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316 Pike St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

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REVIEWS OF Taft Museum of Art IN Ohio

Craig Person

Such a beautiful place. A real hidden gem Downtown.

Paul Wyand

Nice small museum, great Ansel Adams special exhibit.

Katie Hallock

This place is great for the whole family! I grew up coming here and I now get to bring my little one. When I was little they offered the best summer camps! I assume they still do. We made a couple different art projects every day which was absolutely heaven for me. The old house is gorgeous and has been very well taken care of. For the most part, you’ll see the same set up every time. But small parts are switched out. I visited yesterday for their Antique Christmas display. It was beautiful! They’re are known for their German feather trees in particular. Since it was their Holiday Kickoff, they had several things going on. First, entrance to the museum was free. Yay! Second, Santa Clause. Third, hot chocolate and cookies. Fourth, crafts - make your own cards and wrapping paper. Fifth, Carol singers! There is garage parking and it’s free!

Megan Hensley

Its a great place to bring your kids/family on select third Sundays to explore, create, and play. These FREE afternoon programs offer great art, kid-sized art info, hands-on fun, animal encounters, and family-friendly performances.

Amy Walker

ALWAYS a 5 star treat! So lucky to have this gem in Cincinnati! We had coffee at the cafe, and our server treated us the same as patrons having lunch. Always friendly staff throughout the entire museum.

Sharon Secrist

This is a must see if you love history which I do. Really enjoyed my visit.

Connie Chandler

Armed guards following you to every room to make sure you dont touch anything. And stand there and stare at you with their arms crossed. And if you're visually impaired as my daughter is, and need to get close to read a 5x7 sign on the wall, they'll yell out loud to you " dont touch that, dont touch anything". If you want to feel like you're welcomed, visit the Cincinnati Art Museum, they appreciate visitors and have smiling faces.

Jim Hillman

Fun, family friendly atmosphere. Little kid's might be bored except on third Sunday funday.

Soumya Prasad Mishra

I might not be wrong to say "Taft Museum is not in Cincinnati but Cincinnati is in Taft Museum". Loved to learn the fact that many of the murals and graffitis we loved all around Cincinnati are actually inspired from masterpieces showcased in Taft Museum. A gem from the 1800s in Cincinnati that perfectly showcases an amalgamation of history, culture and philanthropic spirit of the city dwellers. A fine embodiment of the spirit of Cincinnati. The passion of the art collectors is evident in every room; From the subtlety of the murals to the grandeur of the music room, leaves behind an experience that will crave you to come back once more. The special exhibits a well selected too, "L'affichomania: The Passion for French Posters" is an absolute beauty and if your inner collector is kindled then go for a poster in the shop below.

Dan Steigerwald

Very cool art museum tucked away downtown. Parking in the garage was a bit of a pain so it may be worth parking on the street and paying a meter. We went on a free day (which could have had something to do with the parking). I personally would not pay the full price for a ticket but other might. Try to plan for a discounted or free day.

William Luken

Amazing house of Art. So many nice Art Pieces.

Bob Sharkey

Always interesting exhibits


I love this place. I have visited twice. The museum is beautiful and relaxing. Amazing personal collection. The food is excellent too. Everything is reasonably priced too.

Restaurant Rating Critic

Very interesting collection of art and unique Christmas collection

casey lucas

Awesome place! Beautiful house full of beautiful art!

P George

A wonderful treasure of art and history in Cincinnati.

Laura Northup

Very small and stuffy. The house itself is beautiful, but the offerings are limited. This is not a family friendly location. If you have children under 18 beware. With a 15 and an 11 yr old we had no problems. But we're still followed around like they were toddlers taking the first Funny, we had the same experience there about 10 years ago!! If you're wanting art, save yourself a few dollars and head to the cinci art museum in Eden Park.

Perry G

Nice place, tucked away downtown Cincinnati. Friendly and helpful staff.

mo jack

Every third Sunday they offer family friendly activities for free -good place to take the little ones on a Sunday afternoon

Squire Brandy

As always, we enjoyed the current exhibition, Ansel Adams but the real draw is the house itself. Very neat to walk through/historic.

Morgan M

Such a unique spot! Literally near the heart of downtown, however when you walk in the doors it’s like stepping back into time. Very well preserved and much diverse art from all around the world! You really learn how the Taft family impacted Cincinnati. Also has a very cute breakfast brunch spot! So sad I had eaten beforehand because it smelled amazing!

