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Where is Carillon Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Carillon Historical Park IN Ohio

Steve Johnson

Very nice. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Mike Tayse

Went to carillon brewing, great beer and food.

Connie Wehmeyer

This place is absolutely fantastic! There is plenty to do both indoors and outdoors so don't let the weather stop you! I grew up in Dayton but moved away in 1988, but still come back every few months. Had never seen the park before. It is truly a GEM I'm the Gem city!

Betty Ann Alicea

What a beautiful place and so many wonderful museums and the staff is so very helpful and very informative.

Don Chambers

A really nice park like setting with many historical buildings and content. A good afternoon education and entertainment for young and old.

Kathleen Veith

Great outdoor space to hold an antique car and motorcycle show.

Pat Cost

It is a very nice park as it says, it is historic.

Peggy Klein-Crabill

Wonderful family adventure! Rich in history. Fun exhibits, and even has a Bald Eagles Nest with Eagles/babies(probably grown now).

Rebecca Irvin

The Museum Store is awesome. A ton of neat merchandise. Decorated festive for fall.

Jordan Dean

Great place to learn about the rich history of Dayton, Ohio. I've lived in Dayton for years and discovered things about the city that I had no idea about. I highly recommend making a day trip to check out all that Carillon Historical Park has to offer!

Chris Arford

Attended the Dayton Concours de Elegance and had a tremendously wonderful time. It had everything a great car shows needs: great great cars, great food, great setting and great management. The guy running the show has done it for years and it shows. I think his name is Mike Edgerton. Wow! Now this is what all car shows should be. And it about 50 vintage motorcycles also. I guess that you can tell that I had a great time. I’m going back next year.

jene robinson

Lots of displays of things I didn't know were founded in Dayton. Wonderful Wright Brothers museum including one of there original planes. GO GO GO GO!


My daughter’s school visited this huge Museum today! It was so organized and there were those who were extremely knowledgeable to walk us through each area and explain what everything was and the history behind it. I would say so much more, but honestly if you want your child/school to learn about technology and even school teachings and how it all began, this is a wonderful start! I especially enjoyed the teacher and I can’t for the life of me remember her correct name! She was so professional. Explained how classes were conducted back in 1905 I believe and the school was the actual school brought from Springfield, Ohio. She was dressed as they would back then and I myself learned so much about the way the teachers and the students were to act! Yes students were disciplined with the paddle back then if something serious were to happen. Teachers were shown more respect back then too. I will stop right there...just a wonderful place to learn he history about our innovations today! Check out their website!

Robert McLefresh

The restaurant was very good last night.

Ann Blevins

An amazing blast fron the past. A must visit!

shawn wholaver

Great place to spend the afternoon admission to the museum was a little pricey.but the restaurants where worth it. You can go to the interior restaurant without a mission to the museum if you ask but they didn't share that advice until afterwards


We didn't know all this history of Dayton. GREAT way to learn local history is through this park and it's animatronic presentation, as well as the Wright brothers museum.

Mac Hickman

Great authentic displays of historical buildings, a 1905 real Wright Flyer - Orville actually helped set up the display, lots of other area history and displays. Well worth the day. My 12yo loved it.

Sam Finfrock

If your in Dayton Ohio. This is a must stop location. The history shown here is fantastic. New exhibits are going up all the time. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and dressed is period costumes. I personally saw things and places I worked at 50 years ago. A new exhibit going up is Barn 17. This Barn was at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. I kept my horses in this barn. I can’t wait until they get it completed. I’ve lived in Illinois for 45 years. Dayton is a great place to live and work. Thanks to all that have saved history.

Rachael Vonada

Very cool place with a brewery that brews in the restaurant. Everyone is in period dress and the buildings are so cool. Not a ton of food options for anyone with dietary restrictions but the house bread is vegan and could be a meal by itself.

mark york

Lots of Dayton history. Plus the Carillon Brewery. They brew beer just like in 1850. The porter was exquisite; velvety and silky on the toungue with chocolate and malt with a hint of smoke. Dan will gladly tell you all about the brewing process. He clearly has a passion for what he does.

Khristi Snelling

Neat historical place! Love the set up. It is a different type of museum

Dad Hunt101

First time visiting since relocating from the northwest. Great facility! Quaint historical venue, staff VERY friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! Glad the annual membership will get us in some cool events!

Jason Silvey

Food was great but the beer and waiter were less than desirable. Our waiter did not know much about the beer or menu. We were told we would have to wait if we wanted to sit inside but there were over 10 tables empty. We chose to sit outside but the bugs were awful.Worth trying again next time we are in town.

Brett Click

This is a beautiful park and packed full of Dayton history and other interesting exbibits. Highly recommend from young to old.

