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Where is Crawford Auto Aviation Museum?

REVIEWS OF Crawford Auto Aviation Museum IN Ohio

Abby Aloni

We are renting the museum for a private party. It's a great venue if you are looking for something unique.

Diane Driskell

I visited the museum on "Euclid Beach Day" and it was awesome. I loved the popcorn balls, taffy, games, face painting for kids, and most of all, unlimited rides on the carousel. I hope they have more special days like this in the future.

Todd W

One of my favorite museums in Cleveland. At only $10 there's a lot to see and they rotate themes and displays in one of the wings so there's always something new to come back and see.

Damon Appel

An interesting, but fairly small venue (and their parking lot is even smaller), but I'm glad I got to see it as part of a special event there. If you're from out of town, make sure you include it in a stop combined with 1 or 2 other nearby museums, if you're planning to make a daft of it.

Rian Metelko

This is a superb collection of automobiles as well as other history of Cleveland in the area. staff is super accommodating and eager and willing to any questions you may have. The carousel in the free ticket you get with admission is an added plus especially if you have children with you.

Tats Bob

Great place and always has been.

Rich Ramonis


Jennifer Hanselman

Lots of cool stuff to see here, especially for car buffs!

Skip Spencer

Just about everything a car enthusiast would like to see. Not on the scale of Gilmore Car Museum in Delton Michigan, but still a good visit.

Jenna Jamieleon Nazario

An amazing Place to bring the family kid friendly. I highly recommend the Crawford Museum. It has a reasonable admission charge $10 and $7 for vets. Just go!!!

John Pearson

A nice car museum, not large but definitely had a good collection of particularly old vehicles. Additionally the focus on Cleveland built cars was fascinating.

Louis Licata

Always a great place to go on a rainy day

Kevin Coulman

Really great collection of cars and planes and general cleveland history. Also includes the Hanna house which is definitely worth a walk through. The atmosphere is pretty standard museum in the Hanna house, while the Crawford museum is pretty upbeat and bright

Steven Jewell

Great collection of old cars

cheri todd

There is lots of history to see here.

Nancy Ehrenschneider

One of my favorite museums!! Clean, bright!!

Jon Capria

Great rainy day with the family in such a fun place


Excellent place to visit, great exhibits and items on display, especially if you are a car buff. The Cleveland wing/section is incredible and extremely entertaining. The old Euclid Park carousel is a great time for all. Took away one star only cause it is not really appealing to kids 6 years and younger. There is a kids play area, and there are a couple of "distractions" for kids (like the play dingy on the bottom floor where the majority of the cars are on display), but overall, it is a very heavy reading museum, with an exhibit on display, and two to three paragraphs to read. Just keep in mind if you choose to take younger kids.

Shawn Knaser

I had such a great time looking at all the displays. I remember going as a school age kid and thought it was neat but now that I'm older and like history this place was truly fascinating.

Stan Midnight.

Very enjoyable walk through automobile history.

Jeff Wilkins

Great classic car collection

Phillip Hay

Super. Very well done

Robert Purgert

Wow. Cleveland has lots more history than I imagined. Some beautiful cars.

Brad Clemens

Overall, a nice place to visit but in all... kind of a let down. I went in expecting much more in regards to auto and aviation and well it did not reach my hope. The cost for the museum is within reason as the museum isn’t too big or extensive. The thing that may have left an off taste for though is as I was leaving the parking went up the payment amount by going over one minute... I know... I know, it happens and it’s going to but just off set me a bit considering the museum itself was less than expected. For what it’s worth though, a very quaint little place with interesting memories and information about Cleveland as well as a fair assortment of older cars to look at.

Gail Gross-Brown

Loved the place but it is not easily accessible. We saw no button for opening and with a wheelchair it was hard to be independent on entering.

