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Where is Poplar Grove Plantation?

REVIEWS OF Poplar Grove Plantation IN North Carolina

Andrea Kenfack

Loved the herb and garden festival! So many great vendors and happy people.

Brewed Downtown

Great place. Difficult to navigate for the physically challenged. Heavy sandy areas making wheelchair accessibility impossible.


Absolute must see. The tour was extremely informative and about 1.5 hrs.

Jerry Mullins

They have a weekly Farmers Market which includes crops as well as food, crafts and home use items. Everything at market is produced in NC. Great location to spend some leisure time on Saturday morning. Easy access from Rte 17, but navigating parking area requires an extra bit of patience. (Single file in and out on same road)

Sarah Leonard

I am so in love with this location! We will be getting married here in fall 2020. Emily is always full of great information about the history of the site and I couldn't ask for a better wedding and events coordinator than Chrissy!

Sam Pryor

Beautiful trails. People are friendly. Dogs are off leash - not sure what can be done about that. Would suggest to stay away or come earlier / later if your dog does not do well with off leash dogs.

Lisa Andrews

What an interesting place!! Our house tour guide, Kim, was very knowledgeable. The grounds walk was self guided and well marked. The herb garden was interesting. Open the bird house door next to the garden and there will be an herb pamplet explaining the uses. We really enjoyed everything.

jonathan seale

Awesome place to hike.

Susan Patrick

Very nice event

John Blakeney

Great festival

Chris Mcleod

Nice clean walking trail. Great family fun. Nice place to bring your fur babies

Suzanne Harrell

Nice venue, but not very handicap friendly

Lynn Dahle

Great plantation. Very informative tour. There are grounds to walk around on here unlike other house tours in the area.

George R

Love walking by dog out there

Gregory Pearson

Well maintained Friendly and helpful staff

Chris Snowden

Stopped to take pictures of my daughter and her date next to the house. A very rude woman came out and told us we needed to pay to take the pictures or "get off of the property". No need to be so rude. I encourage everyone to not patronize this house.


A great place to visit or have a wedding

Skip Denny

Great place to walk the dog, good 8 mile hike. So many disrespectful others who do not obey the leash rule (not well in forced).

Nathan Henderson

Great place to walk your dog off leash. Poplar Grove has several trails through the woods with wide paths. There are benches along the trails every so often, so that tired walkers can take a break. Parking is free.

Warren Beck

Very friendly. Nice spot to get a little local history. Guide was very knowledgeable.

Joanne Raynor

Lot of vendors. Fun time.

colleen Hussion

Love the farmers market that runs through the summer.

sarah locke

Our family had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the trail. While walking on the trail don't forget to lool for the gnomes along the way.

Peggy Hunter

Enjoyed the tour the guide was informative and the plantation can be used for weddings ,parties ,and many more social events thru out the yr its decorated for christmas.

Magdalen McChesney

Great little farmers market and petting zoo

Chris Brown

Had a great time at Brews & Broomsticks festival. Great cause!

Gerald Windham

It's a great place to visit, great events

Anthony Lisk

Love the place and the lady 's that work there are super easy to talk with and very helpful with guided tour's. Great for adults and children.

Naida Sosa

Beautiful place! A little piece of the country in the middle of the city.

Crista Wilkins

Lovely house. Not much else

Don Hutchison

Had a wonderful time. All decorated for Christmas.

Marie Kammerer

Great place for a hike.

Nathan Hackney

Lots to do and everyone there is in a good mood. We loved all of the animals and the plentiful food options!

Harry Rutland

The christmas thing was awesome and had no lines

OnPoint PMC, LLC

We LOVE the trails that are there and so fo our DOGS!!

Ian Douglass

Farmers market through summer on Wednesday, 8 to 1.


A great place to take a nice walk. Easy trails.

Bo Bo

Such a pretty place. A must to walk with the family, bring your

Beverly Smith

Love this location every time I go. Never gets old!

Caleb Hoyt

Awesome animals

W Newcomb

Beautiful property. The employees/volunteers are kind, helpful, and passionate. I love that visitors are able to learn about our local history.

Tammy Hodge

Love this venue. Beautiful, rustic, and clean. Great staff.

Scott Williams

Visited for a wedding. Grounds are nice. Beautiful place.

