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REVIEWS OF Levine Museum of the New South IN North Carolina

Jule Mueller

Best place to learn about Charlotte history and current events.

Sandra Williams

I really enjoyed my first visit surely it's not my last visit. The staff members was pleasing to everyone.

Maha Adachi Earth

Great exhibit!

steve b

Learned a lot about southern USA history here. Found the main floor exhibits the most interesting. Terrible that ppl had to live like this. Never experienced anything like this in Canada.

Bosco Tung

AMAZING! So impressed by the learning potential in this museum, and a warning to us to not forget the evils of history as well as the evils today

Vee All

Very nice as a wedding venue!

cecil Fletcher

Was there for a wedding. It was very nice

Andrew Small

Great museum with just the wonderful as great information. Must see

Rochelle Martin

It was my first visit to Charlotte overall and this museum is a very good place to learn about the history of Charlotte. I didn't get a chance to spend more time there. I plan on going back to Charlotte in the foreseeable future and I will revisit the museum.

Reagan Toal

Really cool, interactive museum featuring the growth of Charlotte and the South as a whole and the influence of people of color on the culture, history, and current social atmosphere. It's so great to see the actual living history of a place - particularly one with a mixed past (slavery, the Civil War, textile mills, and much more) - recognized and given back to the people. Convenient location too!

Gary Bishop

Amazing insight into the history of the south

Johanna Sabo

Really great museum. Very educational

Aaron Jones

A broad look into the multiple reinventions of the city. Lots of viewpoints and examples of industry leaders and innovators that helped shape the city to what it is today.

Freda Dumas

I took the kids first MLK day. Being new to the area it was an amazing visit

Tamara Hicks

Both Know Justice No Peace & #HomeCLT Are must sees

MobyDick sentme

This place is great! There’s a lot of things to touch and listen to. The staff is very friendly and the price is cheap for what you get. I was very impressed and will definitely be back.

Joe Messina

Very interesting and important museum

Belle Blue

I really enjoyed the next exhibit this museum has called "know justice know peace" it was great to see police brutality examined up close and personally. It was a touching experience and I loved seeing the things that have happened since and people who actually want to make a difference. It was honestly one of the best museum especially with how it relates to current issues. There were also exhibits that covered people who had been hung in Charlotte and the racial segregation within school districts. It was great to learn about and I hope a change is made. The museum was great though.

Shauna Johnson

Small but very informative museum. Powerful displays and information about this time in our history in the south. Must see if you have just a few hours!

peguese eunice

Took my kids before they had a great time learning about their hometown history and they loved it so much that they wanna go back

David Caviedes

Heaven for NASCAR followers.

Martin You

The permanent exhibits at the museum elaborates on the history of the south and particularly in North Carolina centering around the different industries key to the state, cotton being one of them. The museum is central in conveying key facts about the struggles of African-American communities due to segregation. Admission is half off (works out to about $5 and change) on Sundays. Definitely worth checking out.

Quansheeba Kennedy

Nice artifacts but not a venue for a wedding for large amount of people I would say about 1-75 people is the max you want to go but very nice museum

Julie Williams

Great museum! I spent so much time on the first floor learning about the history of North Carolina that I never made it up the stairs to see the rest. I would have loved to but my time is too short here in NC to go back.

Big Rob

Amazing place, it's a must see when in town. I learned so much. It shows you early life to modern day living situations.

Jennifer Nelson

Always such great exhibits. They produce amazingly high quality content. We are lucky to have such a place in our city.

Carla Freeman

We had a excellent tour guide

Ryane Ridenour

I was very disturbed by the content and whitewashing of this museum. The framing of "finding a new economic system" after white people could no longer enslave Black people is extremely problematic, especially as they had KKK regalia side by side with civil rights leaders and important objects. I am very concerned about the rest of the reviews speaking so highly of this place, when even as a white person — I found it extremely offensive. It's unacceptable in this day and age.

Kenya McEachern

Loved the history of the New South. A really nice place to learn about surrounding counties.

