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REVIEWS OF Pro Football Hall of Fame IN Ohio

Eric Midder

Amazing! If you are a pro football fan this is the Mecca! Great experience and super friendly staff!

Pam Woods

I totally enjoy this visit. Wish I had more time to explore the other wing. Maybe I might take another trip there to finish it. I went with ex NFL players, Super Bowl winners, and Coaches so that was a totally different experience.

LD gameing

It was a once in a lifetime experience, had a great time.

Casey Barrett

Amazing. The Hall is great. Disneyland for Football fans! But the best part was the staff. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I cannot emphasize how awesome those people are/were! I hope to return, but this trip was one of the best trips ever.

Robert Royster

Had a great time at the Induction Ceremony last year and this year! Proud to have three Ravens in the Hall in such a short period of time. Congrats to Ogden, Lewis and Reed!!! I thank all three of you for what you've done for Baltimore, the NFL and the game of football. You are all three outstanding athletes and even better men!

Rey Gutierrez

Had a great time make sure and get there early to really take in everything

Sheree Spears

Awesome museum loved it. If you're bringing small 5 & under kiddos, I would suggest a stroller!

Janet Yoder

Went as a class field trip. Wonderful volunteers that took us around and watched out for us. Activities on the field were great. I'm not a fan of football so cant give a fair review of museum but the students loved the whole trip.

Marley D

Very cool HoF! The exhibits are really well done as it shows both the history of Football and the NFL in America. I do wish this HoF was a bit more interactive in some areas as MLB and NHL Hall of Fame are. But would visit again!

Toby Trevett

I thought it was great. Wish I could have spent more time there. It was very well done. Worth the price of admission if you like professional football. It's kind of like going to the Vatican if you are a Catholic.

Cy Ryding

Nothing short of Amazing. Cheaper ticket prices than expected. Can easily spend 3-4 hours here. Staff is all volunteer and incredibly helpful and friendly. The busts make up the most stunning room I have ever laid eyes on. So many exhibits and things to see. Truly Mecca for any football fan. Only thing that could be improved will be replacing the Jim Thorpe statue with one of Tom Brady

William Mccartney

I did this trip alone about six years ago, and it was amazing. I got to do this trip again but this time I had my 11 year old son with me and it was even better. They were under construction the last time I was here, and they're still under construction, but I'm sure on something new. The additions of the 180 degree theater and the locker room theater are really quite amazing. The history and the feelings you get from looking back in time across your childhood, and your father's childhood, and your grandfather's childhood, and then peeking in at your own kid's future; all through the lens of a silly little game. It's something, it really is something what they've built here.

Terry Uhl

There's nothing like it in the world. It's awesome. All my favorites + many that I became acquaintwd with while there. The hologram of Joe Namath + others is scary real. Excellent experience. Highly recommended.

Rasool Shakoor

They've done an excellent job of keeping the HOF fresh and enjoyable!! All the staff was friendly and welcoming!!! Still a awesome place to visit!!!

Benjamin Alexander

It's the pro football HOF. It's a neat place that really details the history of professional football. If you're a football fan go and see it you won't be disappointed.

Frank Ellis

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is Outstanding so, much football history stories, photos short films just well put together. If, you have not visited this location in Canton, Oh you definitely need too. I was so amazed with all of the various items. What was especially nice when a individual broke a certain record they not only had the shoes or the ball they had the players entire uniform. I was like a kid all over again!!!

Josh Smith

Great history of the game! The staff here is fantastic and very informative!

Andrew Grosjean

Really educational, lots of examples of great work. Art everywhere and a card collection better than yours. They even had a holographic image experience toward the end. It was a lot of fun.

sherree devor

It was nice, but expected much more. More interactive experiences would have helped. The Shrine room was the best part.

Richard Johnson

Had a great time. What a venue! Immersed myself in everything football. They have two theatres. At one they have a movie that not just places you on the field, but in the center of the plays. At one point, without warning, our seating completely rotated. Amazing! In the other theatre its like being in a locker room. A hologram of Joe Nameth is so lifelike, you want to touch him. If you haven't been, put it on your list. Enjoy!

Patricia Traylor-Craighead

So many displays, so much information & plenty of knowledgable employees to guide you through (preferred way)! It's HUGE! You might even run into a player

Eric Contreras

Even if you're not a football fan, this is super cool. Highly recommended. You will not regret.

Sherry Finzel

Very good place to go for an afternoon. Much bigger with the new additions. But I like the way the busts were displayed before.

