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Lauren Gray Baby

I had a really good time here while visiting from Georgia. I will never forget the kids cycling on the line above from second story. Watching them made me want to puke and cry! Lol but all in all I think it's an amazing facet of Columbus.

Bethany Jones

We greatly enjoyed our time at COSI. There were exhibits and activities for all ages!!

Chakara Dozier

Exciting, hands on science museum for adults and kids. Promotes learning through fun exhibits. Plenty of helpful staff creating a full experience. It is loud and colorful. On the downside there are a lot of pay extras like simulators, planetarium, and special exhibits. That is too much for a family of 6.

Ashley Fagan

Awesome place to bring the family. There's always a lot to see, learn, and do. The new splash pad and playground equipment outside are great. They change exhibits frequently. Kids place is wonderful! Food seems expensive but is filling. I dislike that they got rid of free rental strollers and wagons. Members & Nonmembers habe to pay to rent them.

Melanie MacRae

We love coming here, especially if the weather is too found or too hot out for other activities to wear out the kids. Their exhibits change periodically so there is plenty of new things to see each time you visit. They even have a cafe and a cafeteria that you can use your membership for a discount. (It's not a huge discount but it's better than nothing.) If you decide to visit more than once a year the membership is definitely the way to go. You only get $1 off of parking but it's better than the lack of any discount.

Jamie Stahler

Quite possibly the best science museum in the country. Cosi has it all from gadgets, ocean area, heart, space and more. They also have a specialty area that gets changed out periodically This is a great experience for kids and families. Highly recommended.

Samara Chamblin

We used to love Cosi. I used to get excited about going when I was a kid and couldn’t wait to share the experience with my child. However there isn’t a lot for my young toddler to do. We liked the kids space on the third floor until older kids are running around knocking over the smaller kids. My son has been knocked over by the bigger children many times. One of this kids stomped his hand. When you reach out to staff not much was done. The standard exhibits are in need of repair. Half of the activities are closed for repair. The extra ones they make you pay for. Which is fine but when I pay 15 dollars for four and have a membership kind of upsets me. They also charge now for a 2 year old. The food is expensive in the cafe. We are not renewing the membership we will continue going to the zoo where he gets more out of the experience. I wish cosi would get back to the way they used to be and be about the science and learning.

Jessica Rodriguez

My husband and I went for a Valentine's date to the COSI After Dark event. It was great! They had an interesting presentation from the Columbus Zoo, the exhibits were awesome, and they had bars set up throughout. The only negative that I would note is that paying extra for the food was not worth it. It was not a great selection, but the event overall was awesome! We will definitely be returning.

Ethan Baker

Now THIS is a place to remember! I spent 3 hours checking out almost everything to do here and I absolutely love it! It's like a museum of all the things you never thought you would see. The gift shop is full of stuff, even had a keychain that had my friend's uncommon name on it. I hope to come back soon.


Overall a good time with the kids. I was disappointed at the fact atleast 30 percent of their interactive stations were out of order. They really need to step up their maintenance on these stations.

Brianna Trainer

We are from Virginia. This has been my husband's favorite museum for years. Granted we got lost on the parking (mainly turning around) but we found the sign easily. We get in for free using our Virginia Childrens museum membership. So was more than happy to pay the 15 bucks for dinosaurs. We actually plan on returning today for the kids space and progress exhibit(my favorite). Staff were extremely friendly and patient when dealing with my four year old. I have no complaints. My son loved everything but the Life exhibit. He doesnt enjoy learning about the body yet. But there was some cool info. I highly recommend it here! I can see why it gets packed during the weekends. So to avoid the crowds try attending during the week if able.

Jessmyqueen Adkins

This is A great place to take The whole family. I'm 32 and really enjoy it Myself. We go every chance We get. The kids play station is also awesome if You have toddlers

Joel C

An amazing day with the whole family !

Roger Lederstein

Great place to take your kids and grandkids.


Great place! Always a fun experience, the best exhibit is the water one.

Ariz Trad

Great museum geared more towards smaller children. On warmer summer days on the weekends, it can get PACKED so be prepared.

Daniel Justice

I used to come here with family frequently as a kid. Always a good time. I always stay entertained, and never get sick of coming. I'm sure I will be coming for years and years. Doesn't ever disappoint. Highly recommended.

Paul Simon

It is what it is. Expensive fun but closes early. Comparable places are free esp the one in St. louis

William Ratcliff

COSI is awesome and there is so much to do and see. We’ve been members since we had our first child, 9yrs now and it’s a phenomenal value. Everyone that says it’s too expensive is just a big cheapo... You’re always going to pay more if you only go once and they must have no idea how much it costs to have quality exhibits and staff at a great location in a decently large city. The staff are generally awesome and know tons of the science background to answer kids and adults questions. If you love science and want your kids to love it too then COSI is great, and you should get a membership, go lots for shorter time periods, and it will be an awesome value for you too.

alice hochhausler

Last time was 30 years ago in 1989, I went there with my family at 7, I loved the place was fun so I haven’t been to for 30 years maybe see the changes this year I hope so, this brings back memories of my childhood!