Rusty Wheeler

Very nice museum to take the family too

Frederick Teitelbaum

Smaller museum but packed full of meaningful automobiles... interesting take on displays...easy to read information on many of the displays. Staff was very pleasant. The price is right. Plus there are a couple of airplanes on display. Really worth the visit.

Pat Masterson

A fun place to revisit things you might have forgotten about Cleveland!

John Boros

Great place to take the grandkids to see history live and not in a textbook!

geofredo emaycee

We really should rename this complex as the Cleveland History Museum. So much more than just cars and planes. All things historically Cleveland are in the house. Four stainless steel cars!(if you count the Delorean) Only place in the world you can see these together. Authentic carousel from turn of the century with free rides provided with ticket purchase. I wasnt going to ride it bc I'm a dude and dudes don't do things as such, but im glad I did. All the horses are hand carved and huge. I actually hand to hop up to get on top of the thing and I'm 6' 1". Be sure to read about Robert Manrey and the little boat sitting in the middle of the upstairs displays. Amazes and wonders how he did this.

Nikki Castillo

Just an awesome collection of cars and.local memorabilia!

Kathleen Brown

Amazing museum with a great new exhibit if Cleveland Ohio history.

Terry and Kate Terrill

Was a good day trip to neighboring Cleveland. Price was ok for the amount to see but staff was non-existent to help if needed.

Zachery Grimm

Out of a handful auto museums I have been to, nothing really stands out to me about it, but it's gonna get 5 stars because it was super quiet and every single staff I interacted with was incredibly friendly. One woman in particular, I think her name was Jenna, answered a bunch of questions of ours

Gary Whitaker

Excellent gem hidden in the historical society buildings. More cars from the 1895 to 1915 era than anywhere. Beautiful cars from the 30s, Classic cars from the 50s.

Bill Miller

One of the hidden gems in the city museums. Very affordable cost for all that you get. A must stop for those not only into classic automobiles but other history.

Aleks Krysa

Beautiful old cars and the best restored carousel in the land. This is a must see.

Ray Kirsch

Great place for car and history buffs. The mansions are very ornate and well worth a slow walk-through. Quiet atmosphere. Great place to relax.

jacob crabtree

Staff is knowledgeable and helpful, but the museum it's self has no organization there will be a a car from 1900 sitting next to something from the thirties with a dog viper next to that. It should start at one end with oldest example and go year by year to the other end with the newish dodge viper. Also if ur going here accept that you have to part in the history museums parking deck as the have no parking of their own.

Phil Saxe

Unequaled experience... enjoy days of old

Melody Ann

Fun and interesting place to see. Lots of antique cars. It was worth the $10 admission.

Shaun Hall

If you like old cars this is the place to go

L Godesa

Recommend to families and out of towners! This museum gives an overall history of the city of Cleveland!

Jackie Todd

Lots of fun! The carousel was a big hit with the kids. We all enjoyed seeing all of the different types of vehicles! Enjoyable, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Denise Brazile

Nice, I didn't know it is a library in this museum and I've been in here a lot of times.

Charis Walker

We took a group of children. There was so much to see and learn. They offered an educational workshop that was super interactive. They really had the students moving! I learned about a aviation in a new way.

Alan Hamilton Farrell

Truly an excellent museum and display. Don't miss it.

Samuel Herzig

This museum is really neat. Car collection is cool. It's worth checking out if you are in the area.

a guy in a gaint world

It was very fun to look at all the cars

Oliver Ray

It's such an incredible museum that goes completely overlooked by most locals. If you live in Cleveland and you have yet to go then you're missing out. The car collection is amazing and their temporary exhibits are stunning. They also have a kids section and an impressive ferris wheel.

Heidi Wyse Seery

This is such an important museum full of local automotive and aviation history. Includes a ride on the restored Euclid Beach carousel with actual band organ. They also have an expansive library allowing you to do research and view original documents. Highly recommend!

