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3813 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Children's Museum of Cleveland IN Ohio

KeepingUp WithAyanna

Great experience! My daughter loved it will definitely continue to go

dawn chambers

My kids and I had a great time. We really enjoyed it except for there's no activities, at least on the lower floor, for older kids to really to enjoy a whole lot. Oh but it was really fun.

Kaylee Dunbrook

Great place to bring the kids! Lots to do.

Katrina VanHorn

Plenty of different activities for the kids! The arts and crafts area is great. My son loved it!

John Getko

great open area for kids to run around

Marta Bueno

Awesome place for kids. Be aware that there is not cafeteria available, only some vending machines

Kellee Fed

Amazing and 100% worth visiting. We are from out of town and have a 7, 5, and 3 year old. We spent over 5 hours there and only left because we had other plans we needed to get to.

Dane Peterson

What a wonderful museum. Easy location and so so much to do construction, water play, art and painting, play garden, puppeteering and stage (dress up, tech booth, makeup area...) even a quiet reading room if you just need a little sensory break. The downstairs tends to be high energy and louder. The second floor has lots of dollhouses but also smaller side rooms with Legos, dollhouse arranging, etc. Go upstairs for more calm. If kids get hungry there is an eating area with vending machines. There are water fountains where you can fill up water bottles. Well worth the membership. There is handicapped parking and a wheelchair ramp entrance. There is an elevator. Wheelchairs are also available inside. You can have birthday parties here. They even have birthday party rooms. I highly recommend this museum for all ages.

DjNEOda1 Xb1

GREAT PLACE. Visited with my wife & 2yr old daughter. (I don't think parents should have to pay.) The place is GREAT. We ended up using the price of our entrance as a deposit on a yr pass. DEFINITELY will be going back and I DEFINITELY recommend to gonat least once. The last three pictures are a doll house that is on display on the 2nd floor.

Rosalitta B.

My daughter love this place. Water science is where she tends hang out or exploring the dollhouses. Even mny boys who are much older enjoy their time there.

Melissa B.

Small museum but worth the trip. The kids really enjoyed the lower level.

Pam Kelley

My son had a great time! The facility was clean and the staff was friendly! The different areas were great and educational. Our favorite part was the water lab!

Chelsie Jones

Fun place for the kids. It can get pretty packed and parking can be difficult to find.

Josh Greaves

Kids had a great time. The place is very clean and in a safe area. They enjoyed the water area the best.

Della Wenner

Such a creative play, literally so much to learn and do. Kids never want to stay in one area to long so this is the perfect place to keep them busy so many area to switch to and keep them busy.

Joey Dobbertin

This place is amazing. Invested in a membership as we plan on coming back all the time.

Renee Kovalcik

This a great place for kids 0-6 years old. Free parking and bins to put your stuff in. Safe place. There is so much for kids to do that you likely will not get it all done in 1 visit.

Angie Rivera

It's very nice and fun for smaller children. Not nearly as much activities for the price.

Tiffanie Little

Nice place for kids. My son loved the water exhibit

Je Lem

Great place for the little kids to go and play in a safe place. It does get very busy at times but there are a lot of sections to explore.


Fantastic place for the kids! Here in Cleveland, this is the absolute perfect place to take the kid on those cold winter days when the kids are going stir-crazy and mom and dad are needing a break. IT is a little on the expensive side, but we went with the membership cause after three visits, it pays for itself. The "Meadow" for the toddlers is a great place for the little ones to get a break from the bigger kids, if they need it. The water area is always busy, but there are so many activities, there is neve a time where your children will not be able to participate in the fun. The indoor playhouses in the basement are mammoth, and the kids will spend all day long just climbing all over it.

brittney robinson

First time setting foot I The children s museum . My nephew had a blast it was his first time as well . So many things to do , he definitely was on the go! I can't wait to take him back .

Alan Andzelik

Awesome place to take your kids loved it specially the water part was so cool

Jake Sonnenberg

Staff was extremely friendly throughout, and the play space for younger children was amazing. We have a 1 year old and he loved playing with the other kids in a safe space.

Trisha Cassidy

So much fun for little kids!! VERY clean and safe.