Yuliya Paskal

The museum is very nice and if you want to get to know about Charlotte and NC more then it is the best place to learn history. It’s better to plan at least 2 hours for visiting because one hour was not enough. Also museum has a nice gift shop :)

Tracy Ann Johnson

Great. Learned alot & seen some things that was in my grandparents house

Cedar Lake Fan

Worth the trip. A must see when in Charlotte

Kevin Brooks

Very Informative! Glad I went the staff were fantastic and friendly!

T'rone Gibson

My grandson and I with my daughter we all went here and we enjoy this place my grandson get to see a part of History they saw the black Museum thry asked allot of questions too.

Renard Dixon

I was there for a fashion show and I really enjoyed myself! The building was very beautiful and clean!

Robert Williams

I've been to many museums in my 65 years, and have never had the experience I enjoyed here. I was alone, no tour guide, and got on quite well.A deeply moving and educational visit.Although the history of Charlotte, on the first floor, was interesting and well-done, it was the exhibits upstairs that moved me to tears. The Legacy of Lynching was well-presented.The exhibit on "K(no)w Peace, K(no)w Justice" was riviting. Blessedly at home, watching events unfold, this put me in the middle of it. I was torn between narratives, and saddened that it happened at all.I would highly recommend this as a stop on your journeys through Charlotte.

Wendy Andrade

Beautiful History Museum

Kelly Thew

good price

Maureen Carter

Absolutely loved our experience here. Loved the crafts available for kids on Juneteenth. Can’t beat a free day at the museum for your children to gain some knowledge through hands on activities.

Jason Nash

If you like history, you will probably enjoy your time here. Even if you don't enjoy history it's still got some cool pieces. The videos they play inbetween rooms in the little theaters don't scream "New South," they scream extremely dull and boring. The actual exhibits themselves are really cool but the videos could definitely be updated. Reasonably priced.

Leah Powell

This is a must-see! The staff were so willing to talk about the museum and encouraged my husband and I to keep roaming and finding out more things about North Carolina history. There's lots to see and a must go to place to be in Charlotte!

Margie G

Great little museum for a day trip to Charlotte.

Sabrina D

This is definitely a must see in Charlotte. Allocate enough time for it though - I budgeted about one hour because it was only three exhibits but I was there for about 3 hours! And that was with me hurrying through the upstairs exhibits. The bottom floor exhibit on the history of cotton farming, cotton mills, factory life, etc was AMAZING! I spent most of my time in that exhibit taking everything in. As an NC transplant from New England, I learned so much about NC's history from that exhibit. Upstairs there was an exhibit called Know Justice, Know Peace about the 2016 unrest due to the murder of Keith Lamont Scott. Very powerful exhibit.

Mina C.

This was my first time visiting Charlotte in September, and it was awesome. This museum is so cute and quaint. They divide the different aspects of history into little shops in one museum. They even have a historical replica of a barber shop and a diner. It was a really enjoyable experience as I don't frequent museums as much as I'd like to. I will be going back to Charlotte in December and hope to come back to this museum. Would definitely recommend!

Sylvia Clippard

Wonderful museum

Janira Giraud

Love this museum!!! Make sure to look at events they may have.

Christy Collins

Nice place

Tamara Davis-Jack

Exceptional museum jam packed with history. I think for content, it is the best museum in Charlotte. Excellent staff

Mary Lee

Very informative museum on local and regional history of Charlotte. Very friendly staff. Unique look at reinvention of the South. Highly recommend!

Mary Simpson

Good Place To Visit I Enjoyed It...

Kisha R

Very nice and spacious. Perfect place for the beautiful wedding I attended.

Shirley Phillips

Exceedingly insightful


This museum is awesome. A little busy on a Sunday afternoon as it's half off on Sunday. I usually like to go alone so I can read everything. Alot of great exhibits suck as a mock Belk store, an old timey mill house, a barbershop owned by a Black barber and much more. If you now, you can see the Know Justice, Know Peace exhibit that explains the Charlotte protest a couple of years ago. Very informative as it was way more to it than people just protesting. I learned the layers. You can spend a couple of hours here if you take the time to read all the information. Very nice museum.

