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524 Wick Ave, Youngstown, OH 44502, United States Located in: Youngstown State University

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Where is The Butler Institute of American Art?

REVIEWS OF The Butler Institute of American Art IN Ohio

Tom Adams

Great collection, visiting from Pittsburgh and enjoyed it as much if not more than any art museum there. Especially liked the large collection of holograms!

diana hafely

I could spend hours in The Butler! It's a peaceful atmosphere with many wonderful works of art. Experiencing art is inspiring and satisfying! If you ever need a place to escape try this as an alternative to staring at your phone.

Mary Webb

Small museum, but with fantastic selection of art. Free admission, with suggested donation. Parking area is small, overflows during events. Small, but nice choices in gift shop. Also has nice restaurant. If you are lucky, rotating pianist might be playing tunes on piano in hallway.

David Loewi

One of THE great collections of American art. Not to be missed if anywhere nearby. Plus the lovely original building, by McKim, Mead and White.

Mark Koury

A national treasure. Always new and diverse exhibits. All media and ever fascinating.

Jonathan Blackshire

Another one of Youngstown's crown jewels... AND it's FREE!

Fred G

A fantastic place to visit for virtually any one remotely interested in art. You will find a little of everything. It's truly free to visit, although I would recommend, if you can, making a donation. I've been to other art museum's and 99.9% of what you will see at the Butler would be very family oriented, unusually politicaly correct and inoffensive to anyone.

Dan Roland

An absolute treasure! A very diverse and quality collection. A great place to visit.

Stephanie Cunningham

I love this museum. It's a great place to take my child on a rainy day. Sometimes they have crafts for children. Kept very nicely.

Missgraciegirl Vlogs

Wonderful pieces, great show this evening.

Anna Marie

Matthew Sturgeon

Love love love this place much see so beautiful and amazing!

David Crook

What a gem that we have in Youngstown, Ohio. Take the time and visit a great museum!

Anthony Cann

The Butler, will always have a place in my heart. I have always frequented The Butler, enjoyed its displays and events and continue to enjoy every visit to this day.

Keith Simms

Great for family and friends, educational and even fun.

Bill Schroeder

I especially liked the dog.

Mary Parish

Lots of famous artwork!

Craig Matola

An unassuming place for a fabulous collection

Tommy Julian

Stunning art museum

Stella Juarez

Wonderful place, great art work to view!

Kenny Reyes

Went to the butler and took some amazing photos . It was head shot day and I had 3 great models.

Jim Garvin

A wonderful museum for events and students of YSU.

Tim Clay


trisha coates

Fantastic art museum ... Van Gogh, Nornan Rockwell, Wyeth, Andy Warhol & much more... great little museum shop as well as a wonderful cafe

George Garrett

Great place with many attractions for all ages. Be sure to check out the children's area in the basement if you have little ones.

Daryl Klingensmith

Wonderful place! Would reccomend!

terry moore

Great museum, spent a hour and half taking in the fantastic collection.

Nathan Gehlert

Made the drive from Cleveland. Great little museum. Two hours is sufficient to see everything.

Raymond Sheldon

Fantastic outing for the family with no admittance or parking fees. Our grandchildren had a wonderful experience, although we had to stress the art pieces were NOT hands-on! That was also one of the main reasons the younger ones appreciated the children’s room in the lower level.

Chere madison

Awesome to have this in our area

Milo Rodgers

Just something about this place love it!

evelyn breda

Cansu Sener

It’s a great museum, if you are in the area definitely check it out. Museum offers free admission and parking. Museum cafe is not open during the weekend. Fun weekend activity for families and friends

Karen Fry

Always a wonderful experience.