Josh Haney

So many fun things to do and see here. The exhibits are extraordinary, both educational and entertaining. The brewery is also a must see with their authentically crafted beers made as they would have been in the 1850s. This is one of the best spots in Dayton, a real community treasure!

Casey Veerakitti

We just discovered this gem! How have we lived in Dayton this long and never been. Got a membership and plan to return. My young kids and I loved it

SAE Miller

If spending more than a day in Dayton this is one attraction I recommend seeing. Adults costs 10 dollars to get in and there is a discount for kids etc. There was no educators discount offered for me. There is a small train, tons of historical buildings. It is fun for kids, families, and single travelers alike. The most impressive part of the visit is the Wright III flyer, which is the original except for a few small unique parts and the fabric. One of the Wright brothers designed the building that the flyer is held in themselves. There are also unique exhibits about Dayton, transportation, trains, toys, etc. There is even a working wooden organ and carrousel.

Eric Albright

Wonderful exhibits from several different periods of Dayton History. Spent several hours here and would go again tomorrow. Exhibits have a lot to do with transportation and the National Cash Register company (as does the history of Dayton!) but anyone could find something here to enjoy!

Jackie Wolgamott

Great place if you enjoy history. I would plan on spending several hours as there are many outside buildings besides the museum.

Jordan Pierre

Pretty cool park with museum exhibits. They have old preserved buildings, trains, buses--all the sort of stuff you expect from an outdoor museum like this, but they actually had a Wright brothers flying machine which I wasn't expecting and thought was pretty cool. I thought the $10 admission was a little steep until I knew they had that.

Bart Demeter

Wonderful Dayton treasure. A great place to take your family for the afternoon. The kids love the train rides and indoor carasell. The museum shows a history of Dayton. Cute gift shop as well, which is not too expensive.

Ryan Legato

All of the beer is made using process from the 1850's. It's all done in the same room as the resturant. It is a very unique experience. The beer and food are very good.


Awesome place that has something for everyone! Great park, people and atmosphere. Love Concours D'Elegance!

Michelle Mccoy

Carillon Historical Park is a conglomeration of several museums and historical sites. It is a truly lovely park with lots of walking and picnic tables for a great day with kids. Further, the park hosts several concerts and festivals throughout the year making it a great location to come back to all the time. It is a wonderful place to explore local history and get in touch with local societies.

Mark Hawk

From the Lighting of the Carillon to the actual historical items they have on display at the Park it is worth the time and money to spend a day at the Carillon Historical Park. Take a look at Some of the things to see here and you will understand why you may want to spend a day. Culp's Cafe is open from spring to fall. And if that is closed go over to the Brewery and get yourselves a 1850 style beer or have some good food off there menu. Go enjoy see some history and have fun doing it.

Lynne Garster

Carillon Park is always a classy place to visit, no matter the time of year or event. My husband and I are proud Dayton History members. I’ve been to the Concours D’Elegance several years in a row, Carillon Christmas every year since it started, and many times a year just for a visit, a beer at the brewery, and to enjoy every little fantastic piece of history. It never gets old. I live in Dayton, but my parents are from out of town and I bring them every year. My dad especially loves the Concours - we can’t get enough! Thank you, Dayton History, for bringing such a beautiful museum space to Dayton - the world needs more places like this. I can’t wait to see what you build and add to the collection in the future!

Roger Ferguson

Great place to learn about history and Dayton Oh place in history from the Wright brothers to General motors

Letit Bemee

Loved everything, just not into the brewery.

SpiritFox Animates

The park was just absolutely fantastic! The employees were amazing and I loved every second of it all!

Jose Joseph

This is a nice park that journeys you through the history of Dayton. There is a lot to see and absorb. The replica of the original wright brother plane was a beautiful sight.

Julie Curtis

The park is wonderful and full of so much history. My visit was short because of my schedule. One employee did become very rude about my service dog after I was already cleared to come through, making remarks that I'm not blind and she can see that I walk ok, etc. The upper management addressed the problem employee. I will still return again when my visit can be longer. Still a five star park, worth the visit!!!!

Joshua Lisec

Our 12 month old son loves this place! Fascinating museum, beautiful grounds, tough hiking trails. The complete package


Awesome park with lots of exhibits. The bald eagles have babies right now. There a ton to do and learn there. The family pass is very reasonably priced if you think you would go back a second time or more.

Henry Drakelfork

Free historical park that has lots of things to go through and look at. A ton of neat buildings that take you back through Dayton's Historical background and history back into the 1900's.

april webb

If want to know about the history of Dayton this the place to go and the cafe food was good

Jay Jordan

Everyone should go take your kids you're dad Mom brother sister LOL everyone should go lot's of fun and supports our community....