N Cobi

Three families went to Cosi during the Christmas break from school. Everyone enjoyed the exhibits about dinosaurs in particular. We only saw part on Cosi and will return to explore more.

Jaron Flickinger

We visited May 31st. First, we had difficulty finding the parking - we had an old GPS which delivered us to the old entrance and there were no directional signs. We parked (illegally as it turned out) and walked in. The young people (we saw no adults at the information or ticket areas) explained where to drive to, so we left and moved the car into the underground parking garage. We rode the elevator to the top and exited - again, no signs. We had to ask a family how to find the museum. So we get our tickets. At no time do the young people mention that you can get your parking ticket stamped for a savings on parking (the signs were facing the building so we never saw them until we left.) It would be nice for them just to ask and then stamp your parking ticket when you purchase your entry ticket! The museum itself is great for children - many of whom run around banging things, never reading or learning new things - but that's the way it has always been with hands on museums. We enjoyed the rooms on Egypt, the Silk Road and the dinosaur room. Much of everything else is geared for children. In summary: it would be great if the museum had more signage for parking around it; for a hands on museum for children, it is just fine; as a science museum for adults, it is banal.

Andrew Kim

This museum is a must go for any tourists in the area. They have many fascinating exhibits and it is fun for the entire family. I have been going to this museum ever since I was in 6th grade and I still find myself coming back. It is a bit on the pricier side but definitely worth it for all the exhibits that is in there.

Agastya Mishra

It is a great place to learn

Loren Fitts

I have lived in Ohio for 2 years now. Me and my wife have been wanting to take our 3 kids to Cosi for the longest time. The only problem was, i didn't want to pay the price they asked because my kids are to young to enjoy a lot of the stuff in there. Finally Cosi has a day where admission is 100% free! I knew it was going to be packed, but I said why not. After spending all day there (basically in a mosh pit of people), I am glad I never Paid to go in there... and I never will. It was very dissapointing. Even my kids were not super excited about the experience. There is not enough hands on. It feels more like a museum. And a lot of the information on exibits is incorrect. And there was obviously a lot of stuff broken and not working. I went in for free... and I still felt ripped off!

Jerry Schwan

Gowning up came here all the time, the spinning room, rats playing basketball, and the back to the past exhibit are my favorite. My brother and whole family love here too (:

King Boz

Today was free it was a great atmosphere great exhibits friendly staff clean facility will purchase membership this year thanks COSI

The Man

Amazing! Had a blast per usual, took someone who has never been there before and enjoyed just as much as I did, Cosi was kind of packed today but it’s a Saturday. Walked around to view all the exhibits and other cool stuff, kept us entertained for awhile. I really hope they decide to bring some key features back that was removed or was in the last Cosi. Really an enjoyable experience for the wondering minds and for family fun, prices aren’t too bad which was about $25 per person plus tax. But only took us about 3 hours before we were ready to head out. Otherwise it was fun and will probably be returning again someday!

Jeremy Hedges

Cosi is overcrowded to the point of non function. There are no defined lines for children so those that are well behaved are constantly cut. It would be simple for some floor signage to make lines.

Luke Rouker

Great for kids and adults, but make sure you set aside a whole day, the place is huge and it's great to really be able to take your time with the exhibits.

Jeff Downey

Kosai is too high priced and the taxpayers help build it it was an old school and it's it it's it's nice to go into but you're going to pay 50 bucks per person and it's just too expensive I can't even afford to go into it I went into it when I was in 4th grade next been 50 some years there I just aged myself but it's nice once you get in there but it's the price shock cuz everything in there's hi to like a hot dog or something like that their high I would rather go to the car museum or the train set Museum or no should be a cosine or not coastside or new it's right across from post sites the building right across from kosai. I can't think of the name of it right now but it's nice to go into and if you go out of town they got an opera place you can go into an opera house the old Ohio hop Opera House on State Street I think then they got the new one down there all you can do is go in and ask if you can look around and and are in nine times out of 10 they say yes so but other than that coesite I wouldn't pay to go see no that's if that $50 would feed me and put gas in my tank so no I wouldn't do it but that's up to you people that's up to that's up to what you want to spend what you wish to see it's good for the kids but that's about it.

Alexander Aurand

I love this place. I went to COSI as a kid, teen, and young adult, and now enjoy bringing my daughter here. There are great activities for all ages. Just spent several hours in the space for kids first grade and under, and there was still more to do.

Lacie Chevalier

I visited in July 2018 and was let down by the experience. When my boyfriend and I went it was super crowded and you could hardly get into any of the exhibits because there were kids running around without parental supervision. I know this isnt the museums fault but they need some type of structure. A lot of the exhibits were broken and out of service during our visit. The food courts were way overpriced and the food was not that great at all. The exhibits that did have functioning items were decent but it was hard to enjoy because every couple of seconds you're being ran into by a random kid who isn't being watched.

