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REVIEWS OF Museum of the Cherokee Indian IN North Carolina

Taylor High

Loved visiting this museum! It taught me a lot about the Cherokee Indians and their history. Would definitely recommend this.

Lenore Fox

Great place to visit lots of shops excellent shopping

Diana Tiwari

Beautiful museum and very resonably priced. Highly recommend.

Carolina Alday

Very informative and educational. Enjoyed our time there.

Trinity Ford

Great place to learn about the history of the land. Very nice set up

KayaLove561 Nasir

1 of My Most favorite places on Earth.Very Relaxing..And The food is even Better. Beautiful

Richard Nichols

Very impressive my wife and I throughly enjoyed the museum


This is a complete and thorough Cherokee museum. Best of is the meeting with the old 90+ year native chief

Sylvs Cothran

Very eye opening and educating. All of the exhibits are just amazing.

Donna R

I loved hearing about the past lives of the Cherokee. Everyone there was very informative and friendly. This is my 3rd time here and I would go again and again.

Michelle Holifield

I could go broke buying the items that were on sale. Original hand made by the Indians. Amazing workmanship. Beautiful antiques and artifacts on display. I will definitely return.

Taylor Stewart

Amazing art. So informative. Loved all of it.

Caitlin Clem

I really enjoyed this museum. It was very informative and had a good variety of exhibits.

Sara Salyer

Very well done museum. Honestly I wasn’t expecting it to look as nice as it did. Walks you through the beginning of the Cherokees to present day. Lots of neat artifacts including a 22 foot dugout canoe, multiple tools/weapons, and more. You’ll read about Cherokee stories, traditions, and way of life. Probably not the best museum for most young kids under 10. And that’s not because it’s boring, but rather because it probably would be for them. Also bring a jacket because it was really cold in there. Overall, worth the money and a nice experience.

kimberly mansfield

Great layout of the history and beautiful storytelling and Art work.


Absolutely do not miss this.

Jose Gonzalez

Greate museum. Very educational. A lot of original artifacts. Do not buy the audio tour unless you cant read in English


Learn about the experience of the Native Americans through this journey museum, artifacts, stories, explanations of their lives are captured in a brief moment for your thoughtful consideration.

Soutchay Labang

Great historical experience. Very well put together with lots of details. We really enjoyed learning here!

Michael Joslin

Great place to go store and casino

Debbie Wright

Got a chance to talk with a attendant and got more information on what's going on today in Cherokee and other native lands. Please don't mention being part Cherokee, they hear it all the time. The information is amazing and brings to light what our fore fathers left out. A lot on display.

Sandra Gallegos

Going through the museum was fun and vfc very informative...I learned so much there. I suggest making this your first stop in Cherokee that way you'll have a lot information before going to other places in Cherokee.

Karen McGuffey

It is really a good museum. The displays are well maintained. I really enjoyed it.

Cristoforo Egerius

Quaint and informative. The Cherokee are awesome. East coast > West coast

Jose Vega

GREAT historical place you get to learn a lot


What a National Treasure. To walk through Museum and see things through the Cherokee way... Helped me to understand history in a different way. A different perspective I should say. Very comfortable atmosphere. There's a lot to look at there is even a museum gift store. Where you can get a dreamcatcher and know who made it there on the reservation? Which is unusual. The pricing for the dream catchers were very reasonable. and a great selection. If you want an authentic dream catcher, go to the museum and get one. And ask them who made that one. Each artist has a code on their piece. And it's authenticated by the museum.

Joseph Bridges

I came to this Museum on my trip to Gatlinburg and I will say that I was pleasantly surprised. The prices were a bit large but it is totally worth it. When you step into this beautiful museum you are greeted by artifacts from the past, and scenes of history. It makes you sympathize with the Cherokee people and their struggles through history, and it makes you feel like you've learned something. I truly recommend it if you ever pass through Cherokee!

Dan Mc

It's great to learn about Cherokee history and culture. There is also a great gift shop.

alice walt

Very nice. I would recommend this place to everyone

Jim Toner

Beautifully done. Not some stale museum. Definitely do the audio tour. Also recommended the Cherokee village to follow.

Oneb chillin

Great visit. Went during chrokee festival.

Jennifer Perren

Cost too much. Very interesting and clean museum.

Angela D'Ambrosio

An interesting, chronological overview of Cherokee history which presents interwoven historiographical, archaeological, and mythological narratives.

Leon Halloway

The museum was absolutely great. It was worth every penny of admission, everyone that comes to the area should visit here ,and if you do not your missing out on a beautiful attraction !!!!!

