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3159 W 11th St, Cleveland, OH 44109, United States

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REVIEWS OF A Christmas Story House IN Ohio


The tour guide was very nice to everyone, and was an all around good person. The house and museum were quite interesting. If you do go, i suggest going to the second floor and picking up the phone, it'll be worth it.

Jaymie Newman

We had a blast! Our tour guide was so much fun, he did a great job- we 1st cousin's now as he said! He was fun and energertic! You can walk around and touch stuff and take pictures! For those of you thinking about it, there is the house, museum and gift store.

Sean Mears

Awesome tour! Way more than I expected. The tour was fact filled and really interesting. The gift shop really impressed me. I had no idea how many items were available, it's hard to get a handle on what a huge variety of stuff they have until you see everything out on display. Veteran Owned Business is always a welcome sight on a storefront. If you're in Cleveland and you have a couple hours to spare, you gotta get out there! Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

Rudy Scott

A visit to this place took me back to my childhood instantly...watching this movie year after year around the holidays somehow never got old. Really glad it's survived and preserved for nostalgia. Support it with a visit if you can.

Toby Trevett

The tour guide made the tour very pleasant. Enjoyed the tour.. Saw the movie many times..

Michele Weilnau

Only got to look on outside. Both times there they weren't open, so disappointing. But still looks neat on the outside. Will be ready to try again

Travis Lewis

Great experience! Our tour guide was entertaining and funny. If you have seen the movie, you must visit!

Jimmy Henderson

Very good museum. Isaiah, our tour guide was excellent. He had great knowledge and was hilarious!

Erin Curtis

This place is adorable! I love that the house has been in-restored so it is an exact replica of the original house. The house is full of time period replica props that you can touch, sit on, play with and recreate your own movie scenes. We were given lots of "fun facts" and we were given plenty of time to enjoy. Didn't feel rushed at all. There is an incredible gift shop across the street that has EVERYTHING you would ever want to purchase that references the movie. There is also a "museum" that holds many of the original props and costumes. So fun to see the REAL Red Ryder Bebe Gun! The price to get into the house is a little high, but it gets you into the museum too. I was there with my family ranging in age from 4-67 and we all LOVED IT!

Angela MacGillivray

So much fun! This is just a feel good place. If you’re a fan of the movie it is well worth the visit. You are able to go into the house, see the boys bedroom, the leg lamp, tree, etc. the Bumpus house is next door and they have a great gift shop. You can only go inside if you’re on a guided tour. Isaiah was a GREAT guide! He made the whole visit. Thank you Isaiah!!!

William Rogers

This is a cool place to visit if you are exploring Cleveland. The house and surrounding neighborhood is cool. The gif shop has a lot of cool items based on the movie and more!

Karl Bentjen

Had a great time at the museum. Ralphie's house looks great and the coolest thing is that it's open to having people take pictures with all the props.

kyle moody

Very cool little stop essential to anyone visiting Cleveland. Get a guided tour off the famous movie house. You can sit on the couch, pick up the bb gun, go upstairs, and you can even takea bite out of the soap if you want to. Gift shop is great. You can even rent a bunny suit to go on the tour, classic!

Cesar Pineda

Very friendly staff, it was nice to see where the Christmas Movie was filmed and to see the famous Leg Lamp at the front window. The price of admission to see the house on the inside can get a bit pricey. The gift shop is huge and has everything you can think of relating to the movie. Would definitely return again. Highly recommend...

Jen N

Neat and well kept. A secret supercool spot in Cleveland y’all!!! A museum and a gift shop. Don’t be like me. Pay attention to the hours when you plan your trip so you have time to see all the cool stuff from the movie.

Stuntman Davey

If you liked the movie you'll love the house! Well worth the admission to see and hear all about the movie and real live location.

Kevin Meier

A wonderful visit and overnight stay. Beautifully restored to closely resemble the interior set of the Parker's home. You can set in the chairs, touch the props, and immerse yourself in A Christmas Story.

