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1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45431, United States

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REVIEWS OF National Museum of the US Air Force IN Ohio

Tom Richardson

Way too much to see in one day. This place is awesome. So many planes. So much history. Free admission

Danny Leach

What a great museum. It really is a must see. Be warned, if this is the kind of thing that interest you you Will want to make multiable trips to see and appreciate it all.

Marty Strickfaden

I was here when I was younger with my grandparents, and now I was able to come back with my wife and son. This place is bigger than I remember, but not a dull moment. I can't believe we had 5 hours of entertainment for free. If I'm ever in the area again, I will return.

Jason Gleim

Such an amazing place and so full of history. Amazing collection of planes in the birthplace of aviation. From the Wright flyer to the latest stealth fighters, this is an immense collection. Honestly, too big for one day if you really want to take it in. Free parking and free admission so a good value for families. However, they don't allow outside food or drinks and the food is priced like it is a sports arena (read expensive and not very good). Suggest eating before or after you go.

Joan Wagner

Amazing collection of 360 planes..great exhibit s.. volunteers who shared interesting facts about exhibits..and free.. despite a huge marathon with 12000 participants, smooth drive in..good directiona

Cynthia Lantigua

Definitely need several visits to see the whole thing! Nice way to keep cool on a hot day. Loved the D day movie and with 400 seats no problem finding a great seat! Loved the D day exhibit!

Susan Bangert

Fantastic place, so interesting. Stayed 5 hours and didn't see half of it all. The volunteers are so nice and helpful.

Thomas Goossens

Amazing place with do much to see here. If you are any kind of aviation, military, history, space, etc. Enthusiast this is the place to come. I can't believe they have been able to put that many aviation planes and artifacts into this place Spotless clean, friendly staff, and there is no entry cost. Amazing

Clayton Messer

Great place to visit, have been there more times then I can count. Always getting new stuff


This place is AMAZING! This is the best museum I've ever been to. Period. If you're a huge aviation buff, I highly recommend it. Even if you're not, you will still learn something new! Every plane you could ever think of is here. Stunning displays. I absolutely loved it. Thanks for having me!!

m j

Absolutely amazing place. We spent 7 hours there and did not see it all. Even if not into aviation this should be on everyone's bucket list. The history is rich, the displays are incredible, the tours are great. 600 volunteers run that place!!

James schreck

The Air Force museum is free. You can't beat that. They have gift shops and food courts. If you just walk through the museum and take some pics, then it takes about 3 hours to walk through. There is also a theater where you can watch 3d movies. I suggest packing a lunch and the gift shop is rather expensive. Overall it's a great museum.

sSa ali

Great Great Place to be there. Every flight enthusiast in the world must visit the National Museum of the US Airforce. This Museum showcases warplanes as of their time of service, starting from the very beginning. The area is divided on the basis of era like initial days of flight, WW1 era, WW2, Cold War era and modern days planes. There are fighter planes, bombers , very few choppers , latest UAVs are at display. Small section is dedicated to space exploration. I would recommend to take good camera with you. There are attractions for kids. Souvenirs are beautiful but some are quite expensive. But don’t forget to grab some.


Amazing museum. I feel one of the best museum in aviation. Best one for those interested in aviation and bit of history too. We all had a great experience and spend almost nearly 5 hours and still felt something missing. The best part is open to public and not only air force id holders and the admission is free. You would be able to see all the developments made in aircraft since it was made say last 100 years. US Air force history is shown in amazing way. You all will be surprised to see so many aircraft on display and in few of them you can move around in the aircraft. Many of them hanging in the air making a stunning display. There are plenty of rooms displaying aircraft. There is plenty of parking space but you need to walk a little to reach the museum. 2 cafeteria’s are there but little expensive. Many restrooms are there in each building. Well we had a great experience and enjoyed a lot. Fully recommended to visit the museum.

marco rocha rocky

FANTASTIC After visiting 120 ( one hundred and twenty ) military/aviation/naval museums-monuments @ world , I can say this is the BEST

Chris Jones

We'll worth the trip and plan on being overwhelmed with all the exhibits as well as a wealth of information. You really can't appreciate it all in just one day so plan on two at least. The tours guides are excellent, the building spacious, and activities are great.

James Brendel

Best aviation museum in the country. Amazing variety of aircraft and many veterans who flew the aircraft there to tell stories. Amazing visit.

Bunci Patel

Just phenomenal! The selection of planes are great. Don't look at the full parking lot and expect lines, due to how big this place is (4 hangers of planes) everyone is really spread out and you'll be able to enjoy each and every plane. Photographs are allowed and it's very kid friendly. All I recommend is, be prepared to walk!

Natalie Berdahl

What a stunning place! Wear good walking shoes and it's a lot to take in! Just wow! And how you can walk on to old Presidential planes.

Lindsay Brown

By far the nicest museum of military planes and other equipment I've ever seen. You Don't have to pay to park OR go inside to view. 99 percent inside and displayed beyond good. It's something everyone should see

Alan Camerer

This place is a National Treasure! You can spend two days here easily, viewing exhibits and reading about every airplane in America and most of the world since the Wright brothers first flew. There are actual aircraft flown by the Wright brothers as well as actual historical aircraft and spacecraft that played pivotal roles in flight research and many wars and battles. Many of the staff have extensive knowledge about the Air Force and those who flew for our country and served in battle. I would highly recommend taking a guided tour by one of the many knowledgeable staff members. Yes everything is handicapped accessible, with elevators to access the upper floors and Valkyrie Restaurant. What a great Monument to our Air Force and the men and women who make and made America great!

Linda Groves

Awesome place. Really loved the history. The setup of some of the displays are lifelike. I truly enjoyed it except for the crowd while trying to exit.

