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4301 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro, NC 27455, United States Located in: City of Greensboro - Country Park

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REVIEWS OF Greensboro Science Center IN North Carolina

Nicollette Jones Flowers

It was super fun and engaging! My students had a wonderful time!

Megan Bowman

Love this place. The more I go, it seems like they expand it a bit more. Kids always have a blast. Prices are reasonable.

Mommabear N

Most fantastic place ever!! We drove over an hour and it was worth it! Saturday is busy, but you're still able to see it all! Cafe has good, fresh food--pizza is awesome!! Store is high...spent 5 hours

David-Michael Cone

Love the place. It's actually almost too much to explore if you have a couple little ones but I guess that's a good excuse to go back. When we went recently it was really hot most of the animals weren't out which is understandable.

Jim Dinwiddie

I've been in Greensboro from 29 years. This was my first time visiting the Science Center, I've been missing out on a great experience. Large variety of animals, great aquarium.

Amber Musick

I was really disappointed that you pay to see everything that it has but half of the animal exhibits were closed and the petting zoo isn't open during the week. I have a three year old who loves animals and was very upset. We were as well. If the petting zoo is closed why charge full admission during the week if you don't get to enjoy everything?

Renee Tait

I loved it! I haven't been since my children were younger. So with grownup children we had the best time exploring the New Greensboro Science Center. Wonderful place for the young and mature !

Henry Dixon

The Greensboro Science Center is always great fun for the entire family. The exhibits here are wonderful and they frequently add new things to see. The aquarium is impressive with a vast array of sea life and aquatic creatures to watch and learn about. The penguin feeding is a must see with an interesting and informative lecture given by a staff member while another is in with the penguins feeding them by hand. There is an outdoor zoo with lots of animals to watch and plenty to pet. There are even some peacocks strutting around. Nearby, you can check out the reptile house and see some impressively gigantic snakes. The staff members are super-friendly and eager to answer questions and share information about what they, quite-obviously, love doing. There was a member of the staff, Katie Ruffalo, who took the time to show a member of our family visiting from out of town some snakes, "up close and personal." Our family member, and some other children there at the time, got a, "real feel," for those creatures! :-) If you live in, or near, Greensboro, you are likely familiar with the Greensboro Science Center. If you are visiting the area, or live here and have not yet been, be sure to put this place near the top of your, "Things to Do in Greensboro," list. It will be a hit with family and friends of all ages.

Susan Burk

I adore this place. It's likely my favorite place to visit here in Greensboro. They have so many beautiful, informative exhibits. The animals are beautiful and obviously very well taken care of and protected. The docents are so incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, talking to them is always a treat. This is a great place to spend a day with or without kids.

Robin Evans

We love the Science Center! It never gets boring no matter how many times you go.

Jeselyn Rosario

This place is quite small, but it was a nice time for the family. The price is not outrageous unless you’re doing the obstacle course. There’s a cute little petting zoo that has a sheep and some goats. The animals look very well cared for.

William Wiese

I love the amazing aquariums and zip lining!

Caitlin D

My 5 year old LOVED it!!!!!!! She had fun exploring and seeing animals we haven't seen in other places. Lots of activities for her! She had fun spending time being a kid! Staff was friendly, prices were reasonable. Staff was cleaning some exhibits but were friendly and quick. Some older kids were acting up, staff handled the situation safely and appropriately! Only down side was the penny machines were broken

Cherisa Zafft

Great little science museum/zoo! Try Sky Wild if you're into heights. Plan for several hours for your visit. The aquarium is small but top notch. The outdoor exhibits are very good, and the barn yard is a lot of fun.

Paula Rachal

A great place to spend the day with kids, exploring and learning through play. It's greatly expanded since my son was young!

Barrie Podair

I have been coming here since I was a kid. They have really grown with the aquarium and outside animals. They even offer free shows in the theater certain times during the week. My toddler son loves coming. They have a great eating space downstairs so you can save money and bring your own lunch or snack.

Okinawa P

The aquarium and science area are very small. We skipped the zoo due to the weather. Lots of environmental facts and plastic awareness throughout, but the gift shop is full of plastic toys and drinks are sold in plastic. It would be nice if they set the example by not selling future ocean garbage.

Christie Raymond

Amazing!!!! Had such a great time!! I can't wait to visit again next year!!