Timothy Brubaker

Fun, informative. Tour guide, Mindy gave details that were unbeknownst to me.


If you're anywhere around the Cleveland, OH area and a fan of A Christmas Story, then consider this an absolute must-visit place. Don't question it, just go, it's awesome, you will not regret it! They have made absolutely sure that Ralphie's house and the Bumpus' house are exactly the same as in the movie.

Candy McMullen

We went on the tour and our guide was excellent. He was very informative and comical. Loved every minute of it.

Myles Mannix

Pretty cool stuff. My wife is a big fan of the movie and this brought back her childhood memories which is what it’s all about. Great shop the tours are guided and timed so that’s about the only down side.

Fun Wallace Brothers

I absolutely love to go and view the Christmas Story House and Museum located across the street. When events are going on , you are able to see two of the original vehicles used in the movie. You are also able to purchase tickets and get a tour of the home. They have remodeled the neighborhood, in order to make everything presentable. I do suggest when visiting this location that you keep personal items on yourself and your vehicles locked if you are not going to be right by them. Because of the commons Steel yards located just down the street, it is not the best area to be in. But I have never personally had any issues while visiting the Christmas Story house but you do need to be aware of the rough area around the Christmas story house. I have visited this area for the 30 years I have been on this Earth and I absolutely love every visit

Ray Johnson

Awesome reliving the movie and seeing all the remaining props from the movie. Learned alot about the movie that I never knew of also. Great experience would love to go again

Tim Gabrelcik

If you're a fan of the movie, come see the house and museum! Plan to spend about 2 hours. The gift shop is pretty cool too.

Justin Boroff

Great fun. If you love the movie then don't skip this wonderful place. Great tour guides .

Jason Beaman

It was cool. Not great.. not huge.. but cool... focus is on the gift shop and museum. House was fun.

Scott Florence

Great experience. Was expecting to just drive by but we saw people going in. We went to the gift shop and were thoroughly impressed. We bought tickets for the tour and had a blast. The guide was very knowledgeable and filled us in on little known facts about the property, production and the movie in general. The tour ends across the street at a museum which is well put together and very fun. We were never rushed, got to touch things at the house and even got a picture of our 2 kids hiding under the kitchen cabinet because "Dad's gonna kill Ralphie!"

diane Kessler

Great tour, house was renovated to look like the movie. We had a fun time recreating our favorite scenes. Museum was fun to tour with all the memorabilia and original props.

Jason Crain

Fun little site for any fan of the movie. The gift shop across the street carries everything from major awards to a certain air rifle.

Edward Len

Able to see the house the movie is from a lot of original things a lot of stories about this place you'll love it

cindyanddan montzingo

If you love the movie, you should go. In the house, you can touch everything. It was fun to be there!

Shannon O'Neil

A Christmas Story House was so awesome. Thanks to our tour guide Ernie for and awesome tour!! Everyone was so nice!

Michelle Chudyk

Who does not LOVE the Christmas Story! This place was great! A must visit if you are in Cleveland.

Michael G

Somewhat disappointed by the tour guides lack of trivia knowledge. Very personable, but really no facts given. We were there years ago and really learned a lot about the filming/scene locations, original lamp being destroyed, why the crate says "his end up", Flick and the tongue scene, etc. All we really heard this time was about Jack Nicholson.

Jim Littlejohn

Loved it. I learned many facts that I didn't know about. I highly recommend if you are a fan of the movie.

Keith Larson

Simply not to be missed. So fun, funny, and nostalgic. A home run for true fans!