Kim Brownlee

I was there for a wedding reception. The rooms were nice. Nice place for upscale events. The service was excellent!


The introductory film pretty much tells everything that you will see. You could skip the museum unless you want to sit at the lunch counter, the church pew, or touch cotton seed.

Alex Keene

Interesting place, lots of hands on activities. Not made for kids, but definitely appropriate for upper-elementary.

Abdelrahman Aly

Great museum, very friendly staff. Know Justice Know Peace exhibit is much more moving than I expected

Glenda Boyle

Insightful narrative of the forces and choices which propelled Charlotte out of the post-Civil-War South's faltering agrarian economy to one that is robust and diversified.

Sean Rivinus

We visited this via Bank of America's free museum pass. I found the exhibits very interesting.

Stephen Olejnicak

A wonderful tribute to civil rights, and how far we still have to go.

Swathi Krishnaprasad

A nice way to learn history

Edwina Rol1980

An emotional and very educational day for me.

Kyle Batts

Fantastic People working here and loved the others I bumped into here who only contributed more to my experience! Just keep in mind field trips from schools do come here. I just waited a few minutes and they took their nose on so i could focus. Not to mention if you park in the near attached parking deck, bring your parking ticket inside and the museum will validate it and make your parking free! As for the exhibits and history they were all top notch and really helped you immerse yourself in the info. 10/10!

Meriam Boone

Cotton Farming History Museum of the Presbyterians in North Carolina

BigDouja Fresh

Very Educational IF u are into historical knowledge.

Kim P

Be customer service on the tour today with Merrywoods on the park seniors they really enjoyed the tour

Robyn Townsend

Informative exhibit, learned a few new facts

Phyllis Davis

Great historian, she is soooooo informative, KNOWLEDGEABLE, sincer and willing to explain any exhibit you may have questions about. A true asset to the museum. The museum is an asset to the Community. I often take my out of town guest here to visit. Lots of exhibits, thought provoking displays, nice gift shop available. Bathrooms clean, entire staff is cooperative and welcoming. Shows appreciation for every guest!

Andreas Willis

The museum isn’t big but it is filled with a lot of information. You will not be sorry. On Sunday you pay half price. There is garage parking next door that they validate. We went a block afterwards an ate. Bought a magnet for my refrigerator out the gift shot. This is a smaller museum but it’s really well done. Spent a couple of hours here reminiscing about the history of the south. Small kids won’t really get it but it will be very thought provoking for the adults.

Barnett Reresby

I really loved this museum. I was wondering why a historic city like Charlotte looked so modern and lacking in individuality. I found it here! Lots to learn. Understand now that the old, historic homes came to ruin during an economic downturn. Glad to see the coverage of conflicts between police and civilians. Shocked to see some parts of the area’s racist history. Overall, an authentic experience.

cleveland David

An excellent place for educational teaching and out country history

Esteban Sierra

If you have a Bank of america debit ot credit card and go the first sunday of every month, you get in free. Very informative about the North Carolina history, there are many exhibits with interative content videos , sounds.

Devon Mo

It is a great museum and worth taking time out of your day to explore.

Miguel Solis Domiguez

This museum located close to the 7th street market in Charlotte’s uptown, is a very interesting place to go. You can learn about the southern history and progress. They have many devices to show up and describe the pass through the time to nowadays. There is not parking lot, but you can find someone in the surroundings!

Hilmarie Battaglia

Very nice

Delia Zarate

Museum in Charlotte are pretty small, this one has a decent collection of art.

Bob Flappan

Great story of Charlotte since the Civil War.

Myrna Cooper

Enjoyed this experience!

S. C. Sullivan- Musician, Teacher, & Writer

Too much revisionist stuff and political.

