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22 S Williams St, Dayton, OH 45402, United States

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Where is The Wright Cycle Company Complex?

REVIEWS OF The Wright Cycle Company Complex IN Ohio

rodney cranford

Mark Bailey, Jr.

Great space to reflect on the Wright’s contribution to aviation and the Dayton region.

Paula DeLucio-Ripberger

Neat place to go! These pictures are in the neighborhood where the Wright Brothers home once stood (now being preserved at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan).

Dan Lemanski

Small but nice musem.

Tom Norton

Chris Bloomfield

Excellent museum with nice rangers.

Alexander Padro

Michelle Tyre

I'm so surprised this museum doesn't get more attention. Much bigger than I expected. It has a beautiful layout. We really enjoyed it with the children.

Jesse Mason

Mark Hill

Steve Wark

Rebekah Pease

Rich with history and very informative. The guides were informative and excellent. We had a great visit and learned so much.


A nice place to learn all about the wright brothers

Joe Kessler

This was a very interesting place because it showed what the Wright brothers bicycle shop or at least the 4th one what it looked like. This was a very interesting place because it showed what the Wright brothers bicycle shop or at least the 4th one what it looked like.To think of all the ideas and dreams that were made in this building it's quite fascinating

Michael Kraft


Rob Johnson

Nice exhibit

Kaitlyn Coleman

Very interesting museum

Les Washington

Do visit!!! Great staff! Wonderful exhibits! I love this place!

Mike Hill

Joel Sherrill

Great piece of American history. It is unfortunate that Henry Ford moved the bicycle shop where the plane was developed to Michigan. Interesting but small.

Sondra Moorman

If interested in the Weight Brothers a must place to see!

randy zuercher

Great people great place

Cathleen Burkhead

Tanners Music Productions


It was cool to look at, both this and the aviation meusem next to it are free, you can look through both in about an hour or two

Jose Cardona

aces atworcco

A true noteworthiness of our endouring'community spirit of growth innovation. Pioneering towards our brilliant future. My friends let us never forget our ubiquitous definition of pride!

Ken Wilson

A collection of buildings celebrating the early lives of the Wright brothers of flight fame. These old buildings were rescued from the wrecking ball when they were recognized in an antique photograph. They housed the brother"s printing business and much more recognizably their bicycle shop. The National Park Service has renovated the site to preserve the buildings and to provide visitors with a glimpse into the brothers lives before the historic flight at Kitty Hawk. Just a few miles away, the story continues at the Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center.

M. Wallace

Very well done National Parks museum and tour. If you are in the area it is worth a stop. If you have kids, they can earn two Junior Ranger badges at this park.

Amy Driscoll


Guided tour on the hour. Starts at the visitor center.

Lawrence Solmiano

Anita Brown

Very interesting. Had a great time with family. The rangers we're helpful and informative. It was clean and well lit and the kids learned a lot!

John McFarland

Historical site the Wright brothers start their road to flying. Excellent 30 minute on the Wright brothers. One of many stops in the Dayton area.

Michel Heijnen

Small building but such a cool sight if you love aviation. Everything is located closely together, so you can also walk to the house of the Wright Brothers.

Richard Newell

Such a wonderful place. The Park Service employees were knowledgeable and the museum was fantastic.

steven fielding

National Park Service operated. Interesting and quick to go through. One of the buildings is the Wright's Brother old bike shop. They also have some interactive displays that help you understand concepts of flight.

Alex Prine

James Froehlich

Normally a quick stop to view the historic cycle shop of the Wright Brothers and an accompanying museum. A great place to learn about the brother's work on cycles and the printing business that funded their research into powered flight.

Luke Liu

Ray Wilson

Debra Davis

A small shop but so much accomplished. The National Park Guide was excellent. Free entry.