Scott Hiland

If you're a fan of the movie, you'll appreciate getting to stand on Cleveland Street and visit the house where a lot of the filming of A Christmas Story took place. The tour is semi-guided, meaning one of the staff walks you to the house, gives a five minute spiel, then lets you explore the house for a while. The same occurs at the museum, and at the garage. It can be fun for the kids, but it does take about 45 minutes all told. Worth a visit if you have some time and love the movie. I

Jim Chusko

Very nice place to see if you enjoy a Christmas story movie

Nora Schell

If you are in the Cleveland area, this is a must see. Great tour guides (Ernie) ... great movie facts and ties it to items for sale in gift shop ... Great tour experience. This is for all ages.

Hal McIntire

Must see for aficionados of the movie. Informative details regarding the filming and backstory of the movie. The museum across the street has everything from the old man's Oldsmobile to the BB gun itself. Yes, the leg lamp is there too.

Linda Kerul

A must visit for fans of the movie. Too fun! Tour guide was funny, interactive opportunities were great!

Jack Frost

. If you like movie magic nostalgia, this place has plenty of it. Travel back in time and walk the rooms where some of your favorite film moments came to life from that little Christmas movie of 1983, A Christmas Story. You will be transported to the place where Ralphie, his baby brother, friends, and family inhabited in 1939 while awaiting that magical Christmas for Santa to arrive. The house has been transformed into the home on screen, including that alluring, "fra-gi-le" leg lamp takes center stage in the family room window to seduce young and old minds alike. There's the Christmas tree surrounded by gifts (and a certain Red Ryder Bibi-gun hiding in plain sight), the kitchen and restrooms of that era, and so much more for the eyes to behold. Across the street visit the museum which includes plenty of movie photos and props to satisfy your nostagia to capture with your digital or smart phone camera. This is a true treat for old and new fans of this classic film. What a great way to spend a couple of hours in old Cleveland, Ohio.

Arlene E

The actual location! With admission, you can get a tour of the house. Parking isn't crazy, but is residential. Across the street, they have a big gift store

Bob Simcox

Part of my bucket list of sites to see well worth the trip

Jake Barnes

It was splendid. We had a great time and our guide was a treasure. It was his very first tour and he did a great job. Very informative and lots of fun. The gift shop was great too. Like going to Higby's.

dave jans

Brings me back in time! love it, iconic part of Cleveland history

Kevin Hicks

My 40-something wife act like she was 10 again she is a super fan. If you like the movie like she does it is a must-see when in Cleveland. Plenty of parking safe and fun for all ages

Jeffrey Roberts

What a great experience we had! Our tour guide was awesome! The house, museum and gift shop were all amazing! As soon as we got home we popped the movie in and watched it with all of our newly found behind the scenes information. Totally recommend for any Christmas fan.

susan kirkland

I took a friend to take a tour of the house and our guide did a great job. Very interesting, funny and informative.

David Burns

Excellent tour and tour guide, Isaiah. I was surprised that visitors are allowed walk around the house and sit on the furniture. Isaiah brought the house and the movie to life with his vast knowledge of both and with his skill at holding an audience. The house is well worth a visit if you are in Cleveland. If you are lucky, Isaiah will b eyour guide.


I left saying it was one of the greatest days of my life! Lol! Our guide was fantastic. Great for kids young and old. I have been wanting to visit for years and it did not disappoint.

Dakota Nieto

Definitely a place to visit if you LOVED the movie! The guided tour is one the best things! The tour guide is unbelievably knowledgeable and makes the visit perfect! You're able to walk around the house itself while also being able to visit a museum with some of the props itself!

Joshua Kapp

Very fun place to visit! The gift shop was huge! If you like the movie go

Nathan Payton

This place is amazing! If you like the movie A Christmas Story this is the place to visit. I would recommend the $15 tour, you get a lot of info about the movie and the actors. On the tour you can spend $10 to rent the bunny suit from the film. The gift shop also has a lot of cool and unique memorabilia. I would definitely recommend going here. You can also stay here as it turns into a bed and breakfast.

Carl Vervisch

Really fun experience if you have seen this iconic movie. Lots of little fun facts along the way and some engaging trivia to keep you on your toes. You'll shoot yer eye out kid!!

