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2110 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607, United States

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REVIEWS OF North Carolina Museum of Art IN North Carolina

Selena Ramos

Free admission (donations welcomed), great exhibits. Another side is paid admission. Clean and comfortable environment. Friendly staff. There's also a cafe.

A Cross

Great place for art, history, entertainment, exploration, education, food, and social enjoyment. I've been with others for lunch and solo for a nice stroll. Versatile setting for many activities.

Ahmad Ayub

Really awesome museum! I was pretty blown away by what they had there. There was a lot of great art from many different periods and I enjoyed it a lot. The outdoor stuff was cool too, it was just super hot and humid out. I picked up some socks from the gift store!

Kaitlyn Ihly

One of my favorite places in Raleigh. I love being able to walk around and experience these beautiful art installations in an outdoor setting. I like that they have some exhibits that stay and some things that change. Great for anyone - families, couples, friends, individuals. Highly recommend this experience to everyone.

Richard Sebald Richard Sebald

Great art pieces. I'm not gonna pretend like I understood a lot of the art, but the setup was cool and the pictures were pretty. It's a bit cold in there.

Timothy Shelley

Took my 6 and 4 year old (yeah, I know that's brave). Strolled through the Egyptian art, as well as the Rodin pieces. Rumor is, NC has one of the largest Rodin collections out side of Europe. I can believe that now after seeing it. The west building is beautiful and has great lighting available for the pieces. The staff was great, one lady took the time to explain a few pieces to my kids.

Lost Memories

Beautiful set up. Loads of walking paths with art on the way, a place for live theater and the gallery itself is set up well. Makes it flow nicely from piece to piece.

Geo Min

Super cool museum, HUGE complex! All the art was superb and it was incredible to see all the old paintings. The modern art portion was quite unique and interesting, really made you think. The African section was also cool

Neeta Chitre-King

The outdoors is a great place to hangout. Have seen people coming for a picnic, to walk their dogs, do a workout class... Their amphitheater has some fun summer concerts & movies

Catherine Jackson

I loved seeing two Andrew Wyeth paintings. There is such a nice selection of art.

Cheryl Rakestraw

Lunch at the Iris Restaurant was delicious. There are many walking paths, and I spent 2 very enjoyable hours walking them.

Joel Chanson

Love museums but I wish there was more accessible information on the exhibits. I could be alone but I'd love to see more information than just the creator, title, and short descriptions on each exhibit. Make them longer? Or maybe an exhibit database on a few interactive tablets spread around the museum?

Tim Edwards

Super cool experience with a lot of different kinds of art. Went here on mother's day and mom loved it. Great to walk around, everyone there is friendly, and you have a lot of outdoor walking space too. They are doing a summer concert series which I will definitely check out!

Richard Yentes

The summer movies on the lawn are one of my favorite things to do in the triangle. I'm not a conniseur of art, but the collections seem pretty neat, and the rotating visiting exhibits can be really cool.

Tom Collier

Went here for an outdoor concert with a dear old friend from college and had a wonderful time.

ginger lawrence

The venue is one of my favorite. However why they make you park at the bottom of the hill and then walk all the way back up it to get to the end of the line is a mystery to me. Two feed lines from the two different lots would have been much more fair. The sound is excellent and the lighting is subdued. Very intimate setting.

Alison Velchik

Excellent place to visit in Raleigh any season. Well paved, easy walking route around sculptures or multiple exhibits to fit everyone's sense of art. The impressionist section is worthwhile with a few original Monet paintings

Shrek Wazowski

My dad would always take me here when I was small. I did not understand the pictures but they looked very nice. The entrance is awesome.

Henkel Tommye

The place had some outstanding exhibits! Lots of fun for children, but entertaining for adults too! Accommodating staff, don't forget to ask questions.I loved this place. Excellent experience. We would go again.

Melissa Flint-Morgan

This place is amazing, so much art, we could spend a month looking at everything!!!

Brian Mallery

This museum has an easy to navigate layout with a broad assortment of art both indoors and out. The architecture of the buildings is also noteworthy but not distracting from the pieces.

