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REVIEWS OF Kidzu Children's Museum IN North Carolina

Josh Hefner

Very trendy Nook of a play area in a Mall. Not very much to explore here at all. A complete rip-off if you have to pay for it. Thankfully you can get passes at your local library to go to a lot of these kinds of places for free so you can check them out before you spend the dollars on a return trip.

Delores Austin

My granddaughter had a blast.

Tony Coggins

Had a wonderful Saturday here with my three year old.

Alexander Melpolder

Evan Zeitler

Great place to take the kids on a rainy day. Room to run around and explore for kids of many ages, probably up to ten, maybe twelve. The small overall size contains a lot of different areas for free or more structured play.

King Essence

Brought my lil bro and he loved it- small but packed with stuff to do

Edward M.


Alex Gureev


My daughter comes here for the Parents Night Out and loves it, the facility and the people are great.

Alyssa Davis

Daniel Englebretson

Kidzu is an awesome place for kids to run and play. There are tons of different types of things to do, including crafts, rockwalls, interactive projectors, reading/story time,a builders workshop, an indoor tree house, and much more. Additionally, there is a calendar of events that brings a wide variety of one-off activities in. I've been many times, and I've always had a good experience with the staff and the other kids/families there. My kids are currently 2 and 4, and they can spend 1-3 hours here no problem. This is a family favorite, and part of the rotation with Marbles and the Durham Museum of Life and Science. Also, it is inside of mall, which has easy options for food as a part of the trip.

Li H

Kids loved it

Jedediah Seltzer

This is a cute/fun place for kids 10 and under I would say. Our 9 month old loved it. Small but well managed with space. The tree house was a favorite.

Katelyn Mahoney

Super cute little museum. Thought it was a little pricey for the size, if you take advantage of the activities they offer it offsets the price a bit. I would go back but not frequent often. I didn't however look into memberships that they offer which may be a better deal.

Kenny Fleming

A lot of stuff in a small sign out front.

Nicole Graysmith

Fabulous for under age 6.

Shahzad Ali

Robyn Ferguson

My husband & I took our 3 year old son here and within about 30-60 minutes he was bored and wanted to leave. We also wanted to do the beads but we were informed that we needed to get a punch card in order to do it. The punch cards are $5 for 4 different punches. Each design you do costs one punch. After spending $8.50 for myself, husband & son I was VERY disappointed to find out that I needed to pay more in order to do this. They also have several different small chalk boards but there wasn't any chalk and the staff couldn't find more. Many of the parents sat down together and were talking instead of watching their children so needless to say a bunch of the kids were not respectful and downright rude at times. We will NOT be returning to this place!

Pranay Gupta

Heather Vincent

This place was a lot of fun! My toddler went everywhere: costumes, tree house, rock wall, and the art area. I guess he didn't use the kitchen much but it looked well stocked with toy food. There is a closet for strollers, coats & bags. The only downside I saw was it is so open kids run from 1 activity to another carrying the toys, so there was kitchen stuff by the rock wall & cars area and costumes were everywhere so some kids didn't get to play in all of the areas due to missing toys. Now we did go near the end of the day, so we probably saw it at it's messiest. Flip side since it's so open it's easy to track the kids without running all over

Tom Rose

Love this place. They just added a hunt for a hidden golden snitch. Kept me busy for an hour, and the kids are still talking about it.

Jenni Levenbook

Keeping an eye on a child at Kidzu is an exercise in not blinking. #SendEyedrops

Elisa Dunston

Serkan Zararsız

Very good idea and good realization. Great place for kids with 2 years and up. I would recommend for all parents!

andrea nixon

Great for younger kids. Not best for 8 and up. Sad that they close the art center and only open during certain times during the day. Not going back.

Miki Nifong

Natasha Myles

This place is great for kids. Mine love it. We have been members for years. Great for a rainy day. Wish they opened earlier on Sunday and stayed open later in general.

Sultan K

Cassandre Kowal

Tonya Crawford

adnan talafha

Leider nicht für Kinder unter 1.5 Jahren

Rita McFarland

Great place for young children.

Allison Ross

Fun place to play for ages 2 or 3+ with a lot of emphasis on imaginative play. Crafting and making in the Makery is great for older kids. This is also a great place to bring materials that are hard to recycle: such as styrofoam. Probably best to call before bringing goodies. They use golf tees to hammer into styrofoam which is great for hands-eye coordination. They currently have a topography sand table that is a blast to play with!! I'm super excited about them hopefully moving to Southern Village and having more room and maybe an after school program!?!

Jon Faber


Lots of fun for kids 8 and under. Appreciate that kids can be creative and messy away from home.

Amber Jones

Great place for a field trip. Has learning centers that are fun.

