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11400 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106, United States

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REVIEWS OF Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland IN Ohio

One Identity

Great art and taught me a lot

WBforLife wbforlife

Worth the trip, fun and stimulating.

John Woodbridge

Third floor has a great hands on art lab for children to create and display their work

alma coleman

Wonderful time at an event held at this venue. Great city vibe. So much to do, so little time.


This place wants to be cool. Is trying to be cool. Should be cool. Ill keep checking back.


Up and coming, too much going to say that is a need for all.

Steven Smith

Lots of space with little to observe. Drove over an hour away to be very disappointed.

Anise Ada

The exhibit we were very excited to see was closed for repairs. Incredibly misleading and nobody there seemed concerned about our disappointing experience. We comforted ourselves with retail therapy. Thankful there was some beautiful jewelry in the gift shop.

Lorrie Whiteside

Great free museum

Joe Reed

Breathtakingly original exhibits, marvelous architectural design.

Alaina Broughton

They have a nice gift shop but the exhibits are not very interesting.


The yellow staircase is awesome and the room with all of the drawings with the great playlist

Elif Asar

Admission is free. It looks magnificent outside, but inside is pretty small and has few art pieces/interactive experiences. I saw more staff and stairs than art pieces. It is the worst contemporary art museum I have ever seen. Although it was Saturday afternoon, it was quite empty. It lacks the spirit of a museum... I would choose to pay for a satisfactory museum experience.

Rhonda Crowder

Been to several parties here yet to see the art. Very cool place.

Nathan Williams

Lots of space not used - weried square toilet seats

Nicholas Culler

Loved it

Angela Dunlop

The paintings that were available were beautiful but I expected more displays the building is too big you have such small display

Kevin Martau

I can't tell you how much I love this place I go here with my best friend for silent discos and they are always on point. There is super friendly the music is always chill the artwork that they have whatever season it is is amazing I highly recommend this place

Anna Starr

Refreshing to be surrounded by art & people who are truly interested in it. People watching was at the top of my list, wasn't disappointed. Found out they will accommodate weddings receptions.Nice. Dance ensembles practice outside, you can get in a free preformance!

Cassie Gibbons

It was cool but the art works were a little underwhelming. The architecture of the building was cooler to me than some of the pieces

Lindsey Carlisle

Free! Neat installations. Friendly staff! Great location.

Incog Photo

Ok, but not great. The guides/staff are not always the best, and while the architecture of the building is interesting, it doesn’t lend itself that well to having a large amount of gallery space inside. Parking can be a bit difficult if not familiar with the area.

Nikki Polacek

Very cool museum, everything is changing all the time. I just wish it was bigger! I paid for admission and only stayed for 15 minutes because there was nothing more to see. But the staff was very nice and well informed.

Becky ag7

Fun place to stop in and spent an hour or so!

Teauna McCain

Very cool. Free every 1st Saturday of the month.

Nancy Thrams

Free 1st Saturdays! What a great idea to see contemporary art.

Michael Schwartz

Fantastic cultural and architectural gem in Cleveland. Intimate galleries and unique spaces make for an equally gratifying experience moving through the building as seeing the exhibitions themselves. Mobile cafe in the lobby during warm season. Fantastic book/gift store. Don’t miss the yellow staircase/gallery.

Patrick mcbrewhouse

I'll give it 4 ,because of the staff working there . What happened to the art ? Not sure . The building is amazing outside , courtyard is spacious, though looking above to the apartments be careful not to overreact when seeing what can be described as eye catching, not sure if appropriate for kids so looking first is recommended .

Sam Bartley

They're a little hit or miss on their AR experience and despite being quite large and imposing on the outside, this particular museum doesn't have many exhibits. It really only had 4 or 5 exhibits, albeit, all of them were large scale. I think my main issue was one exhibit in particular had an extremely loud music track playing on repeat the whole time we were there (it's part of a 3D film exhibit), and that really killed the atmosphere for the exhibit next door, which would have had considerably greater impact on an audience if it had been silent.

