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9 N Edison Dr, Milan, OH 44846, United States

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Where is Thomas A Edison Birthplace Museum?

REVIEWS OF Thomas A Edison Birthplace Museum IN Ohio

Karin Brown-Witt

It was wonderful. The young lady ((tour gide) was very good and knowledgeable

Matthew Dickinson

Very nice museum with nice staff members. Had a good time.

Tamara Brown

Enjoyed looking around the outside.

Leonard Wikle

Great little museum

Ed White

If you visit, be sure to take the 45-minutr guided tour. It's packed with history and interesting facts about Edison, his family, and the town of Milan, and is very well presented.

Michele Weilnau

Awesome inventor's birthplace

Lorre Black

Wonderful your guide. Lovely museum. Educational and entertaining.

Debbie Robb

Stopped at this buried gem birthplace house museum in Milan Ohio. We remembered an informative visit with a great guide about thirty years ago, so we have always wanted to go back. We were not disappointed. It was great to stop again especially since we were at his residence in NJ and the reconstructed laboratory at Greenfield Village in Michigan within the last two years.

Andy Feasel

david brown

Robb Smithson

Excellent tour very knowledgeable.

Matt Pannebaker

A small museum with a giant history! The staff is amazingly knowledgeable and firmly root you in the foundational years of Edison and his family of origin! If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a visit! You may even have a peacock cross your path!

Maria Naranjo

Very knowledgeable the ladies telling the history


Was a nice tour and learning experience

Mark Basniak

Very informative museum with knowledgeable staff. Also be sure to check out the gift shop and the town square. You may also see some of the local wildlife....

Stuntman Davey

Milan is a quaint, friendly town. Edison museum was closed but looked well kept as we walked around the grounds.

Donna Farone

Very informative!

Tanya schwertfeger

Very informative tour, we learned so much and the staff are very friendly!

Bob Wiorek

Who would think a peacock guarding the entrance.... strange but true !

Chris Rettig

Very interesting.

Wilbert Antill

I injoyed the tour very much.

D Bell

Wonderful tour given by Mary Jo!! Such interesting background to an amazing inventor!!

Karen Darmos

Very enjoyable!

Ti ka

They have a guided tour around Edison birth place , that's very nice.

John Cassily

Very interesting! Beautiful town.

Tony Anderson

Terrific guided tour. Many interesting historical nuggets on Edison and the region.

Rose Tyler

Tour guide was very friendly, funny, and full of information! Loved meeting Percival, their "pet" peacock!

Jeremy Maugans

Actually better than expected! We were placed with a group that was in the middle of the tour. Once the tour came to the end our guide took my group through the first half. I do believe his name was Vernon but I may be mistaken. Anyhow, the young man made the tour very interesting and he was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was an excellent experience. We plan on visiting again and will reccomend it to friends and family.

Elizabeth Murphy

As an educator, I was excited to stop here with my children as we drove from D.C. to South Bend, Indiana. I felt that it would be a great pit stop. While I thought that the museum was interesting, I was disappointed in our tour guide, Melissa. Our children are elementary-aged and the other children on the tour appeared to be around the same ages. The tour guide was extremely rude and talked at the children versus engaging them by asking them questions. My kids were excited to do the scavenger hunt and rather than being enthusiastic about it, the tour guide was in a huff about it. I thought the town of Milan and the museum were great, but the tour guides need to remember who their audience is and how to interact in a pleasant manner or they will lose customers, which are needed to keep the doors open!

Yahtzee Bruh

Thomas Edison was a thief and conman.

Lorraine Began

Very informative and interesting!

Krista Knauer

Mat Kovach

Great place.. Little dude enjoyed

Kamara Young

Todd Mackendrick

Michele Wojnar

So much history to see!

c n

Very nice. Eve, our guide, was great.

Sidney Sharp

Its a great place with terrible hours. Plan ahead.

Katherine Harrington

It's an amazing piece of history I went here with my daughter's class for a field trip, loves it and the volunteers did an amazing job explaining everything and dealing with groups of kids

Joyce Schuler

There was so much we didn't know about Thomas Edison. The guides were very well informed and knowledgeable about the museum items and Edison's birthplace.

Nathan Ashton

Nice piece of history. Staff is knowledgeable. Must visit!

Danyell Franklin

Valerie P

John Simiele

Wonderful little meuseum for sharing the birthplace of Thomas Edison. Has many artifacts that belonged to the Edison family. Also shares some history of his inventions and of the family. Tour is guided and there is a small fee to enter. Also it is a few doors away from the Milan museum which we skipped but several other groups on our tour seemed to enjoy.

Michelle R

Interesting, informative. It is within walking distance of the Milan museum and the town rectangle. Purchasing tickets for both is $16/person. The Milan museum is actually 5 buildings. It is a great way to spend am afternoon. We ate at the Invention restaurant. Food there is very good.

Betsy Moore

Very informative! Enjoyed Rhyan !

