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201 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601, United States

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REVIEWS OF Marbles Kids Museum IN North Carolina

Tony Coggins

We've brought our daughter as a one year old, two year old, and when she was nearly four, and each visit was a unique, fun-filled experience. The exhibits are constantly rotated, and they have wonderful activities for kids off all ages. We highly recommend it!

Ternell McMillian

My son loves the place... Me... Nothing but germs.

Anjinet Kamara

We have been patrons of Marbles Kids Museum since 2012. We love thier emphasis on play. If your coming for the first time, give yourself at least four hours so you and your kids don't suffer from fomo. There's something to do for everyone, although most kids become too "cool" for marbles around age 12. Monday's are best days to avoid crowds and weekdays after 3 p.m. There are even low sensory days posted online. Whatever you do at marbles you're sure to have a good time! Full disclosure, I used to work here, but am reviewing as a parent of two kids, not an employee.

Lauren Hines

We were gifted a family membership to Marbles

Josh The Drum Man

Was a really great place but very very busy. Web were there for several hours with kids and still didn't get to explore the entire place bc it was so big. Definitely going back!

Nallely Alaniz

my husband and i love taking our two year old! we got the membership and now its a weekly kind of thing to do

Selvia Gabay

Never took my 15 month old kid there because I always thought he was too young and wouldn’t have fun - I was wrong. This place has stuff to do for babies who are just starting to sit up! The staff is phenomenal and the parking is great. Will definitely be coming here again.

Pamela Theres

Huge areas with lots to do! My grandsons loved the floor chess game! The youngest the room with all the out door activities esp the vests and hats!

Matthew Kent

My kids loved it here and wanted to come back the next day. My only advice: come after lunch on weekdays. Before lunch it's just as crowded as Disney. After lunch it's so empty you'll wonder how they stay in business

Heather Gibbs

Great place to play. There isn't much for eating or drinking, but you can leave and come back if you want and there are plenty of places within walking distance. Very few free parking spaces, so plan on paying for parking.

ivy brooks

There is so much to do that sparks the imagination!!! Great place to run around and learn!! The staff keep it safe and clean, and full of information..its fun for every age. There are places to sit for those of us not able to keep up, but still able to enjoy our grands play

April Slater

Great place to take the kids.. but be mindful of the little ones. Kids love to put things in their mouths.

Shrek Wazowski

Best place to use your immagination. I would go here all the time. I loved it there. Very good place to hang out and learn about building, and engineering

sara baker

My children love this place! Plenty of things to do and more lessons to learn. We definitely be coming back!

Robyn Ferguson

This is a great place & there's definitely a lot for kids to do! The only 2 downfalls of this place are (and I don't blame the facility for these problems, I blame the PARENTS): 1. Some of the kids make BIG messes AND they don't put stuff back where it belongs (I blame the parents because THEY should teach their kids to pick up after themselves), so it makes it difficult to play in certain areas because most of the items are missing. 2. Some of the parents don't watch their kids and the kids run amok. There were several kids who pushed my 3 year old son, myself AND my husband at different times (once again, I don't blame the facility because it's the PARENTS responsibility to watch their own kids). Overall this was a great place to take my 3 year old son to. He loved exploring, learning and interacting in the different areas. I would DEFINITELY recommend this place!

Mercedes S

Awesome place for kids to play and learn. Many of the different activity sections are in need of a deep cleaning.

Lisa Kheloco

Truly the greatest kids museum I've ever been to. An absolute must see if you're in the Raleigh area.

Dorian Backus

Cool spot to bring the kids, but it's also a little aged. Again great place and really no downside. Just think it could use a face life sometime soon.

Steven Kellett

My son and I had a really good time here. We spent a few hours exploring and playing and never got to see it all. Guess we’ll just have to come back soon.

Jaimie Bradshaw

If you have kids and are in Raleigh, you have to check this place out! Endless fun for ALL ages. Facility is very clean, user friendly and not a bad price ($7). Spent close to 3 hours here, my 2 year old had a blast! Definitely will be coming back.

Donna Letzter

This museum should be a model for kids' museums in all major cities. Each child sized room (farm, kitchen, grocery, campsite, under the sea and more) allowed interactive play coupled with hands on learning. Designed for the under 10 group, the little ones had access to all the costumes and playthings without being shut out by the 'big' kids...I can't rave enough. And all this for a nominal fee... The best!

