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433 W Murray Ave, Durham, NC 27704, United States

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REVIEWS OF Museum of Life and Science IN North Carolina

Sarah B

This museum is just incredible. Like many of the museums in NC, you don't need small children with you to enjoy them. My husband and I have walked around the museum/outdoor facilities a few times, and it has been a lot of fun. Though the main museum section is tailored to small children with interactive exhibits and learning opportunities, the area that really makes the museum shine is the live animal enclosures, cafe, and butterfly house. It's really neat to not have to drive all the way to the Asheboro Zoo and deal with all the huge crowds in order to see/learn about specific or local animals. The Sprout Cafe food is tasty, while the gift shop (which also has a coffee spot) is terrific as well. We think the museum admission is a bit pricey, but considering you can easily spend most of the day there, we think it's worth it. It all really lets you experience that same spark of curiosity you get as a kid.

Mia J

My kids loved to visit. My daughter really enjoyed the life sized dinosaurs when we visited and my son found all sorts of fun all over the exhibits. It was remarkably well suited for children with receptive disorders and did not overwhelm them as i was concerned about.

Jordan Burleson

One of my favorite museums or science centers in the state. Tons of information exhibits, a working mini train with rides, a treehouse forest, petting zoo, climbing exhibits, learning stations, butterfly house, and more. Tons of restrooms and cafes because it is a lot of walking. Friendly staff and amazing experience.

Betty-Renee Nottage

They loved it! I can't wait to take them again. So many family friendly things and worth the cost of membership.

Matthew Jolson

Absolutely fantastic outdoor recreation for kids. Wish we had something like this in our city.

Richard Bobholz

We held our wedding here on June 22, 2019. From guests who visited during the day to guests that were seeing the museum for the first time at our ceremony, everyone had positive things to say about our choice of venue. My favorite part was doing our first look in the butterfly house. It was such a magical place to see my bride in her wedding dress for the first time. I was awestruck. I couldn’t have asked for a better moment. The museum staff were great with Lauren helping coordinate our wedding up until the day-of and Chase coordinating the day-of. They answered all our questions and were on top of anything that came up. We were a little eager to move forward when we booked the venue nearly a year and a half before our wedding, but Lauren was great at working with us despite having other, nearer, events to work with. The timelines and all the materials we were provided were very helpful! Lauren and Chase also coordinated our vendors so when we showed up the day-of, everything was setup and ready to go. It was a huge relief to see when we arrived! All-in-all, we highly recommend the Museum of Life and Science for weddings (and visiting)!

Daniel Englebretson

My wife and I have had a season pass for two years running. We take our now 2 and 4 year old kids to the museum multiple times a month. When we first signed up we were taking them weekly. This place is expansive, and a ton of fun for kids. It took us a year to go enough times to actually see everything, and I am still not 100% sure I've seen it all. Of all of the attractions in the area for young kids, this one is top of the list. I couldn't recommend it more. Pro tip: The membership is definitely worth it, but pay attention to which passes get reciprocity with other venues in the NC area. Also, members get to go in early, which is huge on busy days. We normally try to get there as soon as it is open and stay for 2-4 hours.

XxKing WalrusxX

Kinda expensive but kinda worth it. Pretty fun place for your kids. A Very good and interesting place

Gabriel Young

Best parts are butterfly area, dino walk, and outside animals viewing areas, for adults at least. Inside is a little small of a museum and heavily tailored to young kids. That said, Apollo 15/ space section is really cool. Their farm area is nice enough, not a huge number of animals to see but some good ones like alpacas.

Alexis Komondorea

Love this place! If you live in the area a membership is totally worth it. Our 5 year old loves it and we do too. So many fun and interesting things here and they're always doing something new.

Johanna Burbridge

This place is a ton of fun. Our kids have done classes here. It doesn't get old.

Becky Hess

Fun destination for families. There is a TON to do here. I find the tickets a little expensive, we have a membership which is a great deal. We enjoy doing something different on each trip

Barbara Hawley

You can spend hours indoors, outdoors or both at this amazing center. Inside: learn about aerodynamics, create a tornado, play a song by hopping around the room, visit NC wildlife exhibit, and more. Outside, visit bears, wolves, lemurs and farm animals, play in a tree house hideaway, walk through a dinosaur exhibit. I love this museum!

Crystal Blackburn

Loved it nice museum for kids and adults!!!

Steven Kellett

My son loves this place (me too). There’s so much to do and learn.

Heather Vincent

This place is amazing! There are so many different things to do both inside & out. I can bring my toddler any day and he never gets bored, even after being there 20+ times (we became members this year) He loves the farm & tree house areas outside & inside the crash dummy, lasers and turtles are his top choices. The bathrooms have smaller versions of everything so kids can feel independent & the bathrooms are scattered everywhere so usually not far from one. The only downside I have experienced is related to food. There is only one spot that serves food and it is commonly over crowded. Sometimes in the summer they have an icee cart around but I can't see any rhyme or reason to when it's there vs not. You are allowed to bring in toddler snacks but lunches are to be eaten outside the museum across the street at the picnic tables if brought from home. For us getting back outside of the museum can be a task, so when we do, we just go home. We would probably stay longer if there were other options.

