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REVIEWS OF North Carolina Museum of History IN North Carolina

Deneque Lee

Exhibits are so well done. It's engaging for adults and kids alike. Highly recommended!

Jennifer Erdosy

Fun displays, interactive activities, and brilliant shop. I love the frequency of updates and the engagement of the public they inspire.

Nicholas Dudde

Cool, a lot more exhibit space than I thought, but I am sure the content is geared more towards middle-school aged children, and less towards adults.

Nailah Alston

I accompanied my son's school on a class trip. I enjoyed seeing the various era's of NC history. I will be visiting again with my family. It is worth the trip.

James Rosser

This place is fantastic to visit, lots to see and learn

George Randy Bass

Outstanding museum! Very well designed from early days to current events.

Richard Bobholz

Love the North Carolina Museum of History. Been there many times and thoroughly enjoy the changing exhibits and special events.

Erica K.

For a place that is free it was a nice visit. Though there are a lot of political influence it seems. I did like there was a screen inside the globe. That was fun.

Paul Ferri

Great place for the kids whether it's rainy or hot. Plus history is important to all of us.

Jason Gill

Pretty nice but a few homeschool groups had some unruly children who thought it was kosher to run crazy throughout the place, slamming things around and being obnoxious as hell. The gift shop had decent things, but the clerk there kind of followed us and hoovered a bit (as if someone really wants to steal a $2 NASA pencil).

Trinity Yanez

Main history od NC Exhibition is great. I try yo sip in twice a year catch their temporary exhibits.

Jin the Hanakji

You can never go wrong with a museum that ties so well with history! Even though i am a fan of science, history has always been my favorite!

George Whinna

Great collection of historical objects from earliest settlement period to the 20th century

Gail Bryant

Throughly enjoyed the speakers tonight. Dr. Robert Brown & Stedman Graham.

n josh

Very in informative and interesting artifacts . Tells all about the history of NC

Andrew Goulet

Free admission, but the 5$ suggested donation is worth it to help keep this place running. Very well put together.

Shrek Wazowski

Overall loved this place. I am very fond is history, and this place has made me learn more! Thanks. Very small space but big history facts. This is a museum to visit now and then

Kelly A. Calhoun

I have been here dozens of times. It's actually a great place for a first date or a family trip on a weekend (just be prepared to search for parking) and you can literally spends hours here, their collection is so expansive. This trip was very memorable for me because of the temp FASHION exhibit they were showcasing. It was kewl. They had examples of fashion throughout the decades going all the way back to the 1700's!

edward mullaney

Very interesting, I think families should bring kids who are closer to their teenage years to learn more about the brutality of the slave system which existed here. I myself knew about it, but I think many people in the US of European descent don't realize how horrible it really was. The exhibit on slavery and the Jim Crow era can teach our children a lot.

Susie Rogers

I visit often!! I love that they change out the exhibits and have special events. Always something new to see. I've been there alone. With the kids and on dates. Never a disappointment!!!

Garrett Carpenter

A very cool museum detailing a lot of history of the state. Lot's to see on the different levels. Seeeme like there were some rotating exhibits which would make it just as fun to go more than once. Free admission is the cherry on top.

Palma Maiorano

They have restrictive hours for the more interesting areas, such as their labs.

Raspberry Dove-Ali

This is an Amazing place for a Day-cation, and school field trips. It's full of interesting facts about NC history in comparison to the rest of the country. Located in Downtown Raleigh, there is convenient parking just 2-blocks away. The museum is adjacent to the NC Museum of Science and Nature, plus across the street from the Old State Capital building. A must see for anyone living and visting the Old North State.

Jeanne Lacombe

What a great museum! I learned so much about North Carolina and about Wilmington NC that we just visited. Staff was really helpful and friendly.

C.P. Krishnamurthy

Very comprehensive. Learned stuff I wouldn't have even known I was interested in

Mark Matthews

Always a great place to visit, especially pn a hot day.

Le Andrea Dollar

This is an amazing museum. A must-see

AC Maeve

Huge two building museum! Absolutely wonderful!

Cynthia Voorhees

Beautiful historical quilt exhibit.

Edyta Fedurek

This place is amazing! I can't believe that it's for free with the option to donate. I think everybody should definitely donate at least $5 when they come in to keep this building running. I came here to visit family and we spent hours walking around and reading everything. This museum is also connected to a science and animal life exhibit museum. With all the information and displays that they have going on here you will want to come back again and again.