Jon and Diana Carnes

Great place for kids! My nephew had a blast!

Denise Martin

Had a great time with our 3 and 6 year old grandkids. They had a blast!

Rodney Curl

All around great museum. Plenty of things for kids to do of all ages. This place was very well thought out! Highly recommend.

Sandra Robinson

This place is amazing. There is something different for many different age groups. We took my 1 year old nephew who had a blast. I will take my own children someday and watch them discover more and more as they grow older. I highly recommend this museum for children.

Am Po

It was very good experience being in marbles museum. Really value for money with cost that we paid. So many varieties of kids stuff and objects that will make them busy all day so its not one visit thing, anyone may better plan at least in two visits. Weekends are most and week days are faiy crowdy maybe except monday. Any level of kid, children, toddler will enjoy here. However would like to suggest to be careful and follow kids continueously while playing with machines and heavy objects that maybe harmful to kids. I'm sure any parents will do take care of their kids but in case because saw some small incidents when kid hit by objects. Considering business as usual, kids will love it...Must try place.. for parents and kids.. safe..

Chrissy Fiorito

Awesome hands on museum for kids of all ages & adults as well. Even at busy times it is very spacious and doesn't feel crowded. Only downfall about visiting here is trying to find parking downtown and having to feed the meter...they do have a small parking lot behind museum, but fills up quickly all day!!!

Bradley Butler

Our granddaughter loves this place great place for kids they have everything

Stephanie Dail

Great for kids of all ages! Lots to do.

Tommy Fleming

Awesome experience at Marbles Kid's Museum in Raleigh. So many hands on activities. The Carolina Hurricanes 'Power Play' area was terrific!! The IMAX theater was a bonus.

Veronica Sutter

So I only went to the gift store since I was just with my mother in law, but from what I saw it was so nice! So much or kids to climb on and explore. I also stopped to talk with the staff to ask some questions, because there are kiddos in my life that I would like to take there. They were very helpful. Keep in mind that this is not a free museum.

Al Hunt

It was a nice place. Tons of room for the kids to run around and play, and there were lot of different toys and gadgets, rooms, and games for them to choose from. It can be quick to lose sight of the kiddos, and some of the spaces are a little tight (I'm a larger guy). But keeping that in mind, still had a good time and the kids loved it. All age levels will find something to play with. Even the 18mo and younger.

William Rodden

Great activity for kids! My kids love this place. It’s very affordable and will have your kids active and imagining all day long. There is no shortage of activities to do and the coolest pirate ship. Very cute for kids. It’s very clean and well run. Great museum guys!

larry Gillett

Amazing! One of the first places we've felt comfortable turning loose our toddler and just following within eye sight. Wonderful place where children of all ages and play, explore, and touch everything! We're members and look forward to going back when our newest is old enough to walk too! Everything from fun random activities, painting, trains, dress up, pirate ship and a yellow submarine! Even older kids can enjoy kinex and STEM activities.

Brandy Rossetti

My husband and I took our kids and grandson. We all had a great time, especially my grandson....he didn't want to leave

Scott Stevens

Definitely geared toward younger kids, I think. The compact arrangement makes it difficult to hold your attention on one thing for very long, because from any point in the facility, you can see probably 6 different exhibits, all of which are very alluring. There's a lot of opportunity for learning some really neat stuff about a lot of different things (money, construction, music, vehicles, etc), but once you get more than a few kids in there, it just becomes a madhouse of the most energetic kids mostly throwing things at each other without actually absorbing any of the information. For example, there's a massive exhibit on money that is supposed to demonstrate the flow of money from businesses to banks to loans to customers and all of that. All of this is accomplished with a system of thousands of green balls and rails and chutes flowing all over the place. You can imagine how that turned out.

Steph Frye

This place was a blast! My 2 year old had so much fun running around to all the different areas. And they have activities for kids of all ages! It's kind of set up in zones and the places for the really little kids are separated a bit so you can let them run around without worry that they'll get lost.