Jennifer Braid

Started coming here when our daughter was 1 1/2 yo. She finds something new to try every time and loves to go back as often as we'll take her. The water room is awesome.

Anna Harris

My 5 yr old Niece just loved this place! I'd rate our experience a 4.5 stars actually. Such a wonderful thing when children of all Races and colors play together soul well.

Jill Folino

Always fun. Nice safe place for kids to play inside!

Bhavik Patel

Excellent place for kids to have fun... my 3 yr old didnt even want to leave the place

Jennifer herder

My nephew loves this place we have to remind ourselves how crowded it gets when school is out but we had a nice time. New exhibits which was nice to see as well. Good job making kids have fun.

Stephen Daray

It's like a big playground for kids with some opportunity for some learning. Definitely more focused on the playing and that was totally fine and dandy with us. Not a ton for parents to do an interacting but there is some opportunity for it.

thundergod 76

Wonderful place for young children. My grandson loves it! Plenty to do and the best part is the children have so much fun they don't realize they are actually learning something.

Andrea Haun

This place is wonderful for kids especially on rainy days.

Nan Steinmetz

Great place to spend the day with kids. A variety of activities for all interests and ages.

Chelsea Callaway

Amaaaaazing experience! If you are a welfare recipient and you have a food stamp card and state ID they will give you a reduced rate in their "museum for all" program! $4 per person and it is so worth every single penny. My 9 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter did not fight at all because every activity they provided was fun for both ages! Where else can you spend $4 and your child will be entertained (and learning) for an entire day!?

Danielle Fox

We love this place. Well staffed. When volunteers are there its always fun because they enjoy engaging with the kids. Book book is very fun and love the variety of books. Wish more popular series were in the books like Piggy and Elephant, Fancy Nancy, Pete the Cat and other learn to read series. Water area is very fun and great for all ages.

Ada Davis-Marbuery

We really enjoyed our selfs

Amie Fankhauser

Lots of fun for little ones to enjoy for a day. We spent two and a half hours there but could've been there longer. Our daughter is 2 1/2 and really loved the water play room and the play kitchen. Lovely place to play pretend! We would go again.

Haneen Mustafa

We had a big group of about 11 kids of all different ages. Each one had fun. Very clean and a nice amount of staff members keeping up with each area. Staff was incredibly friendly. My daughter was hesitant to enter one of the areas and a staff member was trying her best to make her feel comfortable. I will definitely come back.

John Z

So much to explore, learn and experience. Many different exhibits / rooms to keep your kids entertained for hours. Plan a day here as it's about $50 for a 4 person family and the kids will certainly find enough to do.

glatt yes

Very nice and clean place my kids didn't want to leave

Phil Franze

Great place, there's a lot to do there for kids. They also have regularly scheduled events. Definitely worth checking out if you have kids and live within 30 minutes

Michelle Osborne

This place is so fun for the kids! So many educational rooms where they can use their imagination. We got a membership because my kids never want to leave!

Lindsey Wachtel

A great sensory and tactile experience for kids. They have accommodations for those with special needs as well!

diana warner

We always have such a fantastic time here. The price of a membership is totally worth it!!

Greg Jones,Jr

The new children's museum is a must see experience. What a wonderful place for children to explore and discover!

Subodh Kotkar

I guess this is the best place in Cleveland for children. I didn't find anything better than this in city. Get membership... unlimited entries for a year...

Holly Swabb

Fun and safe place to let your children explore. Please parents watch your children not your cellphones.


This new location has so much more to enjoyed themselves

Diana Silvis

Had a blast! Its was awesome to see a piece of history become something so awesome and safe for kids. Very family focused. Safe. And lots to do. You will be there for hours and no even know it

Christy Phillips

Such a fun place to visit! Love that you can bring your own food in and not have to pay an outrageous amount of money to eat/snack. Price of admission was very reasonable and worth the money!

E Poole

We went with a group of 9 people, 3 kids and 6 adults. I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults! The hospitality of the staff was incredible! They all seemed to genuinely enjoy their job. I love that they had several options. There was exciting, busy, loud stuff and plenty of quiet areas. Our sons absolute favorite was the outdoor obstacle course! I thought it was neat they had a cafe area with a microwave and vending machines. Guests were encouraged to bring in their own food or even order delivery from local restaurants. With plenty of space to dine. My favorite area was the water play room and reading nook. Plus it is just a really cool building. The dollhouses were also very neat. My mother-in-Law really enjoyed that!!! I will definitely go again next time we are in Cleveland!!!