Danlvan Lonie

Always enjoy it. I stop in often when I visit my daughter in NC. I I had heard that they had a new World War I exhibit. I enjoyed it!

Ladiner Rhett-Blaylock

UOne of the best museums in North Carolina! I love your wonderful exhibits and the outdoor movies. It pays to be a member of this great organization. Thanks for sharing the story about the brillant furniture artist and business guru, Charles Daye. Yes, I love the bronze statue of this amazing contributor to North Carolina history. You guys rock and I visit regularly

Ayana Johnson

I love the fact that this museum offers so many free events. My only criticism is it's freezing in there. I spent most of the day in what I think is called the Demonstration Gallery in the back behind the stairs on the first floor. It's May and I had to wear 2 jackets and a scarf and was still cold. Two of the panelists even commented on how cold it was. One had visible goose bumps.

kantemir kant

Such a great place! Versatile exposition, well organized. Wand to go there again!

Renga Nathan

Nice place to spend couple of hours.. The most attractive part is that u can find artifacts of world war..

Merry M

Had an amazing time at this museum. We visited on Saturday and didn't have to pay for parking on the street right in front of the Life Science Museum. Not very crowded as schools are closed. I wish I had arrived sooner! So much to take in. What a classy museum and free! This is a gem and I will be returning.

Hilary Flores

The museum is fantastic! There is so much to see and learn for everyone of all ages! It's so great to walk around and each time you go feels like it's a new experience!

Russell M

Great place, a ton of stuff to see

Kenneth Miller

Interesting exhibits on NC history, including space flight. Best of all-it is free!

María José López

We visited the toy exhibition and it is really cool. It’s amazing to think how the toys were before and some that still exist that where created in that era. Like barbie, play-doh, twister, etc... a good addition to you weekend plans in downtown

Natalie Sue

I was chaperoning a 4th grade field trip. So I didn't get to fully enjoy the museum. But my son was engrossed in it. We both want to go back. They have so much to look at, interact with and learn about. The restrooms are nice and clean too.

Tiffany Trent

Had a great time today learning about NC history and playing in the you exhibit! Lots of interactive exhibits.

Mary C

That was my 1st time going and I was in awe of all the items, information that I learned about that day.

Thaddaeus Edwards

This is a well-curated museum that is a significant asset to the Triangle. Exhibits are varied and seem to rotate often, offering many different ways to explore the history of our state.

Steph Smith

Very nice, impressed with displays.

Joshua Sanchez

For such a small space, they had it packed with great exhibits! I really enjoyed walking through a balanced history of North Carolina. I'm not from the area, so I had my reservations, but this museum really delivered. If you're in the area, check it out! Plus, the fact that it's free is a huge bonus!

Jorge Valero

Interesting place to learn about the history of the state of North Carolina

Shari Haefner

Wow....could have spent all day. Very expansive. Nicely done.

Jeff Buzzard

Learning. Never has been so much fun. New to NC? Go here and learn.

Michael Lockamy

Great play Dar He: The Story of Emmitt Till

Gail Wilson

The best part was the gift shop. Fantastic soaps!

Sikko Boyo

why do the people here not move it scare me when they stand or lay and not breath


This place is awesome

Kelle Pressley

We went there for a Momsrising event. Wish we had time to tour. But it was definitely kid friendly,clean, eye catching and bug. The parking or location wasn't to bad either. Coming back is absolutely on or to do list.

Patricia Redford

Very nice but small. Great for a quick outing.

Paige Capps

The Live! Events are fantastic! My students enjoy participating. They are very excited when our questions are read and answered!

Jessica Ber

Variety of exhibits appeals to different interests and they are beautifully displayed.

Tiffany L White

I had fun. It was really big. It's good for walking and exercising the staff was nice and friendly. It has a lot of war history and a sports museum.

Gregory Tatem

Awesome place. Reminded me of the Smithsonian museums in DC!

Annj Collins

A friend and I went there to see the program about Emmett Till. The performer did 36 different roles. It was astounding - the talent and the message sent and the people portrayed. The museum itself is beautiful I hope to go back when I can and go into the gift store store that looks like a lot of fun

John Sarmiento Jr

Very educational. Fun to learn new things.

Rachel Walsh

It was ok. It didn't have as much as we were expecting. Not much for kids.

Jozie Hampel

Love going to the history museum!!!

Dan Erickson

My wife and I learned a lot at this place. We were really not expecting it to be anything special but it really is a neat place to visit. We are not from North Carolina and had no idea how much history estate really had. They have rotating exhibits Setter pretty neat and this time around it was about quilting and old toys. The Sports Hall of Fame was also very cool. We gave ourselves an hour to go here and ended up being there for nearly three.