Kevin Candiloro

Demeika White

Awesome Children's Museum with very creative concepts. Great place for kids to explore & have fun. We are definitely going back the next time we visit that area. My daughter loved it!

Amanda Rudisail

This is a small place but definitely a great time for the little tykes!!

Marquettat Matthews.

It's a great way to keep the kids busy and their imaginations going!

Roger P

Awesome place!

Aimee Williamson

Kevin Washington

Shakirah Hannah

My 1 yr old had soo much fun its a small space but plenty of space for u to play hands on or give them space and sit and relax....i loved it!!!

Nick Karasek

I was invited to Kudzu by my son - and his year-old daughter (my only grandchild - yay.) Arriving early I was able to walk all around the space - having a great time checking out the MANY options for young children of all ages - from little kids who are still learning to walk to youngsters at the top of the climbing wall. Two friendly, smiley reps at the counter issue your tickets (membership options are available) and answer any and all questions you might have. Safety has been an obvious concern in creating each of the experience stations - all seemed to in use as more kids arrived, and everyone (including the caregivers) was having a great time. Have a youngster? Try out Kudzu - IMHO, you will enjoy your time there.

Rob Woods

While the kids certainly do enjoy the place, it is really overpriced for what it is. It cost $27 to for my two kids and myself to get in after school (they close at 5) and about a 3rd of the space is dedicated to crafting. That would be a good thing except for some reason they don’t let you take the crafted items home. So after spending an hour creating a craft made from recycled goods for $27 dollars, we are told we can’t take them home. Why they want to collect kids crafts? Not sure, but it’s an odd trait of the place. TL:DR Your children will enjoy this overpriced craft factory.

Rose Degen

Excellent children location for arts!

Pete Goldstein

Kakki Glover

Small-ish but I actually think that's a good thing when running after a toddler. :) Great place, nice staff, good location. IMO best to go right at 10a or after 230p when it's not as crowded.

Lauren Gleis

Brought my granddaughter there and she loved it. Was alot nicer than i expected from the few pics from there website. Will definitely bring her back again

Michael Hatzfeld

My family and I fled Hurricane Irma to Chapel Hill from Fort Lauderdale. We were given Kidzu as a recommendation to keep the kids busy during this time. Kidzu offered free admissions unknowingly to is to Florida residents. This gesture goes a long way. I wish to thank the amazing Chapel Hill Team and the Kidzu Corp. Thank you!

Carlos Escolar

Sarah Brady

Jennifer Jasper

Its located inside the mall, just so you don't get lost! My 5 and 1 1/2 yr old had a blast for hours. Lots of fun interactive play stations, things to climb and hide in and just use your imagination with! I was very happy with out visit, and if we are ever in NC again we'll be sure to visit again!

Trevor Johnson

Great place for small kids to have fun.

Justin Fishel

Great place for kids on yucky rainy days. Lots of activities and indoor play areas.

Christina Singleton

It's so fun here, lots to do. We got the membership which is totally the way to go.

Sherry Colby

Excellent place to take KIDDOS to play

Mr. E

S Sheikh

No sign on the outside of building so hard to find but awesome when u get in.

Victoria Shoun

Micah Moses

Great staff, fun for kids especially with disabilities or special needs

Jerry Richardson

Unique children's activities with good educational values and hands on experience.

Kevin Ferguson

Small quarters and hard to find. Not bad for little children but a bit pricey for what they actually offer.

S Shah

The museum itself was great and there is so much activity for all ages! The disappointing fact for me and my family was that we had my daughter's 3rd birthday party there just recently and we left extremely disappointed with the lack of organization and coordination by the birthday party coordinators as well as rude behavior. Even with 3 coordinators there, they still could not manage the event as they should have been trained to do in the first place. When we took our complaint to management, they in turn covered for their staff's impolite behavior and blamed us and our party guests/family - no apology at all for the way we were treated. We paid good $$ for this birthday party and were not satisfied at all with the customer service. We will not recommend this museum to anyone for their kids birthday party.

Andy Flood

Family favorite.

Ted James

My 22 month old daughter loves this place! We got an annual membership and it has already paid for itself.

lawrence johnson

Kimberly Arena

WAY overpriced!! Small and lame, don't waste your time...

ABE Moore

There was a lot of fun activities for young children

Belinda 7 Ragland

23 32 2

Lorriena Guillen

Bobby Jackson

David Zanter

Nice play area for young kids. Climbing wall; "Tree house"; "Store", Legos; Dress-up Stage; Arts and Craft Area

rasha mousa

مكان جميل ومتنوع وممتع للاطفال بمختلف الفئات العمريه

Martha Evans

Smelled like seat, a bit disorganized but it was end of day.