Jamie Vanek

I just love the new museum. Went there for the first time on presidents day and the kids loved it. We had such a great time we bought a membership and are planning on going back many times.

Paula Cable

My daughter showed my three year old grandson pictures from the museum & told him I was taking him. He was ecstatic! I was worried it wouldn't live up to his imagination. Boy, was I wrong! Anything your child my be interested in is offered here in a play setting (the best way to learn!). From a grocery store, garage for cars to a theater, library & art can come & go as they please. I was thouroughly impressed & WILL return!! I know he can't wait either!

Deanna McRae

My daughter had a great time and there are new things to do since last year.

Ashley H

For my son's birthday we got him a family pass to the children's museum. He loves going here, they always have different activities in the craft room. The water room or science room is his favorite. A few hours here the kiddos really enjoy. The only complaint is the parking lot is a disaster with traffic and barely any spots to park.

Alan Hull

Great for young grandchildren. Water activities, hands on exhibits,kids had a wonderful time.

Johnny Hair GAWD

Beautiful place for kids to run pay and experience

Meisa Gannam

Overall great place to bring kids. But the cafe area could use an upgrade. Coffee? Food? Maybe a small kiosk of sandwiches. All I saw was a microwave and vending machines and tables for people to sit down and eat their own food. Which is great for those who want to bring their own food. I would offer both options. Parking is limited. I had to walk quiet a bit from where I parked. And when you’re a parent, with a child, and carrying a backpack or their stuff it’s already hard enough. So, I wold def improve those two things. And i will change my rating to a 5.

Lynnore Walker

The new location is wonderful. Enough space and the exhibits let the children explore and have fun

April Brooks

Such an amazing and wonderful museum. From the kind and incredible staff. To the awesome rooms/exhibits. There's Adventureland where they learn so much. The Wonderlab and so much more to see/do. The lady who showed us around. Said it best children learn by playing and she was absolutely right. Go check it out with your kids and have a blast. They even do birthdays

Jelicia Graham

Amazing place for children to learn and explore. I enjoyed it myself and wish I could go back without children lol

Chalsie Cloud, Realtor & Notary Signer

My grandboys love it

Debi Roudebush

Awesome place to take the little one. Weekends are a little crowded. They have a lot of very great interaction areas though. Inside is so much bigger than it looks like on the outside. They have no food stands, so I suggest you bring your own, or eat before you get there. They do have tables & chairs to sit & eat.

Oliver Ray

These guys do a good job. The place is clean and fun for the kids. It's not so much as a museum as it is an activity center, but they do have a miniature doll house exhibit on the top floor that I imagine most kids aren't crazy about. The whole rest of the museum is total fun. My son loves the water area and the construction area and sometimes the reading nook. I wish they had some sort of food besides a basic vending machine but that's my only real complaint. The year pass is a good deal.

Roy Mustang

Full of a ton of great things for kids and their parents to do. Very affordable pricing. Has enough variety that coming regularly is doable and your child won't get bored of the place too quickly. Great for kids of any age. Definitely a place to take your kid as they grow up while living in Cleveland as there will always be something for them to do at any age.

Omar Niwash

Amazing place for kids to be at. The museum has so many different interactive activities that will improve their skills.

Ahmed Syed

What an amazing place for kids. An absolute must to take your kids to. very affordable membership. and trust me you will need one. kids love it too much to just go there once

Katie Henry

This place was great fun, I wish they had their toddler wing open at the time. Our one year old could of have more to do than just the water area.

Lee Fargo

Wonderful place to spend day with grandkids Great fun for learning

Mary Clinton Thomas

Great experience. We took our son on a Saturday and had to park in the overflow parking, but it was a short walk back to the museum. Our son, who is almost 4 yrs old, had a blast. I think he liked the water area the best, and he definitely enjoyed all of the other exhibits. We allotted 2 hours for him to play and we probably could have easily spent 3 or 4 or more hours there (next time we will). I've been to 3 different children's museums and this one was the nicest so far. Everything was well-maintained and clean (cluttered by children obviously, but clean). We will definitely be planning another visit.

