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REVIEWS OF Children's Museum-Yunker Farm IN North Dakota

the amazing world of Phil

My three-year-old has such a wonderful time I never even heard of this place can't wait to bring both of my kids here really is all about learning and using your imagination

Jennifer Karlgaard

Karissa Monette

The kids had a blast! EVERYTHING is hands on.

seth cook

Was a very fun interactive place.

Brittany Kaanta

Matt Turner

The place has all sorts of activities that would appeal to all sorts of children. There are all sorts of hands-on areas that children can explore like animals, foods, painting, role-play, music, physics, etc. Outside of the building, they have a train tracks that children can ride (unsure about adults) and they have a carousel. The staff was polite and good with the children but it was minimally staffed since the entire building was built for children to interact with under parental supervision. I would definitely recommend this to families bringing their children to Fargo and for us to visit next time we go!

Francesca Taioli

Bel museo per bambini. Adatto anche ai neonati...e consigliato fino ai 5 anni

Kyle Schmidt

I took my daughter here about a month ago. Most parts of most exhibits were broken, missing, dirty, or just worn out. This included the train and I think that they had a carousel there too. This place looked like it was fun in the past but it needs some $$$ and TLC put into it. They should also remove the sign that said that the train was running at certain times. I probably would not have paid admission if I knew more before I went.

Jackie Wolfe

Trina Hoffelt

Richard Anderson

Great indoor winter activity for our daughter (18 month)

Sarah Frieze

Samantha Y.

This place could be really awesome, but it isn't maintained at all! Most of the exhibits have something broken or wrong with them, or they are just plain worn-out. Everything is super dirty. And the place is expensive for what you're getting to experience. I feel like someone could really make something out of the place, and it's definitely something that's needed for the area. It's just not being executed the way it should be.

Jessica M

Qasim Malik

zachary gilleshammer

The museum was an enjoyable experience for my child and for a cheap price too. Some of the stuff is aged but it holds charm. Can't speak to the rides outside as it was too cold for operation.


Curtis Helmer

Denny Lander

Needs considerable updates and repair.

Katie Moore

Great place for kids

David Schulz

Sarah Per

I tried several times to call them and the number was wrong or they didn’t have an answering service so if you called, you just got hug up on.

tess rossow

Melanie Moniz

Lauren juntunen Sr.

Nice place

Melba Gotay

We spent several hours there. Our son really enjoyed himself. Lots to do and play with. Also lots of education stuff.

Kevin Hildremyr

Tammy Bowman

Granddaughter loved it, could easily spend an entire day there with all of the activities.

Laura Richards

Top notch place where you have fun & learn

Heather TorrieBuss

I love this place! So much to see and do.

Melissa Shower

Good place for the whole family to visit. Excited to take my husband next time! I visited on a rainy day so also need to return for my son to ride the choo choo!

David Burbine

Playing with toddlers only your imgination limits you the more fun you have the more fun they have

Joanna Jesser

Caroline Fehr

Great place for Families... Many things for children to do... All hands on... Old Fashioned Wholesome Fun!

Sue Eggermont

Travis Weesner

Very fun and educational but hasn't been updated in quite some time.

Chad Burkle

It's a great place to visit!!

Peter Kamau

My child had fun

Dawn Struck

Jordan Bernier

Tana Kosloske

Very fun place, lots to do and learn!

Michelle Miller

We went (again) during the Easter egg hunt, and as crowded as it was, we had a wonderful time. So much to do and see!

Jan Ness

Winning Family

Fun place for the kiddos could use some renovation love

Rob Shannon

Great for under 8's. Lots to do and see.

Kyle Burkle

How do you get a one star review. Well first things first, you walk in the carpet needs a massive shampooing and some vacuuming, there are stains all over the carpet, looking very disgusting for a "childrens" museum. Total lack of professionalism on exhibits- they are not put together nicely, with explanations, its literally just laying here and there, in random rooms, with out any clean or pro feel, They have a "planetarium" its literally a dark hallway with a dark light and a small map drawn on the ceiling, its like that is a planetarium. They said they have a music room, it looks more like finding a bunch of old junk in grandparents attic, that was used up 50 years ago. Everything is dirty, the "exhibits" the bathrooms, the train had one light coat of paint on the seats, were you could see crudely through. We paid 20 bucks for entry for 2 adults and a 3 year old, seriously for what? The city of Fargo should be embarrassed to have this on there tourism sites. When you are out of town visiting local attractions and you see this you just role your eyes and say I guess in fargo this is good.

jill garske

So fun!