Keith Dublin

It's great, so much to do! My 3 year old son and I spent almost 3hrs in there. That night when we got home and started our bedtime routine, he barely made it TO the prayer. He was out like a light! It was fun to see him enjoy SO MANY different things to do. We'll definitely go again n

Vay Rose

My 4yo nephew loves this place! He never runs out of things to play with and the staff is always friendly, helpful and present. It feels like a safe place where kids can scream and run and BE KIDS without fear of them hurting themselves, bothering people, breaking property or getting snatched up. There are always activities going on to keep kids interested, so no two visits are the same. Highly recommended for exhausted people who want to let their kid enjoy childhood in a safe, creative environment for the day.

Abby Kersten

This place is impressive!! The mind(s) behind it either have kids and/or are kids at heart for sure. My 1 and 2 year old are happy when they arrive and are mad when I make them leave but most “rooms” are excellent for older children. They have hand sanitizer all over the place.


We had our 3rd grade field trip here. It was our first time and we’ve been back a couple times since. It’s AMAZING!!! I loved playing as much as all of the kids did!!

Kristen Douthit

Great little museum!! My kids (6, 5, and 2) were thoroughly entertained for 3+ hours and could have made it significantly longer if it hadn't been rest time. Definitely check it out if you're in the area!

K Steege

Marbles is fantastic. We've been going there for over 10 years, and it's still a favorite.

Ryan Meo

What a great & affordable museum. The kids had such a great time. We could’ve have stayed all day and come back many times. They also have an IMAXX theater inside. How cool is that!

Ian James

If you have young kids and you are looking for something to do in Raleigh, you have to visit Marble Kids Museum! Marbles has raised their prices since they opened (admission is now $7 per person), but they are still so worth it. Marbles has a multitude of activities for kids of many ages. There are a few activities for babies and toddlers, but the prime age group is 4 to 8. Kids in the 4 - 8 range can easily spend two hours in Marbles and not get bored. This makes Marbles a perfect place to kill time when it is too hot, too cold or too wet to play outside.

Deborah Bullins

This was a really nice place to take your little ones for the day. Our kids were 7 and 9 and very few activities for that age group. It real great for youngervkuds!

Dan Hopkins

Great place for kids, young and old. Marbles offers a large variety of hands on activities to keep the children's attention. From arts and crafts to woodworking to building with giant Legos and much more. This is a great place to spend a couple hours and let the kids run free. There are activities for all ages of kids. They aways have plenty of support staff around to make sure the kids are having fun. Plan a trip to Marbles, you and the kids should have a great time.

alison johnston

I have been here numerous occasions with both my children. A wonderful museum with so many things to offer kids of all ages. Imax is fantastic! If you get a chance, definitely go spend and afternoon playing and learning here.

Kevin Ferguson

A bit pricey but a great place for kids. My three old son loved it! We bought the membership so we will be back and I recommend visiting Marbles.

Jessica Alcorn

Amazing place to visit with young kids! We took our daughter who is almost 2 and she loved it! Would highly recommend!!

Tiffany Andrews

Visited over the Labor Day Holiday and we all had a blast. My kids had so much fun. I couldn't get my son away from the Lego area and my daughter loved the Crafting area. We were with my sister-in-law and 10 month old niece and even they had a blast. It was so hot when we went so we didn't go outside and do the outdoor activities. I do highly recommend.

Steve Wright

Huge venue that parents and kids can explore over and over! Do yourself a favor and get the annual pass. It is worth every penny!

Herminio vega

Best place to bring kids all kinds of activities neverending fun

Vincent Dean

It’s a great place to take your kids and can spend whole day. It’s amazing that they provide variety of activities which keeps kids happy and occupied.

Maureen Huggler

My 7 and 9 year old love it. I love that it is a safe, fun, learning environment and they can just run around a be kids!

Keith Gibbs

There is no better place in Raleigh to spend a day with your kids. And the IMAX is awesome!

Vicky allen

Truly a magical place. As a science teacher, I cherish this place. Great for field trips.

Eric Yuan

Great way to spend half a day with the kids. Tons of activities to do and toys to play with.

Michael Mote

This place is incredible and a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure I have more fun than my daughter. There is so much to do and so much to learn. We spend at least 4 hours each time we go. FYI, there's a hammock type swing under the pirate ship. It's a great place to sit down (on the floor) and push your child. The gift shop is really expensive so be prepared for that (most gift shops are anyways). I highly recommend Marbles Kids Museum.