Jessi Stallings

This is a phenomenal science museum. They’re ever changing, looking to each all ages and always have something new. They do offer a discount for zoological society members as well as offering a membership program to go more often.

Charles Brinkley

Fun place to walk around and see the exhibits. Be careful at the vending machines. 12oz water was stocked with 10oz.

Tom Wilfong

Fun for the whole family! We were in town for a week and checked this museum out. We were at first weary of spending the money on entrance, but it was well worth it. I had a blast, my wife had a blast and our 2 year old son had a blast. When we walked in the first room to the left, I knew we were going to have a great time. We spent all day running around, exploring both inside and outside, tree houses, dinosaurs, space artifacts, butterflies, you name it. this museum was packed to the brim with fun and interesting things to play with.

Renae Baker

Great time! The staff were wonderful, so friendly!

S. Rosa

Parent + you have kids under 12 = Go here often and become members asap. This place is a wonderland ! There is so much to do and its huge. Animals, insects, butterflies galore ! Science exhibits ! Train ride ! A huge playground ! Dinosaur path ! Special events in and outside of museum hours ! Adults only events ! Art and sound fusion exhibit... The list goes on and on. We almost always do the train ride when we go. It's a must ! This is a regular meetup place for families with kids under 5. Bring the stroller for the super littles. Go early and your kid will be napping by the time you leave the street. Enjoy !

Kristen Hill

There is a lot here, but tickets are very pricey, especially for adults. $20 for an adult is a little nuts. We came for the zoo and the butterfly house, everything else had tons of children running around and isn’t really meant for adult anyways. Took us a good 3 hours to get around to everything though.

Brian Roberts

Man this place is amazing several outside play areas. Tree houses, butterfly and insect building, main building full of awesome areas and there is a train to ride! You need to bring your family here.

Justin Moore

Outstanding museum for a fun family outing! "Museum" hardly does it justice, as there's a dinosaur trail, butterfly house, petting zoo, animal and space exhibits, playgrounds and, maybe best of all, legit tree houses. It's Swiss Family Robinson meets playground in the sky; our son absolutely loves it here, and so do we. We have an annual membership and often stop by for an hour or so just to let him play at the outdoor attractions (a la a city park). This is the only museum/family entertainment locale in the area where you can spend a day and honestly not do everything. Also have a pretty good cafe and eatery for sandwiches and coffee drinks. Been coming here since I was a kid and am thrilled to see how much this place continues to grow and thrive. Highly recommend for families with younger children, but there's something for everyone.

DM Mcguire

The Greensboro Science Center has more to offer and at a more affordable price. The staff members were very unkind to my children.

Jyotsna Singh

My kids always love coming here. They are never bored because they have enough activities for them. I specially love their lab on 2nd floor and their new addition Hide Away Woods. My kids are 6 years apart, one is 8 and another one is 2 and they both can be equally engaged. A lot to do. My favorite place in town specially in winters.

Asa Uknown

I'm 9 and went was the best my favorite part was the tree house 5 stars from me

Carlos Gaming

Its the worst place to go first of all when the summer camp was there they were using all the chairs in the jenga block zone and the counselor dident even do nothing about it i mean sure there kids but the counselor was looking at me like i was the one doing some thing wrong second the cafe outside was closing at 3 and they have to close at 4:30 so i do not recomend going there

Gillian Greenlee

It was the best we stayed there for like the entire time that was open

Jennifer Bedell

With a huge variety of activities, this is an amazing place to spend a Saturday.

Vicki Mayer

What a great place to take kids of all ages, to enjoy nature and learn about our earth and its inhabitants.

Jon Thommarson

Awesome place to go with the family. Everyone loves their time here. There is so much to do and see. And it seems like it never gets old. Plenty of stuff to do year round.

Karen Williams

Exciting AdventuresMonday (Memorial Day) 10AM–5PM Holiday hours

Rob Woods

We have been members here for years and every year it gets better and better. The place js simply massive, with incredible diversity of exhibit. My kids never get tired of the place and even the adults can enjoy a lot of the fun.

Kevin G Mickle

This is a great place to take your kids and the butterfly exhibit is really awesome. But other than that I thought it was too pricey for what you got. We had a great time but don't get your expectations too high.

Escobaria Gracilis

Very good museum. Lot's to do for children. , Outside there are also many places for children to explore and have fun. The grounds are well maintained . There a good little restaurant with outdoor dining. The butterfly house is wonderful, Have been there a few times with the grand kids.

Amanda Moser

I'm so glad we decided to purchase the membership. The museum is huge and we were only able to see a fraction of it in our first visit. My son (19 months old) loved the Hideaway Woods in particular. The Into The Mist exhibit was really fun on the warm day we went.

