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1 S High St, Akron, OH 44308, United States

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REVIEWS OF Akron Art Museum IN Ohio

Wen Mann

An incredible Museum with an interesting variety of Art It is an incredibly kid friendly museum with many Hands-On opportunities. The programming for children in art classes are out of this world. Thank you Akron Art Museum!

Michael Ferry

Kyle Crocker

Demetrius Holmes

It was an up building experience, I will got to the next visit next thursday

Earnest Busch

AAM was the stop for a spur of the moment date night between the boy and I. I have always been intrigued by the outside design of the building and the cool lighting at night. Also, at $7 a ticket it's a pretty good deal. The space is nice and open, the displays nicely set up. Even if it was crowded there would be plenty of space to move around. The Paul J Stankard was worth the $7 and more. I loved seeing his work and watching the video, which we did twice. Very intriguing!AAM is also in a good spot- parking decks right across the street and some good restaurants. We continued our date night at Crave- a perfect way to end the evening.

Phyllis Waddingham

Awesome experience! Beautiful galleries, fun kid programs,snacks and drinks availiable. Fun time for all!

Robert Ambler

It was ok

Tyler Croskey

Robert Hillow

Fritz Kurz

Ryan Holland

A wonderful little museum in downtown Akron. Entrance is free for students and cheap for everyone else. It's certainly not the biggest museum, but it's perfect to fill an hour or two and get an idea about the local art scene. There is a small cafe on the ground floor with rotating coffee and tea flavors at great prices as well as beer and wine happy hour specials. The parking garage across the street is often free on the weekends.


Great exhibits and an awesome building. They do a lot of great work for the community, and it's an affordable activity that gets you out in downtown. I was very impressed by the collections here, and have been several times. Check out their website to see what exhibits are in, because they change pretty frequently.

Titi Kaka

Apparently everything is art! There is a huge room and it seems like they told to someone to fill up this room with "exhibits" in less than an hour with everything he can find in the storage room or the dumpster!

Laura Stuart

Evelyn Rizzo

We are so lucky to have this gem of an art museum right here in Akron. It is smaller but they rotate displays often and there is always something new and interesting to see.

merchandising y publicidad

katia fedorova

JC Williams

Went on free Thursday tonight... Very little people there. Not much to see here though. Just a few exhibition spaces. Collection is nice but it is smaller than I am used to. Compared to the Butler in Youngstown, the Akron museum is nicer looking but Youngstown collection is better

Liz Carney

Nich Gee

Cool and inviting architecture; unique and varied exhibits!

Annabelle Haas

The Downtown @ Dusk series is a great way to kick off your summer fun at the Akron Art Museum! I danced the night away while listening to Sammy DeLeon and his latin salsa band from CLE! #Seeyouthere!

Jeremiah N.

mike green

Dena Ward

First time there and very impressed with the wide variety of media and selection of artists. Glad to see a lot of support for local artists. Free on Thursdays so check it out!

Bobbi Jo Grigsby

The artwork in this place is incredible!! The staff are super friendly but there’s not much there. We were expecting to be there for several hrs but it only took a little over an hour to go through.

Gabby Dorsey

It's a really great museum with lots of exhibits that rotate frequently! The building is designed beautifully and the staff is so amazing! They are all beyond nice and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Also, they have tons of amenities that make the experience all the more great such as a cafe, a store, a library, and behind the cafe they have an area where you can use locker (very spacious lockers, I might add) for 50 cents. Also, they allow fee admissions on Thursdays which is great for me as I am a student at the university and I can walk there to enjoy all of the beautiful art. Beyond the museum itself, it hosts really amazing events that highlight a lot of fair trade items as well as local artists and makers. In short, I simply can not rave enough about this museum. I HIGHLY recommenced that anyone of any gee go to this museum.

Kelsie Hammond

Yesterday we made the trip up from Columbus to visit the museum. Attended the Kids Studio and my boys absolutely loved it! Miss Amanda was incredible! Loved the way she tied together the video game exhibit and art projects. Was amazing to see all the kids and their creative interpretations. Would highly recommend!!

Eric Riggenbach

Free on Thursday nice date night starter for me and the wife

Libbie Carola

Literally, I adore museums but last week I was invited by my girlfriend to help her shop possible wedding venues. The museum is an architectural gem of downtown Akron and while spectacular from the outside the inside had like dozens of trash cans collecting rain water from the ceiling. GROSS. We weren’t sure to cry or laugh as we sprinted for the doors.