Amanda Oesch


David Walker

The Butler Institute of American Art is a magnificent and shining gem. Deceiving in its size as viewed from the road, Google Maps, and even from the imagery on their own homepage, ‘The Butler’ as it is commonly referred to has an extensive collection spread out over two floors in its main building (with three floors of art in the newly opened and quite modern attached-annex), and in several wonderful galleries in the upper floor of the church next door (accessed by an impressive glass-enclosed elevated walkway). Masterpieces by Winslow Homer, Fitz Hugh Lane, Robert Vonnoh, Thomas Cole, Herman Herzog, Mary Cassatt, John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, and Albert J. Bierstadt are among the vast collection that spans centuries (18th to current) and genres (Impressionism to Modern, and a combination of Art and Technology). I was lucky enough to see a special exhibit of art by Tony Bennett, which included quite a few wonderful pieces. Parking is free, and on the ride side of the main building (the gate at the guard shack will automatically raise for you as you drive up to it). Employee parking is on the left side of the main building, and the security guard on duty appeared to be taking down license plate numbers so maybe don't park there. The entrance to the museum is through a set of double-doors on the front porch, itself framed by two gorgeous columns and a tiled deep-blue and mosaic ornate ceiling. There is an information desk to the left with free gallery floor plans and other literature, as well as a visitor registry, and to the right is the security desk. Admission is free. There is a donation box in front of you as you enter the foyer. Just ahead of the foyer is the Fine Art store (visit this last), and the elevator to the upstairs exhibits. The best way to see the museum is to start with the galleries to the left as you enter the museum and go clockwise through the main galleries that surround the great two-story main hall. After this I would suggest heading into the new annex and see everything there, on all three floors. Next, tour the exhibits in the great hall in the main building – first floor, then the second floor, followed by the galleries on the second floor that surround the great hall, and then proceed via the glass walkway into the galleries in the church. There is a small, well-lit café and a gift shop on the main floor at the rear of the museum. Both are well worth stopping in for a visit. Rest rooms are on the second floor just off of the elevators. If you truly enjoy art, and are the type of person that will stand there and appreciate a piece you love while becoming absorbed into it, allow about three hours to tour the museum. This museum is well worth your time. I drove three hours one-way from north-central West Virginia and was extremely happy that I took the time (on my birthday) to visit this wonderful American treasure. Highly recommended.

Terri Clark

Loved it! Great exhibits and nice little cafe. People there are sweet and very passionate about art. Plan to spend some time gazing in awe at what humans can dream of and create.

Brittany Howard

Awesome staff other than the one custodian guy that was rude. Beautiful art.

Dena Ward

What a nice museum on the campus at Youngstown. Pick up a map because there are many rooms and three floors. Art for all ages. The kids enjoyed it also.

Matthew Milone

A rare joy here in the valley. Make a trip and see some world class art.

Brenda Karika

This is the coolest art gallery. My third visit. Always a surprise waiting.

Jacci Johnson

The museum shop is one of the hidden gems for unique and thoughtful gifts. The most beautiful selection of cards and scarves in the city.

Madeleine Eicher

An intimate environment with an expansive and impressive collection. Also really good sandwiches in the attached cafe!

David Verzilli

Absolutely wonderful Museum. Took my sister-in-law and brother-in-law from Florida, spent two hours, enjoyed it immensely. Nice little coffee shop and Gift Shop 2.

Jeff Necko

Excellent museum of American Art! Great for being in a smaller city.

Bill Botkin

Great gem of an art museum. Nicely laid out with many different types of art exhibitions. We will return!

Charla Fortuna

Very nice and interesting! Would recommend!

robert cronin

my mentor John MacIntosh showed me a whole new world. RIP

Renee Workman

I really enjoy this museum! The art & installations are nice to see & throughout the year they get new stuff. The staff is friendly & helpful too. The grounds are well kept & the outside of the building is very nice with statues along it. It's easy to get the museum & parking & admission is free! I highly recommend a visit here!

Richard Gombert

A good small museum. A diverse collection. I really enjoyed the visiting medieval to Metal guitar show.

michelle wrona fox

Great Mellencamp Exhibit

Patrick King

An hour or two of great art

Bernie L

If you are in Youngstown, you have to experience this gem.

Will Ramsey

Awesome art with rotating exhibits. Great pokestop too.

Natalie Scrivens

First time visiting this museum. Found very unique and fascinating works of art. Recommend all people go.

David Cebula

Nice regional museum

John Saks

Wonderful, extensive, high quality collection of American art of the last 300 or so years. A lot of the permanent collection always seems to be on view. Good viewing conditions. Worth a visit even from far away if you like American art.

Rhonda Chambers

Free admission to see great art

Mark Ladd

Best thing in Youngstown

Tina Vaughn

An overall great place to go for some beautiful art work and background on artists. You will have a great time.

just l

Excellent place for families to enjoy and discover art

Alex Goldhoorn

An incredible museum of American art. It is so big you may need a whole day to see it all. And it's free!

Ro Pinky

Love love love this place so much to see! Great date place and did I mention its practically FREE...all is needed is a donation which I strongly recommend this place is phenomenal

Brian Hill

A must see if you like art. New revolving art display.

