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REVIEWS OF The Cleveland Museum of Art IN Ohio

Wendi Thumudo

I've always been drawn to their exhibit on armor, though there's so much more to see here than that. Worth spending the day here. And, if you're looking for some nice items, check out the gift shop.

Frances Chmura

State of the art museum. Haven't been for many years, and it seems .or spectacular than the last time I was there. I miss Cleveland and all the culture we have.

John Mackey

Me and my dad came here on a vacation to Cleveland. It was an unexpected blessing. The staff was very friendly and gave us good advice. The exhibits are well organized, the paintings are beautiful, and the marble entryway is beautiful. if you love art you need to make the stop.

Christopher Zuren

Beautiful exhibit, and an incredibly calming common area. The bean bags surrounded by speakers were very relaxing, and really helped me pass time waiting for the rest of my party to arrive. The cafe smelled delicious, with pizza sushi and curry, and every exhibit was interesting, and I felt it was worth the $10 parking fee.

Connor Scully

The Cleveland Museum of Art is the true hidden treasure of the city of Cleveland. There is always something new that catches my eye every time I come here. The vast variety of different pieces this establishment has is astonishing. Not to mention, it is FREE!!! If you are visiting or are a local looking for something fun, inspiring, and even educational—this is the top destination for you to go to.

Adrienne Miller

I was really impressed with the quality of the museum and the art on display. The best part was it was free to attend! The only charge was for parking and it was nice the garage was connected to the building. The employees were very friendly and helpful. The only down fall was the museum was too big to squeeze it all in unless you spend the whole day there. On the bright side, it means we need to come back someday!

David Loewi

One of the half dozen greatest art museums in America, and in the top ranks of comprehensive art museums in the world, without a doubt. From Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to modern times, just superb!!

Bethany Pongrass

Free exhibits! Low cost souvenirs! This would have been beyond amazing for me when I was a child, as I grew up sub poverty and lived to enjoy free events with my family. So happy I got to see the exhibit the day before labor day. It last 'big event's in Ohio, my home state, before I moved to Texas for the foreseeable future. Thank you.

Erin Frazier

Great museum. They have a very wide variety of art from ancient Greece and Egypt to modern art. Really enjoyed seeing pieces from famous artists that were outside the norm for them like a still life by Monet. I spent 2 1/2 hours and I think I only saw half of it and I think I walked briskly through some of it. Very nice it's free, just have to pay for parking.

Neva Lawson

1st Class facility with world renowned artifacts displayed in intimate settings. The artlens app was very useful.

Gina Mahoney

Free admission to world class art exhibits. Whats not to love? Can't see it all in one day

denise dunlap

Fun to see actual paintings from artists I learned about in school. It was free. Parking is 10 for first 2 hours and then 1 buck for every half hour after that. We were there 3 hours and didn't see everything.....but it was very nice.

Julie Burch

Great day with my daughter. She was able to do a photo shoot with me as her subject. We enjoyed the exhibits.

Lance Starr

Wonderful collection of impressionist and post-impressionist. Also nice modern pieces. My time was limited but the Islamic section had a truly beautiful prayer niche

JM Scott

This museum was HUGE and they had all type of art. The security guards are super friendly there, and if you need help finding something they will definitely help you out. The gift shop was decent and my personal favorite was the Picasso section on the second floor. Would definitely visit again.

Jenna Adamson

Lots of different exhibits separated by time period and region. Lots it staff willing to help answer questions and constantly walking around. As a side note, when I went I was wearing a back back, I'm not sure why but as soon as I walked in, I was asked to wear only one strap, basically letting hang off one side instead of wearing both straps. I don't know why, but I guess it is policy. So if this would be uncomfortable for you, maybe leave backpack style bags in the car.

Logan Stewart

Awesome free museum with beautiful surroundings and plenty to see & do. Great for families and dates and solo. The monsters exhibit was very well done.

Tom Quayle

We went to the museum for the solstice event and we're blown away by the museum itself as well as the two stages where the music was being played. The Museum does an excellent job of staging this event and hosting several thousand people to a big-time party. If you haven't been to this event go next year

Patrick Biller

Probably the most beautiful secular building in Cleveland. One of the best museums in the country. And general admission is free!

Wallace Sandoval

Even though I live in Cleveland, I enjoy our location art museum often. The special exhibits are particularly special. The museum is very user friendly, including for those in wheelchairs. It is very walkable and the recent renovations made it even more beautiful. Highly recommended, but a great activity in inclement weather.

Tara Hill

How is all this free!? Gorgeous! Our only negative was a few guards in a few galleries treated us like criminals since we had younger (very well behaved, 5&7 yrs) children with us. When I brought this to the attention of visitor services they were extremely solicitous and apologetic.

Humphrey Christopher

A world class art museum, up there with any other art museum I've visited with only few exceptions. The original building is beautiful and the way they designed the building expansion is very inoffensive and actually quite nice. The museum houses a very diverse collection. The most impressive to me was the vast amounts of antiquities they had from all different parts of Asia and the Americas, which set it apart from other museums that mainly focus on Greek, Roman, and Egyptian antiquities. I stayed for about 2 hours before needing to leave, which was enough to get through about half of the collection at my preferred pace. Wish I had more time so I didn't have to rush myself through the rest of the collection. By the way, the museum is free to visit (just pay for parking).