Pearl W

Went for United We Brunch and had a blast!

natan shelzer

Amazing !!! You can spend the all day here

Howard Falcon

This is an awesome place. Great collection of old cars and history about the people that lived in the Cleveland area. Located next to the Natural History Museum and Art Museum, ideally located. Great time, even road the Merry-go-round from Euclid Beach.

Chris Snyder

Great place to take the kid

Schuyler Wavrek

Be sure to take a ride on the old Euclid Beach carousel. It's like brand new. The cars and airplanes are pretty neat too.

Pauline S

A hidden gem in "Museum row". Love that they showcase the large role Cleveland played in the auto industry-over 100 and some different cars were manufactured here. Visit the website and take a tour. Great for a rainy day.

George Beros

Beautiful, interesting and well maintained. Worth the trip.

Matthew Horwich

The vintage automobiles are so interesting!

Aleks Rex

A great collection and friendly staff!

Rick Oyen

Great to visit. Great place to volunteer! Cleveland's outstanding place in early automotive industry and also in the National Air Races of the 1930s and 40s are well represented by the cars and planes that are displayed and explained.

John Gregg

This is located inside the Cleveland History museum. Lots of great displays of Cleveland's history, a carousel that was completely refirbised from the Euclid beach park that you can ride. And Crawford's car museum had 50 plus antique cars of all kind.

Byron Rich

An amazing collection and wonderful, knowledgeable staff.

Ruthann Blank

Nice establishment love looking at the old cars and riding the merry go round

Sabrina Peacock

Was there for a work event and had a great time.

Paul Kimmel

As automobile museums go, this one is excellent--well-displayed and informative.

Roderick Walden

Great cars and planes, kids will love it, they also have a working carousel originally from Euclid Beach Park.

Gregg Melzer

Learn so much about tech history. Gorgeous cars and planes.

Eliza Walton

I enjoyed riding the carousel with my 91 years young grandfather.

Heather Robinson Mooney

Gorgeous cars, very nice & helpful staff. Fun kids' area, too! Totally worth the small admission fee.

Steve Bloomfield

Now called the "Cleveland History Center", Parking and admission have gotten pretty outrageous for a free Clevelander, like myself. Parking cost is my biggest issue, because it used to be FREE, now Apartment/Condo's have taken up 50% of the former parking lot, access has been limited, and street parking on Magnolia Dr. or in the University Circle , Inc. lot across the street are about your only free options, and not very ideal for handicapped access. Stokes Brothers exhibit was a bit scattered and disjointed, $4 ice cream and vintage Euclid Beach Carousel rides can add to a family's cost quickly. Great political campaigns memorabilia from 1790 to present day. And, way too many costumed mannequins. in the ornate Hay Mansion. The giant 3-story neon Chief Wahoo at the entrance, has no mention of the "Indians" controversial logo or Native American disdain for the racially charged symbol, or the Cleveland Team's disrespectful name. (Just something that struck me to my heart, on an MLK Holiday visit.)

Joel Wittels

Incredibly amazing place!

Charles Williams

History in place.

Corvette Shorts

If you've never been here, you're missing out. First Delorean ever made.....need I say more??

Ivy Daniels

Fantastic collection of antique automobiles and airplanes!

Rolanda Anwar

Loved this place... staff was great and so many cars! Not a lot of walking... sounds lazy, yet I say that to point out how close and vast the exhibits.

Larry Scionka

Great really for all

Yehuda Appelbaum

Nice museum they give a tour of the McKinley house.

Amy Suchodolski

Make sure to ride the carousel! And check out that Delorean and noose rope!!!

Anthony Beltran

Impressive collection of Cleveland's industrial history.

Tim Borkowski

Surprisingly nice, I have been there a few years before it was greatly disappointed after the renovations. It seems that the Crawford Museum has really tried to improve and succeeded in their efforts. Worth the price of admission.

Matthew Downing

Great tour! Staff was extremely and helpful. We were directed to other exhibits and asked about our experience when leaving. Plan on spending hours there.

j koeh

Never even knew about the museum gallery, where you walk through 2 mansions. That was on addition to the connection of cars and aircraft. A real history of Cleveland, enjoyed all of it. Try to do the guided tour of the mansions, very interesting.