Treats N Travels

Are you looking for day outing for your kids ... it’s best place. Your kiddo can learn here about everything. From farming to medicines to stitching.. acting ... to security, carpentry. They have LEGO land . There are different section for different age group. They organize birthday party’s here . They also do birthday rally for birthday kid, which is really a fun. I really love this museum and it is very interactive

K. Javier Roberts

This children's museum has so much to offer! There are several structures they can enjoy from various vehicles to a tiny grocery store and many more pretend scenarios they can play. If you're in the downtown Raleigh area and looking to do something fun with your kids, this is definitely the place to go. The upstairs level is more suited for older children and provides many S.T.E.M. activities for them to explore. There's a little water table area for little ones to splash toys around. They even provide little aprons to prevent their clothes from getting soaked; however, if your children are like mine - nothing can prevent water from getting all over them from the way they play. If you live in the Raleigh area or visit often, you should definitely consider purchasing a membership. Several trips can be very expensive in the long run.

Inez Bruce

My wife's grandchildren were here for a week and we took them of course to marbles. The minute they hit the front door it was on and they continue to enjoy themselves until we had to go home. It was hard for them to leave but this is what this museum is all about. Totally Interactive and fun!

Jennifer Bullock

It is fun for kids. Is usually crowded. Parents have to pay also. I'd rather spend that money on a coffee or lunch while visiting. Overall my child has fun. We haven't visited a IMAX movie yet.

Peyton Wood

Great place to go through the week. Plenty of activities to keep the kids moving and being creative. Saturdays and Sundays are very busy, so things with limited pieces may be difficult to acquire! Overall, a great place to take the little ones.

Natalie Baptiste

Great museum for children. Found this in trip advisor for our visit to N. Carolina. Lots of options and there is something for all age ranges. Our toddler was able to play for ours and we had an impromptu volleyball game with another family. Also love the movie theater that offers movie showings for the children. This is a great day out for the family and a one stop shop.

J Mo

Nice place to keep the kids busy and off the PC games.

Erik P

Venue - Amazing venue with a lot of things to do. So many rooms with different learning activities. Place is huge and you can spend hours here, they offer so many different activities that kids from all ages can enjoy. Price - $7 a person plus tax. Parking - Hard to find parking around since its in the heart of downtown. Service - Very nice staff checking in and inside the the museum. Overall its a great place to bring kids to and wish we had something like it here in California. Would highly recommend it and will be back on my next visit to N.C.

Nadege Araujo

Wonderful place for kids! My granddaughter spent hours playing, learning and having fun. She didn't wanna leave the place. She loved to play with the food in the kitchen and at the supermarket. She loved all the entertainment at the second floor. We will come back soon.


Very good place for kids spend time. Many options for them to play and learn. Lego section is huge and lot of fun. Overall good place to spend time with kids.

Ema Coker

It is a cool museum full of fun and interactive displays for children. However, I feel like it is geared more towards smaller kids. Any child over 7 or 8 isn't going to have as much fun in my opinion. My oldest is 11 and my youngest is 8 and they were pretty bored after 5mins of being there.

Andreas Willis

Great museum for children. Found this in trip advisor for our visit to N. Carolina. Lots of options and there is something for all age ranges. Our toddler was able to play for ours and we had an impromptu volleyball game with another family. Also love the movie theater that offers movie showings for the children. This is a great day out for the family and a one stop shop.

Akuma Shi

I absolutely love this place!! The staff is caring and friendly, while providing wonderful customer service. The museum itself is well kept and maintained dispite the truckload of kids that roll through its facilities. I took my niece there and she constantly demands to return and with the constantly changing events and activities there is never a dull moment. I would totally recommend this to any family looking for a afternoon of fun.

Evan Woodard


Caitlin Bahr

Our kids could spend DAYS here. Some really great exhibits and learning opportunities through play. We were gifted a membership and have absolutely loved it!

Dana Anderson

Great place to visit if you have young kids. They can get lost for hours with the many things to do here.

Rob Kohr

We go there all the time, and the kids rarely make it through all the great things to play and do. The also have a great Cafe for lunch, and an awesome gift shop. Beyond that, the staff are super involved and happy to interact with the kids. (as seen here with one doing mermaid races with my son)

Stacey K

So much for the kids to do! It was a great way to get out of the rain today.

