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1330 Monmouth Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225, United States

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REVIEWS OF American Sign Museum IN Ohio

Elizabeth Connor

I had seen this on social media and the photo opportunities did not disappoint! Just wish there were more displays and educational/history exhibits. I can't wait to see how they expand.

Allen Schroedel

This place was cool to see and read about some old signs and how neon was used throught time. I however do not belive it is worth the 15 bucks per adult.

CMB Caspanello

This place is a must visit for americana history. They will have an expansion soon but love it now. This is history that has been restored. They current restore, and work out of the museum so that was cool to see. They had beers available for purchase with lots of seating to just take in everything. This space is available for wedding and events. So cool.

alip chatterjee

There are positive and "needs important" reviews for the museum. Positive are 1. Some local collections available 2. Few good old signs mostly of retail industry 3. Audio descriptions available Needs improvement are 1. Categorize the collection in sections 2. Detail stories and importance of the sign 3. More details and connections of art and sign with history 4. Why this signs were made the way they are 5. Need more signs from different era and place These details will help local school students and enthusiasts to come and visit more often An average person like me, who do not know much about signs can spend around 30min to an hour, given they really see everything. The cost of ticket is high per person considering if you are not too much into signs (understandable, since I dont think they have figured out a way to bring more footfall and repeat business maybe less, moreover maintainance may be high)

Bruce Wood

A pleasant surprise. Very interesting!

Neena Miller

Very cool museum that more than met our expectation! Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

Rachael Brady

This place is AWESOME! Not only is it visually stunning, but learning about the history of signs, their materials and typography was fascinating. I love that they have it organized by era, so with each piece and room you’re walking into a new one. Highly recommend this hidden gem off the beaten path in Cincinnati. Well worth the trip.

Dennis Bahurinsky

Great tour through time. Enjoyed watching the neon tube work in progress.

Mark and Andrea Wager

Very cool. Lots of signs and related memorabilia. If you can tag along with one of the free tours it was worth it. (We jumped in one part way through). They tell a lot of really interesting stories and keep it moving along. The staff was really friendly and helpful and even gave us to military discount as a veteran.

Jeremy E.S.

A fantastic passionate museum giving a history of signs, one of those pieces of life we don't think about much but are surrounded by. The galleries look small, but walking each way through them brings a different experience. I'm already looking forward to returning.

Rebecca Lauer

Take your time, it's worth your time! Friendly and hospitable service. Reasonable entrance fee. Informative tour. I will go again and again. Also, I will suggest all my out of town guests to go.

Dale Turner

A really fun experience! We arrived just as a guided tour was starting. The young man really knows his signs. A bit off the beaten path but well worth it.

Denise Mccreary

Such a beautiful display of signs.

Blessed Mama

We went for a homeschooling trip. It's not a very large place but its packed with signs and information. It was a lot of fun to go through and pick out our favorites. We liked to find the smallest one and the largest. In the back it was really neat to watch the guys making neon words.

Dina Carlson

Amazing museum with some interesting parts of history that get easily ignored, super good guide and place


Fantastic place and totally worth seeing. This was one of those unexpected drive-by, double-take and do a u-turn kind of things. The museum is much larger than it appears to be from the outside and is crammed to overflowing with neon and signage. It reminds me simultaneously of Disney World and Las Vegas. While the main focus of the museum seems to be neon, it includes many other other great examples of American signage. As a graphic designer, this place is a must see and worth every penny. The facility is in impeccable shape and the bathrooms were spotless and new. The staff was also very friendly and knowledgeable so the guided tour was definitely worth it. I highly recommend this museum.

Sharon Long

Really cool seeing the old neon signs

Hannah Wheeler

Amazing and such a fun museum for art and history enthusiasts! The people are very friendly and the variety of signs are fantastic. It's affordable and worth it!

Jim S

Amazing display of signs! The only place you can see the entire history of illuminated signs. Very interesting, artistic, and enjoyable. A "must see"!

scott spivey

Awesome place! This museum features a wide variety of signs, some over 100 years old. The experience is easy, mostly self-guided walking through the displays and they offer an audio option you can access with your smartphone. Friendly staff that seems to take pride in what they do. Highly recommend if in Cincinnati, especially if you dig on Americana and history in general.