Heather Leininger

Smaller collection than some, but the stories tied to the collection were great. Lots of supporting documents and items. Could use an update on their sign and set designs. But eveyone was very friendly and full of information!

Joe Sterne

This is a great hidden gem in the "museum district". Tons of unique cars, including a whole section dedicated to stainless steel cars (yup, a DeLoran is there too) as well as some items specific to the CLE/Akron area. If you like cars, you should visit!


I was actually here for job interview but my schedule and the schedule they needed me for wouldn't work out walked around for a moment it's nice really nice

Joey Makalintal

The museum has an interesting mix of cars in the collection. Truly worth the visit!


It was a nice visit with no waiting

Jack Harback

This is probably one of my favorite museum's in Cleveland. A great selection of classic cars, interesting local history in the mansions and rotation displays.

Brandon Brennen

Really interesting place. You can learn a great deal about history through automobiles and aeroplanes.

Kitty Pavich

Loved learning about Cleveland auto history

Dave Allison

Worth the find! Some rare cars and things. nicely laid out with loads of reading and video's. Our 12 year old grand son loved the openness and cool cars. I'd say it takes only 90 minutes to see everything, but it depends how much you inspect and ponder.

Pat Callahan

Reminisce . Prepare to spend day . Much to see and do .

Clinton Rapp

Really cool place to see if your into history or historical cars

Krista Burke

had my doubts going in, but turns out this was really cool!

Ed Hall

It is a very nice place to visit lot of amazing things didn't have the car we were looking for but everything else was very nice

Susan Brazalovics

Very nice place for the day. There is a lot to see and do. My favorite thing was the carousel. It was fun and can ride it all day. There is alot for the family to do. Good place for everyone to go. I would recommend it for out of town people. Looking forward to go back. I am excited!

Mike Thompson

This is a very cool place for a car guy and his lady. Along with many historic cars and planes of the Cleveland area, there is a mansion tour and a history of fashion exhibit. We didn't have a chance to see everything because I was so floored by the cars. We'll be going back soon.

heather conley

What an exciting place to go, really good selections of cars of the past and race cars and just alot to see with airplanes even, I will go back since it takes awhile to go thru everything, but it's worth it and they have a great grand Carasoul you have to ride!!!

Angus Arrington

Another part of an enjoyable day

john apple

Really well laid out! Lots of unique cars. A must visit for car people

Dave Hahn

Really a nice place very cool cars and the euclid beach amusement park merry go round 2 free rides with paid admission

Julie Buchman

Great museum but be careful. Touched top wood trim on a car with tip of finger and was advised to not do again. I accepted the reprimand but feel being followed rest of my visit was a bit overboard.

Jesse Woodrum

The Allegheny/Ford Stainless steel cars are pretty neat. Not the biggest auto museum, but cool to check out nonetheless.

Zach Bruce

I remember the Bicentennial Tour around Ohio in 2003...I was on it. Giving rides with volunteers at the restoration facility in Macedonia...going around to events at Stan-Hywet Hall or Barrington, Pebble Beach to Edgewater Park...This magnificent collection was once a living, breathing entity. People could see these machines roar to life and move around under their own power, and even ride around on them on occasion. History is different when it's alive. Whether it is witnessing reenactors storm a beach in "Normandy" or living the past at Hale Farm, it's easier to immerse oneself in the history if it's "alive". The collection is cold and depressing to view now that it's static. It reminds me of going to a wake. The body is cold and all that's left is the memories you had once made that you left behind you. If only there were a chance that this collection could come back to would be amazing to see these beautiful contraptions off the jacks and rolling once again. Static and unmoving, they're just...not the same... Someday I hope that I can bring my future family to University Circle and not just look at metal sculptures sitting on stands. I want my kids to see a 1903 Cadillac sputter to life, just as I did some while ago. I want them to ride an old Yellowstone Park bus. I want history to be revived. Because that's the way it should be.