Paul Castrilli

Carletta Williams

Peaceful quiet... Beautiful pictures amazing art... Loved it...

Karen Simmons

“Music to Warm Your Ears!” On select Thursdays during the summer, this place offers a free music concert right outside the building in a newly renovated “park” area

M Boz

Katrina R

Not terrible, but definitely not worth the $7 + parking I paid to get in. Although they do have more 'interactive' exhibits than other museums I've been to, the quality and quantity was not as expected and I was greatly disappointed.

Christopher White

Yoly Miller Heisler

dIaMoNd wAgNeR

Amazing art and amazing ppl who work here

Jason Chapman

The Tech Librarian

Nice selection or art. Building is beautiful and it's free on Thursdays at the time of this writing

Jamie Chipps

I have attended private events as well as gone on a normal day. The Akron art museum never disappoints. The people are helpful and the art is always changing. It's small which I like. Cute gift shop too.

Chelsa Graver

First time here today. I'm an akron u student so I was free, but no one offered to tell us about the areas for the exits and we didn't know where to go until we asked. It's a big place for sure. The exhibits were amazing. Felt a bit awkward with the employees walking around the exhibit it made you feel like you were always going to be yelled at. The gift shop is really nice and the employee there was extremely friendly. Me and my boyfriend ventured over to the little cafe and the "barista" behind the counter didn't even acknowledge we were even there. She was to busy eating with her friend to even see if we needed help or would have liked anything. Over all the artists made the museum!


Art looks very cool n i saw some art that can open my mind even more

Amj Johnson

Phil Kalina

Lots of art Beautiful building Free on Thursdays!

David Bryson

I feel disheartened by the Akron Art Museum. As a participant in many of the art circles of the city I constantly hear negative stories associated with the A.A.M. management. Which is discouraging because this was once a vibrant new building in downtown Akron and to continually hear stories of racism and harassment crushes my soul. Shame on the Board, CEO, and HR for allowing this to persist. Before they fully lose my support I look forward to speaking about this topic at one of the upcoming Akron ArtWalks or any future art gathering.

Robin Marraccini

We attended a beautiful wedding yesterday at the museum. It was lovely. Staff was very accommodating. The venue was beautiful for this affair!

Ralph Walters

A fantastic art museum with a wonderful regular collection and a fantastic revolving collection. Can't recommend it enough.

Moiz Ismail

Lisa Faye

I really enjoyed the museum, with good descriptions of the art, a very nice and welcoming space, and free Thursday night entrance. I would not recommend the coffee shop as our hot chocolate actually had lumps in it, but that shouldn't detract from the eating of the art museum itself.

Believe In Senpai

Beautiful building with beautiful art

Khalila Thomas

Great museum. Admission is free on Thursdays.

Tiffany Tarnowski

Amanda Benton

Friendly and helpful staff. Beautiful and clean bathrooms. Nice variety of art. I was hoping there was more.

Lindsay Wagner

Urbsee LLC

The lead docent - Gina was Amazing! If you take a guided tour they will use several props to draw you further into the experience! Definitely check out often to see some amazing Ohio artists and many incredible works from deeply talented artists that regularly contribute from all across the nation! Right now Thursdays are free, but if you can't make it on a Thursday the experience will still be well worth it!

Samantha Brunty

Mark Sponseller

Free on Thursdays. Very good exhibits and cafe

Chris Horne


Great museum

Charlie Wagers

Steven Mastroianni

deandra Henderson

Bryson Davis

Another great place to check out on a regular basis in Akron. Also acts as a venue for wedding receptions and events. Free on Thursdays.

Joseph McHugh

It's a very nice place to see and experience art

Aly Brine

The museum had great works of art. I went on a Thursday, when admission was free, which was nice but I was one of the few people there and I felt like I was being stalked through the galleries by the docents. It was kind of uncomfortable and I felt like I was being pushed through.

Brian G

What an amazing resource the AAM is. This is the perfect place to get lost in a world of gorgeously curated works. Every time I leave the museum I feel like a better person. Thanks to the staff for always bringing such great exhibits. Wonderful museum. Also, is it just me or is that building looking cooler over time?

Paul Lemmon

Rachael Sommer

Ed Mamba

Beautiful Art Museum. Went during the winter it was empty except for a few couples and us.

