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1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rock & Roll Hall of Fame IN Ohio

todd schulz

One of the coolest places I've ever been. Literally a spiritual experience...and I don't mean in a weird way. They have some of the most interesting memorabilia there is. It would be worth a trip to Cleveland just to visit the RRHF!

Stewart Brown

Was a cool experience. Parking was a little tricky. Towards the right there are nothing but meters with handicap only stickers so that was odd. And the Parking lot at the end of the pier has an older gentleman who isn’t interested in helping says you need to pay for the amount of time you want to stay in advance. Usually you pay when you leave. Pretty odd. Ended up parking all the way down across from First Energy stadium - at least you get a discount if you get validated. The front is beautiful for pictures. The tour wasn’t bad. I know a lot about rock and roll so didn’t learn too much. The gift prices are out of control, but the food area prices were reasonable. Worth it especially if you are just visiting Cleveland.

Nathan Twichel

Lots of cool items from musicians. There are several floors of exhibits so plan accordingly. There is something for everyone whether you like the older rock n roll or the newer rock. It's a nice way to see the progression and the history of music.

Steve Esser

Amazing Rock history, spent over 6 hours with a huge smile on my face! A must for any music lover! They really tell you the story of rock and roll with wonderful music and wonderful interactive displays.


Horrible layout. In the summer, the design essentially turns the place into a greenhouse. We were pouring sweat on the upper floors. Specific artist exhibits are hard to pinpoint. Also- no Duran Duran???? WHAT WORLD ARE WE LIVING ON?!?!

Debra Glass

Very well put together. Someone to meet you at the door to tell you where you need to go. We only went to the gift shop this time . But even in there the employees know what they have and what they don't.

Jaymie Newman

This place was outstanding. Lots of cool exhibits. Pretty easy to get around. There are elevators, escalators and stairs if you want. They have a good mix of past and present artists! It's Hard Rock Cafe on steroids and a view of Lake Erie!

Quentin Seaborn

Awesome place. Needs more close captions to let visitors know who the Rock and roll stars of the past are. Great exhibits.

Katelyn Blair

My dad and I went together because we both really enjoy the history behind different things. It was a very cool experience and had no issue parking. The exhibits are just beautiful. I definitely recommend people to come here at least once to experience all of this place has to offer!

Terry Uhl

A beautiful building with unique architecture, next to the Browns stadium + the lake. Well organized exhibits. Well done videos. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Parking could get tricky, but we got there early and luckily found a spot with ease. The shop has a wide variety of reasonably priced souvenirs. All-in-all, an excellent experience. An affordable way to support the arts (assuming you happen to be in Cleveland).

Cara Yuskoski

Highly recommend to any fan of music in general. Great history. So many things to see, they say on average about three hours but I could have spent the entire day. The exhibits are well put together and thought out. Just so many amazing pieces of musical history under one roof. Definitely a must see on your bucket list!! The gift shop is extremely overpriced so watch out!! The food selection is great but also overpriced! Check out a local street vendor for a better deal! Steer clear on days when the Browns are playing because the stadium is right next door!! Parking is between $10 & $20 depe6on how crowded and which lot you end up in.

Ricco Mason

A great chance to take a walk down memory lane and see memorabilia, photos and videos of musicians from your past. It was also an excellent education for anyone who wants to know how Rock and Roll got started. Lots of credit goes to musicians I had never heard of.

Lauren Weigand

Way too much to experience in one visit. You quickly become engulfed in the music. I could not leave Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson, Louis Armstrong. I was in that venue forever! Love this place.

margaret carlson

The place is beautiful! So many wonderful musicians! The staff are very friendly!!! Lots to see!! Gift shop prices are high!! The food court was nice to look at but not much to eat and prices high! Very surprised to see Cher not nominated? All round a family place.

Richard Hedrick

Only got to spend 2.5 hours, another hour or 2 more would have been great, but on deadline. Stopping was spur of the moment after seeing billboard advertising. Be good to be able to go back. Enjoyed

Tom C.

