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Where is Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture?

REVIEWS OF Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture IN North Carolina

Kwashi Burries

A beautiful place with great staff. The layout seems well thought out. I would suggest that when you have films with subtitles that the camera be moved a little higher.I say that so the people in the back can read and get a better understanding of the film.

John Mills

Nice museum. Worth visiting especially when also seeing the Mint snd the Bechtler which are across the street.

queen baby

Beautiful museum. I will definitely be back and bring others.

marjorie krakue

The Gantt center has many events for the community both family and professionals looking for after hour events. It is a nice place to learn about black history and learn about local history. I go every month for an event and recommend getting on their mail list.

Natalie Joseph

I enjoy the Art After Dark Event in June raising awareness of American Caribbean Heritage Month.

George Jones

A mini-Schomburg Center in the heart of Dixie. Great presentation of art, artifacts, and black history. Love this place.

Anecia Batiste

Very nice for the city. There should be more exhibits because it is a short visit. The exhibits that are currently there are both educational and insightful. Great location. $9 adults $7kids. Good pricing.

Robyn Luella

My and I was looking for a place to go before we checked into our hotel. I google things to do and this came up. What a pleasant surprise! We LOVED this museum! Its small enough to cover the entire museum in a couple of hours although we took a longer time b/c we really enjoyed reading and fully engaging in all the exhibit's. Its a must do and a very inexpensive way to learn something new!

Yuhanna Muhammad

Amazing experience I wish there were more to see


The Harvey B. Gantt Center is a work of art in and of itself, but venture inside and you will see some of the best and most meaningful (to me) contemporary art in the country right now. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The exhibits are well lit and include large quotes from the artist's on the walls. PS, yes you can (and should) go here if you are wanting to learn about Black art and culture. No need just drive by for years like I did since moving to Charlotte! Go check it out!

nicole Johnson

I enjoyed myself. This was my 1st time going & I will be back. The crowd & atmosphere was very nice. The Brookhill Village exhibit was great as well as the other art exhibits. The 5th and York band was off the chain. They gave a great performance.

Ray Murphy

That was my third visit to the Center. Very educational and enlightening. Tickets prices are great.

Juanita Razor

Very nice and powerful museum to visit.

Robin Green

Fine workshops and programs. Great networking.

Jamara Geechie Newell

Great museam. I've enjoyed the vast majority exhibits I've went to there. Although I must say the gift shop has declined quite a bit.

Trripp Manglona

This was a very touching mesuem about brookhill residents. I went in thinking itd be more to it like the musem in DC for African arts but is focused on local information only. However, it has a good message

Ariele Bowen

Very nice museum, beautiful artwork. Plus they have a scavenger hunt to do for fun.

Chez Addison

Great exhibits and got free admission. Definitely recommend

Sharon Baker

I attended a wonderful event at the Harvey B. Gantt center and I have to say, the venue and the exhibits were fantastic! You should check it out. The event was beautiful, and the food was delicious. Great place for an event!

liza papadopoulos

In a cluster of great museums this is a little gem. Eye opening exhibits that makes you see things from another person's perspective

Roz Sunshine

Very very thought provoking presentation by the original artists.

cl p

Not a lot of exhibits but they had a skit going on. Will go back again in the future.

Rhonda Mitchell

The Venue is nice, clean, big and elegant. Went for a New Years Cocktail party with three floors of fun. Amazing art pieces also adorned closed off spaces. Will go for the art and history on my next visit.

Montina Myers-Galloway

As soon as my groom and I decided on the day that we would get married and what type of wedding we wanted, we knew exactly the space that would fulfill this vision. Chanel Davis (Events Manager) and the rest of the Harvey B. Gantt Center staff did an amazing job helping us understand how we could maximize the space and how to create the perfect experience for our wedding guests. Chanel and her team are highly experienced while holding many events on a regular basis not limited to weddings. She was responsive to all of our questions, concerns, and suggestions. This venue is well known in the Charlotte, NC community and lives up to its reputation. I would not hesitate to book there again. FIVE STARS!!