Tory H

We went on Monday, when the museum proper is closed, and still had a wonderful time walking around the outdoor space. Beautiful green space, plenty of shade, and a well-maintained bathroom at the amphitheatre with water fountains and changing table. A jewel. Do not miss!

John Boone

Wonderfilled experience every time I visit. Becoming a member on my next visit. As an art I am able to learn from the greats! The coffee and food in the museum's cafe are worth the trip alone. The staff are friendly and helpful. Thank you.

T Meck

Well maintained. Staff available in each section. During our self guided visit, staff willingly but unobtrusively shared fascinating information about pieces where we lingered. This visit there were a couple of interactive displays, unexpected but totally welcome. So much to see, we visited both buildings. Next time will include the gift shop and restaurant.


Wonderful way to spend an afternoon! Amazing pieces of art by classic masters and contemporary artists on display for free! Pleasant, informative staff all around the gallery.

Janice Lynch Schuster

This is my favorite place to visit when I’m looking for art in Raleigh. This installation is extraordinary. I have forgotten the name... climbing on the roof and then running around inside while playing my music on the jukebox transformed me into a work of art. I thinkThis is one of the best sculpture gardens on the East Coast.

Jason Spriggs

The Entrance + Majority of Exhibits are FREE! Amazing collections come here + their Acres of walkable Greenspace Art is unbeatable!!!@

Timothy Moranville

The Rodin collection is amazing! The Italian Renaissance religious collection was very uplifting and inspiring as a Catholic. We're planning a return trip to see the new photography installation in September.

Susan Hartman

We have a membership to the museum and try to get there as much as we can. We love the outside walking trail with artwork outside the museum. We look forward to coming back again soon.

Nolan Perreira

It is a spacious, inexpensive wonderful museum. There is a diner with excellent food. Admission and p j

Morgan Thompson

A beautiful park with much to see and enjoy. The trails are awesome and the grounds are always kept clean. The art installments outside and inside are very interesting. I haven't yet watched a concert at the park but I plan to do so this summer. The restaurant is amazing, as well as the coffee shop!

Leila Rahil

NOTE: This review is only for the Museum Park Blue Loop trail. The Blue Loop is an easy i trail taking you past a handful of sculptures in an open field in the Museum Park. Parking is nearby, but the walkway connecting to the latter part of the trail hasn’t been completed yet, but you can still access from a nearby connected sitting overlook. There are some stops along the way w/maps of where you are on the trail and there is a map you can view from their website, but it is very abstract. I wish they had better signage for the loop other than the distance (though I couldn’t figure out if it was what you’ve walked or what was left on the loop?). It would have been helpful to have what other trails were coming up (Upper or Lower Meadow or Greenway) and which sculptures were on that particular part of the loop. Some of the sculptures were interesting and others were just kinda “hmm”. But, in any case, it is free and open to the public and on a nice sunny day makes for a nice little workout. There are buildings that cost to enter and other sculptures between the two structures.

Dannielle Rice

Outside is better than inside! So open and beautiful and spacious. Perfect for walks. Take the kids for all the art structures to play on. Always adding new and cool stuff. For me - personally - too many statues. But thats just me :)

Frieda Sanders

One of the best museums in NC and it is free! There is plenty to see inside and outside. It is great to make a day of it! The amphitheatre is also really nice for concerts!

Tilly Lo

This park has plenty of parking and it is very spacious, clean and beautiful layout. There are many large sculptures scattered around the park. I couldn't find a map that captures the locations of the sculptures and not sure if such a map exists. This park is very dogfriendly and people come to relax, study, read, play, picnic. There are many trails, and the trail map is available online.

nino rodriguez

awesome! I loved the space and work they had on display! if you're an art fan this is a must go place. perfect for a free and easy date with nice walking paths surrounding the building

Amandae Santos

Lovely place for a date or just to experience something new!

Loren Tatum

Always a great experience. Love that the art options change. I've seen Monet, Rembrandt, Picasso, Norman Rockwell, Ansel Adams, and so many others art and have been amazed each time. I would highly recommend checking out the regular exhibit plus any rotating exhibits that come to town.

Joey Mackenzie

I absolutely love visiting the north Carolina MOA there is always a new exhibit to look at, you can tell the curators are truly passionate. There are plenty or large scale sculptures, paintings, artifacts and classics that can be found here. Admission is reasonable. Great destination to visit alone or with family and friends!