Malisa Price

There aren’t enough words to share how much we love marbles kids museum! The family membership is your best value if you plan to go more than once or twice. Late night Thursdays are always fun and a cheap night to bring friends! I love that the staff are kind and willing to help the kids play. The constant changes and updates also make the museum fun to come to again and again.

Jessica Williams

I just held my daughter's birthday party there this past weekend and they were amazing!! They had everything set up and ready when we arrived. The cake they provided was amazing and they gave lots of good options for flavors and decorations on the cake. We had Ruth as the attendant of our party and she was the absolute best!! They had lots of fun activities for the kids to do and my daughter even had her own birthday throne to sit on!! My daughter's favorite part was the birthday parade into the museum. Ruth was very energetic and made the parade so amazing for all of the kids!! I would highly recommend them for your party needs, they are definitely amazing!!

Jason & Heather Wright

Great field trip for a group or just a mom and me date! Highly recommend this wonderful, mind-stimulating place!

Margaret Eason

I took my four-year-old nephew here for the day and it was great. He loved everything and wore himself out. I was surprised how cleverly designed the place is. It's honestly charming, and very engaging for the kids.

Christopher Scott

Marbles is AMAZING! The creativity and ingenuity it brings out of every single child is nothing short of miraculous. Every one of my kids from 9-1.5 love going and they always seem to find something new to do and explore there. Whatever you're doing Marbles keep it up!

Jennifer McDonough

We had so much fun! Lots to do with little ones.

Todd Hauser

My daughter loves this place so much I thought that they were going to have to kick us out. She loved everything she did especially pretending to run a pet spa.

Claire James

Best children's museum I've ever visited. Tons to do, great exhibits. The only thing I think could be improved is that someone needs to tidy up periodically, because it looks like a tornado went through the downstairs area.

Z-Team Alpha

Coolest place to take the kids. Not too pricey with the perfect amount of adventure. By the way this place is huge.

Paul Roberts

Kids had a fun time. Lots to do. Not your typical museum experience. It’s an interactive experience for the kids. Good place to come in the summer when it’s hot or when it’s raining.

Roslyn Houston

Marbles Kids Museum was awesome! My grandson Truth had an amazing time! We'll definitely be back again soon!

The Nickelson Family

I can't say enough nice things about this place. We have been coming for years and every time the staff are nice and considerate and their are lots of kids for my child to play with. My daughter is 10 and we started coming when she was 4 years old.

Jeffrey Thomas

Our 7-year-old asks to come here all the time. We've been here a few times over the last few years and it hasn't changed much. That's not necessarily a bad thing when it's good to begin with! Lots of interactive exhibits to keep your kids happy for an afternoon.

Austin Cross

Love this place! Very engaging and fun way to spend a day with your child. My 9 month old loved it, but is more directed to 2 and up children. Still recommend to any parents, plus has a great IMAX theater in the back

Natalie Rios

Best museum around. Educational, but the kids would never know it.

Kimberly Baker

Very affordable place to take the family or summer camp to engage in lots of fun and learning! Staff are all friendly and helpful as well. There is tons of stuff to do such as a large play area with STEM and STEAM related activities for children of various ages. They also have a gift shop and places to purchase food and places to enjoy a packed lunch as well.

Trish Fredritz

Great place to take your kids. Just wish there was more for my 9 month to enjoy... Can't wait till she's a bit older.

Mitch Fleig

Carried our 19 month grand daughter to Marbles. Had a great time! Plenty to do for any age youngster. Staff was very friendly! We spent about 2 1/2 hours there. I can easily see a longer stay as she gets older. Will definitely go back!

deedee wortman

This place is awesome especially for younger kids. My eight year old enjoyed it, but it seems targeted for younger kids. They have all types of games and activities to entertain kids. Its a great way to escape the heat and have sone fun.

Chris Capps

Great experience bringing my very mobile 11 month old here. We came on a Friday after 3 PM when admission is only $3 and they stay open until 7 PM. She played and played in almost every space in the museum. The toddler room might have been her favorite but it's hard to tell she had such a blast. When definitely come back when I'm visiting family in Raleigh!

