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134 S Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401, United States

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I was fortunate enough to get a private tour of this place before it was completed and open to the public. This was my first time coming to the museum since then and I enjoyed the tour. The tour guide Sage was great and looks like cicely Tyson. I just wish they offered a self guided tour as I felt the guided tour moved on to other sections too fast and I was unable to read everything.

Jeremy Hollingsworth

The tour was great, a bit rushed at first however our tour guide Sylvania became a teacher when she started interacting with the children in our group. I wish I know about this museum before.

L. Dolly

My family and I had a guided tour with Sage. She was very knowledgeable and kept our interest throughout each exhibit. I recommend the museum for individuals of all ages.

Michelle Robson

Very obnoxious tour guide. Shouted the tour at 90 miles an hour, made us repeat what he said like drones. The info in the tour was the same as what was written on the plaques. Mostly photos and replicas. Stop for the experience and to support the "museum " don't expect much except to read about history. The counter isn't even there. No photographs allow. Waste of time.


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the museum today. The exhibits were very well put together and some of them made me feel a little emotional to know what some of my family members went through during the Jim Crow era. It also made me think about the issues we still face today. I would love to bring my family and friends back for a visit.

Brad Borremans

The tour of this museum was a great learning experience. Our guide Jeanne was an excellent teacher. Would recommend everyone visit this museum.

Julie Ann Cooper

Dynamic, multi-media presentations and live guides make this a very interest museum. So much more impactful than walking through and reading information.

Nate Edmondson

Powerful experience. Highly recommend the guided tour. Our guide, Daniel, was engaging and took the time to highlight each section of the museum. I've been to a lot of museums and this was one of the best laid out experiences I have seen.

Frank Shaw

Hasan Agbaria

Mr. Gumby

I was a young child during the civil rights movement of the early 1960s, but I vividly remember the images on my television of blacks being beaten, pelted with rocks, and attacked with fire hoses. I was very interested in seeing the site of the Woolworths sit-in and get a better understanding of the civil rights struggle. I was somewhat disappointed. The museum is very small: don't expect to spend more than an hour. The lunch counter is still in place, but nothing else about the store exists: a little more context would have been helpful. The museum is dimly lit, no photos are allowed, and the feeling is a bit too reverential. Be forewarned: the images are very graphic and disturbing. I left the museum feeling that I didn't learn more than I already knew. The guides were nice and answered questions, but just didn't provide enough of the context about what we were seeing.

Marta Jaenke

A great exhibit of very historical moments in the civil rights movement. Informative and friendly tour guides.

Anson Laing


Visited with three kids on a Saturday. The guide lady, receptionist, security guard are all very friendly and pleasant. The guided tour was full of energy and children friendly. Some exhibits are of graphic nature so I would recommend keeping your young children close to you. Precious experience. Wonderful facility too.

Matthew Trott

This place is really a political propaganda machine. They sell Obama shirts and get their history wrong

Jane Elfring

The tour leader was very well prepared and explained the events well.

EC Bailey

Yesterday, I visited the International Civil Rights Museum in Greenboro, NC for the first time. I had such a great time! Walking through the civil rights museum was such a wonderful and enlightening experience! The displays were thoughtfully crafted and thought provoking. I can't explain how it felt when we entered the area that held the original lunch counters! I felt like I had traveled back in time. I was pleasantly surprised at how they used every inch of the space to tell "OURstory!" I love learning about our history, and the young historian who led our group did an amazing job! I definitely learned something new and would highly recommend this museum to everyone, young and old.

Hannah Ray

Erika Wilhite

Honestly, it's worth the admission price just to see the lunch counter. As some of the below comments make clear, the quality of the tour will vary depending on the skill and experience of your tour guide, but the exhibits are reliably excellent. Whether you're just visiting or you're a GSO resident, this museum is a must-see.

Jeremiah Hinkle-Moore

Great experience! Full of riveting visuals, timeless artifacts, and enlightening information. Ask for Ms. Robin, an artistically acclaimed docent who passionately and eloquently immerses you in the horrors and the hardships of the Civil Rights Movement.

