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REVIEWS OF National Veterans Memorial and Museum IN Ohio

Megan White

Keith Howard

Every one should make the trip

Justin Hughey

They did a fantastic job with this place. Anyone who comes to Columbus that has an interest in American history should make time to stop by this place.

Bonita Smith

Very moving and well done!


Brand new Veterans museum. Well done

Nikki Black

Dennis Satterwhite

I was in the Rye to the memorial Veterans Memorial Saturday the 29th 2019

Skip Spencer

Humbling. Thank you to all our veterans!

Paula Lynch

Very solumn and educational place. Not for little kids as they wouldn't get much out of it but great for Middle Schoolers on up.

Sharron Coleman

Beautiful serene reflective

Michael McGlone

I haven't been there yet. Will go next month.

Amber Nixon

I enjoyed it. A lot of history. A insight on our nation's military and the lives of our heroes. Great place to visit

Sarah Daws

Wonderful experience

Tod Bowen

It is really cool to have this amazing memorial and museum in Columbus. The space is very well designed and absolutely beautiful. The exhibits are very well done and pay excellent tribute to our country's veterans.

Cornelius Sweeney

Lots of parking, easy access, guided tours, and well informed volunteers. It's a sobering experience, and it takes time to absorb all the information. Well worth a visit.

Mike Riccitelli

Haunting to the point where the lives of those lost for our freedom really became apparent. Touching and memorable and an absolute must see in your lifetime. Please go and honor our American soldiers in history.

Patrick Yost

Absolutely beautiful, breathtaking and authenticly representative of service veterans. I loved it, completely...

K Miller

This new museum provides a great overall understanding of wartime for which the USA has experienced and been involved. The personal effects connected with photos of the people for which they belong brought a greater sense of reality. The life and conditions for which men and women served are country is poignant. As I read my way through this museum, I did cry. My bil was KIA. My heart and mind were touched deeply. It made me even more grateful for family members and friends currently serving and having served in the past. I believe this museum has a great exhibit for anyone ages teen and up. The only reason I gave it 4 stars as I did not see much history in regards to wartime on anyone local or from the state of Ohio with the exception of John Glenn. It was very crowded so I may have just missed the other people.

Liam Clark

Autumn Potter

Beautiful museum! Great tribute to veterans, well worth the visit!

Brad McFadden

A wonderful place to visit in Columbus, Ohio. The National Veterans Memorial and Museum shares the story of serving our country through interactive displays, videos and even some hands-on activities. As a veteran, I was personally moved by how well each exhibit and display was crafted. The NVMM strives to connect the general public with veterans through their thoughts, experiences, and emotions, and they do an exquisite job. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece. I would highly recommend visiting to anyone.

Tom Heil

The building is beautiful, but its small for a museum. The experience is really high end but 17 dollar admission and 6 bucks to park is a bit much.

S Shaw

Joseph Barnard

Amazing tribute to veterans. Columbus is a a very hospitable and walkable downtown. A must destination for any National VSO to hold a conference.

Craig Larsen

This was really well done. It has a chronological ordering of the wars, and does a good job of focusing on the vets. I could have spent more time there though the time I spent there was enough. I would definitely go again.

Jack Campbell


Matt Meggitt

Awesome. Personal stories of our veterans. I'm glad it's in Columbus. Looking forward to visiting again!

Rita Luder

Very peaceful. Focuses on veterans' experiences.

Thomas Dignan

It's a great history lesson, I do believe that their room for improvement.

Matt Smith

All I have to say is WOW! This is such a moving and inspirational museum. I am so pleased to see an amazing place dedicated to our Men and Women of the US Military. If you are in Columbus, this is a must visit attraction! Parking is nearby and COSI is across the street.

William McKinney

It's worth the visits, just to see all the veterans and their sacrifices. Thank You to all of them!


Very interesting Memorial to visit. Makes you appreciate our service men and women

Amy Thrash

Loved it. Had a nice time with my veteran seeing all veterans honored

Mike Tuckner

Sobering and inspirational.

Eric Phillips

A must for Veterans and their children and grandchildren.

Gail Jordan

It was awesome!! We did not get through it all but we will certainly go back and complete our tour!

Julian Wicks

Jennifer Smith

I would recommend this place. Had a great time. Learned a lot. And to know about our history and more was worth it.