Chas Claus

Given its quality, this museum could charge $20-30 to visit and still be packed every day. However, at its current entry fee of FREE, it is the best bang-for-your-buck museum I've ever been to. Is has examples of pretty much every aircraft in the history of American flight, from the Wright Bros. to the space shuttle. My only objection was that there was so much good stuff to see and learn that I figure out would take me a minimum of 3 full days to do it. If you go, I recommend knowing in advance the period of history on which you want to focus and starting in that section. That may be all you get to, all day, if you really soak it in. I also recommend packing a picnic lunch. There is a beautiful and extensive garden/monument park with lots of shady trees to lounge under. This shady grove, the parking, the museum... they're all FREE (other than your billions of taxpayer dollars, of course! Still, your tax dollars have already been taken from you, so you might as well go see the awesome planes they helped build!)

Sarah Fulsome

Go here!! Free admission.. Amazing experience. Make sure you have on your walking shoes and a whole day or two to get through everything. Pack a lunch to bring. The food there is cafeteria quality and SUPER expensive!

Dan driskell

Unbelievable if you are an aviation and history nut like me and my family. I have never seen a collection like this, except maybe the Smithsonian. So much history and no charge for admission, although a few of the exhibits do have a fee. Treat yourself to this wonderful place.

Cassandra Meaker

Grew up going to this museum. The evolution of the exhibits and the care put into the details makes this one of the best historical museums. A must see if you're in the Miami Valley. I've spent so many hours here drawing the plains and talking with the staff. There's no better place to learn about our country's air force. (Not trying to start anything, but the Air Force Museum is hand's down better than the DC Smithsonian Air & Space museum)


So much aviation history. You can easily spend a day here if you're really into military aviation. The gift shop sells a book with every (almost every?) aircraft on display here, with a picture and details for each.

Rodger Bird

If you like planes and jets, this is the best museum I have ever been to. Admission and parking is free, There is a charge for the optional movies and simulators. Museum has a nice gift shop. Food selection is kind of limited and expensive for what is offered.

Beth Skouson

Lots to see. Building 3 and 4 were the kids favorite. There are cockpits and larger things to walk through (like a replica space shuttle). The first 2 buildings were rough on the kids, but the husband really enjoyed them. The mac and cheese dog at the cafe was great.

Komal Trivedi

This was incredible experience for all of us! We went to Air-force museum for first time thinking that we will be done in two hours, well...that didn’t prove to be right, We spent almost 5 hours. Would definitely go there again as I didn’t finish a lot, It was really interesting to see how we have advanced in technology in 100 years, Museum had the first aircraft model invented in 1903 and the latest( probably not that latest) aircraft next to each other!! Great experience! If you like history and science, you will definitely enjoy here!

Pushpraj Mehta

its really big indoor place.. lots of planes, almost all types of planes. ranging from 1900 to 2000.. president planes are good attraction. they have tanks, helicopters, bombs etc.. Simulation ride is amazing experience, its 360 degree turn.. Enjoyed a lot

Arlene Schreiber-Dapkus

Loved this museum. It is very large but worth it. I was able to see my Uncle's and his Co piolets suits and story. They were Wild Weasels who completed 100 missions, in Korea and Vietnam. You could also tour a space capsule, An Air Force One and space shuttle, plus much more. Awesome

Lee Payne

I took my younger children here and we had a fun 3 hours of learning about aviation from past to modern day. I used to take my older boys here almost every year 20 years ago and we always enjoyed our visit to this location. Plus what is great about it and just about every person I have asked never knew anything about it and they were surprized to hear it was a free adventure for the whole family to enjoy. So if you and the family are into aviation and want to learn more about our history in all the different war era you really need to go here you will not be disappointed.

Josh Grossman

This may be the best free museum in the country if you like airplanes. Amazing collection of aircraft and incredible historical displays. You should go

Rick Pena

A must visit for all Aviation enthusiasts! This place is packed with awe inspiring aviation relics, and IMO more than the Smithsonian in DC! The gift shop is reasonably priced with something to take away for any budget! Recommend visiting earlier in the day as there is so much to see! You’ll be thankful you didn’t miss this opportunity, plus it’s open to the public and no Base pass is required!

Francois Parent

Fantastic museum, a must see for people of all ages. Allow at least 4 to 5 hours to see all building. Tour can be informative depending on the tour guide. Did I mention that it's free? While in Dayton, go visit the Wright Brothers National Park museum and take the free tour.

Dale Green

This is the most amazing place to visit. You need to arrive early and spend the day. So much to see and do. It is very well designed and has a lot of information about the aircraft. I advise anyone who has lived thru any of the past wars or police action to visit and pay your respect for what these planes stand for and the people who few and repaired then did for this country.

Jeff Long

For anyone even remotely interested in the history of flight this is a must see. Entry and parking are free. I strongly urge anyone visiting to take your time and get there early. If you have the time spend an entire day there, 5 plus hours. Almost every type of aircraft is represented and in some cases the last remaining... What I always take away from seeing the personal exhibits highlighting individual servicemen and servicewomen is that everyone took great pride in their endeavors. There is a heavy atmosphere surrounding WWII and Vietnam. However the museum does a wonderful job imbuing a sense of honor and reverence for those who served and the numerous aircraft / vehicles that made history. Being able to get up close and personal to a A10 warthog and not one but TWO blackbirds is a great experience for young and old. All this being said, this place is massive. Wear comfortable shoes and don't forget to look UP! Wheelchair accessible and plenty of restrooms spaced throughout. There are two cafe areas inside but no food or drink is allowed in the museum. Be forewarned though if you have children, you enter and exit through the gift shop.