Jeremy Stretch

Amazing place for younger kids. There's so much for them to do! Alternating your path among the quiet aquarium, the open play spaces, and the outdoor farm/zoo area gives you the flexibility to match your kids' energy levels as they wax and wane throughout the day. I especially like that the Meerkat Cafe has very reasonable pricing, on par with a typical sandwich shop. The staff were all friendly and eager to share their knowledge of the exhibits. We spent all day there and already can't wait to go back!

Ishika Bhattarai

The place is nice and all. But it's mainly fun for kids. I went there last week with my family. But they took out some animals for some reason like maintenance and all that stuff. They are also thinking of putting Tiger/s there too. They have already made a cage for it too.

Vanessa Hall

We drove from Appomattox, VA to Greensboro just to visit this science center! We had heard many great things about the exhibits and animals there. Let me say, well worth it. Definitely a memorable experience and great for bringing children! We plan on visiting again.

Geoff Herbst

Excellent Led Zeppelin laser show tonight. Also had several telescopes out front this evening and the astronomers were very informative and interesting. Picture is actually from a screen one of them had connected to his telescope.

Toya Harrell

I enjoyed my trip here and look forward to the changes that they are working on.

Sandy M

The staff were all very friendly. They refunded my wagon rental money when they saw my baby did not enjoy it at all. I will return again when in the area. Great exhibits and interactive experiences for kids.

Grave Bait

It's amazing and my kids love it

Brian Carter

My kids and I thought enjoy it here. There is something for everybody and they are adding even now right now. We especially like the aquarium, which has some interactive things to do.

Monica Schmidt

Great place to take young kids for an afternoon adventure. Quite a few animals for such a small facility. There were a couple of animals that seemed to be suffering from repetitive pacing possibly due to their small confines. Most animals though seemed fairly content in their environs. The indoor facility has a small aquarium and enough displays to interest most younger kids for a few hours.

Elizabeth J

Was a fun visit, lots of animals to see and learn about.

Salvador Ros

It has a ton of things. There is even a place for kids to play. So if they are half interested or not at all is good to bring them so that they learn about earth. Little by little

John Goodyear

This is a great place for school-sponsored field trips or taking your kid(s) to learn about all types of animals. They have Lemurs, Gibbons, Crocodiles, Tortoises, Peacocks, Meerkats, Red Pandas, Snakes, Fish, Sharks and more! They also have a ropes course and you can feed some of the animals if you pay and schedule it.


Awesome place to spend the day, whether alone, with family, or on a date. There is so much to see and do. I've enjoyed it every time. I love taking my little people here! If you've never been, plan on spending some time taking everything in. I always look forward to seeing anything new they've added. The science center never gets old.

Chris Slater

Excellent combination of zoo, museum, and aquarium. It isn't the Smithsonian, but you get.a lot for the admission fee. There is.lots of cool interactive tech as well.

Ariel J

I love this place and my one year old even enjoyed it! They also finally updated the Dino exhibit!

Lion Heart Horse Ranch

Great place to spend the day. Start out early and see all the animals outside before weather gets hot. Then great to walk around and look at the museum, aquarium and exhibits where it's cool in the afternoon. Great place for kids and family fun.

larry Gillett

Great place, we find more and more to see everytime we go! Aquarium is wonderful, with helpful and nice volunteers at the stingrays encounter where you can pet the animals. Kids area has something for most kids, my wife and i found ourselves immersed in some of the STEM displays on gear ratios and pullies. Our son loved the color maze and pirate ship too. Everything is incredibly interactive for all ages. Definitely are members and will return frequently.

Victoria Hardee

I love this place!! My sister and I went and spent the day here and had the best experience. If you love an adventure you should definitely sign up for sky wild as well!! So much fun!!

Joy J.

Kids had an awesome time. So did I. Its beautiful and peaceful. So many things for the kids to do. So many different kinds of animals that love to put on a show for you. The staff are amazing. Super nice and very informative. We will definitely be back!

Cleotis Bigeloe

Great place to spend half a day or more, the labs are very interesting, animals, displays and zoo outside. What's not to like for kids and grown-ups alike. Dinosaurs as well!! The fee is well worth it.


Such a wonderful experience. My favorite was the aquarium, but the friendly farm/zoo was also great fun. This place is for adults and kids alike! Of course there are more activities available for children 8 and under, but everyone will appreciate a visit here.

