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REVIEWS OF Kaleideum North IN North Carolina

Nermin Magdy

Maria Torres

(Translated by Google) Many families were attentive and enthusiastic about the great natural phenomenon total solar eclipse (Original) Muchas familias estuvieron atentas y entusiasmadas por el gran fenomeno natural eclipse total solar

Crystal Scott

We had an amazing time! The staff are so nice and very helpful! We are definitely planning another trip there.

Jordan Burleson

Loved the different activity stations. Loved the music area with the piano carpet, the animal exhibits, the tree house slide, race track and block building area. Handicap ♿ accessible with ramps and wide walkways. Sensory friendly nights for autism. Love how often they update exhibits and video presentations. They also have a cafeteria and vending machines.

Tiffany Whittington

Great place!

Patrick McMasters

Chaperoned 10 children to Kaleideum North, last day of Summer Camp at the Traveler's Club. We decided on a field trip to Sci-Works presently Kaleideum North. Our ages ranged from 4 and 5 to 16. All students and adults enjoyed the trip and time at Kaleideum North...we planned on splitting time and end at Kaleideum Downtown. But they enjoyed K.N. so much, we ran out of time. Next time! Thankyou Kaleideum North!

midge ford

I am so glad that I found this little gem. I bring my grandson all the time and he finds something new and interesting every visit.

Coattails On Fire

This is the most fun you'll have learning science in Winston Salem!

Carla Harris

Shelsea Wilson

Planetarium was great, and guide was great with kids. Very interesting displays for kids. We were with a prek group.

Derick Lopez

Kate Mac

Our children have loved Sci-Works now Kaleideum North from very young ages all the way to their teens.

Cyndi Taves

Skylar Towery

I went as a school trip and the activities were endless! I am definitely going back and, it brought me and my crush closer together ❤ we also sat near each other at the FREE planetarium show! I also saw a raccoon for the first time ever (in person) Thanks!!!!

Amanda Astillero

I went on a 3rd grade field trip

Kendra Porter

We just went there to kill time before going on to the next activity. We had a good time. Would go again if we are in the area.

Taylor Stewart

This place is absolutely fantastic. It's fun for all ages even the adults. There are so many different things to look at and explore. It is very hands on and makes learning very full. Its takes several hours to get through the entire thing. The shop is very nifty with lots of cute things. They have snacks. They also have events at the location and on the website. Definitely an amazing and cheap day trip.

wolfie 24

This place is terrible they don't take care of their animals they leave things that are broken unfixed they have hardly any animals

Meagan Renee

Richard Lawrence

Great afternoon with the grandchildren.

Robert Bucker

Adam Harrison

stacy webb

Nervously Anxious

Lee Kosub

Endless entertainment for our 2 year old!

Amber Jones

I enjoyed the exhibits overall. My 4 year old daughter and my 10 year old son really loved this place especially the physics exhibit. however I would recommend that some of the signs be lower and some of the explanations be simplified. the map could be made more kid friendly just in case a child was navigating alone.

Samuel Lockhart

Jack Marlin

Plenty of things to see.

Sean Davis

This visit was a blast for our 2.5 year old, we'll definitely be back!


This place is great. There are a lot of interactive exhibits there for adults and young kids. You need to invest 2-3 hrs to check out everything.


Really nice museum. It's extremely geared for children. I was expecting a documentary in the planetarium, but it ended up being a really corny kids show. I really wish that the planetarium show was a documentary rather than what they have. I was expecting to see actual pictures of space rather than a bunch of animations.

Dusty Haynes

A great local place to bring your kids to pique their interest in the sciences. So many different things for them to see and do.

Thomas B

Pretty awesome science museum, with lots of exhibits geared towards kids’ learning. Coupled with the downtown location, a membership here was pretty much a necessity for us.

Qveen Mae

Lauren Trethaway

Mr Money

Educational for young chidren.

Ellen Sheppard

Recently renamed, Kaladium North, (formerly SciWorks) is a wonderful science and discovery center for children 4 through 12. Exhibits are mostly interactive and include both instructions and an explanation of the "science behind" the exhibit. Every major brach of the sciences is represented, though technology/computers are probably under represented. Something for every age group. Because few children will bother to read the "science behind" each exhibit, it would be great to add a videotaped explanation at each station." On my visit, I attended a great special event, "Night Creatures" which featured a nationally noted biologist and his traveling troupe of a giant fruit bat, a two toed sloth, an owl, and a flying fox. The presentation was engaging and informative, and was made to a packed house. Afterward, attendees could visit the science exhibits throughout the museum for another hour.