Ben Underwood

Very good museum!

Tammy Alicea

This was so cool!! Definitely a MUST SEE!!

Richard Ferris

Thomas Edison lived here when he was a little child but not thereafter. Not a very important part of Edison's life and not very relevant to Edison's history however the house as well kept, the Dawson's present the material and information on the house well and an arresting Manor. You get a small insight into living during that. But not much into Edison

PatricK Coutu

Very nice museum in a beautiful setting.

Gehan Homes

Milan is an adorable town and this is one of their claims to fame. Very cool to see this part of history!

Gabrielle Turner

The building has been kept up well. There are things that Edison himself used on display. Everyone is extremely nice and it's very educational. Great for an easy family outing.

Adam Richards

Great tour

Bonnie Dwyer

Great place to visit

Michael John Granata

Very educational and our tour guide was nice

Kathy Kincaid

Wow, what a cute little historic Gem not far from Sandusky. The have an original phonograph that still plays and they demonstrate it to you. The tour is only about an hour long. But it's real neat to find out more personal accounts of Mr. Edison. I'd you don't like the price check our Groupon they have a deal there!!!

Matthew Davis

Awesome place with lots of cool facts about Edison and his family

Linda Kuiper

Rob Griefenstine

Very interesting and educational. Percy Peacock was cool too.

Annie G

Great tour very informative

Terry Frishkorn

Very much worth the visit. Very knowledgeable tour people.

Richard Strickling

Educational experience was superb.

Derek Henderson

Great museum but make sure to check hours and they are strange but house and property is beautiful

Carly Bevacqua

Saw a peacock there- it was much more exciting than Thomas Edison’s birthplace. I called the non emergency line and they said it was normal for there to be a peacock roaming around the city. He was very friendly and I enjoyed his company quite a bit. He didn’t have much to tell me about Thomas Edison but I think that was due to the language barrier.

Lou Stevens

JR Hoover

Guided tour was very informative very nicely kept grounds

Kellie Smith

This is a fascinating Museum. It's always worth a visit every few years.

Brandy S

Very cool town to venture off to for a weekend. Plenty of things to do in the area.

Craig Fromwiller

I went here yesterday with my daughter . We had a younger female guide & I must say this was definitely one the best tours of a museum I've been on. She was so descriptive and detailed it really took you back & was awesome knowing what took place there. And after the tour was over they also showed us the history of the phonographs. Amazing displays & an awesome tour guide gives this place all the stars. Thanks.. did I mention it was great? :)

Patricia Lange-Otsuka

Guided tours are great..


Looks small from the road, but there's more to it than you'd think. Buy tickets at the office next door and take the guided tour. Our tour guide, Debbie, was very knowledgeable and personable. The office has some phonographs made by Edison and a moving picture machine plus a few other items. The birthplace is family room, birthing room, 2 bedrooms, parlor, kitchen, and a bit of info. about the adjacent Milan Canal. There are many photos as well as many inventions by Edison.

Jenny Lanning-Rush


Jonathan Ruperto

Excellent. I love the scotland tour woman

Vincent Eagan

Becky Clemons


Neat place

Earl Rodd

A wealth of history with knowledgeable, lively guides. The guides are the curators and know every detail of the site and museum.

Edward Olson

Very well educated tour guides.

Ben Young

This place was a gem. The history experienced was amazing, but what truly made the museum special was my guide, a nice knowledgeable young lady. She was able to give great vibrancy to the tour of the museum!

Ryan timbs

The tour was very informative. My daughter is doing a report on Thomas Edison and we learned a lot about him on this tour.

Norma Watson

Very interesting tour, super friendly guides.

Mike Malcor

Nora Knople

Always a great tour! Glad to have this little gem so close to home.

Try New Things

Charlotte Chipps

The museum is not much but a few items in the room you pay for the house tour

Erika Miranda

Love it.

Jami Grobb

There are technically two buildings--one where you buy your tickets and which has a few Edison things as well as a small gift shop area and the birthplace building itself. The ticket building has some of Edison's phonographs (some are playable) and one of his moving picture machines. There is a guided tour of the birthplace. Our guide was Debbie, and she was very knowledgable about Edison and his family. We got to see the "family" room, birthing room, parlor, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and outside the area that used to be the canal that helped make Milan the second largest grain shipper in the U.S. (but which fell into disuse as the railroads took over). Definitely worth the time and price.

terry hooper

The house has been preserved but the original furniture was lost in a fire. The guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour interesting.

david chandler

The guide brought the past alive

John Henry

Nice tour - guide was very knowledgeable.

Nick Adams

Wonderful history

Kelly Houske

The staff at Edison’s Birthplace was amazing! Audrey, our guide, was thorough and engaged the entire clan, including 4 year old Charlie! Thank you for a fun, educational family afternoon!

William Feador

Didn't realize how much they saved from the family. Wonderful tour. Beautiful town

Sean Deering

Definitely worth checking out if you are in town.