Mindy Hodgin

I wish so much that there were more places like this for kids. It's fun for adults, teens, kids...everyone! So many activities like cooking, dancing, arts & crafts, blocks, money management, story time, play vehicles...we were there for 2.5 hours and still only visited one floor. If we lived closer we'd definitely have a membership. The outside area looks fun too, we didn't have time during this visit. We'll be back soon!

Dapo Agboola

Great place for kids. My 2.5 year old was thoroughly amused for hours.

Jonathan Murray

A very fun place for parents to take their kids. Plus you can enjoy a movie as well. Eat a snack. An all day adventure.

Anthony Hill

Great place for kids right in downtown Raleigh. They have many activities for kids of different ages. On the first floor, they have toys and games for babies and toddlers. On the second floor, they have stuff for bigger kids like science activities (how to connect and create power circuits, etc.), basketball hoop area, workout area, hockey area with a screen showing your kid in action. Gift shop on the first floor. Your kid(s) will most likely fall asleep on the drive/walk back home. Enjoyed it.

Rebecca Dorsey

First time there and it had everything you could think of and more for a kid and/or "big kid" to have fun. Loved how kids were learning without even knowing it because they were having too much fun playing. Plan on coming back every time we visit NC

wendi rosado

Fun for the kids! Mine are 8 & 11, so they weren't interested in anything downstairs. But, they had a blast upstairs!

Katelyn Johnson Capital Cakes

This was a super fun museum. We had an 8 year old, 6, and 4. There was plenty for everyone to play with and also play together. I especially love the fitness room where kids can get active and jump around on gymnastics type equipment. The kitchen is also fantastic to try and teach them healthy eating. There's even indoor hockey!! Also a nice art section. Love this place. We also saw an IMAX movie on the ocean which was fabulous.

Shanna Morales

We always enjoy visiting Marbles. There's never enough time to do everything, so every time we come there's something new to do and see. I recommend coming as early as you can because it gets quite busy fast.

Brande Lester

So many things to do! The fun doesn't stop and the staff members are great! I can definitley see how membership would be beneficial!

Me You

It can turn in to a mad house pretty quickly, but there is lots of interactive stuff for children, especially elementary aged kids. There are a few things for toddlers, but activities are geared mostly towards the big kids.

Ashley Atkins

My kids love this place! It's usually a struggle leaving but always a good time

Christopher Winkler

Awesome and very large children's museum with nearly every variety of activity. There's sports, including a hockey rink (sans ice), art, painting, Lego, nature, a submarine and pirate ship, science and circuits, electricity and power generation, animals, mini putt putt golf, and more. There is also a cafe, IMAX theater, gift shop, and outdoor activities. It's an incredible value for the price, and tickets are half price after 3PM. The parking lot behind the museum is $2/hr and connects directly to the museum. Awesome!

Frank Bundra

Much nicer than other kids museums I've been around the country. They really have a nice variety of things to do

Julian Parks

Wow this place is amazing! It has fun adventures for almost every age bracket! I would recommend it to everyone.

Frank Andruzzi

Very good place for kids to explore and play. Great IMAX theater and good cafe.


Great place to bring the kids. However any museum that charges and is still that dirty can't get more 3 stars from me. The science museum nearby is very clean however geared towards older children.

Caitlin Smith

Great kids museum. Lots of fun options for all ages. Really love that it's only $3 after 3pm.

Tim Wallace

Interesting place. The grandkids loved it. Lots of things to do.

Dave Hylenski

Being from out of town and having no idea about the area the friends we came to visit recommended this place for our rainy Thursday. From the door it was fantastic! My son had an absolute blast. The staff were equally as great playing along side with the childeren even encouraging them to play when felt overwhelmed. We are excited for our next visit to the area and Marbles is a must!

leslie rodgers

This is a great place to take your child when they have energy to burn. It does get busy during the summer (even on weekdays) There is no onsite parking. So be prepared to pay for parking. Anyone in your group over the age of 1 will be subject to a 7 dollar admission fee. This isn't bad compared to some to some other children's museums around the country.

Jonathan Glenn

Great spot for young kids! They have something for just about any kid (I would say from age 1 to 6) to play with. Tip: this place gets crazy crowded on weekends and when school is not in - so if you can come on a weekday.