Destiny Moon

I went with the intentions that all of the house had all the furniture in it as the movie. That wasn't the case. Nothing in the house is authentic from the movie. They did 15% of the movie there and a few scenes there. They were building onto the house and fixing it which looks totally different now then in the movie. They have a museum with some of the clothing that they wore but no offical leg lamp or really the red rider gun. The cars they have outside stating that it was the father's vehicle isn't or the fire truck. The rest of the 85% of the movie was filmed in canada. So I was a bit disappointed.

Amanda L.

It's pricey, but a lot of fun. The guide did a great job with the tour. Wished the group wasn't so large. Didn't allow for much room to move around and explore. Discount on the back of your ticket for the restaurant.

Douglas Williams

My wife and daughter are in love with the movie watching it several times per season. It was enjoyable to me as well. The tour guide was very good and humorous. The displays were good with props used in the movie. The gift shop was expensive as expected, but had lots of choices. I would do it again!

Constance Powell

"Major Award" for the american veteran and visionary that put this house, museum and surroundings together.The house has been restored to it's original "splendor". Kudos for not putting things behind glass. Everything is available to be touched and appropriately admired. Tons of photo opportunities. My only regret was not watching the movie again In its entirety prior to coming here,but guess what I'm doing when I get home? This is truly a gem even if you were not a fan of the movie.

Denise Luellen

The tour guide was fun and informative. We left with lots of new tidbits of info to look for during our annual viewing of the movie. It's a must see for all movie junkies.

Joe H

This was a bucket list visit for me. Great tour at the house and the museum collection was incredible. Lots of artifacts from the film. Staff was knowledgeable to any questions we had. Lots of great photo opportunities. The gift shop was much bigger than I had anticipated. I have been ordering from them for years online and getting the stuff in person was great. Hard not to spend a fortune there as all the items are amazing. This is a must visit for any fan of the movie.

Daniel Haller

Definitely worth it if you're a fan of the movie, depending on timing you can visit in under 2 hours. They did a great job of restoring it to look like it did in the movie. Parking could be a challenge around the holidays, it's mostly on street parking. They have a lot of original props too.


This will quench your thirst for all things A Christmas Story. The house is not exactly setup how it is in the movie, so be prepared for that. Yes, we understand the scenes shot in house and in studio, the house is still not setup as it should be from the movie despite that. It was the only disappointment. For example, the parents bedroom and kids bedroom are switched. They allow guests to stay overnight in the house and in Ralphie's room. This is cool but a major bummer because fans want to see his room. Having Ralphie's room in the front of the house totally messes it up. Some decor issues, things out of place etc. Regardless, you have to go!

Jo N

Great little museum especially if you love the movie. Our guide was awesome and it was fun having your own time walking through the house.


Fun time! The house is set up just like it was in the movie, the museum has some great artifacts and gift shop has everything you could imagine.

Andy Ainsworth

Very informative and interactive. The tour guides know just about everything about this movie, the cast and crew.

Cindy Williams

It brought back lots of great memories. Our favorite Christmad movie. Great tour guide, very funny and informative with lots of trivia. Great vatiety of items yo buy. They let you go and touch items, take pictures, in the house thatt was used. Wondetful would go again!

Robby Drae

The staff was amazing. I had my 2 year old son with me who was not having the best of days and the tour guide was nice enough to involve my son and get the other guests to laugh and have a great time rather than be upset. Being at the house was a dream come true of mine and would absolutely love to go back during Christmas.

Justin Gioia

Such a great time, just wish there was a little bit more communication with the employees.

Frank McDine

Fantastic,Elija was OUR tour guide very friendly very knowledgeable and very entertaining and professional, its AMAZING visiting in PERSON THE house,he brought the house to life museum was also amazing, it's a must visit if you love the movie.