V.C. Davis

Tour guide was great at his craft...very knowledgeable and resourceful. . The exhibits presented both a reminder and an eye-opening experience. So glad I went. A must see for anyone seeking a real look at our Civil rights history.

Marisa Hamilton

It was a great educational experience. Our tour guide Elijah was awesome with the kids in our group. There is so much history that we aren't taught enough of. I highly recommend the tour!

Sudhir Prabhu

Very informative, moving and inspiring. Our guide was superb. She breathed life into the exhibits and recreated a sense of what it was like and what the activists, known and unknown experienced first hand. Thank you.


I VISITED this place TODAY, with a MOTORCOACH full of my passengers. The TOUR was AWSOME! The staff was very friendly! As a TOUR BUS DRIVER, and UBER 757 on YOU TUBE, I go to ALOT of MUSEUMS, and this is definitely among the BEST for museum tours LASTING about an hour. And the fact that it is THE WOOLWORTHS were LUNCH COUNTER SIT INS STARTED, is AMAZING! 5 STARS!

Yolanda Penn

Chopped full of history that everyone needs to know. Wonderful experience and look forward to returning.

M Botley

The tour guides were both dynamic in their own ways. I learned quite a bit on the tour and was pleased from start to finish. I would encourage everyone to visit if they have the chance.

Brian Newman

Excellent tour guides who are passionate about explaining the historical struggle for civil rights in the United States, particularly the South. Educational journey explains the context and the aftermath of the Greensboro sit-in in 1960 and the impact on the bigger movement. Photography is restricted and limited inside, so bear that in mind. Groups can be large but guides do all they can to accommodate large tours. Highly recommend.

Glyn Oliver

Informative, easily understood, brought historical events to life. The guide was well informed.

Mizz Jay

Thanks L.T. and Gabby for the guided tour. Well done, pleasant, and engaging, Enjoyed the museum with family this past weekend, along with others in our group. Accommodated use of wheelchair well also.

Lesley Ann Noel

This was a very moving tour. I went with children who said they felt very empowered in knowing that young people could make so much change. The guide threw his heart and soul into the tour. Thank you to the hardworking staff. No photos allowed so I have none to post unfortunately.

Demante Saunders

Amazing place to learn about tbe civil rights movement. Would reccomend that every one goes and sees whats on exhibit.

Ceno Scott

Great Tour!!! I brought my students and they loved it

Jennifer Dillon

Our visit to the museum was both emotional and life changing. The staff work to create an educational journey to teach anyone and everyone the history of racism and the plight of all those deemed "different" within the United States. My entire family learned so much from the staff, things we had not yet learned. I am grateful for the amazing experience and place this museum on the "Must See" list.

Crystal Hubert

This is a must place to go see. It was a guided exhibit that perfectly blended historical artifacts with modern technology. It was a guided tour and our guide made the tour come to life. She was powerful and heartfelt when helping the patrons visualize why what the Greensboro four did help spark a national movement. The prices were only 10 if you has AAA. I would go again.

Briannia McCullough

A must see! The museum was very informative & interactive. Our tour guide Robin was great, I highly recommend her.

Korryn Shoge

Well organized & informative tour, enjoyed Nikkita our tour guide. Wonderful experience & great connections to current day examples.


Amazing museum and our tour guide L.T. was incredibly informative!

Escobaria Gracilis

Very good museum showing the history of civil rights .

Raymonte Jenkins

Eye opening, educational, inspiring, and emotional are just a few of the words used to describe my! I went here to do a tour and to gather information for a presentation I have to do and left with so much more! A since of purpose and a call to action!

bre pettis

This is a super inspiring museum that is focused on four young men who sat at a counter in 1960 where only white people were allowed to eat. This museum tells their story but more importantly it gives a playbook for how to make change non-violently. These activists told their professors what they were going to do so they could get bailed out if arrested. They told the local newspaper so that it could take a picture and document the event. They planned to not get distracted. They bought things at the store so that they could be clear that they were customers and deserved to be able to eat at the counter. Because their action was clear and well documented, it was used as a design pattern and repeated across the south and had a real impact and sparking the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Racism is still a strong force in USA society. We have shifted from slavery to gerrymandering and tracking people of color into prisons. Our leaders still spout politics of fear that encourage white privileged people to be scared of others. We have a lot of work to do as a society and this museum helps inspire us to do that work. I was surprised that 5 out of 6 local people that I met in Greensboro had not been to this museum. This location is a gem and an important place that reminds us that we must continue to strive towards a better society.