Iva Fitzgerald

Very educational. Great place for families

Cindy Brunson

History of how Native Americans were treated. Very moving. Riveting. I recommend the headphones for an audible tour.

bob vincent

A comprehensive history of the eastern cherokees. Very interesting, and they also have a native american store right across the street.

Jake P

Very educational and interactive. Great for families. Take your time in the gift shop to find some interesting things as well.

D Ratcliffe

Well worth a visit if you are in the area. Interesting how they told the stories future generations, how the traded all over America and how the powerful business men and politicians screwed them over back in the day and probably still do to this day.

Deon Bailey

Great history. Real American history of how a nation of people were robbed of everything and told that what was theirs now belong to a race that was so cold hearted and greedy. Amazing art work and way of life.

Cathy Harvey

Very educational but distracted by the young children running around in there for Halloween candy. Should have done that in the lobby so not to bother the paying guest.

russell paine

Very awesome and informative museum!

David Acree

If you haven't been there, you should try to go, it's most informative about the Cherokee Indian race Frome the beginning to present

Billy Comstock

It's not a place to take kids under 3rd grade level because you have to read everything. But it's a cool place

Kalyn Cogdill

It was fun but seemed a little high priced for just a small walk through tour, but the blow gun demonstration was cool.

Dana Myers

Terrific museum- well designed and Interesting! They could use an educator or some more kids activities/engagement for the younger crowd who seemed a little restless while we were there. The exhibits are well maintained tho and engaging as well as informational. Would def recommend a visit, prices very reasonable as well. Will be back!

Michael Queen

The stories, the history, and the knowledge gained. Native Americans have adapted to our culture, but they still have a tough life.

Vince Barnett

Love this heritage and wonderful place.

Andrew Hartlove

Wonderful museum with very important artifacts. It tells the real story of a great nation that once was along with history going back thousands of years. A must see museum!!!

Peggy Hamlin

Facinating and educational. I would go again. Allow time for visit. A lot to read.

Gail D

Very nice museum. Reasonable price.

Marlene Fennimore

Great museum. Worth a few hours of your vacation to walk through.

Marsha Little

Amazing interesting place, touched my heart and soul and I was pleased to see my teenage girls were interested in their culture

Shawn Rainey

One the nicest museums that I have ever been too. It has a lot of information and learned more about the Cherokee. The price was a little higher than I had expected but once I went through it the price was worth it.

roger caldwell

Excellent place to visit while in Cherokee! Staff was friendly, the kids loved learning about the Cherokee culture. Definitely stopping by again!

Wanda McDowall

I love this place. It is so serene!!

Steve Hart

Interesting self guided tour worth a visit.

Rachel Anderson

Very informative and wl laid out.

Nick Mintz

Great museum that tells the history of the Cherokee. If traveling through this area, and you have the time, you should definately stop and tour this museum. Great for children and adults.

Jeanne Fox

Very nice and informative..beautiful inside.

Rebecca Fecher

Absolutely awesome museum. Well set up, interesting displays, and with something for everyone. Well worth a visit!

Bryan R

Absolutely wonderful experience !! Very informative and educational and thoroughly enjoyed learning things that I didn't know about my ancestry. Will definitely be making a trip back. Staff were wonderful and the gift shop was great and modestly priced. Really enjoyed the whole town !!

Linda Zink

Museum was great. Highly recommend getting the audio.

Nancie Phillips

Absolutely love learning new things... Wish I could've stayed longer. I love the Cherokee people

Rachel Floriano

This was a wonderful museum. The info was fantastic and really interesting. We had a great time!

Joe Baker

Best and most reasonable place to buy gifts or souvenirs in Cherokee


I really enjoyed learning about Cherokee history. We spent 60-90 minutes here and the museum was very interactive and engaging. The admission price was reasonable and the gift shop had a little bit of everything.


It's a museum that details a lot from the beginning times of the Cherokee, to their influences in the Colonial era, and to the modern era. There's also a section dedicated to Cherokee beliefs and religion. I never knew much of Cherokee mythology. There's also a gift shop which is nice.

Evelyn Kelley

Could not park anywhere. Need a parking lot to accommodate the amount of people who want to visit. I was very disappointed could not go after driving 4 hours.

Pam Hart

There was more to do than what we thought. Loved it. Takes at least two days.

Lori Coleman

Humbling.... Educational.... Beautiful.... It's a must go and go again

John Stone

Very informative museum with amazing exhibits. Great history told in a great way!