Jay Schwartz

Great staff. Cool gift shop. Will be back !

Elizabeth H.

Very interesting place to visit! Has a little bit of something for all ages, including a chance to ride the old Euclid Beach carousel that has been lovingly restored.

Michael Tennyson

First time ever being there took my grandson and we had a great time and will be back

lover of music

Very fun. And nice of you like. Cars and planes

Mitch Koestler

Wonderful place for an outing with the kids. Great collection, not overwhelming, well organized, and helpful, courteous staff. Will definitely go back!

Nicole Greene

It was wonderful I had no idea it was that big. The dang thing has two floors of cars planes and motorcycles, a huge carousel, 2 not 1 but 2 mansions, a library, and much more. Just make sure you go early they close at 5 but you definitely wanna catch the tour at 3 it was amazing.

Laura LaPat

A variety of unusual cars. Wheelchair friendly!

Sable Carter

Visited for the first time last year I would highly suggest any Cleveland native take a stroll through there. Great exhibits and if you can don't forget to get on the carousel!

emily doleh

The Crawford Auto Aviation Museum held a United We brunch for The Scene Magazine. I enjoyed the downstairs where there were classical cars. Otherwise this Museum was being held for a brunch by several different restaurants. They had a mimosa section right by the Bloody Marys. Only complaint I have about that as they only used one kind of Tito's and it did not taste well with My Bloody Mary. There was another drink they made for me that was made of Tito's and I can't remember what else I want to say it was a lemonade drink. I couldn't drink that either because the one Tito's they had just did not taste well with the drinks they were making maybe if they had the white label titos drinks would have tasted better because drinks were not all that everyone went downstairs where the cool cars were and where their beers were beers went by so fast because not everyone was feeling the brown label Tito's

Cheryl Cunningham

The Crawford Auto Museum was very interesting. They had a interactive worksheet at entrance that kept kids engaged. The auto exhibit and facts about Cleveland were very interesting. The Carousel from Euclid Beach was nostalgic. I loved the tour of the mansion and history lesson. Our entire family had an awesome time.

Dom Royalty

Loved it here great collection of vintage cars!

Thomas Smith

Very neat collection

Rozaida Diaz

Honestly, it is so awesome to see all of the exhibits, 10/10 with rice.

Brian Fish

Cool collection of old cars. Kids really enjoyed it

Yazmin Moore

I wasn't sure about it at first but when we walked in I was mega surprised. The cars and the mansion part are just stunning. Amazing details on every room.

William Thomas

A very nice museum with unique cars and planes, specializing in historically significant vehicles from Cleveland as well as the fascinating Cleveland Air Races.


Family oriented and great cars, along with history too!

Marga Corcoran

Love, this place I'm 67 and I remember my dad taking me there many times. The merry go round from Euclid beach is there in all its glory, it has been refurbished beautifully. Oh yes and the huge Cleveland Indians Wahoo-----at least he's safe there with all the Wahoo haters out there

James Binion

Great collection of automobiles going back to the 19th century.

Ohio Fourth and Fifth Grade Science

Here in my car I feel safest of all I can lock all my doors It's the only way to live In cars. --Gary Numan

Marcia Mays

Great historical museum to visit, especially during their yearly CircleFest event.

Jennifer Gartland

Really cool place to check out! So much to see!

Evelyn Keener

Definitely a lot of good things here, whether you're just interested in cars/planes or in general Ohio history.