Ruthie Owens

Jarrett Brady

Hannah Culler

I have been going here since I was a child, and I still enjoy it! It is a great place for a family outing, and even my two-year old has a blast. I personally think this is much better than the children's museum. There is a lot more to do for ALL ages.

Michael Dew

Great museum for kids. Their planetarium shows are kind of strange, but fun. Lots of different things to look at. Although the label on their Chambered Nuatilus is switched with the label on their Colorful Atlantic Nautica.

Cameron Paul

Great place to take you children to see everything there are animals and things to do its so much fun

Drema Ferguson

Wonderful place to take your kids!

jeanna owens

lily wolf

I loved going there it’s the best

Marie Mateo

My Family Visits Here A Few Times A Year. My Kids Love How Interactive This Museum Is...

Rommell Blandon Molina

Erik Jager

The SciWorks is mainly for kids under 10. The younger kids will definitely enjoy, but older kids may be bored. No cafe or food shop. Probably 2-4 hours to complete. Check the planetarium schedule for corresponding age app. The planetarium has a wide variety of selection for all levels. Reasonable price. about the same as the movies.

Hannah Kennedy

Sciworks was great about 10 - 12 years ago (before they had animals). Now their animals look unhappy and not well cared for.. the birds and snakes in particular look like they have no interest in caring for themselves. Sad to see the lack of care and integrity here.. Greensboro Science Center is a much better option with happy animals and an emphasis on conservation; it is also kid-friendly!

Vernestine Bynum

Roger Yarrow

april maynard

Ashley Gareis

Changela Robbins

I really have enjoyed going here as far back as I can remember and now I'm taking my own children. I have one 6 mo and a 2yr old. My 2yr old loved the place. More stuff for her age than I remembered. She loved the animals outside. Chickens, cow, donkey's and sheep and of course the otters! They are always fun to watch. She loved being able to pet a lizard which was the animal of the day they got to hear about and see. The thing I don't like is they do not have enough drink options. They have a couple vending machines with NO water. There are water fountains in a few places but there's no place to buy bottled water. Was very disappointed in that. It would be nice if they had food also but there is a dining room area and you can bring your own food.

Timothy Erb

Amazing place to take the kids on the weekend. Very educational and fun at the same time, highly recommend.

Becky Herring

Richard B

Just an awesome place for kids of any age, even toddlers. So many hands on exhibits and different stations to explore. The outside section isn't much but the inside is even better than the greensboro science center as far as interactive activities and different things to see including a few wildlife creatures. And educators get in for free!

Rebecca Wallace

Dan Zlotnikov

Design exhibit a lot of fun for a six year old!

William Voelker

Great for little ones. Some tour groups need to realize it is there for learning, not necessarily to let groups go wild. Need to save great places like this for future scientists and biologists.

Jessa Hanson

Rachael Birkenhauer

We had a lot of fun on our evacuation-vacation from hurricane Florence! We will definitely come again if ever back in Winston Salem!

Sarah Welch

Not enough to keep small ones interested, some of the stuff is broken, hardly any animals. Really a sad excuse for a museum.

Abigail Mcbride

This is a great place for the whole family! Prepare yourself for at least 2 hours of learning!

Britt Shanks

An unbelievably fun way to spend the day, even without any kids. My husband and I have a blast everyone we go.

Paulie Heath

Every time I visit here with my grandchildren, we all have a fabulous time! We spend at least 3 hours and could spend the whole day. It's SO FUN. I hope they do not ever close it. It's the BEST, BY FAR, children's (and adults) learning center I've ever been to. Please keep this open!!!!!

David Lee

Good fun for the kids

Heather Burns

The kids can walk, stomp, jump etc on the keys to "make music"... made me feel like I was in the movie "BIG" with Tom Hanks :) They also can play various instruments from drums, cymbals, chimes etc... again, loud, but fun! They also have an area with animals from different times such as a tigers, mammoths, deer, beavers, and also live fish! The kids loved the tree-house area where they could climb

Shannon Meyerhoff

My son (now 4) has been going for over a year and loves it. He likes all of the exhibits and the planetarium show. It is clean inside and rarely crowded. I agree with those who say it is better than the children's museum. I agree that it is for younger kids. Only downside is there is no cafe, only vending machines.