Peggy Blake

We really enjoyed the exhibit of African Art! North Carolina is very fortunate to have such a first class art museum! Everything they do is optimal! If you have an hour to spend or hours to spend you couldn't find a better place in the Raleigh area than the North Carolina Art Museum to spend them.

Matthew Netto

This is an awesome museum. The permanent collection truly stunned me! The Italian and American collections have some of the most striking and poignant pieces. You need at least 4 hours here!

Mallory Oosterhouse

The grounds are absolutely beautiful. We have been to the museum for multiple reasons A. Exhibit (You are here: Light, Color, and Sound experiences), it was myself, 2 teens, 1 elementary and 1 toddler and all enjoyed. B: The Outside Grounds -- pack a picnic and plan for a day to explore, walk, and enjoy these grounds. Absolutely a beautiful gem in Raleigh.

Linda Williams

Wonderful way to spend a hot summer afternoon... looking at beautiful art in air conditioned comfort. Super information service at the door.

Lynn Watkins

This is such a wonderful artistic and nature experience. So much to see and explore. If you are in Raleigh do not miss the chance to walk or bike this park.

Sam Garfield

Wow! Had some time to kill before a flight home and decided to stop by this free museum. It looked cool, but I wasn't expecting the incredible collection they had. The staff was friendly. It was super chill.

Josh Pagano

Better than many other state art museums. Probably the best one in the south. A must see.

Pinaki Pal

Nice place to view if u understand artwork.

Jacqui Holland

I wish I’d allowed myself more time here during my Raleigh visit. I’d love to have seen the park. I spent most of my time in the west building, looking at the impressive Rodin collection, which was definitely the highlight for me. My favorite exhibition in the east building was Audubon’s The Birds of America. The museum owns a complete set of the four-volume work, and they display one page per volume, changing them every few months. So worth visiting this free museum for that alone. The staff there were friendly and helpful and made me feel welcome. I’d love to go back someday.

Milan Woodley

I love going here especially when they have college night. It's a very lovely and relaxing setting.

Diane Gillespie

Nigerian artist, El Aniusi woven work made out of bottle tops. Amazing!

Donna Quirk

Small but nice selection of art, ancient to modern. Out door sculpture gardens are lovely! Cafe is pricey but food is good. Service at cafe is either good or with an attitude. Gift shop is small with lovely items but this too can be pricey. Main museum and outdoor gardens are free.

Ash Anonymous

They always have cool events. It's just a great place to be, in general.

Richard Jenkins

Where can you see the works of Rodin, Monet, Raphael, Titian, Trumbull, and others in one place? Well, you could travel to the Met in NY or the National Gallery of Art in DC. But, if you don't have the time or patience to do that, you could just head on over to the NCMA where one of the most diverse art collections in the United States is held. One last thing: it's completely free to see. What are you waiting for?

James Harper

Incredible outdoor sculpture garden and trails. The indoor exhibits are fascinating and cover a wide range of periods and styles. A must see for visitors and locals alike.

Kayla Davis

Art Museum was a wonderful experience as our tour guide was well versed in the exhibits she showed us.

Jason Way

Really great spread of art, personally enjoyed the European and Roman pieces, alongside the kids area. Will definitely visit again

Lauren A.

Good museum with a variety of art and artists. Plus the outdoor sculptures are great!

Mawzi A

Very interesting very pretty we spent a great afternoon just walking around and looking at art

Rachel Garner

Loved it! Spur of the moment trip but well worth the drive!

Tiffany Sikes

What's not to love!?! I grew up around free museums in DC, and Raleigh doesn't disappoint. This is definitely one of my favorite art museums. There's always something new. Just don't bring your own water bottles inside. I always forget.

Laurie Bostian

A very decent little museum in NC! It makes for a great afternoon date, honestly.

Alex Sagi

NCMA, especially the Museum Park, is gorgeous, absolute stunning. The perfect blend of wild and sculpted nature, it brings together art with natural beauty. Great for romantic picnics, hiking, running and of course, the art. Plus, they have movie and concert nights on Friday and Saturday nights in summer. Absolutely worth exploring this wondrous place, and there's always something new to do.