Craig Edmonston

The ultimate air museum IMHO. This museum has a huge inventory of aircraft but also has a very large amount of informational displays, artifacts, real items that were actually parts of the famous aircraft. This isn't a simple come look, see and leave museum. I can literally spend a day reading and taking in the sights. Do not skip the annex tour- more aircraft in an up close and personal setting. Get there early and get your tickets. It's worth the trip. I could actually see this being a two-day visit if you are an enthusiast; it's that good. The only disappointment is that WP didn't get a Space Shuttle a couple of years ago. That would have been fantastic.

Brian Gould

Me and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed our time together in this museum. The displays were very impressive and the information on the plaques were good but what really made our experience complete were the tours with tour guides who provide interesting insights and a helpful path for a museum that could otherwise be daunting. We still have insufficient time to explore all the displays but that is exactly what I want because next time we come back we will have yet another several days of new experiences.

Korey Boone

Been going here since I was a kid. 30 now. Atmosphere has change a bit since the USAF took over. Can't bring in snacks for my toddler. Still very fun.

alan j

I've gone to The Air Force Museum to many times to count. They have some displays that I remember from the 1970s. There are constant changes and updates to the museum. The place is huge. They have I max theaters. A super cool but expensive gift shop. They have all types of aviation related material. They have video displays that go with different topics and aviation history. They have some hands on displays. If you walk the tour as it is set up. From earliest aviation to most modern. The tour would take a full day. Some things are outside. There is a nice picnic area. I would say more but I don't want to spoil anything.

Riley Surber

Such a massive, well-maintained collection of aircraft, vehicles, and other military artifacts! The descriptions are very informative, and the staff are friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. The museum itself and its facilities are very clean. There is a food court and a gift shop. There are benches scattered around every room for those who need to rest for a while, as this is a very large complex. Everything is wheelchair accessible, I believe. Some planes are open for people to walk through, which is a very cool experience. Most are not wheelchair accessible though, and the walking space in most are fairly narrow, so it may, unfortunately, be difficult or impossible for larger people to take part in the experience. There are also some planes/plane cockpits that can be sat in, with a few stairs leading up to them, and two kinds of simulator rides (extra fee for the simulators).The museum also has some temporary/rotating exhibits. For example, the Memphis Belle was on display when I went last, along with the AR D-Day experience. Plan for it to take several hours, or even a whole day, depending on how fast or slow you want to go. If you have small children, I recommend bringing a stroller, and if you have limited mobility, I recommend a scooter or a wheelchair if you plan to explore the whole complex at once. Overall, an amazing museum. If you are a military history buff or an aircraft lover, you will love this experience.

Russell Schmidt

What a fantastic historical museum. We would highly recommend it too all ages. I wanted to see a B-17 up close and did I father was in one in WWII. I could only imagine how he felt as a 20 year old over enemy territory. Wow...he no longer is alive, but never forgotten.

Corbin Hinkle

This is an amazing location to bring people of all ages for entertainment and a great learning experience. I highly recommend this location for anybody!

Judith Tudor

It would take a long time to see all the amazing exhibitions. This is one of our favorite places to go and, every time, we find something we have not seen before

Nicole Zagorski

Spectacular! You could spend a whole day in here or more. So much fascinating history and information. There are even VR simulations and planes you can walk through. Young or old you'll be in awe!

Aaron Thomas

This is certainly a hidden gem. This place is amazing and it is ALL FREE! I have lived in Ohio all of my life and never thought of visiting. We spent 3 hours in only 2 hangers. Very cool. Plan on going again.

sonali singha

This is one of the best aviation museums I have ever visited. Dayton is the birth place of one of the Wright brothers, the inventors of airplanes and it makes perfect sense to have U.S. Air Force Museum here. It's so amazing to see the history of airplanes and how it evolved over time. They have a lot of simulators around too which is great. The role of U.S. Air Force in the American history is shown in an amazing way and you would be surprised that there is a lot to see and learn here. In all, a must visit place.

Mark Gates

It's a museum full of airplanes how can it not get 5 stars. Seriously... so worth the trip. I'd go there again and again. Concession prices are great. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly

Paul Steininger

My wife and I visited here over 20 years ago. We came to visit my son at Wright Patterson AFB today and returned to the museum. What an amazing display of history. It is great for families and free to the public.

Brittany Caldwell

We loved this place. My 4 year old and 9 year old stayed interested the whole time. We were here for about 5 hours. They had things for all age groups of interest. Water fountains through. Plenty of restrooms. 2 cafes. No backpacks allowed. No outside food or drinks allowed inside. However, there are places to bring food and eat outside. You have to walk through a scanner and have any bag available for search before entry. Great staff and very friendly.

Andrew Chandler

What a wonderful experience! And for free. One of the best things I love about the museum, perhaps more than the planes, are the volunteers. its astonishing how many of them actually flew in the planes that they give tours to. Ask an open ended question and just sit back and listen. They are willing to share.

Galen Lowrey

Excellent museum, free to go to, have been several times and will continue to come back as often as I can. Excellent work on restoring aircraft and display and many examples that are the last of their kind.

Wayne Teal

Very impressive! I was surprised that you could walk through so many of the planes. The day we were there, pilots who flew these planes were telling their stories.

Terence Dibble

Been wanting to visit this place for long time with my retired Air Force father. Was not disappointed. Saw many planes that I've only seen pictures or videos of.


There's so much to see and read that it would take a few days to get through it all. They have such a huge showcase of planes and historical aeronautical memorabilia. Before today, I hadn't been in many years, but from what I do remember - it's gotten bigger and better. Admission is free, but donations go towards the cause of maintaining everything. I highly recommend going; not only for yourself, but for kids who are interested in learning about aviation history as well as some military history. If nothing else, they have an awesome gift shop to find all sorts of cool military/plane/history things.