Holly Hudson

So many hand on science activities for the kids and kid at heart. We were there on a rainy day so we didn't do many of the outdoor activities but still spent almost 3 hours here


The Durham Museum of Life and Science has very nice Areospace displays on the Apollo 15 mission to the moon in July of 1971. They also have the Mercury capsule that placed the monkey Enos in November of 1961 into a 2 orbit trip around the earth. The Butterfly House is also a neat place to spend some time. A lot of other displays and things to do including many kid friendly places. All in all a nice 3 hour visit and I'm sure that we could have stayed much longer if we had the time. Most definitely recommended.


Plenty to do and very kid friendly. Many trails and things for children to explore. There is also a petting zoo and a large butterfly exhibit. Kind of expensive if you are on a budget (almost $20/piece for 1 adult), but imo well worth the money. Would definately recommend.

Jason Howe

This is a great place for kids. If you come here often a membership comes in handy. There are many activities and your young ones will typically have an entire days worth of adventure.

Jessica Wilkie

Love this place. IMO, best for kids over 18 months old. Lots to do inside and out. You can bring a picnic, but you'll have to eat outside the museum. We usually bring snacks inside with no problem. The cafe is good but pricey. If it's warm, be sure to check out the creek outside in the tree house area. I recommend bringing a change of clothes and shoes (and a towel) because my kids always end up getting in and getting pretty wet. Bring a stroller if you're going outside - there is a ton of walking. And if your kids want to ride the little train, make sure to buy tickets at the front desk. You can't buy them at the actual train. Have fun!

Abby Kersten

I brought my 1 year old (not walking yet) and 2.5 year old here and it was WONDERFUL for all of us. The outdoor part is pretty shaded-especially on the paths. There is a section with water mist so if you let your kids go there be sure to bring a change of clothes and/or towel! There were some kids there with swimsuits on. I could go on but the best part is that everyone slept great that night!!

Justin Kase Conder

This place is amazing! It’s humongous, has some of the best space artifacts you’ll find in the state, A beautiful butterfly greenhouse, A train, and cool animals!

Forever Bridal Wedding Shows

We hosted our first event with Lauren and Sarah last night and we can't say enough good! The communication throughout the planning was awesome and I had no worries going into the event. Even with the last minute add-ons I threw in there. Their team was nice and extremely helpful. What we loved most was the atmosphere of the event. Everyone was enjoying the exhibits (all adults!!) and it made for a great ice breaker. This was a perfect place for our networking event of wedding professionals who are all eager to participate in wedding events at the museum! Thank you guys for a great event!!

Enrique Naveda

Great place... wonderful for family... worth to get the yearly pass !!!

John Heunch

We love coming to the museum. There's so much to do especially for toddlers and small children. It is also fun for adults though probably not as much fun as it is for the kids. They have a great new tree house based playground. And it's always fun to ride the train. The cafe can also be very good knows how to make a good mean latte

Ashley Davis

Great museum with a bunch of cool programs year round. It is very large and you unfortunately can't see everything in one visit. The outdoor area is the best!

Zach Wimberley

I’ve been going here since my school field trips in elementary school, and I go back every year. This museum is absolutely amazing, fun and informational. Even as an adult I go back and feel the joy I felt as a child.

Heather Clark

So many things to do! This is a great place for kids and adults alike. You can learn and move at the same time with dynamic exibits.

Dmitry Fridman

Great place for kids combining wonderful outdoor playcity, small zoo and quite expansive nature museum

Stacy Miller

Great value if you get the membership. My kids love the tree house. Overall a lot to do for younger kids.

brian carlson

We have been members for two years and will continue to be as long as we live in North Carolina. Worth the trip from Fayetteville even off just for a day trip. Booth My 6 and 3 y/o absolutely love it, both inside and out. Always a great atmosphere for any age child. Kids can roam free and explore at their own pace. limit seems to be only their own imagination.

Tiffany Andrews

We came here on a recommendation and it was Amazing! Lots of activities, even an Interactive section where you can do experiments! Great exhibitions and area where you can watch the Palientoligists work, also has screens to watch presentations. The Dinosaur exhibits are fantastic and on an enormous scale, this place is a Must if you are in the area.

H Harrison

As a parent of a younger child a few things set this museum apart from others: (1) it's spread out strategically and managed well. Some hiccups like overflow parking are never a problem because it's handled so smoothly by the volunteers. (2) there are lots of bathrooms around the museum, inside and outside and they're all clean even on busy days. (3) the food is good and reasonably priced. They offer local options.(4) the museum is tailored to entertain children of all ages, and is set up so that kids can play together at different developmental stages and enjoy themselves without getting bored. Overall a good time!