Ellie Brownlee

The Cherokee's story very well told here. Beautiful displays!Worth the trip. Would recommend!

Holly Bachmann

The museum is awesome but the employees could be more friendly.

Bonnie Robinson

This is a well designed museum that tells the rich history of the Cherokee tribe. Kids under 5 are free, though there is very little to engage young children.

sandy brier

This is an amazing experience you can go as fast or as slow as you want to so the museum. Awesome gift shop at the end. The cost was $12 to learn many many things

Gail Hyde

Tells the story of the history, sensibities, a,d present of the Cherokee people in their homeland. Told in their way, about themselves. It is lovely, in some parts haunting with the pain they endured, full of depth and cultural power.

wes maloyed

We were the first people there on a Sunday morning and had a blast. We took our time and spent about two hours to really take it all in. Very informative, and a well use of space the way it's laid out. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in history.

Debbie Casalie

Great museum, tells a true history, without an overly angry tone toward the white man of today. Large gift shop full of handmade items, as well as the usual gift shop souvenir stuff, postcards, keychains and the like. Great location, right downtown, and across the street from s nice walking and wading park.

Nunya Biz

Awesomeness, they do a great job with their history and that of the surrounding area. Please go.

Jennifer Joyner

I loved the museum! It was very informative and I learned so much about the history and the culture of the Cherokee people!

Steve Krasner

Wow. !! What An amazing place, I learned so much about the Native American people and there lives it was such an eye opening experience. Highly recommend, amazing !!!!

J M Edwards

Wonderful museum for all ages.nice gift shop. Takes about an hour and a half or longer to see everything. It is self guided so you go at your own pace and are not rushed. Offers a military discount on museum admission but not gift shop purchases. Definitely recommend a visit.

Jody Stone

Love love love this place! Cherokee is my home away from home.

Robert Westerman

A great museum that I ft could have done with showcasing the Cherokee history. Though what is shown along with more modern art is still impressive none the less.

Gary Simpson

Awesome History

Ruth Kittle

We learned do much it was beautiful and well represented

Julie Hawk

This museum is well worth a visit. There is so much history about the area and the people from this land. I thought that I was well educated in history, but I learned so many extra facts. The artifacts and the stories behind them are just surreal to see in person. The stories told overhead at some of the exhibits are heart touching.

Julio Cesar Mayo Chavez

I loved this museum. It's a must if you're in the area. Highly recommended.

k young

Awesome. Displays are well lit and the history is informative. Great presentation and affordable. Helpful staff. Nice museum store also. Better than the Made in China stuff in the Tourist shops.

Audrey Christen

I loved this place. we went early so only a few people were there. It was a very good experience, to educate ourselves about the Cherokee tribe history and culture. Must see.

Cheyenne&Floyd Long

Loved the new addition, has some of my husbands family pottery in there

Matthew Leach

Informative and sobering. We did the audio tour. Looking back, this may not have been an essential tool, but it was still nice to receive extra education/information the "unguided" tour does not offer.

Raymond van der Zanden

I liked this museum, it's larger than that i expected and the exhibition is nicely displayed. You get a complete story on how history treated the Cherokee, with beautiful stories how the land was formed. This is a great place to take the children. At the end there is a souvenir with reasonable prices. Overall Ill would recommend this museum

Nole Fan

One of the best museums I have ever visited! It was very interactive and they detailed a lot on the Cherokee. Would rate it 6 stars if I could!

Petra Vítová

Very nice museum. You will learn a lot about Cherokee culture and history. If I had to mention one negative point, I would say that the audio speakers with narratives were put too close from one another, and hearing 2-3 at the same time can be a little overwhelming. But again, we had a great time and I would recommend this museum to everyone.


The museum is wonderful and i have taken the self guided tour several times, but I was sent there by the office of enrollment to get some ancestry information and the young man at the counter was rude and had no interest in helping me. All I was wanting was some information on how to research records and so forth to try find some info on one of my relatives,but he had a very bad attitude and the response i got was i have been here for 9 years and i hear this same spill about 70 times a day. Just fill out this form and mail it or fax it in. It's $20 for a consultation and $100 for every hour after that. I was not there trying to get casino money or anything closely related to that. all I wanted was info on how to find info on a relative. He was very disrespectful and I think he should treat visitors a little nicer. I live close by and wouldn't consider my self a tourist but being treated like this makes me not want to return if that is the treatment i'm going to receive just for asking a question.