Alicia Petty

Love the special exhibits. Great place to learn and have fun!

Babylon rising now

A bunch of stuff to see and learn from

Janet McPherson

It is a great place to learn!

Jody Green

This place is awesome for kids and me (grandmother)..the staff was pleasant and helpful and I learned a lot, we will be back

Dennis Anthony

The place to know the story behind NC its historic. Everything is displayed to understand and see.

Sam Pach

Very clean! Staff seemed knowledgeable and there was a little gift shop. 10/10 would recommend a visit if you are stopping by Raleigh

Jason Hire

Very informative. The World War 1 exhibit was great.

Ellen Weiss Margolis

I'll be completely honest and admit that I expected this museum to be quite dry and only agreed to visit because my historian husband wanted to. To my surprise it ended up being AWESOME. It's interactive, visually interesting, and really informative, with many cool full size 3D exhibits. Even our toddler loves it. Check it out!

Cheryl Flick

Well laid displays and memorabilia of the past. Truly 1000's of years of history. The Quilt display was excellent.

Audriana Zehra

Was in town from the West Coast and wanted to get some of the history of the South and this museum did an excellent job. The main exhibits are completely free, we didn't have to spend a cent. I loved the general history and my husband really enjoyed the sports exhibit.

kristina elshoff

Awesome! Very inventive displays and fun facts about the history of our state. Good videos, a little cheesy. FREE! The gallery exhibits upstairs were also very unique time capsules of different eras


Great and enriching museum... I learnt too many stories about the Raleigh and the state! And it's free.

Jim Love

Located directly across the street from the Capitol Building. it houses a variety of interesting and informative exhibits and video presentations. We saw a great deal while never making it off the first floor. We will be back for more in the future. No admission charge but donations accepted.

Alyssa Harris

Took my 6 and 8 yr old. They loved it. Lots of things to see and videos to watch. They were kept busy and interested until the time ran out on our parking meter 2 hours later. We will definitely be back to see more.

Christopher Theodore

Very educational museum, might not be for kids under 10. Oh and it is FREE!

Jamie Lynn Cash

We love visiting here. The exhibits they have are always really interesting and well put together.

Spaghettio Daddio

Awesome museum for nerds like me

Jim Shoemaker

The staff was so welcoming and helpful. Very glad we were there!

Sarah Greene

What a great place to learn out the state's colorful history. Friendly and helpful staff. No admission fee. Donations appreciated.

Suhey Ortega

Very interesting museum. Not being from North Carolina I learned a lot about the state in this museum. Its a bit outdated with their permanent collection but I do hope they update it soon and change the language and wording for certain exhibits as the language seems very bias and tone down.

Mary Canada

Great little museum, especially since it was free! And free parking. The sports history part was great. Their focus throughout is on NC history. Didn't realize how many athletes came out of NC.

Leslie Cain

We had an absolute blast exploring our State capital and all the history we have here in NC!

Wanda Smith

I love the museum wish we had more time.

Gary Grenier

I easily killed three hours looking around. A lot of very interesting material and displays.

Courtney Lewis

Exibits, thoughtful and well planned. Great experience every trip!

michelle Metcalf

Free for all if you are looking for something to do

Nate James

A great place to take a walk through history. One of the only places where learning is fun.

Disney Family

Came here with my son on a group trip. Learned so much! Some hands on activities. The kids really enjoyed learning about our history in North Carolina.

Terry Anderson

Great museum. Excellent displays on the beginnings of North Carolina.

Allyn Gillespie

Great place! I love their shop. I have only been there a few times, though, to visit the museum. I enjoyed the African-American exhibition they had a few years ago.

Maria L

It houses a variety of interesting and informative exhibits and video presentations. Very inventive displays and fun facts about the history of our state. Good videos, a little cheesy. FREE! It's interactive, visually interesting, and really informative, with many cool full size 3D exhibits.

G Massey

A must do while in Raliegh. Very interesting information.

Kristina Kalenze

Was interesting but wish they had just a little bit more...of something I don't know. I guess I did kinda go through it quickly because we didnt have much time.

Daniel Biber

A very enjoyable experience. Sometimes, museums can overwhelm, but not this one, even though there is a lot to see. We saw the WWI exhibit with many NC artifacts. Very interesting. I have gone over the years, first with children and now with grandchildren. It keeps getting better.