Exceeded my expectations. The exhibits were well done covering a wide range of genres from rock, rhythm and blues to country, jazz and soul. There are several theaters that run movies on a loop. We really enjoyed the one showing the induction concert of U2 playing at Madison Square gardens. The Elvis section had a video playing on a big screen and they have one of his custom made trikes on display. The pin ball room was really cool with old pin ball machines that you could actually play. There were some that were custom made by rock artist. The gift shop was a pretty decent size with fair pricing on the merchandise. We didn't go to the cafe so I can't comment on the food or pricing. There are plenty of nice restaurants downtown within walking distance so we had lunch at the Clevelander Bar & Grill and walked to the Hall of Fame. They had a live band playing outside and a few food trucks at one end for a quick meal. We were there for over 3 hours and I could of easily spent another hour or two in there. I look forward to going back as I understand they are continuously changing and adding displays.

Laurel Clark

This was a cool museum! My favorite part was all the costumes (Jackson 5, Stevie Nicks, Mama Cass, Britney Spears to name a few). Second favorite part were all of the hand written song lyrics - so cool to see songs come to life from the very beginning. The hall of fame highlights video was cool and not too long, nice way to relax for a bit. We ate at food trucks outside which were pretty good!

Daniel jaeke

There was an overload of eye candy here, with such cool things to see like hand written lyrics from Jimi Hendrix, guitars from the best rockers ever, and newer attractions like the tribute to Vans Warped Tour. When we walked in the Isley Brothers were chatting about their history to a large group of people. But give yourself more than a couple hours here because there is so much to see.

sherree devor

Wow! This museum experience exceeded my expectations by far! So much going on and you get immersed in the history and the music which surrounds you. Even with the crowd we were able to view the exhibits. Staff was friendly and informative. A must see if you grew up loving Rock and Roll.

Cheryl Beach

We spent over 5 hours and loved every minute. Listening to rock has been huge for me and reliving so much from the past today was awesome. Love the memorabilia!

Melissa Miller

Cant believe I have lived in NE Ohio all of my life and never been. Well, now I can check it off. It was Amazing to see all the history!!! So glad I got to go w 2 great friends who were experiencing it for the first time too. Love u guys!!!!

Muhammad Shahid

Music, Music, Music, Music and Music. All world's well known personalities of Pop Music were being presented there in the building. The real dresses (costumes) and musical instruments of Singers were displayed there including the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, the Allman Brothers Band, Bees Gees, the Beach Boys and more. The place can be booked on rent for any gathering or event.

Kelli Hamilton

Lots of interesting items. Great gift shop and prices were not bad at all. I would have liked to see more 90s music but that will grow in time. Best part for me was seeing Chris Cornell's guitar!

Holly Hejlik

A truly inspirational and interactive exhibit. I was so impressed with how well the whole place engaged the senses and didn’t allow a moment of boredom. If you’re a music lover, plan to spend several hours here. I think it took me about four or five to get through the whole thing, and I will definitely be back.

Abner Shoemaker

A remarkably wonderful place to visit. It’s fascinating to see the presentation of the history of Rock & Roll. We did find though, it was harder for us to relate to groups newer than the 90’s than those of the 50’s and 40’s. However, the displays of how things are/were done pretty much applied to all. The gift shop and little cafe were convenient and well supplied. The only downside we found was trying to find parking during a major event. Oh yes.. I grew up listening to Cousin’ Brucie from WABC. It would have been fun to have seen him. Anyone who enjoys music and the history of R&R would really enjoy visiting this museum.

Eli Becker

Zombies concert on the esplanade A little rain did not stop the Zombies. No apocalypse here, more like a Zombie Paradise. They played all the hits, including Argent's Hold Your Head Up and finished with...She's Not There. 50 years rocking and still beautiful. What else could you need to know?

Neocean Long

Quite busy but that is expected. A really fun experience. I like that for the day, you’ll have in and out privileges with a wristband. Great snippets of history. A nice way to be a little closer to some of your fave artists.

Christine Kirsch

Great museum if you love music. They have really great exhibits, videos, music etc. Large airy museum, level 5 to level 6 steps are not for the faint of heart but there us an elevator. Worth a couple of hours of your time.