Mike Waldon

My daughter had a blast in the theater section.

Stefani Cukryznski

The best children’s museum we’ve ever been to. Our three year old had a blast and could have stayed there all day long. It was so great that we ended up getting a membership before we left.

Kaarthikraajan Dharmarajan

Great fun for the family! Especially for kids in the age group of 2 to 7.

Rachel Wolf

What a wonderful place to take children!! So many activities for babies through school age children: marketplace, art studio, giant tree house/climbing space, book nook, water play room (with smocks), pool noodle room and more!! Take your own lunch and eat there. Best part? Plenty of restrooms and they are close by each room.

Christopher Wood

That... was cool. Lots of happy minions all over the place.

Latrice R

My son Nikolas and his cousin Aiden just had a ball here and we will be returning. They really liked the water exhibit and could've played in it forever if we let em.

MC Wammer

Great place for kids of all ages, highly recommended!

Lindsay Uhl

Clean space, fun for ages 8 and under. The bathrooms and cafe was also very clean and they had a microwave which is an added bonus when you bring food. A vending machine for drinks- cash only, and a food one which took both cash & credit. Downfall is the parking lot is tiny, maybe 100 cars, and the price is a bit high especially paying for an adult to get in since it’s not really for us but for the kids. Nice areas for them to play. I can tell you that I feel it would be very easy to lose a child in here. They couldn’t get out the main gate to the outside but they can go to different rooms or up the stairs pretty quickly if you turn your back. So only downfall is the price, and the sight lines for kids.

Jenna Allen

Great place for kids to explore, be creative and have a good time in a safe atmosphere.

Bruce Stacey

Our 7 1/2 month old had a blast in the Meadow room with all of the padded areas, hanging tubes and ring tracks! Also shout out to staff member Regan who made sure our family had a great time while visiting! I can't wait to bring him back when he is a little older and can experience the whole museum.

Ryan Shary

Great place! Spent about 3 hours there and the kids loved it! Majority of the exhibits are in the basement including a huge play area with large structures, a cool water area and music / theater exhibits.

Marc Berthelette

Great museum. Planned to spend half a day there, could have easily spend the whole day. Kids had a blast, would even consider a yearly pass it I lived in the area.

Ramon Colon

My kids loved this place. They loved it so much that we spend a full day on the bottom floor. Definitely coming back. They even have books in Spanish in their book area.

Anton Ludvik

Hardly a museum, but a great place to take kids on the weekend. My nephews and niece had a blast running around the enormous jungle gym that makes up the bulk of this 'museum'.

Mateusz Bratko

Pretty nice place. The Wonder Lab was awesome. I really appreciated the staff as they were doing a good job cleaning up and being attentive. I think it can keep kids pretty busy. Didn't like the price for adults vs children since I have to watch the kids! Do go here at least once.

Todd Woodruff

Amazing place to take the kids. Staff is always great!

Lilly Murphy

Keeps them happy and busy learning for four hours. The water play room is a favorite. Love that there is a place where you can eat a packed meal inside.

Mark Michaels

Great place for kids and its honestly not to bad being an adult watching them. All sorts of fun stuff like books, a water activity area, crafts and more. Also the staff is nice.

Bethany Sigworth

This is the first time I've been here since they moved locations. This place is amazing! My kids had a blast and I was shocked as to how many activities and areas there was to play in. I plan on getting a pass to take my family back all year round!

Deborah McGee

My grandkids LOVED IT!! And it's definitely worth the price.. Wish they had more of a "cafe" but nonetheless it was WONDERFUL!

Jessica Jones

It was amazing. So many things to do, and major FYI... Every third Saturday of the month for Cuyahoga County residents if the father is present admission is FREE! Bring your own meals/snacks great family time!

Rhianon Chapek

Fun and inexpensive time for children and parents! Loved the exhibits and the Meadow area, as many attractions in Cleveland dont have toddler specific areas, and this was absolutely perfect! Highly recommend a year membership!

William Linde

Okay place, but we found that we had exhausted the fun for an 8 year old in an hour, which made for a pricey visit. Seems very much geared for really young kids, say 7 and under. Also, it's more of a science center than a museum.