Stu C

Really loved walking around this place full of History. So many different planes from the very beginning to now was just awesome to see along with the different type vehicles to support them in combat was cool too. Even had Air Force one I believe from the JFK era it was awesome to see and walkthrough very tight quarters though both sides were in close with plexiglass so basically you just walk down the hall from one end to the other. The whole thing was very worth the time you can spend almost a whole day out there.

Russell Dixon-Paver

Excellent museum. Needs a nearby restaurant and more benches to rest for us older folks. It's a huge amount of walking and really needs at least 2 days to see it all. Staying open later in summer would be a good idea.

Joshua Flikweert

Staff were very friendly and helpful. Grounds were clean and well kept. Best part was it's free! Excellent array of various aircraft and periphery.. amazing place to go with a family. Truly a highlight of my trip.

Eoghan Brophy

Herein lies the heritage of the great power of America, a nation that solves problems by blowing them up or shooting at them with ever larger guns. There is tradition here. They revere these dread machines of war and either in awe of the unmitigated horror they might one day unleash. For the perfect peace in their minds necessarily takes the form of the perfect weapon. And for all their mad bent toward destruction, they treasure their liberty; even though it'll likely go up in smoke by virtue of their own hands

Matthew Francis

Best Museum Ever!! I'm an air plane nerd, so please take this into account :) You need at least 4 hours to get close to seeing the amazing array of aircraft here. Loved all the hangars and galleries they've added in the last 17 years since my last visit.

Greg Vitrano

Great place to see the all the aircraft of the US Air Force... get there early and spend the whole day. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes because there's a lot of walking.

Dean Wilson

Many amazing examples of aircraft over the history of aviation. Was shocked to see the B-1 and B-2, but absolutely thrilled to see the original Memphis Belle B-17. One on the most amazing aircraft was the B-36! But also SR-71 and many others. Could have spent days in this place!

Steven Taffet

If you like airplane museums, this place is amazing. They have free tours of each of the 4 building. I would highly recommend doing the tours, it gives you a good overview of the collection and the tour guides are very knowledgeable.

Ajay Jindal

Truly a marvel and inspirational museum that is free!! Great collection of the Air Force and space history that is a must visit when In Dayton. This place will transform you to the turn of century when Wright Bro were working hard to invent flying or to the various world wars. Has great park for a family picnic as well. Enjoy with family and share memories with all the pictures you will take. I have been coming here for the last 20 years and still find it attractive and adventurous.

Dave Chance

The best museum by far. Huge, a full day to see everything. The best is that is all free. Beautiful grounds and buildings. Planes and more planes.

Jonathan Cook

Warning, you will need a full day or more to take everything on, and see everything they have to offer as half a day wasn't enough. This place is huge and packed full of US aviation history. Beautifully displayed WWI and WW2 aircraft and supporting services. Our kids were mesmerized by the sheer size of some of the planes and exhibits here.

Suzi Noble

We go here at least once a year. It is fun for the whole family. Even some simulators to give you the experience. This museum is free & open to the public. Also is free parking. So why not go & enjoy!

Hunter Myers

This place is amazing! So many cool and rare aircraft everywhere! If you want to see everything, you'll need more than one day. My wife and I spent a total of about 12 hours in the museum over two days, and saw almost all the aircraft on display indoors. We didn't even get to the outdoor section, and barely had time to glance at all the interesting pieces of support equipment, uniforms, historical artifacts, etc. We're definitely planning to go back!

Satish Kumar

Have this place in your calendar if you are planning for a trip to Ohio. such a well maintained place with clear information of history with proofs pics and original equipments. The detailed history of world war 1 and 2 are well depicted. And you can't complete all these things within a day. Yet you can be satisfied when you come out

Patti Miller

Planes, planes and more planes! Lots of historical information, well-designed galleries, planes to get into, planes to walk through, simulators of several kinds, etc. It's free, though some simulators do cost a bit. We particularly liked the space shuttle - amazing, and what kid doesn't want to see a space toilet? Free parking. The cafe and cafeteria are a bit pricey, but good. Be sure to check out the outside exhibits and garden, if you have energy! Also, no food or drinks allowed in.

Cheutney Ellerton

This place is awesome, although I a huge fan of planes. I went to visit 3 separate times while in Ohio to see everything. Very big, the volunteers are so sweet and helpful, I enjoyed the movies. They have a really cool space exhibit and flight simulators as well. They had an air show the last day I went. I really enjoyed it. Free to park and free to get in! Don't miss out, check it out!

Farzana Hoque

Amazing place to go with kids. So much to see and learn. Everyone waa super helpful and knowledgeable. Huge museum and very well organized. A must visit in my opinion.

Andrew Roemer

Spent a whole day here. Amazing collection of aircraft. Took two of the free tours, each about one of the four huge buildings. The tour guide was very knowledgeable.

Meghann Clark

Cannot believe this place! Fantastic and somehow free! We happily purchase lunch or something from the gift shop to support. So much history. We've been twice so far and still haven't seen everything.

Mike de Miranda

What a great museum! The restored aircraft, the artifacts and the stories behind them are invaluable to the upcoming generations. Had a wonderful time with family and friends and it can be done in a few hours, or you could become a member and enjoy it over the course of many trips.

Gourmet Traveler

We have visited this place many times. In the last 15 years they have made many changes for the better. Years ago you had to take a shuttle to see larger planes. Now, everything Is in one building arranged in a linear time line. Lots of resting places to sit. 2 cafes. Great gift shop.

Sherry Hamman

Really enjoyed the "Night at the Museum"! Loved the Star Wars characters walking around for photo ops. I was thrilled to see into the cockpit of the SR-71! It was nice to have "guides" answer questions and tell interesting facts about the planes. Way cool!