D.J. Svoboda

I really have to say that Marbles is sure a Very Fun and Very Fantastic Place! Every Year There is a Very Awesome Power of Play Conference and Marbles is The Great Place to be! :D It always feels Great to see lots of Amazing Children and their Friends and Family have fun and Playing Together! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Laurie Blackwell

My grandkids had so much fun, there's lots to do and hands on activities for children, painting, etc. Check it out!

Krissy Robbs

This was a fun place to go while visiting in Raleigh, NC! I highly recommend it! The kids really enjoyed pretending to be chefs, news anchors, and more! I recommend going for longer than 3 hours because there's so much to do!


Love it for small children .Not really for kids over 8 to be honest

Ryan Riviere

Our kids had an absolute great time at this museum. They played with all the interactive exhibits from the vehicles to the musical stairs that play notes and lights as you walk up them. So much going that it is tough to get through it all. Kids love the upstairs the most as it has activities with electricity and mechanics as well as some b ball hoops to shoot for all ages. It was very busy as kids are running around everywhere, which as to be expected.

Thomas Gouthro

Great place for younger kids. At age 11, mine are growing out of the activities offered here.

Guy Spiher

Great for what it is...Five stars for five years old and under.. Ennnh two stars for anyone older than five. Not much worthwhile stimulation or educational for much over kindergarteners. What is there is done well for the younger ones and staff and facility are great but rather below anyone older.

Justin Sienkiewicz

This was a lot of fun with the kids. They had a blast. We spent about 3 hours there and there was plenty we didn't get to do. There's also a movie theater and cool outdoor area. Another bonus was that our annual passes from the Orlando Science Center got us in for free.

Wendy Carroll

Loads of fun for all ages haha the grill was awesome too

warrior life

Its a fantastic place to take your children and brings back what it's like to be a kid.

Shamaila Khalid

My son absolutely positively love this place. there's just so much for the kids to do. I got bored and had a lot of fun. There's also a Park right next to the museum with a small burger joint so when the museum closes you can take your son or daughter out there and still hang out. There's a lot of really good restaurants around the area as well our favorite one is Beasley's chicken and biscuits and we usually do that before or after the museum. Everything is within walking distances they have plenty of street parking on the weekends but you can find small garages that only cost $5 for the whole day I must do for toddlers ages 3 through 7.

Diana Kuykendall

I've been here several times with family. I would say it's great for kids up to maybe 12 years old. Hands-on with many physical activities to entertain busy kids all while being educational if they slow down long enough to take in the information! Wear your running shoes!

Courtney Andresen

Excellent as always. With one caveat... Their restaurant has been a little disappointing as far as the quality of the fruit. And this is the past several times I've been there. Also today the unsweet tea tasted like it was left over from yesterday. But otherwise, the kids always loved the food!

Thach Vincent

This place is just awesome for kids and parents! My daughter had a birthday party there and one of her classmates did too! It's a great experience for children of all ages!

Stephanie Grossman

Marbles Museum is always a fun time for everyone. There's lots of things for kids off all ages to be occupied with; building, imaginative play, art, athletics, science, IMAX (extra), and so much more. We always come home tired and happy. Lots of seating throughout the museum. Definitely a must do if you have kids!

MaryAnn Powell

Awesome birthday party for my grand twins! I will be making some of that puffy paint (1/3 part white glue. 2/3 parts shaving cream with water color added)! It was a huge hit!!!

Derrick Hunter

My daughter love this place. Marbles you are amazing to the children.

Martha Forbes

Lots of things for the kids to do. It's worth every dime spent on admission. So much to explore and play with. Definitely a place most kids would like to visit over and over again

Jon Caborn

We took our 2 1/2 year old son here for the first time and can't say enough good things about this place. We could've stayed there all day. So much to do. We will definitely go back!

Harlan Stafford

Non-stop fun for young kids. A great place for parents and grandparents looking for a nice place to keep the young ones active anytime, but especially in unpleasant weather. There's also a great gift shop.

Scott Korbin

An amazing IMax Theatre. State of the Art! You won't believe it until you see it.

Julia Pedroza

Went here for the first time today. I totally need to get a membership. Fun for all kids probably under 13. My son and my friend's daughter had a blast.