Andrew Fidler

Great layout. Everything very well maintained . Took my dog on a walk there and then came back to run all the trails. Wasn’t very much traffic at around 1-2

Julie Leopold

Wow. Who knew a museum could be this awesome for free?

Tiffany Andrews

We very much enjoyed our visit to this museum, with an interesting collection that spans several centuries and types of art. Favorites included the many Rodin sculptures, a few Monets and the entire modern art exhibit. Plan to spend a whole day viewing the permanent collections in the west building, which has a cafe too. The museum also has a variety of docent-led tours that are worth checking out, including a family tour that had young kids completely engaged while we were there. And that’s just the inside exhibits! The museum also has an extensive sculpture collection outdoors too. Definitely a museum that North Carolina folks can be proud of!

Bullem Bopp

It's good but this place is not good for me if you like art come to this place

anusha v

Awesome place for photography. very good collection. Must visit this place if you are an art lover. Parking is free and available most of the time. There is a cafeteria as well.

Susan Jennings

Great place to take photos. Lovely art inside and out. A wonderful place to visit.

Frank Bizi

Very modern, clean, and organized! Amazing art, very unique and creative. I had a great time

Şerife Yucesoy Özkan

It is a fantastic and free Art museum. There is always an exhibition. It has free car parking. There is kid section to have fun. There are different kinds of choices for kids. When you need a break, you have a chance to drink coffee and eat cookie. You can buy somethings from gift shop. There are nice pieces. Art is everywhere and for everyone!

Tabitha Alford

Love NCMA so much. From the amazing restaurant (Iris) to the always beautiful free exhibits in the main building, to the movies and concerts in their outdoor space to the amazing art walk... what's not to love. It's so awesome to have such an amazing museum in Raleigh!! Everyone definitely should visit as much as possible!

Amanda Canter

This is just one of the best spots to visit in Raleigh. You can exercise, picnic, learn, sit in a quite spot to read or work. Not to mention the awesome movies they show in the summer. I never have a bad time here. Pure joy.

Moses C

Went to visit the art reference library to find it closed. Was then approached by a staff member "looking to help" and then escorted downstairs by security. Otherwise lots of great art and beautiful facilities.

Tiffany L White

I really had a good time. If you like to walk and hike they have outdoor artwork .

Neisha Johnson

I really enjoyed the trails outside. You can exercise while enjoying the sculptures. When I went, there were many young families eating at the tables near the parking lot. Others were riding bikes. Inside, the art was interesting, and there was a good mix of old and new works. There was also a small cafe but I didn't stop to eat. All in all it was one of the highlights of my trip to NC.

Caroline Hamric

Such a cool place! There are tons of cool indoor and outdoor spaces filled with amazing art. I love the sculptures placed on the grounds. There are tons of trails, spots for pinicking, and they host outdoor concerts in summer.

Grace Lincroft

The North Carolina Museum of Art offers a variety of art styles that will interest all visitors as well as outdoor sculptures and interactive art covering the many trails and natural spaces that surround the museum. It is a great place to spend a free afternoon.

Rick Meeks

No matter where you go, the art museum is phenomenal and the exhibits breathtaking. It also helps if you enjoy pokemon, and Harry Potter united

Nathaniel Steinrueck

Wow. If you are ever visiting Raleigh go to NCMA. You can go for a beautiful walk, listen to live jazz, watch movies in the park, dance in the fields, and look at art. They make it incredibly accessible to access, completely free, and you can walk in the front door, like you would walk into your back yard. The art collection is pretty solid, although it would be nice if they had more impressionist paintings.

Stephen Prevatt

Day camps were touring with docents on the day I visited, with various levels of engagement from the kids but consistently enthusiastic, patient and good natured docents. I was only able to explore the west building and none of the grounds, but was impressed nevertheless. This is not the Chicago Art Institute or the St Louis Art Museum, but having grown up in rural NC, I was pleased that this museum is available to the kids.

Seriana Gamble

Outside sculptures were pretty cool. Some art was more interesting than others on the inside, but it's all personal preference.