Keith Carey

You could spend 3 hours there...basking in the history of wars America has fought...interesting videos of leaving home to fight for Freedom. And, the awesome tole, mentally, those emotional struggles have on a soldier. His family becomes the men around him. Their job is to win battles. And, come home.

Madison Cole

A truly inspirational museum! Definitely worth a visit.

Belinda Russell

Beautiful building!

Leah Lambert

This is a new museum. The architecture is unique and quite wonderful. The exhibits are very good and flow easily. This is a good destination for adults or older teens but would be boring for younger children.

Michelle Manco

This is a place that ever person in the world should experience at least 0nce. I guarantee it will give you a different appreciation for all that who have give so. much & paid the ultimate price for all the things we take for granted every day without thought of who, how, or why we have this thing we take for granted "FREEDOM " God Bless the Veterans!❤

Becca Fiorini

Beautiful, new facility with focus on storytelling directly from Veterans with interactive displays. The admission fee, however, seems expensive given the relatively small size of the museum. I enjoyed the rooftop gallery and memorial grove. The rooftop can be accessed without going in the museum and offers great views of the skyline.

Emily Ellis

What a serene and beautiful building! It is an absolutely gorgeous way to honor those who have served. Everyone should see it.

Jaleel Asante

Simply beautiful! Interesting architecture. Lovely design elements. As a structure it is a a ode to those who have served as soldiers.

Jody Dzuranin

National Veterans Memorial and Museum is a moving tribute to military service people. It is honest, honorable and haunting as well. The displays are multi dimensional, allowing each visitor their own interpretation.

Claudia Mason

Outstanding museum. Can't wait to take my students this upcoming SY.

Bessie Howard

Wonderful place full of history.

Debbie Alessio

Love this very nice tribute

Lerry Daniel

Love it !

Mark Montgomery

Lisa Upperman

Extremely touching!!

Brian Shaner

Mama Henry

Very personal to myself and family. Audio and video affects made it a little emotional for us.

Jesse James

Anna Thornton

Enjoyed. I'm 70 and I learned lots of things. We'll have to go back we didn't see a lot.

Teresa Kemmerling

Awesome. Did make my heart hurt for all my husband and his comrades went through in Vietnam.

B Monster

It’s a very nice building, clean comfortable and large. Signage/directions and maps of the place are atrocious. The pictures and story boards are very nicely done but the lack of ‘artifacts’ to display was noticeable. Cost of admission is very high for what you get. Give it a few years it may get better. Great thought in design and veterans deserve it... but this place is lacking for now.

Rebecca DeLugish

Very well done. Just opened a couple of months ago and I think it's not quite done yet. The museum map shows space for a cafe that isn't there and another exhibit space that isn't currently open. Will definitely go back another time. I think admission should be free not just for veterans, but for active duty members as well (they only get a small discount). I'm neither, and I have no problem paying full price for my own admission. Just seems odd to me.

Dominic Greco

One of a kind

Harley Dude

This place was absolutely astonishing. It just opened last October, and my family and friends in Columbus haven't even visited yet. Its so incredible to have a National Museum right here in the midwest. God Bless John Glenn for his vision, dedication and hard work for this project, and God Bless the Wexners for footing half the bill of $40 million. Its not your average museum. I was expecting to see lots of things, rather its a museum of stories. You take a journey through the eyes, voices and experience of so very many vets who sacrificed for our freedom. Our group was only there for an hour and a half, which was a great taste of the experience, but we all agreed its a place we want to come back to and spend a full day. There are videos to watch, letters to read, stories to experience. Plan on taking your time and spending several hours or a day here. The place is still very much developing too. A cafe will soon be open, and another building will be going up. Be sure to visit tye rooftop and look out over the garden walk. I didn't make it down to the actually walk by the outdoor monuments water features, but it was gorgeous from the roof. There is an amazing temporary exhibit right now by military photographer Stacy Pearsall. Wow...she really captures the emotion of our soldiers. The entire place is an emotional experience and such an important place so we can keep educating and telling the stories of our selfless soldiers. God Bless each and every one of them. Because of all of you, I am able to experience the freedom of visiting such a place and just experiencing life much easier than many in the world. Thank you Peggy and Terry, wonderful tour guides. And thank you, Terry, for spending a bit more time with me sharing your own story of service and sacrifice. Every person in Columbus and the Columbus area needs to get to this museum. You have no clue what you have right at your back door!