Jason Stratford

Who doesn't love a zoo! This place is very nice. Only negative I can give is that sometimes certain exhibits are closed, but I guess maintenance is a necessary part of keeping a well maintained facility. I think Greensboro is getting 2 new tigers for their exhibits. After the zoo, some may not know that there is a war memorial up the hill from the pond at the bottom of the zoo grounds. Please visit this place during your stay and see the names of amazing people who fought and died for our rights as citizens of this great country.

Isaiah C

Excellent place. A Museum/zoo/aquarium in one this is bigger than we thought and the Aquarium was bigger than we thought. A must if you are in the area

Kyle Russell

Love the Greensboro science center. Kids always have a blast winter or summer even rainy days. Staff is awesome as well. Keep it up guys!

Brianna Boyd

I absolutely loved the science center. The aquarium is large for a center of items size and the penguins were so so cute. I wish that there was a little more detail at the beginning of each exhibit as to what specifically is found in each location. We happened to go when there was construction going on outside and we didn’t want to venture out but other people who were exploring said there were still some animals out there? Overall, very fun and a great place to take kids for the day.

Jennifer Walters

Perfect place to take kids. We loved that the diver talked during the show.

Paris Finesse

This was my 2nd time going to the science center & it was such a great experience. I saw a beautiful peacock that I did not see the first time. They have a sign posted that a tiger will soon come, so I'm sure I'll be back soon. This is a great place for families to spend much of their day creating an unforgettable experience with one another.

Laura Williams

So much fun! We had a blast between the aquarium and the zoo animals outside! The interactive exhibits were also lots of fun for the kiddos!!

Zachary Battle

It's a fun time for friends and family to go. Staff is nice and very informational. You can only do so much to have the animals show but they all seemed healthy and well taken care of. Really enjoyed my time there and greatly suggest it for people that are in the area.

Emily Moore

Two of my best friends got married at the science center last night. If anyone is thinking about it, DO IT. It was phenomenal. The staff was fantastic with setting up/breaking down as well as with making sure everyone was in place and all things went as smooth as possible. It was an awesome experience for everyone involved.

Kimberly Anthony

Lots to do... aquarium, zoo (petting zoo included)

Melissa Rollins

We enjoy going here. We have a membership so sometimes we go to do the whole thing and other times we will go and spend all of our time in one area. We did Sky Wild today and we loved it! All of the courses were great.

Sean Hall

One of Greensboros' best and most important attractions.

Alexandra Rice

This is a great museum for kids. There are plenty of activities to do. They have an aquarium section, petting zoo, children's play areas, dinosaur exhibit, and much more. The birthday parties that they host are great as well.

Christy Jones

There is so much to do here. There is an aquarium and you can touch the stingrays. There is also a zoo with farm animals and others such as lemurs, meerkats, and tortoises. There is a gift shop and cafe to get food and snacks, and there is alot of hands on learning activities for the kids. It is a must see!

Tanika Price

Great place to visit for adults or kids alike. This venue is better than area zoos because it has the science center attached to the zoo/petting zoo/aquarium. You can find something to do no matter what the hour is. Pack a lunch and snack to avoid expensive food costs. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Tara Smith

It was a great super fun place to hang out. The kids were never bored and now can't wait to go back:)

Joyce Scott

8 yr old grandson really enjoyed both the aquarium and the zoo. After he has visited the State Zoo and the State Aquarium, we didn't know what to expect, but he was still interested, focused and asked pertinent questions appropriate to our activity at the time. He requested return trips.

Gray Andrews

Get the membership! It is spectacular! Carl the penguin is my favorite.

Ron Hamilton

Great place for the residents of the area. Kids love it and it's always growing and adding to their collection of interesting things.

Deli Lama

Fun place for kids. Good little cafe too. Inside exhibits, as well as outside exhibits. Not expensive and easy to maneuver around in.

Justin Bramley

What a wonderful place. The exhibits are always interesting, the zoo section is small but enjoyable, especially the petting zoo section. The aquarium area is amazing. There are so many things to do and see here. Not to mention the special exhibits and special events. And if you get through it all and are still feeling energetic, you can pop over to the neighboring park.

Jim Palm

Well worth a visit, there's something for everyone regardless of age. We did the Zoo first and then when it started getting hot we moved indoors to the Aquarium and other exhibits. Already planning on returning to this area in a few years to see the new additions they have planned.

Crystal Berg

This place is awesome for the family. Everything you need for a great day all in one place! Always a stop when we are in town.

The Bear

Absolutely amazing! The exhibits were awesome and had a lot of variation. Lots of interactive things for the children and the staff was incredibly helpful. We were attending a birthday party and the party setup was beyond awesome! The kids loved it and so did the adults! Really look forward to our next trip!