Kelli Sekela

The exhibits were i formative and well planned out. However, the seats for the theather and the obsorvatory were extremely small. My sons did not fit and it was very embarrassing for them. Barely sitting on the edge of the seat. I highly suggest if your larger in weight not to pay the extra money to do the extra cost exhibits. The rest was of COSI awesome.

Delaney Kinkaid

Wonderful wonderful time! We stayed from open till close and wanted to stay longer. There were a few broken parts that I wish, for the price, was fixed. It’s expensive, but I felt was worth it. Riding the unicycle was a blast, my six year old loved the simulator, and the submarine was cool.

Aaron Nadolson

It's well worth buying a membership. You can use it to get discounts and free admission to several other children's museums. You can park for free if you go there on the Sunday (not in the garage) and don't mind walking a short distance. It can get busy so I'd recommend getting there early.

Gaurav Shah

One of must see place in Columbus. Great place for kids to satisfy their curiosity

Jay F

My family and I had a great time here. Our boys are eight and thirteen and there were tons of things that kept hem both interested. The ticket prices are very reasonable. The facility is nice and clean. The staff was extremely polite, professional, and helpful. Parking was easy and cheap too. Thanks!

Matt Smith

Absolutely loved visiting this museum. This has to be one of the best science museums in the country. We bought the all inclusive pass which was well worth it! Everyone was friendly and helpful. Parking was easy. Make sure you bring your parking ticket in for a discount.

Kelly Ann Johnson

I love bringing my almost 2 year old here! Little Kid Space is the perfect play area for him. He especially loves dressing up like a fireman and " driving" the firetruck. I love that all the buttons on the play vehicles work. They turn on lights, fans, sirens, etc. COSI makes sure all toys are working properly, nothing is ever broke! I also appreciate the security of the space being completely enclosed and needing a entry ticket to exit so he can't escape.

Adding 2Cents

Very dissapointed. For the cost, I would have expected a better experience. Many of the interactive exhibits were broken, and there weren't many to start with. In addition, above the cost of the admission, they charged fees for arguably basic add ons. It is not an affordable family activity based on your bang for the buck. The one bright spot .. the superpower dog movie. I liked that.

Amy Driscoll

Like the dinosaurs. The water in ocean was fun. Progression was fun to play in. Gadgets was fun to explore. The lost Egypt was cool to see Annie The Mummy. The electricity where you put your hands it give you a shock.

Lynsey Spencer

Great museum with lots of fun stuff for kids and adults. The only downside is a lot of people let their kids run wild and it can ruin the experience.

Nicole Boguslawski

Wow! This is an amazing experience for the whole family. COSI is a science museum for kids. They are so hands on at every single exhibit. They have 2 stories. Some exhibits are rotated throughout the year. Parking is down in the basement of the facility. Super clean when we came and staff was very helpful and all over in order to help. Very cool to see a live show with some animals and the kids could go and pet them. It was busy on a Sunday, but I would definitely come back. They also have a large water fountain out front for the kids to splash in. We want to come back when its a little less busy but still enjoyed our visit!!!!

Kristan Davidson

This place is absolutely fantastic. Yes- it's a little pricey to get in but you certainly get your money's worth. I'm so glad we got to see the Jim Henson exhibit it was amazing. Like going back to your childhood. We had a 6 and 11 year old with us and they both had the most fun of their life! There's so much to see and do it's hard to even squeeze it all in one day. Interactive entertaining and just all-around worth the trip! You will not be bored here! There is literally something for everyone. The ocean exhibit is super super awesome and just a whole other level. Even the outside grounds are pretty and fun and you could spend the day out there with a picnic or in the spray area or playground.

Kathleen Layman

Great value for annual pass. Children learn so much while having hands-on fun. This is a better investment than animals in cages. I bring all out-of-town guests to COSI. Ride the high wire unicycle.

Valerie B

I wish I was a kid and could experience the wonder that COSI has turned in to. The traveling exhibits make for fun visits that always has us coming back for more. It's obviously tailored for children and they have several interactive stations to keep children entertained and engaged while learning about science.

Pixie Nova

Only 75% of the exhibits worked and I was very disappointed.

Jeannie Sandhu

We love this place! So many fun things to do for our kids. We especially like the water area and the huge room of different rooms and toys to have a freestyle play. We've visited multiple times and have always had a blast.

Mine ManWR

The 90 mile rule is Disappionting because we live in 90 miles and we have membership from other museums too. But before when we went there it was fun to checkout the exihits and the other things.

shumei rose

Kids love this place . It’s nice they have reciprocal membership with cincinnati museum center ,so we don’t mind the 1-2hr drive to come up here . Exhibition was updated every year . We never get bored here. It’s like a giant playground with tons of interactive activities. There are hardcore science stuff in some galleries. A good balance for a popular regional museum . The early closing time is not convenient but we can spend some time in the new playground outside .

milly beasley

Good place for kids to learn fun facts and activities

Daniel Wilt

This is a wonderful place to go no matter what your age. This facility has been around for over 50 years. We used to go here as a family at least twice a year. Once to get out of the heat and the other to escape the snow. There are a hugh number of interactive exhibits spanning a variety of topics. This is a non-profit organization that utilizes the skills of many volunteers. There are seven major areas with exhibits, most of which will educate as well as fascinate pretty much anyone. The dinosaur gallery is amazing. This is not to say the others are not as well. Go see the underwater cave, waterfalls, planetarium, an avatar guide, a recreated town, interactive locations where health testings can be made, an area loaded with gadgets and the dinosaur section mentioned earlier. You could spend an entire day here. There are a variety of discounts available.