Patricia Lange-Otsuka

Very moving museum. Veterans receive free admission. 3 floors and outside garden, elevator, wheelchairs available. Volunteers are very helpful. Opened October 2018 and planning addition of cafe and gift shop this year. Has conference room space, free parking, garden would be nice place for commissioning ceremony.

Lizzy Miles

I am not the target audience for this museum. My attendance was simply because I had been given tickets and then pressured repeatedly about the expiration of those tickets. That being said, I think the curators did a nice job with the exhibits. It really is beautiful to look at with lots of wall quotes. There are videos and physical objects...some that you can touch! My reason for not giving it 5* are as follows: you have to pay for parking even though they have their own dedicated lot. The whole place seemed dark. The cafe is not yet open. There is (in my opinion) a sanitary slant that perhaps romanticizes military culture. I say this as a military dependent and also a social worker who works with dying veterans. Its not an entirely bad thing...I see some exhibits geared towards children. Every museum curator makes choices. Personally I would have liked there to have been a little more about military families. :) I spent more time here than I expected I would which speaks to the quality and quantity of the exhibits. All in all if this is an interest of yours, you will not likely be disappointed. One final note for curator: not every disabled person is in a wheelchair. There needs to be more seating available throughout the exhibits.

Patrick Woodham

Wish I had more time for this awesome place.

Sharon Steingass

Great representation of military history and our veterans

Michelle Hedgecoke

Wonderful place to check out our military history.

Michele Patterson

Amazing place, we are fortunate to have this in Columbus.

Dave Whitney

This museum focuses on the people who have risked their lives for our freedom over the decades. Personal stories from the people who lived it. Deep engaging content for adults, and lots of material for educating kids too.

deirdre Caldwell

Should be on everyone's list of places to visit.

Jill Beckett

Wonderful place

Leo Brown

Easy to follow, based on the veterans perspective

Robie Suggs

I wish I had more time to take it all in. Great place, another trip needed.

Ricky S

I love anything with our American history. Just not a fan of the admission fee's charged.

Ryan Thorpe

The facility is great and the collection is growing. They don't have a ton of stuff, but the point is to collect veteran's stories, not items. It's a very good reminder of the sacrifices veterans make to maintain our freedom. Thank you to all who have served, and especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

John Schnell

Amazing military history

Geoff Zorger

Great staff and displays are awesome but somewhat over whelming.

Heidi Reiter

The building is beautiful with well thought out designs and displays. Highly recommend a visit.

Kelsey White

Great history.

Barb and Mike Peterson

Awesome and emotional if you love freedom and America

Peter Collins

Fantastic experience. A lot of memories both good and bad.

Margarett Gray

Very solemn. Very very sad. I always had respect for our country but , i have even much more respect and compassion for the men and women who serve.

Shane Nicklaus

Great place for Veterans and those wanting to learn of the sacrifices and contributions Veterans have made.

Larry Hall

Recommended 2 to 2 1/2 hours to tour.

Phil Riazzi

Powerful museum in a beautiful building. A must if you're in Columbus.

Vivekanand Ashok Gavi

A great tribute to veterans. Best museum in downtown. If has good paid parking facility. Near by you can visit other places too.

DeShawn Echols

Great place, a hold new look.

Jad Busby

It was a great place to visit before they rebuilded it, now its just so much more of what should be an icon for the city of COLUMBUS.....

i Brett

Terrible experience. Went to the outdoor amphitheater upstairs before we intended to go in. Everything about it said it was open to the public. We were enjoying the view when a security guard asked us to move. We did and then he rudely asked us to leave saying the whole area was restricted. We suggested some signage to let people know, or close the gate but he didn’t care. It was during museum hours. Needless to say we did not go in the museum. Be aware the grounds are not open to the public.

Todd Evans

Excellent exhibit. Covers the military experience from the revolution to the current. Lots of interactive displays with videos from vets giving first hand accounts of their experiences. Artifacts and memorabilia are on display as well. Plan to spend at least two hours to take in all of the contents. Could be emotionally draining for some but definitely not to be missed.

Anthony Grasso

Amazing, cant wait to go back

ivan morgan


Cheryl Cook

Honored to have visited such a wonderful memorial

The Eliminator

James Herron

Great place for all to visit

Bobby Kees

Great place nice tribute to our veterans and lots of information about our past war's that our nation has been involved in.