Thomas Zietkiewicz

My kid had fun, the walls and ceilings were decorated for visual stimulation. However there were several broken stations that needed TLC. But because my kid had some fun it was still ok.

Kevin Chapple

I had never heard of this place. We pulled in. Turned out to be a children's museum which was awesome. Both of us enjoyed the entire visit, it was like being a kid again; And we're both 23. There are displays, exhibits, and games everywhere. Very welcoming staff made the whole experience all the better. Check out the whisper ellipses upstairs!

Alicia Bjerke

Kirsten Klimek


Mostly good. Some areas are broken and/or a little gross, but it’s mostly fun.

Kyle Struck

Dom DeJournette

A. W.

Many things were broken or missing.

Kathy Cziok

Fun place

Francesca Hernandez

Mark Crupi

Nice family place.

Katie Allen

This is my favorite place in Fargo to take my children. They have beautiful gardens, a playground, train rides and many educational and imaginative activities within the museum.

Shamsi Sheikhuna

Jessica Ludeman

I loved the homey feel of this children's museum! Some of the exhibits were dated and falling apart, though. You can tell this museum is a labor of love and worth the visit if you're in the area!

Scott Sandland

Fun place for the kids and Grandpa!

Michelle Franek

Great for kids

Steven Evitt


Good but needs a fresh update

Kitty Pyfer

Took my two year old, we had a blast! Everyone was super nice and all the exhibits can be played with! Amazing place for kids and adults alike!

Michael Venzke

Not a bad place to take the kids. Price is right on and the kids were happy which is most important.

Jake Meschke

John Williams

Emily Gilleshammer

Great experience for the price! My son loves when we visit here!

Casey Sederstrom

It is a lovely little museum! My fiance is relatives of the Yunkers so it was awesome to visit!

Jaylin Parras

Truyen Nguyen

Great place for all...

Krystal Groen

My 2 year old could stay here all day if she could. She absolutely loves it! So many activities and she loves to learn.


Carrick Warner

Great place for kids. Definitely needs updating, not that my three year old cared.

Adam Spiker

I went back to Yunkers Farm for the first time in about 20 years( i hadn't been there since I was a kid) and its even better than I remember! Theres a lot more exhibits and activities than there used to be, and my wife and kids loved it too!( it was their first time there) We would highly recommend it to anyone with young children, and we will definately be going back soon!

Rome Poitra Sr

Derek W

Shellon Glumm


Such a wonderful place for kids to not only play but learn too!

Dheepak Guruswamy

Decent place to spend a day, this place give keep a kid engaged. Decent price for tickets

JeannieSue Smith

Nicole Spaid

Fun place for the kids. Lots to do. Like others have said though, needs some updates and a good cleaning.

Amy Marie

Amanda Stevenson

My husband and I took our 5 year old and our 1 1/2 year old. It was a blast for both of them. Relaxed and well laid out. We will be returning :)

Jade Nettum


Place is really nice, I will assure you you're kids will love the place and have a great time there. You will be amazed all the great activities kids can do.

Maja Rellaford

I love the concept of this museum! My 3 year old son likes coming here, but I wish they focused more on the upkeep and repair of things. A lot of toys/displays are broken/torn.

Emily Grove

Jason Schapp

Lies git the kids to do. It could use some tlc and upkeep, but the kids love it there.

Tesla Green

Destiny Lund

I can't believe how thoroughly creative, engaged, and magical this place is. I only went here once with my toddler, will come again.