Carla Freeman

The tour was great

J. Jackson

Very nicely designed building and the exhibits are very intriguing. The building was smaller than I expected but understandable with the allowed footprint. It's a must see though!

Daniel Kadyrov

They do not accept ICOM

Ty McMillan

I wish it had more it is a wonderful place

Victor-Alan Weeks

The exhibitions on display here are though provoking to the core and illuminate beautiful truths about various African-American experiences. Can't wait for the next visit

Yolanda Butler

Great atmosphere and the event was enjoyable

Yuliya Paskal

It is very small but neat museum which has to use its space 100%. Waiting for more exhibitions in future!

Robert Williams

Three exhibits and a couple of art collections were available for view. Most of our time was spent in the Questions for Black Males digital exhibit. Men questioned and answered some of the stereotypical questions on the minds of black males. They also reached into the depths of their hearts and asked personal questions. No right or wrong answers. Art took on the role of social justice in the Brookfield Village exhibit, This exhibit used photography to address the effects of gentrification on affordable housing, The third exhibit examined protest movements using an usual medium of retroreflective material mounted on some type of aluminum. A small pop up For Freedoms photography collection was also on temporary view. Exhibits are rotated based on cultural topics. The museum was named for the first African American Mayor of Charlotte. Save this visit to when you time to have follow-up discussions about the content.

Jose Vazquez

Admission is fair price

Jacob Lockhart

One of the best African American musuems in the nation. A must visit when in Charlotte.

Brittany Dawson

Always an incredible experience! The pieces of art are one of a kind ❤️

Declan J King

An amazing place that is good to visit for about an hour or two. Because of the short time frame, it is the perfect museum to go to for any native or visiting Charlottean.


I like this place alot, the mind of museum that is not too crowded so it has an intimate feel. I saw an exhibit where the artist did a bunch of serigraphs in a medium that glew only when you shined a light on it, making the exhibit very interactive. Also, if you go here you get a discount to the Mint and vice versa.

joyce christian

Absolutely love this place every time I go the people are the nicest. I've been here quite a few times in the exhibits are always amazing and the music is great

Precious G

They dont have many exhibits, but if you have a large group to talk to this would be spacious enough to serve you.

Katherine Grimard

Excellent collection of African American arts.

christopher Barnett

Was expecting more exhibits to look at and much more hands on to do.

Mel A. P.

A wonderful museum showcasing some of Charlotte's history, female artist, local artist, and activities for thw well as a place for community engagement. Visitors to Charlotte should add this to their itinerary. I checked into my hotel down the street and changed on the perfect time to visit- the museum was honoring the architect who had passed the day before. So a guided tour was given that Wednesday evening by the educational director for the center. On Sunday I went back for a second visit with my mum and some friends.

Sabrina D

Beautiful museum; must-see. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. There were 3 exhibits on display and I enjoyed them all. It took me about an hour to tour the museum. They have a college student discount so the price is very affordable. I also believe there is a discount to visit the Mint Musuem across the street if you visit the Gantt.


Beautiful museum with great displays. The exterior architecture is gorgeous. The history contained and discussed within is great. A must visit for travelers through Charlotte.

Michael Lewis

Great place

Latara Lawson

Awesome hidden gem of the city


My family Reunion was great! Rememberimg the past to help us do hetter in the future. I strongly recommend you to go check it out. #familymatters

Joy Merkerson

Loved the cultural aspect of this place and the customer service was polite and great.

D. J.

Enjoyed myself and learned alot.


Very jazzy and urban feel. Loved the music and the art. Hopefully they'll add more kid friendly artwork or a dedicated room. However, it was worth the $9 admission fee

Shirley Phillips

Nice museum, needs more

Ebony Collins

We enlisted the services of the Gannt Center for our June 2018 wedding. We utilized the rooftop area for the ceremony and the reception and was completely satisfied with every member of the Gantt staff involved in the creation of our vision. In particular, Chanel Davis, Director of Special Events and Merchandising, was hired as our Same Day Coordinator and was the BEST decision we made when it came to the wedding! She was punctual, professionally, detailed, organized and knowledgeable of the logistics of a wedding inside the Gantt Center walls. She and her staff were vital to our special day and we HIGHLY recommend using the Gantt Center for your wedding and hiring Chanel as your coordinator.