Alicia Hoshor

Honest review: I grew up in Columbus and remember it being a lot more fun. It has been a long time since I’ve gone and wanted to take my niece and nephew for the afternoon. Tickets were highly overpriced for general admission and half of the exhibit stations were out of order or a complete disaster. It was crowded (which is expected) but I just felt like we could have done something similar for a much cheaper price.

Amber Nichole

We live about 1.75 hours away from COSI and still visit about once every three months or so. This place is a fantastic place for children to learn and play. They opened 2 new exhibits recently, Lost Egypt and Dinosaur Gallery. Both were absolutely phenomenal. My boys loved getting to see a REAL mummy, and the dinosaur exhibit was equally fascinating. Definitely check this out.

Brenda Stahler

COSI is one of best science museum to visit! We make sure to go to it every year. There is so much to see and do there. And there is something for lots of all ages. On the 3rd floor is a great enclosed play space for kids through 1st or 2nd grade. The kids can pretend play hospital/doctor, farming, house and so much more. The cafeteria is good and decently priced. The staff is very helpful and friendly! Also try to catch the rat basketball or do the high wire bike. Overall, it's a great place to visit!

Yanny S

Great place to bring your kids. A lot of interactive exhibits. Go during less busy times.

someone else

I had fun here. Lots of stuff to play with. Giant Lego room with a dress up area for little kids when they were playing and other detailed fun themed exhibitions. I was impressed. It was incredibly busy not long after opening. Parking wasn't horrible but we got there early.

Rick Curry

I have always loved museums and COSI has always been one of my favorites. They have so much to offer, so much to see and a lot of it is "hands on". It is an experincial learning place. Their children's area on the second floor is well furnished with all kinds of interactive play that helps young minds develope exploratory thinking as well as providing social skills as they meet and make new friends. I also love the planetarium and IMAX theater, both offer interesting and informative presentations. Even though I will spend most of the day here, I go back frequently just for the experience. Get a membership, I have one. It easily pays for itself with the discounts and if you go at least every couple of months. And the place is worth it and going frequently makes for great family fun.

Grant Snode

Really amazing place. Everything is so hands on that me and my family spent about five hours in there. There was good food and wonderful service. All the workers seemed happy and helpful.

Antonio Shelley

Best place ever for kids!!!

Christopher White

Always a great time. New exhibits come through frequently enough to gain value from a membership pass. Great in the winter when outside weather is garbage. Great in the summer when the zoo is just too hot.

Michael keeran

I was highly dissatisfied. So mamy people hyped it up to be a cool place and it turned out to be so boring.

Tatum Neff

My family and I enjoy going to COSI so much that we have season passes! Most recently we visited the Mystical Creatures Exhibit and the Jim Henson’s Muppets Exhibit, both are really cute. Mystical Creatures explores the history and origins of some of the most iconic super natural creatures of the world. This Exhibit has a lot of great details and cool stories to tell. I really enjoyed the Muppets Exhibit, it talked about the history of the Muppets themselves as well as who Jim Henson is. You get to dress a muppet and see many of the old favorites on display. They even show some displays of “The Dark Cristal” and “Labyrinth”. The Jim Henson display is really cute but I think they could have done more with it, you kinda just walk through and look at stuff. It would be great if they put on a puppet show or encouraged more hands on activities.

danica irwin

Although it is an extremely educational place, the amount it costs to get in is a little extreme, considering alot if the hands on things are always broken. Also, all the extra cost of things. For example, the special mythical creatures exhibit cost an additional $5 for each person, the simulator is an additional $5, and the planetarium and theater cost extra. To take a family of three, be prepared to pay at least $200 to enjoy everything it has to offer and then be let down when half the stuff doesn't work. Wish it didn't disappoint me everytime I try this place again.

Robert Baxtresser

This place is terrific. It is way more than you can reasonably see in a day. Pick your spots, and enjoy. Skimming a lot is not as enjoyable. There is an outdoor space that, in the right weather, is a brilliant 'time out' with several exhibits and some space to let the kids run around.

Dylan Zimmerman

I would be very careful. We tried to go to the planetarium two times and bought tickets., the show was down. We were told we would get a refund however they would not. In which all we were originally only going to do two attractions but we decided all four would be a better deal. They would not even refund me 20$ the price for that one show. They have terrible customer service. Happy Mother’s Day to us.