James Himes

Just a great layout and respect to Ohio Veterans.

Jarrell Black

All I can say is WOW!! I didn't serve in the military, but had this been 15 years ago I would have defiantly been inspired to enlist. To all Veterans thank you for your service.

Jim Powell

Tonya ThOmas

I really enjoyed visiting this VETERANS MEMORIAL & MUSEUM. A great tribute to veterans, very educational.

Jack Erwin

Great facility with a wonderful courteous staff representing knowledge and honor about our Veterans Honor and experiences.Today we honored Vietnam veterans with thanks prayers and welcome Home

Gary Wassmuth

You need to take the family.

Michael Gustafson

A honor to those who served

Chad Woodring

Wonderful place. Stunning imagery. I was moved to tears. They have a booth set up downstairs for veterans to record their own stories.

courtney short

Mat Raber

Very well done exhibit that is about veterans themselves In their own words.

Anthony Pagani

Very informative and eye opening to our veterans

Steve Gregory

steve jones

Too few exhibits. And had several documented traitors show cased

Gary Stambaugh

Excellent memorable to those who have served

Douglas Huber

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum is an amazing place to learn about the history of who has served this country. Interactive exhibits, stories told by veterans themselves. Columbus businesses and philanthropists made this happen. Well worth your time.

Anthony Daniel

Overlooking the Scioto River, the museum offers views of the city centre skyline, a reflection sanctuary and an exhibit for every major military event in American history. When visiting museums and memorials, take some time to walk to the Scioto Mile on the river to enjoy the city centre.

Nancy Owens

An amazing place. You get an idea of how it was for these soldiers. Awesome.

James Drozdowski

When I was young, my father corrected me after saying that he "won" metals while in Vietnam serving as FO for an FA battery. Through his words, at that young age, he implanted a perspective in me that I take with me always. Fast forward several years, it was a humbling privilege to visit this memorial with him per his request. I think the memorial does an excellent job conveying the many different aspects of military service - and it's impact on family members - by highlighting veteran's experiences, often told in their own words.

John Shaw

This is a beautiful facility that strives to tell every veterans story. All services are represented, National Guard, Air Guard and Reserve Veterans as well. The museum highlights women and minority veterans as well. There is a recording booth for each veteran to tell their story. I am proud to have served in the Army for 31 years. I love that veterans have a place to share their life story.

Terri W

Emily Fish

Awesome exhibits! Simply amazing! However, we went on Veteran's Day and were not impressed with their "military friendliness" My husband is currently active duty, an Afghanistan War veteran, and the museum failed to define "veteran." The military discount offered was $2 off admission and $2 off parking, where a veteran (retiree) is free. We went to this museum because we ordinarily couldn't afford admission but thought on Veteran's Day he could get in free as advertised. However, because he is still actively serving, he did not qualify as a "veteran" per their definition. Maybe next time they should clarify that only retirees get in free. We don't regret going, but we are disappointed in the treatment we received.

Pete Thomas


scott stevens

It's ok

Ben Davis

Parking is free for vets and active duty, just get a stamp at the front desk Pretty interesting place to visit

Criss Manning

What a great experience. All veterans need to take a couple hours and visit.

Chaz Freutel

What a very well done museum to honor our veterans

Justin Maxwell

Brian O'Harra

Bob Roehm

I visited the National Veterans Memorial and Museum yesterday [12-29-2018] while admission [there and at five other Columbus locations] had been free in celebration of the 75th anniversary of The Columbus Foundation. The line to be admitted into this newly-opened museum [on the site where the former-but-now-torn-down "Veterans Memorial" auditorium had been located] had been long; traffic on W. Broad St. had been nearly stopped the entire time that I had been there [because admission had also been free, right across the street, at COSI, Center of Science and Industry]. The lighting and the exhibit design at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum had made for an extremely interesting visit though I must admit that, at times, the lighting level in several of the areas had been too low for me to be able to see very much. My favorite design element had been the use of large dates [for example, "1941-1945"] near the top of clear plastic display panels and the use of spotlights to create shadows of those large dates [as well as other display elements] on the wall behind the clear display panels. Another design element that I had particularly liked had been a large blue animated "15 million veterans served in wartime" star that would change its display every few seconds and would attract, in particular, children who would enjoy moving their hands near that changing-every-few-seconds star. Near the end of my visit, I spoke with one visitor who had pointed out to me that the narrative of the "9/11" events had not been historically accurate; I had not read all of the words in the exhibit because it had been way too crowded yesterday.