Claudia Kell

Very interesting and extensive! Brought an out of town visitor, and we both really enjoyed the house with guided tour by a very knowledgeable woman, the exhibits and demonstrations in the many out buildings, etc. We also appreciated the extensive exhibit and information about the roll of slavery and skilled enslaved craftspeople, who were a major part of the success of the plantation.

Kimbob Kimbob


Kim Steinke

Super place to 'see' history!

Tammy Hewett

Herb and Graden Festival was great. Lots of vendors. Friendly atmosphere

Diana Tomsich

So beautiful, grounds and surrounding area. Very informative. Wonderful tour guid. Thank you. Highly recommend.

Alexi Derstine

I’ve been to multiple events at Poplar Grove over the years... such a great venue. We love to come check out the trails. There are a few trails that loop around a pond... the long wooden bridge is a great little stop. One of my dogs favorite places to go for a run!

Rae Watkins

Great people

Ross Pitman

This place is beautiful. Lots of history. You should check it out in your free time.

Beau Derosa

My buddy has his wedding here and it's very beautiful.

Franccesca B

Absolutely loved the harvest fall event. Can't wait for more events to go. Family oriented. Love it!

Troy Haney

Beautiful home. Loved my time spent there!

Curt Dorwart

Great tour guide and tour. We stopped in and they took us for a personal tour with no waiting whatsoever. They answered all of our questions. The house has a lot of neat artifacts, and you can get up real close to just about every one of them, which is highly unusual for a historical home.

Tracey Smith

Have been in a few weddings here everyone has been great..

Wade F

Nice trails well marked free and dogs on leash allowed

Jim Horning

We were there on a weekday after the usual tourist season, so I'm sure that's what contributed to the less than overwhelming experience. The guide was knowledgeable on the family and the home but there was only one other person there discussing the out buildings of the plantation and the way it was run. They offer haunted tours on weekends of full moons, I bet those are fun!

Carrie Dean

Stopped while on vacation. We made it a point to stop here and were not disappointed. Highly suggest you visit.

Heidi Chambers

I went to the Wednesday pet friendly market full of vendors from vegetables, outdoor chimes, hand made soaps, jewelry, fresh and frozen fish and meats; LOCAL wines, flowers and plants plus much more. Then went for 1.5 mile trail walk on side of market and took pets with me. Will be coming here weekly.

Rebie Ferrell

The two ladies that greeted us were so cheerful and accomodating. Everyone should visit Wilmington and tour this beautiful property.

Z'lia Hall

Hated and loved it. Family history is here for me so it was very informational

John Schoolfield

Always a beautiful walk in the woods

Angela Burns

Take you dog and go for a walk through the woods at Poplar Grove. There's a hidden lake that many pups jump into to cool off. Visit the farmers market on Wednesday. Great spot!

Tim Steiner

Enjoyed the food truck rodeo. Beautiful place.

Justin Ford

Lovely staff that were a pure pleasure to work with. Would love to get to volunteer there sometime in the near future.

Nathan Childs

Great nature trail for the family

Katherine Landy

Great market!

Norma Zayas

I have been visiting Popular Grove every year for eight years now. It's just a magnificent place that takes you back in time as you walk the grounds and visit the mansion. Please come visit and help support this non profit magical place.

Deana Evans

Love it not only do they do farmers markets twice a week every farm animals r rescues which I think makes it unique

amanda Kurtz

Hiking trail is the best. Been taking my dogs and kids here for years.

Alta Dale

Wonderful vendor and craft show. Took the candlelight tour at Poplar Grove. Beautiful. Great way to spend a winter, cold day.

Google User

I really enjoy the nature preserve for walks and have yet to do a tour of the plantation/zoo during the daylight, but I didn't care much for the Christmas event they had. It was neat that they provide many areas with fires with sticks and marshmallows, but overall everything was too spread out and the lights were underwhelming. The wagon ride was neat, but costs extra which it didn't mention on the site. They had movies playing in a few areas, but the only one people were actually watching was the polar express. Also it was right by the road even though there was plenty of room elsewhere. The only place for the kids to really play was one fairly small bounce house with no supervision. There were kids in there who were wayyyy too big (like preteens) to be in there, being super rambunctious and ruining it for the smaller kids. They should really have more than one bounce house and have someone keeping an eye out. Even one person for 2-3 bounce houses would be plenty. Also the store with crafts could have a bit more. My suggestion is only playing the polar express and Christmas music videos on the screens, making everything a bit more dense so it's not so spread out, and also concentrating the lights to certain areas versus all over the place. And get a couple more bounce houses or something more activity wise for kids so it's less boring and more safe. So overall it was ok, but I won't be going back to the Christmas thing anytime soon. Hopefully it's better when I do decide to go back when my daughter is older.