Glenda Green

Interactive fun! The entire lower level as well as part of the first floor is loaded with wet and dry interactive activities for kids. It was a nice place for my grandchildren to spend a few hours playing in a controlled, safe environment. They are trying to convince me to come once a week!

Sara Weed

I love taking my son here. He is in love with everything they have to offer. I got the one year membership for $80 and it is a really great deal. The employees are very nice and seem like they really enjoy being there. It's very exciting to come here.

Kathy Dise

Best time with out of town guests. We had children from 3 months to 12 years old. Fun was had by all.

Nisrona Yas

very friendly and clean place. I love going to this children museum. I bought a yearly membership so I can go whenever my kids are bored and curious.

Nicholas Ward

What a great place, the outside is very unassuming but once you get inside it is a very fun place for me and my 3 year old. It is definitely centered around younger kids. With indoor forts market district, water play room with rubber coats. They have a arts and crafts room with cool things to make with the kids. Just remember to bring a snack they have vending machines but the card reader was broke. You are aloud to bring outside food in with plenty of seating though. For smaller kids 3 and under they got you covered as well with an area just for them.

Rachael Fuller

We LOVE the children’s museum!!!! My 18 month old had the time of his life playing in the water room and the toddler room upstairs. The workers are SO friendly, and you can tell they genuinely enjoy their jobs. I also love that you can apply your admission towards a membership (which we did)! I can’t wait to go back!!

Barbara Johnson

There is so much to do. My granddaughter wants to go again and again. Safe environment. Parents can unwind as well as the kids.

Sambit Sahoo

We were frequent visitors when it used it be on University circle. We recently went there for the first time after it moved to it's new house. The boys had fun, but we were expecting a bit more.

Felix Hernandez

What a great place for little children under 8 years of age. I would love for it to succeed and grow even more! Way to go!!!

Cassandra Rodriguez

I absolutely LOVE taking my daughter! The variety of rooms makes for her play time so much fun! She is an only child, so this is a great way for her to be around kids. She loves the water room (I mean let's be honest, even I like playing in the water with her) The only struggle is that sometimes it is PACKED, which can be a slight problem when keeping up with our little one.

Lina Waltz

To say my 2 year old son loved this place would be an understatement. Must go if you're in Cleveland and have little ones

Michelle Zkiab

Love this place! With each addition, it becomes more and more enjoyable! The Meadow area is perfect for Toddlers and the water room is a must! Pack your lunch though, the vending machines are definitely lacking options!

Niza Phiri

Love everything about this place and my 20 month baby loves it too

Tim Kellogg

A fantastic day with the family

Hugh Chan

My boy loves it so much. We used to spend a couple hours there. Parking at Sunday is a nightmare.

Jaime Chanter

Such an incredible place! We brought our 15 year old, 10 year old, and 7 year old. We all had a blast! The building is so gorgeous. There are fireplaces in many of the rooms. The ceilings are eighteen feet high. The windows, archways, woodworking, and decor is all perfect. There were several engaging and fascinating exhibits to keep us learning and enjoying ourselves. We loved the water area, the dance party silhouette room, the dress up zone, the miniature exhibit, the legos, the art room, the suction machine , the noodle room. It was all a blast!! The staff was wonderful and the place was spotless. Can’t wait to return!

Adil Abdulrafi

A lot of fun stuff for kids to do. The water world was so much fun. I would be lieing if I said I didn't enjoy myself as well! Haha. I felt like a kid again hahaha. My daughter did NOT want to leave so beware! Haha. The stage was interactive with lots of props and fun things to do.

Ziia !!!

Super interesting and beautifull. It has a few activity areas for kid super cool. There's a third floor full with art, history and tiny houses. So good place to take your child.

Jabason Stanley

We Loved this place. We spend one full day here. My 5 year old does not want to leave. Lots of things for children's to build and play with. Only negative is that they do not have a restaurant like a coffee shop etc. They have a vending machine with few snacks in it. Do not forget to pack your lunch when you go here.

Miss Aja Pope

Fun and spacious. Something for every age.

