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315 Front St, Beaufort, NC 28516, United States

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Where is North Carolina Maritime Museum?

REVIEWS OF North Carolina Maritime Museum IN North Carolina

Danielle Tessier-Whaley

Anthony Blue

Fantastic museum! beautiful location, great staff and tons of great relics. The volunteers here are just great! Can't recommend high enough! My family and I will visit every time we come to Beaufort now!

Jennifer Young

Matthew Russell

Queens Ann's Revenge artifacts were interesting

Will Gorges

Exceptional small museum with a ton of history and culture tucked inside. From fishermen to Blackbeard the Pirate, there's something to experience for everybody.

Doc Loomis

We take every visitor to the area to the museum. Well curated and always interesting at any age

William Freker

A great free admission institution.They have great exhibits and very informative and interesting exhibits about Black Beard and the QUEEN ANNS REVENGE and the early days of the North Carolina Coast and boats and ships they used. Donations are excepted a great venue and wonderful presentation.

Alfred Brock

It is a very nice place to visit. The natural history items are well represented but hard to view closely because they are mounted very high. The history of navigation in the area is interesting but they skipped the part between late 1700's to the advent of steam when the area had been a shipbuilding center and producer of rope, tar and enormous amounts of kerosenes, liquers and solvents taken from pine sap. The rest is well presented and the library is a beauty to behold.

Leslie Mills

Keeshia McDonald

Free! Great place to stop and learn a bit about ships, pirates, local wildlife, and history of the area.

Taylor Stewart

I loved it. Free admission but they do have a donation box. Plenty of things to see. Learn all about sea life. Pirate ships. Boats and more. They also have shows and events posted on the boards outside and also on their website. They have a movie theater and they play different films. The staff was very friendly. The library was absolutely amazing. I had an amazing time.

Jesse Ojanen

Amber Kielb

Alan Hendricker

Amazing amount of things to see. You can delve as deeply as you want. This is definitely the best free museum I’ve ever seen. Maybe not ideal for toddlers but great for kids and adults. An absolute must see before your ferry across to the islands or during a rainy day. Great info on Blackbeard history. Definitely see the free movie they show in the theater.

MJ Baker

Great place to stop. The family says this stop was a highlight of our vacation.

Clint Calhoun

The NC Maritime Museum is an intriguing place and does a really good job at describing the nautical history of North Carolina. Some aspects of the museum are a little cluttered in terms of the way things are displayed and I had to make a couple of laps to make sure I saw everything. The kids did a scavenger hunt provided by the museum and they enjoyed finding the different display items. Of course the most interesting exhibit is the Blackbeard exhibit and the items that have been recovered from the Queen Anne's Revenge wreck, located just offshore from Beaufort. The display items really get you in touch with the legend that Blackbeard has become. Very interesting.

Alexey Batchenkov

They have a very interesting exhibition about Blackbeard, his wracked flagship Queen Anna's Revenge and history of piracy in the waters around. The place is not too large but designed with love and they have some really impressive original artifacts from legendary pirate ship. Besides that museum has very interesting displays about history of North Carolina Coast guard, Lighthouse Service and Life-saving Service. Some facts about local flora and fauna.


We stopped in here for the artifacts of Edward Teach's Queen Anne's Revenge. On the way home to Toronto Canada from Myrtle Beach. It was free admission, donations were welcomed (we did it was worth it) The exhibit was great it was better then I thought it would be. I am a fan of the Age of Sail, and well Pirate Lore. So I had a good time. To be honest we did not look at any of the other exhibits When we were there in Feb 2017 they were talking about a big expansion they had in the works for more of the QAR artifacts. We are hoping to go back again sometime after the renovation and new artifacts are on display

Erik Mikkelsen

Awesome artifacts!

Greg Suggs

Showed up shortly before closing so we didn't get to see the upstairs, but what we got to see was nice. The Blackbeard / Queen Anne's Revenge exhibit I throughly enjoyed. Also snagged a couple cool hats from the gift shop.

Rick Eber

Lisa DeWitt

Travelers, this is a delightful museum that tells a fantastic story of local maritime history, which is very rich in Beaufort. Basically, in a hurricane, when boats were stranded on sandbars off cape Lookout, the local men would row out to the outer islands to rescue the shipwrecked sailors. The locals shot a rope to the boat to make a pulley. Someone from the boat had to swim to the island back with the rope to make the pulley work. Lots of times sailors couldn't swim so they sent the horse to land with the rope around it's beck. When it got to shore the local took the rope off and the horse ran away and turned feral. Some of the islands have horses that have been living there for hundreds of years. Anyway, that is just one fascinating this g I learned going through that museum. There is so much more. We recommend. Enjoy.

Henry Fladung

Cool boats

Alan Pate

Benjamin Muller

lindsey newsome

Fun and interesting museum. The kids did a scavenger hunt and got a small prize for completing it.

Melissa Evans

carlton riffel

Great free maritime museum.

Abram Koehn

Very cool and interesting museum

Ben Finger

Staff is very helpful. When my friends come to visit, I always love to take them here. So much culture.