Cat B.

Exquisite Art Museum full of history tucked away in a little corner downtown Cincinnati. Great place for an intimate wedding or private party. A relaxed, cultured step back in time. A nice change of pace from hustle bustle city life. There is also a quaint cafe with an adjoining gift shop. I highly recommend the tour an the staff is phenomenal.

Arthur Hurlburt

This is a great museum. My daughter attended a girl scout function here and had a wonderful time. The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and very engaging. I walked around on my own and had a fascinating time just soaking up all of the artwork. The architecture alone is worth the trip. The fee to enter is well worth it.

Steve Heglin

There’s always an interesting exhibition worth checking out here. I went to the Ansel Adams one recently, and they did a great job with the presentation, even going so far as to set up and equip a darkroom for people to learn about, and then offered classes on how to process film photos. The accompanying information with the exhibits is always really interesting and informative. Sunday admission is free, and they have a nice patio area for tea and snacks.

Terry Gratton

Nice museum with a very nice collection in a beautiful house

Mike Stoehr

Wonderful art collection from famous Masters to more regionally known Cincinnati artists. We we're there on a Sunday when admission is free. They have a great special display called Antique Christmas through January 6th. It covers all kind of Christmas trees and decorations from the 1800 and early 1900's.

Big Diesel

The main chef at the museum is a piece of work. He is rude and confrontational with vendors and staff. For being a little guy he runs his mouth a lot. The security staff and other workers are extremely nice. I wouldn't consider visiting this place until he is gone.

Alena Moullet

It's nice! This museum offers very nice portraits, extensive collections of various objects, and lovely landscape paintings within a historical home. It's free on Sunday which is really nice, and the pricing isn't bad. The only downside is how fancy it presents. I went there for an essay evaluation and I found the museum stuffy in atmosphere. No one really talked about the art, and the guards (while friendly) do follow you around. People open doors for you, there are elevators and free parking. Just doesn't seem to be a place to take the kids.

Greg G

Great art....go in entrance parking garage is in back and goes down so it is not visible from the front


Enjoyed the visit to quilt skills of past, the geometry of it all. Christmas Holidays display was well worth the time.

Kristen Ross

Amazing free museum. This is a must see. The staff were very friendly and there was live music outside. The works are diverse and beautiful. There are very good descriptions of the art as well.

Josh Singhoff

Keep an eye out for special exhibits, they get some cool ones that come through here that I feel like fly under the radar if you aren't on the lookout as an art appreciator. Regular museum has a nice little collection... The Cobbler's Apprentice is a must see for it's notoriety and the building alone is beautiful.

Robert Farris

A unique art experience

Gilbert Lanham

Wonderful art Sunday Funday great family activities

Dannie & Kareemah Thompson

Had a great experience at the open house they did while spotlighting the works of Vanessa German

Samantha Paige

Wonderful museum of the brother of President William Howard Taft. Really great art and ceramics. Amazing mosaics. When we visited, there was a special event of Tiffany glass that was just gorgeous. Nice gift shop, too. The Cafe was closed by the time we got done with the museum, so I can't comment on it.

Sky Reese

Immaculate presentation, great, varied collection and friendliest staff.

Frank Chisman

Was there for a wedding, the wedding was great, what little interaction we had with the staff was good.

Ian Lane


Tatiana Godfrey

It's quaint. Definitely worth going once. If they have a good exhibit, I always check it out. The children's programming is particularly awesome. As I understand the history, the museum is the former house of W.H. Taft's brother, which is pretty cool.

Ty Provosty

Exceptional small museum housing very important nineteenth century American paintings. What a gem!

Deanna Dawson

This is a really beautiful place and I believe it was free and open to the public

Richard Kerstine

great exhibition

Kathy Troescher

TheTaft home and art was very good. What it lacks is a menu for lunch other than salad and soup. The wine was ok but we should have ordered a bottle served in ice. If you arrive by elevator from the parking garage you have to walk thru the restaurant to buy tickets to the museum. Then walk back thru the restaurant dining room to enter the stairs that lead to parts of the Taft home and museum. (unacceptable for Seniors) Separate entrances to the restaurant and a separate enterance to buy tickets for the tour thru the Taft Home and Arts and gift shop would enrich the whole experience.

