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Where is Fort Meigs Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Fort Meigs Historic Site IN Ohio

Lady Greenleaf

Absolutely would come back

Adam Yerg

Great fishing

Mary Perritt

Good place to learn more about the war of 1812

Shawn Krumm

Love. This. Place. It's very peaceful and has such a good spirit about it.

Martin Curry

Neat place to visit. Fort and inner museum help to understand history better.

Lorna KoNo

Enjoyed everything, very enjoyable video.

John Fultz

Nice place of history

Pat Gioffredo

Attended a British Car Show at the fort, had a wonderful time.

Earnest Holcomb

Excellent place to visit, remember Fort Meigs before the fort was built. The museum has alot to offer as far as historical relics.

Matt Yockey

Can't sled here no more dumb

Fred Ahrens

Fascinating historical site. War of 1812, when Ohio was a frontier.

J.E. Rice

A great recreation of the original fort that was dismantled before the war of 1812. Located on the exact same spot as the original, the fort has an amazing view overlooking the Maumee River which made it a strategic location during the war. There is also a quite impressive museum along with the fort.

Joshua Schoonover

Awesome place to visit and fish out in front during the annual walleye run

Fizz_da_wizz pop1992

Don't you just love learning about history because this is the perfect place to do so.

David Schworm

Awesome place full of history, and knowledgeable people. Always a good time !!

Jenifer vdS

Went on the ghost walk. A nice fall family activity.

Jeffrey May


Eric Morman

It was a nice stop for an afternoon with family. We were able to learn about the area history and explore the fort. Museum had a lot of facts and historical pieces. Be prepared to have a charge to enter but thought it was worth the value since it goes into the preservation of the site.

Melissa Rednour

Loved this place!! Definitely worth the stop!

Andrew Crews

We went to see the First Siege 1813 here and had a really good time. The schedule allowed for a good pace to see the muskets, cannons, and riflemen. Our kid really enjoyed the mini-militia as she marched and "fired" a musket. The event highlight was the battle demonstration - it was highly entertaining and informational. If historical reenactments are something you enjoy then this would be a good event to visit.

Kris Maier

Very informative and great experience for the kids!

Michael Emshwiller

Utterly fantastic representation of times past. An excellent place to visit.

Ron Bennett

Love fishing there. Always beautiful


Cool historic spot. Large grounds. Not as interactive as I was assuming...but maybe not a special day to do so either? No people in costume and no demonstrations.

Chris James

Fort Meigs offers a huge open area to explore outside of the actual fort, which is great for kids, dogs, or anyone that needs to stretch their legs. Inside the fort is such a wealth of history and knowledge. If you are in Perrysburg around Halloween-time the garrison ghost walk is the perfect spooky stroll!!

Keith Mauldin

Great Staff


A lot of history here it's pretty cool if you ask me

Tomsr Smith

Lots of historical background is here for the War of 1812 and would encourage everyone to come and see this Fort and besure to visit the Museum lots of historical artifacts and knowledgeable staff to answer questions.

Lorraine Began

Rich history about the fort and how they defended their location.

Thomas Light

It's a wonderful place to learn about the history of the War of 1812 and the impact this Fort and battle had on the United States.

Charles Watson

Great historic site! Largest fort in the US from the Battle of 1812. Really cool to see how Ohio played a significant role in this Battle to keep America free.

Brenda Jameson

What a great place to visit, so much information and history... Loved it

levi schutz

Kids had a good time. I never knew so much history was in northwest Ohio. We had a very knowledgeable guide and would do it again.

Daryl Montri

Great place to learn the history of the area

Wild Mic

Nice place ,won't allow paranormal investigations.

steve mayes

Built in 1813 to help defend north western Ohio during the War of 1812. Fort Meigs is located along the south bank of the Maumee River just outside the Historic town of Perrysburg. Just across the river on the north bank are the remnants of the old British Fort Miami. There is plenty to see and do at Ft Meigs. They have a great muesum and lots of displays within the walls of the Fort. If you want the full effect, go while the re-enactment is on. It takes place in May every year. You will definitely enjoy your visit! ☺

Patricia Nickols

fort Meigs is a great historicl site. accurate buildings and portrayal of this time in NE Ohio history. great historical impressions and renactments. great for kids. friendly staff and love the gift shop.

Jamie Leathers

We'll maintained historical site. A must see whether you live nearby or are just visiting the area.

Sheryl Burnette

Nice day trip. I'd like to come when they are doing reenactments. Nice place to visit if you want to hear some history.

Jenny Schnell

Wonderful museum, well done. Our children enjoyed it also. Reasonably priced.

