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21 Carpenter Ct NW, Concord, NC 28027, United States

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Where is Mustang Owner's Museum?

REVIEWS OF Mustang Owner's Museum IN North Carolina

Ron Marshall

Great place to see the Poines

Donna England

Very cool ! Classic mustangs and a brief history of each one.


Love the old car

Wendy Stone

Awesome! Just saw the Bullett movie car, never know what you might see

Ray Davison

For a brand new Museum, it is really nice, with gorgeous cars and loads of memorabilia.

Robert Reece

A great spot to browse some of the history of this iconic American pony car. Conveniently located about a mile from the Charlotte National Speedway, it's an easy spot to find and spend a little time. Highly recommended!!

Camper Eighty Three

A "MUST" for any "MUSTang" enthusiast!!!

Chris Early

I LOVE Mustangs!!

Joerg Werner

Great place

Jim Wofford

This is a beautiful place. The cars are well presented and all the extra Mustang memorabilia is everywhere. I definitely recommend this pkac and plan on returning again. The cars change so new ones will be there the next time. Definitely worth the money.

Kelly Telford

AMAZING. Most beautiful mustangs I've ever seen. And they change up the inventory every 6 months so we can go again & again. WOW

Christian Yeakley


Javier Serna

King Shadow

Love the museum. I am a huge Mustang freak. Lol.

B Kripto

A Mustang owners Heaven!

Kelly Merrell

Great place to look at Mustangs. We are privileged to attaend opening day. We really enjoyed ourselves. Only issue is gift shop if expensive.

Tony Hoggard

Even if you arent into mustangs or own one you need to check it out!

Chris Sowards

Really disappointed!! Not at all what I expected. I’m a HUGE Mustang fan and when I walked in I was like this is all?? It’s a nice building but when you walk in it’s a huge garage with about 40 cars. A few of the cars lm not sure why they was in there? One had been wrecked nothing special about it. The body work looked like a 12 year old did the repairs. You pay $10 which is not bad but what they have except for the cool barn find is what you can see at a mustang meet for free. The gift shop is a joke. I was expecting to find a cool T-shirt but all they have is 3x shirts and if you do find a large or xlarge it’s something that no one wants that’s why it’s still there. I drove from WV to go and luckily the NHRA was in town so I went to watch the race afterwards or I’d been pretty unhappy. If you are in town I guess it’s okay to drop by but to make a special trip I highly recommend you don’t do it unless you just don’t have any mustang meets in your area. I gave it a 2 stars just because I love mustangs and I guess they tried.

Evan Young

They have a wide range of beautiful cars

Robert Pollard, jr.

John Mott

Excellent! Loved the cars on display, especially the Bullitt Mustang!

Michael Higgins

Nice collection


Absolutely love the Mustang Owners Museum!

Tania perez

Nice free entrance

Red Amber

Lots of cool mustangs. Featuring one of Carroll Shelby's personal Black Hornet

Eric Smith

It has a few interesting cars but it just opened and I get the impression that what's on display will be ever changing.

Cheryl Mobley

If you like mustangs of all years and types you will love this place. Cost $10.00 but worth it.

Mike Russell

Still growing but a really cool place. I can't wait to see this place in 5 years!

Robert Wiegand

Lots of mustangs to look at and enjoy. Lots of souvenirs too.

Rhett Grady

Awesome place

Spencer Noble

Definitely a must visit if you appreciate mustangs. Reasonably priced and friendly staff

Michael Dockery

If you're a mustang lover as I am you're going to love this place! They have mustangs from old to new and each one has a special place in history and a cool story behind each one. I highly recommend a visit to this place!

Peter Pubantz

Ein must see für jeden Mustang Fan

Al Martinez

Good fun place to visit on a Sunday afternoon.

David Hollon

Great history of the Mustang with a lot of really nice Mustangs of all years. Also a great selection of Ford and Mustang memorabilia If you have a Mustang you definitely need to check it out!

Craig Philbeck

I enjoyed seeing g all of the Mustangs!!

Bob C

Some great representation of Mustang history.

Roger Frisbee

Christina Gabbert

Diptarka Saha

Superb place.. The current place is small.. But they have a good collection... The gentleman over there is very knowledgeable and generous. He answered all our questions. In april 2019 they will open the new museum on national mustang day.. It will be awesome!!!!!

Grant Frey

Fantastic Grand Opening experience.

Jesus Tovar

If you are a Mustang Lover this is the place for you!! And what is not to love about this place!!

Daniel Medina

Awesome, can't wait until it is 100%

Chuck Turnage

My son in law and I had wonderful visit today and enjoyed seeing all the classics as well as the 2019 Rousch. I’m a Current 2016 convertible eco boost, two 1966 Mustangs owner and he owned a 1998 Mustang. I was well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive from Dunn. For future museum options to see if possible if a Mustang owner could provide a VIN would Ford consider sharing info on where, when and how many o various models were made.