Aniket Jangam

A beautiful mansion turned Museum. A good place to visit if interested in history of Cincinnati. 3rd Sunday of each month is free entry. And they have musical shows and programs in the evening usually. On Sunday's around 11:30am, they have a event for kids in the basement. So make the most of your visit to Taft by planning ahead.

Brian Bonner

Seeing the Ansel Adams exhibit was great! Cafe looks really nice and it smelled great. We might try it next time.

John Briggs

It's okay, plus. The collection is excellent for a city like Cincinnati, and the leadership is very good, but it isn't well-run administratively especially the security and the cafe. The Daubigny exhibit is superb but this museum is at its best at times like that, and just average the rest of the time. It doesn't need better leadership but everyday management is a question.

Abhilasha Bacca

Wonderful evening House Party, friends, wine, crafts, live music and art!

Jane Robbe

A lovely collection. The pocket watches are really special. The building itself is a work of art, and the gift shop is super cool. I’d go back just to buy Wrendale stuff. The special Tiffany exhibit is breathtaking.

Chad Nielson

Great little museum- fun to see a solid art collection and the Taft house

alison burns

Solid rotation of exhibits, community events and an awesome permanent collection. I particularly love the Duncanson murals and the artist in residence each year.

Susan Cohen

Viewed the Tiffany Art glass display. Beautiful! Also toured the entire museum, well appointed with helpful docents. Exterior sticks artwork incredible, but really hid the front of the home. Will be displayed for two years! A must see!!

Sharon Brodbeck

Great travelling art exhibit.

Douglas Lee

Love all the old artifacts, murals, and Christmas ornaments.

Marti Otten

One of my favorite museums.! Always find a unique gift in store and grab a yummy cappuccino at cafe! Gracious staff! Lovely day!

sean steiner

Amazing sculpture out front

Ken Gibson

A wonderful small museum with intelligent curated exhibits alongside permanent works and period pieces. Has a nice little gift shop and is a great venue for lunch. Sundays are free!

K T Evans

Great concerts in the perfect setting. I still spend more time studying the world-class exhibits. Even the lawn installation was outstanding.

Sheryl Bringman

Wonderful small museum with an amazing collection. Two oil paintings by my favorite painter, JMW Turner. And if you see they are showing their JMW Turner watercolors, it's a must see. Those rarely come out of the archives as they are fragile and delicate. Great traveling exhibits keep things different.

P Sw

Lots to do and see great for the whole family.

Suzanne Tromblay

This is a small gem tucked away near the edge of downtown Cincinnati. It is the actual home a William Howard Taft, and it has been lovingly maintained. And even contains a mural painted by a local Cincinnati artist of color around the time of the civil war. The place is beautifully curated and full of gorgeous art pieces. They also have a wonderful gift shop, which is reputed to be haunted, so mind your manners and make sure you are respectful while you are in there, otherwise the ghost might Chuck something at your head. There is a parking garage at the back of the building, so don't worry about parking. I was lucky enough to be there for an exhibition of costumes from Downton Abbey. It was a wonderful day which I will not soon forget. This is one of the jewels in the crown of the Queen City.

Beth Szymanski

Amazing place. Could not appreciate it in my early 20s but am very much into studying the styles now. Really not my kind of art but very valuable knowledge to be gleaned. The gift shop is often filled with REALLY cool stuff. The café always smells heavenly but no one I go with wants to eat there. What a shame. The Christmas exhibit is great for the history and worth bringing friends to.


Love the Museum, great place to visit

David Peterson

We mainly came for a special exhibit, on Ansel Adams but we also went to the regular museum as it was included. They have some interesting art, though nothing that would be notable to the layperson. Spending on the special exhibits, I might come back in the future, but might skip the main museum. Lunch at the Cafe was good, it's a small area and as expected, not a large menu but was good to have after going through the collections.

Gail Johnson

I thought this was William Taft s home but learned it was his half brother Philips home. Would have like to have seen actual furniture with the art.

Brandon Williams

I went on a free Sunday and thought the museum was a great little place to visit ! They have very unique pieces of art. There isn’t much artwork at the location but there is a lot to offer with the ones they do have ! Finding the place can be a bit inconvenient though, just a fair warning. Also the views of the city from the museum are very appealing to look at.

Setnakt Spears

An establishment worthy of your time, one of the best museums in the area.