Ricardo Fisher

We had a great time at this museum. It’s small but packed with history and very interesting signs. The main room is made up like a Main Street which adds to visual interest. It is small and a little pricey, but I’d chalk it up to doing our part towards preserving a piece of history. We arrived in time to catch the end of the guided tour and got to get into the neonworks shop for a great education on how they make and restore neon signs. There is very little walking in this museum, no issues with handicap access or anything, and places to sit and rest. Very friendly staff. There were plans on display to expand, and we’d definitely like to return to see it again after the expansion.

Tami Talbot

A very nostalgic and amazing place. Our tour guide, Alex was terrific. I would highly recommend it!

C Rink

A very well laid out, nicely curated look at American signage over many years. See original McDonalds sign from decades ago, the old Holiday Inn with the blinking lights from road trips as a child. No matter how young or old, you will see something to remind you of an earlier time in your life and bring back a memory.

Megan Sherman

A very neat experience. Love seeing all the signs. Staff were very friendly and informative. Definately a hidden gem of Cincinnati!


This place is a visual version of sensory overload but in a good way. It has so much history and some seriously cool stuff. The gift shop isnt insanely priced, although expensive considering gift shops usually are. I highly recommend going and setting up a tour, it was only like 10 bucks a person i believe.

Adrian Jones

The sign museum is elegantly arranged informative. Anyone interested in lettering, marketing, Americana or art would really enjoy it. There is also a working neon sign repair shop and it's fun to see the artists working there.

Brian Volk

What a cool place. There's a lot of history here. If you go, take the time to sign up for the guided tour so you can learn some history surrounding most of the signs.

Sabrina Cantkier

Such a great quirky stop- loved loved it- and so did the kids - just go, you’ll never see signs the same way!

Donna Hoffman

The signs they had where neat but there was not much only took us 30 mins

Skyler Cavin

This place is a hidden gem in Cincinnati. Great history of signs with a wide array of examples. The most impressive part of the experience was the staff. You can tell they love being there. They are eager to answer questions and provide details of the collection. If you have not been, this muesem is a must see!

Owen Bohman

Super cool place, great place to take the family or even a cool date, lots of cool retro neon signs, sort of small, but definitely packed with cool stuff, would reccomend!

Melissa S

The American Sign Museum is a MUST if you're visiting Cincinnati! I went on my first trip to Cincy 3 years ago and have been back every time we visit (about 3 more times so far)! It's really neat learning about the history of signage and seeing the amazing collection up close. Every time I go, I learn something new. Plus, you don't have to be a history nerd to enjoy the museum - you just have to enjoy seeing awesome stuff! I highly recommend visiting the Sign Museum if you're in the Cincinnati area! You won't be disappointed!!!

Joy Rosario

Would have given it 5 stars for lower admission price. Super cute.

Theresa Hayes

Stopped here on a whim as we were on our way to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. Turned out to be a great place! When we pulled in, we were greeted by a sign that we recognized from our adopted home town of Columbus Indiana! We had no idea this sign was at the Museum-it's a sign from a local hardware store that closed--Gross Hardware. We took the guided tour with a young man named Alex and we enjoyed it immensely! Lots of great info -they have wonderful iconic signs here that will take you back to a different place and time! Easy to find--you can spend maybe up to 2 hours here. Small gift shop with unique items--we loved the vintage hotel key- key chains!!

Eric Smith

The weather was rainy, so we visited the Museum and it was way more fun and informative than we thought it would be. Our guide had encyclopedic knowledge of the topic and never missed a beat. We highly recommend the American Sign Museum.

Tim Meier

This museum is so close to where I live and I finally got to see it. The museum is awesome. The parking lot has a set of fantastic wall murals. There is a gift shop at the entrance and many large rooms with high ceilings. Each section has …

Ola Dziuba

Such a fun place to go to! It’s only open until 4. You can take a guided tour or self guided tour from their website.

Erin Krajenke

Definitely a fun and quirky stop to add to your trip. I recommend the guided tour (check their website for times) as the guide provides interesting tidbits and guides you through the museum in less than one hour. Lot of color, history, and fun bright lights. They also have a cute gift shop.

Mary Burke

A gem of a museum! Get there for the tour. It's super informative, you'll appreciate what you're seeing!

Carol Bays

Had alot of old sign there. You can do a tour if you want to or you could go on your own.

Rick Neff

Very cool place for an event. Love the new space.