Jan Orwell

Many exhibits and great variety...a really good place for youngsters...good hands on experiments ... Maybe a little pricey...also, go in cooler weather so the animals are more active

Torraine A. Williams

Great place for family fun. Tons of activities for the kids, indoors and outside. You can easily spend a full day visiting the various places outside; the butterfly house, the dinosaur trail, the play ground or the farmyard. Then there are all the activities inside the main building, all of it is very much hands-on activities. All encourage your child to learn or use their mind. Exhibits are always changing. So even for annual members like my wife and I, there is always something new to see when we visit.

Rob Fulcher

This Museum is a local treasure. My family has had a membership for years, and it's one of the best investments I can recall. We can bring the kids here, spend an entire weekend afternoon, and head home with them happily exhausted without even having covered the entire premises (though we've done that marathon too). The periodic rotating/visiting exhibits are fascinating, and they do a respectable job of refreshing exhibits on a regular basis.

Cole C

We recently became members of the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. We had visited the museum before; but, this visit was even better. The customer service from the museum employee (Terrence) at the front desk was fabulous! From the moment we walked through the door to the moment we left the museum, he seemed very genuine while assisting us. Also, Corey (I believe he was the manager) was very nice and helpful as well! I love all of the cool things at the museum! There are so many exhibits to enjoy. But, great customer service is the icing on the cake.

Andreas Willis

The museum and everything within the compound is top-notch. The interactive exhibits are superb for kids. The butterfly house is absolutely amazing. And the outside exhibits are awesome. The tree houses, the boardwalks, the animal exhibits in their outdoor habitat, dinosaur trail, are all excellent. A truly wonderful way to spend a day with the family.

Amber McKinney

Fun for all ages-- we had a BLAST!

Karissa Wright

We travel a lot and always visit museums. This is THE BEST place ever!! It's totally worth the membership. Go rain or shine. Little babes or big kids. Parents will have a blast too!

Mint Cooper

Great place for family. There are a lot of fun things to do and you can spend all day there without being bored. It’s $21 for adults, $16 for kids (up to 12 years old), and free for babies and toddlers. The space theme is interesting. There is also a dinosaur trail where kids can learn about dinosaurs and dig the fossils. It’s more of an outdoor place so we would not recommend going on a rainy day. Parking is free and there are a few cafes and vending machines available. It’s open 7 days a week from 10-5 PM.

Jessica Abernethy

We had our wedding ceremony at the Museum of Life and Science and it was beautiful! Lauren was very easy to work with and graciously answered my dozens of questions. The day of the staff was very accommodating and helpful. We're so pleased we chose this as our ceremony venue!

Kyra Malone

This place is amazing for kids of all ages! The animals are not to be missed (especially the lemurs). Indoor exhibits are fun but the best part is outdoors. Butterfly house, dinosaur trail, train rides. So much to do and it doesn't get old.

Jeremy Pyle

Exceptional place for kids of ages 1 and above. Lots of neat stuff. Lots of diverse stuff. Combines learning and active fun with a really well organized layout. Just an awesome place. It's the first place we think of when out of towners are looking for something fun for their kids.

Jaime Caldwell

Great museum with a bunch of cool programs.The outdoor area is the best! Mind blowing museum for kids.

Deborah Potter

My family loved going every time I mention it

Hakim Ziyad- Bey

My wife and children love this museum. Plenty of hands on Learning spaces. Love the outdoors section. The tree play area is amazing. Even when full there is plenty to do.

Shawna Neill

We have a yearly membership to the museum. It is a great place to take the kids to play. There are a lot of great hands on science exhibits for the kids to try out and learn from. There is an animal exhibit inside the building as well as red wolves and black bears in an outdoor exhibit. They just had baby wolves born on April 28, 2017 and they are cute. They also have a farm exhibit with pigs, rabbits, alpacas, goats, chickens, cows and a donkey. They also have a ton of outdoor play areas in activities to do all year round. Within the past year they opened a new tree house area. The tree house even has ramp access for mobility impaired and wheelchair bound people. My three-year-old and 10-year-old daughter really have a lot of fun with the water features that are outside. There is an area called into the mist. The kids tend to get pretty wet there so you might want to have a change of clothes and a towel with you. There is also a little river down by the treehouse that the kids can splash in. The train tickets cost extra but it's always a lot of fun to take a train ride around the facility.

Nickalus Johnson

Hands down our favorite place for taking the kids on an outing. We became fast fans of the Life and Science museum and night a membership on our first visit. There is so much to do that even after 3 yrs here we still go weekly. And, is been clutch when the grandparents are in town and can't figure out what to do with the kids when We want to go on a (taste) date! Our kids love it and it's become a second play place for us when they are tied of being home. The Catch The Wind exhibit is still probably our family favorite. But we do also spend a lot of time in the tree houses! It's a kids fantasy land. How I wish something like this existed when I was a kid.

Amanda Lee

Not just for kids! This place is awesome. Yes, it’s amazing for kids. But check out their 21+ and up events. They are well done and so much fun!

