your a vet and it's free admission!!

Tyler George

I rate it 5 stars since someone who has never been there wants to call it racist. It's a HISTORY museum, this is HISTORY.

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