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REVIEWS OF Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum IN Ohio

Jesse Conrad

Great place for motorcycle lovers

Kyle Shuff

Excellent place if you're a fan of 2 wheel motorsports

Wherever the Car Rolls

If you love bikes you could spend all day here. If you have a slight interest you could skim through and still have a good time. Also, the people working here are very friendly and accommodating.

james wuelleh

Good place to visit for an motorcyclist enthusiast

Amy S

You don't even have to care about motorcycles to have a good time here! Friendly staff and lots of fun things to learn. Just the right size. I had a blast and proud to see such a cool place in my hometown!

Fred Levy

Fabulous museum with motorcycles all the way back to steam powered. Interesting and extremely well merchandised.

David Xerri

Absolutely fantastic. They have a Honda RC161... Need I say more? Not to mention the countless other unbeliable bikes in this collection. 10/10 a must see. On par with some of the best collections in the world.

eric archer

I procrastinated for years wanting to go here, after seeing their exhibition I wish I would have made it to there earlier displays. Any body that loves bikes and examples of all the time periods with the history of each display must make this a stop on one of yours rides or a winter trip to fill the void when it's to nasty to get your bike out!

Marcy Medley

really liked this place really spread out for what it is and i enjoyed the movies and the videos

Chuck L


Alan Bell

A fantastic collection of motocross, flat track, and road racing motorcycles.

Ashley Clements

This is a beautiful museum! The winding driveway is gorgeous! You could spend most of the day exploring the grounds! The museum is well laid out and has a wealth of knowledge! It is a self guided tour so you can take your time scouring each of the displays. This is a must see if you are a motorcycle enthusiast!

Matt Breakey

If you ride motorcycles you have to visit this place. Although it might not be exactly what many people expect there's still a lot of neat things to see. They also host a lot of cool events. Check their calendar on their website for info.

Mike Simmons

Great selection of old scoots and a look at the history of motorcycles in the US

Christine Hittel

Was really awesome to see so many different kinds of motorcycles, learned a lot. Anyone that loves or enjoys motorcycle should make a stop here.


Awesome displays of motorcycles and bios of well known folks of motorcycle history and present.

Brian La Morte

Awesome display of amazing machines. If you are not a member it is worth the entry fee to visit. I will go back, I didn't have enough time to read everything I wanted to. I you ride, you should see the Leadership Room and realize what the AMA does for our way of life!

Nate Backer

There is a lot of awesome motorcycle history . Very friendly staff. It is a must see.

Adam Rehling

Had a great time. So many beautiful bikes to behold. I didn't want to leave. Oh yeah to the bigger bikers, they have 3xl shirts!

Shainu Varghese

This is a neat little museum! Its got a lot for the motorcycle enthusiast, and especially for those into racing. For everyone else, there are a lot of beautiful, classic motorbikes, a lot of stories from the past, and overall a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Ellene Hill

Awesome bikes of all makes


Nice, lots of racing history, small museum, but interesting.

Brian Scott

Outstanding collection of motorcycles from around the world. Hall of Fame with machines and stories. Plan on two hours if you are a motorcycle buff. Covered motorcycle parking and lockers for your gear, bring your own lock.

Fred Barnes

Great museum with a very interesting collection of motorcycles.

Tom Black

This is a wonderful tribute to those who lived, loved, and nurtured motorcycles in American culture. The exhibits chronicle racing, land speed, and the historic beginnings of motorcycling.

Erika Hartmann

Lots of history, pictures, and bikes my husband and I liked it a lot!

Martha Simon

It has pretty awesome antique bikes there that everyone wants to see

KMS Rider

Nice play to visit if your into motorcycles

John Rist

First class experience.

Janet Campbell

Very cool, had a great time!

Theresa Farsace

Beautiful location in the woods. Professional exhibits of Motocross legends and covers all types of motorcycle racing and classic bikes.

Michael Stokes

Wonderful place and great people running it.

Robin Delciappo

Excellent condition and lots to see

Mark Estel

I'm an AMA Life member of 25+ years. This was my third visit to the museum. It's a great stop for motorcyclist and also good for families interested in learning more about motorcycles and their history. I loved looking at the bikes on display. My single disappointment was the lack of care and cleaning of the motorcycle parking area and lockers. They're very run down. I suggest taking them out if they aren't going to be kept up. They leave a poor first impression for the traveling AMA member/motorcyclist.

Beth Gabbert

Beyond cool ,lots of things to see . Bikes ,toys ,vintage signs. Staff was so friendly and informative

Gnarly Neal

Very cool. Worth checking out

Bill Gasque

It bring the simpler times of Motorcycling.

John Monroe

Awesome experience very important piece of history

Claire Meeks

Went on a weekday. Was very quiet only a few other visitors. Great to see so many styles of riding represented.