Chris Aycock

Go! Do not hesitate. This is the only chance to see the Queen Anne's Revenge relics with your own eyes. The entire museum is good but the QAR exhibit is a view into the past world. However, the gift shop is useless. They should do a much better job of having far more things related to sail sips and pirates. One thing I often notice in museums and this one is the same...parents take their small and preteen kids. Children do not understand what they are seeing and just want to play on the beach. They will reach the age of 19 and will tell a friend that they went to this museum as a kid but do not remember anything. Save yourself the trouble. Let the kids play on the beach and let the adults experience the museum. It will allow you a better experience and likely also allow other guests to actually enjoy the experience in peace.

Lorelai B

Enjoyable afternoon activity


Rick Bowers

First-class exhibits. Very detailed.

1 Momentos

Welcome to the North Carolina Maritime Museums The three North Carolina Maritime Museums preserve, protect and present North Carolina’s coastal history. They paint a picture of the history and maritime culture that includes fishing, boat building, piracy, decoy carving, life-saving, war, underwater archaeology, shipwrecks, boating, the seafood industry, and marine life, science and ecology. Each of the museums is unique, and offers year-round public programming, and free admission. i use slope game slopex in class so that i can kill the time

Paula Willis

Excellent place to visit with the kids!

Callie Bernauer

Dave Basydlo

Great Blackbeard exhibit

Paula Woolridge

My granddaughters & I really enjoyed our visit. They loved the scavenger hunt. Staff was very friendly. Thanks

Brett Boothe

Free entry. You can donate money if you want. Suggested amount for adults is $6. Spent about 40 min and enjoyed the museum.

Melissa Drass

Really enjoyed it. Lots of cool historical artifacts that represent this area really well. Some displays could use an update but overall really great. And it's free.

David Goist

Very good. Always visit on trips to Beaufort.

Jeff Dammeyer

Fantastic displays and educational dioramas. A section on Blackbeard, a section on WWII, and a section on the origins of the US Coast Guard!

Alan Stinar

Always a great time for my family and children.

David Zanter

Fun Museum that my daughters enjoyed visiting.

Meredith Eckard

Rich and Maritime history a great place to bring the children a great family outing we really enjoy coming here and looking at the old wood sail boats and ships of the past

Scott Simmons

Excellent place to visit and a lot of interesting facts..

Marco Antonio Rendon

Michelle Shanton

Samantha Reid

It's not a huge museum, but it's a good stop if you have any interest in Blackbeard or ships. It's free and has air conditioning, so there's no reason not to stop in if you're already downtown.

Jean Leigh

Cassie Tucker

Wonderful museum! My favorite is the Blackbeard exhibit, truly fascinating! My nieces enjoyed the whale heart and exhibits about the boats. No admission is charged, but donations are suggested, and it's definitely worth a donation!

Stephnie Hayes

The kids loved the scavenger hunt and getting to touch a whale heart!!!! The staff was very friendly and informative. No cost but a donation is suggested....

Nicole Lewis

:-)) :-) :-}

Edward Bushee

Erika Hood

Angela Morley

Very informative place to visit and learn about the areas maritime traditions. The boat shop was fun as well! Find a volunteer and ask questions!

Kristin Clower

Very good and no charge. Great information and the kids 9-15 really enjoyed the experience.

Sam Marcom


Angela Johnson

Well worth the visit, super nice & informative staff

Michelle Reinhart

Interesting, a lot of reading, good for those interested in boats.

Dan O'Sullivan

Great display of BLACKBEARD'S ship and artifacts from the shipwreck.

Edgar Olan

Great place to learn about Beaufort NC!

Sarah Herrick

Great place to visit on a rainy day. Learned a lot

Michael O

Interesting place. It seems to have received a shot in the arm with the discovery of Queen Anne's Revenge.

Roger Bonadiman

Great experience!

Miichael Jakubos

Giann Butler

theyve managed resources very well in this museum, and have created a memorable narrative about the maritime heritage of both beaufort and the greater carolina area. very cool to see the little conservation lab they have in the back! thanks and keep up the good work :)

Jason Wright

Randy Hunsucker

The Queen Anne's Revenge / Blackbeard items have brought new life to this museum. I cannot believe it is still free (do leave a donation). A must stop on your visit.


Very good experience. Staff was very helpful. The blackbeard Queen Anne's Recenge exhibit was the best part of the whole museum. The entry is free but they do take donations. I would recommend going. This was our first time going and we will definitely go again. It's small and won't take too much time to go through, but on a rainy day wanting something low cost for the family... this is it

Joanne Marshall

Very nice. Great Blackbeard video.

Shirleen Gullett

We had a great time exploring this museum! Loved Blackbeard's treasures!

Sterling Pettit

Trisha leitz

We all enjoyed it! Especially the whale heart and skeleton! Thx

Cindy Kennedy

Mike G

This museum is the greatest! Full of historical artifacts. Must see for everyone!!

Ashley Henley

Anna Elizabeth

Very enjoyable experience. Definitely a place to go when visiting Beaufort.