Ray Harrison

Not a very big museum, but the paintings that are there are absolutely AMAZING. Rembrandt, Sargent, Sorolla, Duveneck, just to name a few.

Ian Grimwade

Friendly, informative staff, including the museum director who took time to discuss Duncan Phyfe furniture, and the portrait that so captures the character you imagined Robert Louis Stevenson to be. I loved that this museum is a house, and feels like one, and that the art is offered in living-room sized chunks that I could digest. Immaculate presentation, great, varied collection and friendliest staff.

Alyson Gerwe

Small museum with well curated art. The house itself is worthy of the visit.

Mary Steiner

Always interesting ~ we loved the "Antique Christmas" displays! FREE Sunday's are a great gift to our community & allows those of us on fixed income to still enjoy the Arts! THANK YOU ♡

Jeff Northup

I would love to give a better review but every time my family goes here I feel like we are under surveillance. Yesterday was no exception when I was asked to either put on my son's coat on or take it to the coat check. I would have rather them just say up front that you can't carry your coat. Bottom line this is not sure family friendly place which is unfortunate.

Terry Kennedy Mancini

Tiffany special exhibit was fantastic. The Taft home is chocked full of treasures.

Ray Elmo Earls

Great little museum with a brilliant and diverse collection. The history of the house itself is worthy of the trip. Special exhibits are often very unique. Admission Free on Sundays. Don't forget to stop and eat at the Linder family cafe (make a reservation). The food is excellent.

Morgan Rigaud

A beautiful place like no other! One of the finest house museums in the country. The museum exhibits a world class collection of European paintings including Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Jan Steen, as well as a fantastic collection of Chinese porcelains, timepieces, important American art - and all displayed within the Federal style house. Be sure to make a lunch reservation at the cafe and if the weather is nice then the garden terrace can’t be beat! You will love it.

Joseph Lewis

Beautiful building, wonderful staff

Kirsten Lynch

Wonderful museum of the brother of President William Howard Taft. Really great art and ceramics. Amazing mosaics. When we visited, there was a special event of Tiffany glass that was just gorgeous. Nice gift shop, too. The Cafe was closed by the time we got done with the museum, so I can't comment on it.

Andre Peavy

Great place to be and go to.

Michael Abel

This is an impressive but smallish art museum in a large historical mansion with period furniture. There is a good mix of American, European, and Chinese art. We enjoyed eating in their café.

Steven Boone

Awesome food and service

Bobbie Brown

Well worth the price of admission, which was reasonable. However, the parking garage is atrocious, especially for larger SUVs. Much maneuvering to back out & get turned the right way to exit. One lane entrance is also exit - we prayed we wouldn't need anyone coming in as we were leaving.

Mimi Daria

Best museum. Best gift shop.Best docents.

Walter Raines

It is a shame that this gem of a location is relatively unknown in this city! Great place to visit for a light meal and unseen treasures!

Thea Putnam

Super cool, loved it and it's not super pricey me and my buddy spent a few hours there


Great escape. they have some great artwork and architecture to see. The restaurant has limited food options but everything I ate was great. the staff was very helpful in getting you through the entire exhibit.

Marc :D

Factual, interesting and engagingly awesome.

Joerdie Driscoll

A great way to spend an afternoon.

Bart Sharkey

Fantastic place, amazing collection of art, friendly and knowledgeable staff, fun stuff for the kiddos on 3rd Sundays! Highly recommended!!!

Sharon Budke

Viewed the Tiffany Art glass display. Beautiful! Also toured the entire museum, well appointed with helpful docents. Exterior sticks artwork incredible, but really hid the front of the home. Will be displayed for two years! A must see!!

Jessica Bahlman

Excellent museum. We love to visit.

John Hammer

Well organized exhibit with excellent narratives. Free parking on-site.

Ross Gottshall

Great place for a wedding. Food was phenominal. Security is very serious. No smoking on premises.

chris martin

Kinda stuffy, people that is.

Melinda Mienko

Terrific architecture inside and out, beautiful paintings, very informative if you are the type that likes to learn things when at a museum. GPS took me to the employee parking entrance, keep an eye out for that. Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Joshua Adams

Okay, I’m shocked at how much I loved this place. It was so pretty both in and outside!!!! I really appreciate the kind people as well. This help supports the building and the art it contains. The art varieties room to room, and is fitting to that room. I really recommend coming as it an experience itself.