Dick Holt

On my way from California to the East Coast in March, I stopped at Fort Meigs and was impressed in many ways. I hadn't realized the fort was so large, nor the walls built of such large timber (the men must have been MEN at that period). The museum was outstanding in every way, lots of good displays , very well kept up and clean, the docents very pleasant and informative. The reason for my visit was that I had donated a powder-horn (Archibald Everett - Sept 16, 1813 Fort Meigs) and was pleased that it is part of their permanent display. If I ever head that way again I will revisit the site and wish to thank everyone past and present for the reconstruction and maintenance. Fortunately the weather was chilly but dry, couldn't have asked for anything more. Again my thanks. Dick Holt

Johnathan Early

Great historic site. This trip was a bit muddy, due to the uncommon, over saturation of the grounds. The event organizers, did a great job getting everyone out safely.

Melissa Coburn

Amazing piece of history!

Janet Payne

Beautifully maintained. Great history lesson.

Scott Wolke

This is a great historic landmark....can't wait to visit again!!

Jeff Arthur

Love the site, just wish it wasn't so expensive to enter.

Kali Sawaya

Fascinating structure and location. Especially enjoyed the guard tower exhibit about the period infirmary.

Carey Jones

Another good spot for the walleye run

Dean Webb

Very historic site. Doesn't cost anything to get in.

Kathy DeNolf

My 14 year old grandson LOVED our visit!!

Laura Degner

One of my favorite places ever!!!

Ryan Janicki

Tremendous piece of history. This for played a big role in the war of 1812. Very cool to see.

Paula Heck

Great place for a date or to take your family...can learn a lot of History about Ohio really neat to...plan on a couple hours lots of neat stuff to learn and see...will return because we ran out of time...very nice time spent with hubby and fur babies are allowed. Nice museum friendly staff. We had the place basically to ourselves it was during the week. They had some work sheets to fill out and hubby learned some awesome history that we didn’t know about Ohio...I learned lots! I want to visit again think it’s cool learning history about stuff we’re you live.

William Pellegrino

Didn't do a full tour do to the rain, but this is a well maintained park and I found it interesting. I would like to come back.

Robin Conley

Great historical place to visit.

Randel Ellison

Nice place to kill a couple of hours and learn a little history...also staff really friendly

David Welsh

If you are Interested in history (especially war or Indians)... This is the is.the remains of one.of.the forts from the battle of fallen timbers... (I believe)... That took place back in 1794... Just think at one time soldiers actually stood,walked,fought,and did other things there... All the way back in 1794... It is possible that even Indians stood there as Well... Can you imagine standing in the as people did back in 1794... Amazing...stop by and check it out... It is awesome...

Matthew Eck

Great tour put the War of 1812 and the sacrifices of our service members back then into perspective.

David Bias

little piece of history. awesome reenactments and cool little museum. in a nice scenic area but not far from any kind of grub you might wanna stop for.

Charles Kashary Jr.

Largest earthen and stockade fort in the USA. Good museum & staff. Check schedule for special events!

David Desparois

Al old fort with much history.

Zachary Hatfield

Nicely maintained, very cool 4th of July event.

Elizabeth Siracusa

Great knowledgeable staff about the war and events of that time.

Jayson Hines

Great place to learn about the history of Perrysburg!

Jayan Karunarathna

A nice place to spend an afternoon. The museum contains a lot of information about the war. The fort area is really good for an evening walk.

Laura Buckley

Learned a lot about Ohio and the war of 1812.

Ellie Miller

This was the best date night I've ever had. We went on the ghost walk tour thing and it was super fun! We still talk about it to this day. Definitely a highlight of the year!

Dennis Batdorf

Love this place

Steve Francia

Great living history "Fort" giving you a great idea of how the soldiers, militia (& their women folk) lived and died. You'll need about 2 hours.

steve dunkelberger

Such an interesting place that covers a short, but important time in history.

Justin Green

Was a cool small stop on our way home from our honeymoon. Came with no real expectations but found a fun museum/outdoor exhibit. There is an initial museum, this will be your bigger exposure to authentic items from the battlefield and period, following the indoor museum is an outdoor field consisting of a track to each blockhouse fortification a couple of which are accessible to the public and a few of which are not. I throughly enjoy the way museums like this make history come alive for both children and adults by making a very large portion of grounds accessible from close up by patrons but wished there was a live person at some point explaining some of the lore and history.

Hillary Hansen

Great date spot if you're into history.

Mike Levy

Great place to check out the local history!