Jamie McKenzie

Cost extremely way to much to get in for no more than you see. Was hoping more antique mustangs.

Bill Jennings

A must stop and see for Mustang enthusiasts. With an showroom that will change a few times a year, it is a place you can visit again and again. Lots of Mustang history and facts to read about. The selection of cars now has a few 1 of 1 cars that is truly interesting to learn about and to see the actual car.

Tony Augustsson

nah fam

Marilyn Tamburri - NASCAR Team Racing

Hope you enjoy the update of the Mustang Owner's Museum in Concord, North Carolina. The Preview Museum is already open and a tribute to the dedication to preserve the history of this fabulous car and the Lifestyle it created. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend the Grand Opening of the Preview Museum this April and all the great events! I can't wait until next year, 2019 to see the opening of The Mustang Owner's Museum and to celebrate with all the Mustang fans!

david white

Very good place overall I was impressed with the cars and the details of each mustang but I felt a little bit let down in the design of the inside it felt like everything was just kinda thrown together at the last minute it felt like I was inside garage but still a good experience.

E. Ryan Cheek

The Mustang Owners Museum is simply amazing. It feels like the best garage of the coolest Mustang owner you know. Great content. Car exhibits change every 8 months, so you gotta visit more than once. The memorabilia they have collected is truly fascinating. Mustang owners and car people in general with enjoy this place. It's only $10 admission. The facility has restrooms, shirts & merch for sale, and cold sodas available for purchase. A great way to spend time looking at car stuff.

William Howell

Enjoyed seeing all the mustang's and reading the stories about the cars. New cars arriving in October.

Jon Davis

Grand Opening of the Mustang Owner's Museum April 17th, 2019. The unique thing this museum is that the cars on display are owned by Mustang owners, they not someone's personal collection. The displays show the name of the owner and a description of the vehicle. There are displays of memorabilia and Mustang related products and items from Barbie's pink plastic Mustang to lighters, knives and literature. This museum celebrates the Mustang and its cultural impact on the American lifestyle.

Rodney Muecke

Awesome place for car lovers. Around 60 different Mustangs including car #4. Very cool!

Robert Wade

Helped build it it looks awsome

Wanda Whited

Very interesting place with lots of nascar memorabilia.

The Gas Man

have amazing new facility to Showcase and iconic brand having always been a Ford fat I have a soft spot for the Mustang some years have been better than others some models have been better than others. The new building has so much more room than the old facility with excellent parking and wonderful staff

Nathan Heads

Per-Erik Örebrand

David Weaver

Cool place, $10 fee to look at cars..

Ashley Lowe

Greg Estep

Awesome place... well done.

brandon horne

Can't wait till they open the bigger building in 2019!

andrew vigueira

Great collection of all generation of the Mustang. A must see for anyone who appreciates this American icon.

Tracer Bullet

Just opened, so fewer cars than hoped for, but cool to see what was there.

Tom Fortier

Cool place if you love mustangs

Jones Juventus

Beautiful museum

Gregg Faulkenberry

Best place for the Mustang enthusiasts

Rody Richey

Great place to visit

Avery Younts

If you are into Mustangs this museum is well worth your trip

Ryan Whitmore

Automotive Collision Repair did a fine job restoring this beautiful Mustang

Ryce Felker

August Spillers

It's not barber level. Lot of hard work was put into it. The lines for autographs and gift bags should have been delineated better.

Joseph Penn

Super cool! I can't wait to come back again and see what new Mustangs come to the museum, even for non Ford guys it is a 10/10 visit and amazing to see the collection

Larry Klaus

The ribbon cutting ceremony during the 55 Years of Mustang event on 17 April 2019

Rich Larus

Rachel Brook

Cynthia Johnston

Really beautiful cars!

Lima Foxtrot

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning. We loved the displays and the history that was shared. The swap meet was awesome and there were some deals to be had. We will be back.

Duane Cress

Great Museum a must see!

Laurie Hlywa, LMBT #4157

Always love meeting new folks and visiting with the ones I previously met!

Michael Murphy

A must see and visit if you're in the Charlotte, NC area and you're Mustang fan!! Two thumbs up

Michael Awe

Several special Mustangs to look at. Also have some neat memorabilia. Moderate cost to get in. It has only been open a few months in a brand new building. Was told about several Mustang events coming up in the future. Planning on returning.