Max Clarke

Truly An Amazing Art Museum. Everything on display was well organized into time periods and styles of art, so the viewing experience was very pleasant as well as educational. The vastness of the building itself was breathtaking too.

Cheick Sadibou DIAGNE

This museum harmoniously combines history and modernity. The wide array of subjects and authentic artefacts it offers may keep the visitor touring for hours, though they intended to stay for a couple of minutes. If you're a tech fan, you're very likely going to be mesmerized by the simplicity and unexpected advancement of the options available

Renaud Rwemalika

As a European visiting the USA, I was impressed that such a great museum could be free. They did a really good job having a very varied collection with clear explanations making art and it's history accessible for everyone regardless their background.

Lyneica Corliss

My son and I visit the museum every year on our birthdays. It's free to enter, but parking is about $13. It's worth every penny. How often are you going to be able to view a Jackson Pollock in your lifetime? When I leave here I'm sad to to, but rejuvenated creatively and spiritually. An amazing museum.

Michael Davis

One of the top ten art museums in the country, you just got to visit. And it's totally FREE !

Joseph P

One of the more beautiful places to visit in Cleveland, and it is a must if you are on vacation here for some reason! First off it's free, and the place is huge with so so many exhibits to view. You will need a a solid 3-4 hours if not as many more as you can spare to take take in all the great art and views. Highly recommend for everyone! Thank you

Shar Lang

I attended a Nigeria Lagos event on the 1st of the month. It was really awesome. Like a day/night party. You can mix and mingle, buy drinks and get food. Also had a great exhibit showcasing African inspired things.

Charles Carter

Saw a special exhibit of Michelangelo's sketches. Signage fell short on directing us to the entrance so we went into the exit and missed most of the presentations. We did get more time to examine each of the displays since we weren't following the speaker.

Carlos Palomares

Wow this place is a jewel! Amazing art! Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and many others. Its a must see

leah coleman

Loved how organized it was. If you're interested in specific things, the people who work there direct you right to it

Trey Qi

Has to be 5 of 5 rating! One of the best museums in the nation and free general admission! Every time we have friends visiting us, we will take them there and nearby university Circle. They have both classic and contemporary exhibitions as well some unique shows from time to time (you may have to pay for those). If you go there before 10 on the weekend, it is likely to find available meter parking on the East Blvd.

Ian Humble

Great museum with a large collection. The collection encompasses art from many different cultures and times periods. There is also a substantial modern art collection. Spent three hours wandering the halls and could have easily spent the whole day more closely appreciating the artwork. An amazing free museum. Despite being the weekend the museum was not crowded.

Roderick Jones

As far as I'm concerned it's the greatest Museum on the Planet!!! I've been coming to this museum since the 4th grade and it always leaves me in awe as to how lucky the City of Cleveland is to have such a Wonderful place and resource that is free and Family friendly.

Lisette Lena

The Cleveland Art Museum is an amazing place to visit. After one trip, I knew I hadn't seen the whole thing and I could go back just to reexamine what I did see, due to the shear volume of what was around me. The museum itself is a beautiful building with a modern expansion, literally melding old and new art styles just housing the exhibits. Upon my second visit, I realized that the part I made it halfway through was only about half of the museum! Long story short, I will be able to come back probably a dozen times and see new things or get more out of what I had already seen prior. This isn't even mentioning the staff. The staff is nothing short of a joy to be around. They are helpful, cheery, and they offer a wide array of services, including free coat check. My first visit, we had an injury- the person I was visiting with cut there ankle on a downed street sign (it was a very bloody mess). We made it to the museum and she went to clean up in the bathroom. After ten minutes I went looking for her and found four employees tending to her with a Med kit and offer her anything they thought might be helpful (they also took care of the sign). This is a must go in Cleveland.

David Warren

Fantastic art museum. Expansion was so well done. Programs for all ages. Folks at front desk,ticket counters, gift shops and restaurants all first class friendly and always willing to help. Beautifully situated as well.

Michael Ramsburg

The building and grounds are beautiful. Works by many of the most famous artists in history provide a very enjoyable way to spend a day. It is easy to get to with plenty of parking nearby. Entrance fees at similar museums can be $20 so the fact that they have free admission makes this a must stop if you are in Cleveland.

Subodh Kotkar

You definitely need second visit if you are these only once. Spend some quality time there. Let your kid learn about world and history.

Linda Vacha

Chalk Fest 2019 at the Cleveland Museum of Art. So many talented artists. Thank you for a beautiful day!

Linda DeMarino

Always amazing, the Cleveland Museum of Art has such a great variety of beautiful and interesting art. The kids loved the armor exhibit and hanging out in the atrium for a pastry. I visit the museum almost every time I am in Cleveland to see the new things. And, it helps that it is free. Cleveland is so fortunate to have such an outstanding facility!