This is a beautiful place. We went for their Food Truck event, but they have a ton of events all the time. I highly recommend.

Sue Goodin

Our tour guide was amazing! Very interesting.

Kathryn Wilson

The house and grounds are full of history, both good and bad.

Brewer Walser

Didn't go into plantation home. I loved walking on the nature trail. There are more than 2 miles of marked trails. Dogs on leashes are allowed. I gave four stars because many people do not keep their dogs on leashes.

Michael Kiser

Really pretty place

Ba Doop

Great place for taking long walks in the woods. Perfect for everyone!

Auther Bonin

Love to walk the property. So peaceful

Cherri Wilson Adamson

Lovely staff and very knowledgeable of the property. Beautiful house, but not much paranormal activity on the night we went. But I wasn't disappointed at all. Going again in December to see decorations.

Freda Pyron

Annual Herb Festival: weather was great, good offerings at food trucks, lots of wonderful plants, crafts and info. Popular Grove staff and volunteers do a great job.

Irma Welch

Beautifully kept and curated plantation house. If you like history take the guided tour (about an hour) and look for their special events like moonlight ghost tours or craft fairs or live music. There's a public trail through the woods that are adjacent (share the same parking area on the NorthEast side) - take the path to the pond in the woods to see the turtles (bring bug spray for you and old veggies for them).

Jessie Hansford

Loved it!

Catherine Bowerin

lovely grounds and very interesting!

Evan Barclay

Great local farmers market on Wednesdays!


My niece chose Poplar Grove Plantation for her wedding site and I have been to way too many weddings in my 50 some years but I must say this was one of the best venues for a wedding I've ever been to the ballroom is Charming everything was enough without being too much and the beauty of the grounds along with the reasonable rates make it an absolute five star without a doubt

Rich Huffman

Did the garden show every year. Gets more crowded. Arts, crafts, veggie garden plants & more. Good to visit non event time. Petting zoo for kids.

Kelly F

Market. great vendors today.

Sherry Finkle

Very beautiful place. Great guide. The basket house was Really a learning adventure. From here is kind of a lead in to the Bellamy house.

Bruce Lang

Nice farmers market. Could use some more produce vendors.

Sandra Bloom

Great day and crafts

Mary R.

Thoroughly enjoyed our informative tour with Chrissy! The gift shop has interesting articles too. The family could perhaps have kept a replica of the slave quarters for historical accuracy. Looks like a wonderful venue for a wedding!! Will definitely return with family and friends! Thank you!!

Charlie Hutchins

Nice. House tour with history lesson. Farm animals. The walking/nature trails are beautiful! Especially the mill pond. And the nature trails, even the mill pond itself, are dog friendly!!

Dave Thomas

Great place for families!

Allyse Danielle

So pretty! Nice trails too!

Kimber DuBois-Reynard

Beautiful plantation! The have an area where they have rescue horses. They have a farmers market and hold other events with music and artistisans.

Taylor Greene

Great fun at The Derby Festival. Good BBQ from Poor Piggies. Always a great place to go..

Margaret Zahrowski

Not too big, nicely kept. A lot of original buildings knowledgeable people to answer questions.

That guy Rye

Great place to hike. Most trails lead back into one another. Easily over 4 miles worth of trails to venture on. Almost everytime I've been out here, I've found stick build teepees! Bush craft at its finest.

Ethan Webb

We go to the nature trail every week with the dogs. It's GREAT!

Philip Blais

Beautiful place. Went to a wedding here. Very well set up for an outdoor event, offered plenty of space for all the guests, and was exclusive for the wedding.

Rich Mcgoldrick

Good for learning and hikes through the trails.

Andrew Mosso

This is not a grand plantation, but it is well preserved, has an interesting history, and is well-run by knowledgeable volunteers. In addition to the house, there are vehicles and machinery of the period, as well as authentic basket weaving, a loan, beautiful walking trail, and a horse sanctuary.