Jianyi Nie

Loved it! Great collections with a lot of work from Rodin. Don’t miss out on the garden outside! Interesting and beautiful trails!

Andreas Willis

This is a very nice museum, and I like the fact that the exhibits change periodically. The good news is admission is free, both for the museum's permanent collection and park, which is a work of art within itself. While art museums may seem geared for adults, that is not true of the NC Art Museum. There are hiking trails in the park along with sculptures as well as sitting areas. The permanent collection is full of a variety of wonderful pieces, including but not limited to: Ancient Egyptian, African, Ancient American, American, Jewish, Italian, Classical, Contemporary, Modern, and a collection of 30 pieces by Rodin, including "The Thinker." The temporary exhibits are always unique and there are always a wide variety of subjects, so there is something for everyone.

Eva Fisher

Great concert venue...service was great. So glad we were able to enjoy a great evening at the NC Museum of Art!

Anslie Noelle

Such a wonderful museum! I love how there is both indoor and outdoor exhibits to view. It's a bit warm to walk around during the summer, but I will certainly be coming back in the fall to see everything the outdoor trails have to offer! There is also plenty to view inside if you're looking to escape the heat. I had a great time and look forward to visiting again!

Michael Baker

My daughter and I visited here for the first time today. The exhibits were all quite interesting and well curated. There's a good mix of media so you get to see more than just paintings. I would definitely come back to see new exhibits and check out some of the events.

Jordan Lassiter

Very unique and fun place to visit. It's great for any age. There's so much to see in the outdoor spaces as well as the indoor. They have THE best summer concert series around. The venue is amazing for evening outdoor shows. It's shaded at night so it's not too hot.

Dillon Myrick

Wow, I love this place. It's got great art. Wowie

Nancy Wilder

A great place to go for a nice walk. Varied walking paths for all abilities. Plenty of kiddie stuff too and outdoor art. The actual museum itself is also very nice with ample, convenient and free parking.

Monica Leigh

Beautiful place to walk around with the dog and get some scenery. Lots of different paths, artwork, and festivities often are going on. Love to go to this place

Brie Dorsey

I love this place. I come here often with my guy and we check out the exhibits. The trails and open fields are my favorite part. We spend a lot of time there just relaxing after work.

Ashley Haakenson

I really enjoy going to the art museum and the art is amazing there is something new every time

Lori Aboulmouna

Attended the What's In A Box with my toddler. She was so excited!!! Loved the explanation of the exhibit, the lesson was made interactive for the kids and the art project the kids did was great! We worked with different color wools, water and soap. Much fun! Will repeat!

Bethany C

I was visiting the area and wanted to try something new on the weekend. This was a pleasant surprise. There are so many exhibits to see that you will need some hours to see them all. They offer activities for all ages and gives ways to engage in the exhibits. There is a restaurant inside the museum that offers brunch. I didn't get the time to try the food. There are outdoor exhibits as well with walking/ running trails on the grounds. You also have many spaces for outdoor eating on the lawn. The staff was also really helpful in explaining different parts of the museum.

Vivek Srivastav

This museum is not just inside the four walls but spreads out side these boundaries into huge sprawling spaces where some amazing larger than life structures astound you. One needs to get out of the buildings area and start walking on the trails outside to experience the outdoor sculptures and creations. Do take out extra time for the museum to avoid rushing. Sports clothing recommended due to long walks

Andrew Guinea

Lovely place to visit if you're in town. The museum is free to visit, with all sorts of wonderful and exotic works of art to look at. The park is nice and spacious, plenty of shade and areas to rest at and enjoy a picnic or maybe a book. Definitely worth a visit.

Suhey Ortega

Amazing exhibits of modern, renaissance, Italian, Egyptian, almost a bit of everything! Very clean museum and welcoming staff too! Their garden sculptures and trails are amazing for a nice day outside and inside!

Ken Nelson

Great museum right here in Raleigh. A must visit if you live here. Nice outdoor grounds to walk around as well.

Josey Buescher

The art museum has a very beautiful park/garden with plenty of interesting sculptures and structures to look at. Their hours are limited on week days though, but at least it's free! It also closes at 5 pm even on weekends, but it's a worthwhile day trip

sakthi ganesan

This is a nice art museum. There are many rare artifacts. The highlights tour was also good. There is no entry fee.