Gail Keller

I was born and raised on football. I enjoy seeing the past players and games, and how it changed to today's game.

norman Herrera

Always something new every time I go. The talking hall of fame bust is a special touch. Very nice tributes to the best in the NFL

Tim Glidden

Everything was great except when though we parked in a "free" parking lot they charged us $10 parking fee. I told them but we parked in a free lot but they didn't care and charged us anyway. Wow

Nathan Haller

I can see how someone older might enjoy the HOF. But they need to add more hands on for the non-football and for people who don't know who these retired players are.

JP Chen

Very good introduction a bout the history of football and over years of history.

Tom Yenk

Great experience that takes you to a time when it all started and finishes with the modern era. Museum is very educational and provides some hands-on kiosks and plenty of video to view throughout the museum to include a few theaters. Finishes with a NFL shop to buy your favorite team products. This is a must see and allow at least three hours to do it right.

Lil speed

Loved it. 3rd time here in less than 3 years. Always find something new. Permanent and rotating exhibits are awesome. Best gift shop, huge selection. If you love football you have to make the trip.

Daysha Lawrence

Nice venue. Every seat is a good seat. Actual seats are tight and uncomfortable. The plastic feels like it's going to snap any minute. You're even closer to your neighbors than at Quicken Loans Arena.

Victoria Calo

Great place. Many interesting displays and great info on the history of the game. Great memories. Plan at least 2-3 hours to see everything and watch movies

Cindy Damron

It was will worth going to see they have so much to see and read. I enjoyed it so much can't wait to go back

Roger Trovato

Great place for all - even those who aren't football fans

Mike Slater

Although located in Canton, whereas the neighboring town on Massillon is just as responsible for the beginning of organized football, it's a great place to visit and find out more about one of America's past times!

Teshon Hayes

Me and my girlfriend had the best time. Been waiting to do this for a long time. Wish we had another day there. We only had a few hours.

Bob Kahl

Bad flow. Signage is subpar. Hall of Heads is not intuitively found.

Robert Pusateri

Very nicely done. a couple of suggestions, more on the individual Super Bowl Games, and the uniforms like a locker with each of them. More on the AFL as well. Thank you, Rob

Terry Gibbons

History of league and Super Bowl by the decades were well organized and purposeful. The Holo theatre was very cool. Some other areas were memorabilia looking for a theme...just kinda sitting there. $10 parking and useless cafe were major downsides.

Danny Austin

Great must go back again probably will take more time to really check out all displayed items

Connie Gallagher

Definitely a must see for football fans. Takes you from how the league started, how it has progressed to today. Takes about 2-3 hours to walk through. Parking is free but you may have to take their shuttle from the outer lot.

Jonna Gagnon

Bigger than it looked! It was nice to visit. The best part was the locker room movie with Joe Namath as the host. It took about three hours to get through and they don't tell you about the parking fee until you enter the building....-points for that.

David R

Full of information. You can spend a day if you take your time and explore everything there.

Christopher Manning

What a great place! The mix of historic exhibits was very interesting. A very extensive selection of trading was quite interesting and wonderful to review. The busts of the HOF members was quite impressive. Not the easiest to photograph though. The lighting creates very deep shadows and the names are inscribed on clear lucite, at the wrong angle the name is unreadable. Very comprehensive shop and huge selection of NFL stuff.

Mohamad Hussein

Location is not that great even though off the highway, merging to the site comes on quick. Another challenge is the aesthetics around the site where the sign is dated. Staff is professional, welcoming and helpful. Food served for the even was good. Nice layout inside the site!

Jeff Curts

Excellent historical caretakers of pro football history. Plenty of interactive displays to keep everyone’s attention. As a frequent visitor, they’ve continued to upgrade the museum and campus, including Tom Benson Stadium. Appreciated the football card display at the entrance. Brought back many fond memories of players and my early days as a football fan. Highly recommend visiting.

Brian Sampsel

Enjoyed but sadden that many of the trivia and other type games are now gone. Also a bit pricey. For 3 of us the cost was $92 that included a $10 parking which is due whether you park there or not???? So not sure if it is worth the money

Danny Quinzy

Great experience. You will be impressed. Good value for the money

Male RN

Just outstanding...great part of a dream trip, staff was so friendly & knowledgeable.

Jeff Phillips

What can you say, its the hall of Fame. A truly special place or any football fan. Many exhibits that are worth the drive. A place that everyone must see and experience at least once.