Andrew Nome

A fantastic local museum, with a constantly rotating set of active and interactive exhibits - everything from weather formation to getting up-close-and-personal with nature. When I was a kid myself, there was a raccoon here that I was convinced I was friends with. Maybe I was. He was a pretty awesome raccoon. Take your kids. The world needs more places like this.

Michelle V

Really expansive museum and outdoor play area. They don’t limit visitors, multiple bus loads of school kids, which makes it impossible to use the facility if you have smaller kids. We will probably visit again on an off day.

Ken Ray

The museum of life and science has been a part of our lives for years, and it is always a pleasure to be there. That said, the new "Earth Moves" exhibit is a whole nother level of fun. All sorts of entertaining and educational means have been devised to get sand in every crevice of a kid's body. Plus, they'll be soaked to the bone within two minutes. So much fun!

Deepak Pawar

4 stars only because my toddler loved the play areas and wants to go again. The train ride is definitely not work 5$. I had high hopes after reading reviews but there are better options close to Raleigh. Mist area is most enjoyable. Butterfly area is a huge disappointment with kids running after butterflies and no one bothering to stop them.

Alan Cowles

Our go-to destination for education and fun in Durham. The annual membership is totally worth every penny. We are quite thankful for L&S so our daughter has a place to grow and develop, and get out that extra toddler energy.

David Williams

Fantastic place to visit. Definitely bring good walking shoes and a stroller if you have little ones. Carrying a worn out 2 year old for 3 miles of up and down, winding trails creates a worn out Dad. Worth every bit of it!

Queen Giana

Not a great wedding venue ... the museum seems ok but they do weddings here and they are to expensive for what is included they give you a hard time about vendors and everything Lauren has proven to be difficult

David Albert

The best collection of kid-friendly/adult-interesting activities in the area. They do a great job with holiday events, too (eg Santa train, egg hunt)

Erin Dort Havrilak

Came to Durham this weekend just to go to this museum and it did not disappoint! We spent the entire day there and could have stayed longer. The lemurs are the best part!!

wyatt Savarese

This was an amazing Museum and activity center for kids. The facility is clean and up to date. The activity’s and workstations are very clever and well thought out. The outdoor activities are also very clean and modern. Was well worth the money for the events and time spent.

Bonnie Robinson

We live on Charlotte but go here at least once a year and spend the day. We spent 6 hours leisurely exploring and still did not see everything. Main features of the outdoor areas include treehouses, far animals, butterfly garden, dinosaur trail, mist area, and boardwalk to live animals. Inside are so many interactive exhibits, from origami to create your own movie, blocks, and dance areas. There is so much to enjoy!!

Heather Burns

A museum that truly celebrates the diversity of life and the wonder of science via a myriad of interactive stations...! There's truly something here for every one, across the age ranges, and makes the life of this toddler mom so much more interesting, educated and full of joy.


Great outdoor and indoor exhibitions for kids of all ages as well as adults.

Greta Gallo

I went with my son and almost two year old grandson. My grandson loved the dinosaurs! He also loved the mist area! He played and played and was soaking wet! We loved the animals and the trail was great! The butterfly building was awesome! We loved everything about the museum! I actually bought membership passes for my grandson for his birthday, and we are having his birthday party there in June! Very well done!

chandler hair

I love this place, and the kids do too. They have so many things for any age to do. Great food there too. We will be annual pass holders for years.

Tim Tanasov

We love it! Well worth the membership fee!! So many things to do. We love the tree house, the train rides, slides, little stream, the butterfly garden and of course the little farm!! Our kids are ecstatic every time we bring them and never want to leave!! Check out the tower we built with the blocks.. I think we went 5-6 stories. If you can do more post a picture!

Tina MacMillan

Excellent museum. Hard to get through the whole thing in one day, which imo means we got our money's worth. Can't wait to go back.

Cedric Randall

My wife's car pump adapter locked the bucket and the museum has nice private areas to go to for nursing Mom's. Lifesaver for a our older sons birthday when we had left our youngest son at home. Thank you!!!

Kelly Valdez

very good

Karen Sirucek Lee

A lot of hand on activities for everyone bto enjoy. Anyone will find something to love about this place. A little bit overpriced though.

Bryan Cruz

I have been going to this museum since I was in kindergarten. I'm now 22 i have a little boy and he loves this place. They have made tons of improvements and have added many many things. My son's favorite part of the museum for some reason seems to be the stairs in front of the butter fly house -_-

Donna B

Great place for rainy days or sunny. Indoor and outdoor activities. The main building is very interactive, maybe for the older child, for the younger one's there is the butterfly house, outdoor climbing frames and the train!

Andrew Lang

There is so much to do here it is hard to say what exactly is the "best" The red wolf pups are great! Very cute. The bears too. There was almost too much to do, which is never a bad thing.

Janie Smith

Love the Durham Museum of Life and Science. It is an exciting way to learn more about the topic and get involved in the comunity. Lots of interesting things to do here. Thanks for everything that you do! Keep making science fun.