John Hsieh

Easily the best place to visit while in the museum area of Cleveland, the Crawford Auto and Aviation Collection has an eclectic collection of mostly cars and a few small planes. What was confusing for us was this collection has a lot more reviews and photos on Google than the main museum (Western Reserve Historical Society) that this collection was part of. To visit this collection, you will need to purchase a ticket to the main museum that also grants you access to other interesting collections found in the museum. The place does remind us of a smaller version of the Henry Ford in Detroit. Initially, we were disappointed at the very few number of cars visible on the main floor, however, we soon discovered the treasure trove of vehicles found in the basement level. The collection is well curated with a descriptive sign for each vehicle displayed. When we visited during the off hours, there wasn't too many people, which really helped with getting great photos of the vehicles.

Rick Benoit

Excellent cars and museum

Ben Geschwind

Amazing collection of vintage autos, some more than 100 years old. Well worth a visit.

Cleveland Airport Taxi Tommy 216 570 6571

Lots of old cars Ride the Merry Go Round from Euclid Beach $10 for seniors to get in Make out with your girl on the zMerry go round Carriage. Lots of Cleveland history Parking garage across the street.

Brian Phillips

Amazing! This is a great place and well worth the cost.

Jeremy Johnson

Nice place to see and educate yourself about

Linda Melaragno

What can I say? Cleveland is great. The Historical Museum is amazing, fun, educational and always interesting.

Ryan Gertner

Great collection of classic cars!!

Robert Fletcher

Marvelous museum. Lot to see. Quality exhibits.

Kevin Chapman

It was a "boy's day" out with my sons since the like cars and we were in town for Thanksgiving. There are about 100 cars mostly from the early years of cars. There are some older race cars too. Little light on aviation but still interesting. Cars and planes are in showroom condition.

Gary Pring

Nicest old car you will see anywhere!

Jason Johnson

Must do if you are exploring Cleveland history. Great audio/ visual nuggets of Cleveland lore from then to now. My favorite exhibit is the Euclid Beach Merry-go-round, 2 rides with admission, operator was very knowledgeable. I also love that Humphreys popcorn balls are available in the gift shop. Drop a pin here when traversing University Circle.

Joe Miller

Great place to visit

LaRhonda Garrett

Amazing! Love the old cars, got to see 1950's stainless steel Ford Thunderbird, awesome!

Mark Madere

Besides the cool collection of vintage cars at the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum (which is part of the Cleveland History Center), you'll see the Wedell-Williams Ring-Free Comet - which was a racing aircraft that flew in the Thompson Trophy air race in Cleveland, Ohio in 1937.

Greg Beckner

They have some interesting vehicles. Some of them are difficult to see inside so they have screens with photos. A lot of the photos are of the outside which can easily be seen. It would help to have photos of more detailed hard to see areas with captions about the view.

Roger Miller

Visit was like in the " good old days"

June Bernet

Enjoyed the stop very much and the carousel was very enjoyable

Dakota Chirdon

Great museum, got into a great conversation with staff and learned alot

Amanda Trevor

This Museum is great. If love fashion, Cleveland, and automotive history; this is a great place to go too. There is also a carousel you can ride on. The cost there isn't much.

Rodney Cee

Our Company Christmas Party was at this Museum, this last Holiday. I had driven by the site many times as it is adjacent to the Wade Park VA Hospital and had no Idea it was holding a Wonderous Collection of Cars, going back to the Car's early beginnings. When I say Incredible, Wow. It also houses the Cleveland Indians Neon Indian from the old Municipal Stadium, I'm sharing a picture of it as well. Take a Look.

Leo Clean

Wow Amazing Place....

Scott Shafer

Great spot for indoor fun and education.

Will White

Chief Wahoo still reigns Supreme here F U politically correct police

Steven Kyman

#culture #learn #accessible

Christian Hammer

Soo awesome me and the family had a amazing time so much to see!!

Deborah Hager

It was great!!!! So many cool vehicles!

Michelle Smith

My granddaughter and I had awesome time! Feel like a kid on the carousel! Great memories as a kid!

Eric Minoff

Great collection of cars with a focus on Ohio motoring. Some really special, rare things here!

Jon Dagata

Had an all day work meeting here. Really cool place to visit.

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