Dan Hercik

As special as any art museum I've visited in Europe and there is no admission cost except for special exibits. But don't let that stop you from stuffing a sawbuck or two in the donation box. It's well worth it.


Can't explore all the pieces in one day for sure. Very well kept, helpful staff, lots to see and a housed in a beautiful building. Modern and traditional pieces. Must see.

Marquesa Stephens

Me and family weren't treated very nice. I saw kids being kids and was told my kids were out of place even though other kids were doing the same thing. Then the assistant rolled her eyes and then another assistant came to say something...while the kids were still doing it 2 ft. Away. No one said anything to the other ppl even when I asked. So not a very good visit. We left and went back outside....

Brent Snoddy

Great art, the cafe is expensive though so plan to spend alot there or eat somewhere else. Friendly helpful staff, mostly all wheelchair friendly.

C Michael Bailey

This museum was phenomenal. And, except for special exhibits, was free of charge. We went specifically to see the “Michelangelo: Mind of the Master” exhibit, which in my opinion, was fantastic. The cost to view the exhibit was $15.00 which I thought was very reasonable. While there we were also able to see another temporary exhibit which was “Medieval Monsters: Terrors, Aliens, Wonders” which was an unexpected pleasure. Afterwards we decided to walk around all of the other galleries. I was in awe of the variety and quality of the art that is there. I would gladly have paid another $15.00 just to see the Medieval Armor exhibit. And I should add that my wife was in a wheelchair and the whole facility is wheelchair accessible.

Pearl Foster

Even though I live in Cleveland, I enjoy our location art museum often. The special exhibits are particularly special. The museum is very user friendly, including for those in wheelchairs. It is very walkable and the recent renovations made it even more beautiful. Highly recommended, but a great activity in inclement weather.

Linda Greene

Gem of a museum. Old building classic with excellent retrospective collections. Love the modern enclosed courtyard with excellent cafeteria. Special Japanese exhibit was expertly and interestingly curated. Will make the trip for this museum again!

Nathan Harvey

Awesome place! Not only is it free but all the workers are nice and love to explain or teach you more!

Marisa Bolton

A great place to spend an afternoon! Great architecture too.

Shaterra Adams-Billingsley

Very uniquely beautiful pieces. Interactive pieces as well good for all ages the museum is free all except the Michelangelo exhibit which is $10/adult, college students/children 6-17 $5, 5& under free.

Robert Kabelitz

An absolutely lovely museum. They have everything here, and the recent modern atrium extension is amazingly done and overall great. Gallery one is much suggested for all those in the museum. Free as well. Overall, great experience.

Oliver Ray

This is a place that gives reason to why Cleveland is one of the greatest cities in the u.s. The place is huge and packed with the highest quality artwork from every continent and era imaginable. The contemporary art is fantastic and I always love seeing the Indian and Korean art center. Is an ideal place to visit in both the winter and the warm months because of its indoor atrium and proximity to beautiful parks. I believe it's also the fourth largest of its kind in the whole country, which always impressed me. I love this place. I highly recommend you go see it.

Jeanmarie Dekleine

This is one of my favorite museums. I'm an Art teacher at a high school in upstate NY. I've been to many muses in NYC, Massachusetts, Maine, and Canada. The Cleveland Museum of Art surpasses many of them in the breath of art they have on view. Plan at least 2-3hour at this museum. There is so many works on view from all the centuries of Western Civilization as well as Eastern works and traveling shows.


Beautiful museum! Many exhibits with free entry. Sometimes have extra exhibits for a fee. Restaurant and bathrooms on premises.

Sid Unrau

I had no idea that this was a famous place, or that it is second only to the Met in New York City (according to my art professor friend). All I can say is, I went in thinking, oh great another museum - I will be bored to tears. Instead I was delighted. The displays were interesting, there was very much information, the docents were very knowledgeable, and there is even an app to download to describe virtually every permanent item on display. Besides all that, the place is beautiful, a beautiful mix of old & new, a more than 100 year old building, and more modern buildings, connected by a beautiful atrium. This is a marvelous place. I had no idea Cleveland had such diamonds. Bonus, the museum store has very reasonably priced items, unlike very many museum stores I have visited in other places.

Abigail Shibsahai

Great place to go and learn about the past events that has occurred and is important to know about.

Constance Powell

The Cleveland Museum of Art is a gem nestled between multiple hospitals, universities and at the edge of the Wade Lagoon park. Visited on a Thursday afternoon, with free admission but paid parking in the attached garage. Walking into the museum from the garage the tunnel did include some paintings. A quick elevator ride up and then there is a large enclosed atrium with a garden opened up to the natural sunlight. During this visit I only viewed items on the second floor. Each collection separated into spacious rooms. Found a painting that appeared to have eyes that appeared to be looking at you at any angle, weird. There are additional entrances from the lagoon which include a large staircase which attaches to the walking path along the lagoon. You can exit and renter the museum from these entrances. You won't be leaving the art though, it's incorporated into the water fountain down the staircase.