Rick Peake

Excellent historical museum. Very well laid out exhibits.

Vee Phillips

Interesting place..nice souvenirs. Had a great time

Ravi Luthra

Great place to see NC State history

Shawn Janke

Great museum. The toy exhibit rocked! What does that say when the toys you had as a kid are in a museum exhibit????

Scott Morse

So much to see. Take your time. Need to go back.

Victoria Kazmier-Mahalik

Great seeing various helmets, weapons, & other items.

Blanca Petrillo

Love this museum has great exhibits, lot history about NC kids can learn.

Kimberly Massey

Awesome place to learn our history , the staff was great too

NC Sam

Great place to go and learn about the history of where you live. So much to learn and appreciate.

Kevin Smith

Great museum and exhibits about North Carolina history. I enjoy going there.

Joyce King

The quilt exhibits were very interesting

Savita Singh

So much interesting facts about NC and the South. The exibits are not boring.

Maricris G

First time visit so we didn't have any unrealistic expectations on the exhibits. However, we were amazingly surprised to realize how extensive the Story of North Carolina exhibit was! There was an "illusion" that it's all in one small room but then it just kept going. We didn't even get to see the rest of the other featured exhibits because the museum was closing for the day. We easily spent about 2 hrs in it. So much to see and was worth seeing for sure. Definitely coming back to see the rest of the museum when we're in town and early too! It's free and the museum of Natural Science is across the street and the Veterans Memorial. Visitor Parking on the back is free.

Mandy O'Brien

This museum is really well done. It focuses on NC history, and the docents were great about being up front about history rather than romanticizing the atrocities which occurred and still occur.

brian cox

My 10 year old Daughter's 1st Big Field Trip. Place is amazing, she asked a million questions and really learned a lot! 10 stars

Jan Smith

Great museum! Free! Win-win! Enjoyed my visit and wish I had more time. My favorite was the soda shop/drug store, but the 1950/60 toy exhibit and quilt exhibits were a close second.

Michael Sileno

I could spend all day here. Fascinating.

Nicholas Patrick

Amazing, we sent 4 hours here and I can't wait to go back because there was so much stuff we weren't able to see!!

Robert Austin

Splendid collection. We spent 2 hours and still didn't finish the core collection on the first floor.

Nathan Barber

It's air conditioned.

Linda DuBois

Very very good presentation of facts

Cristina Hart

Amazing! My husband and I had some time to kill and we LOVED it in here. We thought we’d stay only for a little while but ended up staying for 3 hours. So many great exhibits and clean and organized.

Agha S. Hasan

Nicely curated; plan on 2+ hours.

breaune sajna

Very neat and well laid out museum.. I gave it 4 stars because I feel like some of the information displayed was not as accurate as I would expect it to be at a museum (a place if knowledge transfer- a place of truth) not a place of comfort, If the truth is not pleasant. When I go to museums I expect to learn hard truths. A few displays in the museum were a bit "gentle" therefore distorting the entire point of learning about the United States (north Carolina) history -and how all of these events led up to what we now know as NC. Also how to understand the point of view of those that now reside within this country; and the problems many ppl may still face today. (Some of these pics have the "gentle" "untrue" info on it that I refer to in my review- find it

Joseph Miller

There were a lot of diverse exhibits. Unfortunately a lot of the interactive exhibits were not working. The visuals were great, though.

Connie Fox

Beautiful museum, with amazing learning oppotunities.


Great place to learn about NC and staff is amazing. Super clean and perfect on a hot day!

Leonardo Ramos

I got surprised how beaitiful is the Museum, I really learned about the history of North Carolina and the people from here , If you moved in to Raleigh this is a good way to start learning about this state !

Daniel Brito

I was a visitor at the North Carolina museum of history and I like to experience this is mostly for all the people who would like to know the history of North Carolina and also a great place for students to learn of the places really clean and I have plenty of places to explore I recommend it

Philip Tabor

Not much to see there some quilt work and a lot of hanging pictures

Universe Critic

Pros: so much carolina history. Exhibits and models. Clean facility. Cons: limited downtown parking.

Colin Miller

Awesome. Better than other state museums. But not as good as Smithsonian


Great field trip destination

matthew finch

Great museum, and free. Quilting exhibit was surprisingly good. I wouldn't have thought it would be so interesting. Well done.

Keenan Lee

I've been to better, but this one was fine for a state museum.

Jeffrey Begeal

A very good place to see historical exhibitions. Great too for seminars and wirkshops.