Taheerah Harris

Best place to locate black history in Charlotte

alexis ross

Felt like home as soon as I walked in. I went to see a movie in the multimedia center and it was so fun and homie.

Eric Maddox

The Art of Mind showcase was awesome!!!! Beautiful Center!!!

Denise Denise

I loved the exhibits and art work by African Americans artists. It was very educational! A good fun short trip for your family or school

J Bowman

Very lovely museum!!and event venue

Tara A. Williams

This does not deserve any stars, but you have to select 1. I took my daughter yesterday for MLK Day hoping to educate her on why she had this day out of school in respect for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We were both incredibly DISAPPOINTED! The museum promoted MLK Day at the museum heavily on the internet with hourly events, discussions, forums, and art. It was a joke. It is SUCH a beautiful facility with lots of space which are being misused and wasted! My daughter was handed a white dove cutout to color w markers as the art project. I tried to explain the symbolism of peace and how it was symbolic as no one else was doing ANY education or instruction. There are 2 or 3 rooms with sparse photographs....half depicting gay rights (white people in photos) and having nothing to do with African American culture and history. There is an exhibit with recent photographs of a Dad and daughter and poor depiction of how their neighborhood is being taken over by new expensive apartment construction. Another room had multiple tv screens all playing a video of an incarcerated man talking about being locked up for selling crack. He used the words: G*d d*mn, f*ck, sh*t...the list goes on, repeatedly. Fantastic for my 6 year old daughter's viewing. We learned nothing about authentic African American culture and history. It's common knowledge that neighborhoods are being "bleached." We learned NOTHING about what an incredible figure MLK was and how his efforts still impact our civilization today. The owner/operator of the museum should be ashamed and hand over duties to those who are capable. It was not a celebration of MLK yesterday. This space is not properly occupied with anything of necessity. There was no authentic depiction African American history. This is a seriously flawed operation. It should not be called a museum based on existing exhibits and platforms. This place is a disgrace to African Americans...their beautiful culture/history and the endless struggles they have and continue to have to face and overcome.

Mariel Ehrlich

The cultural center has a very beautiful museum that is DEFINITELY worth visiting. There are few, very complete exhibits there that depict African-American heritage and culture through different mediums - and the exhibits rotate. I saw the beautiful paintings made with cloth by local artist Nellie Ashford, an exhibit featuring quilts and an exhibit with incredible wood carvings. Definitely visit and also go to the gift shop, too, where the work of other artists is featured! The exhibits themselves are calm and are full of many beautiful works. There were other visitors including student groups there too. Also the museum staff is very kind and welcoming!

Rae Day

Great experience. Fun way to learn about black culture and the arts.

Dominikii Coleman

Loved the exhibits here. Can't wait to go back next time I am in Charlotte.

Elda Ramirez

Attended a private Kolors party here and had an amazing time. Excellent people, great music...good times!

herbie jay

Lovely Rooftop wedding, first class venue

Gloria Wilson

This was a growth experience. I would love to live closer. And catch more of the activities.

DMarie H

A very positive experience.

Kedrick Dobson

It was wonderful enjoy the exibits.

Angela Wilder

Not good experience I eas expecting more

Tess-Ella Brooks

The Gantt is a my favorite museum in Charlotte. Visit The Gantt and you will fall in love as well. This museum is unique because the art is not owned by the museum, so the art changes every six months.

Omega1911q Quedogg

Great venue for parties


Beautiful artwork and exibits . Very informative and friendly staff. Excellent place for African American art space that Mr Taylor has created.


This is a must see for everyone.

BigDouja Fresh

I LOVED it. Our tour guide was awesome.