Love this place a ton, I had membership for a year around 2014. The gift shop is kinda expensive but that's honestly the usual for a museum. No entry fee except to the special exhibits. The cafe food is AMAZING but I've experienced some very rude treatment from employees there (transphobic comments, it's not that hard to be civil to customers, he could easily have apologized but he chose to run off and ignore me like a coward) but at least the other employee who witnessed it apologized for his behavior. The cafe is also somewhat expensive. 4 stars regardless because every other experience has been excellent!

Amber Hall

Adds flare to Cleveland's University Circle area. The exterior exemplifies Cleveland's rich history and architecture. CMOA has a plethora of open space, leaving room to reflect on the art (atrium, food, etc). It is a sociable museum and is also free.

Suraj Saifullah

The atrium is such a great place to study. So much beautiful natural light, some plants, space to wander when you need a second. And then you can buy a coffee or have lunch there for a break.

Linda Scott

There is so much to see. Got a membership. Helps with parking Costa and covers all the exhibits. The museum is free. Moved here from Columbus and this art museum is like a 10. It will take months to see all of the art. The cafe is very cool. Food , got a flatbread, and little bottle of wine for lunch. So much fun.

Graceson Purvis

Just a wonderful place to spend the day! We had a marvelous time and am looking forward to retuning again and again!


Great place to spend the day. It's free to get but parking you will have to pay for. I think the max for parking is $16 which is not a bad price seeing you can spend at least 4 hours here and then just walking around the area.

David Rushton

I think the Cleveland Museum of Art is highly underrated. Boys 10 and 12 years old are entertained every time we go. Can always go and spend hours there.They have an app now that has tours on it. Also have some interactive exhibits. Gift shop is great. Most of time can get parking at a meter. Has a parking lot, rates are not unreasonable. Admission is free too. Have traveling exhibits that usually have a fee. Also has nice menu at cafeteria.

Ralph Valente

Spectacular does not begin to describe this museum. Unbelievable and not to be missed, if your visiting it’s a must if you live in Cleveland it’s a oh my goodness I can’t believe you have not been yet.

Ryan Murray

This I considered one of the best Art museums in the entire country, if not the entire world. Offering works from such artists as Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, and many more. The museum also offers more contemporary art as well. The museum is free and open to the public year long. The perfect place for going and visiting with a date, friends, or even a photoshoot. I highly recommend visiting, as this has become a regular destination of mine and many others. Directly across the street is also the Cleveland Botanical Garden and The Museum of Natural History. Cleveland was recently ranked third on National Geographic top travel destinations, as the city as gone under quite a revitalization over the past decade.

Joni Somers

I went a few years ago for the Pharoah exhibit and was truly amazed. The sheer volume of artifacts was shocking. Other displays and rooms were really neat too. I love the gift shop. The ceiling of the huge main court is about 50ft high and clear, looking up at the bright sky. Parking was not bad either. A wonderful experience and I can't wait to go back!

Robin Lieberman

A free 'Bistro' concert with Amanda Powell, Jeanette Sorrel & other members of Apollo's Fire! LOVELY!

Debbie Onofrey

Love art museums and this is an exceptional one. Only got through one building and returning to complete. Be sure to check out the Tiffany lamps, stain glass windows, El Grecos and the minuatures. Cleveland also has a fantastic museum of history and the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. Be sure to visit these as well.

Sandy Melzer

We were at a special event in the atrium. It is such a wonderful venue The museum is also wonderful, far exceeding many often spoken of as top tier.

Lisa Slater

One of the most important and beautiful museums in the world- was a complete surprise to us. Gorgeous building. Take RTA red line from downtown and Circleline to museum's front door! This museum is free! It's a must see.

Candy Oakes

I was able to attend the museum during the talk festival in September and it is a fantastic event. I met so many kind people and the landscape and outdoor area was lovely. It was a beautiful place to enjoy art and experience new people. And it’s in an area that has so many other attractions all within walking distance that it is a wonderful way to spend a weekend

Sheila Gross

Great exhibitions today at the museum. Really enjoyed our trip.

Seraphina Lowe

Amazing Museum! I have been here four times now and I have never been bored! I would say this is the #1 free thing to do in Cleveland...its an amazing place to take the whole family.

Tiffany Oh

The fact that this museum is free is amazing, especially while minimal art museums in Seattle and San Francisco cost $25-30+ and sometimes even much more. This museum surprisingly covers art from almost every part of the world from European to Egyptian to Arab to Asian (and so on). The reason this museum is so much better than the urban ones I've been to on the West Coast is the amount and extent of artifacts all housed under one place. I saw items I've never seen before in my life like Tiffany branded things, European weapons, and those Roman or Greek statues/busts all without having to go to Europe. The Muhammad Shah's Royal Persian tent is also impressive in person. There was one entertaining painting by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo that stood out to me with a funny scene. None of the artwork here put me to sleep like the ones in Seattle and San Francisco do.

Stetson Thacker

One of the best art collections in the world. Stunning in all possible ways. The renovations to the museum make it even more magnificent. I strongly recommend to residents and visitors of Cleveland!

xo Tatiana

Absolute favorite spots to explore and enjoy our Curiosities. The kids and parents love it just alike, hours spent enjoying family fun, I will never get tired of visiting no matter how many times we've been. I would absolutely recommend stopping by and visiting, but I definitely clear and afternoon to do so.