Zoey Porter

They have a wonderful photo exhibit right now Paris to New York. Antique Christmas exhibit was especially great this year and their docents are always friendly and helpful.

Tom Williams

A great little museum. We loved both the antique Christmas display and the quilts. Always something to see beyond the normal art and the building itself. Do plan a visit.

Gail Myers

Love this museum. My husband needs a wheelchair to get around when there is this much walking, and they made it very easy for him. Wonderful exhibits of many types. All staff were very friendly and helpful. Also a great lunch in the cafe.

Ali Burns

Permanent collection of Chinese pottery, European decorative arts, landscapes and portraits. My favorite are the Robert S Duncanson murals and the Duncanson artist in residence program. Beautiful setting and cafe

Carlton McGee

Check their website for info. There is a lot. If you like American history, and like art, then you will like this place. Note on Handicap: This is an old mansion that the owner collected art and stuff, and then set their home up as a museum. So, it is somewhat difficult to get around. I use a Rollator. It is Handicap friendly, with lifts, and a great staff. STAFF: The staff was superb. Friendly and not stuck up or officious at all.

Aude Scheibli

Always a precious experience!

Margie Carpenter-Hargis

Love this place. Small intimate and great exhibits

Kaye Heagy

When there's this much history close to home it's nice to see it . The house is as beautiful as the artwork inside.

Frank Abate

Went to the Ansel Adams exhibit. It was very well presented. Had many original prints that Adams had done himself and were signed by him. An awesome look at one of America's greatest photographers. Thanks to the Taft for putting on this exhibit!

Anne Young

Daughter got married in the gardens.. beautiful venue

Natasha Wright

Quaint museum with lovely gardens. Perhaps had we got here an hour before closing, our experience would have been more pleasant. We were repeatedly told they were closing in x minutes, although I would look at the phone and see that they were just rushing us. This happened with every employee we encountered. The two guards at the O'Keeffe exhibit made us most uncomfortable. They lurked behind us and gave us warnings every three minutes that the museum was closing. We expressed that we were just there to see the O'Keeffe paintings, but that did not deter them. They made it awkward when my 9 year old wanted to take pictures with her favorite artist's paintings. I got the feeling they didnt appreciate a child being there. We went to go back to the O'Keeffe paintings, only to be told where the exit was. I informed the gentleman that we just wanted to get one last look. He permitted us to do this. As we left, I noted that it was 4:53 and thanked him for their hospitality. He suggested we return when they weren't closing. I told him we traveled a long way to get there. In the gift shop, they are closing in 5 minutes. At least this was near accurate. Credit cards only now. No problem. Another reminder of what time they closed and we left without buying anything. The previous day we had spent over $100 in gift shops. Not here. On the way out, I stepped to the side to see the exquisite gardens only to be informed that this was not the way out. Get out. We got the message. It was 5:00 and we were getting into our car in the garage. Three minutes later, they shut the main gate. Great.

Colin Babb

The Taft Museum of Art is a masterpiece in itself. The museum is comprised of so many beautiful exhibits and artifacts. The place is really good option to visit with family. Moreover, the museum offers many activities for kids where they can have learning as well as fun. Learn while having fun. I went here with my family and the children in our family were very happy with this place. They enjoyed themselves and got to learn so much. The kids were so happy that they keep on asking about our next visit. This is a wonderful place.

Eric Morehouse

Wonderful museum and local. A window into the history of the city.

Carisa Bunten


Sherrie Connelly

Awesome gem of a place. Regular collection and special exhibits. Stellar cafe. Cute gift shop. First rate.

Darlene Hensley

Walked with my granddaughter from smale park about 20 minutes nice walk. The museum is so nice staff and patrons very friendly.

Molly Hendricks

Love the antique Christmas display. They have wonderful famous artists displays that change. Great little restaurant and gift shop

Tim Fleck

Something you don't see everyday in downtown Cincinnati

Frieda Wiley

Lovely building with historically important artwork by important period artists including Goya, Rembrandt, and muralist Robert S. Duncanson.

London Scholle

A tasteful variety of art from medieval to the 19th and early 20th century.

Stevie Halverstadt

The Christmas show was really wonderful! I was so glad I had been to the Taft museum before because the Christmas displays were mesmerizing and I really paid no attention at the Museum, which is exquisite!