Admission is free, but there is a donation box. A wonderful place to explore on a dreary day, or any day.

Philip Blais

Cool little maritime museum that shows the history of boating and even talks through pirate history. Located in Beaufort Nc, it is a free museum that is worth the walk through. Staff is awesome and gives you a different perspective of boating back in the 1800

david coffey

Great place ,, worth the visit,,,

Roger Richardson

A small donation allows one to see an impressive array of exhibits. I learned a great deal about the history of the area and how the locals earned their living from the sea. Highly recommend.

Eric Russ

Always enjoy checking out the museum. Love the Civil Air Patrol and Queen Anne's Revenge exhibits.

Rachel Ann

Nice place. Lots of interesting things to look at & read. Not too mention, it's free to go to.

Glen Newsome

The staff here is excellent. Always open to questions and are great with helping the kids during the museum scavenger hunt.


really good history lesson and great eyecatching artifacts!!!

Steve Sullivan

Mary Joy

A wonderful historical experience...coming from a retired American History tchr-I loved it!!!

Laura Gammons

Great insight into regional maritime history. Also love the wooden boat building.


Awesome museum. Went this past week for the first time. Really enjoyed touring it. Highly recommend to anyone.

Rebecca Swart

Margaret Hamilton

Fascinating. Excellent exhibits.

Rie Grandgent

(Translated by Google) From my Japanese perspective, the pirates could only have been thought of as in the movie, but came here to show evidence that the pirates really existed. But like a samurai from a foreigner's perspective, I feel like a pirate is a fake story. You can also see instruments for analyzing things found from the sunken pirate ship. I learned something very interesting. Thank you (Original) 日本人の私からすると、海賊は映画の中の話のようにしか考えられなかったのですが、ここに来て本当に海賊が存在した証拠を見せられて現実味を帯びてきました。が、やはり外国人からみたサムライのように、私から海賊は作り話のように感じます。沈没した海賊船より見つけた物を分析する為の器具なども見ることができます。非常に興味深い事を知ることができました。ありがとうございました


Very interesting historical info. So appreciative of the volunteers there.

samantha labbe

Very interesting, lots of cool pirate stuff.

Kimberly Crowell

Neal J

Great place to learn about local Maritime history!

Greg Funk

A wonderful museum detailing the Carolinas maritime history! Excellent exhibits on sailing craft and sea life. The exhibits on pirates, Blackbeard, and the Queen Anne’s Revenge were fascinating as well. The educational film being shown dealt with the subject of locating the pirate ships and cataloging all the artifacts found. The gift shop was nice as were all the staff! They also helped with the children by having a scavenger hunt while we toured the museum.

Charles Wetzel

Paul Oberdorfer

Interesting and worth the stop

stephen teator

Free! Kids enjoyed it. Get a treasure hunt msp at the front desk for the kids and be sure to find a volunteer to take you up to the roof for a great view and history lesson

Walker Love

This is the one MUST visit place in Beaufort, a must visit town.

Zack Watkins

Great little museum. Took us about 2 hours and learned so much about the history of all things boats and pirates.

david french

ryan pfirrmann-powell

Paul Whitley

Linette Neumeyer

We visited today, the film of recovering the Queen Anne's Revenge was a great way to start our tour. We all enjoyed actually seeing the artifacts that were recovered! !

D.T. Johnson

Jack Snyder

We really enjoyed it. Great info about area maritime history. Displays are nice.

Thomas Finnimore

Great little museum. Nice collection and display of Blackbeard's artifacts. Looks like they have a good assortment of activities as well. Will be visiting it again.

Gary Cody

Andre Judd

Very educational adventure

Daniel Edinger

No matter how many times I go I still have fun here. Totally free! Excellent exhibits.

Random Dude

Great Little musium no charge but we did leave a donation have a great little treasure hunt for the kids.

Ryan Thomas

Eric Yarabenetz

Kristen Burch

The museum is definitely worth visiting. Admission is free, but you are free to give a donation, which should be done to help keep it open. There were artifacts and historical accounts about Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge, in addition to many interesting historical maritime exhibits.

Paul Tatro

r gambrell

Greg Ward

Jesse Smith

Kirk Gino Abolafia

Loved the shipwreck artifacts and the library!

Ken Stukey

This is a fantastic place! A must see for everyone of all ages! It's a very educational and learning experience! Everyone there was very polite and knowledgeable!

David Brown

Colin Dorman

Some great exhibits about the history of Blackbeard and fishing/ship building in North Carolina. There are a few dud exhibits, though, and the museum (like lots of museums) isn't always the best laid out, so you may find yourself going backwards through the information.

Nakesha Trimble

Edward Karcher

Nice place!

Spencer Summey

Great place in downtown Beaufort, NC. We love boats and there were plenty to see here. Also this museum takes you along the path of how they used to build sailboats. Great food and shopping in the immediate area as well.

Damian Markle

Woman and I liked it, toddler wasn't kept entertained really. He's not really into boats.

Shane Reinhardt

Fort macon alsome pay lol

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