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REVIEWS OF Richard Petty Museum IN North Carolina

Chuck Gentry

Most awesome place I know

Melissa Thomas

Walked into museum... Very nice! Dottie was Great! Answered lots questions! Met Sharon Petty Richards daughter... Lookin around museum.. In walks Richard Petty... Very down to earth! Makin movie.. But he stops in middle of that to greet my husband n I.. Stood talked with us for few mins.. Signed some memorabilia... Great experience!

T Cox

Loved visiting! The kindest people you will ever meet!

Brian Hyden

This was an excellent museum. The vast collections that Richard has accumulated over the years is amazing. The history of auto racing, and the value of all the hardwork shown over the years. If you have a chance, this is definitely worth the trip.

Billy Crossen

It was an amazing place to see full of Petty history, if you haven't been their its definitely worth a visit.

johnny bazen

The staff and museum are the best. Must visit again.

Susan B

Amazing the collection of different things on display. Guns, knives, pocket watches, awards, cars both large & small. And a sweet display of his wife's doll collection.

richard sartor

Small but super and I met the King himself. Real nice man and the time for photos and to speak to everyone there.

Kristie Rabka

Well worth the drive!

Jennifer Ehninger

A wonderful museum chronicling the history of Nascar. Richard and his entire family have cars in the museum. There are lots of Petty's famous #43. Great to see the original garage that Lee and Richard used. The family home is next tour. We loved learning so much more about the King.

ronnie kessler

Great display of not only race cars but all things Petty. Even got to meet The King while I was there. The staff was very kind and helpful as well.

Jamie Davis

Great place for the nascar fan! Petty cars and memorabilia everywhere! Great staff also!!

Joseph Fetro

Lots of history. Enjoyed the outing.

Tom Dolan

A great amount of Petty racing history. Family and staff we met were extremely friendly and gracious with their time.

Amber Scarlett

You never know who you might see...great museum with lots of history on our Hometown Royal family!

Charlotte McClellan

We went to Pettyfest. As usual, everyone was helpful and we had a great time. The Pettys are all about their fans!

Ken Poirier

Richard Petty Museum is AWESOME check out my photo's.

David of the Romulan Star Empire

It Was An Honor To See All The Personal and Racing Vehicles of The King Himself. It is Small But a Very Great Place To Take The Family and Friends. My Experience Was Fantastic and The Staff There Are Really Nice. I Was Glad To See The Museum and The Money Went To The Petty Foundation Charity Organization. A Great Experience and I Will Take Another Trip Back Soon. Thank You Richard Petty and Staff of The Petty Museum For an Awesome Experience.


It holds some of the most historical moments in nascar and the owner, Richard Petty is there often. It has one of the cleanest machine shops I have ever seen.

Jack Brown


Billy Chavis

10$ per person, but it is definitely worth the trip and the fee.

Nicole oatley

Must see if you love anything about the good ol days of Nascar

Zach Reed

Great history here. A nice spot for the kids to sit and watch the movie cars. There is enough stuff here to keep you busy for about an hour if you just walk through. They do have some tours every hour or so.

John Amirault

Old school but very nice . I got to meet Richard in person .

Kim Cramer

Love love love!!

Vicki Miller

Loved this experience! All the original Petty garage items and seeing the collections of items the Petty family has gathered over the years is amazing. It’s not big nor flashy, just Lots of memorabilia to see. Worth the stop.

Barbara Knapp-Smith

Fantastic. .and they are building a new place.I was so happy to get to see the shared memories of Richard Petty.

Bill Dull

Amazing collection of guns and knives. You can go in to the shop and watch them build some pretty amazing cars.

Ralph Wilkes

Awesome artifacts and great history

James Zook

Great place to visit.

Carolyn Brown

A huge eye opener in regards to a person's life

Mandylulubella F

I would have given a 5 Star review if it weren't for the fact that I was spoken to rudely as if the money I were to spend/had spent already wasn't good enough. When my daughter went to ask if Mr Richard Petty could sign her baby book at least, it was said to me, 'People paid really good money to be here!!'..In some ways that said to me that it was all about the money..

Bill Dunphy

Everything and everyone is AWESOME

Jimmy Jewell

Great racing history!! Really enjoyed seeing all of the cars.

Louis Dota

Rude staff,never going back.