Thomas Clancy

Lovely intimate museum with a helpful staff. The docents repeatedly offered to answer questions and we lovely.

Mark Halloran

Great collection of paintings, sculpture and smaller urns/vases displayed in a historic house right downtown. I happened to visit on a free admission Sunday--a wonderful surprise!

Dana Gagnon

Thanks to a grant, this museum is free on Sundays, along with its parking garage. :) It's a smaller art museum in a lovely historic building, with lovely pieces of art to visit. The site has an exhibit space for traveling exhibits; I have particularly enjoyed the historic quilt exhibits they have hosted. The decents are very friendly, and I spotted lots of families visiting. The museum schedules family activities at times; parents should check their site for good days to visit. Several of the docents stopped to chat with the teens in my group, which made them feel very welcome. They do have a cafe on site--the fare is more in the "treat" more expensive category for me--although I found a cup of soup option that was delicious and affordable. :) Families with kids will want to time their visits right after lunch, and grab food on the way home. (While there used to be a Wendy's walking distance from the site, it has closed. Many other spots near the site are not open on weekends.)

Rebecca Van Damme

Beautiful museum. Currently exhibiting Tiffany works. Love the restored home. They often have parties on the patio with jazz or steel drum music.

Elizebeth Thomas

Free every Sunday. Limited free parking in attached garage. Cute attached brunch restaurant with sandwich/soup or salad combos. Gift shop. Rembrandt painting and a Grandma Moses painting along with many other pieces. Cool garden and some interactive children's stations. Fun for a Sunday afternoon for all ages.

Kristie Dougherty

Check out Sunday Funday every third Sunday. Great events and free admission!

Michael Huber

Good collection of art that the family collected, all shown in the restored mansion.

Patsy Epifano

Amazing collection and amazing home! Just the right size for a lovely visit and delicious lunch at the cafe. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Steve Cox

Wonderful treasure in our own backyard! Make time to visit if you have not been since your younger years...I can truly appreciate it at my age....

Lucas Thompson

The Taft Museum hosted a SHERO party for women. When a tornado warning was announced as the party was about to begin refused the female guests shelter from the storm, told them to wait outside and then canceled the party. Shameful!!!

Patrick Shanley

The Taft Museum of Art has a cafe for brunch/lunch, sundays are free to get in, The historical home will be 200 years old in 2020. Great place to view different collections of art that the Tafts collected. There are also traveling exhibits that are held in their Fifth Third Gallery. Every 3rd Sunday of the month is Sunday funday. Where you can sign your child/children up to do different art activities.

gema bahns

Amazing little jewel in the heart of downtown.

Diedre Morris

Loved this gem. We went on a Sunday which turned out to be free. We got to participate in a free tour with a great tour guide. They had a British art gallery on display. Allot about 3 hours to tour everything. We didn't get to try out the cafe but it looked quaint. We found some great gifts in the gift shop.

Kevin Ruzich

Worth every minute

Rich Sears

Organized a private group tour of current exhibit, "Paris to New York". Docent gave a knowledgeable and interesting presentation. Christmas and permanent exhibits were exquisite as well.

Chunchun Fang

Small but lovely museum with main focus on landscape and portrait paintings~ extremely friendly staff. They have free tours on the weekends at 130pm every week and the volunteer guides are so great! Free admission as well~ great to drop by. Have a garden dining area as well!

John Somerville

Nice place to meet friends for lunch good food and a wonderful atmosphere. They had great blueberry pie on the menu in the past please bring it back

S Sanders

Very nice museum... 17th to 19th century paintings. I was lucky to see the Ansel Adams special exhibit.

S. T.

Great museum. So much to see! Make sure to plan your visit around lunch time, so that you can eat there. Their food is DELICIOUS. Great history about the Charles and Sarah Taft, and great history about Cincinnati itself. We visit on Sundays, when admission is free. Parking is free as well, and in a garage right underneath, so you have no reason to not visit the Taft Museum!

Sierra Sunshine

This museum is AMAZING! Wonder each room and see pieces spanning hundreds of years. The security and docents on staff are passionate about art, history and sharing stories about them. You need to spend time and explore this home.


Nice intimate venue.

Peter Gale

This is a relatively small art museum though is well worth visiting as it is in restored historic house There a range of traditional style paintings and ceramic pieces. Some painting are by well known artists.