Karla Kramer

Beautifully done with great information and presented so there is something for everyone. Great way to educate w much " food for thought". The gift shop had stayed away from standard junk gifts and allows a purchase at a reasonable price for something w meaning

Susan Marshall

I liked this place and you learned alot .


This museum wasn’t what we thought it would be. The entire museum is set up chronologically, each room and nook devoted to a different chapter in the Cherokee story. From the dawn of the tribe, to their existence, beliefs, and traditions before settlers arrived, all the way through to the forced migration of the 19th century. As you would expect, artifacts are abundant. What I didn’t know was that many are modern day facsimiles mixed in with genuine tribal finds. It makes it a little less special when you don’t know if the basket or clay figure you’re observing is 400 years old or if it’s a modern replica, as the vast majority of items are undated (though artifacts AND reproductions BOTH are grouped according to era). It can also feel redundant, with (undated) clay pot following (undated) clay pot, with the end of the tour culminating in a display of modern artifacts (lots of modern day clay pots) that are for sale, and look JUST LIKE the contents of the museum. I began to doubt the amount of authenticity displayed along those halls. Side note: I went chiefly to see “the Bat Creek Stone”. It wasn’t what I expected. I presumed (wrongly) that it was a large stone because of the hype and interest swirling around it. I finally located it and it was the size of a Kit-Kat. Just letting you know it’s underwhelming (if you’re even interested). Can’t blame THAT on the museum.

Kenneth Daniels

This was strangly emotional. I recommend this if you have time to read the information offered. Not for children because of the amount of reading. Very educational.

Janet Page

Wonderful experience proceed at the pace u like. Lots to learn and appreciate

Ken laster

Great place to visit. But take your time and educate yourself. Very nice artifacts. Being white I did leave with my head hung a little low.

Trecia Shearin

We're really enjoyed this good it's rich information and education. I liked that I didn't feel rushed and could take my time to read everything. I also appreciated that the were benched along the way for me to sit.

Nancy Musgrove

Excellent recounting of their history and culture. Learned so much!

J Brown

Wonderful place with awesome exhibits. I really enjoyed the pottery displays. I learned many new things . I would highly recommend this for children as well.

Stan Stasiewicz

Gives an overview of the tribes that lived here before the European invasion. Then focused on the Cherokee and their dealings with the Europeans and eventually the Federal government. I felt it was educational and wasn't bitter over their poor treatment.

Trish Sexton

We absolutely loved this museum. My 4 year old even stayed interested. The gift shop was beautifully displayed with tons of books on the heritage of their ancestors. We are planning a return trip here already.

Tanya Towne

Wonderful museum! There is a lot to read but also audio is available. It is chilly in the museum so bring a jacket!

Timothy Hopson

Very informative. The cultural us a little off but I found them to be very helpful and friendly.

Carson Belisle

A nice and educational experience, (if you have any children there is historical nudity) people are so nice and they have a detailed art hall with beautiful Pottery sculptures

Jeanette VanBuskirk

Very informative but lots of replicate items.

Theresa Moore

It was amazing to learn more about history and about the Cherokee Nation during my visit!

Richard Crisp

Young man at the desk acted like he didn't care if anyone came in or not. So, wife and I left. Sad the place looked very nice.

Carole Martin

Absolutely wonderful museum that tells the story of the Cherokee Indians and others . Very nice displays. Would go back.

Kim Thompson

Very well done. So much to see and learn. Spent 2 hours here taking it all in.

Linda Powell

Waa a bit disappointing. Seems museums use more pic6 now than artifacts. Though what they had was beautiful.

Deborah Morgan

Wonderful exhibits, with a chronological history of the Cherokee people and their traditions. I was ashamed by the facts that the white man treated the Native Americans so harshly, with little to no regard for them. I highly recommend this museum as a overview of the history of the Cherokee nation

Leslie Marsh

This museum is one of a kind! Love how they explained the history and culture. I would recommend this museum!

Shannon Olive

I loved the museum. I wish there was more it didn’t seem like the destination place to learn all things Cherokee like I had hoped.

Randy Trott

Very thorough and interesting presentation showing the trail of tears and the terrible treatment that led up to it. Nice, cool, self guided indoor tour.

Traci Schneider

Great history of Native American culture. Bring a jacket or sweatshirt, A/C works really well . . .

Rob Daugherty

Great facility and staff. Very helpful and knowledgeable about Cherokee History. Takes you back in time........

Stephen Horton

Love this very informative place. Cost was cheap.