Helena L.

Awesome place! It was nice to see animals that I have not seen before like the red panda and meerkats!

Brittney Dupre

My family loves it here. We continue to purchase memberships every year. Very nice facility for all ages.


Great Science Center with plenty of activities and awesome exhibits. The season pass could be better for a family of four. After visiting a few times, our family decided to renew our NC Zoo membership instead. We'll visit the zoo more frequently, while enjoying a 50% reciprocal discount at the Science Center. Driving to the zoo from GSO is easy enough.

Cathy Burke

Super place with great activities. Lots of fun for the grandkids.

Owen Opalenick

Really awesome. We expected it to just be an aquarium, but once we got there we found out that it is so much more. There is also an outdoor zoo with plenty of attractions that are coming soon and plenty of animals to look at and even pet like goats. I would definitely recommend going here if you ever find yourself in Greensboro.

Brandi Randleman

It was so hot when we went but i never been and always wanted to go. They have tons of animals and even a restaurant wow i was definitely impressed. I will be going back. It was suppose to be $46 for three of us, but i saved a dollar on my student discount.

Rosa Garcia

An aquarium, museum, zoo and outdoor climbing facility all in one. Great fun for the whole family and very educational. Fantastic idea for a day trip. 5/5.

Stephanie Smith

I enjoyed it here, but the only thing I didn’t really like was walking in and the smell was just so off putting. I would have rated it 5 stars, but took off because when you walk in it smelled like urine, a lot of the displays and things you can interact with were under construction or broken, the aquarium is well kept up though. My 5 year old seemed to enjoy it especially petting the sting rays.

Tanesha&Brian Dirks

Love this place. Always something fun to see. My kids, ages 2 and 5, really enjoy it and so do hubby and me. Can't wait for the new exhibits. Staff is great. We did have membership and used it quite a bit. We let it lapse. May do it again or try a membership at the zoo.

Misha Shew

Pretty nice place to visit! Pricing is not too expensive at all. The zoo is a little smaller than expected, but overall it was nice!

John Hart

Great Place for Family Fun Time - Young & Old! The Science Center has a little bit of everything, and something for everyone. Take it from a guy that isn't a fan of leaving the house. My 70 y/o Mom came out to visit so we decided to head here for the day. I actually enjoyed myself the whole time. GO FIGURE! The Center is well laid out and very comfortable to traverse, even for a 70 y/o Gramma! The grounds and buildings are all clean and well maintained, the people were all genuinely pleasant and helpful, and the animals and exhibits were Fun, Informational and Engaging. Would go back in a heartbeat!


I love coming here. Bring your whole family. There are discounts here for if you live in Guilford county and if you are a student. The exhibits are always changing, and if you go every couple of months it'll be like going for the first time again. The feedings are super cool.

LL puppies

I love the Greensboro science Center . I have gone there for many years started going when my kids were small .They have grown up and we still enjoy going there . I have brought many friends from out of town friends from New York , Texas Georgia etc... to come visit and everyone I bring really enjoys it . it's been amazing watching how much it has grown, there are so many wonderful things to see and do there . I love it when they have had Exhibits there . It's a very clean place and the staff is friendly and helpful . The volunteers are great . the summer camp programs are wonderful for kids and the staff that deals with the kids are so good with them . you cant go wrong going you will really enjoy it .

Chad Showalter

Working at an aquarium previously, my family routinely checks out other aquariums. When we learned about Greensboro Science Center, I couldn't wait to check it out. It did not disappoint. The entire science center (included with admission) is innovative with fantastic exhibit, interactive signage, modern displays and far beyond many of the centers we've visited in the past. The zoo exhibits were well maintained. We loved the dinosaur exhibit in the museum. We also enjoyed the toy history exhibit. I thought we might spend a couple hours there, but we ended up staying for four! Thanks for a great day making memories with my family!

Samantha Pullium

I have been going here for at least 25 years and it's been fun to see it evolve. A great place for kids to explore. Lots of hands on. Zoo area has a nice variety. Petting zoo and other areas to play. Definitely worth getting a membership if you are in the area. There are things to do year round. Also check out their special events!

Michael Stevenson

Great afternoon out with the family lots of fun and very interactive

C Johnston

My family and I really enjoyed our time at the Greensboro Science Center. They have lots of fun activities to do both inside and outside. I liked their exhibit on the heart and the human body. I also enjoyed seeing the different animals outside. We didn’t have time to do the high-ropes course, but that looked really fun and challenging. I would definitely recommend for people of all ages!