Steven Markham

If you love the movie, you gotta visit! Awesome place. The tours are great! You can handle Ralphie's "Ol' Blue." You can even get a leg lamp of your very own!!

Jarrod Lucas

My family and I came out from San Diego to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. That’s when I learned that the Christmas Story House was only minutes away. We booked the house for an overnight stay and it was the highlight of our vacation! The house is set in 1940 but beyond the second floor closet door are the guest quarters which were on par with the Hyatt. The next morning we took a tour of the house with a fantastic guide by the name of Ernie and he made our visit just that much more memorable. Visiting A Christmas Story House is highly recommended if you’re a fan of the movie but if you want an over the top fan experience, treat yourselves to an overnight stay and re live your favorite scenes without a tour group watching you!

Melody Stewart

What a neat experience! My son got to be one of the helpers and he was on cloud 9! They truly have done a great job! I also thought it was neat that they give back to the community by fixing up the homes around the neighborhood! (I found this out when they asked if I wanted to round my bill up)

Donna Fencik

Great gift shop... although a little pricey, about what I expected... and the tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Fun to get pictures reenacting scenes from the movie in the house!

Isaac Niermann

I loved this place it is not expensive and it's a great place to take the family for fans and for people who haven't even seen the movie! Our tour guide was Ernie I think I spelled that right but anyway he was absolutely awesome and deserves a raise

Robert Myers

A fun experience for fans of the movie! Worth the stop!

Blair Counts

Just like in the movie. Even better that unlike other museums, you can touch and play with everything. Overall, the tour was fun. Ernie was awesome.


After all these years of watching the movie it was really cool to see the house in real life.

Gail Ruby

It looks exactly like you see it in the movie. The history, the background story, and actually being there - it was a great time. Yes, there is a lag lamp in the window.

Traci Lewin

Our Tour Guide was so great and funny, and left us with so many cool quirky facts. All the furniture was great too

Alvin H

If you're ever in the Cleveland area and is a fan of the popular movie "Christmas Story" one must visit. Our tour guide was really funny and informative.

Aprille Busch

So much fun, and a great way to get in the Christmas spirit! Also beautiful historic neighborhood to walk around.

Jo Anne Curran

Great place!!!!! A definite don't miss if you are a fan of Christmas Story movie. Our guide was entertaining and knowledgeable. He made the tour!!! Great presence with humor interspersed with knowledge and trivia.

Brenda Murphey

Wasn't there recently but previously it is a step back in time without the neighbors dogs. They have a marathon or 5k in December. It can be done there or it can be a viritual run. I believe the race this year is on Sat. Dec 7th. Packet pick up 10a.m. - 7 p.m. at Renaissance Ambassador Ballroom 24 Public Square Cleve. OH 44113. Check out the website. It is z well run race snd a great Christmas memory for the family.

Darren C

We watch the movie every year so it was so much fun seeing this bit of nostalgia. I will note that the movie was not filmed inside the house, but the house has been modified to look like the movie version. You can even hold the leg lamp! It was definitely worth the side trek while we were in the area for work. Oh and check out the little bar/restaurant across the street while you're there. The food is amazing.

Deborah Schumacher

Can't go to cleveland without visiting christmas story house. Fun time had by all

James DiBattista

Cool to see the house and some real props from the movie. Great movie, love that Christmas time good feeling.

Frank Sweet

Fun Stop while we where in Cleveland. Lots of parking, streets are narrow though. Tours are on the hour so be prepared for that.

Thomas Blasczak

This is like a "birthright" if you're from Cleveland, you should visit this place. The store is fantastic! From bunny suits, to leg lamps, to lights, ornaments, glasses and shirts you should find something if you're a fan of the movie. Christmas Vacation, Elf and some Home Alone souvenirs too! The tour and museum are fantastic too! You will not be disappointed and should have a lot of fun here! Highly, highly recommend a visit especially if you are from out of town.