D.J. Falcone

Awesome. If you like football you will enjoy it. We even saw the movies and they were great.

Commander Comms

Amazing place, loved the player card museum and the Busts the most and the history and interactive exhibits were really cool. Just a casual sports fan but I loved the place and what it had to offer.

Susie Trujillo

Love my family trip here. My husband and son especially enjoyed the visit. It was like Disneyland for them.

B wayns

Great place to visit oh so much information I've been wanting to get here for years finally got here. Was there. about 4 hours and I still don't think I seen everything but it was a great time

Matt Brown

Fantastic place! Very nice and knowledgeable staff. If you are a fan of Pro Football in America its a great place to go. You can learn about the history of the game. Learn about players from the past. Learn about improvements to the game for safety. It has great exhibits about football past and present. Its also great when you run into other fans of your team or favorite player(s). People are glad to be there and happy to talk football.

David Baker

If you enjoy football this is the place for you. I try to go to it at least once a year. Absolutely awesome!!

Tanya Rono

First time. The volunteers and staff were very knowledgeable. Check out the size 23 super bowl ring! Took about 4 hours to get through but could have been much longer. Small cafe to grab a quick bite.

Jack Diga

If you're a football fan you have to try to visit. Absolutely awesome.

Brent Laughlin

It was a really good experience getting to see the hall. I thought there would be more interactive exhibits but it was still a good time. There was very little of my favorite team which was a bummer but expected.

Jeffrey Gorman

A great place for football fans to relish the history of the game. I expected a bit more memorabilia so was a bit disappointed but would definitely recommend a visit.

Savvy Baby

Pure football heavenly bliss!! Go broncos! RIP Pat Bowlen

Carrie Gould

I haven't been here since I was in high school, but I brought my son on Mother's Day. It was every bit as impressive as I remembered it as a kid. I love the updated look, of course. The show they played in the theater with bits from players and coaches was so inspirational. Kids need to hear that values like integrity are important.

Michael Ziebell

The pro football hall of fame was a great place! It is really a must see for every football fan. The displays and busts are really amazing. We just loved the experience!!!

Cheryl Schweitzer

Everything was so cool but the cafe left a little to be desired

Wade Holbrook

Love to visit this place. Especially fun for a Patriots fan!

Blair Counts

Really cool place. Thoroughly enjoyed the displays on the history of the game and different things about the modern game. As cool as it is to see the bust of each Hall of Fame inductee, it would also be cool to see some memorabilia and info about each inductee that explains their contribution to the game. I think a lot of people don't know who a lot of the older players are.

Dave B

Very interesting place for a fan to visit. The memorabilia on display is just incredible. Been there twice and thoroughly enjoyed it both times. Go Bills!

Keith Bradford

If you love Pro can literally spend the entire day in there. Regardless of what team you root for, just to have all of the memorabilia and exhibts to take in you'll enjoy yourself!

Don Lowery jr

It's a great place for the young and old football fan or not still a great place to visit.

Peter Beardsley

Uh if you don't know you better find out. Simply amazing.

Derek Van Dyke

I honestly was hoping for more here. Beware the ticket price does NOT include parking, that's an extra $10. If you're a fan of the most recent winning super bowl team, make the visit after the season's over and you'll have a great time!

Virginia Veit

Cool experience. Highly recommend for those into professional football. I am more of a college fan but also enjoyed it. The Game of Live video was my favorite part.

James Greenleaf

HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO WOOF WOOF. I loved this place but the cards were the best

J Eliassen

Great experience! How great it is depends on how much you love football.

Kimberly Keener

Every team available, unusual and unique gift items in gift shop. Loved it

LeaEt Ordon

Loved it! If you have the chance of getting there do it.

Lanett Huey

My visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame was synonymous with "a walk amongst the Giant's." The exhibits were well crafted and engineered.The "larger than life" size figures of some of the greatest talent that have ever played the game symbolizes the strength and athleticism that this game demands. The mini theaters have a decent timeframe to explore the film footage of past and present "Giant's of the sport" who are worthy and have earned the respect to be represented and given the title of the "Greatest" players who ever played the game in the FHOF.

Dianna Threadgill

Even a moderate football fan like myself can appreciate the collection of memorabilia put together here. Though you’re free you roam throughout the building, there is a suggested path that is interesting to follow in the way of chronology & the moments in history that tied in with the memorable moments in football. The only thing is didn’t like is the video presentations throughout the museum. With the way the audio is set up, what you’re doing/watching/trying to listen to can some times be drowned out by the sound of another video presentation in another part of the room.