Loved this place!! We had a tour with Alex who was very fun and informative. Lots and lots of signs here of different types—letters, lights, neons, and ceramics. They even have a town set up with storefronts and signs from different eras. Great place to visit.

Ginger Staton

Cool signage for the history neon, plastics... A walk down memory lane

Brian Rode

This place is great. My wife and I did a day date and we both loved it. The tour is about 45 minutes and then we got to learn how neon signs are made. I would highly recommend visiting the next time you are in the Cincinnati area.

Gary Martin

If you visit Cincinnati you must make time for the American Sign Museum. It was amazing to see the history of signs thru one mans collection. It brought back a lot of memories for my wife and me. There is also a working sign Business on site if you are looking to have some signs made. You will not be disappointed.

James Osborn

Lots of history and signs. Self guided tour was pretty good.

Lori Krull

Had a great time despite a lack of enthusiasm on my part to begin. We took a tour with Alex, which brought the displays to life. I especially admitted the Main Street area where they rebuilt shop facades to match the time period from which the sign originated. Super cool!

Mark Borison

This place is awesome! Came here for an event the other night. Visually stimulating is putting it mildly. So much awesome history - seriously come check this place out.

Kailyn Crabill

One of my favorite parts of our trip. So interesting and informative. Tour was well conductive and the guide was very obviously excited about what he was discussing. The demonstration was super cool. Definitely take the earlier tour and leave yourself some time to explore on your own. 10/10 would go again.

Silverent Balcaitis

I enjoyed seeing the old signs that I never expected to see in my life time in person.

Cyndee Shirk

Very awesome! Many signs with good stories.

Theresa Johnson

I really enjoyed this place, very interesting and entertaining as well as informative had a wonderful time here would definitely go again.

Joan Gordon

This museum is a gem! Perhaps our favorite "find" in Cincinatti. Our tour guide Alex was superb. Very informative and passionate about the collection.Dont miss this unique collection!

Jacob Hoffman

Amazing! A must visit if you're anywhere in or near Cincy. Perfect for a rainy or sunny day! Some might be deterred by the price, but I assure you if you enjoy history and neon as much as I do, it'll be so worth it!

Eric Phillips

Quirky and interesting. I would consider a guided tour a must - without it our experience would not have been as good.

Chris Henry

Very neat place. The guide person very knowledgeable

John Bloomberg

Who knew this could be so cool? Be sure to go when you can join the tour.

Mark Cameron

Fun stop while visiting Cincinnati! If you like nostalgia, get here!

Douglas Couch

Cool place. Its like taking a walk through history. Just manage your expectations appropriately. I went as a work function for free. Id pay like $10 to get in... maybe $15. It would prob take an hour to get through the displays if you take your time.

Gail Johnson

I just loved going back in time to the 50s and 60s. Even if you weren't around then, you can appreciate what the signs were like

Monique Mainville

We wanted to try a new indoor activity we could bring grandparents and kids - this was a super interesting museum (particularly love the online audio guide). Not super well suited for young kids - however since it's a shorter visit place and they could run around it was alright. A bit pricey (15$ per adult) for the experience (it's a 30-45min visit). I would recommend to locals or visitors who are here for a longer stay - it's not an extension essential visit if you're passing through.

Timothy Barner

A fun and educational time. It's best to go Wednesdays through Fridays, when you can see them make neon signs.

Herb Schneider

Brings back a lot of memories.

Camille Wartman

Such a cool museum! Staff is friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is relaxed and intriguing. Neat place for all ages to enjoy.


Amazing experience, the person in the front desk extremely nice and helpful, free guided tour is a must for you to understand what you see. 10 dollars with student id. Smaller than I expected but worth it if you like history

Robert Staton

Son's and daughter-in-law took my wife and I there for father's day. We had a great time. I was fascinated by the guided tour. It took a little longer than an hour to take in the museum. There was parking at the side of the building, so it was safe. I would go again sometime.

Curcio Stapleton

This hidden gem of a museum was on my agenda as we traveled back from Canada. The museum has guided tours and has an excellent on line word and sound tour for each section. Any age group would enjoy this museum. If you are a boomer it will give you recollections of a past of bright gaudy signs and neon lighting up the night. Easy access for mobility scooters. It is all on one floor and their is a working sign repair facility in the middle that you can watch repairs and new fabrication. An American gem.

Lynne Mayo

First time there, great guided tour. Recommend

Ted Wilson

It was a lot of fun. This displays are nicely laid out. The tour was informative and I learned about things I would never have thought to ask about.