Daniel Allen

Love it. Nice selection of art and friendly staff. Beautiful building with cool addition and wonderful enclosed indoor courtyard is nice for taking a break. Really worth a visit when in the area. Several Van Goghs and lots of cool modern and Indian art. Nice mixture of many nationalities and eras. Give yourself a solid 4 hours to check it all out.

Patrick Jones

The museum was wonderful. It has a very vast collection of art that spans thousands of years and dozens of cultures and styles. I think that anyone who enjoys art or history would really enjoy this museum. Make sure to wear walking shoes (the museum is 3 floors) The staff was very friendly and informative. I would strongly recommend this museum

Jenyfer Who

My first time at a museum in over 20yrs and I brought my 15yr old daughter with me. We had so much fun and spent well over 3hrs there and still didn't see everything! A cool feature for parents with younger children is the interactive museum, where kids can draw shapes on a screen to pull up different artifacts or try their hand at a virtual pottery machine. You can't beat doing all this for FREE! Well, mostly free, you do have to pay for parking and there may be exhibits that cost money but there is alot to see and do for free.


Grateful to have this Museum in my city. I visit a few times a year. You don't even need a membership or to pay to get in. Although it definitely does help because they have galleries that are Members Only. But the majority of the museum is free. There is also a nearby park that's absolutely beautiful.

Talia Gerstein

My grandson and I went to explore the museum. He loved the armor! We also enjoyed the gems and the Asian sculptures.

Jordan Kern

Absolutely amazing. Some of the best art in the country

Melanie Drouhard

My friend who knows nothing about art said you could easily make it through this gallery in less than two hours. I guess if you are practicing sprints for an upcoming race that is possible. This museum is huge and I barely made it through two sections. If you are an art nerd, this place is heaven. They have some wonderful themed exhibits, such as 'Medieval Monsters.' I will have to come back and spend the day here so I can soak in more of the permanent collection.

Benjamin Miyares

Wonderful. Astounding. Amazing. Free admission - awe-inspiring exhibits. It is the place to go.

ishwarya .s

I ve never been to an art museum before and this was my first experience. My jaw dropped many times as I was exploring the museum. Everything is well-maintained and the staffs were too kind and helpful. Art lovers will definitely enjoy this place. You can find arts from various countries, cultures and eras.

Denys Tremblay

Amazing art museum - hard to believe admission is free! Should be #1 tourist destination for families in Cleveland, if you ask me. Kids (and adults) will love the digital gallery near the entrance, which sets you up for all the rest: Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, Dalí, Warhol, O'Keeffe, Renoir... Medieval armor and weapons... Simply an astounding collection!

Lumbay6 Intervention Journey's

The items were nice to see. They need to have something for with disabilities besides a stool to carry (bad when you upper body problems and ambulatory problems); and wheel which is good if you have someone to push but if you don't the museum does not care.

Anthony Kurdunowicz

Excellent museum. The open atrium is gorgeous.

Zechariah Parrish

Beautiful collections and amazing display of a variety of pieces. Vast assortments of time periods, styles, mediums, and artists. Fantastic museum.

Lisa Reed

Something for everyone to learn and appreciate art in its many forms...check out the interactive "art lens" area which also has activities for the children - use your body to make art come alive on the screen! Admission is always free so if you haven't been to one of the top rated museums in the US then you might want to consider making a visit soon!

Nina Schultz

The exhibits were amazing and the experience was decent. However, it's fairly difficult (in my opinion) to navigate the website to see what rules or policies they have about bags or photography. I didn't realize backpacks on the back were not allowed in the galleries until a guard chided me for having one when I visited with a group from my college. I was told to wear it on my front or by my side to protect the art, which I did. But the rest of the guards saw that I had a backpack and it felt like they looked down on me. The rest of the visit was nearly ruined because I felt so guilty, even though I was walking around carefully, and I wanted to cry. They need to make it much easier to find policies and rules on their site and have info ready for visitors at the entrance in my opinion. Otherwise, I feel as though I would've had a better experience.

Ally G

Really beautiful art museum with so much gorgeous art. It is a really big museum so if you are an art lover I would research the art that they have here because they have a lot of famous art. It could take you up to three days to see all of the art in all of the wings of the Museum. I would recommend downloading their two apps to your phone because they have really neat features for several pieces of the art. The staff was really friendly. It is a free museum just like the modern art museum in Cleveland so it can be busy. I would recommend visiting during the week because it is a little quieter and not a crowded.

cody pyard

It's free and it's amazing. I spent a few hours walking around and looking at the great collection of art. They have many different styles from different regions as well. I recommend bringing a fully charged phone and some headphones so you can take advantage of their app that has audio on pieces throughout the museum. Must visit!

Yair Ziv

Beautifully designed. Some breathtaking shows. Don't miss "water" if you arrive by the end of September

Patrick Fero

Set in a lovely area of Cleveland, with a spectacular view from the front steps, your experience will still increase when you enter this fully formed museum. Well done to all involved.