Lavere Hobgood

The photographer, videographer and the historians make history come to life and be more relevant....the staff is kind, courteous, knowledgeable and have spirits of excellence

Mike Goccia

Excellent museum focused on an important part of our history.

Elaine Hedstrom

So much to see So much to read an all day step back in history. Most educational experience. Thank you.

jace walker

Know just know peace was a great exhibit interactive and great info thru out

Daniel Fieldstone

I really think they needed dinosaur skeletons. It is amazing to think about how dinosaurs roamed the area. People used theses gigantic beasts in the South for a wide array of uses on farms and in warfare. Most people do not realize that in the Civil War T-Rex’s were on front line duty in the South. If the great plague genetically engineered by the North had not spread and wiped out dinosaurs to the point of extinction the South would have won the civil war.

Jitka Kacerova

Really amazing and eye opening museum, where you can learn about life in cotton factories, you can watch society changing through the centuries, you can listen up to some good old jazz music played in the radio, go to local barber or try old fashion in the boutique. Lots of information up to current times. You can express your feelings and opinions by writing notes on the board and you can also leave a video message by the exhibition exit. That's just amazing!!!


We will get to know the basic history of Carolina and charlotte in terms of charlotte city business growth, culture & people..

Bonnie Robinson

The Levine is interactive and filled with small and large artifacts to share the history of Charlotte and the greater South. The upstairs photography exhibit on victims of police violence is thought provoking and challenging. Our family has attended several events at the Levine including Three Kings Day, MLK events, and Juneteenth. They were all well organized, engaging, and informative.

Nesha Jackson

I was treated poorly and experienced racism at this museum. The staff memebers did nothing to help and made it seem as though they did not care. How am I supposed to learn about past racism while experiencing racism present-day???

The Church Vloggers.

The Museum is great and I learned so much about my history and culture.

Beach Property Guy

Excellent historic museum. I particularly enjoyed the interactive exhibits here like the cotton bucket and telephones on the wall. Great place for travelers looking to kill time and to learn some stuff!!

nicole 2015

It was interesting.

Russell Gaines

FROM COTTON FIELDS TO SKYSCRAPERS. There is a cover charge to enter musuem, free to military-show I.D. validated parking is free. This museum expresses the African American tolerance, and intolerance to Jim Crow. The uprisings to police brutality is touching, please read every story. The history of Charlotte is in keeping with the fight for equality throughout the sourthern states. The video of the rising of the city and surrounding areas are the example of a coordinated process. African Americans played a vital part in building Charlotte to the metropolis you see today. The struggle is real.

Jake Peters

I highly recommend visiting this museum when in Charlotte. Give a generally fair overview of the history of the south including its racist past and the brave resistance by African Americans.

Jillian Anthony

Very interesting and educational museum! I am a history nut and still had a lot to learn from these exhibits. Also lots of interactivity for kids to learn alongside their parents! Great place to spend a couple of hours without being too long or boring at all!

Stacy Martin-Duffy

Excellent museum. Learned a lot about the old and new south! Upstairs they had 5 other exhibits that were very thought provoking!

Cary Holman

Very nice post Civil War history of the Charlotte area

Alvin Hopper

A great place to visit for families and for groups

Tom Westheimer

Excellent though somewhat light and seeing the evil of that time

Mr H

Very interesting. Note that the first full weekend of the month, entrance fee is free for those with Bank of America CC or employees. Call to verify other free admission options, timing, limitations...

Yurii Havey

Great museum with just the right amount of information. Great way to spend a Sunday early afternoon. You can enjoy this place in about 2 hours and really learn a lot without feeling completely overwhelmed with information. I would highly recommend it if you are in town and wanting to learn about the area and get a sense of where things came from and how the area developed. They have a lot of interactive displays that let you experience the old cotton era. (Bring some hand sanitizer if you are concerned about stuff like that, they don't have any onsite.)

Jennida Chase

Really well thought out and masterfully curated experience. The exhibitions on display were deeply moving. A must see!!