Shatora Wilson

First time visitors and the experience was awesome. My family and I spent almost 6 hours here. My kids had a ball. Nice family outing day. Pricing is reasonable for the experience you get. Would recommend going on a cool day. Lol

Heather Burns

What a wonderful place for children and adults alike. We have been members for over 2 years & our 3 year old has learned so much from this facility. The staff are super friendly and accommodating. We have been over 30 times. They showcase different areas quite often. They are growing as well as expanding.

John Diaz

Not enough shade outside by the zoo. Cant spend more than 20 minutes outside on a hot day. The aquarium is the newest and nicest part. The dinosaur section is a bit too kidish but kids will like dancing with the dinosaurs. The planetarium shows were free at least on the day we went.

zeni si

We had a great time and my baby boy who turned 1 year old had so much fun even though we went on the hottest day ever &memorial day weekend. Totally recommend this place kids have lots of fun.

Ryan Carroll

This is a great place for kids and adults. I took my nephew there for a weekend outing and we both were in much so that we are thinking about becoming members just so we can go. The cost is a bit high (Guilford County residents get a small discount), but it's honestly worth it!

B. Owens

This was my first time going and I so enjoyed the atmosphere, environment and of course the animals. I was a bit taken aback by the volunteers though, it seemed that NONE of them were knowledgeable of the animals. When asked a simple question NONE of them could answer. Having them there was extremely pointless. I understand such a place looks great for volunteering when doing college applications but come on at least goggle some information about the area you're going to be STANDING in that day. The lack of knowledge and goofy dumbfounded smiles of the useless volunteers is why I only gave it 2 stars. I recommend people go and enjoy, just don't ask any questions. I'm sure you could find a 3 yr old there with more vital information than the volunteer staff!

Sarah McArthur

This Place Was More Than I expected! They had a nice array of animals. Including a lower level inside with reptiles and a dinosaur exhibit. Lots of cool stuff for for kids to play with. We were in Winston Salem to escape a hurricane and traveled to Greensboro to see this place. Well worth it!

Roc Ten

Fun for the entire family. Lots to see and do indoor and outdoor as well. Stroll down to Country Park right across from the parking lot to explore even more nature and beautiful scenery.

Jason Phillips

This place is magical. We love bringing our four year old here. It’s a great place to go on a sunny or rainy day. Lots to explore inside as well as out. The animals are in smaller enclosures so they’re easy to spot. There is a treetop course hat I haven’t done but it looks really fun.

Satyajit Narayanan

It's basically a zoo + aquarium. I was expecting more of physics + chemistry. But I'm not disappointed

Beverly Shives

Worth going once. The aquarium was our favorite part. Sign said they were expanding with new exhibits in the future so that's good. A little expensive in my opinion.


An enjoyable stop for any age.

Katie M

Such a cool place. Decent sized habitats for the animals

Doug Small

Great place to take kids. Not expensive and worth the money for a good day out.

Ashley Jones

We love taking our kids to the Greensboro Science Center. There is so much to see and fun things for kids to do. I love how easy it is to get your picture taken and the prices are very reasonable. The shows they do with the animals are fun and educational. My son particularly loves how many different kinds of fish they have and loves to watch the sharks.

Stephanne Roach

This is definitely an awesome way to spend an entire day. There something for everyone, ropes course, dinosaurs, touching sting rays, a petting zoo, play areas, and on and on! Plan on spending more than 3 hours here at least. The food selection in the cafe is pretty good if you forget to bring your own food. They sell the cutest kids shirts in the gift shop! And the best part is the ropes course that is over the zoo...great for all levels of dare devils.

Becky Lange

We love the science center. There are enough exhibits that we could spend most or all of a day visiting if we wanted. However, it is close enough that with our membership we can go for an hour or two at a time, see one section of the science center, and not feel rushed or obligated to see everything every visit. With spaces for babies to play and plenty to capture the attention of older kids and adults, it’s a great place for all ages.

Kenneth Willett

Kids had a blast. Fun for all. Just make sure to include the two hours it takes to do the tree park. My 8 year old son did it. And thought it was great.

Pamela Mccraw

What a fabulous place with so much to see! Something for everyone and more growth coming. Had a blast and want to do the skywalk next time! Great staff

Sarrah Drago

This is an absolutely amazing place! I took my young daughter here and she had a ball. I can't wait until she is older to go back.