Peter Allebone

An amazing museum with an amazing collection - for free. Large spacious areas and family friendly so you should be able to go with younger kids and be able to enjoy the time out together while fostering an appreciation for art and archeological treasures as they grow up. Why not drop by this conveniently located attraction and enjoy a free day out :)

Matthew Hutchins

Great art museum! It’s free! Well laid out with good explanations of what you are looking at. They are open late a couple of nights a week.

seth u

Awesome for being free. Their was a lot of everything here. The place is very clean and nice. I really like that they have some stuff out of glass and displayed so you can get close. Dont touch anything! Highly recommend.

ZO Bro Productions

Extremely interesting!! You could spend a couple days just trying to see everything here! There is so much to see! It is amazing. The best part is that it is free to get in to see the exhibits... Forever! Rated the 2nd best art museum in the country! A must stop if you are in the area!!


An amazing and beautiful building filled with amazing art. And it's free to the public!

Darian Louke

The museum is fantastic here. There are exhibits to appeal to everyone. I would recommend visiting if you are in the Cleveland area. The museum is free, but parking is not.

Sharon Bloor

I love this place, only charges for special exhibits. Otherwise admission is free

Neil Rainey

Love this beautiful museum. Wheelchair friendly. It has a great mix of art for all tastes. The only downside is the gift shop is so overpriced even the staff blush at the cost of things.

Kel Millionie

This place has an absolutely AMAZING art collection. The galleries are well laid out, expansive, and thoughtfully accompanied by didactic information. The gift shop is moderately priced with a wonderful selection of mementos complimented by gifts for anyone on your list. The cafe is top-notch and the food and drink offerings are very diverse.

Weston Kincade

Always fun to come here, especially when times are tight or during their exhibits. The medieval monsters exhibit was great and the stationary arms and armor exhibit is always a cool way to spend half a day.

Dena Williams

I had a weekend in Cleveland whilst working over there and I was recommended to visit the Museum of Art by a colleague. I'm really glad I took up their suggestion and spent most of the day at the museum. There's a diverse range of art in the collection and the temporary exhibits were also well thought out and interesting. I was particularly impressed by the app they've created which added a lot of extra detail and commentary on a number of the pieces. I also enjoyed a lunch of freshly prepared sushi in the cafe which was very tasty and good value for money.

Amy Stauff

This is a wonderful museum, with art from many different time periods. It's officially free, which is awesome, but there is a suggested donation. The work is beautifully displayed, and the architecture of the original museum is visible. I took a class of high school students there, and the staff were very helpful.

Justin Gall

One of the gems of the Midwest. They always have an exceptional selection to explore. It is always free for the general exhibits so there is no excuse not to go. The staff is generally friendly and helpful. They have remodeled since I had been there last, making it seem much larger than it was before. I encourage to pay for the special exhibits. They are generally well worth the fee which is usually less than a movie ticket. I just saw the Shinto exhibit and was in there for about 3 hours. Well worth the 12 bucks of admission.

Jessica Rodriguez

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I think it’s wonderful that admission is free for all. I remember visiting as a child on a field trip for school and I was absolutely mesmerized by the look of the original building. Seeing it with the new stuff now makes it that much better. It was a phenomenal experience and I can’t wait to visit again. Everything is so clean, pristine, and absolutely breathtaking!

Cheri Walker

This is really something. At the end of our day we came across the section of interactive media. It was great fun. Great museum. Definitely worth the time. You pay for parking but entrance is free.

Jin worldwide handsome

It was a great museum! I went with my class and took pictures. Very great artwork with great history.

John Simson

Came for the Shinto exhibition, but toured the rest of the museum as well. The Shinto exhibit was very well put together and a pleasure to see. The main museum curation itself was very diverse and full of interesting pieces. I particularly enjoyed their armor exhibit and their selection of European landscape paintings. Everything flows well together and it was a lovely experience.

Jim Hurley

The museum strives to cover almost everything and current management seems to focus on bringing younger audiences in with performances and mingle-events that have little to do with art. A good museum but not on par with the best in the country. Free admission - a rarity - and a rather large renovation are hallmarks that also mark the museum. Deer in the headlight museum lookers flood the halls for special paid events and shows. Street parking is difficult to find and lots require payment.

Nicholas Villani

It is a nice place, we had a great volunteer in the beginning explain different areas of the museum. (Gentleman with accent) but then you have the"staff" spread out across the museum in their suits. We received the dirtiest of looks, stare downs, angry expressions which made every room we entered very uncomfortable and killed the atmosphere. I understand the jobs they have, but I don't understand why they can't appear more friendly?

Jon Peck

Even though I live in Cleveland, I enjoy our location art museum often. The special exhibits are particularly special. The museum is very user friendly, including for those in wheelchairs. It is very walkable and the recent renovations made it even more beautiful. Highly recommended, but a great activity in inclement weather.