Very interesting exhibits

Vincent Ammirato

Two ratings here averaged together above: Utilized their boardroom for an all day meeting space. Simply put, it was perfect. Quiet, large room with an equally large table. Only downside was the limited power outlets and their proximity but the staff provided cords to accommodate us. For corporate use: 4.5 stars The museum itself is exactly what everyone needs to see. The exhibits unabashedly examine and dissect the racial tensions that most southerners would rather not discuss. It is not a "fun" museum but every child that has ever asked their parents a question about race, gender or religious differences should visit it. By dedicating a museum to conflict, the Levine foundation helps our region and country chart a confluent path towards peace and prosperity. The museum: 5+ stars

Josie Peplinski

Very informative. Great place for a field trip. Amazing guest speakers.

Brad Beyner

This museum is essentially a history of the Carolinas post civil war museum. It was super interesting and gave light on how hard life was back then as well as how the area transformed. Very cool museum and would recommend any tourist to visit

aim m

Was great. Very educational


So much to see, so much to learn. Spent a really lovely afternoon there. I would definitely visit again if I found myself in the Charlotte, NC area.

Scott White

Great exhibits, friendly staff. Hadn't even intended on going, we were just walking past and went in on a whim, and very glad we did. Loved learning about local history.

Sifu Soul

The building is gorgeous, the rest of the experience was terrible. We made an appointment to tour possible wedding options. Our contact, Brittany, was unprepared for our scheduled meeting. Considering we emailed her one week prior with our dates and expectations, we thought this venue was an option. We soon found that all the dates we selected were booked. Brittany wasted our time entirely, including our family that traveled to town for the tour. Next time, you can just send an email or make a simple phone call. Your customer service is weak, do better.

Jennifer Watson

The current exhibits they have are awesome. I love how one is completely focused on Charlotte history & issues we're still dealing with today (i.e. affordable housing, equal education, etc). Definitely recommend checking this museum out!

Marcia Zanetti

History is very important to build a better society

GX1 Maurice Cunningham

Well worth the price of admission: a Charlotte "must see" when in the area!

Kimberly Eggett

Brilliant to see the history of this city and the special exhibit "Know Justice, Know Peace" had amazing timelines exploring schools, housing and policing in Charlotte. Powerful images.

Rashonda Logan

My good friend got married here. Beautiful venue for ceremony and reception.

Carlos Collantes

Great place to visit in uptown Charlotte!

Michelle Couture

Great historical displays. Poignant stories of today's racial justice struggles.

John Darby

Nice place to learn about the history of this state. Would be great for school field trips.

Nadja Love

A great learning experience for kids

David Simon

This museum is a great display of culture of the South, which includes Charlotte, set out an interesting pattern that will draw you in. It's not just about reading but there are videos and interesting spaces. Well worth the visit.

toony dude

Nice staff. Didn't get to see the exhibit sadly, came to late.

John M. Palladino

A wonderful experience.

Zy's Crazy Corner

Great Place to go with family or on a school field trip.

Markisha Rollerson

Nothing short of AMAZING! I learned so much about our rich history. Keep up the good work!

Kyle McClure

Awesome place to go on your day off. Teachers and military get discounts on entry tickets.

Art O

I would skip this place.

Nicholas Gibson

The museum is very nice.An excellent place for educational teaching and out country history.Nice staff. Best place to learn about Charlotte history and current events.

Anthony Scott

My company had an event, where we listen to a presentation about local North Carolinians who have had an impact on the area. Then we were able to walk through the museum. They currently have three exhibits to look at, "No Justice, No Peace", "Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers", and "Let Love Reign". I only viewed the first two before we left. I learned a lot and thought they were interesting and made you think. Highly recommended.


Engaging history museum!