Mallory McBee

Awesome place! Love how they change exhibits so frequently. Just wish it was a little bigger

Patra Cardinal

Can't belive how big it was. We could have spent 2 days there. Looking at the art. All the people working there were very knowledgeable and always had fun facts to share with us. Just a reminder... No back packs. Kids must be close by. You can take photos just no flash. I would go back and spend more Time there

Jack Liebersohn

Small but like a mini lsd trip. It's not their fault contemporary art sucks

Joe Schindler

My first visit! It was interesting and unique.

Julie Johnson

Than you for you generosity

Michael Thayne

Wow! Less than nothing worth seeing.

Alexey Batchenkov

Magnificent volcanic glass looking building, gorgeous and terrifying "Judy's hand" and Blue Mao these are only things my eyes could catch. I spent more time in their gift shop then in entire museum. Sorry for my blindness.

Justin Harrod

Great place to hole private events

Stacy Foreman

Dizziness incorporated.. Beautiful in itself..

pizza shrapnel

Not a whole lot of art to see and enjoy. Rather deceptive based on the building size

Charity Amaonwu

Great interactive exhibits

Susan Holman

Took group of 14 ages 3-65 and everyone had good things to say.

rob biehl

One of the better museums in the US.

Cansu Sener

What a big disappointment! I had so much expectation to see cool contemporary arts but literally there was only 5-6 art pieces and that’s it! I was shocked! What a waste of such a great building. Thankfully, I did not pay for admission! First Saturday of every month admission is free.

Wanda Bozeman

Excellence and Beauty all throughout.

Nadia O

Fantastic museum, with a very nice lay out. Admission is free. I suggest that you budget at least 2 hrs here and download the artlens app so that you can create your own tour. I ran out of time on the “must see” tour the app offers because there were too many beautiful pieces I couldn’t walk by. Especially this time of year, now that’s it’s cold out, this place is an excellent use of a Saturday afternoon. Side note: I’m not sure if they offer head phones for the tour, I brought my own. It may be a good idea to pack some with you just in case.

Kymeri Davis

Definitely very modern.

Bartłomiej Skowron

If you're in Cleveland and you weren't there, it means you weren't in Cleveland. You have to see it. Great contemporary art. A beautiful building. Nice service. All these qualities of the soul for free.

Del Jay

Really nice place for you to go see artwork

Marvin Brown

Interesting things inside

Gerry Kowalchuk

An interesting museum ....NO CHARGE

Jeff T

Didn't go in but the building is cool

Khadijah Khayree

Great building and wonderful collection of art. Came during the kusama exhibit and was very impressed with the setup, ease of waiting in line for each infinity room, and staff friendliness and knowledge when explaining specific pieces.

Austin Wells

Best free art museum in the country.

Jonathan Carter

This is such a joy. family day was great. Kids painted they had activitys for everyone. Free pizza and salad and Greg and his staff were warm and they made us feel like family.

More Joy

Really Interesting. The architect is unique inside and out. A great place to host an event.

Genetic Engineering

Good place to kill some time.

Steve S

Good quality, small museum

Charmaine Kepes

I really enjoyed the different installations of art. Easy space to navigate. I wanted to buy everything in the museum store. Liked that you could produce some art of your own on the third floor in response to the installations.

Yvonne Rodriguez

Its alright. Nice looking in the outside. Not much on the inside. Parking is a hassle & not really field trip friendly.

The She Wolf

This place is beautiful! I wasn't able to explore the entire building but from what I experienced, it was great! Lots if hands-on activities and interactive projects. And it's free! Its nestled right next to a plethora of places to eat and relax. It's good for all ages and any occasion. Kids would love it!

Robert Kabelitz

Honestly, not that great compared to the other museums in the area. Recently became free which is nice, but the nearby art museum is also free and it feels to me easier to spend more time there. Its nice, but feels like there isn't much. Maybe I just don't like contemporary art much.


Cool place. Great mission. Plus it's free!

Will Koehrsen

Contemporary art is definitely something you either really like or you don't care for at all and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland is no exception. If you know you like modern art, then I would highly recommend the museum, but if not, then this is not the best choice. If your taste in art does not bend towards the contemporary, then the Cleveland Museum of Art is a great (free) alternative.