Dwayne A Thomas

Awesome Building

Phyllis Davis

Attended a book signing by two of the Tuskegee airmen, also met one of the first African American piolets for the US Air Force at this museum. Very welcoming, great gift shop. I have attended several functions at this museum such as the Black and Gray holiday celebration, Dance theater of Harlem display, Alvin Aley exhibits, various fund raisers!, Always money well spend for worthy cause. Clean restrooms, parking validated at nearby lots. Great place to visit in the Queen City.

Andreas Willis

Three exhibits and a couple of art collections were available for view. Most of our time was spent in the Questions for Black Males digital exhibit. Men questioned and answered some of the stereotypical questions on the minds of black males. They also reached into the depths of their hearts and asked personal questions. No right or wrong answers. Art took on the role of social justice in the Brookfield Village exhibit, This exhibit used photography to address the effects of gentrification on affordable housing, The third exhibit examined protest movements using an usual medium of retroreflective material mounted on some type of aluminum.

Wanda Kemp

This is a small African American museum. There were three displays when we were there. We could only see two because we had our 4 year old granddaughter with us and the third display wasn't suitable for children. They have a very nice gift store. Not sure what the problem was but my husband paid for a membership with his credit card and found an additional $300 had been charged. He reported it to the bank and the monies was back in the account in two days.

Di Moore

Great place to learn some historical events about Charlotte and other African American events

Ashley Enwright

I have visited African American museums in Phoenix , Denver and now Charlotte. This ranks at the top of my list. The museum consisted of three floors with three galleries. our favorite of the three was the gallery that contain information on gentrification. Explore the 1951 housing development and how things have changed forcing poor blacks out of their City homes. The museum is clean and centrally located around other museums. When in Charlotte this museum is a must stop.

Dorneisha Batson

Besides the structure of the building, it was nothing like the description. At least when I went. I was expecting a full museum experience, walls full of art and history. It was empty. Two rooms had exhibitions. One small room with neat photography that could only be understood with a flashlight shining on it. The second room was a conceptual display of African American men telling the stories of being black. Overall, I was underwhelmed by the museum.

Cynthia Taylor

Informative and friendly atmosphere. The architecture of the building is even noteworthy. Sent family visiting from out of town. They enjoyed the visit so much.

Lee For Toronto

It was truly special

Cheryl Holden

The Soul Food lecture and tasting (Chefs of the White House) was spectacular.

Rob Che

Great museum,To see some art done by people with talent , and also some history. 3 galleries, classrooms, and conference room..also has a room on top floor for a reception. Book your event today.

Raquel Bushnell

It is a great venue. I have enjoyed every event that I have attended there.

Britnee Adams

Came here for a NYE party. Venue was beautiful, would definitely recommend for weddings or parties. Rooftop terrace was my favorite spot.

A.V. Barber


Doris Scharfenberg

Not impressed! Rather disorganized!

Christen Doles

Great I'm going back

Rome Kirk

Dope, been here three times. The exhibits always are well put together and invoke deep thoughts about the current state of blacks in America.

Liza Culvert

Went to see "The Jazz Festival " with a few friends... had a great time! Will be back again.

Willie Gregory

Educational, thought provoking - REAL...

Kenise Taylor

Nice venue, the drinks were $12 and not very good. It was AllStar Weekend, I'm sure that's the reason..either way for $12 you shouldn't water down drinks


I attended specifically for a birthday celebration and only accessed the rooftop indoor and outdoor. Nice place to rent for an event. Great view of the Panthers Stadium from rooftop. I do think greater safety measures should be taken for railing especially since groups are allowed to have alcohol. No one had an issue in our group but I still couldn't help but notice. It rained that day and night and I was extra cautious out there because of the slippery like railing. Plenty of space to be out there and to still enjoy the view.

Carol Rego

Had a great time at Art After Dark!