Katherine Wendling

Great place for a field trip! Our students had a wonderful day!

Carolyn Young

We had a wonderful experience. We had a birthday party for my 6yr grandson. All the children had a wonderful time and so did the adults. Everyone of the staff and volunteers were nice and went out of there way to be helpful.

Sarah Klammer

Passionate, knowledgeable tour guides and an old plantation atmosphere that has weathered the year quite well. Enough of the original 19th century history is present to give you perspective into life then, before, and after, and the new additions coexist with rather than replace what was present before. The tour guides have knowledge that is very specific to the house and property, and seem to care deeply for the history of the family and region. And bonus: there is an animal sanctuary on the property! Many friendly pigs, goats, horses, and cats! I'm glad I checked it out. $12 a person for guided tour is a bit steep considering the lack of many original artifacts or outbuildings (by contrast, you can tour the giant and very historically important USS North Carolina for $14), but as someone from the North where there isn't anything like this, I really enjoyed it, and the money goes to running and maintain what is left.

Suzanne Walker

Important North Carolina coastal history dating back to 1800 peanut farm. Well preserved and instructive with guided and unguided tours. Attended the Cape Fear BBQ Festival today at Poplar Grove - great venue!

Chris Poehlitz

Went to the Market and many vendors to buy from!!

Wilmington Nc Taxi & Black Car

Beautiful wedding here at poplar Grove we are providing the bride and groom with a get away car.

JA Corbin

Always a good time here! Great events. Well laid out.

Cee H

The staff was very helpful during my bff's wedding, lovely reception and ceremony, the rehearsal went very well. The bridal suite is very nice, the inside of the home is very interesting.

Michelle Mohr

Off leash wooded trail. Petting zoo and lots of events. You can tour the plantation home.

Shannon Fussell

Love love love walking the trail at Poplar Grove! This time we took 3 of our 4 Samoyeds and they absolutely loved the walk!! This time we noticed lots of colored gem rock and small toy villages that had been set up in various tree trunks and root systems throughout the course of the trail. Gnomes, fairies and castles to experience in shrunken size compared to the background they are built on! We trekked 1.9 miles today and our pups will surely be lazy the rest of the day!

Anna Kraemer

Always beautiful and a great venue for events.

Steven Shires

Super pretty and they do alot do help the community which I really like

Sam Piner

A pleasant walk with some mild elevation change. Nothing very strenuous. There is still some property damage even 2 months after hurricane Florence, so a small part of one path is closed and rerouted. Typical flora you'd see in eastern nc.

Michael Bush

Great place, the ghost tour was fun.

Rose Hoover

was great, our tour guide was very knowledgeable. watch the cats in the rescue area, there was one that was very friendly and unexpectedly bite or claw at you. think she was just being playful but left claw marks.

Laura Rollings

My family LOVES this place!!

Amy Fisher

Great home and grounds. Our tour guide, Kim, did an excellent job explaining the family history and life on the plantation. The grounds also has a basket gallery, stables, tenant farmer home, blacksmith shop and another building that explains peanut growing and harvest. In the basket gallery they have volunteers who make baskets and show the many varieties of baskets used on the plantation. There are also homemade baskets that you can purchase. It was a wonderful visit.

Vickie Hufton

My son got married there last November it is a beautiful place.

Marylin Novillo

I loved walking around those trails.

Danielle Eastup

We had great conversation with the staff during the tour of the house and grounds. Such an interesting history!

Esme Wernli

So much to look at. Everytime we go my kids just love it so much. We love to just hang out there for a while. The place is so calming and fresh.

Sarah Chester

Great place to go for a walk, to see the farm animals. I love to go for farmers market.

William Monk

"One of the best place to see a ghost" posted a picture of a lady in upper right corner window.

deotherguy ,.

Great place to take the kids

Roger Golden

Enjoy a bit of North Carolina history at this location

Martin Arrowsmith

Great place to engage with plantations life pre and post emancipation. It's really all about the graceful house as exhibits outside are limited, but the barn has some interest regarding peanut growing.

Kristin Sherman

Very beautiful! There is so much history here. I recommend the guided tour, they know so much about the history of the house.