Dan Brackett

Ended up heading here on a gray mother's day afternoon. Brought the family and moCa ended up making the day much less gray. Fun exhibits, live singer, and we all walked away a little enlightened. Keep up the good work moCa, we'll certainly visit again soon.

fefe 33

Great place...

Patti Perkins

Great Gallery, on the Museum reciprocity list also. The structure itself you do not want to miss!


For a break from the Cleveland Museum of Art, it's great. Very interactive, with staff attending some exhibits just to explain them. Unique spaces, stairways and design. Has an area just for kids, in which they can draw and create. Parking is a difficulty, lack of much or any by the building. Be prepared to walk once you do find parking. Gift shop inside. No food or beverage (unless it is being served during a special event).

Jeremy Malloy

Receptionist was very helpful, other staff members were awkward. The gallery was great. I'm a biologist and the items on display were primarily themed to the great lakes so this was even more enjoyable for people like myself.

Cheryl Hejduk

Its a nice place to go. People there are nice


This a a great musuem with a variety of exhibits and ways to bring it's guests into the conversation and expland the experience. Love the events like Think Like An Artist. We just keep exploring and experiencing the mixture of classic and modern exhibits and classic and modern architecture. (Money saver tip: thursday evenings they run reduced admission and late night hours. Sunday they run free admission.)

Jeremy Hunsinger

It was pretty empty but have promise

Brittany Harvey

Went to a birthday party there it was lit

Mynette Brooks

The exhibits are very unique...and interesting..will go again.

Angel Sorrell

Beautiful venue! Be sure to take a picture at the hand outside it's really neat!

Peggy Lyons

I spent time here on Friday. The museum recently received a new Grant, that allows free admittance to all. I enjoyed the interactive sections, and even had my sketch hung on the wall. This was an impromptu visit that I found quite enjoyable. Finally, I'd recommend checking out: "Lee Mingwei: You Are Not a Stranger" before it's gone. I love the thoughtfulness of this exhibit.

Harvey mcdougle sr

Beautiful place!!!

Mandel Cox Jr.

1st time in Museum!! Very interesting and visually delightful!! One particular visual digitalization of satellite images of the region that are magnified down to street level!!

Kasha Brackett

Worth the visit!

Anton Ludvik

I'm a huge proponent of modern art but MOCA misses the mark. The museum functions closer to a community arts center than a museum. Largely hampered by it's architecture and confusing layout, there is very limited gallery space for art to even be exhibited. It seems more to introduce art to a novice audience than present serious works and exhibitions. It's free so stop by but you'll be unimpressed.

Jessica savage

Beautiful work. Awesome people

John Loney

No exhibit, little to see at the time.

Ryan Hubert

This place really does display a lot of good things and showcase a lot of different things that I enjoy from an art museum. Most art museums, all you see is art and maybe the occasional guest speaker... this takes it up a notch with that a bit and I enjoyed it.

j koeh

Closed for renovations til September 12

_ laser_guy_2008

Free admission and free to leave. Galleries were kinds empty only one floor really had anything and for the most part not that great.

Abhi Devathi

Overall a great experience! Parking can be found right behind from Mayfield Road, however it's only free for an hour.

Stuart Miller

The architecture is the best part

Robert Vano

MOCA is always the front runner in contemporary art in Cleveland. Always updating and rotating, excellent community engagement, and beautiful architecture & views.

Katie Leone

Fun, interactive museum that is just the right size. It's free, so there are no excuses not to check it out regularly.

Raymond Laning

Small but good, and free

Daniel Valentine

This is yet another great place to visit in Cleveland!

Brittany Brewer

This place is so much!!! And really beautiful contemporary art!! If you like hands on art museums this is your spot!!!

Brandon Brennen

If a person on the street asks me how to get to MOCA I point in its direction and say "It's the building that looks like an ancient space cube filled with women wearing very unique handmade ear rings". I like to go to the rascal house pizza place across the street from MOCA and eat an entire large double pepperoni while looking at the modern art.

Shenee Dantzler

Loved this place. It was beautiful and unique inside and out. The staff was friendly and helpful. Well worth the visit.