Jacqueline Perez

Great fun for a family with little ones. A little on the pricy side if you’re visiting from out of state. Plenty to see and do to wear out little ones.

Philip Jenkins

Very cool museum -- I could spend hours here! Unfortunately, there's not too much to do with a 10 month old here. There's a petting zoo and a butterfly exhibit, which are both nice, but most of the installments are for slightly older kids. I'm looking forward to when our little one is a little bit bigger, and then we'll definitely be back!

Rachel Franks

We came from Smithfield to check out the science museum and was kinda shocked at the entrance for non durham residents and non members. My husband, our 3year old and I cost $60 to get in.. the zoo is cheaper and with more animals to see. There is a lot of stuff to do but I don’t think it’s $60 worth. I would say if you live local and are a member it’s worth it but if you aren’t it’s not

Pamela Lane

Tons of fun! There's so much to do, and I don't think we even saw half of it. We only had time for outside exhibits, and didn't even see all of them! Food at the Sprouts Cafe was really good. Hopefully, we'll be in the area again some time!

Erik Mainz

We had an awesome time! Beautiful grounds, great place to go with kids! Well worth it and the food at the restaurant was really good!

T Merrill

I would actually give the museum 4-5 stars but their customer service and policies leave a lot to be desired. I arrived with a small group (11 people total) and asked for the group rate. Staff said we couldn't receive it because we didn't reserve the date online (you don't have to pay, just reserve the date). I told them that I didn't see anywhere online that said you had to reserve the day/time or else I would've done that and that we drove 90 min to come to the museum. She said sorry and that it would be full price to go in. When she saw that we were hesitant she told us that we could go to the botanical gardens in Durham and that it was free to go there. She even said she would give us directions. I've never heard of a business trying to get you to leave their establishment and go to another one especially when 8 of the people had never been to the museum before. Talking to the manager he said, "Sorry we've met our group reservations for the day, but you can still go in for full price." I NEVER make a fuss, but, really!?! What happened to the customer is always right. Pretty much feel like they could care less who goes there.

Harrison Kelly

Our daughter has been going here monthly for 2.5 years and still loves it. Some other museums don't have much for younger audiences, but this one has plenty. There's also lots of hands-on stuff, unlike some museums which feel better suited toward readers and those with long attention span. The gift shop has really good lattes and some snacks. The cafe is nicely positioned near the other side of the property, and the food can be hit or miss (never amazing), but it's convenient and not overpriced. The membership pays for itself after a few visits, and it's nice not to worry about time/cost/value every time we go.

Steven Bear

We love this place try it go there at least once a year it is a great learning experience for adults and children I would give this place a 10 Stars but it only has five

Madeline Roper

It's really fun and educational for everyone regardless of age. The wolf pups are super cute, but sometimes the animals are sleeping so you can't always see them, but when you do it's worth it. The treehouses are cool but usually full of little kids. There are lots of fun activities inside and outside.

Kierstyn Myers

I gotta say, I love museums, and this place doesn't disappoint. The admission isn't much, 16$, can add up quick fir a family of four and yes, they offer military discounts. I went before the tree houses were built, so I can't give my opinion there other than it looks like fun. Also, I went when it was cold, so I didn't do any of the outdoor exhibits. The butterfly house was lovely. It's a magical feeling to be surrounded by butterflies. I loved the museum overall. It was a fun, interactive, creative adventure and a great place to take kids to work out some energy. They had an adorable cafe. The coffee was good, wasn't the most amazing I've ever had, but was acceptable. The decor in the cafe was cute. The place was extremely clean and well kept, it was comfortable. It's a great place to take your kids during the summer, spring, or fall. Don't go when its cold or you'll miss all the outdoors exhibits unless you don't mind the cold. It's a fantastic place to take your kids and enjoy a day full of fun adventures!

Tiffany Donley

This was my first time going to this museum and unfortunately it was during my daughter's school field trip. Needless to say, we didn't even scratch the top surface with viewing the place because it's immaculate. You really need to go when you have time to spend because there are not only so many things to see, but a whole lot of things to DO from outdoor activities and adventures to indoor hands on activities. My 7 year old had a blast and so did I. We shared a special moment where a part of the museum had a paper machine where you make a paper plane and put it on their machine which makes the paper plane fly, and my baby didn't know how and had never made a paper airplane. I got the opportunity to sit down in the area provided and show her how to make her 1st paper plane. It was the best moment ever for me as I watched my daughter's face glow as I showed her and she assisted me in paper plane making. I am grateful to this place for creating this moment for my daughter and I. Above all, I look forward to going back and creating new moments!!

Patricia Hershock

Pricey but so so worth it! My kids have a blast, as do my husband and I! Everytime we go we stay from open to close and still don’t see everything. You MUST visit at least once! I have five kids aged 0-7 and they all have such a blast. Honestly though, skip the train.