Ron M

Enjoyed my visit and am amazed at the work that it must have taken to set the museum up and keep it running. The staff was courteous as well as helpful.

Kaylan Crawford

Such a wide variety of motorcycles as well as memorabilia. The staff shared stories and was very friendly and knowledgable. We enjoyed oursleves. Thank you!

Elliott Hannum

Great collection of bikes that change frequently. A very pleasant place to visit with a great deal to see. A wide variety of bikes from road hogs to dirt and smaller. Free to vets.

RedNeckRacing 88

Really disappointed with the place

Don Ramsay


Greg Binkley

Very interesting history of motorcycles and nice display of all bikes. Seems genuing in descriptions and not sponsored bu manufacturers.

Andrew Show

Wonderful collection of all types of motorcycles, from vintage to modern, off road, racing, street, touring and adventure!

Elisabeth M Blair

My husband loved getting to see all the bikes, old and new, and I enjoyed learning about their history. Well worth it!

Ma'am Fitzgerald

Neat museum. Lots of detailed information about motorcycles, riders, inventors, staples in the motorcycle community. All sorts of memorabilia from various people, motorcyclist , events, etc. throughout history. The exhibits keep growing. They were putting up a new exhibit not yet seen by the public when we were there.

Sarah Villarreal

Must see! So glad we went

Keith Retzler

Cool place, not as big as I was expecting but it was perfect size for the 45 minutes I had before they closed.

Chris Ashby

Had a good time checking out the old bikes and reading the history behind them.

Chris Cook

Small but interesting. Many good videos as well

Brian Vandergraft

The old motorcycles they have are beautiful, and plenty of information about their past. The museum is beautifully landscaped. And administration is reasonable enough to take a family.

Victoria S

Excellent two floor museum with interesting history of motorcycles! I purchased tickets off groupon and I am glad I did! Lots of different bikes and well maintained displays. My Fiance and I enjoyed the visit and would go again.

Mitch Kehn

I had very different expectations of what a motorcycle hall of fame should be. I was hoping for a motorcycle Smithsonian museum where all the motorcycles of historical significance would be on display. I imagined a collection that Jay Leno would be proud of. It's still a nice collection of vintage motorcycles, particularly if you are fond of 70's motocross and enduros.

Steven Rossman

Awesome place. Worth the trip.

Scott Armstead

Super cool place. Almost exactly what I expected. Lots of neat bikes tons of history and historic memorabilia. Staff was nice and friendly. If you are in the area, check it out!

Life So Lovely

Went here with my dad today. What a great experience! Nearly every motorcycle had a summary of its history. So many historical people to learn about, some of which we already knew of. Clean, well- kept, friendly staff and two vending machines (one with coke products and one with snack foods). We were there for an hour and a half. A great time!

Candy D


Bruce Wilson

Wonderful place to learn about American motorcycle history. Loads of one of a kind motorcycles and a good amount of exhibits from any and all types of two wheelee motorsports.

Rick Krigbaum

For any one interested in motorcycles or motorcycling this is a must see. The number of historic motorcycles and memorabilia are incredible. It all was almost overwhelming to have that much history displayed in that size of space. I highly recommend a visit here.

Sis Angel

A lot of old bikes and cool stuff. Great classes and staff.

Cole Kleman

Some very cool motorcycle history in there. I would have liked to see a section on the AMA Statement about Hollister, CA; but still very cool.

Chautauqua Pools and Power Sports

Awesome place full of 1 of a kind motorcycle memorabilia

Phil Baumert

Great place for everything motorcycle related. Bikes are well displayed and lots of information from the people working the front desk to the touchscreen terminals throughout the museum. Clean bathrooms and a lounge area. Every motorcycle enthusiast needs to check this place out!

Keith Berte

Same bikes they always have

deirdre Caldwell

Great exhibits. Well worth a stop.

Ibolya Mess

Awesome place, very friendly staff! Lots of history of bikes and people! Highly recommend it!

M Murray

Great place to see an incredible collection of motorcycles and memorabilia. The staff is wonderful and the grounds are very nice. If you ride, or have any interest in motorcycles at all, you need to visit this museum.

LA Bear

Excellent option on a rainy Columbus day.

Larry Blaine

Great place Will go back to again

DeWayne Cummings

So glad we went, very keel place would highly recommend.

Amanda Hettic

Stop in here when you can. My husband and I enjoyed it.

Matt Fortman

It is worth a visit once in a while. The constantly have new, old, stuff coming in. It is a good place to learn about motorcycle history.

Alex Zitnik

Great way to spend some time to learn the history how motorcycles paved the way to what we know it as today. From classic bikes to modern, stories behind each one.

