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123 6th St SW, Canton, OH 44702, United States

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Where is Canton Classic Car Museum?

REVIEWS OF Canton Classic Car Museum IN Ohio

Andrea Norris

It was a very fun museum for the whole family.

Donald Smith

Lots to see

leo kelly

Liked all the old cars and memorabilia

Jim Lee

Great place .

Sandra Wilson

small but great cars

Walt Davis

very clean and nostalgic and the custodian Jim was very helpful when I was there

Jen Turkovich

Loved my trip to the Canton Classic Car Museum! There was so much to see, not only cars but other antiques. Staff was friendly and helpful, even shared some other places to visit in town.

Kevin Turner

Totally Awesome

Rob Wierman

It was an amazing visit.

Dan Bremen

I was the only visitor, the staff was very friendly and there are quite a decent amount of cars to see, there's also a lot of stuff not related to cars but curious to see


Great place! Excellent collection!

Keith Lynn

Great place to explore. Great scavenger hunt for kids and adults. Even my girlfriend, who doesn't really like cars, enjoyed what was here.

Vicki Thorpe

Totally awesome the people there are great the 7.50 per person is worth it. They have more then just cars too ,all types of antiques and memorabilia. It was fun.

Steve Wiedorfer

It was neat stepping back in the being surrounded by all that nostalgia

D Moe

Very cool

Kristina Tholl

Even the kids had fun very polite staff overall awesome

Brian Thomas

Awesome place. Great place to visit. Lot neat stuff to see.

Joe Johnson

Nice antiques an old memories

Sharon Cruse

Bigger than I thought

The Gentlemen

Great place, great collection of cars

Phillip Hay

Good for car buffs and for anyone who likes a bit of history . Nice guy who runs it

Swapnesh Mangaonkar

Awesome collection of old cars and the stories of each car written near the car makes it even more interesting .. got to visit place when in Canton.

Marc Futoran

The curator was helpful and the artifacts were fascinating.

Angi Scudder

Lots of fun memoribillia

Albert Long

They need to Route it differently

Jim Huss

Best classic car museum in the area.

Jack Dedmon

This place has alot of old history well worth reading as well as some beautiful cars. Definately a good place to visit. I will return in the future..

Sofa Doctor Interiors

Great little museum. Nice cars and lots of memorabilia. Very friendly.

Betty Wolbert

Never knew this little place existed! So glad I found it. Will definitely be going back.

Joseph Medina

Very have to visit at least once.

Mike thecarguy

this place is great. its still low key so you can actualy enjoy your time there.


I visit there once a year during Light Up downtown. I don't see all the cars, but do have a few favorites I can see. I do need to stop and take an actual tour. It has been ages since I did so.

Lake The Pondling

Fascinating visit for anyone that loves cars or history

Angela Taylor

Cute little place! It's for the whole family. Scavenger hunt while viewing kept it interesting!

Michelle Spencer

This place was so amazing.

Angelique Price

Curator unnecessarily yelled at me in the parking lot as I parked the RV using only 4 spaces out of the way and out of over 32 empty spaces in the lot (I counted them and took pictures)... extremely upsetting, uncalled for, and obnoxious...we drove over an hour to go there but decided not to...decided to do the escape room around the block instead which was super fun with friendly staff...

Tim Connor

Vintage cars and memorabilia. Very nice.

Shane Brandes

Really marvelous collection. A great concentration of cars from the 1930's, with much else besides. Would be worth several trips as there is so much to examine.

Cinda Moore

Just an awesome place to see!

Katina Guerini

Great inspiration for the artist in me. I wish i could of stayed longer. So much fun stuff to look at. If you go take your time and play scavenger hunt

Robert Bowers

Place is absolutely neat it's huge inside I'll definitely go back

Jennifer Ward

Very nice collection of cars and other amazing memorabilia

Julie Burmania

I'm not usually a "car fan" but this place has so much to look at besides the cars. Very interesting museum!

Karen Wideman-Maxwell-Bell

Amazing cars

Jennifer D

This is a canton must see!!!

Francois Parent

Very nice museum for vintage car enthusiast. Several old Packards, Lincoln, Cadillac and much much more. Worth the low entrance fee. Don't forget to print the 15% rebate coupon that you'll find on their website.

Michelle Markley

Absolutely fell in love will be back

Dennis Wegener

Nice interesting things at every turn of your eyes

Jason Stehle

Lots of nice cars and lots of unique stuff.

Gary Ward

Nice little car museum. Has a lot of memorabilia.

Eugene Michaud

Not just cars other history too

Larry Zur-Linden

The staff is great, the cars are awesome, and its pretty cheap for what it is. I live very close so I like to go take my 2 year old son to see all the "cool cars". It's a place to see some cool history about the cars that drove around the Canton area.