Jeremy Heaton

The fort is always a good place to learn about the war of 1812. There is also the Monroe river raisin museum in Monroe mi. They have a bit more about the war as a whole not just about that specific one.

Robin Burkhart

It was a great fireworks display, and a very clean park.

Adam Gardner

Embrace history!loved the entire experience & helpful staff.check out all they have to offer in the gift shop as well.

Lincoln Ernst vlogs

It was great to see the real battleground and the fort


Drive from Cleveland memorial day weekend was great. We went the fort meigs to see the reenactment of the seige of 1813. We had a great time! Everyone was friendly and helpful and educational. Would love to go back anytime!!

En Johnson

Largest wood fort in America. Museum gave an excellent interpretation of the events.

Dan Leonard

This is a beautiful, historic site, but horrible on a rainy day. Everything floods to easily.

Beverly Youngren

We arrived on day visitors center closed, but local maintenance fellow shared history. Loved it!!

susan bernard

Our family enjoys the events at Ft. Meigs

John B.

You are greeted by the staff and given a video to watch and then about a 15 to 20 minute brief on the Fort and how it came to be. The staff is great. There needs to be better pathways through the fort and maybe get the grass cut a little lower, it was a little difficult to walk through. But it is a great history lesson. Come check it out.

Scott Carlson

beautiful place with small museum

Ashley Ann

This place is so much fun they have winter craft days and it's cool to explore on a empty day or with all the reenactors

Steven Jones

Great historical site

Christine Snyder

We walked the paths when the museum itself was closed. But you're still able to walk around the grounds. Very peaceful.

Liz L

Fort Meigs Historic Site. Ohio's War of 1812 Battlefield. 1783, the Americans won the American Revolutionary against England. Tension between the two Countries remained until it fester into a war. 1813, a small British Army unit with support from Indians attempted to capture the recently constructed fort to forestall an American offensive against Detroit, and its Fort Detroit in the Great Lakes region, the British failed to capture the fort and were forced to raise the siege. Fort Meigs is a reconstruction of that period. In the Visitor Center there is a Museum that exhibits hundreds of original artifacts, found on the site. Gift Shop, clean rest room, & friendly staff.

Flynn Baarnett

Great place to visit very nice Museum

Mat Raber

Awesome museum. Veterans tickets are free

Anthony Ames

Loved it. Can't wait to go back.

Adam Dawson

Awesome.... You can still walk the grounds while they are closed... It's beautiful

Dave Harding

If you like history and want to learn more about the War of 1812, Ft. Meigs is a must visit. One of the largest forts built during the war, it stands on approximately 10 acres of land. There is also museum documenting that time period in American history along with store selling merchandise pertaining to that era.

Teunis Davey

Interesting historic place

Mike houle

Summer Love grease humble disagree just sit there and look you will see ghosts from the past

Tory Rood

Fun place good learning experience for the kids

William Henry

Interesting historial site

Zach Misson

Awesome! The tour guides and docents were very nice and informative.

Daniel DeLuca

Fort meigs is one of the last remaining forts in the state of ohio from the 19th century. Packed with history and a large gift shop. If you want to visit a site that had 2 battles....fort meigs is the place to go!


Good American historical site

Stephanie Jones

As a history lover, I desire to learn all I can about what events shaped this great nation of ours. I love our country because of our freedoms and countless men and women in this country sacrificed so much for us to have them. It is so important to learn

Dale Openlander

Awesome view of the fireworks. Great show.

Hope Anteau

Love the history of Fort Meigs, its a beautiful fort on the Maumee river

Sd W

This place is fun to visit. The staff was professional and helpful, and the museam and fort was clean and easy to navigate. I highly recommend for a day~visit with the family.

Michael Leu

Fort Meigs is a great place to visit for a history lesson. You get to see what it was like back in the old-old days. It's amazing to see and the kids love it as well. I remember seeing it when I was a child and now my kids get to as well.


Beautiful! Historic! Loved doing the lantern tour! Fun!

Christine Franks

Great time listening to ghost stories.

JT Watson

It was lit even the sky was littttt keep it 100

Jen Davenport

U want to learn some history, u should come here. They have a museum here as well.

Vicki Smith

Would like to make it during re enactment instead of just w as ll thru

Thomas Peart

I think it's wonderful that we keep our history together for us and the younger generation we have to know our past that's all there is to it!! Way too many things happen again if we're not aware of our past history! Many of our freedoms now are being eroded because of our lack of knowledge of History. We have to be careful how much power we give to people that are over us, and I think you know what I mean!

Melvin Sprauer

Come out and relive the war of 1812... One of Northwest Ohio greatest historical sites that is a must see!!!