Jakub Keller

Very nice museum with a great selection of artwork. It is a bit small in my opinion. One of the women working there was staring at me and my children... very creepy. My kids are super well-behaved and I felt rushed and unwelcome.

Kate Lawson

Makenzie Hatten

A Google User

I embrace the idea that a tour is not enough and you normally need to read something more about what you have seen. Here comes the library with few but good books, mostly biographical.

Alyssa Gray

plenty of things to look at!


We have been here for different events and my family has fun every time!

Frank Jagger

Ryan Welmar

Unkle Turpis

A great experience and the Hi Fructose exhibition was worth the admission. Nice little souvenir shop and well.


Pretty neat place

Chaz Johnson

Honored to be in a relatively small city that supports a high quality museum in a modern structure that presents a variety of entertainment and educational programs. There is a free day supported by a local art philanthropist. There are children's programs and exceptional changing exhibits, a coffee shop and art store. Park across the street. ..

Brianna B

Jayson Shenk

A great museum for contemporary art and cool events. They always have something interesting. Good food and coffee in the cafe too.

Angela Apri prado

I HATED IT NOT.ITS a very d vkd vkjfd v


Jim Kontor

Lama Tawk

Great exhibits always!! And amazing free thursday events during summer

Ashley Owens

Our Cub Scout pack was in for a visit tonight. Really cool place! The scouts loved it! A HUGE thank you to Evan! He was so nice and the only staff member to interact with the scouts! He really captured their attention and was so great with them!

Barbara Kemper

Jeffrey Berghoff

Wonderful setting for concerts. The new gardens look great.

Annie Bias

Staff was very unfriendly and made for an uncomfortable experience. Will not be going back

jackie bellomy

Keaton levermann

Cool art display. I like all the sculptures they display.

Pam Williams

Hadn't been to the Akron Art Museum in several years. Really enjoyed the variety.

Thomas Greathouse

Rainbows Forever

This museum was extremely disappointing to the point of nausea. Preschoolers have more understanding and creativity than these so called wannabe artists. Really, a pillow with hundreds of needles stuck in art?????? What purpose????? A cardboard box opened up flat with some gold spray paint on it is art..... Oh, and the splinter of wood sitting on a block of gold??? Ridiculous!!!!! This is not thinking out of the box but, out of the mind.....


Ian R

Doron Kutash

Sometimes you just gotta slow it down and take it all in :)

Corvus McClain

Julian Dozier

Upscale art gallery with nice rotating exhibits. The "new" part of the building is very interesting, and they've made good use of the original building as well.

AJ Miller

Eric Marhofer

Jack Collum

Jim Waickman

Ed Anton

I've been here for some business events and they are always well done. The art is amazing and its shocking how many people have never been.... go!

Marlon Brandon

I've worked several events here. The Staff is amazing to work with. The building is beautiful!

Amy Spangler

I've only been in the newer building 3 times since it's been built. Serrvice is always fantastic, but seems I only get to see 1/2 the museum. There is always a portion closed.

Richard Williams

Brian Harris

Five years ago I would've said, "I'm not an artist, I don't have a 6-figure salary, and I don't own a black mock turtleneck. This place isn't for me." Then we started going to free Thursdays. Then the kids started going to the children's programming. Then we became members. So yeah, my minivan was parked next to an Aston Martin the other day. I'm sure the elite aren't thrilled the unwashed masses are converging on the art museum, but kudos to the staff for creating an inclusive community site.

Michael Bevan

Really nice art museum. Reasonably priced. Can spend an hour or two here.

Denton Cohen

Raphael Heard

I visited this wonderful museum last fall and enjoyed myself. I am thinking of getting a membership with the art museum.

Chandi Collins

I have been here multiple times over the years. I have been here multiple times. The current Nick Cave exhibit is fantastic. Thursday is free so how can you beat that. Park at the library it’s cheap

Dhan Tamang

Tj Bell

Its ok I'm not much into art

Elliot Koren

The museum is in a very interesting building made of lots of triangles. Unfourtunatly, my fear of triangles prevents me from going here often. What if I get poked?!

Maria Kalikas

Really nice selection of artwork. They get really cool exhibits. They have a colonial sort of style of art and they have more modern art that is there permanently.

OriginTD Innovative Digital Media

Aerial view

Keith Nutter

Very interesting exhibits

Miguel A. Spain

A lot of really neat pieces. Could use some more but still a great stop!

Darell Lockwood

Nice place check it out

bill prewitt

Adam McClure

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