Dennis W Salmon

If you are an military aviation enthusiast this is a must see. The experimental aircraft exhibit is outstanding, a lot of one of a kind aircraft. The WWII and Vietnam era display has every aircraft emaginal from that era.. Plan on spending 4 to 5 hours to get a good overview and enough time to read exhibit of interest. Will need more time if want to stop at all exhibits and to take in a guided tour.

Mike Beckage

This is the most complete collection of aircraft I have ever seen. Very well done! Great docent tours too.

Jordan Yoshimine

Went on an outing with our department from work. Amazing. We came mid-day and went through all the hangers, but could've easily spent a whole day there. We didn't even do the IMAX movies which I hear are really good. The Presidential Gallery planes are so cool. Going through the WWII exhibits and the Iraq/Afghanistan exhibits were impactful for me. So crazy that all the advances in aviation have happened in 120 years. What an awesome museum. A must do for pretty much everyone. Plenty of restrooms throughout and also places to rest your feet. The place does have air conditioning although it works better in some hangers than others. There are 2 restaurants, food is average at best and expensive. There are restaurants nearby.

J Lewis

Admission is free, parking is free, and there are additional movies and simulators that you can pay extra for. Come on a non-holiday and the crowds are reasonable to light, too. If you bring your camera, have a very fast lens and very high ISO setting (and stabilization) because the lighting is not good for photography. Overall, this is a great place if you have any interest in aviation or war history. Kids under 10 will probably be bored out of their skulls.

Woody 5326

This is the best museum for airplanes that I've ever been to. Wear comfortable shoes and get there early. It's easily a all day trip. I go there once a year and always see something new. The real Memphis belle is there now. Go during the week, when everybody is at work or at school. The first hangar starts with the wright brothers to WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Cold War, Iraq, Afghanistan...

Muhammad Moiz Ashraf Qazi

Good history on how development of flying began. Has everything from pre WWI era till date. Has outlines of engines and the missiles and you can also go inside planes including all of the presidential planes. You can see all the bombs and missiles and payloads all the carriers are available to deliver. Has relevant info on almost everything. Plus you can meet the staff and ask them questions. They are courteous and nice

Ruben Casanova Arteaga

If you just a little bit interested in the world of planes and spaceships, this is a place you should not miss. The museum is designed to walk you through the history of aviation and the USAF. They have some awesome historic and iconic planes like the blackbird, the phantom and the Kennedy’s Air Force One. Loves the place. You should be prepared for serious time walking through the place, but worth the time.

Daryl Perpignan

A national treasure. Make sure you have your most comfortable walking shoes. They also have scooters on sight for the elderly or people with physical disabilities. Lots of education for the entire family. Great place for cardio too

Dave Christopher

This is a well thought out and interesting (& amazing) museum. It has some very historic (actual planes that we've all heard of) and some very obscure planes and artifacts too. Its unbelievable how far air and space travel have come in such a short period. The museum and parking are free. Why wouldn't you go?

Michael Jack

Awesome. Plan to spend at LEAST a day. They have free carts to tour the museum. Admission is donations. It is worth adding a day to your trip to visit.

pat hughes

One great museum! From the beginning of flight to space flight. There are multiple hangars full of planes. There are more planes here then you could imagine. You can sit in cockpits or walk through air Force one. There are two cafes you can eat at although they are a little pricey. Then again admission is free to get into the museum. They also have a nice gift shop. Great museum!

Finu Lukose

Always love the history of this place. Regularly check their website for events like Night at the Museum. You can get special opportunities to chat with historian and climb into the cockpits of aircraft.

bethany barlow thomason

What an awesome place!! I highly recommend this to everyone of all ages. It is massive and so much more than I could have imagined! Plus it’s 100% free to get in

Jenna Holliday

This place was so amazing! I could spend all day there! All there displays we really well maintained and super excellent reading material. The people who work/volunteer there are very friendly and helpful. Definitely a place to check out if you like aircraft or space.

James Quinn

This place is absolutely amazing... From the trips I made as a kid with my father to the trips I make with my own son... never a disappointment!

Isuru Madushan Jayalath Wanigasooriyage

This place is entirely free for visitors. You can grab a vast knowledge about the history of aviation to the current space projects. The space tour was awesome. There are building tours for all 4 buildings. You can get those information from the front desk. The volunteers doing a really great job. I really appreciate their service. However the photographer did a bad job for our group. And one more thing. The food inside was pretty bad and not worth for the price.

Ken Bunting

If you're anywhere in or even passing by the Dayton, OH area, you Have to Stop by for a Visit! Beautifully Maintained Aircraft, and Excellent Exhibits! Parking & Entry are FREE! Very Easy to make this place an All Day Event!!

Shrilesh Keluskar

Scott Murphy gave a great tour of the first building and involved all the group. He had a good knowledge of the history of the the exhibits

Brian Hubert

Way to much to see in only one day. Definitely have to go back and see the rest. Walked through a few Air Force Ones. Saw the plane that dropped the A-Bomb that ended WWII. Just amazing and awe inspiring technology

Angie Snowball

Free! How is this amazing place free? I took 3 teenage boys and they actually liked it. I suggested we leave early and they said no! Great place, so much history. Must visit! Thank you for this wonderful resource.

Alex K

I'm a mechanical engineering student with a passion for aviation, so getting to visit here was a dream come true. If you're like me plan a whole day for this place cause you'll need it. Best part of the museum is definitely the experimental room which has tons of one offs you'll never see anywhere else. Admission was free and the exhibits are very informative.

angela spielman

Well put together displays. Very informative. All the aircraft are extremely well maintained. Free. This would take all day if you walked all 4 major indoor areas and saw the outdoor areas as well. Please check what you can take in with you before you get to the door we saw tons of people having to walk back to their cars.