Dev Paramarajan

Museum is unique. Yes, it’s educational and focus on STEM but distracts everywhere - petting zoo, wild life exhibit, wetlands and a train ride. Good for family with kids of different age group but not a value for your money. Cafe is poor unless you know what to order as a frequent visitor. Butterfly House & Catch the Wind are bonus where you also explore quite few tropical plants, trees and wind science.

Joan B

This museum is awesomeness truly! I used to regularly take my kids (in my small preschool group) for field trips there. Started going back when the Butterfly House was still an old greenhouse, lol. And there have been so many new things added over the years, that I’m dying to take my 4 1/2 yr old to visit for the first time! But I can’t. The reason being, it’s too outrageously expensive! It used to be affordable. But it’s just too far out of my budget now that I’m disabled. And it’s a shame, because I’m sure there are many, many families that would like to go. But can’t afford it ☹️

James Goerke

Super fun place for adults and kids. We are annual pass holders and try to go a few times a month. The annual pass is a great deal. At just a few times a month it get the price down to a few dollars per visit. Parking is free. Food vendors all take cards except the lemon ice vendor who only takes cash. Train is extra and worth it but probably not an every trip activity.

Kim Pepe

What an amazing place! Great for all ages, fantastic exhibits, the most pleasant staff, they were so helpful it was really a great time all in all! We will be looking into getting a membership when Our son is a little older.

Eve Claudia

Always great experience at this amazing place, doesn’t matter your age!

Denise Robinson

“Educational & Fun for all Ages!” I grew up visiting this museum, and it's only gotten better as the years have passed! I recently visited with my in laws and little nephews (and my 2 month old babe) and I was pleasantly surprised with how it has improved! (And how it's stroller friendly) My favorite additions were the giant tree houses! How neat! The outside is where we spent the majority of our visit, but inside is just as fun as well. I see myself definitely going back in the coming years as my son grows.

Jay Baker

This place is amazing! A lot of stuff to do for kids. You can literally spend a whole day here just exploring the different sections and what not. There's something for all ages and plenty of exhibits and activities that are really educational. Most of the museum is outside but there is a large indoor section as well. My 3 and 8 year old kids loved this place and were exhausted by the time we were finished for the day. We drove all the way up from Charleston, SC to spend a weekend in Durham, NC and enjoyed the area a lot! With that being said, the reason for the 3 star review was the poor customer service that we ran into with multiple employees. Specifically the Sprout Cafe where all of the young workers there were miserable and had ZERO customer service. It's very sad to but unfortunately there's not a lot that can be done about that.

Ammar Yameen, MBA

It has both inside and outside activities.

Lauren Ratcliff

This place is awesome. I took my 4 year old nephew to see the dinosaur trail. He loved it and all the other things the museum had to offer. The mix of indoor and outdoor activities are great. Be sure you have a good pair of walking shoes, you're going to need them. I'm going to go back by myself to check out some of the stuff that didn't really interest him at his edge. This will really satisfy the inner nerd and kid in me.

Tonya Henry

A great place to take the kids and see sights (science wonders) for all. The parking could be better and more handicapped spots though. There is a play area, train, animals, interactive exhibits and so much more. Gifts shop is available for those who want to take a souvenir! I recommend going at least once. When we visit from TX, we stop by even though I feel its too pricey.

Daniel H

I always enjoy taking the family around the outdoor exhibits and play areas. If it's raining, inside can be great too for a little getaway. The cafe is good as well. I recommend their BBQ and their french fries

April Ketner

Perfect place to go to let the kids have fun while learning at the same time. I really enjoy going in the spring when it's not too hot, but not cold at all. The kids can get wet outdoors...and so can I. Huge outdoor play space with different activities! The animals are awesome...both farm and wild. The butterfly house is beautiful...but keep in mind that it's humid in there. The butterfly house also has an area dedicated to creepy crawlers! Wild looking insects and spiders!! The cafe beside it is can grab a bite to eat while waiting on your train ride! And all of that is just the outside! Lots of things to learn and explore inside the 2story museum of life and science! Fun for kids of all ages!!

Taylor Gibson

Enjoyed my trip here with my 5-year old nephew. Plenty of activities inside, though several seem a bit tired and could do with a refresh. However, I think the outside areas are what make this place great. I loved the "tree house" built in the canopies. We enjoyed climbing them and taking a grand look over the area. We then took a nice walk around the pond stopping to look at several animals along the way. Decent places to get a quick snack, and you'll probably need to, as there is enough here to fill an entire day.


This museum is so freaking awesome!!! There is so much to do I don not even know where to begin!!! From Natural Science, to wildlife, to Space Age exhibits, everything in this place is super awesome!!! Fun for every age! If you have not been to this Museum you are really missing out!!! I absolutely loved it!!! ☺️☺️☺️

Lloyd Moore

Great experience if you have children. A lot of interactive exhibits. Plenty to keep kids engaged and interested. Also, plenty of spots to sit and rest. Fun for the family.