Zachary Smith

Fantastic museum. Lots of things for kids to do and touch and learn. Very few things are out of order. The variety of stuff to do keeps them interested got a long time, and the exhibits have just the right examples to give quick explainations of what is happening.

kim phillips

We come here often and my boys always have a good time. They have great permanent exhibits, awesome visiting exhibits and a fun play space. The new parking garage and greenspace are also a great addition.

Robert Noe

A place for children of all ages (adults too!). The prices are great. They make educational learning really fun. COSI is a great place to spend a whole day!

Hallie Brotherton

Always a fantastic place to visit, COSI is fun and interesting for everyone not just for kids. The new Dinosaur exhibit was wonderful! Fossils, casts elaborate displays and to marvel at and informative easy for children to understand. Also the Silk Road exhibit was interesting and the items on display were genuine and intriguing EDIT: elaboratice to elaborate

keegan cannady

I haven’t been since I was in school, I brought my kids today, Ages 9 and 14. Way to pricy for what they had to do. The exhibits were not very interesting for the ages of my kids. The food was not very good but it cost us 40.00 dollars and the line were too long. Won’t be coming back again.

Jael Dennis

A landmark of Columbus, fun activities for all ages and all while learning about science! It’s a great place to work, everyone is incredibly nice. Right in the heart of Downtown Columbus, it’s a real treasure with lots of things to do around it as well.

Daryl Phillips

We love coming here with the kids. Lots to explore for little kids and tons of science exhibits for older kids and adults. Dinosaur exhibit far exceeded expectations and the rest of the exhibits are well maintained. More than you can do in a single day so plan to get a membership.

Mary A

Excellent science museum. Something for all ages and interests. IMax, planetarium, simulators, dinosaurs, kid space and much, much more.

Joe Macy

This place was a blast for my wife and I. Two adults with no kids and we loved all the exhibits (including the ones geared towards kids). The dinosaur exhibit and the life exhibit were our favorites!

Harith Al-Attar

The worst museum contents ever. Even the 3rd world contries are much better in contents. Still it is very educating for children.

Ahmed Sabry

Really good place for the kids to spend the day

Lego007guy M

I loved this place as a kid and I recommend it for any family with kids out there. Not geared towards older children or teenagers, but still a great experience. I love how many of the comments complaining about COSI also happen to be the ones that have the most grammar errors. 5/5

Max Xavier

We really enjoyed this museum. It is focused more on small children but there is enough to keep adults and teenagers interested. It is about a two to three hour museum and very educational. Parking is plentiful and convenient. There is a fee to park. We really liked the crocodillian exhibit. It was too cold to enjoy the exhibits outside. We will return.

Nathan Vitartas

There is nothing there. These good reviews are either doing it because they probably get a kick back for it or they never went to COSI before they moved. There are just a few hands on things. Everything else you have to pay extra. Honestly COSI never should have moved 20 years ago. What happened to all the exhibits from the old building? Instead now it's a big empty building that charges to much to enter to see a lot of nothing. The nicest place they have is the gift shop literally nothing else. I really hope this COSI models after the old one or just shuts down for good.

Lisa Morley

The price of admission is steep but if you live here in Cols get the membership. The exhibits along with the new outdoor experience is worth multiple visits. Thoroughly enjoyed the Muppets exhibit. Don't miss it!

Montie Gordon

Great museum for all ages. The adults just as much fun with all the hands on exhibits as the kids. The volunteers are friendly and know their subject matter. The museum is clean and we'll put together. The only fault I saw was that there was a few attractions that we're add on for $5-8 per person. We spent about 3 hours to see everything.

Addison Lewis

This place is AMAZING. I love all the stuff there, and it’s very educational. I recommend going there

Nailah Washington

If you are lower middle class or below I suggest you go else where. It costs far to much to gain entry. You also have to pay extra to go to the planetarium, parking, food and stroller if you didn't carry your own. A family membership cost is rediculus. Unlike other major cities such as San Francisco, new Orleans, Houston, Dallas and Miami for example they DO NOT have a "Free family fun day" to allow larger (like my family, 7 children) underprivileged or empoverished families to experience. They only care about $$$ not the community they are set in. 5 minutes West and you are smack dab in the middle of the hood. Drugs, abandoned houses and thousands of golden who don't get to enjoy something that's right near their homes. Disgraceful

arjun us

Great place for pratical science learning.Kid friendly place.Loved the planetarium experience in which they detailed on atmospheric condition of different planets and their moons. At the end of the presentation, I was curious to know about possibility of life in universe other than earth. Admission ticket to planetarium is 8$.Enjoy.


Have gone here for years and always loved it! Sad they removed the ride in the back, the one that would spin really fast. Good for kids especially!

Sandy Harris

Our daughter had her wedding and reception at COSI. What a great venue! You wouldn't find a more accommodating staff anywhere. The food was delicious and the entire event was spectacular. Savannah was FANTASTIC! Everything was perfect from start to finish. Thank you to the entire staff!