David Scott

Something for everyone. A good time for all. Anybody who likes classic rock needs to visit at least once. Looking forward to going back to check out the new attraction on the second floor.

Rahul Gupta

Even if you're not into Rock, this place is a must if you're in Cleveland. 6 floors of Rock history, memorabilia, and music. It's right next to the science center which is pretty cool for kids and adults alike. After all that, you can just chill out by Lake Erie waterfront which is really well maintained.

Otis McMillan

Friend of ours threw herself a Birthday Party there. So our 1st time at the Rock Hall with all access pass was Incredible! Especially the New Garage exhibit Genius

Nancy Figueroa

I'm thrilled that Cleveland residents get in free. The Rock Hall is a great place to go when you don't know where to go. They're always adding new things, my husband got to play the drums which he hasn't done in awhile in the new exhibit.

Susan Rudrocf

We had a great day strolling through the exhibits. The Garage exhibit was great as guests were invited to sing with the band already there. Keriokie on steroids. Also made our own garage band sticker with name and logo. Hit the spot at the perfect time as they are celebrating 50 year anniversary of Woodstock. Will need to come back to see what new things will be there.

Rebecca Woods

So much fun seeing music, and how it has evolved over the decades. It was a walk down memory lane for many reasons. I would encourage everyone young and old to come and enjoy what the R&RHoF has to offer.

Cletus Pullen

This place is awesome. The Garage is so cool. So much history and the interactive parts are super cool.

Bueller229 !

I didn't really know what to expect, other than seeing plaques of inductees. I had no idea it was a museum! They have a ton of music memorabilia. They have a floor were you can try out pianos, guitars, drums and some other instruments with walkthrough demos/lessons. They also show short 'movies'. All included with admission. We were there for about four hours. Public parking right outside the facility.

Bruce Carr

Difficult for first timers to find their way around, designed by museum people with too much familiarity with the physical layout and organization. That said, you'll eventually find anything and everything here, and learn a lot. You can deep dive the exhibits or skim the top, and enjoy it either way. Multiple visits will build your appreciation for the museum, the artists, the musicianship, and everything else.

Matt Bohach

Provides a really immersive experience and teaches you a lot about the history of blues, jazz, rock, hip hop, and more. Some exhibits are breathtaking. The artifacts are totally amazing and will have you fawning. The HOF side needs some work but was still in progress during this visit. The garage band area is a cool change. If you have friends or family who love to play or sing, or you do, that feature is really cool for them. You will not be bored here, and it is around a half a day experience.

Mike Steinke

This place was pretty much a great place to go. Not only for the memorabilia it was very hands on entertainment. You you can listen to a live band or you could play the drums Guitar or Bass. Overall Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must do.

William McDonald

Its OK. I've been to many museums in my life. Yes it's got good memorabilia and it does bring back the good old days, but. Personally think that it's is to high of an entrance fee for what you see. You'd probably do better going to Hard Rock Cafe.

Fred Kurzweil

This place is so much fun. There are six floors. Lots to do, great exhibits, and always fun. They have a gift shop downstairs that has a lot of memorabilia. The cost is average for something like this. The gift shops prices seem to be a little higher. Parking can be tricky. Especially if there is a football / baseball game downtown. But overall an exceptional experience. I would definitely come back here.

Lara Bryant

Enjoyed it very much, but wish there was more to see for the price. The hall of fame part is very well organized and it's easy to find your favorites by looking them up alphabetically and then going to their year. The classic exhibits on the bottom floor are pretty good.