Charles Bazal

Suddha K

Wow, it was an amazing and moving experience. I loved how they had the exhibit inside the old Woolworths building, and inside you can see the old 50s diner that was in that building, where the civil rights sitins started. A great reenactment plays on four large screens, amazing! And the maze exhibit (I did get lost but the sweet guard showed me the way) was incredibly touching and engaging.

Anne Trommer

For me as a German student it was a moving experience to learn about the brave movement in North Carolina for more rights and humanistic life. Thank you for this awesome museum and thank you to the people who work to spread the stories behind it. I would recommend it to everybody who is visiting Greensboro.

Rashad Means

10 STARS!!! This was an absolutely AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Our tour guide Ms. Robin was TRULY MASTERFUL! I had enjoyed going to the new African American Museum in DC. The International Civil Rights Center in Greensboro was better.

kathy glasmeier

I really enjoyed the tour. Our guide, Jeanne, shared not just knowledge but also her mellifuous voice.

Ellen Sheppard

Facility and exhibits are well designed and informative. Not sure it deserves the "International" name as 99% of the content is about the civil rights movement in the U.S., but that content is well developed & presented. Staff was a bit disorganized. They seemed surprised that my companion and i were there and unprepared for visitors that were not part of a tour or school group. In fact, they were so disorganized that thought (and asked) if they'd just opened. (Nope, they've been open for several years.) Though we were charged full fare (not inexpensive) we were led upstairs and told we'd need to stay in that area until the two school groups in the main exhibit area had completed their tour. We - and an Englishman visiting the center - quickly completed that interesting but small exhibit then found our way back to the entrance to ask for guidance. Because the school groups were still in the main area, we were taken to another small exhibit about African Americans in arts and sports. The Englishman made it clear he was on a limited timeframe. Twenty minutes later, when we were finally summoned to enter the main exhibit, the Englishman had to leave, never having a chance to see the primary exhibit! All that aside, the center itself is a wonderful resource. It tells the difficult story of the civil rights movement with sensitivity yet with straightforward facts. There are many human stories used - drawing the viewer into the life, culture, and feel of the times. The horror of slavery and the Jim Crow era are made clear in pictures, words, film clips. The Woolworth's lunch counter is amazing. Painful in its cold starkness but heartbreaking when the filmclips and eyewitness accounts bring it to life. I highly recommend a visit to this center, but wish the staff were better organized to serve individual visitors, not just school groups.

Marcia Atchison

Alexander Walle

Skip Alston who's big on skipping is one of Guilford County's worst people and so is his wife, which makes sense. Alston Realty Group has yet to answer why it sent me an e-mail in Catawba County, that being his old lady, VP of sleaze; it was urgent that I open it by the 21st of last month, November, but a public system told me not to; now when I open it it goes go cars I can buy in Australia. Do not ever trust anyone on "the boards" I don't care what cause they claim to care about what color they are or what politics they poison; all the City of Greensboro cares about is Kotis, Carroll and Alston; just ask the majority of the corrupt Greensboro Police Department and now the FCC aw

Genevieve Wilgen

Ken C

Impactful tours with great storytelling and a loving message.

Simone Watkins

Freddie Taylor

It was well done “BUT “ u definitely felt the chip on shoulders of guides toward whites. The odd thing was 96% of attendees were non-African Americans. We wanted education instead we got a Lil bit of revenge. The intent was to make whites uncomfortable as blacks were in past@ public places. Mission accomplished I guess

Alex Albertini

Excellent museum, but definitely not appropriate for children under 10. There was no warning where you purchase tickets, and only a brief warning before showing graphic photos of lynchings and Emmit Till (which the tour guide emphasized). Several children were in the tour, and at least one clung to her mother and remarked how much the photo bothered her. Overall, a great museum, but don’t go with kids under 10. Since it’s only through guided tour, there is no way to easily avoid graphic photos.

sara ham

Samantha Rosenfeld

The International Civil Rights Center & Museum is a must-see when visiting the Greensboro area. It is informative and inspiring - and the tour guides are incredibly powerful storytellers. It was amazing to see the original Woolworth's lunch counter where the four A&T freshmen sat to kick off a civil rights movement that influenced many people then and now.