Stephanie Capolupo

If I could give this museum another five stars I would. Free to all?! It's an absolute gem of not only Cleveland or Ohio, but to the world! (I know that seems really dramatic but this place was amazing.) The artifacts that they have on display are absolutely stunning. The maps are detailed and helpful. The building itself is a work of art. When we entered the atrium we noticed immediately how quiet it was for such a large space. It is beautiful and thoughtful design for the masses. The only downside are the hours. We were there on a Saturday and I believe they closed at five. We didn't get to see all the exhibits, but it is definitely worth another trip to Cleveland.

Arunabha Mitra

It was a much-needed immersive and relaxing experience for me. There are lots of exhibits so I couldn't make it to all of them but I enjoyed all the ones that I did make it to. Highly recommend making a visit to this museum regardless of whether or not you are an art connoisseur. The exhibits are well thought-out, elegant, and create a visual story as you walk through them.

William Kethman

One of few art museums that I would recommend for families with young children. They have an art lens exhibit that kids can play for hours in. On hot summer days you can walk through exhibits and let the kids explore art. Just right outside there is a nice park and hot dog stand which can make for a great picnic. We will definitely be back.


Recently my cousin and I attended the Michelangelo Exhibit at this spectacular museum we are so fortunate to have in our city! It was most amazing to see that these drawings were so well-preserved after many centuries, especially considering that some were made from chalk on delicate papers that were re-used! We were fortunate to join a group led by an articulate, knowledgeable docent who pointed out interesting facts we otherwise would not have known. I would recommend a docent tour if you plan on visiting this exhibit. On a side note, since I love to learn something new every day, I was pretty dumbfounded (and embarrassed) to know I've been pronouncing Michelangelo as "Mike-el-angelo", when the proper pronunciation is actually "Mick-el-angelo" (like Mickey Mouse ; ). You will definitely learn more than that, though, when you go to check it out!

Pat Casey

One of the best art museums. Very well curated. Expansive Asian collection. Free admission. Has a downstairs open court with cafe. You could spend hours here. The building itself is art. Nice Tiffany collection. We will be back when in the area.

Josh Wolfrum

What an incredible museum! Who knew Cleveland had such a top tier museum - among the likes of the Guggenheim or the Met! And it’s free! I was thoroughly impressed. Would definitely visit again if I’m in Cleveland again!

Mykeda Cochran

It was okay for the people that enjoys it. I understand how they are about the paintings, trust me I get it....dont try to look at something more in detail man do they flip the hell out. I know not to touch it! First and last

valerie niffin

Peaceful and mesmerizing. Those are two words that beautifully describe the museum of art. It’s free, clean, and such an elegant environment. Lovers of art need to take their time here because this is a expansive museum. This is a place you must experience for yourself. Words do not do justice for such a beautiful museum.

Scott Robertson

Amazing! I loved every bit of it. We still have to go back to finish it and i cant wait. Such a great time.

Wendy Flanagan

We went to the Michelangelo drawing exhibit and loved it. However, the guy in a wheelchair really strained to see the delicate drawings above his line of site.


Incredible art museum. notch class ...just one thing i missed is a drinking fountain to wet my whistle ...ironic because they even had a "water room" all about water ..but no actual water

Chris Bialko

This is a great asset to the city! Make sure you have this on you list of places to see if you're just visiting Cleveland.

Terry Gibbs

An awesome place to explore and see a lot of interesting artwork. It's easy to lose track of time viewing everything. Definitely worth the time!

Andrea Fadel

Beautiful museum and it’s free! The art gardens are also well worth a walk through. Situated in wade oval overlooking the wade lagoon, this museum is an important part of University Circle and a must-see for anyone visiting Cleveland. If you have only a short time, I recommend picking up their guide for top works of art to see. Also, be sure to check out their schedule for programming and special exhibits because they always do a fabulous job!

Susana Weingarten

Love this place in Gral. It has a great art collection and brings fabulous exhibitions from all over the world. I have seen amazing art that comes from so many countries. yes, fab! the sound system that has been on with African is great however gets so repetitive, the playlist could be much more mixed and more music....if one spends all day long in the museum ( which I love doing , work with my computer, take a trip to an exhibition and just stay around for the day. Just this music made me a little crazy after a while. regardless eating , having a coffee, business meetings, just meeting friends, and of course taking all the time to walk around there magnificent rooms is a GREAT experience. We have a treasure in Cleveland and this is it.

linda s

Fabulous . Monet , Renoir, Picasso. Many historical old, old pieces. Pottery, vessels, door size artwork. From mansions 1800's. Some unearthed after 12 centuries buried. Civilization and learning to absorb. And it is still FREE. Good court selections satisfying. TY to all art supports for the magnificent artwork we can all view.


Superb! I've been to MANY museums in many cities/states across the country and this one might be my favorite. It's a real gem. The Cafe is fantastic as well. I will visit again, no question.

James Seaman

Good art museum and free to enter! The atrium is one of the best areas in any museum.

Leaf Fael

Free admission! A must visit even if you aren't a fan of art! What an amazing resource to the community and visitors. Wear comfortable shoes! Not a place for wild or unruly children, however, they do have a room for kids to touch and interact with art. The gun and armor collection is pretty impressive. Take a chance and visit!

