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REVIEWS OF Biblewalk IN Ohio

Michelle C

Love this place you can really feel God's spirit and His love

Holly Windom

Something nice for a group reasonable price excellent staff nice play you should go at least once safe parking good food

Robert Sexton

Love this place!

M. Mills

2nd time to the Bible Walk Museum and I all ways have a new experience while there. A must see... Look forward to going back on the next Church bus trip!

Sophia Christiaan

Uplifting place for the whole family

Gayle Robinson-Thompson

I loved it beautiful all through there make me feel like I was really there at the time of everything that's all the scenes we saw brought tears to my eyes plenty of times I loved it beautiful fabulous I loved it

Ed Henline

This was really well done you can tell there was a lot of volunteer time into this

Greg Brooks

Very nice place.

Gordon Belin

Katie L

Matthew Willauer


Trina Travis

Joshua Yohman

Helen Happ

Liked the,play and the,tour we took on the reformation. People where freindly and helpful

Heidi H

This is a must visit. Very well done displays. Friendly people.

Mary Pringle

Sunday Scarbrough

Orie Boyd

It's an amazing place.

Alicia Lopez

Cute, but each tour is sold individually. The people are really nice, but if this is a ministry, they miss the boat. Each tour is at least five bucks. Pics are of the martyr tour.

Jim Wransky

David Taylor

Alex G

That is awesome

Jay Reider

It was ok

Coogie Talks


Rosie Jordan

I took the Old Testament walk and the Life of Paul tour. The life sized characters were great and made the stories come to life .

Catina Tongish

Joseph Boyd

The volunteers were nice and welcoming.

Mark Flannery

Very good experience for me. Only problem was A baby wasn't making noise throughout the tour. Figures couldn't have better craftsmanship, I think they did a pretty good job displaying what things were like and will be like. I did life of Christ your and Old Testament. Also had set of exquisite hand done paintings displaying bible scenes. Highly recommended

Rod Thompson

joji abraham

Really nice place to teach the kids about New testament history....

Jeanne Kiba

Freedom Julius

The Bible animated

Mary Martin

Enjoyed this immensely. We had a large group, many under the age of 10, and staff was very accommodating and friendly. Biblically accurate and engaging.

Kellie Sullivan

James Moore

A religious experience

Amy Gossett

Biblewalk has many different exhibits in addition to the 5 current tours. They have immigrant folk art, a collection of rare Bibles, the Parable paintings formerly found at TBNs Holy Land, and that's a small sampling of things to see. The story behind everything in the buildings is miraculous, and then there is the love of the people--employees and volunteers. I'd like to answer one of the other reviews...there is NO blasphemy and there are no graven images of YHWH. There are depictions of Jesus, and they are not for worshiping. A working knowledge of Scriptures will confirm that Biblewalk has not crossed any boundaries. They have simply presented the Word of God in a way that invites people to come. It is good to ask ourselves if things stand up to Scriptures, and there's nothing wrong with seeking counsel in that...but it is wrong to bear false witness, and that strong of an accusation needs to be met with firm reproach.

Yolanda Santiago

This was a very powerful experience. The life-sized wax figures are well done and the exhibits are prayerful. It is very well-priced. There isn't a commercial sense. I would love to go back.

Brandon Boettcher

Located on top of a hill across from the Richland Correctional Institute, Biblewalk offers an illuminated tour of THE HOLY BIBLE. Scenes from all of the favorite bible story's come to life in this one of a kind wax museum. Most of the scenes look like a freeze frame of a church play. The production value varies from scene to scene, but is quite impressive considering all the artwork is done entirely by volunteers. The lighting that corresponds to the narration in each scene is top notch and captivating. Most of the wax figures look real enough to start moving, although there is the occasional mannequin and bad wig or beard. The tour is self guided but paced as such that if they say it will take an hour, it is going to take an hour. The many exhibits to choose from allow you to pick your own adventure and decide how long you'd like to stay, but it would be too easy to spend all day there. For this reason Biblewalk could benefit from a food court, or a vending machine at the very least. The bathrooms were clean. The whole building had the unmistakable smell of a church. Some might find this comforting There were several instances where the museum's narration paraphrases THE HOLY BIBLE, which is blasphemy. Very disappointing. Furthermore, it was never addressed how the museum does not break THE LORD'S commandment not to make any images in the form of anything in Heaven above or on the Earth beneath or in the waters below. This museum has all three forms of these images. Concerning…For this reason I fear a five star rating would be sinful. Overall, Biblewalk offers a fun way to experience the word of GOD and let his spirit speak to you.