Ada Rebecca Smith

We met some others there and walked around it was cool to see. We ran out of time and should go back another time to see what we did not get to see the first time.

Derek Caldwell

Went to the Old Crow Medicine Show concert at the NC art Museum. Great place to see a show, especially if you get the reserved seats. OCMS gives a great show.

Charles Koscenski

The indoor buildings with the collections is quite large. Definitely will take you a few hours if you really take your time to engulf yourself. There’s not much description regarding the pieces. I do wish there were more descriptive pieces. The staff were very friendly. The place is very clean and well kept. The outside areas are not attractive. For being an art area it’s not creatively built. It’s good for exercise paths and to relax around but I believe it needs some TLC. The pond needs something going on. It looks run down and dirty with no wildlife. They should put a fountain in the middle and clean up the overgrown brush that surrounds it. There should be more creative stuff in the fields for people to enjoy with art or architectural designs of things to participate within. Not an attractive outer appearance by no means.

jim c

A beautiful art space with an amazing Rodin collection and many great period pieces. They have an eclectic collection from Egypt through Modern and my only criticism is a lack of photograhic representation but overall a worthy museum.

Arianna Brown

This is a very nice museum, and I like the fact that the exhibits change periodically. The good news is admission is free, both for the museum's permanent collection and park, which is a work of art within itself. While art museums may seem geared for adults, that is not true of the NC Art Museum. There are hiking trails in the park along with with with sculptures as well as sitting areas.

Dhanavignesh Chandrasekaran

The Museum is having West and East Building.Museum clearly portraits the life of People who lived in America,Europe and Egypt. Art works defines the lifestyle of those people’s. It is having a large beautiful grassy Park with small trails. The admission is free,But it is recommended to donate. There is Amphitheater and as well as Auditorium. In West building we can find the Museum store and Iris Restaurant.

Randy Rutkowske

I have visited many times, for many special events and it is always great. Some of the special exhibits have been very well done and memorable. I enjoy the restaurant there for a casual lunch too. I attended a concert at the pavilion and it was a very nice venue.

Megan Allen

Simply outstanding! A bit of everything here. Beautifully staged. Great light. Outdoor sculpture walk. Cafe and Gift Shop. A treasure in Raleigh.

Nick Benipayo

There's plenty of interesting things to look at spanning most of modern history and a little of antiquity.

Jimin Seo

It’s a pretty small museum but the few permanent pieces they have are legit-Rodins sculptures, medieval art and European style paintings. They have a nice walk path that also has large scale installation art and a cafe where I go to just for coffee sometime to sit and read. It’s kind of like a one stop shop where you can go for a nice date or a day out. Nothing spectacular but can’t go wrong with art, coffee and a stroll in the park

Matthew Hall

This is a great easy, and very chill place to visit. They change up the layout quite a bit, so you can visit a couple times a tear and see a lot of new items. This is one of my favorite places to. Is it in the area.

Arda Unal

Beautiful space, indoor and outdoor park are both beautifully designed.


Indoor and outdoor art installations with areas for picnicking. Curated collections that told a broad story in a compact interior space. An unexpected and welcome treat for art aficionados.

Jackson Chubb

This museum is beautiful inside and out! There are always events being held so your never out of excitement and new things to do! The museum looks small, but it is jammed pack with ancient and contemporary pieces! There is even a restaurant inside the museum, which has excellent, but a little pricey food. There macarons are one to try, as they have so many options! There are also trails outside the museum linking to a beautiful trails with art work along your walk! 10/10

Jacob Desjarlais

Free and amazing! It's a great place to take your kid for the afternoon!

Michael Luker

Really cool and would recommend as a first date for either art focused or the fitness type of person!

Jacqueline Kumar

I love the NCMA!! And they’re doing really interesting things. Check out the room on the left as you enter the old wing, they’ve got art from the local schools in there—those kids are IMPRESSIVE! They have an exhibit going on now (it’s June 2019 at the moment) from an artist from Africa and it’s haunting, powerful. Always fun to check out the Audubon books!! Can’t beat a trip to the art museum :)

Andree Mills

It was amazing in its art and grounds, however the security personnel were very prison guard like and not too sociable or helpful. One even lead me to a restricted area when I asked him how to get to a wall with interesting quotes, very rude. The front desk and door staff were amazing in all that they provided and very informative amd inviting. Not all were like this. It was three to be exact who exhibited made me uncomfortable in a place of historical beauty!