Russ Brown

Awesome place. Spent over three hours walking in amazement in all of the history on football. The two films one of which was on last year's Super Bowl was outstanding. Worth your time and money to visit this great history on the NFL, it's legends, and todays stars.

Danny Valentini

Nice look at the game's history, though I spotted a number of typos and grammatical errors on the exhibit placards. Still an interesting visit!


As a long-time football fan from Switzerland, I was very much looking forward to the Hall of Fame. After countless visits to the States I was now closer than ever. We went to the HOF and were not disappointed. It's all done wonderfully. Especially I find the Hologram cinema, great sound quality and a good atmosphere. But it didn't have much what I didn't already know and still the visit was worth it. I still took part in the Fan HOF Video recording, unfortunately the 30 seconds are not enough for my story. I found the shop super. I haven't seen a football shop as big as this one yet. Something for everyone. However, I would have wished for something interactive (game, simulator) etc.. The HOF was on our roadtrip from Boston to LA exactly on our way. Greetings from Switzerland.

David Galindo

I had an amazing time this was the first time that I've ever been and I am a huge football pant fan so I was not disappointed. However I would not discourage people who are not football fans because there is a lot of inspiring speeches, videos, and stories that even those who have never played football or even never played sports before could be moved by the narratives put forward by the great sport of football.

Alan Cooper

If you like football, you will love this place. A lot to see .

Kim Woyach

Very interesting place. We are a football family and we were actually there for the US national team training camp with our son. On our last day before we headed back home to Milwaukee Wisconsin which is 7 and a 1/2 hours away we stopped here and enjoyed some family time together catching up on our football history. We really liked the interactive portions of this wonderful place.

Jedi Starwalker

It was extremely cool to see all the history from football and the legends that made it happen.

Robert Twohill

Wonderful, got there 45 minutes after opening. Was there for about 3 hours. Saw both movies available. They were chilling to say the least. Lots of stuff to do and learn. Huge gift shop. Really fun time. Go bears!

John Layman

It was a good visit on a work trip to the area. The "hologram" presentation was pretty neat, the 360 ride was alright, I would like some more hands on presentations, interactive exhibits. The pick the right call demo was neat but short and easy. The gift shop was just an nfl shop, I was expecting more HOF, throw back, old school stuff. Original madden bus in the lot was kinda neat. Little throw back to old tech.

Larry Froelich

Good visit to the pro football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio. A must-visit for any football fan. Expect to spend 4+ hours.

Jennifer Berry

What a fun day! If you love football, you have to visit! I smiled so much my cheeks hurt

Jason Maynard

Pretty cool place. Not huge, so you can do a day trip.

Renee Thunda

This is probably the coolest Museum I've ever been to! Very well-thought-out. Lots of interactive exhibits. The Hologram locker room talk was amazing! It was absolutely perfect!

Connie Beares

If you love the game this definitely worth a trip.


Didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly pleased with all the history, things to see and touch. Had bronze bust room must have been a hundred of the most famous. The days highlight was Joe Namath histogram narration, was like he was live in front of you.

Kathryn Blevins

Admission price is high but exhibits are well done. Nice suttle from parking lot. Parking was $10. The musuem closed 4 hrs earlier than advertised for a special event. Extensive and expensive gift shop

Peter Martin

Really awesome museum. I learned so much about the history of football. From the very early days and the first pros, all the way through today. A wonderful experience. So many cool exhibits. The busts are very impressive and life like. If your a football fan, this is most definitely a place to see.

James Brindley

I spent 5 hours here and I wish I had 5 months ! Amazing, informative, and I even picked up some info I didn't know about. And I'm a sportsaholic ! LoL Well worth the money.

Michael Walsh

Lots of great memorabilia and fun exhibits to enjoy! Went through, by myself, in about two and a half hours and felt that I saw what I wanted to see. Get there early, if you can, as the parking lot fills up quickly. Great experience!

Enid R Flores

Great exhibition. The price might be a little high but the hall is made with really high quality and the time line is easy to follow and very interesting.

Tim Matheson

Great time with my adult sons!We were there 25 years ago when it was much smaller and they very much NOT interested. Big change Saturday though. Plan on going back soon.

Robert Smith

Digital Djs and Photo Booths was here to provide entertainment for a Bar Mitzvah in the banquet room. Staff was very friendly and accommodating to us. Very nice venue for an event.