Debbie Turner

We stopped on a Monday on our way to the beach. Lots of Nascar memorabilia. Bonnie in the gift shop was delightful. Mr. Petty came by and graciously took pictures with everyone!

bill ross

So much fun

Nena Westbrook

We meet Richard Petty, and everyone that worked there are so nice. We loved it ❤

Me Me

Fun times

Deborah Smith

Lots of things to enjoy looking at.

Robert Maffitt

The Richard Petty Museum is a must if you love NASCAR Racing of the old days and the cars "The King", Richard Petty drove. It is a large collection that I have added photos on Google Maps for people to see. One thing I like is that in the Richard Petty Family, we do have a Moffitt family which she and husband, is party of the family Moffat Clan (My name is Robert Maffitt that was Moffitt). Worth seeingthe museum if you loves cars. Robert Maffitt

Charles Russell

So many items from a long family tradition. Don't forget to see cars across the way to see all of collections..

Tracy Berthelson

Enjoyed a couple of hours here. Need to go back. You can spend all day here and not see everything! Cars, trophies, guns, pocket knives, belt buckles, keys to cities and places, presidents he met and so much more. What an AMAZING museum! We went in the afternoon and Richard Petty was there in the morning. We are going back soon and hope we get to meet Richard Petty. Right now one of Dale Earnhardt's race car is there on loan!

Heather Chavis

Lots of interesting things to look at!

Lorie Hahnl

I'm not a racing fan, but I love history. It was very interesting and my family enjoyed it.

Alan Stopko

Nascar fan? Really need to visit here to see what it was like when the King was making NASCAR great. Many times in morning Richard is at the museum and shop. Check out his collection of cars, rifles, knives and trophies. Visit his original shop in back. Had honor of shaking his hand and he is as friendly and funny as they say.

Shane Howard

Myself, Wife & Children Took An Impromptu Trip To The Richard Petty Museum & It Was The Absolute BEST! So Many Wonderful Momentum's & Cars & We Just Had The Greatest Exsperience & Our Kids LOVED It! They Also Got To Color Pictures In Which Richard Petty Himself Signed & Sent Us Back In The Mail! So Many Wonderful Autographed Items For Sale By The King Himself, In The Gift Shop. Everything Was Top notch, Especially The Wonderful Survice & Hospitality We Received From The Nice People Who We're Running It That Day. I Definitely Recommend This Place To Everyone Who Loves Racing & The Petty Family As Much As We Do! Include Your Children Because They Will Most Definitely LOVE IT & So Will You! Big Thank You To Richard Petty For Taking The Time To Autograph Our Sons Colorings & Send Them To Us. Our Children Are Over Joyed & So Are We! God Bless You All!

AnnMarie Brown

Seeing all the trophy's and awards and pictures were so wonderful to take a trip to the past. We accidentally bumped into Richard Petty himself! He was very gracious and even took a picture with us! We we're SO excited!!

Ted Cook

Stoped by to check it out today, and got to meet the King too.

David Hayes

Great place to cook the mopar fever

Tiffany Cook

I grew up right around the corner from them. They all have been super nice people and even though I lived there growing up my dad would take me just about every weekendso we could check out any new things they might have added. Not to mention, my dad was a huge fan and that is what got me into Nascar. Just gonna give a shout-out to you guys and hope to get back home soon so we can see what's new, it's been a long time since I've been home.

Victor Chancy

If you every have chance to visit richard petty museum that would be the place to go to learn out about how they go about building a race car.

Joy Blue

Nice, spent way too much money. the merchandise was very reasonable.

Nena Groh

Very good specially if you are into Nascar

Tony Woodard

I really enjoyed it all the people that work there look very nice they shared a lot of information with me

Teresa Harrell

It' was Awesomw ! When we pulled up Richard was leaving. He took the time to stop and talk with us. Talk to us like he had known us forever. I've meet him and Klye before before. Always so nice. Super sweet people. Museum was great. Had so much more to offer than I though. So much from Richard childhoold. A lot about other's in his life.. his wife, Kyle and Adam.

bryan stewart

If you're a fan of NASCAR this is a great place to go. Lots of Petty memrobalia.

Shelly Hinton

Everyone is so friendly! The King went out of his way, even at the end of the day, to meet with fans and even sign a Victory Junction bear! He's VERY kid-friendly and will meet with them over adults. He even stopped to greet patrons who hadn't gone into the museum. Loved the memorabilia from their long history in NASCAR. The Cars exhibit was very endearing, especially the tribute to his late wife, Lynda.