Joshua Ure

We tend to make our way over to the art museum at least once a month. Not so much for the art, neither of us really get most of the 'art' when it looks like something a kindergartner could make. We do really enjoy going to the park at the Art Museum though. Nice, beautiful rolling hills that are always so pleasent on the eyes. The walkways are always nice and clear of debris.

Krystal Johnson

Beautiful place to walk and experience art. We did some of the trails this morning. Most trails are wide and paved, dotted with art throughout the stroll, bike or run.

Linda Heaphy

The first hour of the Puppet show was great. The four seasons shown through colorful animal puppets, forest, birds, etc. but then the show sent a very opinionated message which was "dark" and, I thought, unnecessary. A "blob" erupted from the earth called "capitalism"! The entire show became very political and scary for young children. Perhaps I did not see that this show would be political and would like to have been warned. Our group of six left after another 15 minutes.

David Simon

This museum is fantastic. The buildings and grounds hold a wide variety of art (European, American, African), modern and ancient, paintings, sculpture, light shows, and more. There is a neat outdoor walk. Inside knowledgeable docents can answer questions. There are some child friendly stations. Everyone should go!

Louis Lowe

Love it, love it, love it. I am a transplant from the Northeast so I was not sure what kind of culture I would find in my new digs, but I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the NC Museum of Art. The campus is a visual spectacle and I love that they have trails you can walk along, concerts, beautiful architecture all around. I have only been to one building so far and it happened to contain African artifacts from various regions, a visual bird sanctuary, and they were also displaying art from local youth. There was so much to see i spent all my time there so now I have to go back. The museum does not charge for admission, but accepts donations. It is a great day or evening out for yourself, with family or friends. Can't wait for part two.

Hiroki Kittaka

A bit away from Raleigh downtown. I didn't enter the museum. Just enjoyed chatting on the grass outside. There are many objects outside to see. The museum is on the green way trails, so there are many cyclists, dogs and runners and so on.

Naomi Alston

We love NCMA! Not only the museum but the grounds and the trails with all the art right outside that you can take in on a walk!!

Angus Hamilton

Outstanding largely modern art museum in North Carolina. It’s vast - consisting or two huge main buildings and an enormous sculpture garden. One of the things that constantly surprised me on this most recent road trip was the extraordinary high quality of museums attached to fairly small cities.

Scott Latimore

NCMA has an impressive collection for a museum of its size. Also do not miss the various trails and outdoor sculptures. The museum offers a constant stream of interesting events, so be sure to check their website.

Cindy Jane

This museum has it all. There's a huge African exhibit, hands on activities, a cafe, Roman statues, European paintings spanning 8 centuries, modern works, and an awesome walking/bike path complete with sculptures and a play area for kids.

Carl Ingalls

A guide took the two of us on a private tour, which was fabulous. Admission is free, and they welcome donations.

Katie Hill

Excellent in everyway. If you haven't been GO! Parking can be tricky but there are places and a valet there to help. The food is so great and the service is too.

Heather E

Beautiful. Lots to see inside and outside. Plenty of restrooms and drinking fountains. Clean and well- maintained.

Phyllis Nunn

One-of-kind place!!! Besides beautiful buildings filled with amazing works of art, there's an outdoor park with walking trails & sculptures, outdoor concert/movie venue, gorgeous landscaping, & plenty of parking. Our state is lucky to have this museum!

Bashir Adejumo

Right behind where I stayed in Raleigh. Nice display. A Nigerian Artist that's a family friend had his work on display.

Temo Tarrago

Great at in beautiful setting. There are large grounds with interesting art, as well

Raven Night

What a great place to spend the day. There is plenty to see inside and outside so no matter what the weather is you will have something to do here. It's a place where beauty and education collide. I love it! Also it is free! (Although it is nice if you can make a donation.) I highly recommend this place for any age.