Amy Besnoy

Greeted by a number of statues upon entering the museum is welcoming and accessible. This museum is a branch of the Smithsonian and admission is free. I asked the folx at the front desk what was essential not to miss and they suggested 3 galleries. I was totally blown away by the Ernie Barnes special exhibit. Barnes was a football player who went to art school on scholarship. His images are fluid, beautiful, and they were familiar. It wasn't until the end of the exhibit I realized why. His work has been used as album covers for the Crusaders, Marvin Gaye, and Curtis Mayfield. No photos of the pictures allowed, but I did snap a pic of the list of albums. Check this wonderful 2Oth century artist out! He passed in 2007, but I expect his work to live on for many generations.

Pete Quinnette

Sports Hall of Fame was good. Toy exhibit was interesting.

Jordyn Mendelsohn _ Student - ForestPinesES

dis place real good you should go its nice there

A small cat

We stopped in here after our trip to the capitol since they are right across the street from each other. We loved this museum. They had NC sports hall of fame for me and NC history for him. Make sure you spend some time reading the signs if you love to read about history. I loved the sports of NC athletes - basketball, racing, baseball, golf, wrestling, etc. They had every sport I could think of. They even had Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty's cars. They had racing uniforms. They had football jersey's. I also loved the way the museum is laid out. They have several floors. They have info on the civil war, wright brothers, native Americans, roots of artists, ernie barnes, drug and soda shop (you go into it like it is a real shop - the museum did great with setting this all up), cars, guns, black history, uniforms, a room that feels like you are in the trenches of battle with sound effects, sandbags, etc. They have a gift shop as well which we stopped into. This place has a bit of everything for NC history. Admission was free. Don't miss it on your next trip to Raleigh. It is worth a visit.

angela Cherry

I always love museums and I learned something every time I go to one.

Kyle Lynch

Charlie and Paige were very helpful, patient while showing us some regimental flags. Couldn't really express how moving it was to see the flags that relatives fought under.

C McKee

Ernie Boston exhibit and info on NC founding history was fascinating.

Matt Simms

Good museum other than the use of the word "Indian" instead of "Native American".

Carol Moynihan

Exciting and educational experience on North Carolina's history. Wonderful exhibit on quilt history and stories that go with each quilt. Recommend for all.

Carlos Montenegro

A lot of history, great place to learn, amazing exhibits!

Derek Musciano

I had family visiting and my dad loves history so we stopped in. First off this is a great outing that is totally free! We spent about 3 hours in the NC history exhibit alone. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about this awesome state.

Jorge Rivera

This place is rich with history! Puns aside, it's worth a visit to learn about NCs evolution into what it is today. They also rotate exhibits which adds variety when you go in different seasons or months.

Jordan monarch

Nice displays and a ton of learning to-do. Got a kid section good for the kids (not pictured). Lots of interesting things I would of never known about NC without stepping inside. I'd high recommend to anyone looking to know more about the development of our country as a whole or just someone who wants to get more knowledge. Something for everyone.

Russ Jones

A Great place to spend a long afternoon. The exhibits are very well done and engaging. The history of Wilmington as the only American city government to be violently overthrown was eye opening. This is a large museum, so plan on taking your time.

TR Page

Very informative, best thing about NC, their museums are free. We moved here from WI, they're not free there!

Dorothy Goodrode

I love this place. There are some things that the kids can mess with and learn while having a good time.

Nathan Mincey

Fun Place; professional, friendly service

Kashish Singh

Its big and worth visiting.

Shaun Webb

They did a great job at creating the exhibits!

Maria Ossiander

It was beautiful and felt comfortable and calm. The people that worked there seem to really enjoy their job and care for the creatures they take care of.

Sabrina Johannes

Such a nice and clean museum!! The displays are well maintained, the interactive displays all worked and we're engaging for even the smallest visitor. We are incredibly grateful to have two really fun museums to visit and always learn something new each trip!!

Dana Bernier

Great service, atmosphere and cold beers.

Ariel James

Neat museum. Interesting exhibits that denote ties to many (most? all?) NC counties. The History of North Carolina Exhibit on the first floor was especially interesting. It covers important events from pre-colonization/Native American culture in NC to present day. This exhibit also has interesting interactive elements for elementary/middle school aged kids. There is also a nice gift shop with a variety of NC products. The admission is free, freeso you can spend as much or as little time as you like without feeling encumbered by an expensive ticket. The location also allows visitors to conveniently stop by The Museum of Natural History and other state historic sites.

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