Michael Harrison

The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH is a great place for kids of all ages. My family spent roughly 3 hours here so you will probably end up spending a long time as well. You can create your own Superbowl ring, yes Bengals fans, you can have a Superbowl ring of your own. In the Game of Life theatre, you can meet holographic versions of Joe Namath, Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Warren Moon, Alan Page, and many other men who made the NFL the National Football League.

Isaac Nodes

Pricey and small team selection but overall an amazing experience!

Charlyn Lewis

Loved it! My son loved this as well. If you're a football fan in any way you will find enjoyment in touring the hall of fame. There are also short imax shows as well. Recommend.

Julie C.

WOW... IF you are an NFL fan.... you will love this place and all the football history!!!

Sarina Soto

went on a field trip here and it was the best thing i have ever experienced!!

Josie Rodriguez

Great layout, easy maneuvering for us who had a family member in a wheelchair. Quite informative, brought back memories of past players and games. Very impressive gallery of the bronze busts. Loved the display of Super Bowl rings.

Zachary Peterson

Love this place! $26 to get in for an adult and $10 to park (on their property, there is free parking around if you don’t mind a 5 minute walk).

Dorthy Thompson

I liked this place more than I thought I would. It had a huge rooms dedicated to the history of football. Very interesting with mixtures of memorabilia, articles, short movies and interactive displays. A highlight for me was a lecture where 2 men shared some of the interesting items that have been donated to the museum. There was also a cool theater that had the feel of a stadium and showed a summary of the last Superbowl. The Hall of Fame shop was huge and contained all kinds of memorabilia for all the teams and for the Hall of Fame itself. A well spent 4 hours.

Orlando Martinez

A long lift dream to visit this amazing shrine of great athletes. The most memorable day of my life and I got experience it with my son..

Jackie Bergman

A nice place to visit. The entrance fee is a little high for my liking, but if you a fan it is worth a visit. Handicap friendly.

pamela Heinz

Great for any football fan! Locker room talk with Joe Namath is especially poignant for young athletes.

Dmitry Kagansky

The place is great, but it was overrun with obvious kids and coaches who didn't care that their kids were ill behaved. The weeks leading up to induction ceremonies seem to bring a lot more people, and boorish behavior. I'd skip this place in July, if I had known.

Priscilla Brearey

Very good. Had a lot of interesting things to see. Had a great time!

Joshua F

It’s a fun and interesting place to go to. You don’t even need to be that big of a football fan to go there. It’s just interesting to read about the history of the players and the sport. There are two cool movie theaters with cool movies and interesting features in the theaters. This is a cool place to go visit.

Tre Bell

The volunteers work so hard to make sure your visit is top notch!

Juan Bailey

Had a very good time there love the football game and all the other activities and vendors tents

Nate Powers

Fun place, but you must pay for parking, not mention on the brochure.

David Lucas

It's got a lot of great exhibits and a lot of football history. I was very displeased about the way the actual hall of fame player head sculptures were stacked on top of each other in a dimly lit room with minimal information about each player.

Frank Minor

So much history for an ever evolving sport. It is worth the trip even for the mild football fan.

Suzette Pickup

We had a great day there. The staff throughout the whole place are wonderful. Everyone should see this place. Plenty of room and not crowded.

Bill Doering

I visited the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio and it was very interesting to see all the memoriblia that they have collected over the years. They have a new exhibit, football cards of the players. They had two movies theaters, one had Joe Namath halogen giving a pep talk in the locker room, the other had highlights from last year's playoffs and Superbowl final. 2 floors of impressive artifacts, movies, information, and more. It is a must see if you ever get to Canton!!

Matt Scott

More of a tradition now for the friends to go to the game. The new stadium is nice but definitely let player interaction and more of a corporate feel.

Cynthia P

My husband is the football fan. We ended up spending 5 hours here and could have spent more. While he enjoyed it more than I did, I found it unexpectedly interesting. The displays and staff were great. I could have lived without the Superbowl movie although my husband enjoyed. The holographic movie in the Game for Life Theater was very well done and worthy of major attractions. Please note they do charge for parking.

E Cutlip

There was so much more than I expected! I thought it would be just about the inductees but it was so much more! They talked alot about the history of football and innovations in football, I highly recommend that if you have been thinking about it, Do It!

Daniel Brown

They have done a great job with the expansion. Tons of interactive displays and it's a lot of fun for all ages. You see people coming out with smiles and that's unusual for a museum type place.

Robert B.