Gerardo Marina

Tomorrow big ignaguratiion

Frank De Jesus

Attended 55th Mustang Celebration

William Metten

Michelle Horkan

Maria Elisa Avendano

This place is great,beatiful

Kristie Donaldson

Stan Walker

Eric Palmer

Richard Barclay

If you love mustang's it's a must see

Dave Jones

Wonderful place! Nice to have a Museum dedicated for Mustangs finally. Great variety of every generation of the Mustang, special models, and Various accessories and memorabilia as well.

regina simms

Went to grand opening weekend. Love seeing owners cars that and their stories

Kalyan Veeraghanta

Daniel J Beaulieu

Fun time...

David Sneed

Jade Premer

Very nice showing of custom Mustangs



The mustang owners museum was a great experience to see the evolution of the mustang and more importantly the history each car have. The lady at the front desk was very amicable and sweet

Pierre Abry

David Graham


This place was awesome. Lots to see. They even have a room with all mustang books. Curio cabinets with all types of mustang items. Mustang's galore. I wad told they change out the car's every 6 to 8 months.

Al .McCormack

Great place for Mustangs and Mustang lovers. Lots to see. Real Mustang lovers. Real cars. Real history. Nice gift shop. Just go. You'll enjoy yourself.

Tim Goins

Sir Frances Drake

Cool museum not 100% ready for the grade opening but people were helpful

Mayra Almodovar

(Translated by Google) Excellent. (Original) Excelente.

tonya dwyer

Extremely well taken care of!!

Juan Carlos Hueck

Wow, must see if you like Mustangs

Anthony Palmer

Very clean and presentable

Kelly King

Marcus Cervantes

Amazing display of Mustangs from 1964.5 to present! Their displays are always changing to keep things new and exciting.

Michael C

Yes a 4, sorry. It should be a 5 soon, but I can only rate it as of the day I was there. I suspect it came down to a hard opening date and unreasonable circumstances, including changes to design and facilities placed by local officials.

John Clark

Needs more exhibits

Tyler Foote

Great place to see a collection of all different kinds on Mustangsm

Mike Cumbee

Nice, quiet, only a few cars displayed.


Mustang lovers dream place

Julie Carnes

Last foxbody ever made!

Eddie Herrin

Mustang James

Mustangs! Mustangs! Mustangs!

Fred Wadley

Great experience

Mike Hendricks

If you like Mustangs, you will love this place Unique Mustangs, stock, restoomod, race, and custom

Martin Tarbox

Museum small, but nice. Gift shop incomplete, small selection

Kathy Gilbert

It was awesome to see all of those beautiful tangs, but hearing them turn left off 29 was a sound of power that sent chills over me.

Jennifer Ferrell

Gerald Mchugh

Ket S

It is just a preview museum at the moment. The actual museum opens in April 2019. But check it out .. :-)

Rodney Lashley

Best mustang museum I have ever gone too. Had a mustang from just about every year created.

Michelle Gibbs

Absolutely wonderful. First though I should say that I am not a mustang girl. My husband is crazy about them. I am tried and true mopar. However I was very impressed because I can appreciate the work and money and also the pride of having a car that can cause intense drooling. I was very pleased with this museum and I did take pictures of all the cars because my grease monkey heart can definitely feel the love and attention to the details. I will be back to see more. Special thanks to the young man who lifted the lid for me to check out the VooDoo engine.

Michelle Thompson

Carlos Ramos

Jeremy Sexton

Great staff and a whole lot of cars with interesting stories. Worth a visit if you're in the area!

Brandon Darby

Vonyeda Campbell

Rose Grigg

Nice cars and memorabilia on display

Sayani Das

Emily Kemp

Was a great experience and some great mustang's.

Joe Eaton

Very interesting collection. Some of the cars are important to the heritage and it's good to see them displayed. (Mustang II) It's not just a beauty show. My only compliant is the price is a little high. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Bill Osowski

Brand new so there is a few things to take care of but a very enjoyable experience none the less .

Jason S

Small but not a bad collection. I think it's a must see for any Mustang fan.

Trish Reavis

Great fun for Mustang lovers.

Eric Schumaker

The museum is a true grass roots homage to the Mustang culture. My father, one of the original Mustang design team members, would have approved. It is clearly the labor of love by enthusiasts. They got it right. Not a stuffy museum, more of a club house with wonderful cars and memorabilia. A place to enjoy Mustangs for their immeasurable impact on American culture, and Mustang's impact on each enthusiast's life. If you are a Mustang person, or any car lover, you should visit when in the area. Look forward to seeing it grow and thrive!

Richard West

Conrad Carter

Nothing special there. Disappointing show of Mustang cars. Cheap lighting, poor parking (grass lot with steep entrance...NOT Mustang friendly). Very poor communications between museum and vendors. Vendor packs were very incomplete. Vendor location was changed once funds were received. Not good!!!!!

Dale Westcott

Just opened

Patrick McConville

Love it! Great examples of the car are here with many photos, trinkets, and articles about the cars history. Very family friendly.

David Baxter

james reid

Wonderful experience

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