Brian Huelsman

Very friendly staff

Michael Averette

Really enjoyed looking at all the cars on display and the impressive gun and knife collection.

John Barber

Excellent experience. A must see.

lin richard

Visited for the Petty fan club.Friendliest people working here.Thanks for great memories.A great place to visit.

Patty Brown Preston

A truly special racing place. A true national treasure spot.

Wyatt Williams

Super accommodating. Mueseum is run by the Petty family and they couldn't be nicer. Next door is his restored family home. Lee Petty's original garage is in the back and well displayed. This is also where they do alot of modifications on new Fords and Dodges. Great personal collections from the Petty Family. Great prices on signed memorabilia!

Dawn G.

I visited on April 4th 2019! The staff was very friendly, I really enjoyed my vist, and will definitely be back! The cars, his collection of different things, it is all amazing! I met one of his daughters, almost got to meet the King himself, hopefully my next visit! Meeting the King of NASCAR would be a dream come true!


Great experience for those who love NASCAR and anything racing

Kevin Maloy

Very neat items in there! Not as big as many museums but you'll definitely spend a few hours in there!

Jim Palm

Race fan or not this is a must stop. This is more then just a racing museum, it's a history museum about the family that made NASCAR what it is today. There is so much stuff here that you have to look 2 or 3 times at an exhibit to make sure you don't miss anything and when you go be sure to watch every video they are fantastic at telling the Petty story.

Paul Poole

Just missed Richard Petty . He was pulling out of the parking lot as I entered. Very nice place.

Chip Jones

It's worth the stop. Cars, Trophies, Collectibles, & Memorabilia. Laid back experience.

Steve Byrd

Great visit and I enjoyed walking through the garage

Mary Smith

Real facts, back when racing not chasing. Loved seeing the history

Jeff Freeman

Awesome history of a world figure and family in racing. More than cars and perfect for all ages. Yes he does visit the museum often!

Healing Journey

Amazing staff and lots of history

Josh Berard

Cool cars

Jdonnelly Donnelly

I am a big Richard Petty fan I love seeing all his things on display plus Kyle's and Adam Party's . The staff is very nice. I would definitely recommend others to go

Gray's Custom Trim

GREAT attraction for NASCAR fans, and none NASCAR fans. If you are into guns, antique doll's, or the CARS movie franchise you will also LOVE Richards museum. If you're a NASCAR fan, this is the Holy Grail of museum/ gift shops to visit. It's a little off the beaten path, but WELL worth the effort! You might even run into Richard himself(or Dale Inman while walking through the museum, WE DID!).

joanne leylandhuff

So much history. A must see. Take the time to see this. Around 1 hours to see. Great original signed merchandise.

David Moran

Awesome.. Seen the whole shop also

Doug Barrett

I wish The King Richard Petty was their the day I stopped in but I loved the display of the history of car racing, and how it all started. It's a must stop if you can make the time . If you like racing as much as I do you will have a great time. I would like to think the Petty's for my history. I'll be back.

Bob Stanley

The King. Enough said

Lee Hinson

It's a museum of the king, packed full of racing memorabilia and his previous race cars. What more could you ask for?

yolanda day

Excellent, Mr. Petty is a great humble person, he made us feel real comfortable around him. Real friendly family type environment at the entire facility and Museum.

Ted Norton

It's a must see for every race car fan !

Chris Servoss

This is an excellent place to go if you're a Nascar fan, racing fan, a Petty fan, or an automotive enthusiast. I took my eight-year-old son to go check this place out and we had a great time. Lots of cool things to see from old race cars, new race cars, go karts, trucks, winning race trophies, awards, and also a massive gun and knife collection. This place is a good time for the entire family I highly recommend checking it out.

Michael Selover

Awesome museum to honor an awesome man

Steve Mccarty

Had great time today at the Petty Museum. We even got to meet The King. He was very friendly and gracious. They have some great memorabilia of his outstanding career. I loved it, so glad we went.

Jordan Gensemer

This is a really cool place. My dad is a Mage fan and comes here almost every year. I came down with him one year and found it very fascinating what the shop here manages to do. The cars were really cool and the staff and Richard were all very nice. This is a cool place to visit if you ever want to see the history of Richard Petty's life and also the history of NASCAR.