A very fun walk down memory lane. This house has been completely remodeled on the inside to look exactly like the sets from the movie. Very well done.

David LaHue

Great stop while cycling up to Tremont. "Watch it kid, you'll shoot your eye out"!

jerry stricker

Great stories about the movie. Fun gift shop. Got to climb into Randy's cupboard.


Great time. Simple but awesome thing to do

Ashley Ann

We had an amazing day trip with our tour of the Christmas Story House. The tours are affordable and there is gifts at all price ranges to be able to fit any budget. I wish the bunny suits were cheaper all my children wanted one but that would be too much. overall great place. We watch the movie every Christmas.

Cherelyn Volpert

Lots of fun and learned stuff too. Ernie was an excellent tour guide!

Marlene Booth

Finally made it out to see the Christmas Story House. It was so exciting and neat to see and really learn about the movie that i never knew of. There's a museum and a shop across the Street.

Amanda Scott

Tour was awesome! Had a great time. Tour guide rocked!

Timothy Stetser

Great place to stop if you like the movie. Nice tour and museum and giftshop.

Alex Maki

Fun tour! This was a very fun find in Cleveland that attracted lots of us tourists. They could really open at 9AM to capitalize on all of the people that waited around for the 10AM opening time. By the time they opened, I would say about 40 people were waiting to get in.

Clyde Fenstermaker

Because it takes you back too much simpler but harder time but good times

Steven Michalski

If you love the movie, you have to visit the house. Unbelievable experience.

C Mac

Awesome,love the movie and it was very cool to see all the things from the movie and the tour guide was excellent.

Justine Messer

Love this place. Loved the movie.loved the gift shop

Carlos Imperial

A must go for "A Christmas Story" film fan (80s). Very affordable tour that won't break the bank.

Lindsay Jelley

Absolutely love. Pricing is good. Kids enjoyed!

Christine Steichmann

Awesome if you're a fan of the movie which I am.

Brenda Waldron

I visited a few yrs ago because this is one of my Favorite Christmas films. My family and I watch it every year and is a tradition I am passing down to my grandchildren. Super affordable and family friendly. The tour is a gem. The upgrades and additions was a welcomed and nice surprise. Our tour guide was AMAZING! HE WAS FUNNY AND EXTREMELY PERSONABLE.. I also learned a few new things that I did not know. I was sad to not be able to take another picture in the pink bunny suit this time but understand why. Keep up the good work!

Charlyn Lewis

I'm not a lover of this movie but I did love this tour. It was a very nice tribute to the movie with a lot of memorabilia from the actual movie. The tour guide gives a lot of little-known facts about the movie and cast. The gift shop was great and had items from some other popular Christmas movies as well. The Christmas story items there were nice and there was an abundance of them to choose from of course.

Nancy Gilman

Absolutely Loved The Christmas Story House. It was so much fun to take pictures with the props like the Red Ryder BB gun. Must see in Cleveland

Susan Taylor

I was so excited to visit and the house did not disappoint! I can't wait to go back at Christmas sometime! Be sure to also eat across the street at Rowley Inn. You'll thank me!

Andrew Hager

Nice tour. If you love the movie you need to go there. Tour guide was great

Rick Prescott

A must see if you loved the movie. Amazing place with a fantastic gift shop and museum.


Awesome place we were so happy to get there

Michael Palan

it’s the Graceland of movie locations. a must visit for fans of the movie. Loved all the props in the house that you were allowed to touch and play with. The Christmas Story spirit lives in and you can live it up here!!!

John Hahn

Absolutely awesome, we truly enjoyed this tour. If you love the movie then this is must see.

Melissa Murphy

Brought back good memories. Tour guide was awesome!

Melody Mohn

Had a great afternoon! The tour was great and I definitely recommending the restaurant across the street!