Great place to take kids for a few hours, not a lot of "troubled kids" like at other places

Allison Frye

My husband and I took our 15 month old to Marbles today (Sunday) and we had a fantastic time!! When we arrived around 9:30 there was already a line for tickets but it moved quickly. They were fairly crowded but there was also a “group event” there today. There is plenty to do for a toddler of her age! She has a great time and we are considering getting a membership and go more often when she gets slightly older!! Overall it was a great day and lots of great memories!!

Yudea Yisael

There was so much fun. The kids really enjoyed themselves

Maria Georgiou

If you have a child this is your go to place for learning and entertainment. There is an admission and parking is a challenge. This place can get packed by lunchtime. It can be overwhelming and over stimulating with sights and sounds. So if you have a little one that doesn't do well with that plan to go during less crowded days. The only reason for a 4 star instead of a 5 star rating is staff was hard to find if you had questions. To be fair we went on a Saturday and the place was hopping so staff was spread thin.

Woofy Wow

This is the rating my kids are giving. I would have to agree. Friendly staff and a safe and fun environment. Lots of cool activities. Good place for them to blow off some steam and energy.

Paul Oh

Fantastic Venue for both children and adult. Different floors, multiple rooms and various play/learning areas. Includes gift shop and refreshment area. Part of Association of Science and Technology Center and Association of Children Membership. Depending on whether you are local or visiting, the membership program participates with partner venues around the country. Now your play/learning area can be expanded to nationwide. Parking is meter based around the Museum. Includes exhibits and Marbles IMAX. This venue definitely worth exploring and discovering.

William Parson

Best children's "play" museum I have visited. Good for kids up to about 12-13. Adults should really get reduced or free admition as the entire place is built for children, adults are just tour guides. My 15yo entertained herself at the painting tables but most of the display areas are for younger participants. Different participatory areas include sports, shopping, STEM, arts and crafts, water play, sound play, and intricate moving parts areas where balls or pucks move through complex raceways overhead.

Melissa J

Fun for everyone! I love this place. I take my nieces when they are in town. There are a lot of fun things to do and you can learn things too. Upstairs is a wonderful area for being creative and making things with your own two hands. Design an outfit on paper using real fabrics, build a creation out of wood using real tools, or build with giant Lego blocks. Try your hand at ice hockey, in your socks, at the Carolina Hurricanes sponsored rink, learn about electricity by working in the power station area, even catch a film at the 3D IMAX. P.S. The pirate ship in the back is super fun, just watch your head.

Michelle Dennis

Perfect place for kids under 10. Pro tip: avoid weekends. Try and go when it’s least busy.

Rosie H

My 1 year old son had the best time. I was completely surprised with the amount of staff to help and keep an eye out since there are so many unsupervised children running around. It's crowded but it works.

Laurie McGehee

Got Kids? Go to Marbles! They will love it!

Teesha Jones

The IMAGINATION STATION! That's what they call it. I love this place my children love it. Nice place to go to let the kids play and run free. The cost is very pocket friendly. The gift shop is a little on the pricey side. If you go during a weekday you have to feed the meter, but if you go on a weekend you do not. The weekends be the most most busiest days. Kids everywhere.

Brittany Johns

It’s hard not to be happy here! Your kids will never run out of things to do!

Nikita Spencer

The Marbles Kids Museum was highly recommended and did not disappoint! It was so much fun, especially on a rainy day. Each room is a new adventure that gets kid's imaginations working! Parents can also play and enjoy themselves. There are outdoor areas in addition to 2 indoor levels and a movie theater next door. The museum is disability accessible. There are weekend hours - we went on Mother's Day. The amount of activities was well worth the price of admission. The gift shop was moderately priced and has so much to choose from.

Kimberly Pierson

What a place! My son had a blast and we will definitely be back. Sadly, I think many parents missed the fun by being on their phones. There was a lot to do with my son and a lot he could do on his own, which is just what a developing child needs.

che' Boone

Before, I was skeptical about taking my children because everytime we went we were met with unacceptance... Not because of the staff but because we live in a very biased country. But today, my experience was different. They have more diversity on staff which i believe created an equal environment. My children were accepted by otter kids from different backgrounds and had the time of their life.

Kathleen Koechling

Lots of great learning opportunities for kids and adults! Just attended a Triangle Land Conservancy talk about fun green spaces in the Triangle that was held at Marbles at night. It was fun for all ages.

glory robert

Great place for the kids to have lots and loads of fun

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