Robert Bilsky

This is a great place to visit if you like looking at guitars and costumes played by famous rockers. If you come here hoping to listen to music, you can pretty much forget it. The place is noisy and loud. All kinds of rock simultaneously playing from the different exhibits. Total audio mayhem. In addition, many, many famous and influential rock stars are not represented: Queen, The Who, Carol King, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Toto are among those notably absent. This is guitar heaven. The other instruments, such as drums, keyboards and bass are afterthoughts. Disappointing experience for us, especially at a $24 per person entrance fee. Probably will not make a return visit. Update: Thank you R&RHOF for your response to my post. However, it seems you missed my point entirely, which is: your place is total audio mayhem. We simply don't understand why you find it necessary to blast songs from all the different artists simultaneously throughout your facility. We experienced nothing but a wall of noise, which was about as enjoyable as listening to jet engines up close. Yes, we know Rock and Roll is supposed to be loud, but the cacophony you intentionally create makes it impossible to appreciate the individual artistry of the musicians that you honor. Also, we somehow expected that you would take us through a tour of the history and evolution of rock and roll. Instead we experienced a series of random exhibits scattered throughout your museum that were interesting, but being in no particular order they had no meaningful story to tell. So, we're sorry but for the price of admission your museum falls short of its full potential.

Anders Bergquist

Many interesting items to look at and read about. A memory lane for most people! There is also a nice corner where you are allowed to play yourself.


Excellent experience. So many cool exhibits. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. ADA friendly. Staff helped guide us so we didn’t miss anything when we took a wrong turn trying to find the wheelchair ramp. A must see for sure!

Sherry Carter

Great exhibits and videos. Everything from R$B to punk rock. Your favorite will definitely be here!

Latoya MzCeo2u

It only cost 26 dollars to get in this wonderful museum... it's really big so make sure you have on your walking shoes.. I will definitely be visiting again.

Michael Ubowski

This is a great experience to see the history of rock and roll. Filled with great showcases of artists who shaped music. Fun for the whole family. I believe there are 4 floors, an eating area when you walk in, and a gift shop that could've had much better Beatles shirts... but they didn't. Also, I've been there twice and haven't seen a nice showcase of Queen.... why not?

Mary Michaelis

First visit ever. RASPBERRIES still overlooked. Fascinating tour but be sure to bring ear plugs. Theater showing left me in a rather battered condition. Out of town visitor who is half deaf loved it and felt no pain.

Jordan Wollin

I had such a great time! So amazing to see all the history! A person could get caught up for hours listening to the music samples there and doing the interactive exhibit where one learns to play musical instruments like guitar, drums, and keyboard. Best part for me was the garage ban setup they had! I sang Johnny B Goode while staff played guitars to back me up! Such a rush!

Samantha Kuharcik

I was impressed the moment I stepped inside. I loved looking at all of the incredible momentous from music history. The layout of the building was creative and interactive. Constantly filled with voiceovers, music, informative videos and music videos. The gift shop had a huge selection!

David Drescher

Very cool venue. So much to see. This is a place for everyone. If you enjoy music. History, and the development of rock and roll this is a must do. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to do a proper tour. Right on the shore of Lake Erie with a great view on the 4th floor.

R Littlejohn

Had a ball and could have spent the whole day here. So much to see and learnand enjoy... brought back lots of memories ... not all of our history is pleasant ... let the truth and history be told. The place to go for a Family Reunion

Suzi Noble

It was truly amazing to see all the memorabilia collected. I loved reading all the history of different artists through the years. My favorite was Elvis Presley & the Beatles! My husband & I went here for our 31st wedding anniversary & it was awesome. Can't say enough good thing about it. Well worth the trip to see it.

Robin Marando

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was wonderful. The design was beautiful. I did wish the theater for showing the clips from woodstock were marked. I kind of wandered in there just wondering what's back there. By this time we were there for around 5 hrs. and people I was with wanted to go and eat dinner. It was our first time down there and we all loved it. More benches through out would be nice also. Loved the free pinball games that was a treat, I love pinball.

Robin North

Always fun was when Rock n Roll is involved. The hall of fame offers a full day's entertainment. Most of our favorite exhibits were on the first floor but do take some time to sit in at the Garage. They provide the instruments, set list, and staff musicians. All you do is jump in and play!