Jason Smith

Nice activity center, really imaginative design and a bit light on the educational side. But a great place for playing on a rainy day!

LaLa Bee Magneti

A wonderful and exciting place for children! ❤

Kim Stainback

Awesome place! Kids loved it.

Nurus Sabs

Sarah Davis

There are so many fun stations for the kids to play with, a rock-climbing wall, and easy access to bathrooms.

Wesley Aragon

Verry nice

Mary Jane Riguera

We live in Carrboro and is a great place for my 2 y.o. to go and play/run off energy :) It may not be as big as Marbles in Raleigh but it's still very stimulating. They have a part for young infants to play and a tree house for the bigger kids to climb and play pretend. They have an art making section, a place for building with blocks or big Lego blocks, a kitchen retend play and a rock wall. I have been to a birthday party there once and it was a quaint space for the party portion. Staff are kind and friendly with the kids-for the most part the kids are doing their own thing/playing with other kids.

Rasha Mousa

مكان جميل وآمن للاطفال ومناسب لمختلف الفئات العمريه

Yafei Zhao

Frankie poteat

Steve Jones

Jessica Metzdorf

mike vincent

Cool place! Not quite what I expected compared to the raleigh museum but worth the visit. It is situated in a mall which seems off but my daughter enjoyed it after a nice short walk around the mall. Parents have to pay ... same price as kids. At the time of this writing it was 7.50 per... for 15 dollars my daughter and I had fun which is worth it. As a single child it was great to see her engage with other kids when playing at certain stations.

Chris FitzGerald

Awesome place to take my children

Droid Phone

Great for youngsters

Jonathan Weitzel

Love, love, love this place! Come here every time we visit family in Chapel Hill. My kids always ask to go to the place 'in the mall.' Don't let their website put you off; the place is packed with cool, fun activities to do with your kids. Great for rainy days. Very helpful staff.


Jada Slayton

This place is insane lol it’s a children’s paradise. So much stuff to do but sometimes a bit overcrowded.

Gracie Conte

Nicole and Ava: Growing Up Together

It's ok. Very small. Good for elementary kids who like arts and crafts. Baby area is very small. Bathrooms were clean, nice employees. My 4 yr old enjoyed herself, so I was satisfied.

Francis Ferrell

Love kidzu, it is a perfect spot to take your kids on a very hot, cold, or rainy day, and memberships are very reasonable

Sun Moon Kim

Exceptional staff and wonderful place for the kids to explore and have fun!

Kena Robinson

You can only stay here for about an hour or two then it gets bored

Carmen Harris

My son is 2.5 years old and he loved it. He did nothing but run around and enjoy the activities. Staff were great, I will consider a membership.

Officer D

Well set up, lots of activities for different age groups and reasonable yearly Membership fees.

Sarah Johnson

It's small with only so much to do. I've never taken advantage of the all day pass rights since it usually gets boring after an hour or 2.

Kanika Brown

Cute children's museum affordable with lots to get into. Bought tickets via Groupon

Alexei Vladimirsky

This is a poor man's version of the Raleigh Marble museum. So, if you have a choice, Marbles museum is simply your first choice.

Mike Shahin

The first impression from the website was so good but when i went to it was so bad not that clean they have a lot rules it doesnt worth the 18 $ for me and my daughter to pay to get in and it doesnt worth my driving at all any way i will never recommend somebody to go

debe wish4

Always fun

Maria Megill

Hours of fun. Clean, creative, kids loved it.

Malick Lanceberg

Great place

Ranaye woods

My granddaughter fell in love with this place!

Donna Melpolder

4 and 6 year old granddaughters had lots of fun here... wonderful get away on a winter day.

Guillermo Aragon

a little to expensive for the family

John D'Adesky

Kidzu is great for young kids to play and express their creativity. They always have crafts going on in the makery. There is usually a music session at some point during the day. The staff is always friendly and they love children. We get a membership each year because it is great during bad weather. They also have books and quiets spaces, indoor treehouse, climbing wall, craft area, building blocks, and more. Lots of activities to keep your child entertained and expend some energy.


Fun stuff for kids

Collette Jackson

Awesome place to bring your child(ren)/grandchildren. They can play for hours and do science experiments.

Gladis Castaneda

Michael Kirschner

Great venue for kids and events.

Julie Dowdee


Justin Lallinger

My kids have a great time every time we come here

Ericka Thomas

Shaun Mason

Good for the littles. A little pricy for the size, but it's a nice, creative space.

Joseph Carmelina-Klosterman

Need more activities for the $$.

Tre Wilkerson

Indoor play place

Rowan Bush

I didn't even go

Alex Jenkins

Wonderful interactive things for children of all ages to do.