Andrew Nichelson

I enjoyed our historic tour of the Manor house. Interesting that the same family lived there for 176 years!

Ernest Morgan

Very interesting place to visit

Ariel Pennington

I was very lucky to have my wedding at poplar Grove plantation. The staff is nothing but wonderful! Chrissy attends to every detail and is always available to answer any questions. Betha made sure everything went flawlessly too. For everything received, it was a great price. The bridal suite in the manor house is beautiful. They have to options for wedding site. We picked gazebo and it was beyond beautiful. The reception barn was perfect and the Mason jar lights are an exceptional touch. The specialty floor is so cool! I highly recommend poplar Grove for any event. They also had me sold on them being a non profit animal sanctuary. Cannot speak highly enough of the location and staff.

Randall Wilkerson

Very interesting and historical site. Guide was very good and quite helpful. Staff very friendly. Recommend

Lynn Stegner

Not really a historical site. Just a mismatched collection of artifacts from about the right eras, if you include the early 20th (not a typo) century. I knew more about the era's agricultural, economic, and social practices than the guides.

Dianne Maher

Best nature trail around the local area that I have found. I have been going for 6 years and always enjoy my long walks.

John Goden

Lots of history of the Cape Fear region and how people lived their lives back then. And they have numerous trails adjacent to the plantation to hike.

Meg Mykrantz

Excellent tour with lots of historical information. Wonderfully preserved.

Lisa Billet

Great place

Birdie Jeffers

Wonderful place for nature lovers!! Family friendly animal sanctuary & a nature preserve with trails for runners, walkers and dogs on or off leash. There's a large pond and place to picnic. Dogs can swim while kids play! Weekly farmers market held every Wed in season (8 months a year) & community events (like the herb & garden fair or Halloween hay rides) are held there frequently throughout the year. It's just a wonderful place to visit and I'd encourage people to support Poplar Grove any chance they get. I believe they operate on donations although I'm not sure. I'm not affiliated with them in any way. It's just one of my absolute favorite places to be!

Guy Dedmon

Very nice. Very good day.

Linda Anthony

Nice nature trail to walk. The farmer's market is varied and fun... I purchase arts, jewelry, produce & baked goods while there. Also they offer several festivals each year. I love it.

Edward Watkins

Great place for meetings

Heather Ratz

The herb and garden festival was awesome!

Jeff Fultz

Good place to get some exercise among some nice scenery.

Steve Keegan

Very interesting. Chris the tour guide was one of the best we have seen and listened too..

Ericka H-F

Vendors were great, not pushy at all. Our kid loved the home made krispy treats.

Patrick Kinstle

Always fun to ride the trails at popular grove

Susan Moore

Beautiful place. See the family home, Tennant house, blacksmithy, barn with horses, farmers market on Wednesday in summer.

David Meares

Really liked the paranormal experience except wedding going on at same time took away from the experience somewhat. Also the covering of actual graves seems a little over the top to me but we did enjoy it. But if we go back will make sure no wedding party will be going on as well.

Roxie Ballard

Poplar Grove Plantation is beautiful and one of the most interesting places to go. I love the plantation house. I've toured the house several times during the years and it never disappoints. I like that the plantation is having amazing events now too. We went to the food truck round up and had an amazing Saturday. Dogs are welcome too! Just need more events and I'll be here every weekend.

Veronica Guettler

Doesn't have the same historical feel without all of it's great oak trees lost in the hurricane, but it is still beautiful. My children love to see the animals- Goldie was their favorite last time

Jessi crowd

Went for a wedding stunning views gorgeous set up can't wait to go back for an actual tour

Nikki Rands

This USED to be the best and only place in or around Wilmington to bring your fur babies and let them off leash. Recently, however, a sign was posted to keep them on leash at all times. It breaks my heart that my fur babies have nowhere else to run carefree because of (I assume) irresponsible dog owners bringing in aggressive dogs to ruin a wonderful area for the rest of us. It’s a shame.

Jillian Lent

I love this place. They have the farmers market in Wednesdays and yesterday they had brew, bourbon and bbq festival. Its really great for educational tours or you can always relax with a walk on the nature trails. Or visit the animals in their sanctuary.


Food truck rodeo going on...great food and friendly service from all

Em Bilobran

We saw a demo, by chance, of how welding is done. Very cool.

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