DeAnna Garland

My family really enjoyed Greensboro Science Center! My husband and I used to visit before we had kids and now that we have them, it's so great to see them explore and have fun! There is so much to experience here, you can see many different animals, from land, sky, prehistoric, and sea, plus there is a great indoor play area for small kids to be safe and play. Overall it's a great experience! I highly recommend!

Dustin Win

Great place to have in Greensboro. Love the fusion of aquarium, small outdoor zoo, and inside science exhibits. Great dog park behind the center as well.

Cheryl Derasmo

Nice day with the family. Not so big that you get toed of walking. Some animals weren't available for viewing since they are upgrading some areas

charis alton

I really enjoyed my time here! So many fun exhibits and things for children to interact with. I especially loved all the turtles :)

Erik Bradley

Another wonderful place in NC, we're from Vegas. This place was very exciting. The aquariums, reptiles, zoo and everything else they have DO NOT disappoint. I will be coming back when the kids grow up so I can explore more. The gibbon monkeys were a fun surprise because they were full of life and probably the best part of the experience. Oh ya the pregnant sea horses were cute, all fluttering about together as if it were a club. So great, I highly recommend it and will be back.

Aubrey Eichten

Our family had a blast going. Me and my husband did skywild with my father in law. Had a blast!

Sol Hernandez

Great place to visit! Fun for families. The aquarium is really pretty. Everyone was polite and helpful. Admission price is good!

Valerie Mcbane

We enjoyed ourselves immensely the day we visited the Greensboro Science Center. It was very educational and fun for the whole family. We're looking forward to going back again.

Terri Friend

Visited the zoo section, the last trip. Excited for the Lion exhibit to start. Always new and fun educational programs for my grandson to explore. Yearly Membership is a must !!


There is something here for -everyone-. Watching the penguin feeding was just fascinating, and I loved their aquarium setup. The level of interaction you get is pretty awesome; you can pet the manta rays! The outdoor Zoo part was really cool. I mean. They have red pandas, what more can you ask for? Honestly, I loved the entire facility. There is an exhibit or interactive activity for people of all ages. Even the gift shop was priced fairly. If you're in Greensboro and need something to do just go here but plan to spend many hours as there is a lot to do!

lily durden

This place is very family friendly! It includes a zoo, aquarium, science museum, and a ropes course. My one grievance was the aquarium because it was kind of small. However, the aquarium includes a stingray exhibit where you can actually touch the stingrays! It also includes a petting zoo.

Georgette Becerra

It's like a zoo, museum and aquarium all in one. Totally worth the drive from Raleigh. Would definitely go back!!!

Igor Zheldakov

Science center is one of the best places in Greensboro with its Zoo, aquarium and a surrounding park. I have a membership so u can always come there and enjoy a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend!


Loved EVERYTHING! Including the food. They even have SENSORY Packs that included sound reducing headphones, 2 fidget toys & one sensory toy! Our youngest is on the spectrum and forgot to bring his headset so, THANK YOU GSC for such a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! We will be back again and again!

Christine Hill

We all loved it I was so sad that I did not get to see the bunny's they must have been hiding my brother loved the Dinosaurs we would go back there again and again 5 star review

Alex Arnett

I have tons of fond childhood memories of the GSC, and now bringing my daughter is such a wonderful experience- sharing things from my own childhood (like the T-Rex) and all of the amazing new additions (like a world-class AZA accredited zoo and aquarium).

james evans

Amazing is the only way I can describe it. My daughter loves it. It's a must for anyone with children. Even without kids it's a great place to visit. 5 stars

Christine Stunja

Great place to learn for all ages. Love the inside and outside exhibits

Noi B

Had an amazing time here with the kids. They were able to complete their entire zip line course even though we originally thought otherwise because of expected rain. The staff was amazing with them, they were very informative and helped motivate this kids to get through the more challenging obstacles. I would definitely recommend this place for people with smaller children and younger teenagers.

Tammy Huston

Great place for kids but also for adults.

D1&onlee Meka

I truly enjoyed myself here. It's a nice place to take kids and enjoy a family day out.

Mike Milius

Nice little museum, all the wildlife exhibits are great!

Carter Bowman

Such a cool place! Fun weekend activity!

Betty Thomas

Adding many new sites. Love the animals and new carousel going up.

Wade the Slade Wilson

My favorite place to hang out. The new 3D exhibits are really cool. Love the aquarium side.