Melissa Barker

Have a good time

C Fisher

Very interesting and informative

Jeff Smith

If you like motorcycles, this is another Ohio gem.


Amazing bikes, Evels Bike and more. My kids loved the place as well as my husband. Just make sure your kids are respectful and don't touch please.

Marquetta Rattler

The most amazing small museum. You never really know how much history is in a motorcycle. From the Olympics to women in motorcycles it's definitely worth the trip.

Adam Schmidt

Motorcycle Hall of Fame in such a weird museum type place. it seems to be in a old run-down school that they just brought bikes too. The upper level has some cool bikes with designs and some major racing names and then the lower level is kind of Justice scatter of different weird motorcycles. it does have a bunch of cool Indians and trying to BMWs and even some motorcycles from the early early 1900s but there's no information on any of the motorcycles just their year and who donated them to the Hall of Fame. also it's crazy hard to find in the back of some subdivision

Craig Rush

Pretty cool museum. 3 floors. Bought an awesome Tshirt.

Katy Pritsel

It was a great way to spend my day with my parents. I wish I could see more woman and their history of riding. They have a few but not a whole bunch. Just wish there were more displays for woman.

Justin McDowell

Beautiful facility. One of those places you just need to spend a couple hours walking through to have real appreciation of the abilities of some riders and equipment from years past. They change the exhibits regularly so stopping a couple times a year is worth it.

Robert Baruffa

That have a lot of interesting historical bikes and things.

The Eliminator

Wasn't what i was expecting and wasn't worth the price of admission to see 30 or so motorcycles

Candi M

Very cool place! You will love seeing the history of motorcycles.

Lori Perry

Great history of motorcycle racing.


We had a wonderful time at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction ceremony! All the people were so nice that worked for the AMA. Great stories from the inductees and their families. Great food. So glad we were able to see Nicky Hayden inducted! It was a wonderful evening!

Tom Haines

Great place to visit and a lot of awesome Bikes to check out

Dave Fortman

Lots of interesting old motorcycles good place to go

William Vandenberg

Super cool place! Alot of history stuffed into one building! Well worth the $10!!

John Newton

The AMA is AMAzing! Small museum but we have met hall of fame riders/ people both times we were there just by walking around talking.

Jake McKiel

Was fun to see how motorcycles progressed through time and my kids loved it

Stan Thomas

Had a good visit and some interesting history there. They had an Evil Knievel display with one of his bikes. Very cool. Its not a large museum and it appears they may rotate some differnt displays/motorcycles based on bike availability. We went during the annual ride in and it was our first time there. The campus there is also very big and nice and would like to see more events there. Maybe an event with some type of guest attraction/entertainment to pull more guests in to the event.

lisa moore

A great place to spend the day

eric johnson

Been riding 49 years have seen a lot of bikes, this collection is VERY impreesive. Photos allowed good quality t-shirts. Rick, tell him Ricky is a kids name, knows the collection plus a really nice guy. I called because I forgot the history of one bike he remembered me, we chatted awhile. If you like bikes this is a must see. Eric Greensboro, NC

Jeff Edin

Really interesting. A ton of neat bikes. Some very cool vintage videos.


Nice museum

Wolfgang Kirchner

Great museum. They have some very unique bikes and plenty of them. We caught them during the week so virtually had the run of the place. Certainly worth a visit or two.

Nora Fleenor

Went with the whole family and everyone of us enjoyed it! There were some historical pieces as well as videos and artwork! There is a lot to look at and really cool facts to learn at each exhibit. I would highly recommend and can’t wait to go back!

Donal Heidenblad

Good assortment of bikes. And some really nice and rare examples.

Charles Jr Dailey

Excellence in every corner you look.TC one of the newest inductees into the hall of fame, such history just walking in, all the bikes in the collection,and had a little get together in the gathering room on the lower area for one of our elder celebrated riders and friend.

Janet V. Adams

We went 2 times

Laura Martin

I was on an extended work trip from the UK to our offices in Ohio and had one day off which was also my birthday, and found this place a mile from my hotel, lovely treat, really enjoyed it!


Cool but small

Nicole Williams

Lots of great motorcycle stuff. The toys were awesome. I'm m gonna win a BMW bike!

Lee Hasselbeck

Solid museum. A must for any two wheeled enthusiast. It's a small museum. It took just over two hours for the whole thing, but it's well presented with tons of facts. I'll be back again soon

Terrence Pitts

Great place a wonderful history of motorcycles and the people who promoted, created and raced them

BP Gnosis

Friendly staff (my father was with me and being the good spirit he is, he sparked a conversation with the kind lady at the desk and she gladly engaged in a near hour long conversation), wide variety of motorcycles, and neatly organized along with informational plaques for each bike and its rider(s). Very clean, and not too crowded. Overall a great visit.


went here with my boyfriend and we absolutely loved it !! the displays are nicely set up and if you come during the week you pretty much have the whole place to yourself . id reccomend it to anyone who has any interest in motorcycles

LaLita Edmonds

Took my husband for his birthday as a surprise. He's a motorcycle guru

Toni Sterling

Really cool museum if you're into bikes. Two models you can sit on. Can walk through in about an hour. Not too expensive. Veterans 50% off. Kids are free. Check Groupon before coming.