Su Meck

We moved to Cleveland a couple of months ago and I couldn't wait to go to the Rock Hall of Fame. The building architecture is so cool from the outside and inside, whoa!! The amount of excellently curated exhibits is initially overwhelming. I just wanted to read and watch and listen to and look at everything! But if I did that, I would be there for an entire month! My husband and I ended up getting an annual membership so we can go whenever we want to and stay for eight hours and walk thru several exhibit areas, or just go for one hour and see one special exhibit. The volunteer docent's and other staff are incredibly knowledge and approachable.

Blair Counts

Lots of really great displays and memorabilia. I liked how they traced the history of rock and touched on different movements (ie, Grunge, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop), but I felt some areas were completely ignored, such as the importance of the 80s and 90s college radio and alternative music scenes. I also feel they completely ignored different Rock movements such as Nu Metal, Thrash Metal, etc. I know it would take a lot of room, but some memorabilia, artist info, and importance to rock history for each inductee would be cool.

Lisa Slater

Gotta see this place. Check out the Rock Hall Nights, 6pm-9pm. It's a great time to view the collections. Within easy walking distance to most downtown hotels; we had no problem walking back at 9:30pm. Love the RRHF for the chance to see artifacts , memorabilia, and hand-written drafts of favorite and iconic songs.

Sherry Keough

I am trying to contact your office, but there's a block on my e-mail and phone. Many people feel that the success of the Monkees needs recognition, and that they contributed much to the music industry and are overlooked which is sad. How do I help this situation along? To push for the exposure Davy, Peter, Mickey, and Mike should more than qualify for.

Kelly G

Excellent family experience! Great video and interactive features. Interesting architecture and beautiful location. Would recommend for any fan of music. There's opportunity to play instruments, see free live performances like we did today, and learn so much through video presentations memorabilia, and lots of cool, well thought out exhibits. Staff are very friendly. Park in garage, but walk through science center to save time. Plus you pay for parking in science center anyway, but do so before leaving, after you get discount validation at RnRHoF!

Adam Pethia

Fun experience for anyone who’s enjoyed “rock and roll” through the years. Nice shop at the end as well to get memorabilia. Easily accessible as it’s in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Definitely worth visiting once. A bit pricey for admission to a museum though, in my opinion. Pro-Tip: if you’re a runner, they have a half marathon, relay, 10k, & 5k race in August. If you sign up you’ll get a free admissions ticket with your race entry.

Pedro Flores

Awesome place to visit. Theater shows at awesome. The whole museum takes a few hours to go through.

Daniel Allen

Nice place to visit and this riverfront area of Cleveland is worth a visit. The Rock Hall has exhibits that change so it is worth visiting regularly. We saw The Zombies induction performance on the outdoor stage and it was super fun. I like how they have the main exhibits separated chronologically and geographically. They also had a cool rock band pinball machine exhibit one time that we went and an exhibit all about Pink Floyd’s The Wall another time. Last time we went the changing exhibit area was about rock on television. Definitely worth a visit.

Gloria Dempsey G Woman

Amazing memorabilia. Roxy Music display is what I came to see, and just as I rounded the corner Love is the Drug was playing a perfect visit!

Terri Roberts

There are five levels to the goes through all era's of rock and roll. More than I even realized was rock and roll, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Plan plenty of time when you go. We only planned a couple of hours before a baseball game, our lose. There is so much to see. There also have some recorded concerts playing on loops about 4 hours long that I would have liked to seen More of. The costumes and instruments are amazing. There are videos and music from different artists playing throughout the museum. They have a nice gift shop and snack bar also so you enjoy the museum by taking your time. There is a senior discount for admission. We paid about $26 for adults. Still worth it for the two hours we were there. You can leave the building and get back in which is nice also. Very nice museum.

j koeh

Always interesting. Both permanent and rotating displays. Food available, views of harbor, comprehensive gift shop, close parking.

Dennis K

IF you like, curious about the history or ever listened to rock & roll it is absolutely worth the trip! Count on spending the day there! Just don't expect to be able to buy a lunch there .... REALLY bizarre menu, overpriced for certain, and the cafeteria help could care less about customers! Rest of the staff were exceptional! Very knowledgeable and pleasant to chat with!