De Dorsett

Lots to see and do. Family friendly great atmosphere, reasonable prices

Anna Castiglia

I bought season passes for my whole family... If you live in Greensboro you get a discount on passes along with admissions to 100's of other places. There's so much to explore here from the inside to the outside. My favorite part is the huge octopus. The aquarium area is so fun... There's always something to do here. Petting area for animals. The food is high in the cafe... But you get a small discount with your pass. There's something for everyone. It's closer than the zoo so it'll have to do. Learning center for kids play areas. Plenty of parking lines move fast... Party rooms... So much more

Ryan C

Great experience since they updated the building years ago.

Connie Fox

Great fun and learning experience for the whole family. Great value as well. You can go and spend the entire day. By lunch at the snack bar or pack your own. Has an outdoor zoo, indoor shows and science center as well as an aquarium. For extra fee there is also a skywalk thru the trees. They do offer military discounts as well.

Pamela Smith

Loads of fun! I enjoyed every minute of it. Grand daughter had a birthday party there. It was great fun for all the kids

Hannah Murdock

I love the GSO Science Center!!!! I've visited multiple times and each time it seems like they have a new exhibit! I took my Sunday School class on a field trip there and they absolutely loved it! My hubby and I went there a day date as well! It's a great spot to visit no matter what the occasion!

Kerry Watkins

Great place to bring the kiddos. Educational and fun. They are excited to come and don’t realize they learn something new with each visit.

Brandi DiRusso

This review is specifically related to the penguin encounter. We have visited the Greensboro Science Center several times each year since my daughter was about 2. She is absolutely in love with the penguins. While there on one of the visits, a staff member spoke to us about the penguin feeding encounter. We wanted to sign up for this encounter but you have to be 6 years old. We waited for 3 years, and for her 6th birthday we booked the penguin feeding encounter. This "encounter" was a complete waste of money. You learn more and see more by watching the feeding presentations at the exhibit. The tour starts out by taking you into the room where they talk about what the penguins eat and how the food is sourced. I thought this was a great introduction. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Then the main keeper leaves the room and goes out to do the feeding. Another staff member then shows pictures of different parts of the penguins and where they live, etc. Again, good information but this is all done while the keeper is feeding the penguins. Then we were taken to the feeding, most of which had already occurred. Anyone who has been to the feeding knows that you have to get there before it starts to have a good position to watch the feeding. We had no such luck, since the feeding was almost over. We literally saw one penguin eat one fish. So here comes the part where we were really disappointed, we had been informed that the encounter was feeding the penguins. It is now my understanding that this was probably never the case and we received bad information. However, to a 6 year old, who had been waiting 3 years, this was devastating. But we still had hope because we still were going to have an encounter with the penguins. This was not an encounter in my opinion. You basically get to sit in the same room with 2 penguins. You are not allowed to touch the penguins at all. You can't move your feet. Your hands can not go below your knees. So my daughter got to sit on a bench with her legs up (because she was too short and her legs would dangle). The penguins did walk around the room. They did not interact with us very much, other than to peck at someone's leg because they had something shiny on their leg. The penguins were not interested in playing with the toys. I know that is beyond the control of the science center. Lastly, the photo opportunity is not what one expects. My big, big problem was to pay $65 per person for this "encounter" which was just sitting in a room with a penguin. You can get much more entertainment and interaction watching through the glass. Again, the staff was nice, friendly, knowledgeable. My complaint is that this is not an encounter. Save your money and watch the penguins through the glass.


They have a peacock just wondering around and its pretty cool. I was so taken away by everything here. I love that this place is also a conservation place for animals as well. Everywhere you go it tells you about how to save our planet. It shows you the amount of waste that goes in the ocean and in the field, and it reminds you to recycle and take better care of the place! I will definitely go back. Plus, I like the end of life room. It gives those who have lost someone a place to take a moment and leave something for them.

Sydni Bowers

I wish there was a bit more for the younger guests to enjoy, but my daughter loves going just to see the animals and the aquarium. She'll grow into the rest eventually.

Beth Johnson

Dirty as usual. Big tank with half as many fish & cloudy. Still smells bad when you walk in the door. The glass to everything is dirty. Haven't been in over a year. Nothing has changed. 8 11 2019

Dillon Barry

Really cool experience, lots of animals and things to do

Cosmic Traveler

The Kids and the Parents had a blast here. There is so much to learn, and the animal petting was a thrill for the Kids. This is a very busy place, but well worth the time, cost, and energy. Staff were courteous and very helpful. Even the restaurant had decent food. Please take your Kids her! They will enjoy it immensely!