Jujube Mya

very interesting museum. My son was in the air Force for 6 years. So as we walked through I got my own personal guide. Then we ran the marathon the next day. Was a wonderful experience

Caleb Tidei

I don't know what your expectation level is for an Aviation museum, but I know mine as I have been to the majority of the others. Please take my experienced opinion as fact when I say simply, this is the best one. In point of fact, it is one of my favorite places on earth. Heads up to people that have been there before, they recently changed the lay out, and added some new exhibits that, if you know your aviation history, will astound you.

Christine N

Great place to visit while your in the Dayton OH area. The museum has lots of history and the best part its free to walk around . There are activities you can do for a fee. Worth a trip

Linda Dumford

Amazing! Inspiring!! Eye opening!!! Certainly worth every minute spent there. We took 2 days and still didn't do everything & read everything! And it's free. What a treasure.

Kym Faulkner

I loved the Hall of Fame and hubby loved EVERYTHING. From the beginnings of flight to voyages into space. Takes a good 2 days to see it all!

JOHN Bromhal

Came here with family. We only had a couple of hours which meant we only scratched the surface. I could spend days here. Saw the plane my father had flown in back in the 50s. Got to see the Memphis Belle. Very cool. All the volunteers serving here were so kind and helpful. I think many, if not most were veterans themselves. We definitely saw many visitors who were reliving memories going through this place. I'd love to come back.

Todd Smith

Newly upgraded. Still a great variety of aircraft, technology, and history with interactive attractions added. Be sure to look up, it's cool from floor to ceiling.

Aaron Schaefer

Cant like this enough. This is a must see if you are at all interested in aviation or space exploration. Could spend days there. The place is huge!! My wife enjoyed the history represented by the collection of Air Force One planes. The experimental aircraft on display were fascinating. Take good walking shoes, the exhibits are immense.


Plan on spending an entire day here. The movies are worth their time and money! You will spend lots of time looking at very interesting aviation in our country history! We particularly loved looking at airplanes that the Air Force owns that different presidents of the United States have used during presidency! You will learn more about the space program also! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here only wish we had gotten there when they opened instead of an hour or two later. I would have to let you know we saw a mouse in the dining hall and we told a worker and she just said she knew it was there. The bathroom in the front lobby was nasty and stunk very badly. Other bathrooms in the building were fairly clean. You will enjoy your visit here don’t let my negative remarks keep you away!


Still my favorite museum, of course as a USAF veteran I am biased,. I've been to many museums tho, and this by far is laid out well, and has the best volunteers. Easy place to spend an hour or a day. Gorgeous outdoor memorial park. Lots of guided tours with men and women 9f a certain generation. Would be nice to see more contemporary exhibits and docents.

William White

First this museum is FREE. There's an amazing collection of aircraft from the Wright brothers to the Space Shuttle. Memorabilia, uniforms, photos, model airplanes and more. There's so much to see you have to rush to see everything in one day. Perfect for a family or just an individual who's interested in the history of flight. Of particular note is the collection of presidential aircraft known as "Air Force One" going back to the beginning of such aircraft for the transportation of the president of the United States. This includes tail number Sam 26000 which transported JFK after his assassination in Dallas, Texas. You can even tour the inside of some historic aircraft. I have been to this Museum many times throughout my life and will return again.

Monty Mann

Plan on at least two days to take it all in. What can you say...this is the definitive air display. Everything from the Wright Brothers into present day. Every plane model I built as a kid was here. What a treat. Plan to do a lot of waljing. They do have plenty of scooters for disabled people, don't be dissuaded by the distances you would cover.

John Shaw

If you hate the US Air Force you need to get here, because your mind will be completely changed. You will be proud of our airmen and women and a fan by the time you leave. As a retired Army officer, I was able to see up close aircraft from Wilbur Wright glider, WW I and II, the cold war, Korea, Vietnam and into the modern era, including the newest stealthy drones. There is nothing like this museum in the world. Seven hangers worth of aircraft and missle systems that are completely free to the public. Bring the kids, there are multiple simulation systems they will want to try. I know you will love it.

Ken Tickerhoof

Second visit. 44 years apart. Missed the addition of three more hangers. All for free. A history buff's dream come true. Seven hours wasn't enough time.

Jim Morvay

I visited here 26 years ago and I loved it then too. This place has it all, with a robust variety of historic and modern aircraft, both on the floor and above. All of my favorite aircraft are here, as well as one of a kind aircraft. The staff are abundant and very helpful. The gift shop is chock full of great gifts for kids and adults alike. It's free to get in and free parking too, but I encourage a donation to help them keep the lights on.

Mark Turner

You can easily spend 2 days wandering through this awesome museum and most every exhibit has a significant place in our history of flight. Cost of admission is free.

William Benton

Grab a Red bull and get your walking shoes on. There is plenty to see and read about in those huge hangars. It can be a full day event. Two 3-D movies to check out. A very nice gift shop with something for every type. I wished I had more time to spend there. Especially loved the Memphis Belle. Working air shows for many years, the live of the antique aircraft is fascinating.

Jared Hammer

Awesome selection of every imaginable warplane through the ages, and best of all it's free (parking is free too)! There's always an eager docent waiting to help you with whatever you need, or answer any of your questions. Definitely worth the detour if you're on the fence either way.

Awesome Empi

Wonderful historical aircraft covering the entire span of aviation. Free admission and free parking. It's a great place to visit and you will always need more time to learn and explore.

Alyse Munoz

Great museum for fans of planes and history. Lots to see, great gift shop, easy to navigate. They have stuff indoors and outdoors and it's so easy to get to. Free to explore, easy pricing on gifts and the movies to add to overall experience. Seeing the Memphis Bell is such a cool opportunity, the displays are gorgeous. Child friendly, and was accessible too (stroller and wheelchair). Highly recommend a stop if you're around the area.