James Wilson

Purchased family membership. Went for the first time, for this year, on 2/23. We have been there multiple times in years past, never had a membership. Not a fan of crowds, however, yesterday was ridiculous. Too many people to actually enjoy the museum. Should be a cap on how many visitors can actually "visit".

ash hathaway

Always fun get the family membership it's cheaper

Angela Allen

Wow something for everyone. Interactive exhibits spread throughout. I have been a member for many years, I joined when my oldest was then 1 year old. She is now almost 10 and I have renewed every year since. Exhibits are always changing out and new movies coming in. The cafe has some nice options but it is on the pricier side so we often just pack a lunch. If you are a nursing mother they have a fantastic room for that. Lockers are cheap and you can rent wagons for free. Little kids space is worth the membership alone for me, safe space to have the little ones just run, play and really get hands on! We will continue to be regulars and are so happy to have a place like this so close.

Nick Downs

A lot of broken junk!


Purchase the membership has been the best decision I have made. Great place for kids of all ages.

Andy Hess

Great place to take the family with lots to do for all ages. Although my 8 year old seemed to get bored quickly. Overall the recommended this place to be on your list when visiting Columbus.

Dwain Crackel

Great place to visit for all ages. Always new exhibits coming through, it's often worth visiting a couple times year.

melissa carouthers

Ok went there today with my kids was ok but before they moved they had so much more for the kids to do and see i was not impressed with them it felt more toddler friendly and thats ok but older kids not as much and the rest was more museum then interactive i miss the old cosi it was way more fun

Brian Ritzman

They need to bring back the Adventure Exibit. I cancelled my 6 year membership when they got rid of it. It was my children and husbands favorite thing.

Mark M

Overcrowded and basically a daycare for parents that do not want to watch their children. Most kids have to wait several minutes for inconsiderate adults or unsupervised children to be done with an exhibit. Even then someone still manages to squeeze in front of you. I counted 11 exhibits that were "temporarily" down. Several of the exhibits cost additional money on top of the overpriced admission fee. For a fairly new facility there were many areas that needed repainted or repaired. The hours of operation are slim which seem to bring in a less than desirable crowd of people. Overall my experience was wholly negative and.

Vernice B

An AMAZING PLACE! There’s so much to see, do, learn and experience. This place is for children, and definitely for adults as well... making it a wonderful location for all! So many attractions (that get updated and switched out regularly) which is always a breathe if fresh air and interesting as well. The special events on some Thurday nights are a lot of fun and perfect for date nights, a night out with friends or whatever you need it to be. Reccomend this place to anyone, GO!

Stephen Wallace

Fun time for all ages


This place is da bomb my wife works here and she sooo beautiful I highly recommend this place because your gonna like it trust me I’m reliable trust

Heylea Allan

Some of the equipment is a little outdated, but it’s still a fun place to be. My dad recently bought a family pass for my sister and I so i’m glad i get to go even more. I have a lot of memories here and i’m glad i get to keep making them here. Even at my age i have so much fun here with all the activities, it’s a great and fun interactive place if you wanna take a day trip in columbus.

Mark Seidelmann

My son said "this place was great...even though there were no bounce houses!"

marlene dalton

It's gotten shabbier every year. Not what it used to be.

Jared Springer

Our 7 year old son loved his time here. We had such a great time, we are planning our next visit. There is so much to do and see you can't get to it all in one day. I would suggest buying a Membership to COSI if you are planning on making more then one trip in a years time. And, with the membership you get in for free or a reduced prices to over 300 other places across the US. It is worth the purchase.

Ko Jones

It was so great that we joined so we can go as much as we want now.

Annika G

Very overpriced and too many exhibits are broken.

Ellie Mason

I brought my fiance here for one of the adults only evenings and it was so much fun! I love that theres a discount for buying tickets early too, it was cheaper to go to one of these than visit on a regular day. The dinosaur exhibit is the coolest, and theres so many other things to see and do. This is a fun place for adults too!

The Nerdos!

We had a blast seeing the Jim Henson exhibit.


Kids love it despite seeing the same exhibits several times. They do have traveling exhibits... I appreciate those, especially since I've been coming here since I was a kid. That makes a membership more worth it. I do think parking should be covered if you have a membership... much like the zoo...

Jeevan Gande Kumar

Nice place to spend whole day with kids..good stuff..

James Wood

Eh wouldn't recommend it I came here as a child and loved it now they changed everything and space area is a laugh bring back the old cosi

Eric Roth

Drove up from Cincinnati to visit. We are members at Cincinnati Museum Center and get free admission at museums in other cities. They said our home address isn't far enough away (by 3 miles) to get the free admission. Problem is they measure as the crow flies from your home address. So even though it takes 100+ miles for us to drive here, our pass is useless.


This museum is for kids only. Pretty expensive and after you bought your 20+ dollar ticket ex 6 dollar parking ticket, you can pay for the nice stuff as well. (5 dollars for the planetarium) Go with kids, but stay home without them. (I was expecting more adult stuff)

Brody Nash

Lots of broken or inoperable displays this time we were here. Plus they want to upcharge you $5 per person to see the display that is featured on their ads and the side of the building.

