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REVIEWS OF Greensboro History Museum IN North Carolina

Luke Hilgeman

Spent an hour here and had to fly through. Looking forward to coming back. Enough hands on for small children to be entertained.

Giselle Carrilho

The staff was courteous and very nice and it's not so large that you can't appreciate all the exhibits....i highly recommend it

leonard wright

Love this place. So much to see and learn. Does require you to do some reading

Matthew Boles

Great place to take the family and its free! Learn while you can.

jessie mills

I love this place

Detroit Globe Trotter

Great experience

Crystal BelleAmie

beautiful place and well thought out, interactive exhibits. walking distance from everything downtown. wish I had visited sooner.

Seth Skinner

Nice museum. The staff was extra friendly and helpful. Building was well kept and some interesting sites.

Ron Miller

Very nice

Gill Herman

loved this museum!! it's so interactive and so much fun, with so many things to do around inside. great for people of all ages! highly recommend!!

Krishna Avva

Very informative

Silvana Dias

(Translated by Google) I loved being able to know a little more about the history of Greensboro (Original) Adorei poder conhecer um pouco mais da história de Greensboro

Nicholas Soule

This museum is exceptional. There are so many interesting and historical exhibits. The museum is a really good size and the staff are very friendly and helpful. The museum also has a wonderful gift store. I would definitely recommend this museum to anyone in the area.

Jose Gonzalez

Real good place to visit. Wonderful. Worth the price of entry

Emily Rorer

It was loads of fun and i have gone back since the first time i went! But i will tell you it is very cold in there because they have too many air vents!! This needs to be fixed!!!

Preston Lane

An excellent museum in Greensboro's downtown. Great core exhibit and good special exhibitions.

Albert Barginere

Great place....great history and family friendly.

Leslie Murphy

Confederate hospital. Couldn't believe they carried wounded all the way from Bentonville battlefield that far. Over 100 miles by horse and wagon or maybe by train???

Ryan Beal

Great piece of history. Upon walking up to it we realized it is a church but didn't know why it was chosen until we left. It was used as a hospital. So it holds more history than just being a church.

James & Tanya Dickens

Mr. Rodney Dawson, Education Curator, for the Greensboro History Museum spoke at our homeschool History Roundtable yesterday. He presented a WWI documentary entitled, 'Through the Eyes of Nine". Mr. Dawson was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter, and his presentation was very organized and informative. His delivery was also quite personable and engaging. He finished his presentation by dividing the students into teams, and proceeded with a fun Jeopardy style game to reinforce what had been taught.The feedback from the parents and children that attended was extremely complimentary. I'm personally grateful that the museum offers such quality programs for our community.

Carol Newenham

Took my grandson we all had a ball

Terry Underwood

Good experience

Karen Feeney

Had a fabulous time at #TriadHistoryDay learning about all the organizations in the area preserving NC culture and history.

CLEA Cummings

Great museum. Lots of great history in Greensboro. Beautiful building.

A Google User

Love the way they display history and help you see how the past looked.

Pi Kassahun

Great, free and informative!

Richard Podolsky

Great local museum. Enjoyed my time there immensly. Will visit again.

Bill Blackmon

Free museum on the history of the town of Greensboro, NC. There is a small free parking lot behind the building with only one handicapped spot. The spaces inside this church converted to a museum are archecturally beautiful, keeping much of the charm of the original building. Educationally, we were surprised at how much we learned about the history of Greensboro. Good for kids too with plenty of hands on exhibits. The paid Children's Museum is across the street. Hitting both venues made for a nice afternoon with the grandkids.

Pearl Hopf

Free admission , well organized & educational

Jennifer James

This is an awesome museum for it to be free. It's interactive and the exhibits change regularly. The staff is always friendly and willing to help explain something. Great thing to do with the family.

Keeping It Real

It's a bit dated on the inside in regards to the displays but otherwise it's a nice place to visit. If you want to gain some insight into the history of the South it is a valuable resource.

Randall Smith

Nice place..

skate 3

So much to see. Lovely staff

Wendy Jay

Wonderful! This place is a MUST SEE for history buffs. I loved it. When I visited the AIDS Quilts were on display. Very moving! Staff was friendly and helpful. Very informative!

james king

hidden gem of Greensboro.

Chris Mulvey

I had one of those rare experiences where the reality exceeded my expectations. Fun and informative.

Scott Logan

Entertaining, and educational.

Suddha K

A nice way to learn about the history of the area. I especially enjoyed the old drugstore exhibit and the old fire engine.

Gerald Conover

I love the exhibits and the experience.

Meghan Hayes

Great history, great museum!

Star Angel

Nice museum. Friendly staff.

Benjamin Windsor

Nice museum that a lot of people don't know about. Great place to spend an afternoon.

Barry leamon

Great learning experience, I'm from California and truly enjoyed the history.

Edward Keohohou


Devil Moma

They're amazing. I love being able to go learn all the local history. The staff is fantastic too.

Diana Glauch

We enjoyed our visit here. Lots of great exhibits

David and Blythe

Excellent museum! Very friendly staff, some interactive exhibits and some outside exhibits. Highly recommended especially if you are new to Greensboro or the surrounding areas or even North Carolina. Also highly recommended if you live here and have never gone before. Bring your whole family! You will leave with a lot of knowledge about the place you live or have visited!

Randy Reynolds

We enjoyed our visit. The collections are way more extensive than we expected. Next time we'll plan for a longer stay.

Daniel Bowles

A great learning experience for the whole family

Patrick Kea

We learned so much about the history of Greensboro here. You have to go.

Prosenjit Chatterjee

Nice place.

Bill Lemon

Very impressed great displays and surroundings were beautiful and geart for the kids!