Christine purpura

This is one of the most fascinating museums I have ever been to. The collection of planes and air force history displays is far beyond my expectations. This is a place that can be appreciated by anyone, young and old, with any background. It is a large museum so you may want to plan a whole day or a few days to cover everything. Wear your walking shoes because it is a vast space, made up of multiple hangars that are each packed with sights to see, read, and hear about. They do give tours so check into one of those if you are looking for a more personalized experience.

Ford Prefect

Parking for the wealthy few who own electric vehicles is right up front. Signage which informs you there are no pocket knives allowed is 20 feet outside of the front door. So while doing the right thing, you get to walk past the rich people's electric cars 2X times on your way to & from putting your pocket knife into your regular car. The metal detector sounded loudly from my keys and change, but no one at the "screening" point was bothered, so only the rule followers will be without their pocket knives. Beyond the security theatre and preferential parking for electric car drivers, this is an amazing museum.

None Noone

If you are interested in going her then you should know that it's easily a full day affair. If you're really into planes and history, give it more than a full day. This museum gets first dibs on any AF plane. That is why they have the only Valkyrie and have a B2 shell that was used in stress tests.

Bill Moore

Kids has a great time looking at the aircraft and learning about them, all the while learning about their great grandfather and his efforts and works regarding aircraft projects that he had worked on as an engineer after returning home from WW11. The VR was impressive and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. The only downside is the prices at the cafe's. It's pretty much highway robbery; for example a 20 oz bottle of Mt. Dew was over 3 dollars. Take a second mortgage out or rack up a credit card is my suggestion for lunch or just plain old cash if you have it.

KoopA Troopa

There is so much to do and explore there. It consists of 4 hangars combined together that are sectioned off into aviation time periods such as early aviation, World War 1, World War 2, Asian-Pacific theater, Cold War, and Modern Aircraft. There is over 350 planes to see and a movie you can watch. the planes range from the wright flyer to the actual Memphis Bell or even airforce 1. They over food their in a cafe. Outside there are multiple massive aircraft. Great places for field trips and kids vacations. It goes in depth on aviation history. I gurentee you will love it.

Scott Soucy

Lots of interesting planes and such! Definitely need to spend more time here on my next visit! I really loved all of the NASA and space related items.

Rob Pietsch

Been to several aviation museums over the years. This is absolutely the best. Can walk through it all. Be prepared to spend all day. Great place for adults and kids.

Ernest Hesterly

Absolutely fantastic place to tour. I highly recommend the guided tours for a lot of the "back story" that's not on the signs and plaques. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk. They DO have scooters for those who require them, but in limited quantity. You simply cannot see all of the exhibits in one day, so plan for several days. Also, check their webpage, as next weekend (September 21st 2019) they are hosting a marathon, so parking will be more difficult. Very much worth it, and it's FREE!

Shannon O'Dell

Every visit here we wish we had longer to stay. There is so much to see and experience. We have went with all ages from young child to adult and everyone enjoys this museum. If you ever have a chance to go I would recommend it. However I would not recommend eating at the food court. The food was not very good, not clearly priced and expensive. I would recommend planning a full day to enjoy all the exhibits. Please thumbs up if this review is helpful.

Michael Andy

This has got to be the best museum i’ve ever been to that didnt cost me a penny. Yes it’s a free entrance museum and it’s absolutely spectacular with some amazing pieces of history and very dense reading if you choose to go through them in detail. Spare at least 3 hours for casual visitors, yes this place is that massive

Magne Solheim

Great place if you are interested in aviation history and space investigation history. There are four big hangars with different themes. Free entry and also free guided tours for each section. You will find mostly real planes and a few replicas (e.g. space shuttle)

William Payne

Awesome place. Very interesting. Incredible number of planes, jets, rockets, etc. I got chills being on the same plane JFK's body was carried on after his assassination and standing in the same spot where Jacqueline and LBJ stood as he was sworn in as President. LOTS of history here. Great explanations accompanied each display. Very clean, up to date, well laid out. Can't believe this place is free!

Casey Dalal

Absolutely fantastic. Probably the best museum I can remember going to. I was on a work trip in Cincinnati and unfortunately had only about 90 minutes however it was completely worth the hour drive to get to and I would definitely go back and spend an entire day here given the opportunity. Highly recommended for anyone with even a mild interesting in aviation or history. Truly an amazing experience.

Debra Sumrall

Well worth seeing! And it's free. Be prepared to spend the whole day. There are cafes so eat at. Wear good shoes!

Lirim Sopaj

The entrance was free of charge.Amazing place.There are huge planes standing there, for every plane you have a written script next to it. So many tourists at the time I visited. You can even feel the experience of entering and staying inside of an US air force plane ( smells different, you should experience by yourself) and also you can buy stuff with a logo of US air force. Amazing experience! Worth the time . Open hours: 9 am to 5 pm ( open on Sundays as well- I visited on sunday ).

Christine Huang

Great museum that is free. Has mobility scooters available to handicap visitors that could use them. Made our visit much more enjoyable especially since we all wanted to see different things! They even stored our wheelchair for us. Well worth the trip.

Anna Vitaly

Great place to explore our rich history! Love to visit the Cold War section and the new one with the presidents planes. You can go inside each plane and see for yourself what the experience was. Admission is free too.

Ronald Wiebe

Amazing museum, I could spend a full day and probably more. Great opportunity for father-son bonding, as well as historical information. Had a blast - and it was free!

Barbara Kaaikala

An amazing number of early to modern historic aircraft and spacecraft, housed in a modern indoor setting. Walk through Presidential airplanes, see inside a space ship, learn about the various wars in which aircraft was used - and that is just a sample of what can be seen. All for free. Definitely a "must visit."