Terry Dillon

It's amazing all the things we saw here. Well worth your time even if you aren't a NASCAR fan.

Corey Yancey

Such great people and a place packed with so much history. Always have a great time there!

Jeanneane Williams

Very well done.

Michael Awe

This is definitely a travel in time for anyone into Nascar from the beginning to current times. They also have a high performance shop for anything with 4 wheels. (Other than Mopar.) Lots of memorabilia from all 4 of the Petty's efforts. They also show some nice videos about the family history too. Plan on spending 2 to 3 hours exploring this location. My wife and I did 3 other shop museum tours. This was the best one.

Sam Tucker

If you like racing or cars in general it is a must see attraction.

Scott DeForge

Been a Petty fan since the 60s, finally able to make the trip to the museum in April 2018. Super nice folks running the place, great displays and history. Even ran into the 'King' himself and chatted for a few minutes. Great place, I'll be back!

Sandy Jones

Thanks Mr. Petty for allowing me to go down your memory lane enjoyed it all. Best of all the picture we took together looks too damn good. It should be put into It museum as well.

Matt Buckner

If love racing, this place should be on your bucket list!

Jonthan Brandon

It was so so cool to see all the car ,the garage everyone was so nice!!!!

sheri albritton

I absolutely love this Museum and all the people I met during Pettyfest. I will see everyone next year?

Edd Sharp

Great place for anyone, especially Petty fans.

Tina Ramsey

Enjoy seeing all the cars and trophies. Full of Petty race his information.

Brian Davis

Beautiful museum and arguably the birthplace I'd Stock Car racing as we know it.

Heather Miller

I wish we had went her years ago. We all loved it and it was a great homeschool learning ttip for my son to learn. We will be back soon.

Eric Willhite

The people here are very nice and this Museum covers all 4 generations of Petty racing worth it.

Steve Richard

If you want to see the history of Richard Petty this is a really nice place to go. You might even get to meet The King in person!

Danielle Read

A must visit while in the area if you love Richard Petty and the Petty Family!

Carolyn Grubb

Love this place. See Richard's NASCAR career. You just might meet The King!

Vicki Grimm

Everything you could want to see is here

Al .McCormack

Pretty great. The greatest NASCAR driver of all time. Many personal items on display. Great backstory to the Petty Race success.

Scott Griffith

Very nice, very informative. Haven't been by there since it was open and saw the cars haulers ect. Sorry it's gone.


A must for any NASCAR fan! The cars & displays often change. Be sure to check out all of the buildings there. Lee's original Reaper shed shop, & the Red floor shop! A lot of racing history. All employees are very friendly too!

gerald dunning

full of everything Petty. race cars, history, and Richards person collections.. great stop

Scott Ludlum

One of my greatest heroes!!

Clint Thomas

Awesome history & new work being done.

Killian Wright

What a great time! Entrance fee is almost less than a "combo meal" at a fast food joint. We were just wondering around the grounds and who shows up to chat??? The King himself! He was so friendly. He took time to meet and chat with us and thanked us for visiting. What a great family.

Larry Lempicki

This is a must see for NASCAR fans! Richard is a living legend and a hero to many including myself. Nearly all the souvenirs are hand signed by Richard. You also get to peek in on Petty's Garage and see a display where Lee Petty started it all. The family home is right next door to the shop. There is enough to see to plan on 2 hours to enjoy it all.

Terry Todd

Great time nice people

Eric Ostrander

The king rules. A lot of memorabilia to look at. So much history under one or two roofs.

Mary Gilbert

Southern Hospitality

Shawn Collins

A cool place to visit. Tons of memorabilia, collector watches, guns and cars. Will definitely stop by again.

Darrell McCain

So cool, plenty to see. Lots of history at this place. A small charge but well worth it. Richard Petty was there the day I was and he graciously took a picture with me.

Karen Lucas Eeten

My husband's favorite driver. Loved this place and nice people

Tammy Huston

Loved it.

Dale Smith

Loved it. Great place to spend the day. Wonderful displays of racing history.

Jordan H

It's cool to see old cars and memorabilia from the greatest race car driver to ever race the circuit, "The King" Richard Petty. The people who run the show are very helpful and kind. Definitely a place to go for race fans of all ages.