Peggy Giammarco

We enjoyed the trip! (Friends said it was not worth it) someone guided us to parts if the house. Could touch, pick up, photograph, your choice. We did go early AM. kids were school, so crowd was minimal...if you saw and enjoyed the movie...GO!

steven whitten

Such a wonderful experience. This has always been a Christmas Eve tradition to watch the movie and to be able to see everything was am amazing experience. There was no wait, no guide and we didn't find any restrictions inside the house for taking pictures. It was a great day with my children. We will definitely be back.

Stephanie Twoey

They give you a very good history about the house & the filming of the movie. They have many of the props from the movie still there.

Robert Renner

Jason Hammond

If you are even a small fan of A Christmas Story, you should check this place out. Going on the tour with a group of fellow fans made this quite fun. I consider myself a pretty good fan of the movie, and I learned a lot. Lots of memorabilia and behind the scenes photos to look at. Lots of props from the movie. The tour lasted about 1 hour. If you haven't been there in a few years, it's even bigger now. Go check it out. Just be sure not to shoot your eye out kid!

Michelle Franck

Ernie was not only informative but very funny had a great time


Very cool to see this in person!! Expensive for the tour, though. $13 as of today. Extensive gift shop has lots of story-related merchandise plus other Christmas-themed items. Not in the best part of town, but the bar across the street has great food and excellent service.

Bee Shoe

A great place to relive all the movie magic. I went with my mom and sister and we were delighted by the tour guides. They were both very engaging and made a genuine effort to involve the entire group. You can stand in the bathroom, sit under the sink, or even stay the night.

Andrew Hart

The house was very cool! I loved rummaging through the gift shop! I will definitely take a tour next time!

Bob Zerunkel

It was a blast to see Ralphie's house and pose with a Red Ryder BB gun. One of the original Red Ryder's from the movie is on display on the museum. The family Buick and the Fire truck are also on display. Well worth the $14 price of admission.

Jennifer Krimmel

Awesome! Should be on everybody's bucket list when visiting Cleveland!

Liz Infurna

My mom had the best time today. She loved it and I got to cross something off my bucket list.

Nicole Melby

Our tour guide was probably the best tour guide ever, he was funny asked questions and kept the tour interactive and fun. He was totally amazing and yeah. That house though was amazing, they have a gift shop with everything that’s in the movie it’s honestly super awesome. The people there were super nice and very kind, this place is amazing and, I would definitely recommend if your traveling with family or solo and looking for something fun to do! ❤️


Very nice crew and a very nice tour. We were given little anecdotes to the movie, giving a "behind the scenes" feel, rather than a tour, which I enjoyed very much. If you like the movie, you'll love the tour.

Heather Rivera

I really enjoyed the tour. My husband even surprised me with a leg lamp! We are from Hammond In.I would definitely recommend this place if you enjoyed the movie.

Frederick Breedon

If you love the movie like my family does than this is a fun stop. We called ahead and they told us not to drive our RV there since the roads are narrow and one way. So we parked at Home Depot and took the car over. It’s a really cute neighborhood. We paid the $13 each to tour the house and spent a good hour touring the place and going to the museum. Took lots of photos. Our tour guide was very friendly, while the girl who took our ticket money was more like the elves who worked at Bigbys. Across the street is a great gift shop. Overall it’s a fun attraction.

Yeshua Watchman

Great tour! Very interesting and worth the admission price.

Jackie Kimmell

You get to go inside the house. The stuff inside is not the original stuff from the movie, but replicas. The tour guide was good and told some inside information about the movie. Then you can walk around the house and take pictures. Then they take you out to the backyard and tell you about that. Then you go to the museum where they do have some actual costumes and artifacts from the movie. There is also, of course a gift shop, where the tour starts. There is free parking available.

Charles Gallo

If you have ever watched and enjoyed the movie this is a must see if visiting Cleveland. Great tour guide and killer gift shop.