Kevin Hodges

If you're interested in motorcycle history or motor-sports, this is a great place to check out. They have lots of motorcycles, dirt bikes, and unique motorized vehicles on display, and information about famous designers and riders throughout history. Admission to the museum also helps support the American Motorcycle Association, a group that helps promote motorcycle education, training, awareness, and legal rights.

Terry Hopkins

Well a great place to visit if you are into motorcycles and people who ride them.

Michael Scott

If you ride you can't miss this.

Mike Kirk

Awesome Great memories

Ford Fan

This was a bucket list ride for me. The place was awesome. The folks who work there love what they do. I got to see some bikes from a very long time ago right up to recent inductees. On top of that, some of the prettiest riding roads anywhere are just a short ride away. Perfect weekend.

Michael Steele

Very nice

Ryan Arnold

Nice museum. Not too kid friendly.

Brandon Best

Great experience. An expensive. A real peice of of history. Staff is rude though. They could car less. It's a job to them.

Chris Zigo

Museum captures the history of motorcycling. American Motorcyclist Association national HQ in adjacent building hosts events across the country and advocates for riders rights. Join and support if you are not already a member

tammara wilson

Vintage, racing, and street bikes then on and on. Very organized and clean.

fortnite switch

It was good i liked the display

Joseph Adams

It is small and a bit randomly organized (moreso the lower level), but it was still worth visiting

Brian Stevens

Great museum an exhibit

James Snyder

It's a special place!

jessie k

Really great collection of many makes and models of motorcycles. A great stop even if you aren't too interested in motorcycles.

A Ash

Great museum, displays were wonderful and educational. Highly reccomend.

John Mcguinness

Definitely worth seeing !!

Jason Johnson

Love these smaller lesser known museums. This one didn't disappoint. There is much history on display and the layout is open and flows from one display to the next. Admission is more than reasonable, they usually have Groupon available.

vohn busby

A lot of motorcycle history in that building!

Jay Toussaint

It was neat to see all the different motorcycles. We were in heaven. The staff was professional, passionate and patient with all our kids many many many questions. Worth a visit even if you know nothing about motorcycles.

William Settles

Saw my first Observed Trials. Pretty cool...! A great family sport as the little tykes participated using small electric bikes and striders. The advanced and pros were interesting; some took the harder challenges with not much effort. Others were dabbing left and right. Literally! Go see one...

Suzie Needels Stone

This place is awesome! Their collection includes everything from Evel Knievel, to the Terminator police bike, to honoring women bikers, plus so much more! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very kind.

alex bezuglyy

Came for an hour, stayed for 2, even caught a snake for them!

Bob Haley

Amazing and informative displays of motorcycling history.

Shaun Holloway

Underestimated hidden gem in Pickerington, OH and headquarters of the American Motorcyclists Association, there are many old and rare bikes, including great stories of early riders. It feels like it could be a bigger place, but what is there is truly special.

Timothy Topp

Although this is a very small museum I gave it a 5 star rating based on the thought that it covers all aspects of riding. Very knowledgeable staff, very helpful staff. Older building but well kept, I was hoping to see more history with the motorcycle exhibits that they have such as when they have a single motorcycle maybe explain that this bike was made from this year to this year and how many were made things like that but all in all if you're in the area it's well worth the stop.

Misty Combs

So much to learn and see.

Kathleen Pierce

Beautiful bikes, very informative, great time!

Rafay Rehman

Loved it. Stunt bike from Terminator 2 was present

Roy Gudgeon

Great displays of motorcycles and biographies of motorcycle personalities.

Jim Fraze

This was a very cool place, especially for someone like me, that is a novice motorcycle person at best. Their "bike nights" that are twice a year are quite entertaining and interactive. The museum is very cool, and my 10 year-old was mesmerized. A nine gift shop as well, and friendly and helpful staff. They genuinely want to be there. If you're in driving distance, it's a must do. You can also feel good about supporting a non-profit.

Alex Griffin

Amazing it is rare to see most of the machines period, let alone in the condition they are in. If you are into bikes you have to check it out the AMA is an awesome organization.

Will White

If you are in the area you gotta check it out.

Peggy Tustin

Great place

Tony Moreno

Very interesting History of Motorcycles

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