Eric Ellsworth

You Feel the love of god in this place

Rojelio Andino

Beautiful experience

Marilyn Samchez

One of the most vital Christian ministries I've ever experienced! The Word comes alive!

Tanya Lewis

The spoken word of the bible and the scenes were Awesome!

shanita jones


Words can not explain this life changing experience. It is powerful when you can see the Scriptures come to life. This is something every person should experience.

Cruz Melendez

Fantastic place to learn about the bible. During walk tours

God's Handmaid

We went over the weekend and had such a WONDERFUL AND GLORIOUS TIME! Everyone was so SWEET and ACCOMMODATING!! Mariah and all the staff were sooo NICE! We thoroughly enjoyed the Bible Walk and can't wait to return to take more tours!

Amy Alka

Colin McCoy

Never been inside. Just parked in parking lot

Mah-siah A

loved this place as a kid. brings back memories.

Donna Burdine

Awesome atmosphere

Larhonda Gray

Awesome me and my husband love it we are coming back!!

Christopher Collins

Sandy Sims


Linda Kegley

Everyone should go see the Bible Museum.

Carolyn Grant Cofield

My husband and I along with another couple came from Michigan and enjoyed ourselves immensely! The exhibits, the staff, the play and the food were A1.

Mark Williamson

Mae J

This place is amazing and very informative. I'd revisit.

Jeri Streety

An awesome experience walking through the stories of the bible. Lunch and the play were excellent.

John V

Great place. We did The Life Of Jesus and it was very well put together. Friendly staff. It's a somewhat guided tour that takes the time specified.

Wanda Lowe

John James

Darryl J

We toured the Old Testament exhibit and it was very informative. We went through the exhibit on Paul and it covered the entire life of Paul from the Bible. The employees were very friendly.

Almut Dill

Debra Harris


Love this museum! Been here twice and would return. Thank you for such a powerful ministry. Wonderful scenes, story, and friendly staff. God bless!

Jacqueline Bell

This was a great placeto visit

Nick Mahon

Kate Elizabeth

This is the Lord’s work. Blessed be his Name.

Ruvim Rusavuk

A definite must!!!

Katie Hoffer

I love the bible walking it was every inrest

George A. John

Melinda Lewandowski

Very educational for children and it was an enlightening experience

Annie Dew

Brilliant experience...I go every year, and have been encouraging others to attend

Lucas Witt

Karen Abbott

Enjoyed this place

Michelle Buccigrossi

Tonia Keeler

I enjoy going there. I love the museum. Wonderful stories are told there

Joan Parker

Very realistic and beautiful!

lanre Onamusi

Arnita Weaver


Christopher Watkins

Had a very nice time here.

margarita macdonald

Don Larson

Excellent life-size, diorama presentations with automated lighting that concisely summarize the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Christian martyrs and the Reformation with additional presentations to be added.

Kiersten Grindle

Lindsay Burlingham

Loved our time with Vera at the Bible Walk! Very much a blessing to our family!

Davyion Campbell

Brenda Collazo

malinda sweeney

Great wish I had more money

DaniFran* Kinlaw

Very cool learned a few things too

mr. train star 6 Smith


Naomi Wilson

The Bible Walk was an awesome place to visit as a group trip,you get lunch and the tour of a walk through the bible,lots of rare treasures to see and more.very enjoyable.

John Miller

A very good place to learn more about the bible. From the oldest to the youngest. Very friendly staff.

Pamela Taylor

Just off of Route 30 near the site of the filming of the Shawshank Redemption. Must see for those who love the Bible. Bus loads come to this site on tours and is a must see. Easy access - watch for the road to the right when coming off of Rt 30 - go past the old reformatory. Well work taking the time to go here.

Michaelann Jessee

I never tire of having the opportunity to be able to "walk" through the Bible. With so many things to see, you could easily spend more than one day there if you want to experience everything they have to offer. There are currently 5 tours and a 6th will be added in the near future. Along with the tours is a collection of paintings of parables, word art, wood carvings, rare bibles, animated scenes, votive folk art and more. This museum is a place for people of all backgrounds and all ages to experience.

Mike Holley

New testament tour was insightful. The old testament tour was not chronologically correct and very confusing. I'll maybe go back for another tour someday .

Margo Henderson


Sho Tyme

Omg in jesus name

Judi Ann

A wonderful experience!

Bogdanna K

Great place for kids and adults. Great and friendly staff. Our 4 year old still keeps talking about it.

Pj Fish

Enjoyed our walk through the Old Testament. Our guide was a little too chatty for my taste. Would love to return sometime for the New Testament walk.