Scott Beans

You could spend hours looking around and miss a lot. Very cheep to get in 7.50 per person. Well worth it

Edward V

Really funnnnn

Clara Bender

The museum has so many old cars and stuff from years gone by. A lot of old toys and stuff that brings back so many memories. More people should visit it.

Vishal Patil

Excellent collection of Historic Cars and Toys

Alicia DiPaolo

A good way to spend an afternoon to learn about car history. They also have a scavenger hunt that you can do along the way which makes it very fun!

Jo Ann Mazzupappa

Wonderful collection for the vintage car enthusiast AND for anyone interested in antiques and collectables. So much to see and enjoy. Nice staff!

Michael Spratling

Nice car museum, off the beaten path.

Jeff Soular

A lot of cool stuff to check out

Dan Mohnkern

I like a good car museum. This one has a need selection. If I could change anything about it, I would probably take out all the other stuff. Apparently the original owners decided to collect anything and everything and put it on display rather than just cars. So, you'll see 10 million other things besides cars here. It's still worth a visit though.

Barbara Wagner

Great Cars

A Package

See cars AND history plus antiques

D. Keller

We had a group tour for about 50 people at the museum. The museum is very nice, and the Char, the director and tour guide was fabulous and really made the tour fun and informative. There were a lot of great comments from the group. We would recommend the museum and tour for any group.


Amazing place! Affordable admission! So much to see, good for the whole family!! Highly recommend! Don't forgot your coupon, you can find it on their web page.

Roy Christian

Excellent experience, knowledgeable staff & vast array of cars and memorabilia.

Mandi Gardener

There were a lot of historical automobiles, and there were a lot of historical items as well. I really felt like I was walking through time in here.

Charles Yothers

Tons of cool stuff to learn about old cars and local history


Friendly staff and nice cars good little spot to visit on the weekend.

Carmen Chick

Self guided lots to see

Nancy Amore

Wonderful place. Need more time.

Randy Reeder

Small collection of fantastic cars

Jason Goudy

For what it is: a small, privately-owned collection of cars and car related things.

Phillip Schedlbauer

Excellent car museum. Friends fly staff.

Margaret Chandler

Awesome place - lots of antique cars & toys and Canton memorabilia

Sam Bowers

There is a plethora of antiques as well, if you are not wholly into cars. The cars were really great. You can get through the whole museum in an hour if you take your time.

Clinton Miner

Best cars in the world

M.Dwayne Herron

Tha cars are magnificent!

Chad Cordi

Awesome place to re-live history.

Robert Hill

Great collection, friendly staff.

Rick Maxwell

Awesome, a must visit

Steven Johnston

First time there very interesting

Rhonda Rowe

Reception was cold and curt so we left!

Steve Speakman

An absolute MUST SEE in Canton! Something for everyone at all ages. Love this place!

jim scudder

Great collection of cars including many 1 of a kind can't see anywhere else cars plus an extremely ecclective collection of everything.

Jay Rouse

Nice museum.

Amy Aldaco-Freeman

An amazing walk through memory lane that everyone needs to see!

Mary Miller

Nice place to do for an hour. Lots of kitchke and about 20 or so antique and classic cars.

April Armstrong

Very low key, awesome collection of car, antigen and memorabilia. Friendly staff

Margaret Wielandt

Really cool, lots of cool stuff to see!

Billie Bellamy

Had a great visit at the museum! Lots of memorabilia!

Beatrice Hall

So much history, that I did not realize, amazing

Diana Fowler

The most fabulous antique cars I've ever seen. They have some of the rarest ones in existence and a lot of history on all of them.

ashton barborek

Had a wonderful time looking at these beautiful classic cars! Glad I was walking by or I would have missed out. If you're into cars and need something to do in Canton I'd recommend it.

Christian Zapata

Love it, great place to go with the family, nice cars!

Mark Daughety

It's not just about the cars. But they are great!

Sarah H

Such a great museum for cars and so much more. Char was amazing. We had a great time!

Truck Square

Loved are visit. There was a lot to see. Enjoyed looking at the old cars and time period items.

Susan Brazalovics

I really enjoyed myself. It had alot of older cars. If you are into cars then this is the place to go. Good for tourist.

Tom Schindler

Nice museum, though on the small side. Used a coupon from the entertainment book. It was an electronic coupon. The gentlemen at the register was rather upset that it was an electronic coupon. Completely unnecessary to have that attitude. Would go again, but if we see him again, we will go back when he isn't there. He definately did not make us feel welcomed.

Dennis Sarbak

Unique cars, things I haven't seen in years. Worth seeing!

Leo Kelly

Awesome place to visit

Jennifer Danner

Quite a few cars and lots of memoribilia. Very interesting.