Sara Michael Hunt

I am absolutely in love. What a beautiful place! The bathrooms and grounds were spotless too!

Kristopher Rager

A lot of history to be learned about here. I learned a lot of things I didn't know happened in the Dayton area until I visited here. Went here for the rail festival and was pleasantly surprised by how much was at the historical park. Price of admission wasn't bad at $10/adult and free for children under 3. Definitely coming back.

William Knall

Had a wonderful time at the Concours d'elegance. The park is fantastic

Greg Reese

This is a great historical landmark for Dayton Ohio! I was able to record a video in front of this for my video channel and then I took my son here a few weeks later! There's so many great elements to this park we hope to go back really soon!!

Patrick Collins

It is a great place to learn about Dayton Ohio history. You will be surprised by all of the life changing things that came from Dayton.

Patricia Weis

We went to the restaurant here. We had a very good experience! Loved the food. We had our granddaughter with us celebrating her 18 birthday.

Ed Geinosky

Great place to see! Home of the Wright flyer III.

Bergy Five

Wonderful history of many eras in one location. A living museum near the Dayton downtown. More changes underway with current construction projects. An unknown gem for someone who has lived in Ohio for a couple of decades. A great place to bring kids for visual history with many 3D exhibits. Also a good brewery with menu options seemingly derived from German ancestry offering brews made on site and bottled beer you don't find often in the US. Gift shop too. A great self tour, reasonably priced, and plenty to see rain or shine. There are areas that require a step up/down into some historical buildings at this site, not all areas are as wheelchair or stroller friendly as the main building. A great plaçe to explore at your own pace. We'll be back soon to see more; need a couple of hours to see most areas. Relaxed atmosphere.


Wonderful place just oozing history! They are more than a little carried away with the admission charges though.

Sean Boone

There are all kinds of exhibits about the rich history of the Dayton area.

Sheriann Gulde

Sus and I visited today. Great history lessons. Got to remember a lot of Dayton history that I had forgotten. Then we went to Carillion Brewery for beers and food.

Tiffany Book

This place is AMAZING!! It has everything you could ever want to see from Dayton. So many buildings with informative and interesting things, it could easily take two days to see it all. Highly recommended. It's not a free park, but definently worth $12 to get in.

Brent McDorman

This is a nice little gem of Dayton. We ate at the Carillon Brewery. The service is excellent and the food is good. They specialize in pre-prohibition beers. The beers are slightly different from what you might find at other local breweries, but give a great insight into the history of beer. They have a wonderful back patio to sit and enjoy the wonderful surroundings.

Dianeah Wanicek

This historical Park is a wonderful place to visit and especially to take out of town guests. Everyone we brought were fascinated by all of the displays but especially the Wright Brothers bicycle shop. The guide there was especially knowledgeable and made the visit even more enjoyable.

Judy Shaw

Great place to walk around on a nice day. Baby changing stations in all the bathrooms. Wish they had better food options. No real vegetarian meal options even at the brewery. But the beer is great and brown street is close!

Jeff Whaley

as a history buff, I thoroughly enjoyed reading, seeing and soaking myself into the history of the area. Beautifully set up

john sassenberg

If you want to learn about the history and creation of the Dayton region as well as inventions from our area that are still being used internationally, this is the place. All while having plenty to entertain kids of all ages. And a great restaurant and brewery as well as a great cafe for brunch. This is a full day and more of fun learning.

John Cloran

Great place to visit and lot of daytons history.


A wonderful place to visit! So much history here! You will be glad you visited! Learn about the cash register industry that began in Dayton, learn about the Wright brothers, how they began with bicycles and moved onto airplanes all in the Dayton area. If you are from the area you will see things that remind you of the NCR park that so many visited for so many years. We took a tour to Hawthorne Hill where the Wright brothers lived. The tour guide was phenomenal and he knew his history very well. Please take time when you’re in the area to visit this park and all that it has to offer you will not regret it! It is a MUST place for a person who lives in the area to see!


Employees are always nice and knowledgeable. Its layed out nice and has beautiful scenery.

Dan Wlodarski

Wonderful park and American history museum. The ridable miniature diesel train is well-worth the price. For now, there's even a Bald Eagle's nest with two fledglings.

William Herman

Went to Restaurant really good food and beer. You will not be disappointed.