Ken Bielecki

Local and great

Chris Jeffries

Bengali Logics

Great place to visit ❤️

Octavia Ice

It's free, the scope of the collection is broad, the cafe is decent, there is an art education program can't go wrong. I've never had trouble finding a parking spot. It's worth the hour drive from my home to get there.

Alaine Landers

Mellencamp's work showed an outstanding depth of conscience. It was wonderful. Glad I got to see it. Thank you Butler Institute of American Art for being the wonderful place you are.

Kirk Sackela

Awesome museum!

Charles Crafter

Very nice


Great collection of American Art.

Andy Herron

What an incredible collection of art. And my daughter really enjoyed the modern art, lasers and holograms.

bruce Markwell

The time that I went it had a great exhibition of American baroque art

Heather B

A vast collection of permanent & loaned art w something for everyone. Family days monthly allow more interaction w kids & art. Bookstore offers lil rare goodies to accommodate your visit. Currently a dark, goth installation by a celebrity artist that blew my mind! Go YO! Butler is a free gem. GO!

Jeff Shaw

Fun and beautiful way to spend hours.

Jonathan Palo

Gorgeous facilities

Bridget B.

I took family that was visiting from FL.. It was my first time as well.I thought is was very interesting and we were able to view the entire think within 2 hours...I was very good.

SF NerdyGirl

Linda Adams

Excellent museum! I highly recommend spending time exploring all this museum has to offer. Admission is free, but donations are accepted. They have a very vast eclectic collection on permanent display and have some items on temporary loan from various museums. When I last visited, a Van Gogh was on display. There are also superb collections from artists temporarily on loan. Also, there are quite a few examples of Andy Warhol's work on display as well. Not all of them are together in a collection but some are delightful surprises scattered throughout other collections. The museum's items run the gamut from the past to the present and beyond. The 3 d Van Gogh display was very intriguing. The science collection was also interesting, as well as the optical illusion examples. Numerous surprises when you least expect them, including "extra" guards on duty!

Gail Lyons

Fabulous museum. Well worth the trip to Youngstown. Good variety of genres. Highly recommended.

Michelle Cash


Elliot Kwolek

Το εσωτερικό είναι όμορφο με πολλές διαφορετικές τέχνες! Επίσης υπάρχει καφετέρια με φαγητό χωρίς γλουτένη για όλους με αλλεργίες.

Michele Vargo

Absolute gem in the city of Youngstown !! One of my family's favorite place to visit. We go about once every month or two. It is a beautiful building housing a huge collection of American Art. Each of us has our favorites in the permanent collection, but there are new exhibits each time we go . Admission is free and it is not to be missed

Jayde Faustino

My favorite place in Youngstown

Peter Stanos

I have been to over 100 museums including all major Metro cities but none are as great as Youngstown's Butler Institute of Art!

Conner Gallagher

Extremely nice staff

Lit Gaming

It was a great feild trip

Bianca Mathews

Good for a cheap day trip

Anne Garwig

Youngstown's crown jewel. A world-class art museum. Free and open to the public.

Aaron Holden

A national treasure

Vixen Amour

I have loved every trip I have made to this museum. Never has and I am most certain that it

Amy Book

This is a hidden treasures of the Rust Belt. Wonderful, beautiful pieces and always new pieces.

Silvia Games DuBos

It's a very complete museum with amazing showings. Last time we went there was a guitar exposition that really capture our attention. And the best thing it's free.

Shirley Maloy

Love the displays! Exhibits for kids too!




One of the coolest places I've been to. The art was just amazing as well! Can't wait to visit more often!

Thomas Michael Corcoran

An island of culture in a sea of rust.

Sue Gentile

Peter Maier paintings and talked to artist by phone.

Mary Aulet

Such a wonderful way to spend the day

Rick Johnson

erik dahlman

More real art under one roof than anywhere.

Lisa Brickle


Jane Doe

An excellent collection of American art, VERY well presented. It's free and parking is easy, and also free.

Brianna B

Leah Ifft

Beautiful building full of interesting works. Nice permanent collection as well as temporary exhibits.

andrew sperie

Great place great exhibits great staff

Jacalyn Danchise-Edie

Best local museum.

Jaimy Dupuy

Lots of stuff for everyone, even the kids had a great time.

Valerie Prevosnak

A community gem; great for a date or family night out

Mark W

I love the Butler. Great place to visit be and learn. Always something new to experience! Youngstown's public treasure--go see it as often as you can!!!