Debra Wiedemann

In our 50's, neither my husband or I have been here! WHY?? We thoroughly enjoyed the time (5 hours, but could have spent more if we had gotten up earlier) we spent here! There are some many exhibit areas and other interactive things to do. Well worth the admission and then some!

Jennifer Johnston

I hadn't been to the the rock hall for 5 years. I had the chance and glad I went. So much to see and do and listen to. I was there 4 hours. Great time.

James DiBattista

Great place to see the history of Rock & Roll. Besides the obvious I loved how they just had a floor where if you play an instrument you can just walk in and play. There were employees that could play along with you too. It was great. I also loved that there were some Rock & Roll type pinball machines you can play. They give you two free tokens with a scan of your wrist band. Also got to say the gift shop was pretty good & I'm the type of person that never get realed in to buy things at the gift shop.

Keith Picher

We had three hours to spend here, but I wish I had a day or two. The original handwritten lyric sheets, the instruments, the costumes and other parts of the collections are intriguing. The films are also great. If Warren Zevon had been inducted, it would have been perfect!

Douglas Brown

It's amazing the number of bands and artists that are here! All of them are very good, It will be nice to see a concert of some of them! To bad they weren't from my time!

Scott Neurauter

Great place for some music history and memorabilia from lots of different artists. Only had 1 hour to go through, wish I had about 3 more hours to truly stop and look at everything. I will have to stop back someday when I have more time.

Barbara Torres

Lots of really great exhibits and cool videos about Elvis and the Beatles. I thought Motown was really under represented ... almost slighted. There is a nice theater with video from previous inductees. I think it should be more of a documentary to show young people the roots and evolution of R&R and the artists who really created the music that we love and take for granted. Gift shop has tons of cool gifts, shirts, music, etc. guaranteed to be twice the price you would expect. Still, if you love Rock you should visit someday.


Top notch experience on Rock history. Most of the visitors are gray haired folks. Younger folks might not appreciate the Hall as much. Great Elvis, Stones, Beatles, Hendrix displays. The American Bandstand video is also wonderful.

Brett Vandermey

An amazing experience for any music lover, or casual listener. The place is PACKED with the stuff you came to see: amazing memorabilia, artifacts and and education in the evolution of rock. The stuff that REALLY stood out to me was the stuff I didnt expect: The entire 3rd floor, "the garage" is a MUST for any level of musician. I'm not going to spoil it for you but set aside a lot of time for that floor if you are a musician of any kind, or even someone looking to try something new. Gift shop has lots of cool things. Very well organized and friendly.

Jerker Lindstrom

If you are in Cleveland this is kind of a must. I think the Hall of Fame is however a smiling face with teeth missing. There are several artists missing and it feels like the place have not been properly updated since the inauguration. There are cool stuff there and I loved the theatre om the top showing concerts that every now and then gave some concert feeling with goose bumps. Go there but do not expect too much.


A bucket list item for me. Glad I finally got to visit for a day. The tour itself isn't super lengthy by any means.. we were only walking through for maybe two hours total. The amount of exhibits they have isn't overwhelming.. but what memorabilia they do have is right up my alley and pretty awesome. The gift shop was expansive but expensive.. to be expected though. I still walked away with a cool 2019 hall of fame shirt and a few nick nacks for less than $30. There is a decent food court and escalators from floor to floor. The theater portion was neat to see as well. Would definitely recommend for any fan of good music.

Dan Kennedy

Great place to see and hear a lot of music history. Brought back a ton of memories all good of course. We got there when it ooened at 10am and stayed till 4pm. Could have stayed much longer but we had to get on the road home. Lots of parking and that was $13 maximum. Its a nice area and there is a lot to do. We will be back again ti spend mire time in Cleveland.


If you are a fan of music ANY music,this is the place to go. Its like Jerusalem is to the religious, Its the Mecca for music. Having been born in the early 50's The Hall is like as window to look back at was my musical life. Def woth the trip. And Cleveland is s pretty dope town as well

Sal Vaccarino

Very cool place! Learned a LOT about music, history, and the individual artists that I didnt know before. A great eye opening experience if you love music and appreciate musicians.