Rodrigo Hernandez-Gutierrez

Very interesting museum.You go through all of the history of Charlotte and you're able to see all the good and bad of each time. I'm not American so I didn't know what the "new south" meant before coming to the museum. An interesting feature is that there are some bulletin boards where people write their opinion on post-its. And while you can recognize that the situation for black people has improved, from this you will notice that there's still a long way to go. Probably the best place to visit in Charlotte since it's a unique museum and you will probably won't see anything similar anywhere else. (Although I haven't visited all the US south so I might be wrong about this)

Tom Lanners

I was impressed by the K(NO)W Justice K(NO)W Peace exhibition. Strong message! The whole museum is really good. They offer a several discounts, e.g. for students and teachers.

Jean Westcott

I was going to give this a 4star review but I went on a Sunday so it was under $5. It is small and an emphasis on hands-on and video but I think that will help it reach a broader audience. It has some amazing historical material mixed in and those were incredibly affecting.

Michaella Neal

Levine delivers great history about Charlotte! Also, great programs that engage and celebrate culture.

Mariao Lee

My sister's getting married there had a great time great experience


Great history museum! Awesome staff!

Steven Koumoulis

Comprehensive. Enjoyable. It was a detailed and interactive look into the old south and gives perspective on how it has developed into present day.

Jossie Rivera

My favorite museum in Charlotte. I love to take my guests here.

Chanita Mims

Very educational. Will definitely be back. And recommend to friends & family.

G Hailey

Nice local museum that gives an a brief history of Charlotte and some of its recent challenges.

Delana Swift

If you are visiting Charlotte this is a must see. This museum doesn’t just educate you but provides a fully immersive experience. There are several interactive exhibits and the location is perfect w/ample free parking right across the street.

Bryan Loyola

Great museum that showcases the South. Takes about an hour to get through. Lots of interactive exhibits.

Ken Thomas

I just shot a bridal portrait session at this Museum and will be there soon to shoot a wedding. I really enjoyed the old NC town replica there. It's a great place to experience some of NC history.

Xavier Shankle

Nice staff and very interactive

colleen Payne

Family day for women's history month. Will visit again.

Josefa Sepúlveda

It was actually a very nice experience. Coming from someone just visiting Charlotte for a couple week and not a museum lover (must add) I had fun and enjoyed learning the history of the city and how it has grown to be the city that today is.

Sandy Lee

Great place

Denise Kendall

Very good. Will be back

Neyra Benoit

Very biased content. Uses terms like "farm workers" instead of slaves. There's a whole room dedicated to the Confederate flag. It was very disturbing.

Bonnie Baker Stickney

Family Reunion event held here. Interesting choice for our venue. Ability to see and read North Carolina historical information as well as share meal and fellowship with family. Two thumbs up!

Leigh Hughes

It's a wonderful educational hands on museum. Wonderful for kids. Thr only complaint i have is that at the beginning of the main exhibit has a photo of a lynching under a curtain you're suposed to flip. While on an elementary field trip with 3rd graders we had to have someone stand in front of it to hide it from the students. They weren't old enough to have a proper conversation about that issue. It would have been okay for older kids.

michael connor

Great time at the Levine Museum. I portrayed Bishop James Walker Hood who was born in 1831 and died in 1918.

Sheilda Kiniel

Very informative

Fred Anderson

awesome place- highly recommend you take any bigoted relatives here so they can learn a bit of truth.

Lawrence XtremCreamer

It is a quant museum full of local history. I was visiting the area and it was suggested and I thoroughly enjoyed it. On my next trip to the area I plan on spending more time there. My. Man

Jennifer Grant

Very interesting exhibits. I visited for about two hours and could have stayed all day. Friendly staff too! I definitely recommend stopping in!

Clara Jordan

I really loved this museum. I was wondering why a historic city like Charlotte looked so modern and lacking in individuality. I found it here! Lots to learn. Understand now that the old, historic homes came to ruin during an economic downturn. Glad to see the coverage of conflicts between police and civilians. Shocked to see some parts of the area’s racist history. Overall, an authentic experience.

Yani Rodriguez

We needed to do something that didnt take all day and we Loved IT! To our surprise its half off on Sunday. A great short experience that has kept us talking about it all day.A great family trip.

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