Martin Seng

Had loads of fun there, even though I really shouldn't be going to this park, because it's really for kids. However, if you are an unmarried adult like me, you should definitely come here to look at exotic snakes, owls, otters and deer, and explore science by playing with some machinery. Will I come back? Yes, I will, and I am coming back for the animals.

Mrs. Charissa Graham

Xombie Nightmares

I went to this place hoping it would be well taken care of- what the hell kind of establishment do you run? The animals are all in horrible condition, the otters didn't have sufficient space- their habitat was far too small. Next, one of the deer had a singular malformed antler and a swollen face, probably with pus inside of that swollen area, which is not healthy. I suspect the employees don't care about the deer's health.

Travis Tuttle

shimon zitter

Teresa Slaughter

Absolutely great place for kids of all ages. Learn and play at the same time

Melissa Binder

Leif Rasmussen

Most depressing place I have ever been. Lots of animals looking unhappy in their cages. Wish I hadn't visited this place.

Ramsey Branam

A great historical park for walking/running/bike riding. Just please observe the signs that keep pedestrians and wheeled traffic separated. And if you have a large group it would be nice to not spread out all across the lane, be courteous of others who may be walking/running faster than your group and yield some space.

Ryan Anderson

Great place to take the kids on a rainy day. Lots of activities and a cool planetarium. No restaurant, but a big dining area and vending machines. Well maintained.

Curtiss Carpenter

Edgar Garcia

DR Battjes

Decent place to take your kid. Most of the exhibits seem pretty aged (old). And some hardly work as they are supposed to. The cool stuff is outside...the animals. It's very clean. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. The planetarium is pretty decent to see....but the narrator should probably be a little more knowledgeable on the subject of astrology. You could tell they were way out of their element of comfort.

Wendy M

ThE WooD HeaD BoB

Fun place for family

David Wehmeyer

Berkley Alcorn

I was there today for about 3 hours and still didn't see everything. This place is perfect for our 3 year old, everything is very interactive and hands on things to do. If you are a Natural Science Center member (Greensboro, N.C.), don't forget you can get in for half price! We will definitely be back!

Corey Kauffman

Cant even give this one star. Where do I begin. Being an animal lover this place disgusts me. First off the snakes, they have 3 corn snakes and a large black rat snake in one enclosure. One of the corn snakes is dead and from the looks of it has been dead a while. They put a small piece of log in that is barely big enough for one snake to hide in let alone 3 of them especially with the large rat snake in there. Next on to the red tail boas. The water pool was completely empty. They had 2 large red tails in this enclosure one of which is in deep shed and they have a water bowl large enough for a small dog. Snakes need a place to soak during shed and judging by the poor standards that this place has for their animals I highly doubt they keep the humdity anywhere near what these animals require. They are using heat mats and a ceramic heat bulb that is no where near compatible with the size enclosure the animals are in. The condition of the animals at this place is deplorable. I will never hand money over to them again and support this cruel and inhuman treatment of animals. Even the otter tank looked like it hadnt been cleaned in a century.. absolutely disgusted

Kris Wilson

Loved taking my 2 year old for a few hours. There were plenty of activities to interest him and keep him entertained.

Reet Randhawa

Phil Hutchins

A wonderful experience. All my grandkids have enjoyed it for many, many years. The outside animals are their favorites. There is no way this can be moved to downtown. Much, much better than The Children's museum.

דוד לופו

Sarah Arthur


Toni Fields

I really have enjoyed going here as far back as I can remember and now I'm taking my own children. I have one 6 mo and a 2yr old. My 2yr old loved the place. More stuff for her age than I remembered. She loved the animals outside. Chickens, cow, donkey's and sheep and of course the otters! They are always fun to watch. She loved being able to pet a lizard which was the animal of the day they got to hear about and see. The thing I don't like is they do not have enough drink options. They have a couple vending machines with NO water. There are water fountains in a few places but there's no place to buy bottled water. Was very disappointed in that. It would be nice if they had food also but there is a dining room area and you can bring your own food

Nadine Kantola

Sonja Granger

Bryan Lee

Educational and very entertaining for children if all ages definitely a great learning opportunity for kids