Gene Manor

It's a must see for the Randleman area. The history in the building is amazing.

Bart Crawford

Excellent. From the homestead to the Reaper shed to the trophy cases etc. it was great. The people we interacted we're also just the best.

Don Wynn

We stopped here just for a break on a long trip and I am very glad we did. The museum is small but it's packed with interesting stuff and not all of it is about racing. It includes lots of information about the entire Petty family. Richard is covered but so are Lee and other members of the family. There are several movies that are pretty interesting. I never knew that Richard competed in drag racing for a season when the Chrysler Hemi Engine was banned by NASCAR. The people are super friendly and made us feel welcome almost like we were family. We did not see him but I understand that Richard Petty is in the museum very frequently, almost every day.

Gary Duval

Awesome people and first class high performance can eat off the floors.even in engine building area.greg vaugh gave us a first class welcome

Christina Nelson

Loved it! So much to see!

April rose

Had a great time

Doug Kliphon

I like old NASCAR and the king


Very interesting must see for NASCAR or MOPAR fans

Renee Jang Gilbert

Thank you for the memories

Mike Boyle

Very nice museum with more than just racing memorabilia. There is an outstanding gun collection, doll collection.

Bobbie Sleeth

My husband is the fan, he throughly enjoyed seeing the museum.

James Miles

Could stay all day very friendly and seen the King

Robert Moore

Absolutely fabulous! A time capsule of motorsport history. You might even get lucky and find yourself face to face with The King himself! Take your time going thru. There are countless treasures all throughout that you will miss if you rush.

donald grogan

Great trip down memory lane

Rachel Moyer

We belong to Richard Petty fan club

Glenn Hall

Quite a collection of cars and guns I give it a five

William Payne

Excellent place to see Petty Memorabilia

Joseph Gullett

Museum was a lot of fun. The shop was nice bit wish there was a little more selection. Not sure it's someone I'd go back but if you love racing it's a for sure a must do once.

Scott Hahn

My family and I stopped here a few yrs ago i grew up loving the King, my son was only 12 yrs old and wasn't into it much but we plan on stopping today. After our last visit he got into Richard Petty and the history of NASCAR, which in my opinion is the best time of sport. He is 15 now and we plan on stopping today on our way back to MD from MB SC. Great place, clean and friendly staff. Last time a lady said we missed seeing the King by 5 min.

Ron Robinson

Lots of cars and exhibits. Had a great visit.


Beyond awesome. Just an amazing collection of memorabilia and history. Pictures do not do it justice. A must for any NASCAR fan

Ron Bowling

If you are a race fan you will enjoy the museum and race cars, a lot of good history.

Susan Davis

Great museum and a lot to see. So much history and awesome private collection.

Brent Morton

The Lady that was working the day we visited was very nice and helpful. Great museum with a lot of great racing history. A must see for any NASCAR or Petty fan.

Eddie Burks

A must-see if you visit Randolph County!

Catherine Willis

Surprised by Petty Fest. Got to see him. All the collections awesome!

Clint Daniels

Totally awesome. It is a most see for any Nascar fan. Very reasonable price. You need to plan on two hours to see everything

Paul Moses

Even though it was a Saturday, the 30th of March 2019, and could not see the whole facility like you could on a weekday, it was an privilege to tour Mr. Petty's collection and history from 1949 to the present day. All the staff who were here this day were very helpful, and nice to talk with. Also, there is a small price to pay, but it is worth it to preserve this kind of history.

Tom Evans

Highly recommended if you are a auto racing fan.

TS sakota

An unbelievable collection of racing history from an amazing family that is a must see if you're any type of Nascar or Petty family fan. The group of people that work in various divisions of the company are extremely hospitable, knowledgeable and friendly. Worth every minute you can spend there.

Laura Alvarado

The experience was quite amazing. I was taken aback at all the memorable pictures and breathtaking race cars. I would definitely come back again.

Stephen Gibson

Haven't been through the museum since they were still building cars there. The Petty's have done a great job displaying the 100s of trophies, guns, knives, photos and dozens of cars. Will certainty consider visiting again.

Art Sullivan

Great place to visit. We got to meet and talk to the King himself. Everyone was very friendly.

Jim Pulley

Took my 12 year old son, eho is a HUGE Richard Petty fan. The museum is amazing and the best part he got to meet the King...

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