Amy Miller

Great place for young kids of all ages to play and do craft activities.

Katelyn Lamar

This place is VERY clean and the workers are nice and really play with the kids but it's very expensive for what you get. They charge for every kid and for adults so you're looking to spend some money when you go. we bought a membership and were disappointed that all of the music and story times are still an additional $5 a person every time we want to go.

Haley Baker

My son loved it here! We will definitely be coming back.

Katie Hudson

Melissa Redick

This is a really great place to bring kids. There is many different things to do. Go to their website and groupon to see discounts before you go. Overall though my daughter has a lot of din here every time we go. And I also like that there is a lot of things I can do with her so I'm not just standing around the whole time being bored.

Vidya Cunnales

Great place to take kids to avoid cabin fever and extreme weather. They have a nice outdoor garden/play area as well. The only downside is that it is too expensive. $7/ person over the age of 1.

Victoria Rockwell

Mais Al-Hoory

Great place for toddlers .

Lindsay StLaurent

Edwin McLenaghan

A lot of great kids activities for a wide range of ages for such a small space.

Larissa Christie

Great staff, clean play area, hands-on activities for all ages.

Maria Stepanova

Just checked the newly opened location in University Mall. What a disappointment! A small dark place with minimal choice of toys. There's no designated space for toddlers, so my 12mo-old was being pushed and almost stepped on by older kids. Crowded, and for the quality way too overpriced. The size is at best 1/10th of Marbles, and the choice of activities is proportional. Never again.

Sherry V

Lots of fun!

Yair Mau

Nelly Roscot

Jessica Joyner

The kids loved this place! So much to see and explore. Even my high energy daughter kept busy for over an hour!

Jason Holton

Great indoor space in a pinch for something to do. Staff has been great and even did a parent's night out for our son here and he really enjoyed it. Only thing keeping it from 5 stars is that it's relatively small.

Fallon Shearin

Not a fan of any place that charges parents to watch their children. The entire place could fit into the entrance of the museum of life and science. I think will just stick to the MLS.

Rod Sobe

Kiddie pkace

Patrick Lamm

They let kids play free for last 30 minutes they are open so you can get a taste of what they offer. If I lived in they area I would buy a membership for my children. Kids have a lot they can experiment with, play with, and build and learn with.

carlos lozano

I get to unleash the Kraken which is my son, he loves it and I love it as well

lucie house

Cathy Medeiros

Anya Castillo

If you’re looking for an indoor place for kiddos to release energy, this is not it! Most activities here can be imagineered at home

Lauren Hertel

We travel full time and have been to a few DOZEN kids museums in the past year... and this one steals the show! It's not huge (medium-sized store in a mall) but it's got everything you could want in one convenient place without the chaos of larger facilities. The Makery is my favorite, where there always seems to be some helpful folks helping us to make cool projects. My three year old loves the big, open play space with interesting exhibits and imaginative play props. We bought a summer membership since we're only here for a few months, and I feel like I've gotten my money's worth in just a few visits-- and we still have weeks of time to go and play. I... ahem, I mean WE can't wait!

Mitchell Fells

Kidzu is sadly old and tired. We hadn't taken our kids in about a year and were reminded why -- it is a small space and can become uncomfortably crowded and loud. The lighting needs a boost. The activity centers are just lacking. Its the same old stuff. The climbing wall takes up a lot of space but doesn't seem to be engineered well. Its not really usable. What happened to the puppets? Although our 2 children, ages 3 and 6, involved themselves in the space here and there, they were eager to leave. My 6-year-old daughter said, next time, she'd rather take a walk or go bowling. Another parent commented, and I agree, there seemed to be a lot of staff wandering around not doing much. Two staff members spent about a half hour standing against a wall talking to each other. Maybe the overall issue here is poor management.

Matt Lotter

Matt Aug

Nice folks, good place for kiddos!

Ashley Rosero

Tracy Shinn

Have been here a couple of times with my boys, it is ok for a very small children's museum. I was checking on pricing for a birthday party, their price is $325....yes really $ have to pick one of their themes. I actually had to call and speak with someone because I wanted to ask why it was so much for a child's party the person I spoke with could only say that that was their pricing. So apparently only certain people are allowed to have parties here. I will avoid this place now since I believe their pricing for bdays is discriminatory. There should be more options available. It should not cost a car payment (well you know I don't have a Mercedes or a land

Jessica Roberts

The new location is great! So much more room to explore! I only wish they'd brought the toddler table with crayons for the littles to be able to do some coloring.

Cee Will

Hidden gem, the kids enjoyed everything about the museum.

Noel Simpson

So many fun experiences for the kids! They have a sensory corner and a separate place to read. Amazing experience the kids were constantly engaged.

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