Mario Uraga

I like sci works

Not Me

The animals there were all in horrible shape. The otters were in a too small enclosure with strange colored water; one looked like it had cataracts in one eye and was very lethargic, while the other was chewing on a piece of plastic it tore from some equipment in the enclosure. They had barely any shelter, and no dry land. When a stick fell in, they ran over to it like they thought it was food and they were so hungry. When someone was asked, they said they only feed them and all the other animals only in the morning, but they should be fed multiple points throughout the day. The male deer had a swolen face and only one horn that was deformed, and both deer were pretty lethargic. The parrot had tattered feather- as did all the other birds, and was constantly shaking. The iguana's quills were bent and mangled, and the red tail boas had very little, still water. There were 12 quails in one small enclosure, and they all looked mangy. The chickens were in a similar state and their wings were clipped too close. All the other farm animals were sitting in mud with large puddles. One tank had three snakes, one with heavy cataracts and was blind, and one that was probably dead. Overall every animal was in a poor state, and the habitats were terrible.

Naveen Malik

Great fun.

Marybeth Smith

My grandchildren take summer camps here and they love it! They have camps for pirates, science and many more. People are nice and they take good care of the kids.

Leigh Ann Wood

Very nice, hands on activities and if you show your EBT card and ID..your family can get in for $3 each!

Roxana Sanchez


Genevieve Lesser

Jesse McKenzie

Wish they opened at 9am!

Allison Wilmesmeier

Dont book a party with them. Total chaos.

Pam Graham

I just love this Kaleideum! So entertaining for kids as well as adults.

The Goblin Cave

The animals are in horrible condition, I read a review about an enclosure having three corn snakes and a rat snake, and one of the snakes being Dead. Well now there's only one corn snake with cateracts so bad he's blind, and the rat snake in the cage with him was definitely dead, glassy dead eyes, awkward position, no movement whatsoever, we watched him for a good while, not even a blink or a tongue flick. The otters were in a tiny enclosure with no where near enough dry land, only wet concrete, no grass, bedding or nothing. They only had one nook to hide out from rain and it was barely even a foot deep into the concrete. They probably hadn't been fed in a few days because one of the otters was lethargic and the other one was chewing on plastic he had gnawed off some sort of equipment in the tank. He was trying to eat it. They had no sticks or anything to chew on and play with, only what looked like a plastic log. I threw a stick I tore off a dead pine tree in for them and both otters rushed over to it so fast it seemed like they were excited cause they thought it was food. Even the lethargic one who had been laying in one spot the whole time rushed over. Once they realized it was just a stick, they went back to what they were doing. One of the otters also seemed to have a problem with his eye. The male deer has a swollen face and strangely malformed horns. The barnyard animals were laying in a mud pit with huge deep puddles, definitely not suitable. The chickens wings were in a horrible state, all the plumage was stripped from the quills on the last few inches of their wings, if this is clipped on purpose, it is way too short, if not there is a big problem. The iguanas spined were bent and the parrot was horrible looking, his feathers were tattered and he was shaking. They had about 10 quail in an enclosure only the size big enough for 2 or 3. This was so sad and depressing. I tried calling the spca but they were very unhelpful. We asked a worker what time they fed the otters because every other place we had been at feeds their otters 3-4 times a day throughout the day. The worker said they feed all the animals in the morning, but some of them eat more than just breakfast and need to be fed more, clearly. This is horrible. I usually think people who hate zoos are stupid because they think that it's cruel to keep an animal in an enclosure, but most zoos and similar facilities I have been to have had very good large habitats, proper feeding, and happy animals. This place does not, and as an animal lover, I'm on their side for this place. These animals need help. Someone should really do something.

Nathan Broman

Hannah Laughlin

Austin Trent

Me and my 3rd grade class went there and had lots of fun so I would recommend the ones that has not went you sould go when you get a chance have lots of fun when you go.

Meagan Two

Chelsea Cavender

Therese Lozada

We definitely enjoyed our time here! I honestly like this place more than Kaledeium Downtown. There were more fun things to do for the kid-at-heart parents

Ania Swanson

Good variety of inside hands on activities and outside play. Free planetarium shows.

April Tillery

Trunk or Treat was amazing! My kids always have a blast at the museum!

Rick Matthews

True story: after my granddaughter's first day at Disney World, her mother asked how she liked it. Her reply: "It was great, but tomorrow let's go too SciWorks (now named Kaleidium)".

Liyah's Life

It was fun

Duen Lindsay

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