Nikolai Nolan

Tyler Jones

Fred Irvin

Interesting educational place to learn about the Wright Brothers their cycle shops, experiments and about life in their time. Well preserved/recreated neighborhood look and excellent exhibits. Add this place to your Air Force Museum visit too!

Brian Weaver

To stand were great men of invention once stood is an honorable thing.ove tis place.

Kenneth Summers

Good museum

lorenzo padrichelli

Beautiful neighborhood, great museum to visit and learn about the Wright brothers. My sons and I love this museum. Friendly and welcoming park Rangers.

September King

Definitely worth the time!

Justin Webb

A nice look back to a time long gone. The staff there is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. It is a small pace, but is a wealthy of knowledge and displays are very nice.

Mark Neuman

Cool place!!

Doug Billenstein

It is a very well done display of the history of the Wright Brothers. We went not expecting much but left very impressed with all that was available to see. Don't miss out on the short 30 movie which tells their story very well.

SAE Miller

There is a museum and one of the original bicycle shops of the famous American Wright brothers. The bicycle shop itself is only open to free guided tours at the top of every hour run by the national park service. The museum which is next to it is filled mostly with pictorial exhibits and not that many artifacts. If you are in Dayton for a few days then this would be worth a visit but lower on the list of things worth seeing. If you are interested in the Wright brothers it is suggested you spent your time to see the Wright III flyer just south of this location by 10 minutes drive.

Brent Kasel

Affable host and some interesting belt driven machinery.

Jeff Zellen

My children really loved the Junior Ranger program. We all learned a lot about the process of discovery by the Wright brothers.

Rodney Davidson

robert smith

Dayton Vintage Speed

Awesome. A must see

Keith Williams

A neat little shop showing more about the history of Dayton and the wright brothers.

Cathy Brown

awesome museum...more than just Wright...lots more in Dayton

Sola Daboiku

Richard Bauchspies


Ryan Christensen

Paige Pierce

Ish Laos

Honestly I was a bit disappointed. Perhaps I set my expectations too high or something. I was expecting a lot more artifacts but most of it were replications. It seems as if there's nothing left or perhaps another museum is holding all this stuff. Where was this famous windbox tunnel they used to perfect the wings? The staff was very accommodating though and it was nice to be able to walk down the street to 7 Hawthorne Rd. They've done a good job of preserving what they do have all things considered. I just left feeling like I wasn't fulfilled. Even one of thier actual planes is off at another facility. Why not here? I'm still glad I could say I visited.

Ranna MV

Very humbling experience


Bill Ahearn

What a gem Dayton has in the remaining places that the Wright's walked and lived their lives. America became what we are because of them. I was thrilled to step through the same doorway that the brothers did in building their business. This building is now a National Park Service site. Within a few hundred feet are their original home and another building site where they built planes. Inside this building are some of their machine tools and products, as well as replicas. The rangers are well versed in what you need to know.

Michael Jungquist

4ever Ready

Historic location that is completely uninviting. I rode my bike there 2 Saturdays ago. I wanted to stop in for coffee and perhaps a minimal continental breakfast. The only problem was there was no food or coffee in neither eye nor nose sight. Perhaps it is not a public facility.

Gerald Fowler

Very cool I wasn't aware their first business was a print shop. They have that original print an bicycle shop structures.

Gordon Satoh

Tours of this famous building are available on the hour by National Park Rangers. This is a fascinating insight into the bicycle making phase of the Wright Brothers. The aspect of a showroom and sundries (dry goods) area reminded me a lot of modern car dealers. The manufacturing part was neatly recreated. Supposedly the place became a feed store / grocery for awhile. Be sure to note the beautifully preserved Billings & Spencer 97 bicycle wrenches in the display cabinet. These are the predessors of the Crescent or adjustable wrench.

Cynthia Rice

Mike Mitchell

Great little museum, tucked away in West Dayton. Actual artifacts from the Wright brothers. Also a parachute museum and an exhibit featuring local poet/author Paul Dunbar

Tim Wolfram

Skip Jenkins

Mike Haven

Very interesting and informative. Great national park. In beautiful neighborhood. Easy to get to. Plenty of parking.