Juan Carlos Fernandez Duque

(Translated by Google) Historical (Original) Histórico

Denny Trenary

Jim Erickson

Was moved and proud throughout but that was briefly lived when there was nothing left to see in this large partially empty building.

Edward Lynch

I'm representing a retired marine Vietnam veteran. as a veteran I can visit anytime I want free.

Greg Graham

LAME, every other military museum I've been to blows this away. Nice building filled with nothing but pics. Go to AF museum or USMC museum.

Brian Dible

Awesome place to see. The building is an amazing design. So happy that Ohio was decided for the location. Great place to pay homage to all that have served our great country in the US Military.

Kasee Merritt

A must-see! Go now while their "Share Your Story" interactive exhibit is still open to enter a veteran's service info

Nutter Films

Awesome place, Brad is awesome

Charles Tassell

Beautiful muesum and a great presentation area!

Yvonne Long

A definite must-see. Wether you're active, reserves, retired, veteran or a family member of. Visiting this museum will resonate and touch everyone. Beautiful Memorial and tribute.


Wonderful place. Army wife... It was powerful, brought me to tears.

Renee Pherigo

Nice museum

Aimee Metz

Mike Metzger

This place is fascinating. There is an interactive exhibit showing troops and the countries they occupied from the 50s til now which was cool. Lots of interesting memorabilia on display to learn about how far military technology has came through the centuries. The coolest thing they had there in my opinion was a book called " Life of a Sailor" it was written by World War 2 veteran Chester Collins whom I have the pleasure of knowing. He is a founding member of my American Legion post 757 in 1949. He has 5 invasions under his belt including Omaha beach. If you want to learn about veterans this is a must see facility. You will not be disappointed, just make sure to sit down and listen to a few of the stories they tell. Some will even bring a tear to the eye!

Gary Hartman

Great architecture! Interesting layout.

Kevin Microsoft

I didn't go inside.

Keith Greer

The facility was nice, but the content and presentation was mediocre. Also, parking and admission were expensive. More offensively, they didn't even offer me, a veteran, a discount!

Braden Henry

What a great walk through someone else’s boots—a truly wonderful look into the lives of Veterans across the ages. Makes you appreciate what we have now, thanks to what so many individuals helped secure—our freedoms. It is a wonderful way to visualize the life of an individual soldier, from MEPS, to boot camp, to even the Mercury program and beyond. The National Veterans Museum is even equipped with a recording studio, if you wish to add your own heroic memory, message, or thank you. Being a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran myself, I appreciate what everyone involved has done to make this happen. Thank you for honoring all the past, present, and future generations of heroes—they, and I, salute you.

Bob Haley

Amazing displays of History.

James Davis

Haleema S

Get there!!

Nadine Engler

They are in their 1st year....I am excited to see new exhibits as they are added...

Sue Doud

Although this isn't a huge museum, come ready to spend time listening to all the amazing stories of our veterans. So grateful for the courage and sacrifice made by our service men & women and their families.


This is a great museum and it focus the human side of being of the military. Focus on what’s it like to go and be separated from your family. Reading the personal letters from those who served and were killed in combat was moving. Also like the stories of coming home from war and the transition from military to civilian life. Yes in my opinion it is worth the admission price. The museum is less than 6 months old and I believe will get better over time.

Mike Pyles

I love to bring my client here, he is a WW2 vet and enjoys coming to read everything.

Ethan Culp

Very powerful exhibits, creatively and respectfully done. A brief but comprehensive timeline of wars fought and won guides you through the museum.

Y Pushkin

Wonderful place. Excellent exhibition. You can spend hours there reading and listening to the stories.

Erin Cooney

Very informative

Tammy Filiatreau-Adams

Very respectful of our vets

John Stulpin

Amazing, everyone need to visit.

Brian Ashworth

Emotional experience with great exhibits, photographs , and stories.

Beth Mcdonald


Robert Gruver

Authentic walk through the history of the United States through the eyes of war. Very moving tributes.

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