Andy Kreul

Loved this place. Great atmosphere and amazing signs for this sign lover. Of course, I wish it was bigger and more expansive, but it was awesome for what it was.

Gerald Wood

I found the museum to be more than I expected. It was not just the signs but also the audio tour and the printed history of sign making, advertising, and the locations of where each of the signs came from. I would recommend this as I would the sign museum in Baltimore MD.

Eugene Wright

Unique and fun place. Pure Americana from a bygone era. Check it out!

Jim Davidson

On our trip, one adult and three students visited. A variety of prices are offered for admission, such as adult $15, students $10. The admission was after touring the parking lot which has many large displays on view for the casual visitor or passerby. Parking was plentiful. Inside is well-lit and clean. The halls are wide. Many flashing lights so it might not be good if epilepsy is an issue for any of your group. There were hundreds of signs, signs about signs, retail spaces with windows and doors painted in traditional ways, very old object signs (giant shoes) history on lettering, a maker space showing tools for neon signs, and many other displays. The gift shoppe was nice. The bathroom was clean and well-supplied. A happy time.

Neal Hargrave Sr

This place is fantastic! It reminds you of all the stores and places that you went to growing up! If you love nostalgia, you'll definitely love this place!

R Kibby

Been bringing bus groups here all year and its still one of my favorite places to visit. Staff is friendly and funny, great tour guide. Gift shop has some great selections and really unique items that are locally made. Definitely wont be disappointed visiting here.

Westley Hollamon

An amazing museum in Cincinnati Ohio! Came from out of town, and worth the trip. The signs were brilliant! Very informative placards told about the history of sign making and the different styles of signs. The main room is so neat! A little on the small side. We only spent about 45 mins there, but overall such a cool experience. They have done a great job maintaining these pieces of art!

Rick Furman

Another place not well known but definitely worth the trip, certainly a trip down memory lane to a simpler time. Don't miss this one when in Cincinnati.

Lindsay Smith

Very cool but a little pricey

Spencer West

Great visit! the signs were very impressive loved the tour and Alex was the best. Highly recommend the guided tour we had a fantastic time.

Donna Fields

Very unique. Definitely a must see!

Stacy B

What an awesome place to visit! Our tour guide Alex was the best ever!

Kris Kerkondis

Wonderful museum! I had no idea this museum even existed. The cost is a bit high, $10.00 for adults, but worth it. Parking is ample, museum not crowded, and well laid out. Signs brought back such wonderful memories if my childhood.

Charity Bonapfel

Unique and interesting museum. Great place for photos and cool venue for events. I do think the admission is high for what it is, but parking is free. Off the beaten path, more people should know about this place!

Pat Schlecht

The tour is wonderful. Signs from many decades. Plan extra time because there is more to see than the tour can cover. During the week can see neon lights being made.

Cindy Tedder

Get place to see love all the old vintage signs

Sarah Hartman

Really awesome place to visit and look at vintage signs! The admittance fee isn’t very high and you get plenty of bang for your buck. With numerous signs to see and places to view, you can even walk through the workshop where they refab the signs. A gift shop includes reasonably priced souvenirs and a variety of books.

Chad Hesson

Awesome place to see in cincinnati!

Heidi Peyser

Amazing experience. Well laid out. Everyone should go.

Jake Bernecker

It makes me happy there is a place like this in Cincinnati. Very cool and unique. Went with the wife on a Sunday afternoon and appreciated all the old sign technology. Unfortunately there was a group of instagrammers that were very rude, but management was very understanding and gave us free passes to come back again. Will definitely be back and would recommend to anyone to check this place out.

Sooraj Kumar

This was an awesome place, I guess one of its kind. I was a little skeptical about the time investment here over my last visit to Cincinnati. But I really liked it and would suggest as a must visit place in Ohio. The signs that they have collected here and presented is just cool. The ambience is nice and takes you back a few lot of yours when technology was not great yet, creativity met reality though artistic hands. It's a pleasure to see the entire space. Do check it out

Karl Perry

Very interesting and educational experience.