Lizzy Brown

Dylon did a wonderful job bringing history alive. A shocking walk through unbelievably recent history. A great eye opener and a highly educational, yet at the same time quite emotional experience. Thanks a lot!

Camden McKiver

eat my poop

Shawn Jones

Great place for young and old and any nationality. Sage was an excellent tour guide.

S Mi

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 4,2018) I visited the museum with a group of 19 high school students. It was so informative for all in attendance. Kudos to the staff for an unforgettable experience on such a memorable day.

Jonathan Brennan

If you're choosing to visit any Civil Rights Museum, it's likely that you desire to learn a different side of the Civil Rights Movement than that which was taught in our educational system. The guides are who make this tour most interesting and compelling. I heard one visitor say that they wished the tour guides were "less preachy." The only problem with this thought is the guides are speaking from their heart because the museum speaks to the immense difficulties they faced and currently face as being black (broad term) in America. Great tour, passionate and informed guides, eye opening to the realities of our American history which has been marred by injustice and hypocrisy. Enjoy the tour educationally but leave thinking about what YOU can do to make this a country of equality and justice for all.

Angel Moss

We visited the museum on a weekend and did the guided tour. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable. It was very interesting to learn about the deep African American history here in Greensboro NC and how it was such a major part of the civil rights movement. There was a option to do the self guided tour but I would recommend the guided tour. Cell phones are not allowed while touring but pictures can be taken in the lobby and of the items outside .

Victoria Bailey

I found that the museum was very interesting and that I learned a few things too, the staff was polite and not to mention the tour guide was cute lol but overall it was very clean, organized and well put together

Ronnee Greenstein

Outstanding exhibits and Daniel is an outstanding tour guide. It is a very powerful and educational museum experience.

solomon a. quick

Loved the gift shop T shirts!!!!!

Hannah Davis

The tour guide,Jean, was amazing. The information was fresh, informative and a real eye opener. One of the best civil rights museums and tours I've been too. This is a must see

Mamie Patton

Especially in these times, this is an important museum to visit. It will move you and teach you things you didn't know about the movement.

Amarion Wiley

Sandy Shephard

This is a must see for anyone who cares about our country and it's history. We had two amazing tour guides, both are passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the Civil Rights movement. As educator, I want to thank everyone who makes this experience possible.

Sherene Mitchell

Our tour guide Jeanne gave the group and unforgettable experience. She was welcoming and knowledgeable that you were immersed into the story from the time you hit the stairs. I learned so much that day and will be ever grateful for the experience. Although you can’t take picture beyond a certain point, she made the trip memorable.

Kimberly Haskins

The Tour guide was excellent and he did an exceptional job

Amber Sutton

Loved my tour and my tour guide Dylan was wonderful. I felt a bit rushed but it was a great experience.

Rose V

Dillon's was our inspiring and very informative tour guide

Destiny Alston

Cicely Owens

I really enjoyed the experience that is this museum! Since you are not allowed to take pictures or videos, you were more focused on the tour and everything that it had to offer. Ms. Cassandra Williams was our tour guide and needless to say, her voice alone was nothing short of amazing!! She demanded attention and respect which immediately drew in the audience. There were plenty of collectibles in the gift shop to commemorate the visit as well.

Richard Mankin

Went to the Saturday storytime. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Children were really interested, and seeing the lunch counter was very emotional. I would drive from Maine again to visit the rest of the museum.

Gary Hampson


Jeanne is an amazing, passionate, knowledgeable guide. Also, a pretty decent singer.

Renee Look

Great tour! Guides were excellent-Jeanne even sang at different parts of tour to enhance exhibits. Our middle & high school kids even enjoyed it. To top it off, we were getting ready to leave when the King of Nigeria arrived for a tour! Very cool!