Johnie Pugh

Me and the lady had opportunity to visit while we was in Charlotte, NC. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable of the visitors schedule. I was very impressed with the paintings. Each painting told a different story. Overall I would highly recommend a visit to the Harvey B. Grant Center.

Victoria Canady

Amazing energy and vibe! Keep this place alive!

Michi Carson

Inspiring & rich in African American culture. The exhibits is breathtaking & self reflection into a culture soul. Will be visiting again...

Ronnie Hinton BBA, MS/ACJ-S

Great place for private functions

Bonnie Robinson

This is a well designed space with thought provoking exhibits.

karen ramos

Great time at the event Fall Kolors

nilay patel

So much to see and learn . Also not crowded.

reaLest Endeavorer

Excellent wedding venue

Russell Gaines

From Cotton fields to Skyscrapers. This museum is very tasteful and educational. A must see as with the beautifully laid out city of Charlotte.

Stephanie Newsome

Great place to visit for Black history information in Charlotte NC

Laketta English

Amazing atmosphere, drinks were premium, and music was great... Just hate the whole idea of people not dancing at parties or clubs too much phone time, been awhile since I went out socially so I was surprised to see how much things have changed over the years... You don't pay such high $$$ for entertainment and not be human interaction in some form... Idk maybe it's just me... All-star Weekend was awesome though...

Marv B

I went for an African dance class and teaching today, and I LOVED it. Beautiful space. Parking in the area is difficult, so give yourself plenty of time when attending an event.

Robin White

This was my first time here and it won't be my last. So much to take in. I saw much of the museum even though walking is a challenge, because there here were many places to sit. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits and look forward to returning.

Golden Angel

Attended an event with live music. The cover bands were all good and the art was beautiful.

Asia Alexander

This museum does a beautiful job showcasing the African American culture in Charlotte. I was so pleased with their 3 exhibits, well... more specifically the 2 exhibits on the 3rd floor are what I'd recommend. The "neighborhood" exhibit was so captivating (the artist shows the real fears/reality of gentrification), and the video compilation (which is filled with the thoughts and voices of familiar men of differing generations and backgrounds) expressing their views on tabu issues within the African American culture. I could have sat and listened for hours! Very well done!

Ebony Washington

A excellent experience learning about African American history.

Chris Pratt

Great museum. A must visit.

Sheron Stevenson

Harvey Gantt museum wonderful museum to attend with family it shares a lot of history and knowledge of the Queen City

Jasmine Dozier

Beautiful time. Beautiful place.

Brian Clonaris

Super friendly staff!

Karen Washington

Went for paint and sip. $20 for painting and unlimited wine, can't go wrong

Endee C. Tate

Great reminder of history. Art work breathtaking. Provide handouts and guides to use during the exhibit. Clean facilities.

Yasmeen Brown

Wonderful staff. Beautiful facility

Hazel Stewart

Outstanding. The brunch definitely upscale, exhibits interesting, guests speakers thoughtful. Since this event attracts mature participation, more seating in the eating and discussion areas recommended.

Boss- C-

Amazing African-American culture and history in the artistic form! I went to GroupOn and got a great deal for two visitors at the Harvey Gantt Center. It was affordable and I felt so cultured. I highly recommend that you donate and visit! The building is a little chilly/ bring a wrap/jacket. (You're welcome!)

Aidan Humphrey

Very interesting place. Awesome atmosphere. Great art.

Elizabeth Vann

Beautiful space and concept. Just want more to view.

Ra Tredeuce

Awesome immersive experience. Great exhibits and overall environment. Beautiful display of African American culture

Yvette Holmes

It is a very nice exhibit. The gift shop needed restocking. I wasn't able to purchase t-shirt.

James Bateman

Fantastic really clean going to love working there for Sunstates Security. Really nice people that work their. Officer Bateman

Jasmine Calin

Beautiful exhibits are perfectly curated and so relevant to the Charlotte context. They are often updating and switching out exhibits as well so there is always something new to see.