Scot Charters

Wonderful wonderful time! We stayed from open till close and wanted to stay longer. There were a few broken parts that I wish, for the price, was fixed. It’s expensive, but I felt was worth it. Riding the unicycle was a blast, my six year old loved the simulator, and the submarine was cool.

Eric Mayer

Fun times for both kids and adults. We go during the free “Museums on Us” weekends as Bank of America cardholders because, quite honestly, the cost of admission is a bit steep, especially when you can only spend a few hours there with a 2 year old. Our son loves the Atlantis exhibit, as well as the kids zone. We like that they are constantly updating the other exhibits to keep the experience fresh each visit. Only downside for us was the fact that they got rid of the free wagon rentals. Stroller rentals are $8 for nonmembers and they no longer carry wagons. We’ll definitely return in the future, especially if we can go for free!

vinodkumar vellanki

Good place to take kids. They can enjoy play area, big screen movies.

Chelsea McQuaid

Fun for all ages. If we lived locally, we'd have the do-it-all membership because the Planetarium and Giant Theater are wonderful assets.

Trish Wilcox

This place was awful! I do not recommend it to anybody!!! I took my husband and four children. I would say 10 to 15 things right away was completely down where you could not do hands-on activities. They were not working. There were about 10 signs that said temporarily down! So it was very boring for the kids all of the cool things were down at the time. Then we bought an item in the gift shop and we got halfway home and wanted to get it out of the bag and she did not Bag it so I paid for it and it is still there. it was a head massager. I don't recommend taking your family there at all!! Very very disappointed!!! And I paid $110 just to walk through the door for half of the stuff to be down!!

Greg Majewski

A phenomenal asset in Columbus. COSI has something for everyone, kids and adults alike. Their shows are highly entertaining without skimping on any educational value. The number and variety of exhibits mean that you can really get the most from your admission fee and spend literally the entire day exploring. My family and I stayed from open to close, and I didn't want to leave!

S -

A building full of scientists and they can’t manage to come up with a logical way to manage a line for a nighttime event with a bunch of pre-orders. You knew how many of us were coming; why are 700 people being funneled into one lane to enter? Not worth it. Never again.

Susan Miller

One of the most amazing museums in OHIO. Defiantly one you want to check out. Lots of hands on play for children. Water areas with toys for younger ones. Nice dinosaur exhibit. Parking is a little expensive. Food is pricey. I recommend parking at the State house and walking down and eating before you go in.

Clinton Weaver

A great science museum and a great place to take children. Nice exhibits and friendly atmosphere. IMAX theater is also available and many hands on exhibits. A great place for learning.

Cathryn Clark

COSI is fun for everyone! This place never gets old, would recommend anyone visiting Columbus check it out.

Carson S Miller

Great museum experience for the whole family. Enjoyed the Jim Henson special exhibit and the dinosaurs. IMAX movie was also fun. Parking onsite.


We love COSI and their many interactive exhibits and play area for little ones. Also, the teacher discount is pretty amazing so we are grateful for that. Highly recommend this museum!

Josh Spencer

We really enjoy making the drive over from Fort Wayne since they accept our reciprocal membership. It's a really engaging museum for our 5 year old. We'll be back again. Unfortunately we learned the hard way that they close down for a few weeks in September. I'm sure we'll find other things in the area....

Sophie Chang

Awesome place to spend a few hours learning - the dinosaur exhibit is amazing.

Cordet Dykes-Veatch

Wonderful Wonderful! My granddaughter and her Mom had been to this museum before. My granddaughter loved it so much she wanted to go back. We're from Cincinnati so we drove up Saturday found a hotel for the night and visited Cosi on Sunday. What a treat! My husband and I had a ball. We found a lot to do while there. The whole place is "touch" friendly. I learned some things also. This place is amazing. No matter your age this museum has something for everyone. I will definitely be going back.

Nate Biggers

Cbus native for 24 years unfortunately this is a overpriced location charging 25 dollar entry fee to see a lot of nothing just take a drive up to Cleveland to see the real museums 10 dollars cheaper for natural history museum or free for the art museum with more historical pieces in one room then the entire COSI!

Angela Patrick

I only give it 4 because we looooove yesteryear and they don't have enough of it with just 2 different periods. I could hang out in yesteryear all day if they had enough to see. Give us more! It's so cool! Planetarium is awesome and this place is packed with entertainment for all ages. We had a blast! Great place to take the kids.

Nyckie Vinski

I'd give a 3.5 if I could. It was a lot of fun and had nice exhibits, but they held your interest for a few minutes not much more. The dinosaur room was visually not that stimulating. Pittsburgh has a better dinosaur room, showing the animals in what it believed to be their natural habitats. The best thing I saw there was rat basketball.