Wesley Dorsey


Christy Boyle

A moving and poignant walk through history. You'll leave with a better understanding of the civil rights movement and a whole new respect for life itself. Wonderful experience and informative too

Rory H.

Lots of great information, and Robin our guide was wonderful. I would say a little too much political leaning. I very much enjoyed my time here.

Santiago Ramirez-Escobar

Angela our tour guide was awesome

Lauren Heard

The museum is closed on Sundays.

John Dockery

Very unprofessional. I was there waiting for my son to arrive with his pre-k class for a field trip and the guy at the front would not let me use the bathroom! I felt extremely wronged being in a civil rights museum...and not being able to use the restroom?

Annie Townsend

Our church Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church from Durham, N.C. went today Saturday March 17, 2018. It was a great tour!! Our tour guide Robin was very knowledgeable and great! We had fun and learned so much. I definitely recommend this museum in Greensboro, N.C.

Terence Staples

The employees were rude and the tour is haphazardly constructed. The only way to experience this museum is by guide. Our guide handed our group off, but didn't guide us to the hand off guide. Directions of handoff weren't clear which posed a safety risk, as the entire group was left unattended in a dark auditorium. This was told to the ticket person, who seemed not to care, when help was sought. It sucks because we drove a good distance to experience the museum, but the quality was nonexistent. If coming from out of town, don't. Honestly, there are way better civil rights museums, namely in Atlanta, Birmingham, or Memphis. This isn't it.

T TWilliams

Amazing tour and experience for my work team and my daughter. Gloria was an amazing storyteller and brought America's history to life! This is a must visit if you are in the area!

Kj Chase

This museum is a world-class museum, close to home. A very thorough exploration of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and especially of the Greensboro sit-ins. Guided tours take you through the whole museum, with time allowed for examining the displays. A wonderful resource ! My heart was greatly moved.

Tanya Hopson

My husband and I were in town for my God sons graduation. My best friend Constance is the mother of the graduate. She suggested we visit the museum. What an experience! Gloria was an OUTSTANDING tour guide! She was knowledgeable, approachable and adorable too. We had a great time. Love, Tanya, Danny and Constance

Andy Nicholson

The only reason why I'm giving the museum 4 stars is because of the title. Rather than international, I believe it should be American civil rights museum. Other than that, this is an experience that I strongly suggest everybody should do at least once simply for the education. The tour guide (Sage) for our group did a wonderful job, very informative and allowed time for people attending to share stories or add information that she may not have been aware of (interactive).

Naomi S.

Passionate staff and a great experience. Would recommend to anyone!

Heather Burns

Our guide was the friendly and fierce Robin, engaging and full of information. Even parts of the freedom struggle that we we were familiar with (we thought) came alive with photos, artifacts, video, and Robin's narrative. She was particularly good, but any live tour will add a lot to walking through the exhibits.

Anita White

Awesome!! Displays are digitally enhanced and very well done. A must see for all and especially for those who did not live through the civil rights movement. Your guides are excellent. Anita

Rebecca Creech

I went here today with my sons school for a field trip. I was deeply moved. It was a wonderful experience. We all know it happened but to see it this way is very humbling. Our tour guide was extremely nice and answered all questions and listen to all the students. My husband and i will be returning to see it again.

LL Mack Stone

This museum is definitely a blast from the past with a futuristic spin. I went into this building expecting to see a piece of history, and got more than expected. The building is a historical landmark. They have holograms that makes this place very interesting. There are original signs, images, and artifacts from that era. The tour guide was very knowledgeable. The cover was ten dollars, but if you are a student they offer discounts. There are a lot of places to park, and eat.

MJ Marcks

Thank you, Dylan for our tour today ! Your passion and sensitivity were en pointe for an emotionally powerful walk through our nations civil rights history and continued struggle. I highly recommend the museum and the tour with all the added information and interaction enhanced the experience.

Alexa Ringer

A lot of the content we knew before coming to the museum, but there were also a lot of details that the tour guide Highlighted. It was also really interesting because our tour group was quite diverse, and one elderly woman on the tour was an activist in the civil rights area. (She pointed at things in the museum saying, I remember that!). Tour guide really made the exhibit come alive and engaged the group, in a way unlike any other tour. Very emotional. An important historical center to visit if in the area.