Deborah Crowe

Loved the outdoor park. Didn't really spend much time indoors.

Danile wever

We went to to lunch with new co-worker her name is Elbony Good place to look photo

Renee Hillman

This is probably one of my favorite hidden gems in our area! Never disappoints from the miles of trails, the pocket park for little kids (complete with covered area), art classes, concerts, movies and the exhibits. Always something for everyone even if you aren't an art enthusiast! The parking is easily accessible too. Would highly recommend to anyone living here or visiting!

Claire Carrington

The art museum is an excellent local attraction, both inside and out. The outside trails are excellent for walking, and there are large fields to play in, as well as art installations to enjoy. Inside, there are historical and thought-provoking pieces to observe, and a great cafe. I definitely recommend visiting if you are in the area.

Elizabeth Gao

The building of classic art museum items is great, especially the sculptures by the lily pond. The other building of contemporary artifacts is very dark and relatively empty so it's hard to appreciate "hard-to-appreciate" art.

Baron-Thor Young

I saw a man talking to a bird while eating doritos. That was a the point I knew it was going to be a great time.

Hutch Douthett

Wife and I were visiting from FL. We loved this place, and ended up spending hours there. Great exhibits and beautiful outdoor park and pathway with more installations and structures. Many pieces are monumental in size taking advantage of the wide open space.

Nguyen Ho

An amusing museum. It is a lovely place for family and group people who love art, nature. Imagining and thinking out-of-box

Marcus Centurian

A well curated, free museum featuring a good selection of art from around the world. Of particular note is a Jewish, a very sizable African art and a very good Egyptian collections. I was also impressed with the balance between contemporary and classical art as well.

Michael Daul

So much to see and do - I'm so happy we have this museum

Amanda Smith

Beautiful combination of hiking trails and a museum. I really love this place. Both indoor and outdoor activities.

Betsy Murphy

The trails behind the park are fun to explore, especially with the large pieces of art displayed in the grassy areas. The permanent exhibits are free to see, although donations are encouraged. The featured exhibits are in a separate building and are neat to see as well. Fortunately they offer student discounts (with ID) as well as college nights where students can visit for free. I forget how impressive this space is since I live nearby, but it really is a noteworthy place worth visiting.

Peter Fradella

Friendly staff. Good food, beer and wine selection. Good sound quality. No matter where you sit you have a great view.

Gary Wilkinson

great venue! nice place to see a concert. even in the rain

Mandana Namiranian

Loved the outdoor and indoor ambience! Family friendly!

Stevens Center

Nicely manicured outdoor grounds for meditation or exercise. And so many free exhibits to choose from. Easy to spend a half-hour or a full day.

Kelvin Wright

Nice convenient art museum for a quick excursion. Plenty of parking, and you can breeze through the exhibits in less than 90 minutes. Not the largest art museum I have been too, which is fine but they still have a nice cross section of art. They also have an more outdoor art exhibits with walking trails, and an outdoor area that have movies and concerts from time to time. Definitely not MoMS or the Art Institute or National Gallery which is fine with me. Occasionally you want to just pop in, enjoy some art and go about your day without it taking up the day, with all the other adjacent inconveniences.

Carolyn Sims

Excellent place to get your culture fix. Great variety of paintings and other art plus occasional special exhibits. Also outdoor activities. Good, free parking.

William Lee

Really cool museum and the outdoor section is awesome if you don't want to pay admission. Definitely some very unique and interesting exhibits, and a nice atmosphere to take someone on a date or just go by yourself. Good balance of a lot of different kinds of art so if you don't like a specific style there's plenty more to look at.

Kimberly Shirk

One of my favorite places to visit. Not only do I come here to see the wonderful art, but I take advantage of their well designed outdoor space. Trails intermingle with art pieces and make for a unique exercise venture.

Darla Brown

The nature trails are filled with interesting art and beautiful trees, flowers, birds, and the sweet sounds of nature. Love it! Thanks NCMA!

Eli Johnson

I only got to go in the new building, but it was great, it is full of wonderful art and beautiful modern exhibits. The gift shop is very nice but expensive. No stickers

Camilla Antoine

Nice place to go for a walk! And the museum is free as well. I can only recommend it!

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