David Hunt

Incredible place, lots of upgrades. Hidden gem in Greensboro.

Katie Miller

Makes a great day trip, especially in the summer when you don't want to be out in the heat! The zoo part of the museum is the perfect size. Big enough to see a variety of animals, but small enough to walk through in 30 minutes or so. Love that they're always changing things up and adding new exhibits.

Ömer’in Maceraları

One of the best place in Greensboro for children to visit. Small zoo, aquarium, museum and others... little expensive; so membership is recommended.

Andrea Mcadoo

Awesome Family Experience! This place will amaze little ones up to the big ones! Great staff! Cafe with lots of variety or pack a lunch and enjoy in a variety of outside areas! Definitely recommend a trip!

Hayley Whitlock

Great price for the amount of fun offered! The kids love it.

Sarah Rains

My kids love this place! It’s part zoo, nature walk, aquarium, movie theater, and science class all in one place. Your family can easily spend a whole day here. Really great staff, even under a crushing throng of school children!! Convenient bathrooms and the cafe food is good too. Don’t forget to explore the park and pond areas outside!

Brian Holland

Had one of the coolest displays. Clear pipes with pressurized air you can launch little balls through. Silly, but super entertaining. Also, loads of fish and cool science stuff.

Brian Conlon

Great place to take the kids, so much to do and see, and experience. So many animals, and exhibits, so much to learn about, it's a wonderful little known gem in Greensboro, but it won't be for long.

Ray Goodwin

Watching the aquarium animals get fed is very interesting for kids of all ages. The zoo and aquarium are targeted for audience members of 4-9 years old, but there are events and playgrounds for younger children. There's something here for all ages. Handicap accessible throughout. No written policy on service animals - please call ahead. Group areas, activities, and tours available by appointment.

Carie M

I love this place with small children! They can touch everything and they have so much fun. No matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to see.

Peggy O'Sheel

Love this place! They have multiple indoor exhibits as well as an outdoor, small zoo type area and SKYWILD if you’re brave enough (check their website for details). They are constantly expanding and improving, too, because of generous funding they’ve received. If you live in Greensboro, NC or nearby, an annual membership is best because after about 2 visits per year, you will have paid for the membership which allows unlimited visits during the year and discounts at the gift shop. This is a great, fun place to spend the day, especially if you have kids.

Sarah Berger

So much more than we expected! Bring water if doing the outside stuff. Plenty of places to sit and enjoy.

Kimberly Ross

Love it here! Whether we spend the entire day or just an hour, it's fun for all!

Melanie Reardon

Greensboro's gem of a place for all ages! You can explore science with lots of hands-on, relatable exhibits. I've been several times and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was here for my friends' wedding, which was a magical occasion. We had an excellent penguin soap opera synopsis during cocktail hour, thanks to a stellar staff member. The staff really were awesome-- there were a lot of us trying to help set up and we were definitely in the way!-- and everyone was courteous, kind, and helpful. Thanks, everyone!!

Chris P

we loved this place. took a 6 and 8 year old. lots of construction, and the the temporary exhibits weren't open - seems like a lot missing for those not to be open right now, but otherwise thoroughly enjoyed. not busy at all when we visited on a Monday afternoon.

Madonnameka Gathings

We absolutely love it great family atmosphere

Jes Carr

Nice place for date outting. It was a variety of things to see. I loved seeing the tortoises and turtles. Food was good. I had their hot dog with Cole slaw. I did not care for the banana pudding I like my cookies with a little crunch. Definitely worth a trip if your in the area.

Shawn Pustay

Great place to take my grandson and let him explore. It was unfortunately too hot to explore outside but perhaps another day.

Micah Swick

We enjoy the Science center. The aquatic/marine center is the nice with an excellent assortment of marine life. Several of the outdoor exhibits are currently closed, either due to the time of year or for renovations. I haven't tried the hanging rope course yet but it looks great and is definitely on the bucket list. if you want to add the rop course to your itinerary, plan for an extra couple of hours. They have several new outdoor exhibits in the works. The Science Center will be a real highlight in Greensboro in the very near future!

Deanne Cooper

Love everything about this place!! Awesome zoo and aquarium and they are adding new exhibits all the time. Highly recommend getting a yearly membership because the cost of admission twice pays for your membership and then you can go all year long.

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