Monique Hilton

Loved this place . Staff was very nice and courteous. I will be going back

Patricia Karabowicz

Make sure you plan for the lunch...then afterwards is a play. Take a sweater or coat for the play... it's extremely cold in that room.

Iprefer Anonymous

I wish I lived closer so that I could walk through there over and over. The Word of God is alive - so it's amazing to actually walk through scenes like that and be quiet inside so the Holy Spirit can speak to you. What a treasure for the people living there and working there. I learned so much walking through - all Glory to Jesus

Anonymous Review

Never again with I go... It's all about the money there and the people still stab you in the back even if you do not know them. This church should be ashamed of themselves. If you do go trust NO ONE. They will make you feel safe there, but outside of church watch your back.

Sylvia Wilson

Richard Lucas

hmmm lol

Mark Gossett

Ruby Goodner

Every church should plan a trip here, dinner, tour and a play! Wonderful and educational.

Pauline Blasco

Robbie Quinn

Very good experience bless God for them and their work

Mathews Kidangath

Miguel Sierra

Its an awesome experience everyone should go.

Cheri Kapchinski

We walk all the walks. Great people and displays. Very informative. Wonderful visuals!

Ashley Light

It was fun doing the walk through but the idea of this place is so great but it's seriously in need of an upgrade. The wax figures we're very interesting but a lot of the accessories and props we're just strange and seemed thrown together.

Pam Dawson

very the different walks...cant wait to see what they do next!

Mikey Jessee

Excellent place to visit with family and friends!

Sarah Mathewson

I always have a great time when I come here.

Humble servant of Jesus Christ

Absolutely love this place! The anointing is there. The stories line up with the bible. The food and staff is phenomenal. Great place for children, families and groups.

Reuben Yoder

Very good place! Kinda like live bible stories! Children loved it!

carol busby

This was a wonderful experience. The people were a blessing. They were Very nice to us. I am praying to enlarge their territory. With blessing upon blessing

Loren Martin

Tatyana Denega

Emilie RB

Tia Evans

The people are WONDERFUL. A great place to learn about the bible.

Steven Howell

Danielle Adam

Richardo Heckert

Isaac Jessee

Cyndi Smith

Really enjoyed the walk. Would have liked to see more but we'll have to save up for it.

Marguerita Howze

There was a group of us from church and we had a great time. The staff, the exhibits and the food were great.

Caprice Triplett

Loved It!!! Can't wait to go back

Gerald Kaye

Must see Christian Museum

Kathie Buckner

Great, very informative

Marisa Bersch

It was very interesting... We went to hear the story of The Life of Christ and it was Great... There are 5 stories you can go listen to. Great experience for people young and old.

Vicky Skeen

Loved it! Be ready for a full day experience


Dale Rabe

My wife and I had a wonderful time seeing the Biblewalk Tours. The quality of craftmanship is excellent. Extremely realism of the figurines and the displays. Workers are friendly, polite, and knowledgeable. We are recommending BBM to others. Thank you for an awesome time, Dale and Wanda

jeanette erclauz

It was an incredible journey highlighting stories of The Old Testament. Also the life of Christ. (TOURS chosen by me). There are other tours available, which I intend to go back to see. If you go you will not be disappointed.

Marlene Plichta


Nancy C Zornes

I enjoyed it very much. Will be back.

Zachary Roberts

Very cool and is a must see for Christians.

Jerod Laver

It's really cool seeing the Bible displayed in a 3D visual element.

Sharon Moenter

Great experience

Freebird Tina

Loved this place. It brings the Word alive!

Kathryn Jessee

June Cooper

Amazing and a must see

Crystal Benson

Absolutely amazing. To experience this was well worth the 1.5 hour drive from my hotel. Loved the audio with the scenes. The life of Christ was by far the best tour for sure.

Dawn Gartner

This museum is well done. I would recommend it if you'in the area. One of the 5 areas was closed for renovation, but we were allowed to see some really interesting things in the "lobby". You should allow roughly 4 hrs to see all of it.

Ms.Bobbie BANKS

Cresencio Lopez

It is an OK place. A little creepy. Only did the tour if the myrtars. Veteran friendly. Cheap and quick.

Jesus ForLife

Loved it

Beverly Crusoe

It was an excellent scriptural experience!

Sabana Ruiz

Belinda Minor

What an amazing experience of walking through the Word with "Scripture". ALL churches, ministries & etc, should plan a field trip. But where comfortable shoes. I loved looking at all of the Bibles, maps, and ancient artifacts. I plan to return to see the play.

Shyam Gill

Linda Carter

Had a great time with the Granddaughter.

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