Jason Brock

Good time, price is a little high . My wife and I had a good time. The history was great, the videos were awesome. You should stop and play music with the in house players. Looked like a lot of fun, but I don't play well enough for me to try that. But maybe you can

Matthew Hahn

Beautifully designed exhibits make me really appreciate the artists that I've loved for decades. Seeing John Lennon's belongings hung inches from my face made me very emotional as he is a musician I have long wished I had been able to meet. To me, his influence on society today would have made a huge difference on our world. Aside from the well done exhibits, even the food was spectacular! Some of the best I've had in a museum. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because bands like Queen and a few others are not represented. While they are named and shown in small segments, they don't have the exhibits that others do. Queen especially deserve more!

Arunabha Mitra

Visiting the rock n roll Hall of Fame was a bucket list item of mine and it sure lived up to my expectations. The exhibits were amazing and it felt surreal to look at all of the original artefacts belonging to different artists and music legends! The while place was exuding rock n roll nostalgia and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Jonathan Ainslie

Definitely worth the price of admission... You could get lost in here (in a good way!) - Some great history to be absorbed and taken in, memorabilia by the mile. Something I did not expect was the stations to play instruments: guitars, drums keyboards etc. Love the addition of hip-hop and rap. If you love music and you are in Cleveland - you should go.


Extensive and very interesting exhibits about the roots and history of rock and roll, including more modern musical styles such as rap. Museum is well done, with a logical sequence to the exhibits. Our favorite feature was some listening booths where you could choose the artist and the song You wanted to listen to from an extensive library. Music and other audio played constantly from every exhibit, and in some places it was a bit overwhelming because you could hear the music from more than one exhibit at once, so it was hard to distinguish one from the other. There is enough material that you could easily spend the better part of the day there. We got a good sample in our two hours.

Irwin Drangel

Stayed the whole day and did not see it all. Go Wednesday when it stays open until 9. Cafe good for lunch, great pastrami sandwich.

Robert Brewer

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a experience I will remember the rest of my life, The Garage experience where you can play 6 string and Base Guitars made by Fender and Gibson is fantastic. Their are also 2 Drum studios, several keyboards and a room full of acoustics. One of the studio's is manned by skilled players that will play with you. The Woodstock and history of music displays include music gear and costumes worn and used by the musicians. So much to see, it's amazing. This was not my first trip to the HoF and my experiences keep getting better. Parking and admission is a little expensive but the wrist band allows in and out passage. We took our RV and did not need to purchase food or drinks, that are very expensive. Overall my wife and I fully enjoyed this experience

Amy Chung

Highlight of my visit here was the pinball machines, which unfortunately is a temporary exhibit. I didn’t feel that the $26 admission fee was warranted. The museum basically consisted of a bunch of rooms with paraphernalia in glass cases. I recommend the Museum of Art instead of you can only visit one spot.

David C

I can finally say that I've been here. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice exhibits throughout, lots of interactive features. I was expecting old costumes and guitars, but there was quite a bit more to this place. Actually, there will be guitars. Lots of them. The play in your own band concept was really cool. I might stink at guitar and drums, but plenty of other guests were shredding!

Chris Connell

Awesome time! Loved to rt in the room with the guitars/drums etc. Cool experience while you rock-out with strangers etc. Rock and roll brings out the best in people..


We really loved and were surprised by the "Garage" level. The sticker printing and the voting were so awesome! We were also excited that Cleveland residents were FREE. We are from Texas, but my sister lives in Cleveland and this made it very convenient for her to come along w/ us. What a gift! We really loved all of the exhibits too, and can't wait to see what they have instore for the 3rd level and other new exhibits!

Contractor One

Well what can I say other than this place is phenomenal!! I have been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few times over the years and I will tell you almost every time I come here it's like a new experience. If you like music and music history this place is one of the Pinnacles of the industry to visit. Everything here is Originals from Elvis Presley's motorcycle to Michael Jackson's original Grammy all the costumes from the original band members and some of their actual band instruments. Hundreds of guitars. They have a couple of food courts plenty of clean bathrooms on every floor and A well-stocked gift shop with unique gifts. I would completely recommend this place if you're ever in Cleveland or are thinking about some place to travel to mark off your bucket list!