Melvis Simpson

Wonderful experience... everyone should experience the proud of my forefathers... such sacrifice...


LT, our Tour GUIDE, deserves 5 STARS all by herself. We enjoyed the interactive tour and the technology enhancements. I will encourage my church to plan a trip for our Youth Ministry. BRAVO, LT!!!!

Aziza Aiken

Great tour

Dennis Albert

little froe

This place is amazing; our tour guide was "LTee" and she was great- I'm totally recommending the tour and I highly recommend coming; you can see the actual place the civil rights movement started in the United States for all races- many people will appreciate the experience and the eye-opening reality that in order to continue our journey we all must be united and that is key. Amazing

Kristin Mcclane

This museum was amazing, it will FORCE a person to feel a lot of emotions from the wall of mugshots, to the kkk uniform in a display case, to the lunch counter where the Greensboro 4 made a protest. Robin was an awesome tour guide!

Visit North Carolina

The Museum is located in the former F.W. Woolworth retail store where four NC A&T State University students staged the historic sit-in that would spark a national movement of nonviolent protests.

Jayda Jarvis

ryan ross rejoining panic! wasnt there. but its a good place ig,

Ken & Gayl Brunk

Everyone was very friendly and the tour was very well done, educational, sensitive to children while giving adults the full experience. Robin was our tour guide and she was excellent! I highly recommend this museum. It is very powerful and important.

Jose Meza

Miles Middleton

Chuck Morrison

Four of us visited the Muesum the day after Thanksgiving. We knew that tours were available every hour on the hour. We arrived 30 minutes before the hour, bought our tickets, were offered exhibits to visit, called on time, split into groups of less than twenty, proceeded through the well thought out displays with excellent narrative given by the tour guide. An earlier review questioned the international-ness of the museum. On our visit, and entire room was devoted to the life of a single white women in South Africa who stood up against inequality. The single most strong message be celebrated at this complex is power of peaceful protest to conflict resolution. Given humankinds ample history of armed conflict. The option deserves more consideration

Tyrell Carter

Jonah Harris

Without a doubt, the ICRC is the most important museum I have visited in my life. After having a whole class on the counterculture and civil rights movements, I needed to come out here for a visit. David, our tour guide, gave me one of the best tours I have had the pleasure of participating in. I would strongly recommend coming here, this is a crucial piece of American history that shouldn't EVER be forgotten.

Devin Daye

I loved my tour it was a powerful lesson in history.

Jenn Jenn F

When u walk into that lunch counter, something every comes over you. To know what they went through is...

Janice Ludden

Tour was exceptionally well done and interesting. Dillon did a great job!

Andrew Yang

I visited this museum three months ago it was an experience to know what happen during the civil war movement. In my opinion, to the eye opening and want to learn more about American history it is pretty good and profitable to see what happen in the past and working together to make America a proud nation for the future. To the closed mind and narrow thinker, it will create tension in their heart while touring the museum. I have came from a country that the government have treated their citizen unfairly like that too. During my visited I learn from both side to prepare me to be a better citizen in the United States.

Veronica Coley

An amazing experience

Penny Hines

Amazing & enlightening museum. Our tour guide, Dylan was very informative and had a great passion. Well worth a visit!

RoRo BrandFree

A excellent museum....a must see for all Americans and anyone who what to know the truth. Our tour guide ( Sylvia) was engaging, knowledgeable and a first rate guide.

Toni Fields

The International Civil Rights Museum tells the story of the US Civil Rights Movement, with a special emphasis on the Greensboro Sit-In, using images, movies and artifacts. One may not view the museum independently; a well-informed guide leads museum attenders through the facility in groups. However, the guide is an asset in enjoying and understanding the exhibits. Of special interest is the restored Woolworth's lunch counter, in its original location. Other artifacts are also striking, particularly for those who have no personal experience with Jim Crow laws. It takes slightly over an hour to complete the tour. The quality of the museum is high and I regard it as a must-see if in the area.