Rogue Trippers

Date of Visit: Sunday May 19th, 2019 We drove all the way to Cincinnati with ONE goal in mind..... to get to the American Sign Museum. it was well worth the 4 hour drive from Sandusky. We have tried to make it to the ASM several times when we were planning other road trips, but it never worked out. This time, we were in Sandusky, and what the heck - take a 4hour drive for it. They have neon, hand painted, light up, and other signs for many businesses, advertising, and products from the past. it was such a fun place to visit. THe place is small (but growing) and it doesnt technically take long to go through the entire collection if you are just looking. But if, like us, you are experiencing the history, the artistry, the culture, and coolness of each and every sign - you can easily spend 2 hours in this museum. The location is definitely out of the way a bit, down a residential/industrial street. It is the kind of place you have to look for, and i highly recommend you do so. The counter service was great - she was very friendly and fun. She appreciated that we all wore theme t-shirts from the Las Vegas Neon Bone Yard (also a sign museum). Unfortunately, I dont think staff recognized i made a wardrobe change to a "Bob's Big Boy" t-shirt - just so I could pose for photos with the Frisch's Big Boy Statues and signs. :-) The gift shop is very nice. They have a lot of nice items in stock. books, magnets, sweatshirts, tshirts, coasters, and so much more. be sure to follow our instagram account for more details @rogue_trippers The cost to enter the museum is $15 and totally worth it. There is on site parking that is free. When you are in cincinnati, make this a top item on your itinerary.

Deante Smith

Great collection of Americana. Tours are offered and and were available, however the selfguided option was also available. Ample parking, which is free was available. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable as well as responsive to questions from other visitors.

Kaye Heagy

It was something to do on a cold Saturday, but kind of disappointing. Nostalgic, yes, but not on a grand scale. Not as big as I would have hoped it to be for the $15 admission. They are expanding so maybe it will improve. I'm expecting the admission price will rise too???

Kristel Crabill

This was an amazing place. The guided tour was very informative and ended with a neon demonstration. I would definitely return.

B Davenport Jr.

It was really neat and we had a good time. It was not big at all but the signs were placed in an organized fashion that allowed you to take your time and kind of get lost in the nostalgia. A lot of the signs are from the 70s or older so it was cool to see how far things have advanced and the changes certain companies had mad to their logo over time.

John Muzzo

I've been a member here for years and my family knows the American Sign Museum is one of my favorite places on this earth. Signs, both neon and non-lighted signs have been gathered from all over the United States. The signs are reconditioned to working conditions, and placed throughout the museum. If anyone is a lover of Neon,this is the place to visit. A must see place in Cincinnati. Guided tours are given twice daily when open. Events and receptions can also be scheduled separately. When entering the museum you are greated by a fantastic gift shop,shirts, jackets ,hats and about every trinket you could think of. A must see establishment!

Chuck Krieve

Terrific history in Americana cool signs and entertaining tour.

Brion Crum

Very interesting way to learn about history of American towns and business through the signs they used

Charles Gray

This place is really cool. It's filled with scores of classic local and national signs. Neon signs, wooden, glass, you name it, they have it. Definitely a local gem of Cincinnati and a must see!

Nora Fleenor

Took my dad here for his birthday and it was probably the only museum in Cincinnati he had never been to. He was like a child at Disney walking through the Sign Museum! They offer a guided tour but my dad knew enough about each sign and year it made it a whole other experience for me! He was able to walk me down his memory lane due to the atmosphere and memorabilia of signs. The museum can also host parties for receptions and such too. It is a very photo op experience as well if you are looking for some unique photography professional or just some selfies. They do have a small gift shop where you can purchase smaller versions of some of the signs. The gift shop has other Cincinnati goodies too. I recommend going any time, but if you want to checkout the displays outside make sure the weather is on your side!

Zachary Jenney

This is such an interesting museum. If you're in Cincinnati make sure to visit if you have even a passing interest in American signage/Americana. The mid century neon collection is amazing, but the museum as a whole is very interesting.

Rob Anderson

What an incredible experience we had!! The tour was Fantastic, fun and very informative. Our tour guide Alex was an encyclopedia of Knowledge, He was very entertaining, precise and brought a passionate spin to the history of signs in America.....

Nancy McClelland

An amazing and fun historical collection, well-interpreted, well-cared for, and the tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I'd recommend this place to everyone.

Stephanie M

Absolutely loved it here!! Perfect place for a date or just want to go look around by yourself. There’s a guided tour that is actually not boring to my surprise the man who walked us around really knew how to talk. I loved walking around and seeing the workshop and even got to meet the owner, very nice man. Beautiful signs and displays of vintage material. Was worth the price and I would definitely go back once they expand a bit I even got a sweater. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Jason Heys

Go to this muesum! It's beautiful.