Marissa Made Easy

My son had so much fun here

stephany Knox

We loved it! Something for all ages to have fun. We plan on getting the family pass so we can go whenever we like.

Shimona Stein

Beautiful children’s museum. We really miss the sand room from the old one though. I also feel like if they are open until 4 PM all the things offered should be available until 4 PM. I found things started to shut down and get cleaned up at around 330

William Kethman

A really great place for kids - the facilities are clean, there are great activities for all ages, free parking, and places to snack. I recommend bringing your own food as options on-site are limited. Admission is $12 per person, under 1 year free. Consider the membership if you have a large family.

Raynita Rivera

I love love love this place..just don't go on a weekend ..ive been there on weekdays and on weekends..and weekdays are a little less hectic...!!

Jerry Taylor

Fun place that my children love. So much for them to do and experience there.

Samantha Wolske

We enjoyed the new museum. My daughter loved the large play area the most! Her 2nd fave was probably the theatre where they could dress up, perform on stage, sell tickets to the "show" or even control lights and sounds! I was expecting a little bit more there but i can't complain because we stayed a couple hours and the kids all had a great time.

Joe Butler

A Cleveland staple has found an inspiring new home while helping maintain a unique aspect of the city's history.

Chris R

Pretty nice children's museum. The water area is the best part of the whole museum. Our kids spent most of their time there. However, it is not the best of the musuems we've been to across the US. The St. Louis children's museum is still our favorite so far.

Jennifer Linville

This place rocks! Took my 5 and 3 years old here for a family adventure and it was amazing! We were there for 5 hours and stayed until it closed because it was just so fun! Every area is interactive, engaging, and I even enjoyed playing in the Wonder Lab! Very thoughtfully designed. Well done!!

tammy joe

A great place to take kids there is a lot of activity for the kids. We were there for hours!

Lindsey Franz

My kiddos loved the museum! There was so much to do! Next time we will pack a lunch and eat there so that we can spend even more time.

Keith Carlson

A very nice children's museum. I recommend bringing food as the only food option were vending machines. Other than that it was a good time. As a bit of advice if you can't find a spot in their lot or you have to circle and circle to eventually get a spot it will be crowded inside!

Delaney Peterson

Always super fun and clean! My daughter has a great time whenever we go. I love that they switch up a few of the exhibits every so often to keep things fresh and new.

Carol Tighe

Only 2 rooms worth going in, water room and climbing room.The room next to water with the cut up noodles was wasted space,should be. A room with Legos and other building items the Theatre room was also too big for what was in it.the miniature rooms was fine for adults but kids don't care about. That ,look at the Stem ideas for the rooms.won't return

Trevelle & Aiesha Harp

Great place of learning and recreational fun for children. Parents, invest in this for your child.

Shannon Svilar

It was easy to access and had plenty of parking. Admissions was no more than many other museum's, but they do have reciprocal memberships accepted - so it's something to consider if you are thinking of getting a membership, or your visiting and already have a membership at another museum. The atmosphere inside is one filled with children's excitement, love of discovering, and so much free play. It was a bit overwhelming first walking in, but signage was good and staff friendly. The building is well maintained. It was a great time for kids to spend time playing, exploring and making new friends.

Michael Durant

Many activities for children to play and learn and run off energy.

LoveTo Travel

Very expensive. Adult admission $12 Plus one kid? $24 Adult with two kids? $36 bucks!!!! Expensive by any standard. PLUS-we were told they will start charging $5 parking this year that will be a minimum of $30 bucks for one adult and one kid!! They charge full admission for adults to ACCOMPANY THEIR OWN CHILDREN, under the pretense that “well we encourage adults to play with their kids”. Infants from 11months and older are ALSO CHARGED FULL PRICE- the benefit? for the use of a small room with mats and wooden toys (essentially what the public library has). The star is given for credit that they do have a nice facility for kids 2-6yrs old, highlight for our toddler was the water sensory room.

DJ Adams

This place is everything a kid could dream of! Great service and spot!

Laura Klenz

The Cleveland Children’s Museum is such a wonderful place! There is a plethora of play areas including a play theater, climbing structure, reading nook and many more! We especially enjoyed the water room and the Meadow. It is very clean and well maintained and the staff is helpful and very friendly. Highly recommend!