Dale Wangrud

We recently had a birthday party there for our 4 year old we bought a package that included assistance from the staff to play games and make crafts, needles to say we didn't receive any help from them, we got construction paper from them to so a craft ourself , they did not Make us feel welcomed at all , we will no longer be having parties there again and will let friends and family know how we were treated.

Josh Swanson

Brandi Steinbach

Sarah Schmidt

Fernando Amaya

The kids, me and my girlfriend had a blast and plan on going back next weekend!

Will McC

Miranda Burfeind

I brought my one year old, and he loved it! But it was like 80° outside and they didn't have the air conditioning running at all. The "toddler room" doesn't have a window that can be opened, so we were only able to be in there for about 10 minutes before sweating ourselves right back out!

Ann Smith

Their Web site currently is inhabited by people writing in Indonesian about poker games, probably run by Russians. Surely a site linked to a Children's Museum should have better security?

Duane Strain


Matt Mogensen

Lots of things for kids to do! The train ride was great and the kids loved it. With we could've milked the cow, but it was out of water and dry. Grass needed to be mowed.

christian fromm

Some other reviews said that this place was dirty but I'd call it used and played with. And that's exactly what a children's museum is for, hands on experiences. Our kids loved it and are already asking to go back.

Dallas Meester

Riss Riss

It really is a great place for kids. Need's a little updating and some love put back into it but overall the kid's don't notice that. Friendly staff.

Baylee Cushman

a.j. more

My kids had fun and didn't care that it was run down. Staff was friendly, but this place needs a makeover. They advertised it as one of the top 25 children's museums in the country, far from it.

tulsidhar v

Matthew Ingebrand

Wes Scholand

Luke Haruki

Kiki edwards

They do bday parties

Krista Gullingsrud

My kids had a blast! Got the at 2 was there untill five almost.

Michael Koska

We walked in and were greeted by a friendly staff. They were a quiet group. As we started walking through the place we both noticed how much cleaning it needed. Everything there seems too old to function properly. We tried to velcro an apple to the wooden tree and it wouldn't stick at all. All the setups they had seemed decades old. When we went upstairs, there were a bunch of creepy dolls to interact with (press the button and listen, take out a bunch of cloth rope that is imitating intestines). It almost seemed like a horror place. If you have a little kid, they will have some fun for sure. It's just tough as a parent to think about how unclean it is. Outside is a solid place to stop by afterwards. The staff and the outdoors brought this place up to 2 stars. They had a good playground and a train that takes rides every hour on the hour (1 dollar per person). Admission to the place is 5 dollars a person for anyone over 1 years old. For the 3 of us, the price wasn't worth it (once isn't bad but not more). They also have a membership which was 70 dollars and includes both parents and all kids.

Curtis Ness

Joan Meidinger

Hillery Hagensen

Yunker Farm was overall fun. I felt their outdoor activities were more fun than indoor. In the lower level of the house are lots of dress up and pretend activities as wells as arts and crafts. The second floor has more science/learning activities. Everything felt very old and worn out. I don't think many new activities have been added since the mid 80's when the place was established. Outside they have a train ride, a carousel, a playground, giant checkers set, and mini golf, as well as all the gardens across the driveway in the Botanical Gardens. The mini golf is outdated, but still fun. The plant life needs to be trimmed back. Its clear the place is understaffed as only 2 employees were there on a busy Labor Day weekend.

Logan Jones

Buckets of fun for the kiddos. You can milk that cow in the picture. Theres also a train and carousel you can ride.

bryce robertson


Arin Wuraola

The kids loved the place. Alot to see and play with. I went with a double stroller and it seem tight rolling it around. Would go again when my kids are older. My 3 years old liked the milking cow

Sharon Duda

Our 3 & 6 year old grandchildren love this museum and we stay for hours. That said, the place is very dated, kind of dirty and many of the exhibits are broken, clothing torn and parts missing. Rather expensive for a run-down museum, but again the kids love it.

M Gilmore

Such and awesome place to take kids. They also have a lot of fun events.


There's a lot of good information for kids to learn.

Mike Olson

Great place to bring kids

Laurana Jonas

Such an awesome place to take your children it's so interactive. Definitely going back again! Staff was also amazing.

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