Ally G

The building alone is really cool architecture and neat to look at. The museum doesn't have too may exhibits or art inside but the ones that they do have are really well done. It is free admission and although I wish that they had a larger collection I did love the exhibits that they had. If you are in Cleveland and love art or architecture then I would recommend you stop by to see this museum.

Corey Fry

Very small, VERY contemporary. It's free but there's really only like three exhibits going on, and when we were there one was an audio "exhibit" in the stairwell and one was a documentary. was fine.

Mary Ambrose

Great space, we really loved mingwei Lee's lecture and exhibits. Wonderful that entry is free, making art accessible to all!

Justin Grubbs

Very fun place. We enjoyed the board game exibit the most because we're nerds

Chaz Johnson

They are Celebrating an anniversary. This resulted in limited exhibition. Found it to be a waste of valuable space and my time. The only consolation is that admission is now free. Check what's playing before you go.

Le Wats

Small, but delightful. A beautiful building that reflects the aesthetic, and filled with docents who understand the culture of Modern art. I like that it's free.

Stephen Brown

I like MOCA! Let's be realistic: if you buy a beer and fries, that's $8. I've seen stupendous installations there, just one floor can make the trip worthwhile. It hosts a revolving display of contemporary international art that refreshes quarterly. The building itself is a concrete/glass shipwreck stranded on a vast paved plaza (which works for me too). Recommended.

Ram Kumar

My trip to MOCA happened earlier this year during the month of June 2018. As soon as I entered the museum, I was welcomed by their staff and I was given a brief introduction to the museum. Then, I started to explore the museum on my own. As a sound engineer, I had a lot of fun using the Moog Mother-32, semi-modular analog synthesizer, and trying out Tibetan Hand Bell, Singing Bowl, Tingsha Cymbals, Conch Shell. New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach's paintings and glass sculpture were exhibited during my visit. The museum introduces new exhibitions three times a year. The whole museum can be covered under 30-45 minutes. It's a small and beautiful museum with two floors of exhibits. It's a fun activity to do in Cleveland.

Lottie Ellington

I wish it was bigger

Meghan Fofeghan

Guess contemporary art is just not my thing

Chris Loesch

Beautiful building in a beautiful part of town. Underwhelmed by the lack of exhibits. Cleveland museum of art is much better and free.

Jim Thie

Liked what we saw. However, there was very little on display.

Ryan Russell

Give the museum a big hand, it was great!

Evan Schwartz

I know some people love opera, while others prefer gangsta rap. I personally love lots of styles of music but don't like either of those two styles. I guess fine art is the same. I love the impressionists, the masters, and enjoy cubist and modern art.That said, I just don't "get" a lot of CONTEMPORARY art. So while I appreciate the MOCA space, the art inside didn't move me.

Carol Kirby

Nice but not worth the money not enough art

Mark Dighton

Great building. Superb staff. Interesting art. It's very specific, featuring small exhibitions. So don't go expecting a greatest hits of modern art. That's more at the main museum.

Mukaram Syed

Very interesting place must visit! You can also practice your art skills. Nice collection and well staffed with friendly people.

Kay Dee

Always have a great time at MOCA!

lord xavuis

Nice art work just not a lot art

Boran Zhao

Great place, the gift shop is a surprise.

Akram Ghareeb

Nice place. Modern art. The atmosphere is very quite and soothing

nassim mir

Absolutely love the unique architecture of this black glass sculptural building. It was designed by an internationally acclaimed Iranian-British architect and Harvard professor Farshid Moussavi. Love the intensity of the building in the day and its softness at night when you can see the interior. Recently found out that is FREE admission everyday. Love the constant changing exhibits, always thought evoking and on the edge. MoCA is a wonderful gift for everyone to experience.

Anna Rence

Okay as far as museums go. Didn't hold my attention long. Also I wish there was more info on each exhibit.

Victoria Druley

This is a great museum. Some people might complain about the price considering it is a very small space, but it is worth it. There are two floors of exhibits. There is also a very nice children's area with some books and activities. The staff was very nice and helpful.

Jennie G. Nieves

Absolutely beautiful

Hemali Jaguste

This place is for the real arty ones!