Juergen Breidenstein

A very unique and different experience. I am usually not someone who enjoys museums, but I found the visual journey back into America's past utterly fascinating.

justin keyse

Great place to hold some type of venue or entertainment event.

Tyler Ohlemacher

Small museum for $15 a person. Not worth the price, but something to do when you are down in Cincinnati...

Lynn Harrington

Very nice! My friend and I really enjoyed it. It kinda takes you back in time. I wish it was larger. I did see that they are planning on expanding.

Tim South

We're local and this museum has been on our to do list for while. Being a 95+ degree summer day, we brought the kiddos with, for a cool indoor activity. The facility, while in an old industrial area, is better than expected. Much time and money has been invested into the place, and it shows in every detail. That said, the museum is a bit smaller than we expected. If you studied all details I'd expect the visit to take 45m-1h. Price of admission is a bit high given volume on content.

Michelle Kokinda

Museum is outstanding People working to rework the signs were very approachable and interactive. Price was a tad high for the size of the museum. $10.00 would have been sufficient

David Jones

Fantastic place to visit! Brings back memories from childhood. Highly recommended! Oh...and bring your camera!


Great place! A little expensive for tickets, but still well worth the trip. The staff was also super nice!

Kelly Witt

We LOVED this museum. So much fun and we learned a lot. Our tour guide, Alex, provided lots of information about the history of signage and also answered lots of questions from our tour group. The tour is about 1 hour long and definitely worth the time. It was also wonderful to travel down memory lane, seeing many signs of companies (now no longer in business) from our childhood.

Karen Thomas

A quick study in the history of signs. The museum gave us a guided tour through the highlights of various signs, from 3D letters, to lighted and neon signs. After the tour, they challenged us to a scavenger hunt to find answers to questions about the signs on display. Very interesting place that is only at the beginning of its life. Additional space is being set up do display many other signs kept in storage.

Melissa Murphy

This place was better than the rock and roll Hall of Fame. Need to expand. Alex was King. An absolute must see!

Amber Meyer

Very cool, underrated museum filled with signs from different eras. What put this experience over the top for me was the demonstration of how neon signs are made in the connecting shop and getting to see the delicate process up close!

Michael R. Smith

Great place to visit! Lots of different signs and an incredible amount of history is explained about many signs and the different eras of signs.

Jesse Murnahan

What a fantastic museum! I highly recommend taking the tour. Alex is a fantastic guide with a lot of knowledge and he made it fun.

Matt Hanzel

They have plans for expansion and all the signs are very awesome but I found the admission a little high for what was available at this time. Still a very neat museum.

Isaiah Hruby

Can't wait until they expand

melissa Becker

It is interesting but small. Takes about an hour. Dtudents get a discount, bring your ID

Lisa Rose

A little pricey but a really nice slice of nostalgia & impressive that the history of each item is known

Will Tuttle

A perfect example of Americana and a great museum with plans to expand.

Ellen Harte

Do take a guided tour with a docent. So interesting and nostalgic. Highly recommend this place!

Nicole Bock

Such a cool place! We'll be going back after the expansion, can't wait!

Jim Massey

1st time. Great place .

Krista Lewis

It's a very cool place

Mark Dumont

Historic signs from local businesses and others. Pretty cool

Diane Pierson

Brought back memories from 60s. It's worth the visit but a little pricey. Good thing for being a senior citizen.

Muffy Baines

This place is WONDER-FULL! It is interesting and surprisingly fun. The employees are helpful and very friendly. A hidden jem for sure!... It's an event venue as well.

Danielle Beal

Very neat museum! We enjoyed ourselves and the staff was very friendly!

Evan the boss 6456

Went to a wedding and reception there, it was great !

Liz Barre

Was expecting more for the admission price

Wednesday B

definitely not what I expected! the location seems a little weird when you're first driving up but once you're in the parking lot, you know you're there. walking in makes you forget the outside world, youre in neon country now. honestly I loved every second I spent there and it was a really cool experience. definitely cant wait to go back!

Rob Tulman

Great museum. Floor plan is a little small but the people there are helpful and full of great stories.

Ellen Schomer

Really cool, colorful place! Takes about a half hour to walk through.

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