Jemeo Bollers

Cleveland Museum of Art is amazing!! My first time visiting and I’m impressed at the size of it and even though I spend 2hrs in there, I didn’t get through everything

Remco Verhezen

Absolutely one of the best museums I’ve ever been. Amazing architecture, a gigantic collection and excellent restaurant. Also superfriendy staff. Couldn’t think of a beter way to spend a day in Cleveland.

Clarence Windsor

Beautiful displays. Always changing. If you've been there before, go back. There's probably new stuff

Erma Torgent

Spent the day. Should visit if you are interested in art. The building is very accessable and easy to get around. And did I mention it is free

Chaya Gross

Beautiful place to visit, both inside the building and outside in the beautiful gardens!

Grace Muniak

This is a wonderful museum in both the day time, and for their parties (MIX) which they host the first Friday of each month. It's a very well run event with typically a hands on experience, dancing, exhibits, and more.

Margaret Lourie

Fantastic museum! Amazing experience, free admission. New buildings and courtyard are very welcoming and engaging.

Chelsea Mix

This place is awesome, the art work and old relics they have are neat to look at. Would definitely go again

Cherita Lester

It was a very interesting place, I haven't been there in years I don't even recall the last time it was. But I was very intrigued of the artifacts that I saw and I was unable to cover the entire Museum and 2 hours so be prepared to spend some time there or even come back on a second or third trip and I was very pleased with the customer service.

Brandy Huhn

Wow! I had no idea Cleveland was hiding this gem! Fabulous museum, I can hardly believe it's free for all to see. The medieval collection was breathtaking, the stargazer is a beautiful and ancient artifact. 11 out of 10. I will visit again!

Miguel A. Spain

Very good art museum. Very well curated and organized. A great selection from European to American to African to Asian. Highly recommend

Kevin Burke

A Cleveland classic we are lucky to have such a top notch museum

Jury Pychowycz

Free!!!! Paid on sie parking. Highly recommended. Love art then you will love this place. Religious - got it. Modern - got it. Medieval armor including knight on horse both in armor - got it. Has Rodin's "the thinker" that was blown up during the 60's by a terrorist. Interactive wall of all items in their collection. Large reflective pool with statues around it and ducks. Three other major museums within walking distance of this one (paid admission) and Severance concert hall (Cleveland Orchestra) . For all ages with child interactive play area and fancy eating area. Check times, closed on Monday's. Don't think about it, just go period and enjoy.

Joshua Sulser

World class museum. I can only think of a few in the US that even compare. If you want to see the whole collection please allow for at least one full day but it will likely take more. Beautiful gardens as well. And btw it's free to all.

Bryan Specht

Cool museum. Restroom facilities were impeccable and served us well on multiple occasions. Upon entering the north side entrance restroom you are greeted by a minimally invasive line of sinks. There were ample urinals in the men's room and plenty of stalls in the women's. The tile was sleek, and clean. There were comfortable leather seats to wait in outside with a view of the outdoor park. The Southside lobby restrooms were equally serviceable albeit smaller. The benches outside were wooden and not as comfortable. However this was more than made up for with ample scenery in the form of Egyptian artifacts. Would return.

Sharon Doyle

An AMAZING art museum. It is incredible that it is FREE to get in. I love the paintings by the old masters, especially the Renaissance period. Another favorite exhibit is the Armour Court with all of the suits of Armour from the knights & their horses. The swords are also beautifully designed. The museum sometimes offers traveling exhibits for a fee & they are always well worth it, but the general exhibits are always free.

Andrea Leinberger

This place was amazing and it's free. The museum is very large. So be prepared to walk alot. We only had a few hours roam the halls and just scratched the surface. Its beautifully laid out and flowed very well. We also enjoyed the cafeteria, but not your typical cafeteria. With items like sushi, poke, wood fired pizza, soups, sandwiches, etc... To many items to list them all and most items are made to order, but they also have grab and go items if you don't want to wait, but make the time. You will not disappointed. Very up scale and still affordable. Overall, whether you have a few hours or few days go check out this museum.

Teresa Salvador

An amazing museum with tons of things to see. The modernist part is full of really powerful European paintors from the 20th century. They also normally have temporary exhibitions on the bottom floor. Entrance to the whole museum is 100% free of charge.

James Quon

This is a world class Museum. There's about four floors to the building and we only went to two of them. The interactive room is fantastic here the people are able to move, point grab or touch and exhibit changes or displays different things. My only regret is the fact that we didn't have enough time. I could have spent two hours in that interactive room.

James O'Brien

The Cleveland Museum of art is beautiful inside and out. The collection is impressive. If you're in Cleveland it can't be missed! Arguably one of the best art museums in the world. Plenty of places to sit and take a break if you need to. Awesome interior courtyard is super spacious.

Gitty Rosenberg

Great museum! Lots of diversity both by region and art type.

Don Bailey

Beautiful, relaxing, experience. Even if you know nothing about art, it's still worth a visit. My entire family enjoyed the museum. My kids may have accidentally learned something over summer vacation!

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