Lika D

Wonderful place! Lots of antiques, not just cars.

Wilbur Lin

It @s a good piece of American history.

Joe Limbaugh

A wonderful collection of classic cars and memorabilia!

Brittany Schaeffer

Loved the history and old cars! One suggestion would be to organize them in a yearly fashion instead of the way they are now.

Leon Fot

This place is so good! We went here on a whim, and it was super awesome. I love cars, and they had some really cool ones there. The lady who worked there let us go in a few of them and was really nice as well. She told us about the history of a lot of the cars, such as a custom hearse and it was fascinating. Also location is great, as it is noticeable and in what was the largest ford dealership in the country when it opened in 1914! If you’re in canton and like cars, this is a must!

scott buckridge

Nice place, allot of nice classic cars

Randy Whitmer

very nice people operate the museum some super auctions take place there as well the museum is in the basement of a very fine hotel you find the square of canton ohio just out the front doors to the right beautiful flower beds and Gardens my name is Randy whitmer and I give it a 10

Tammy Jones

Beautiful museum with lots to look at. Be sure to take your camera Very well maintained with a humorous touch throughout for your pleasure ;)

Ray Butcher

Lots of clutter but nice cars.

Marquitta Miller

Wonderful place for a family outing. Go through your own place and scavenger hunt to keep you busy all the way till the end

Valary Hoover

Great place if you like classic cars!!

Makirra L

Jim Lee was such a nice Man, very friendly and went out of his way to make sure my family had a good time! The museum has a lot of cool random antiques along with classic cars that are very nice!

Christine Weir

Beautiful cars, so much vintage memorabilia including toys, bikes, motorcycles. Whimsical in some areas. There's a fun scavenger hunt for adults and kids. Had fun with my son.

Cynthia Moser

Free parking reasonable ticket prices. Great old items for around the county, city, state and the country to see and appreciate from days gone bye. Nice gift shop.


Surprisingly well appointed museum fir it's size. Had suspected it might be a "tourist trap" but not so. Some very unique exhibits.

Ryan Melichar

Pretty cool place, a ton of awesome cars and local history! Great staff, would recommend if you love cars.

Donald Balvin

Nice old cars

Brian Hofmeister

Fun, friendly staff; good variety of cars; lots of local history. Amazing to see all the signs, photos, hood ornaments and toys from before the 1960s. Great place to spend a few hours if you are interested in cars and their history.

Rick Benoit

Amazing place. Could spend two days and still miss something

Adam Lamb

Beautiful walk through on light up downtown and they had a wonderful Santa

Steve H.

There is not as many cars here as other car museums, but they make up for that with other memorabilia. There are items everywhere. I probably spent more time looking all the displays and memorabilia than the cars. This is a small but packed museum. I enjoyed my visit.

Ryan Gertner

Just like I remember from 20 years ago. A great car museum.

Rhonda Sybert

It was very interesting.

John Mcguinness


Joe Miller

Cool place to visit lots of cars & things to see

Douglas Russell

Nice museum. Much more to see here than cars. Nice easy to spend an afternoon.

Dale Benson

Great museum featuring much more than beautiful classic cars. We drove from Strongsville to Canton to visit this museum and it was well worth it. Plenty to see and great staff. Reasonable prices and easy parking. If you like antiques, collectables or just cars you won't be disappointed.

Brian Satterfield

Do not be fooled by the outside. A lot of cool vintage cars, motorcycles, bicycles and toys inside.

Monica Daughety

Cool presentation of memories and classic cars!

Johnny Gremer

A Classic! Must see in Hall of Fame city!!!!

Elray Glover

Wonderful place and lots of fun.

Ron Butcher


Carla Petty

Canton's best kept secret!

Keith Nutter

Great place to see some classics

Kayla Remark

I visit every year for light up downtown. It's a Christmas tradition. So much history tucked in this hidden gem. Always a great experience

George White

Really enjoyed our experience at the car museum. It doesn't have a massive assortment of cars. And a lot of the cars are from the same time period, 20's-40's. But, considering it's pretty much all from one man's collection, it's pretty impressive. What I like about this museum is that it's more than just a car show, like some other car museums. The walls are decked out with other car memorabilia to keep you interested.

Edmund Oswalt

Great museum. Lots of fun.

Laser Dreads

Cars are real fun to check out!

Catherine Johnston

Nice place to visit

Gail Schauf

If u like cars 1930's or older this is the place for u

Aaron Yost


Olivia Edens

Very cool, but very crowded and more of an antiques museum

Jeanne Cowart

Not just A-mazing cars but super cool memorabilia. Totally worth a look. Nice people too.

Tersina Sweitzer

Fabulous local history; more than just cars

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