Aaron Torrence

I've done a lot of weddings and parties here and they always come out beautiful

Irene Dutken


This is the best college art museum in the country, and I speak from experience. Allow two hours.

Sarah Ellis

Jenna Daugherty

Amazing artwork in a beautiful museum. Close and easily accessible parking. A great way to spend an afternoon!

John Riddle

Roger Chamberlain

Always a pleasure to come here for a visit. Always warm and inviting and lots to explore.

Skylar Ward

Beautiful exhibits! You get to see so much for free!

Jeanne Arthur

Amazing beautiful art!! Go for a donation

Pedro Marques

Wonderful museum in a wonderful little Ohio town.

Ross Mazz

A world class museum in the heart of Youngstown! A must see, do, and support for everyone! I regularly visit everytime I'm in the area

Nancy Sakmar


Corey Thomas

Wow this place is so cool!

Jennifer Coristin


C Cliffe

A hidden treasure.

neel patel


Joshua Boyle

Finest art museum in Northeast Ohio

Alayna Foster

Really intricate pieces. Some life changing sculptures as well. Will definitely come back next time im in town.

Evie Coe

Always a pleasure to be in this establishment. Enjoyed the exhibit of John Mellencamp and of course the rest of the museum also. Never tire of this day out.

Bruce Myers

Very interesting art, by American artists. Free addmission

Bruce Markwell

Great place if you're into art by Presley in myself like the little machine that they had with the rolling balls

Michelle Joseph-Long

I love visiting The Butler Institute of Art. We took our granddaughter this time. She enjoyed it as well. The life-like sculpture we're a little creepy to her but, but I still think she liked them. If you like art I recommend a visit.

Chantle Field

Went with my 4,8, and 9 year old and spend 2 hours there. They all liked it and for an art museum it is very kid friendly.

paige nealer

Very nice display. Free to walk through, with donation boxes available. Would highly recommend.

Bridgette Harasyn

My Great Uncle is in an exhibit there... beautiful art masterpieces throughout ...a gem for Youngstown admission too

Bobbie George

Very unique and interesting

Anne Jorgensen

Went to the craft show. Very nice!

Jello teaa

Loved all the old art took about 2-3 hrs to see everything.

Lisa Frederick

Wonderful American Art Museum. Always great new exhibitions showcased and a wide range of works within the permanent collection. A true gem for Youngstown, Ohio and for America.

chris moore

Needs updated...some exhibits need repair... I was disappointed.

Nora Johnston

Never have been here before and was very impressed by it. Another treasure here in Youngstown, Ohio.

Zarah Haleem

It's free! It starts from classic art pieces on the main floor to modern and historical art on the higher floors. Enjoy!!

Joseph Palen

A true local gem.

Louise Cohn

I pray God preserve my sight so I can see the sights at my home away from home.


Butler Art contains a nice collection of American art. Well maintained on the campus of Youngstown State, Butler is across the street from the McDonough Museum of Art. Classes are offered, lectures, as well as ever changing local art events and exhibitions. Definitely worth a visit, parking is free.

Patrick Boyd

The Butler must be the best place to see holographic artworks in the world!

Deborah Hatchell

Lovely museum in middle of the beautiful Youngstown State University campus. Easy access from the freeway. Fred parking and admission. Be sure to leave a donation in the box at the entrance, if you can. Incredible array of art. Original pieces by quite a few notable artist including Van Gogh, Cassett, Hopper, Lichtenstein, among them. I felll in love with Andrew Wyeth all over again. Modern art, interactive pieces, and informative write ups keep visitors engaged. Clean, comfortable and really the building is beautiful. So lucky to have this so close.

Christopher Varano

It's no Cleveland Museum of Art but has a few nice pieces in the permanent collection. They are able to attract some interesting temporary exhibits that you might not see elsewhere.

Power Amp

Did not direct me to the right person ...

kylie cates

Love this place! Cant wait to come back through.

perry rhymer

Joseph Crichton

This is a very good museum with a fine permanent collection AND it's FREE.


It's so beautiful

Essie Furquan

Great place to eat, and also work wonderful staff.

Alex Earp

Fantastic place with a wide variety of art and it's completely free.

David Thomas

Beautiful and historic place. Beautiful on the inside and outside. Many famous artwork and sculptures


The Butler has such lovely art. It is the gem of Youngstown.

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