David Carrillo

Great history in the Midwest. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Davenport

Just went to see the reenactment between the British & Americans today. They have it every year during Memorial Day weekend.

Marie Thompson

This is a nice place to walk around. Make sure you wear closed shoes and sunscreen. There was a nice volunteer working on the garden.

Tom Medsker

Much of the War of 1812 was fought in what is now Ohio and Michigan. There is a lot of history here.

Benjamin Flores

Cool historic site. Great for sledding when we have enough snow for it.

Christopher Rogers

A great little historic park!

Lisa Crawford

Cool fort full of history on the War of 1812. They have periodic actors and you can tour the fort buildings.

Rodney Bynum

Fort Meigs is a great place to take the family and learn about the past we had a wonderful time and I suggest you to visit and learn

Steve H.

I always enjoy a historical fort more when there is still a structure to walk through. The staff has done a very good job of telling the fort's history in both the visitor center and the fort displays. This is another fort that played a significant role in American history. I recommend a visit when in the area.

Morgan Stenson

My troop and I went camping, the day we picked had been cold and rainy but it was still very fun and interesting


Great place for walks

Donald Wallace

Reconstructed historic fort from the War of 1812. It was built by General William Henry Harrison, who went on to become President of the United States. The fort survived two British sieges. The visitor center has many artifacts on display. In the summer there are costumed guides in the fort. There are re-enactments, activities and lectures throughout the year.

Amanda Jones

Great adventure, for a day trip in Ohio

Rachelle Buchholz

History baby

Mark Myers

Really nice visit. Talked extensively with the for quartermaster in his 1813 Ohio militia uniform. I learned a lot

Vanessa Carlson

Nice museum and groiunds

Debra Startzman

Great historical place to visit. Especially fun during the Muster on the Maumee.

David Smittle

Very interesting. Helpful staff.

Cindy Alderfer

Visitor center proved a very good historical background and the fort grounds worthwalkung.

James N. Phillips Jr.

Great historical visit! This coupled with the River Rasin National Battlefield inn Monroe Michigan can give a person a great understanding of the war of 1812 and its importance in this area! While it is not Antietam or Gettysburg, it was no less instrumental in the battles to controls the northwest areas of our fledgling republic.

Emily Hohn

My son enjoyed the nice nature walk on the river.. We seen ducks and deer up close❤

Dan Motchnik

Great historic site, very accessible, well kept. Staff is very helpful amd attentive. Visited for the Revolutionary War reenactment - Nice event overall foe the whole family.

Panda L

I never know when it will have access closed so it's hard to plan a trip. Keep your options open just in case.

Sarah Short

There is a very nice visitor center that gives the history and background of the area and the war. Then you can walk around the fort for an even more realistic experience. Beautiful views of the river, too!


A must to see if you are in the Toledo metropolitan area. The reconstructed fort from the 1800 played a critical role in defending America during the war of 1812 I only had a hour to visit but from what I saw, it was amazing. Enjoyed the displays in all the bunkhouses that were in the fort. And I was surprised to reenactors on a Friday morning who were very friendly and informative.

Debbi Klem

Great class in cooking during the mid 1800s.


Great place to visit and learn about Fort Meigs. Stuff fpr kids to do and lots of hosted events.

Earl Smith

Educational information on the War of 1812 awesome place for you and your entire family


Awesome place to visit worth it

James Blum

Top notch for re enactments, excellent lecture series, Muster on the Maumee especially beloved of my kids

Mike Davis

Mets 25 and 26 Civil War reenactment you won't want to miss it...

Ashley Dukeshire

This is a Northwest Ohio gem! The staff and volunteers are so friendly and knowledgeable. I just love the reenactments. It really gives the public a sense of realism while honoring the soldiers who fought and died here. Great job, everyone.

Onyx Dragon's Domain

Been coming here since 2017 for gaming events (World at War, Drums In the Rapids). Staff is excellent with a great gift shop and museum too. Highly recommended to all gamers and history buffs.

Rebecca Ashenfelter

This is a historical treasure, it is one of the finest forts left in the country. They have tours and reenactments. A great family stop, lots of area to picnic or to walk.

Jamie rulka

This was a school trip fir is and my 10 year old lived it. Grate way ro get kids in to history.

Rosalie Robinson

Have lived in the area my whole life finally got around to visiting this historic place. Nice museum tells of life during the period and what led to the need of the fort. The fort itself is a nice walk and the buildings of the fort have exhibits in them telling what soldiers lived through, during war and peace time. Recommend a good 2 hours or more to see and read about this historical site.

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