Anna Stone

Building was cool. I just like a little more soul in my art. Also small gallery space, was expecting so much more, I've been to museums that have had less space and packed in tons of works.

Jess I.

Great collection of pieces, had a great experience overall. Didn't feel over crowded like you would in most art museums, able to admire and take it all in at your own pace.

alena reyes

The building itself is incredible. A good mix of multimedia contemporary art to view.

Lindsay Heller

This is a wonderful museum with ever changing exhibits. I don't always love everything but there's always something to appreciate. The building is very interesting architecturally and there are plenty of open spaces for events. They also have free first Saturdays and a free party at the beginning of the season. Wonderful.

Romando Muhammad

Really nice place. Its new to the University Circle area. The shape of the building it the very first thing that steals your attention. I was there for a party. Really nice building.

Alexandra Clemens

Beautiful art in a small space. Enjoyed it here.

Luann Suriano

I have been there twice this year and plan to go again. I had a fun time. My son told me about it. It is tops about 2 hours. I love the small gift shop. They have some really cool stuff!! It is also great to have lunch at one of the unique local restaurants. Easy, close parking.

Alfred Frank

The architecture of MoCa inspired to create these drawings! Thank you for inspiring my art! I plan on visiting again soon!

Laura Matus

Love it is not huge but substantial!

Jadwiga Kalinowski

Its great place to explore contemporary art.

patricia chrenka

A very different look at gallery space cery angular

Jason patrick Turchan

Have always loved this place since a child, and my children now enjoy it just the same .

gabriella allende.g

Images, labs interaction and learning

Benjamin Chaney

Great exhibit but sparse for admission

Courtney MItchell

Great time! My toddler really enjoyed herself! I would definitely return.

Kristy Steele

Great experience. Awesome exhibit.

Alicia Robinson

It was terrible and had no art!!! Go to the original Cleveland Art Museum

Peter Hedman

The museum building itself is such a work of art, it should be in a museum. Admission is free as of 2019. Interesting and constantly-changing exhibits. Find the yellow stairs.


Amazing space!


Had a lovely time walking around the gallery. During my visit there was a workshop with a teacher and clothed figure model. How wonderful such an opportunity was available for the community! It wasquite a suprise that a contemporary muesum would offer such a traditional genre of art. Hope to be back soon when the next exhibits are installed.

Teen Bean

Love the gift shop! They always have products that relate to the shows


An awesome place with some interesting art. I wish there was a bit more to it, but it's a nice place to stop in for small trip. It's in a very nice location that being a small trip is sort of nice. Get food, drinks, then swing by for some art!

Hailee Houston

I was really excited to check out MOMA...I waited until the first Saturday of September (the first Saturday of every month is free sponsored by PNC). Anyway I was very disappointed there are very few exhibits in the museum and many of them seem more like community projects (which is great but not what I was expecting). Cleveland has such a great art museum I guess I was hoping for more from MOMA. I would recommend going over to CMA instead. Unless you're really in to modern art

Henry Metzger

All those people saying they'd like to spend more time here are lying. There's 3 tiny galleries that have almost no art. It takes 20 minutes to go through the entire museum, maybe 40 if you're really pausing to enjoy and digest the artwork. Not worth the money. Go to the Cleveland Museum of art instead much more worth it.

Aiden Huynh

Simply beautiful

Lee DesRoches

2 artists on 2 of 4 floors. Um, no thanks. And Lau lu lau lu lau heard in exit spaces.

Gina Nunez

This place was seriously magical for my kids!

Dominic Ottaviano

Interesting architecture regarding the building but also creates lots of wasted space. Very few actual art exhibits and the interactive area is just scissors & papers for kids to make collages... very limited, lots of wasted space and very little actual art. Tried to be nice and leave two stars but really had to be honest, complete waste of time.


Although this is a small museum, their collection is not permanent, and travels. This means that there will usually always be something new when you go. I was able to see Lu Yang's Delusional Mandala, and much more. I've been to the Cleveland Museum of Art, but something about the MOCA, I really enjoyed. There were very few people in the museum at the time of me going, and the atmosphere and exhibitions whispered contemporary art to me. Each room had it's own personality almost, some being erotic. Overall, I highly recommend this museum!

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