Connie Crawford

The design of the museum was a little confusing. There wasn't a natural flow. I kept having to double back to see everything. The bulk of the exhibits consists of concert posters, guitars and clothing. The Johnny Cash tour bus was super cool to see. There's a cafe on site to grab a bite to eat.

Diana Frederick

In addition to the permanent exhibits, there are short term displays, movies, and recordings. We need to come back because one afternoon is way too short. The temporary Elvis movie was amazing. I asked about buying a copy but they don't have permission. There was also a temporary display about Woodstock. Plan on at least two days unless you really aren't interested in the history of rock and roll.

Scot Nommensen

So much history and memorabilia. Very cool building. There was a decent amount of work going on when I visited (September 2019) do it was somewhat disjointed at times. Definitely worth the time to stop and look if you're in Cleveland.

Charles Gallo

Must see when visiting Cleveland. Stayed for 4 hours and could easily have stayed for more. If you love music you will love this place. Lots of nostalgia for us older folks.

Timothy Huff

Loved it. So surreal being that close to these Legend's memorabilia. 2nd, the garage, has instruments set up so you can jam out and learn your favorite song. Must see for any rock lover!


Such a cool and historic place! A must see attraction for not only fans of rock but for music fans of any genre. I came an hour before close so didn't get to see much. I would recommend setting aside 2-3 hours minimum for a true good experience and to be able to do everything the rock and roll Hall of Fame has to offer.

Raymond Black

Long Live Rock! I'm a huge rock music fan. I always enjoy learning about the history of rock and blues. The listening stations are great and let you pick and choose what you want to hear.

Janene Marie

The kids, my husband and I had an amazing time going through the hall of fame together. It was fun to share stories with them about our memories of some of our favorites! You MUST make it up to the top to watch the movie . . . I can't remember what it's called but they show it every 30 minutes and it's like being at a concert of legends!! This is place is a music lovers must!!

Daniela Espitia

I didn’t get the point of including artists like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and their wardrobe and quotes. Never expected that in a famous museum of Rock & Roll. Plus, the decorations were kinda lame. There’s so much potential but it hasn’t been applied properly.

Chelsie Houghton

Visiting was on my bucket list and I loved every last minute! The staff were super friendly and excited about their jobs too.


It had been quite a few years since I had visited the Rock Hall. I visited with friends from out of town this time. We had a great time looking at the Rock memorabilia. All facets of music are on display, from early American roots, through folk, all the way through the beginnings of Rock, to music as we know it now. Displays of the fashions that changed as well as the instruments, that were worn by Rock idols. Pictures, recorded music stations to listen to music, videos to watch, and written explanations make it enjoyable for all. There is something for everyone. Many places to sit and take a break, a food court to refresh, theaters where music, concerts and or educational videos run, stage props from many different concert venues, a studio where you can pick up an instrument and jam, if that is your thing. I believe, this place really represents Rock and Rolls History. A place to explore, you can and should take as much time as you need to enjoy this Incredible building. If you truly are a music buff. LONG LIVE ROCK.

Trina Sanders

Lots of cool exhibits + garage band section. Great deal of history and helpful artifacts throughout and awesome souvenirs. Walking distance to Lake Erie and the Browns Stadium. Perfect outing to learn something new while enjoying great architecture.

Mike Barts

Top quality museum in all respects. Great interactive sections. Great food in the cafe. Extensive product selection in the shop. Co- located next to other museums in a very nice section of Lake Erie lakefront. Stunning Pei architecture design. Clean and safe.

Teresa Salvador

An amazing museum where you can travel through time via music. It features all the best artists in Rock&Roll history as well as some other blues, jazz, hip hop or pop artist that have in some way had a big influence on the music scene for the last decades. They do change the exhibitions from time to time so feel free to revisit. Entrance is about $20 and there's no need to purchase in advance. Highly recommend to all music fans even if rock 'n' roll isn't your main choice.

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