Denicia Mobley

Great place to take children. Especially if you recieve government assistance because they offer a huge discount. Which is great for people who want their children to have a great time without spending a lot. Now with that being said I didn't recieve that discount which is fine but for $50 (admission for 2 children/2adults) is kind of high. I wish adults didn't have to pay for entrance seeing that we're not playing. Overall my kids enjoyed the multiple rooms for a few hours.

Nathan Nawalaniec

Great place with interactive exhibits.

Latasha Johnson

This was our first time here and we had an amazing day.

Hannah Wise

First time here and me and kids thoroughly enjoyed it. They have their own parking lot & it's free. Admission is $12 for adults and children, infants are free. There are a wide variety of things to do, no matter what your child's interest they are sure to find something. Mine loved the Wonder Lab. An extra bonus was that you're encouraged to bring your own lunch which I appreciate. They have a nice Cafe with vending machines, but they also have a microwave. Everything was clean and the staff was super friendly and helpful.

Meg DeJager

This was a great place. I would put it on my rainy day list when the kids are stir crazy. It is VERY expensive.

Joshua Yurman

This newly renovated museum is fantastic. Well worth the trip for younger kids. Pro tip, if you decide to get a season pass After experiencing a trip to the museum, bring your receipt to the front desk and they will take that amount off of the season pass. Great stuff for children of all ages however younger children will enjoy it more. Mini kitchens, tree houses, water tables, science experiments of all types, reading Nook, and so much more. Well worth the trip

Colleen Solymos

Love this museum and my kids have a blast. The new toddler area is really beautiful and they added lots of smart additions like a nursing room and a bathroom for both parent and kids. It's tricky if you have kids of different ages though because the toddler area is only for 3 and under and its on a different floor than the main play area. So you can't keep an eye on older kids and play in this area at the same time. The new pool noodle exhibit is fun and the shadow area is just ok, but the water area is really neat. The whole top floor has doll houses you can only look at which to me seems like a waste of space when the museum could definitely use a few more interactive exhibits, but I appreciate their value. We had a birthday party there and the kids really enjoyed it. The room was a little small but it worked for what we needed. Overall a fun museum!

Angelica Steele

Very cool place for my little! A bit expensive, but at least you can stay awhile!

Larisa Leverich

Great place for kids to play and have fun. Plenty of things to do, lots of different areas to play. We spend at least 3 hours each time and absolutely love this place. We have yet to find a better Children’s Museum!

John Gassman

Took two of my grandkids, ages 5 and 3. They both had a blast. Everyone was very friendly.

Jessica Nickens

Always some new and exciting happening

penny mcgee

Took my granddaughter she had an amazing time would love to go again

Katie Smith

Not worth $12 a person. It's not that much to do . It's a great concept but you have to offer a little bit more for the price you are charging. The price per person should be $5

Kara Patterson

My 8 year old loved it. My 10 year old wasn't as thrilled but he had fun too. We ended up joining ...

zipporah mccall

Perfect for the kiddos! especially on hot days!

Faysal Altahawi

Membership is worth it for young kids. Its paid for itself several times over and extended family included up to 8 people that can be changed. Weekend days with bad weather this place is fantastic. Parking can be an issue at busiest hours

Diana Hysek

We took a group of 13 children from summer camp. Great place for younger children. You can spend hours here.

TJ Welch

Kids could play here and stay engaged for hours. Great that they moved to a much more accessible location. Cool that they moved into an old historic mansion.

Andrew Eva

Just as fantastic as the original. The new location has tons of free space. Even while it was packed we didn't feel at all crowded.

Hannah Cooper

Great place for its age 0-8. Not too expensive and it's a non profit establishment. There are currently 7 exhibits open for children to play and learn and they are well on their way to opening three more very soon! Highly recommend for a rainy day or to book your birthday party!

Keith Roberts

Lower level has lots of great activities for kids, but we really enjoyed the miniatures as well, especially trying to find the museum's logo in each dollhouse.

Quiana Brown

First time going and the kids had a blast trying everything out.

Katelynn Jacobs

This place is fairly large with a wheelchair accessible play area for kids unable to climb the levels. It's very inclusive, and enjoyable. My son didn't want to leave!

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