Olga Phillips

Wonderful wonderful time! We stayed from open till close and wanted to stay longer. There were a few broken parts that I wish, for the price, was fixed. It’s expensive, but I felt was worth it. Riding the unicycle was a blast, my six year old loved the simulator, and the submarine was cool.

Zack Stewart

This place is absolutely amazing. My fiancé and I had an absolute blast, and so did our three year old! He especially enjoyed the ocean area and the play area. We loved the mythical creatures and the Jim Henson exhibits. It can be a little pricey, especially with the food, but it is all well worth it!

Daniel Miller

Every year COSI ups its game. Today was great. The poisons exhibit was top-notch, and the planetarium show was engaging. So glad to visit again.

Ciera Shanks

We renew our family membership each year! We love this place. my daughter and I enjoy watching their movie selections on the IMAX screen. We are science nerds and can spend all day at Cosi learning and playing together!

Anita Young

25 dollars to get in was a little pricy. I remember cosi being way more hands on when I was a kid. The adventure place and space was amazing. Now it is very meh. The area for the smaller children was very nice and my daughter loved it. But everything else was meh for her. Maybe I am an adult now and the magic is gone for me. Not sure. But i remember cosi being better. The employees i came in contact with were either very nice or super rude. I miss the old cosi.


A fun, yet educational place for everyone to learn and enjoy. It is a great place for people of any age.


best place ever!

Jevon R

COSI has been a favorite place of mine since i was a child. It has become so much more than it used to be and is still a great place to go as an adult. I love how they get kids excited to learn about science, I still remember the amazement i experienced as a kid and would easily recommend this to anyone who loves science or has a family they could bring along for the experience!

Dustin parr

Great kids museum. If you haven't been then you need to go. Btw teacher can enter for free.

Nick and Friends

One of my favorite places to visit. We drive a few times a year from Akron to come. Always can’t fit it all in a day. If you live in the area I’d recommend the season passes!

Austin Stone

Not nearly as good as the old COSI but it is still a good learning experience.

Yvonne Reed

Love, love, loved it! Exhibits were great and interactive. But boy oh boy was it crowded. I understand school was on spring break but I'd like to see it again only less crowded. The planetarium... fantastic! There's a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes!

Jackie Cutlip

Honestly, it's a little pricy for the experience. However my favorite place at Cosi is progress and the ocean exhibits. The Mythic creatures exhibit is pretty cool however I wouldn't recommend spending the extra $5 to see it if you have smaller children. I enjoyed it though, very much. I was a little sad to heat they took the star tunnel out. My mom had never been to Cosi before and I took her for mother's day and I told her all about the tunnel but she didn't get to experience it.

Lyle Ellis

Wonderful wonderful time! We stayed from open till close and wanted to stay longer. There were a few broken parts that I wish, for the price, was fixed. It’s expensive, but I felt was worth it. Riding the unicycle was a blast, my six year old loved the simulator, and the submarine was cool.

Mare Bear

So fun! A little too big for some of the kiddos in my tutoring group, but they really enjoyed it. :)

Daniel Ibanez

The COSI is a beautiful museum that is great for families and students with lots of hands-on activities for children. I really enjoyed my visit here. The structure inside the museum was gorgeous, and the staff was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend!!

Pablo Bravo

Gorgeous view of city skyline

Logan Tedrow

Let me just start off by saying that this review space is way to overcrowded and that's why I'm writing this review. I know I can't help the fact that it's overcrowded and I'm still writing this review just to show you that! And no one is going to read your essay long reviews! It should be short and to the point! (This was created to stop people from complaining about things they can't control.) Thanks!

Alice Martin

Wonderful wonderful time! We stayed from open till close and wanted to stay longer. There were a few broken parts that I wish, for the price, was fixed. It’s expensive, but I felt was worth it. Riding the unicycle was a blast, my six year old loved the simulator, and the submarine was cool.

Alex Stanila

It is fun for the family and it is educational.

Stephanie Staadt

Came here with Boyfriend and brought his 5 yr old it was a little lame. The layout makes for lots of people getting in the way and being rude.

Mike Carle

COSI is great! The museum is huge and our kids are always fully entertained and learn for hours. They have a gadget cafe where you can grab a table and "servers" will bring you different "courses" which are a variety of science experiments the whole group can work on together. Every few feet you'll run into engaging, interactive exhibits supported by friendly staff. There are lots and lots of unique things to do. There is also a large address for small kids, an outdoor area, and a stage for demonstrations. One word of warning for Cincinnati Museum members hoping to use reciprocity: The rules have changed and eligibility is no longer based on the distance between museums. Your house has to be 90 miles away from COSI by car to use your Cincinnati membership.

raquel pamer

Fun day jim Henson muppets pretty neat!

Brandon Rice

Mystic Creatures was a waste of money; DO NOT Waste Your Money. It was a two turn three minute exhibit that cost us an additional $20 to the already expensive admission. I just don’t want to see anyone else lose money when it could be spent on an IMAX movie or something.

Sabina Tereza

Great interactive and changing displays but the cafeteria food options are not so great and safer parking is needed free of charge for members.

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