Candy Chitty

I can't rate the place because I haven't been there yet but before going I wanted to know if there was any food available there for my grandkids. The MLS website reveals nothing about food. I had to go back to google and type the museum name and the words and cafe and food and eventually I found the Sprouts Cafe. This amenity should be Loud and Clear on the Museum of Life and Science Website, easily seen.

Nicholas Lester

Cafe was dirty and I had to wipe down my own table. Animals were boring and u couldn’t even see the bears. If u have a little tiny kid I guess it’s fine.

Paige Brooks

One of our favorite places to always go and a membership is absolutely worth it! Even though it’s a drive for us we always have a great time. Plan a day trip here and you still won’t get to everything! There’s so much to see and do. An excellent education for kids!

Jacob Bonenberger

Awesome place for families!! Butterfly house is not to be missed.

andrea hull

what a great thoughtfully-planned and fun space!

John Sanchez

Very nice museum for both children and adults...great play areas for children! Especially liked the butterfly world area.very scenic..

Sarah Smith

We love this museum! We have gone two years in a row now and we could easily spend the whole day there! There are so many exhibits, indoor and out! My kids have a great time!!

Aaron Nail

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy the Durham Museum of Life and Science, it can also be a great date spot! Some of the most memorable activities include: Climbable Treehouses, outdoor improvisational music section, live animals, live insects (some that you can hold [Tarantula anyone?]), a butterfly house, and LOTS of interactive sections inside. This place is just so much fun for everyone! Highly suggested, though some exhibits are becoming somewhat dated.

Keith Padgett

Great place for a family day. Visited with my Wife, Son, Daughter in law and 3 year old Granddaughter. It's all about hands on play and learning for the little ones. The butterfly garden was interesting and fun.

Stephanie Geddings

I love this place. We have been coming for years. They add new exhibits and keep it interesting. As the kids get older, they interact with the existing exhibits in new ways. It's great!

David Hardy

The Museum of Life and Science is a great science museum with many unique spaces to learn from and to enjoy both indoors and outdoors. With hands on exhibits and some great learning and playing spaces, this museum offers a wide variety of experiences for the whole family. Wear some walking shoes if you are going to see any of the larger outdoor animal or nature exhibits!

Amy Green

We were really excited to visit this museum because my husband grew up in town and attended 15 years ago. He found that many of the exhibits were the same and many were broken. We have a wonderful zoo in our hometown so we weren't very excited about the animal areas. The butterfly and bug space was nice but very crowded. We expected more from the Cafe but it looked like a Cafeteria and the food was very expensive. Overall the price of admission compared to what you get seemed disproportionate.

Matilda Scherrer


Lynne Pierce

I had taken my own children here back in the 80's, today was the 1st time I have taken my grands. Excellent experience! The day is now a treasured memory. Thanks!

Suman Zaman

Went with my 10yr old son whilst on holiday in NC. Got to see a black bear, wolves and a whole host of farmyard animals. There Dinosaur Trail was a huge hit. You need nice weather as the majority of activities and things to see are outside on the trail that you follow. Highly recommended!

Derek Rubright

It his is an excellent museum for both younger and older kids. With the addition of the new outdoor area, it is an especially great place to play, learn, and explore. My family goes here at least once a month, sometimes more often because of all the great exhibits and things to do.

Chih-Hung Ko

Nice place for kids


Really fun place to go for people of all ages. Really pricy to get in though, $20 is a bit steep for a college student (or just anyone over 12). Would love to go with my friends here more but I just can’t afford it unfortunately

The Magma Pizza

This is a great place for for all ages really. There's a lot to do here and it's easy to get stuck in one section of the museum so if you live near by I recommend getting a membership.

Benjamin Watts

Awesome for the whole family!! We spent 6 hours there and had a great time!! Highly recommend!

Laura Douglas

I love this museum. They have wonderful educational exhibits that are just as much fun for adults as the kids. This museum has after hours activities that are great fun for the whole family. Recently, they had a Science of Beer exhibition with many local breweries for the adults and an activity on making root beer for the kids. The exhibits during normal hours are great too. I love the butterfly house and the farm animals. Inside the museum proper, the space exhibit is fabulous.

Caroline V Foster

We've been members for 2 years, since our son was 1, and there have been activities for him at every stage. He especially loves the interactive, natural outdoor spaces, and the red wolves.

Lucas Simoes

Variety of kids and family attractions, very clever areas like dinosaur path and butterfly enclosure.

QueenCoco Brown

Oh it was wonderful. The baby enjoyed herself. Her favorite exhibits was the dinosaur trail and the farm. Very well kept. Full of indoor and outdoor activities for children all ages. My daughter will be 2 at the end of the month. She loved it....I will warn you though. Be prepared to walk. My daughter fell asleep in the car immediately after our visit. I was tired too. 10 stars.

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