Katherine Marquardt

Jessica Williams

Rachel Pringle

Very interesting presentation. So much of our history to see! In the early years, people had to take out a loan to buy a bike! Men not women. Heidi was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Ken Presting

Thus is a priceless and irreplaceable site but I would rather see more original artifacts and facilities.

Daniel Koranek

This is an overlooked gem in the middle of Dayton. The downstairs has a bunch of motorized displays that explain the Wright Flyer and the upstairs has a hidden parachute museum.

Roger Owens

Great museum, small enough that it doesnt take all day. Packed with interactive exhibits. Good for young and old. Really answered alot of questions about them.

Bill OMalley

Wasn't opened, didn't matter, leads one to National Aviation Museum. Great Place!

Lyssa Hamilton

Patrick Whalen

Wow. What history of Ohio Wright Bros. A must see

John Henry

Quaint and charming. Learned a lot about the Wright brothers that I didn't know.

Tom Watson

Very interesting and what history totally worth the trip

Ryan Walker

This place is great. Informative exhibits, great staff, good atmosphere, a hidden gem in Dayton!

Natasha Hudson

Nice place to learn about Dayton History. Loved it.

Miles Montgomery

Because it's real. Things happened here. History was made.

Chad Stebbins

Tina Spaulding

Historic, well told story, hands on info.

Liisa Rautio

History presented with great attention to detail. I will be back.

Vijay Phadke

Very Inspiring Heritage Park and The Wright's Cycle Shop Historical narratives of first power flight beautifully recreated Great Inspiration for younger generation Can Do It...message

Christopher Spurgeon

Visited Dayton for the AF Museum and ended up here after, what an amazing place and even better service from the park rangers.

Kevin Riley

The Wright's began making nice bikes They made some other things like, A few gliders and planes, An engine and frame, In the end it flew like a kite.

Peter Martin

Giancarlo Girondi

In questo mini museo, originariamente il negozio di biciclette dei fratelli Wright potete ammirare gli oggetti comuni che hanno dato ai fratelli Wright le idee per costruire i primi aeroplani. L'ingresso è gratuito. Se vi trovate nell'area di Dayton non posso che consigliarvi anche la visita al parco "Wright's Brothers Memorial" sito a pochi km dalla città. In questo luogo i fratelli hanno fatto decollare i primi aerei costruiti da loro. Troverete anche un piccolo museo dove potete vedere un breve cortometraggio (lungo circa 15 min) che parla della storia dei Wright. L'ingresso è gratuito.


The Walking tour of 7 Hawthorne Street and 22 Williams Street is well worth your time. Huffman Prairie is also a must. Several museums are added attractions. The grave site is worthwhile time well spent. The Aviation Experience is only complete after a visit here and Kill Devil Hill in North Carolina.

Gary Hacker

Gene Dupler

The Wright Brothers, Paul Dunbar and Parachutes all have a section of this museum. I skipped everything but the Wright Brothers because I was short on time. The staff was courteous, there was a nice (though small) gift shop and there were a couple of activities that were cool like flying a Wright Flyer Simulator and a movie about the Wright Brothers. The museum had a lot of information about life around Dayton and the life of the Wright Brothers outside of aviation. It's free to check it out - I recommend it for all aviation/history enthusiasts. Expect to spend about 90 minutes here.

Sheila Lockwood

Ronnie Oaks

Great history of the Wright brothers invention of first in flight. There bicycle shop where it all began is so interesting. I really enjoyed seeing some of the original equipment they used to create parts in there bicycle shop and Museum.

Keith Barros

Ok place to stop. Not as interesting as I'd hoped

sue jacobs

This building and the national historical park next door was a great way to understand the story of the Wright Brothers. It's not a big museum, you will see everything within an hour or two. But there is no charge to get in. Perfect for a rainy day.