Donald Greene

First Class Museum. Extremely Educational. Made me ashamed of what we did to this group of human beings.

Brian Curry

Really informative with great artifacts. This museum does a really good job of telling the story of the Cherokee people!

Kathy Aker

Self-guided educational touring of history of Cherokee natives.. Reasonable admission price. Takes about 90 minutes for full tour. May be challenging to keep young children amused or engaged.

Mike Cheney

Great place to visit. Makes you angry with the white man after what they did to the Cherokee. I am a white person who was very angry for how they were treated.

N Style motorsports racing

Great friendly people who can teach you about the Cherokee culture. Also lots of cool little shops with great gifts for family and friends. Beautiful sites and nature all around this great little town

Johanna Rivera

I love it! The history, the displays, the show, specially the gift shop..,, I will love to go again and again!!

Martin Hubner

Excellent history even my kids were interested and asked many questions. Highly recommend.

Detra Edwards

It's $12 per adult, $7 for kids and worth the time!! It shows the history, culture and craftsmanship of the Cherokee tribe. It's educational and very interesting. There is a whispering giant there in the front of the museum.

Robin Wilson

Great place to visit and learn about Native Americans. Very well done.

Tammy Scott

Very interesting, learned many things.

Ben M.

My wife and I are both part Cherokee but sadly have not looked into our heritage. It was a fantastic look at the Cherokee people. It was also a sobering and sad look at the most oppressed people in our country. They are a people with a rich past. Don't come to this area without seeing this.

Kristen Burch

I’ve seen the museum before when I visited Cherokee, but never went. I’m glad we took the time to stop by today. It’s a nicely laid out, very informative and interesting museum. You can learn a lot about Native American history.

Kayla Ball

This was an awesome, educational place to go. It's very long, so definitely plan on spending an hour and a half to two hours here, but it is truly worth it. I learned more here about the Cherokees and their history, than I ever did all those years back in school. I would recommend this to anyone. Bring the kids, too! Great history lesson. Just be mindful of the other people in the museum, so don't let them run around or scream.

Tim O'Sullivan

Fabulous museum and highly recommended. They layout of the museum is good and the displays are very well done. Lots of interesting artifacts and lots to read. Plan on spending a couple of hours here at least to get the best out of your visit. I have visited twice and the second time we had a guide to take us all the way through.

Kathryn Burgess

Learned a ton when we visited this museum. Highly recommend anyone visiting the area to make the trip here. They've done an amazing job laying out the complex history of the Cherokee in this part of North America. The portion on the Trail of Tears is well crafted, but my favorite was the display on the European delegation. Just striking. Truly an eye opening experience.

Tosha Johnson

Loved the food and atmosphere beside the river!

Christine Bally

This little town of Cherokee is beautiful and so very peaceful nestled against the mountains. The museum has lots of history and artifacts from the Cherokee's life, their resilience and ingenuity.

Sam Tolbert

This is a great little museum. It is well currated and the history of the Cherokee Indians is well presented. The staff are very friendly. You should spend the $2 extra for the audio tour.

Larry Kime

This place depressed me. Why is the theme of every Indian museum about how bad the white people are and how we destroyed their culture. It is like we are viewing history through a prism that is distorting the view. We cannot judge the past by the standards of today. The artifacts are interesting and some of the pottery are works of art. This is a good stop on a hot sunny day. The town it is in is worth stopping at and walking around

Christy Calloway

We were offered a discount for our traveling group when we arrived, by a very friendly young lady. She offered us a discount and membership to the Museum which also includes a 20% discount in the gift shop. We enjoyed our self guided tour. I really loved the gift shop. I have been in most gift shops in the area, but the Museums’ gift shop has some unique items I’ve not seen anywhere else. Every staff member we encountered was so helpful. This visit was a real treat and I would definitely recommend.

Chrissy Mintz

Love this Museum! Lots of History of the Cherokee Indians. Parking is free, however there is an admission price for the Museum. It is not a lot of walking, but there is plenty of walking. At the end of the visit is a beautiful clean gift shop. They have lots of books available in the gift shop. Their prices are better than some stores and more expensive than some stores, it just depends on what you are looking for. Really impressed how clean the whole facility is! No food or drinks allowed.

john stanley

This was a great spot but unfortunately they had a bunch of kids working the front desk who had very little information of Native American history.

Justin Hill

Small museum, somewhat knowledgeable to get some information on native American Indians which there was more to it

Ella Parham

I thought it would be more educational. These artifacts can be seen in most museums because they are replicas

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