Victoria Bayerl

Everyone's history, very current

Shemar Turner

Great experience for African American culture and history. The artwork was amazing definitely gonna come back again

J Bayerl

There was a lot of good information in there that I did not know about. I was able to look up my address in MN for the neighborhood layouts. The room with interviews of black males was too long though. I did not stay for the whole thing.

Tiffany Brown

The museum is beautiful and we had a great time doing activities.

precious brown


Vernada Henderson

Beautiful museum; recently renovated. Great place to take the family for a bit of culture.

Darlene Coore

The group of people I was with,had a Wonderful time there.." Nice "

Christopher Peterkin

The event was very well put together. I enjoyed the ability to participate in the different rooms.

Brandon Johnson

Very nice and intimate museum to learn about to local and national African American history.

Richeel Frazier

This a beautiful place dedicated to African American Culture.

Donna Tarney

An amazing series of new exhibits. Eveyone should see these!

Blank By Design Ent

One of the greatest places to go in the QC... Freakin love the Gant center... Dope exhibits and the staff there are always customer service friendly

Ulissa Bryan

I attended a great networking event and was able to see amazing art afterwards. It was really a wonderful way to spend my saturday

Nancy Gonzales Eastman

This is a wonderful location for an event. Their meeting space is lovely and the staff was so helpful. The meeting room was quiet without all the usual interruptions of people passing through like in a hotel. Highly recommend the event space.

Deniele S.

Beautiful location. I wasn't sure how a wedding would work here, but it was absolutely beautiful. The staff were attentive (even with a person working the bar with pure impatience). Overall great experience once again. The view of uptown at night is stunning

J Patterson

The center has alot of history! Really cool art work and the approach of the galleries are unique. Its named after the 1st African-American Mayor of Charlotte, NC. We decided to have a

Golden Roberson

Absolutely enjoyed Question Bridge Experience

Jaquana Miles

I always enjoy my visit at the Gantt Center. Today I participated in the Heritage and History lunch and learn with Adrian Miller, a White House chef. His program was very educational and entertaining. There is always something of interest at The Gantt Center and I'm glad to have it in the heart of the city.


Was there for Gantt night out..Music was amazing. The artwork is beautiful and it was a fantastic evening!!!


Beautiful museum! I love the community outreach events and the various exhibitions. They change exhibitions a couple of times a year, so it's nice to go back and see work by different artists.

Cristina Groves

Beautiful galleries from artist Hank Willis Thomas! Our favorite was the video gallery. The galleries are arranged very well, especially the Brookhill gallery. The facility itself is pristine and inviting. It is family friendly, however, if your children are very young I wouldn't recommend you bring them along. This is a no touch facility with amazing work and toddlers can't help but to touch pretty things. I had to remind myself while walking the exhibits. I can't wait for the next exhibition, A Trip to the Motherland.

Eloise Toler

I attended The Center For MLK Day. I enjoy the Film, the Exhibits, and the Gospel Singing with History of the Songs by Mary D. Williams.

TVPM Family

Went when too many people were there and when I called the lady Tia could of told us it was a free day MLK Day. We were saddened by the lack of exhibits other than watching ladies dance. There was not much black history to look at at this museum and way too crowded, plus plenty of rude people separating me from the three kids I had to guide around the place. SAD experience none of the teenagers nor I want to come back ever!!

Elizabeth Lutz

Awesome place for events! I've attended several and they have all been wonderful.

Gariesh Martin

A Great Location in the heart of Charlotte. A lot of history and culture in this museum. They have something for the entire family to stay engaged.

Batgirl P

Came for a wedding and reception, a great venue.

Linda Wells

Very little but very good and beautiful art. Very talented artist

Jay Cee

I loved the experience and the vibe if the museum.

Tangela H

Nice location but small

Janice Edwards

I enjoyed my early Morning Trip to the Musam It was very come and peaceful the art work is magnificent and I can not wait to return

Faith Samples

Great museum.

Stephanie El

I can always count on an educational and enjoyable, aesthetic experience whenever I visit this center.

Monique Jones

Very educational place for the family. Got to try it

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