Derek Dotson

Nice park detaling the history of Dayton. Several different buildings full of antiques and memorabilia

James Thomas

One of the sites operated by the Dayton Ohio history society. We stopped at the Carillon Brewery for lunch before visiting the park. I had an excellent meat loaf with mashed potatoes and green beans. I also had cream soda. Note: They use historically accurate 18th century recipes. The meat loaf did not seem to have the tomato taste common to many recipes but was still soft and tasty. The mashed potatoes and gravy was good. The green beans were crispy and more flavorful than usual. The park itself requires admission of $10 per adult or a historical society membership of $20 ($50 for 2 adults and 2 children) annually for unlimited admission to all historical society sites. An excellent introduction to local history. Including the 1913 flood and the local conservancy district, which has prevented flooding since. The park has a cafeteria, visitors center and displays with historic buildings, machinery, transportation and a national park building which contains the Wright Flyer. Interestingly, for the last 2 years, a pair of eagles has nested near the aviation building.

Jonathan Arroyo

This place is pretty cool and very well kept. I was there for a wedding and the atmosphere was great and the staff were very attentive. I would definitely recommend visit this place for a fun day trip. They have lots of thing going on including, from what I was told, the oldest train in the U.S.

brittany eads

Has improved tremendously over the years. Fun for the whole family. Very informative and historical .

Michael Hannah

The park is full of Dayton history and innovation. The tour is easily walkable and the exhibits are superb. There is The Carillon Brewing Co for lunch and the food is excellent. There is also Culp's Cafe in the park for a quick lunch.

Rebekah Cotner

I went with my sister and two young daughters. It was a nice place to walk around and my girls enjoyed the carousel. There was not much else for them to play on, but mainly historical houses/sights to see.

Steve H.

There is not much to see in the visitor center museum. The village has more to offer. The best part of all was the Wright Brothers National Museum. From the displays, the history stories, the video, the helpful and informative staff to one of the (almost) original Wright Brothers planes this was my highlight. Thanks for preserving this part of history. I do recommend a visit even though this is a relatively small historical park.

Carol Hattery

Everything you need to know about the history of Dayton. Enjoyable day looking at all there is about Dayton. Plus the amazing nest and the Bald Eagle that has made this park its home

Matthew Goins

I hadn't been here in quite a while, and was pleasantly surprised by how much there is to do. Obviously there is the bell tower, but also the historic buildings were all very interesting. It was great to see all the details they have put into this lovely site.

Elizabeth Thiergartner

So fun! The rail festival was perfect. Not to many people and not to big! The kids loved it! The line for the train ride is always long so we skipped it. But everything else is awesome!!!

Jeri Kniess

This museum is our favorite in the area! Planes, trains, and automobiles with the perfect amount of walking for the kiddos. There's a train to ride on outside a few scheduled days a year, but there's always a carousel in the main building. There could be more interactive activities, but I think they're working on a couple new attractions in the next few years. They're building a new wing with a new cafe based on a historic lunch counter from the Dayton arcade. A wonderful education in the rich entrepreneurship that made Dayton, Ohio what it is.

Mary Kozlov

Really fun visit. Good beer! I didn't find it cheesy but some may.


What and interesting place from the investors of flight and the electric starter to a car manufacturer to win to win the first Indy 500 at a blistering 57 mph. You'll not spend less on a more interesting site for 100's of miles!

Eric Galey

This is an amazing place that is updated constantly. If you haven't been here in ten years then you haven't been here. Even a two year absence warrants a new visit. Don't miss the introductory animatronic theater to start your visit, it's informative and entertaining

Neal Crosson-Hill

They have a couple of different restaurants here, one old-time cafe and one brewery. Both seem pretty popular. There are some specials if you become a member.

Bill Middendorf

Wonderful place to absorb local history. Full of interesting and fascinating artifacts and exhibits. Fantastic destination for a family outing.

James Niuman

New additional exhibits & soon to open larger exciting new Culp's Cafe ya gotta go to experience it & the rest of Carrlon Park!

Kaylynn Knapp

Dayton's Carillon park sure has great reasons to brag about the brilliantly talented inventors of the area. National Cash Register, Wright Brothers Bikes and Flight, Auto improvements and Rail/Train improvements. I cant help but be impressed with the creativity born in Dayton, Ohio.

Tyler Hiner

Great presentations! Special effects like water and wind during them but don't worry it's soft wind and only a few droplets of water. Amazing exhibits including the Dayton Flood, Wright brothers museum, and different things about the history of Dayton. Cheap prices and absolutely excellent food and drink at the brewery next door

Jonathan Levy

I really liked the Wright Brothers museum, which is why I came. I wandered through some other exhibits and they were also very good.

Michael Cryst

The Deed's Carrillon bell tower graces all of the park with enchanting music when lucky enough to be around at those times. The historic park can take days to view. Just too much to detail here ~ look it up if you are headed to Dayton

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