Belinda Hannah

Being a local, we have a tendency to forget what treasures are in our back yard. Decided to play tourist and visit here. If you like aircraft and history you will definitely not be disappointed. Some exhibits allow you to walk through the aircraft. This is not something you can do in an hour or two. This can be a full day easily. So much to see. There are a few small cafes to get a quick bite to eat and drink. This is so impressive and so cool, that this a must see for anyone who is in the area.

Sean Sims

This museum is amazing. It easily rivals, if not beats, the Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC. Plan to spend the entire day as they have four HUGE hangars packed FULL of aircraft. There’s a great mix of modern and vintage aircraft. The best part is it’s FREE! If you’re passing through do yourself a favor and stop here!

Nancy Haworth

This museum is very impressive! There is so much to see, and there's informative signage by everything on that is on exhibit. They also have a nice gift shop. I highly recommend visiting this museum!

John Bernhard

Found myself with a weekend in the local area, and thought I would check this museum out. These guys get five stars because I could not give them six, it is far and away the best aviation themed museum I have ever been to. If you are interested in airplanes, flying etc this is the place you need to go, come prepared to spend the day. The scope and depth of this museum is simply off the charts. The Smithsonian Air and Space museum on the Mall in DC is great, as is the even larger Air and Space Annex adjacent to Dulles International Airport in DC. Skip the DC traffic and come to the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio on Wright - Paterson AFB. No charge, lots of parking, easy access (military ID not required) this is one terrific museum.

Darren Young

This museum is open to the public (not just military ID holders) during hours of operation even though it's on Wright Patterson Air Force Base. There is plenty of parking but be prepared to walk a good distance to the entrance because the parking spaces are spread out and can fill up quickly, especially on a weekend. Upon entry, security will search your bags and you will go through a metal detector. This is a HUGE museum! Plan to spend at least three hours just to quickly move through the myriad planes, exhibits, presentations, etc...more if you'd like to see everything. There are plenty of restrooms at each building and there are two cafes. We were pleasantly surprised at our overall experience. This is definitely a must-see.

Seth Kohut

This museum is mind boggling! Very impressive! Admittance is Free. Hanger after hanger of aircraft from different eras. Nice little restaurant, gift shop. Friendly staff. Did I mention it's FREE to get in???

Amy Marcum

My daughter and I had a great time there. Love the interactive features, being able to go inside some of the cargo planes and sit in some cockpits. Also really enjoyed touring the Presidential planes! I do wish, though, that the VR attractions including the simulators did not cost so much, as we didn't have the money for that. Please keep finding more interactive ways for kids to learn about Air and Space and Aviation and its history

Liz J

Awesome definitely recommend! We split this up into a two day event. It's so massive and very interesting to walk around see all the exhibits. 4 hangars worth of planes and displays and collections. Kids may get bored after about an hour but I collectively spent over 4 hrs in this museum easily.

Jason Mitter

Something for everyone. It's huge (think 8 football fields full of planes)! And IT'S FREE! If you like planes and/or history you will love visiting this place over and over again. You will see new things you each time that you missed before.

James Carroll

One of the best museums in the country. It’s huge and covers the entire history of flight and the Airforce. The staff are friendly helpful and the best part. Ask questions they have so much information that you don’t have enough time to cover in one day. Don’t worry it’s free.

Arpit Agrawal

Phenomenal place if you are into aeronautics or not. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The entry is free the guides carrying out tours are knowledgeable, they have good crowd management for the number of visitors. The only thing that might be a concern is parking, so try to reach their early.

Ellyn Kathryn

Free admission for everyone. The museum consists of four airplane hangars, so it takes awhile to go through. There are interactive areas for kids to keep them entertained as well. Lots of old restored war planes, planes you can walk through and lots of information. I am always amazed at the amount of real, used planes there are at this museum. They have the presidential planes that some of the past presidents used as their private jets, and you can walk through all of them.

David Wagner

This place is amazing. I could not believe how big it was. They have a ton of aircraft and ft on display as well as other items related to the history and story of the Air Force. Plan on spending some time here and be prepared for a lot of walking. Take your time and soak in all of the aviation history.

Desma Rife

We love the Air Force Museum. By husband and I are both from the area and grew up going there with our grandpas and now we take our daughter. It’s totally free to get in and look at all the planes and cool exhibits. There are a lot of videos and interactive screens. There are also a few planes you can go inside or sit in the cockpit. Our toddler just loves to run around. All the employees have been very kind. Interesting gift shop with lots to look at. There are sometimes special exhibits (some you pay to see like an augmented reality D-Day exhibit they have this year). There is also a movie theater with very affordable tickets. My husband and I saw a 3D movie there for a date and it was awesome.

Lance VanderVegte

This place is great! Lots of amazing aircraft from every era. Each aircraft has plaques that describe the planes features and it's history. Considering the great exhibits and the fact that it's free this is well worth visiting. Be prepared to spend half a day or more here as it takes hours just to walk through and see all the aircraft. The gift shop is pretty impressive too.

Robert Dixon

Excellent museum! Many exhibits have walkthrough aircraft. You can tour several Presidential Air Force (Ones). You can partially go into a mock-up of a Space Shuttle. The volunteers are eager to answer any questions. It was a great experience and I highly recommend this museum.

5th ID

My first time here in my 51 years. I don't know why I waited so long. Wonderful exhibits and getting up close with the aircraft is awesome. Plan on spending 5-6 hours here to see everything.

Wendy Franklin

This is the best museum I've ever been to. I think better than the Smithsonian air & space museum. Wonderful historical displays and beautifully kept exhibits. A great place to visit in Dayton. And it's free!

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