Judy Bertsch

Great way to get in the Christmas spirit.

Eric Wright

Great little museum in the heart of Cincinnati. Absolutely loved the Ansel Adams exhibit.

M Hinges

Beautiful works in a beautiful setting. Drove 5.5 hours to visit this museum & I would stop by again if I'm ever in town. The works are set beautifully in an old home. Staff & docents are very kind & readily available. (I did have one docent who I felt was following me around vs keeping an eye on the galleries, which was odd. He kept getting in the way of what I was trying to look at. When I would move down to look at the next work, he would not move. At least docents were available, but the stalking was awkward.)

Melanie Mayfield

Going to their Sunday Funday is a MUST for the parent/s who once went to art museums but no longer can due to kid logistics. Not only do they have solid arts/culture/science components to every program, but it is good practice for any child to peruse the great works of art in this truly magical and historical venue!

Thadd Fiala

So much beautiful artwork.

Jane Lancaster

Beautiful and Serene surroundings for a quiet Sunday morning tour

Elizabeth Murray

Sadly under-rated. A Cincinnati treasure!

Claire Rechnitzer

Nice opportunity to see so many Tiffany pieces together.

Ria Matlib

Dope museum. Take a date.

Diane Dischar

Awesome museum!

linda coffman

Special exhibit of posters from late 1800s to early 1900s is fabulous. Gives a real look into life at that time by combining art and marketing. Fresh and yummy lunch at the restaurant with outside seating in a lovely garden setting. Museum and paintings in old house are fabulous as always


I was really caught off guard by my recent visit. This was not the visit to Taft Museum that it used to be. It is stuffy, clinical and not welcoming. The two security guards watched me (a professional photographer) like a hawk. Folks, I'm in my late 40's. One guard told me I had to secure my camera on my body. Fine. I complied. Within 5 minutes, the next security officer told me I must remove my camera from my body... when I suggested we go meet with the other security officer to get a definitive plan for my camera, he literally walked away from me. I'm disappointed to see all of the other reviews that echo my sentiments...and I'm disheartened to read the reviews about not being child friendly. I have many fond memories visiting this museum during my childhood. Evidently, that is no longer a goal of theirs. I paid as did my family...I will never do it again. As a Cincinnatian, born and bred, I cannot believe this gem, is no longer what it once was. I won't be visiting again. I won't be recommending that anyone visit there, either. On a side note... when I left, I asked for the supervisor who was not there. Well. I was given the name of a woman, who ended up being the gift shop manager. I tried to address the issues at the time of my visit but was denied that option.

Karen Flach

The Antique Christmas display is delightful. Look for discounts on Groupon or FREE tickets on Sundays. Be sure to check out the yummy restaurant and to support this great art museum that contains beautiful paintings sculptures, watches, and China. The German Xmas decorations and toys were nicely displayed. There is also an unusual lawn did play out front, crrated out of thousands of Willow branches. Stop by the Taft Museum for Antique Christmas or the exhibit on Paris. You won't be disappointed.

Elham Jafari

Very good collections of art.

Linda Marshall

We viewed the Antique Christmas Display at the Taft Museum recently and were intrigued by the beauty, the variety, the artistry and the historic nature/relevance of this display. It spans the time period from mid 1200’s to the mid 1900’s. The Christmas decorations hail from around the globe and represent many varied materials used in their construction. Included are complete formal holiday table settings and early feather Christmas trees. The history of Thomas Nast - a German immigrant whose illustrations of Santa in Harper’s Weekly - created and defined most everything we know about Santa today. These things include the sleigh & reindeer, his glasses and beard, his red suit and his bag full of toys. If you’re fascinated by Christmas or the Christmas Holiday Season, you’ll be completely delighted by this display! It’s a must see exhibit - just go!

Diane Brand

We didn't find the current exhibits particularly interesting.

John Richey

Great Phillip exhibit


Take themselves way to seriously. I get it you it's an old building. Calm down.

Michael Pellecchia

The Taft is a great place to visit on a rainy weekend when you are looking for something interesting to look at. The art and ceramics are interesting and we went to the special Comfort Tiffany exhibit which was incredible. The portraits and landscapes harken back to a time when art was more than some splashes of paint and the artists tried to bring out the soul of the subject. There is an admission charge so plan on spending some time looking at the art and exploring the history of the house and murals painted in the grand entry way.

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