Melanie James

Our first trip to Cleveland we had to check out the Christmas Story House right outside the city. The tour took us through the house, gift shop and the museum. The house was amazing with tons of props that you can take pictures with! The gift shop was loaded with anything you could ever want to buy from the movie! The museum had so many things from the movie including Ralphie’s movie BB gun and a bunch of behind the scenes item. I would love to come back in the winter time I’m sure it would be great!

Eric Sanchez

This place is pretty well decorated with memorabilia from the film. The house is said to be restored to how it looked in the movie, but I noticed a few inaccuracies. Overall, it's fantastic for Christmas Story fanatics!

Crystal Benson

I love this movie so much! Great anytime of ths year and since I am out of town for work I had to visit and it surely did NOT disappoint! Loved it!

Candace Henry

This was so neat! You actually get to go into the house where the movie was made. I love the movie, and this was the icing on the cake. The living room, bedrooms, and kitchen all looked just like the movie! They even had a flagpole, known for the popular scene where the little boy gets his tongue stuck during the movie! So fun!

Chelsea Mix

Didn't do the tour as it seemed a bit expensive but loved seeing the outside and the gift shop

James Carroll

This is a great museum and tour. Our guide was so fun and engaging. It was an outstanding experience about a place and movie that is a cult now American classic. Get there early to enjoy the entire place.

kelli stephens

There were several buildings to see. They gave us a very nice tour and answered all our questions. They have it set up just like in the movie.

Wen Carter

Husband and kids loved this definitely worth the trip just wish it had more parking.

Winchester Reviews

Very nice, good shopping not just strictly Christmas stuff! Went on the tour and it was very fun to see and hear about everything. If you’re going/planning on doing the tour hope you get Isaiah a Sunday your guide! He was the Best!!


Such a fun place to visit, especially if you're a fan of the movie. Our tour guide, Ernie, was worth his weight in gold! Really entertaining and informative tour with lots of photo opportunities.

bill cozzo

Not cool that we would have had to wait 45 minutes for a tour ... so we bailed ... could've been fun if it was more customer friendly

Steve and Joni Halpin

What a great movie. Nostalgic just tio be on the grounds. When in Cleveland, Murray see if you like the movie.

Rafael Avila

This is a must-see attraction in Cleveland! So much memorabilia and so many interesting stories about the movie to discover here! Great gifts and souvenirs too!

Mike Barts

Excellently maintained and curated. You will know all about the movie after you tour and experience all of the properties. Excellent shop. Great parking. Clean and safe. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Whitney Feltrop

The tour guide was very enthusiastic and informative and it was fun to learn about the inception of the movie!

Stephanie Hogan

So much fun! I've wanted to visit for years because it's a Christmas tradition to watch this movie so CE I was a kid! The tour guide was fun and funny! He gave us so many interesting facts about the movie I want to go back and watch it again withy new info! The stop made my day! And he sure to go to Rawlys inn across the street if you're hungry - delicious food!!

Ciro Gambone

A must for those who love the movie tour offers lots of information parking is free but limited the museum across the street has lots of props from the movie

Justin Hintz

Its was awesome. Very well set up tour guide was awesome. So much fun stuff to see and read about the movie. The gift shop was many things to buy. I left with a leg lamp xmas ornament. Def will come back for the 50th anniversary

Rebecca Beasley

This was such a fun experience and very convenient quick trip while in Cleveland. We didn't do the tour but we enjoyed the gift shop and taking pictures around the museum and houses.

Chad Helvey

Brian Jones, thank you for making me feel like a kid again. Brian did a masterful job renovating the entire property. The house itself feels incredibly authentic, the museum is loaded with interesting pictures that were taken during filming and the gift shop made me want to buy one of everything it had. We will definitely be back ... every year.

PJ's Place

How FUN!! Experienced The Christmas Story in person :D

David Cannon

What Christmas isn't complete without watching Christmas Story the movie. To see this in person after watching all the years growing up. What a treat.


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