LaDonna Wiles

Camille Rodriguez

The volunteers are so friendly, and our family learned a lot. The building and grounds are very well maintained. We enjoyed earning the Aviation Bear.

Jim Zagel

All the history of Wilbur and Orville's bike shop and careers that you care to know. The rangers are very knowledgeable and friendly. And it's free.

Bob King

A wonderful side trip in the history of aviation in the Dayton area.

Michel Jordan

My friend business is great

Mike Daley

Bob Osborne Outdoors

What an unexpectedly wonderful experience! A real 'Close Up' of an honestly historic moment in our American Experience.. Walking the floors of this Shop once used by the Wright brothers as they reached for the heavens

Justin Rogosky

Interesting historical site that talks about the Wright brothers and their friend and Poet Paul Dunbar.

Linda Christmas

Great place to take the grandkids and family. We really enjoyed it.

Brandon Howard

Excellent! Great collection and the Rangers could not have been more friendly. Ask for Ranger Joe. He was awesome!

Rick Heil

Sadly closed due to gov shutdown but from windows looks like a neat part of history thankfully preserved.

Andrew Burns

Very friendly, and knowledgeable staff.

rohan pochont

Don Warman

Plutonius X

Stephanie Shallal

Loved all the history here! Our tour guide was really nice!

Greg Long

Terry Pope

Jason Hunt

Dylan Nelson

Interesting, very informative

Dave Pritchard

Aaron Gibson

Cycling history plus so much more a nice place to go to learn about some of Daytons history

Clifton Sharp

Being from NC the Wright Brothers places in aviation history is near and dear to my heart. Very nice to come full circle and see the humble beginnings of this technology....

Kyle Perkins

Very informative, and the staff are incredibly nice.

Reuben Frame

Tom Brinkman

. .because I LOVE to fly. This is where it all began.

Cheryl Richardson

Tour with Ranger is the way to go

Kenyetta Riley

Cool place and its free!

Kim Fitzpatrick

Cool place.

pam miller howard

If you ask at the national Park right across the plaza, the park ranger will come over and give you a personal tour.

Peakbagger Bryan

Great men who did great things!!

Chase Acacia

Christine Allen

Great small museum. There are tours of the cycle company throughout the day but otherwise it is closed. The visitor’s center has some excellent exhibits and my girls had a blast. Give yourself about an hour to walk through the museum in the visitor’s center. A little longer if you like to read everything. The visit to the cycle shop only takes about 20 minutes.

I Aint Black I'm Hebrew

Very interesting facts :)PLEASE FIX UP DAYTON VIEW:) Also check me out on YouTube at Queen Mary: In My Life:)

Darryl Woods

Judy Meier

The Wright Brothers National Park is at 5 different sited. It's a little confusing because most museums are in one spot. BUT once you realize that there are 5 places in the area to see and learn about the Wright brothers , you won't want miss out on any of them.

Gobinathan G

Must visit place in Dayton. Got to visit Wright Brothers cycle company and his innovations. Calm ,neat place gives lot of learning experience

D Porter

This was a great little museum. The park staff were great and we really enjoyed the presentation in the old bike shop. The 30 minute video was also very enjoyable. I'm glad we took the time to stop by and visit.

Captain Goody

Sherry Foresha

Great place to go, very educational

Robin E Ervin

It was a very nice museum

Praveen S R

Robert DeTorres

Well presented exhibits, knowledge guides. This is a will restored example of Wright Brothers history.

Heather Murphy

Deb Power

Cool seeing where the Wright Brothers started thinking about flying!

Swati Singh

vince gismondi

Great place to learn about the first flight.

Johanna Kreibick

Michael Liu

r.j. beatty

Dennis Gerrity

HAUCK Rodolfo Luiz Aquino

(Translated by Google) Very interesting, worth the visit. (Original) Muito interessante, vale a visita.

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