Lan Sluder

On an overnight trip to Greensboro, we visit the International Civil Rights Center & Museum, located in the Downtown Greensboro Historic District. For us, the tour guide, who was excellent, and seeing the Woolworth counter in person really made the visit meaningful to us. I've seen a small section of the lunch counter at the Smithsonian, but seeing it here was different. For one thing, it's quite large. In its time, this must have been quite a business, and I can see why it was selected for the 1960 Greensboro sit-ins. . The museum is set up so that, while a guided tour is required and you can't just wander around on your own, the tours are continuous, and new patrons can join a tour at any point, and then later see the rest of the tour that you may have missed. As noted, our guide was excellent -- friendly, knowledgeable and forceful in her opinions. The museum is designed in a way that segregation as it existed before 1960 (and later as well), really hits home. You can see an actual "Colored" drinking fountain, and you can see a two-sided Coca-Cola machine, where the "white side" has cheaper drinks than the African-American side --this is the "poverty tax," our guide explained. The build itself is of some historical importance. It was designed in the Art Deco style. This is well worth the hour and 15 to 30 minutes that a full tour requires. Cost is now $12 for adults (with a $2 discount with AAA) and $10 for seniors and students (no AAA discount on top of the senior or student discount), children under 5 free. Photos are not allowed in the main part of the museum. However, after the tour you can take photos in the lobby.

tracey laney

Highly recommend! This was more than what I expected. My daughter and I learned a lot,. The staff was friendly, and our tour guide was exceptionally knowledgeable. The exhibits were well displayed and presented in a impactful way.

Siennia Coleman

I am deeply moved... changed. Unforgettable.

Cassandra Davis

The museum itself was gorgeous, the exhibits informative, and or tour guide (Isaac) knowledgeable. Thank you for an experience I won't forget.

Lindsay Snyder

Hands down one of the best tours i have taken. Dylan did a phenomenal job not only educating, but making you feel the experience as well. I highly recommend!

Taylor Gibson

This museum does a good job showcasing the fight for equality in the South. You can see the original lunch counter from the Woolworths that was originally housed in the building which was the site of the Greensboro sit ins. Doesn't speak much about the civil rights for other people around the world, despite the international title. Overall a good value for the 1+ hour guided tour.

Jensen Does

Everyone should experience this.

Donnie Little

Bring back the Woolworth's!

Mark Kennedy

Good history of the civil Rights movement. Helped me understand more about the black civil rights experience, which was mostly invisible to me.

Avery Kraft

Great tour Dylan is amazing moving and powerfull, one of the best museums I've been to.

Mary Hunt

Very informative! Well worth the trip! Guided tour is very entertaining and educational.

Jossie Rivera

Our visit was moving. Our guide Derrick made the experience amazing.


So thankful for all they do for community awareness, and historical resources.

Hannah Podhorzer

Great experience!!!!

Paul Anderson

A must see! The Woolworth four are American hero's!

Corey Johnson

Emily_ HIR

Allen Bey

Sandi Casey

Very informative and the tour guide was great

Anita Chamblee

Excellent civil rights museum. The exhibits were real, yes there are pictures and stories that are hard to see/hear but that is the civil rights story. If you want to hear what people of color endured, this is the place to do it! Admission was reasonable and it is wheelchair friendly. Our guide, Marcus, was great!

Aaron Hamilton

It's a very beautiful museum. There are plenty of amazing visual effects there that present the new information amazingly. I would definitely recommend going here.

Paneisha Mark

Tracy C

Our guide Jeremiah was very knowledgeable, kept everyone's attention and was very nice. If we are able to come back with our youth group I plan to request him.

Adaptive Nourishment

The tour guide was absolutely fantastic in his presentation and knowledge. He was very engaging for both the adults and children in our group. Highly recommend this!

Erica Denise Williams

this place was amazing

Alysia M.

This is possibly the Best Civil Right's Experience you will see.

Muskie Patel

On a whim, decided to visit the museum. What a pleasant experience. One of the best experience ever. The guided tour was very informative, You must visit this museum if you care or want to learn about the civil rights movements.

Judy Strang

This is a must see in downtown Greensboro! I can't imagine anyone going through the expertly guided tour and not being moved and changed by it. True stories we should have learned from -- this museum is helping that happen with this unique and powerful educational experience.

Me And

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