Daniel Bricker

The home and property are beautiful. Be sure to check their website prior to your trip, the museum has odd hours.

dane thomas


Helen Myers

Enjoyed the tour and seeing the inventions. The tour guides who showed us the house and explained the family history were awesome...interesting and well informed.

Pj Fish

Loved the tour. Our guide was very informative. Loved hearing the phonographs Pet peacock was cool.

Warner Arthur

Do not miss this museum

Wayne Phillips

Chris Clark

Cool place to visit..learning history by being there is always fun..

Barbara Blystone

Awesome little museum and town center. Wi definitely go back!

Claudia Smith

Very good time and extremely interesting!!

jayachandran sankarappan

Historical place to see everyone

Ryan Schlegel

Very educational tour, small museum but the tour leader gave a a lot of detail of the early life and times of Thomas Edison.

Lori Taylor


David Decker

Awesome guide and full of artifacts

jam Endsley

My family visited for my daughter's Ohio history fair. Learned all kinds of new things about Edison as well as how people lived during that period. We enjoyed the tour thoroughly! It's lasts about an hour. FYI-there is a resident peacock named Percy that roams the neighborhood. His story was an informative one as well :-)

Jeff Weissman

Wonderful, entertaining and informative

Anirudh Dattatri

I drove all the way from Michigan with my parents to view this museum. While the official closing time states 5 pm, when we went at 4:20 the people at the office refused to give is tickets saying that the last tour was at 4:15. It's a bummer for folks that drive from pretty far. They could have let people go by themselves - would have been good for their business and people would be more satisfied than returning empty handed.

Wania Abbasi

Good place to visit

Miriam Matos

A must to visit

amanda tatro

Our guide was very knowledgeable and fun. Interesting place to visit. Our guide gave us info on him, his family, and local history.

David Korosec

Everything you need to know about the inventor's childhood.


a museum for a great man "Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman, who has been described as America's greatest inventor. He is credited with developing many devices in fields such as electric power generation, mass communication, sound recording, and motion pictures." - Wikipedia

Kelly Pavlik

Courteous staff.

Matt Nikolaus

mc smarto

We were in Sandusky for Ohio Bike Week. We decided to ride around and see some of the nearby towns. We stumbled upon Milan and Edison's former home and we decided to take the tour. Both tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and it was a great tour. I would recommend it to all who love history.

Matt Orris

Great place of historical value. Lot of artifacts, and the house is original condition.

Julie Day

Very enlightening!

Lydia Harto

Good tour guide. Many original furnishings.

Josie Mitchell

The tour was wonderful best one I have been to

Mary Jacobs

Dylan Brown

Daniele Bar

Tanti saluti da Milano

Jacey Hepner

It was awesome. Tour guides were full of knowledge

Dennis Neal

Great STOP in small town where he spent his boyhood.

David Marzell

I had visited Milan several times before but never visited the museum thinking it would be a tad full but this year. I ventured in. Wow, it was simply brilliant! I think it was the tour guides that did it. They know their stuff and delivered it in way that you could relate to. Not just churning out facts but telling us all the juicy gossip! I must add my guide was Melissa and the rapport we had was incredible. It must have been my quaint quiet English demeanor against her slight Scottish firery enthusiasm that did it!!!! To sum up. History with humour.

Topher Ellis


Elizabeth Moore

Worth the visit.

Brie Hutchins

Loved everything. Very interesting.

Beverly Krick

Very interesting and fun

Thomas jr

I really wish I could've been there before they closed. Very interesting place in a quiet small town.

Cheryl Horst

Learned a lot about Edison. Tour guide very knowledgeable. She did a great presentation.

Cashdude Video Productions

Very cool place!

Robert Sewell

Cool place. Simple. Tour guide was very knowledgeable. Ask about the elephant!

Route 45

Learned a lot about Thomas Edison that I never knew. I enjoyed listening to his recordings on the phonographs. We had very good guides through his birthplace and the museum. The whole complex is definitely worth a visit, and Milan is such a beautiful well preserved town. Did not get to see Percy the peacock though who supposedly roams freely around the area.

soaper girl

We took our kids here when they were little. It's a nice place to take the family.

Dennis Leonard

It was closed when I was there.


Great history very well presented!

Sarah Desrosiers

We did not go in the museum next door. Pretty neat piece of history and the whole town is pretty cool, very Edison-themed.

Charles Day

It was so cool to have a guided tour with guide Debbie who shared with our family the history of each room and all its contents of where this inventor was been.

Keith Reynolds

Bridget Flanery

Super cute & 100% worth a visit!

Andrew B

A great and well-curated Museum. The people that work here have a passion. It would be wise to go to the Milan History Museum if you make the visit

David Darr

nice place not real big easy to see it all in a short amount of time good people, fun for the day outing

Mary Spence



Beautiful, we'll preserved home

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