It's a museum... Overpriced. Can't believe they charge $10 to park in their giant lot. In the end it is cool to see footballs history would still recommend to football fans

Matt Hiserodt

Smaller than expected. Ended up costing 57$ for myself and a 9 year old. They charge you 10 to park. Nice exhibits and volunteers super nice. Cool football card exhibit.

Luke Richardson

Lots of history. About the best parts are the busts. Everything else you can find online.

Stephen Horton

Great experience. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Reasonably priced. Great history and exhibits.

Brian Bittner

Great atmosphere and layout. Staff were very personable and helpful but not overbearing. Love stopping in every time I'm in Ohio.

carrie shay

This was a really cool experience. All of the volunteers that worked there were very friendly and knowledgeable. I would have given it 5 stars, but the food at the snack bar was not good. Next time when we make the trip back we will plan on eating somewhere else. Other than that we loved it

Paul Parker

Totally awesome. Canton knows how to throw a party. We met alot of great people. Everyone should visit sometime. Thank you Canton Ohio

Dale Vokurka

Such a awesome place... so much respect to both fans and players...worth the trip!

Brian Satterfield

Good place but pricey and does not offer military discounts. Also have to pay for parking which is not cool.....

David Fowler

It was nothing like I remembered, and since it has been 23 years since I visited with my dad, that's a good thing! My whole family loved the history and the experience. The "Game For Life" was absolutely phenomenal and was my favorite addition to the Hall. It was also great to see the blue print for the Hall of Fame Village that they are building around the Hall. That's going to be great. If you have any interest in football at all, this is a must visit. We will definitely be back!

angie areford

Learned a lot of history about football from the beginning. I did enjoy the bust room of all the hall of fame inductees and also the super bowl rings. Overall great museum for football fans no matter your team favorite.

Shawn Massey

Alabama vs Morehouse....had an absolutely great time!! It rained a little...had to stand within the overhang, but the food was really good (and expensive) stood next to a really great couple from Warren, Ohio while waiting for the rain to end, and that was nice!! The Souvenir Shop was great (and expensive) that was nice as well..people were very friendly and service was great! Saw 1/2 of Morris Day and the Time concert...had to leave.. really rained a lot later...but in the end...we had a really great boyfriends hometown COLLEGE BOYS from ALABAMA WON THE GAME with a heart stopping but incredible touchdown in the last few seconds of the game!!! Will definitely go back again! Great job Canton, Ohio!

Brett Skipper

This is a must visit for any pro football fan! The HOF does an excellent job of taking you through the history of professional football in America from it's inception to today. There are plenty of artifacts as well as interactive experiences. It's not too be missed!

John Payne

Staff was GREAT.... Shopping in store GREAT....Displays Impressive. Disappointed in Jersey display. Would be nice to have autograph Helmet or Jersey from all Hall of Fame Members. Ring Collection was well worth the trip.

Edward Suetopka

An awesome place visit for any football lover if you're ever near Canton, Ohio.

scarlet grant

Love Tom Benson Hall of Fame stadium. A little bit pricey but that's to be expected.

Joseph Shannon

Check it off the bucket list! I never thought I’d get here, but a recent job change brought me to Akron. I’m so glad I got to experience it. I was surprised however that I didn’t see the 100th Anniversary logo splashed on the front of the building or anywhere inside for that matter. Would also have enjoyed seeing the “skycam” or first down yellow line technology in action.

Pam Sparkman

Very interesting and fun place. Brings back a lot of memories of some great athletes. My family enjoyed it.

Cian Montgomery

Adds great context and detail to the current NFL football game.

Jaime Huckeba

I honestly thought I'd be bored after a few minutes but once I got further into the tour and started to use some of the interactive displays and read about the history and stories of the players I was hooked. I recommend sitting through the Hall of Fame locker room mini movie too! It was definitely inspiring! Great place for a corporate event or a family vacation stop. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Trina Sanders

As a huge NFL fan, I made it my business to make a visit to the Pro HOF. I learned so much about this organization from the beginning of time. So much pertinent information is located here and many great exhibits. I loved how each decade embodied significant events in the league but also in the world, great learning tools. NFL shop was heaven! Must visit if you love football.

phoenix star 777

Great time. Go Lions. One Pride

Erik Gore

2.5 stars. I was disappointed. The movie theaters are way too loud. The individual movies on the displays are too soft. Staff is nice. There is a lot of information. The price is really high. $26 yikes! Then be prepared for the deceptive practice of soliciting $10 more from you for parking. No signs stating this. I think football is on the decline any way, but that's another story for another day.

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