David Englebretson

Great museum experience.

Tori Spearman

This was an amazing attraction to visit over the weekend when I was spending time with my grandma! Not only are there so many interesting things to see and facts to learn, a decent part of this museum is interactive. The museum itself is quite large and my grandma and I often found ourselves asking how they do not charge admission. The museum runs on donations and we forgot to donate before or after our visit but no worries because they make it super easy for you to donate online. I would 100% recommend this museum to anyone living in Greensboro or visiting Greensboro.

Daniel Weatherington

This is an amazing museum located in downtown Greensboro. There are three levels to explore and learn the history of Greensboro, NC. I highly suggest stopping by and taking a look. To see the entire museum and exhibits will take about an hour.

Paula Frances

Outstanding museum, tours of Archives and Collections as well as docent led tour of Museum.

Craig Taylor

Amazing museum, free admission. Great exhibits that change frequently.

Evalee Foster

Had a wonderful visit and the staff were very friendly. My children really were excited to of when and hated to leave

Josue Ayala

An amazing place, full of history. Recommended!!

Justin Bramley

This is such a wonderful part of Greensboro. The exhibits are great and the little town area is wonderful for the kids to look around and discover the town's history.

Jay Langston

A fantastic are give of the long history of the area. Extremely well-presented, and remarkable artifacts.

Allan Peterson

Great place to learn more about the Local History. Looking forward to visiting again.

Charlotte Fields

The Greensboro History Museum is a great place to go to learn about the history of Greensboro. There are numerous and varied exhibits all through the museum and there is a cemetery that you can walk through. When you go plan to spend at least a couple of hours there so that you can see all that the museum has to offer. My family and I have been to the museum three times so far!


Very interesting and knowledgeable place to visit.

Kenya Monro

Informative like Walking back in time literally

Lauren Resnik

I could stay here for 2 days and still not read/experience all of the information - truly chock-a-block with history. They do a very good job at transporting you through time to get the true feel of the 1800's. Fascinating history.

Jonathan Carter

This is a pretty amazing museum! It shows the history of Greensboro going from it's founders, through the reveloutionary and civil war, through the boom of the textile trade and also the civil Rights movement. The museum is free and has some very informative exhibits. There are also some great restaurants nearby so if you are looking for a fun afternoon experience I definitely would recommend this place!

Christina Ulisky

This was my favorite museum as a kid. I still visit every time I am in Greensboro and now I bring my children, they love it also. Wonderful updates both inside and to the cemetery. The typewriter exhibit in April 2019 was a huge hit with our 2, 10 & 18 year old!

Phillip Alfonzo

Amazing place to visit, full of information and very well made. Will be back.

Barbara Ross

Great place to visit historical data

Isaac Metcalf

Nice, small museum, perfect for getting to know the history of Greensboro.

Daniel Gonzalez

Loved learning about Greensboro's history

Rebecca Reynolds

Came here with a nine year old, he stayed interested throughout most of the exhibits. He loved the hands on experience provided. A good day spent!

Janie McQueen

It was interesting and knowledgeable.

Mike Zach Lowe

Great place for the family at a great price.

Rod Spellman

The exhibits here are very informative and cover the whole history of Greensboro. I got the chance to take a tour with one of the docents today, and the museum was even better. The docent was a wealth of knowledge, and their information expanded on what the exhibits said, and added another whole level to my understanding of Greensboro. I love that I learn something new every time I go here.

Robin Rutherford

Powerful Greensboro history

Chris Clark

gentle lovely museum

jessica brindle

I love this place like walking back in time so relaxing.

Timothy Reagin

Parking isn't ideal but I loved the exhibits

Blind-Dog Gatewood

Grear variety.

stae wilkerson

Loved it

Haoshu Li

Very interesting and engaging. The exhibits on the civil war and Dolly Madison are great.

Kim Cuny

From my nine year old....Third floor is the hands on stuff. There is an old fashioned movie theatre with movies to watch. Great experience. We have long visited this place. We might give the third floor five stars however we would like to see more intentional guided play for visitors especially large groups. The city exhibit with our school group got stale. Too much of the same scavenger hunt with paper and pen. one of the kids with me said, “i do not want to do this anymore, why can’t i look for things that i like?” Again we suggest intentional play opportunities. Change the way the visitors are expected to use their brains often. Mix it up. amazing collection of artifacts in need of new educational activities for school groups.

Lawson Lewis

Fun for kids

shawn rudison

A very nice place to visit with children. No entrance fee and free guided tours are available as well.

Kayla Krest

Amazing, I learned so much about this history-filled town.

mike ankner

Vicks and blue jeans.

Heather Burns

To be honest, I didn't expect much from this place. It doesn't look as big as it is! I was the only one there for HOURS and got to explore without the hassle of other people getting in the way. First time that's ever happened and it was AMAZING because I didn't feel the need to move on quickly from each display so that others could get in.

Brittney Ross

Very cool I And interesting

Michael Platt

Nice museum and free. Good history of the city

heather eggert

Dan Donovan

Excellent place to spend a few hours viewing and learning the history of the region. Free admission doesn’t hurt either.

Joel Edwards

I visited this place as part of an elementary school field trip. I mean, maybe this would have been a decent place for older children. It was not for first graders. And, that's not the museum's fault. That falls on the school. But, I digress. What I'm really here for is to talk about the museum. More-specifically, a particular member of the museum staff. Let me start by saying, the museum itself is nice. It appears to offer a lot to be learned about our community and our state. However, it's one of your staff members that really prompted this review. Obviously, I won't mention names. But, the person in question was extremely rude and had very unrealistic expectations for a large group of first graders. Things were said to children that should NOT be said to children in this setting. Things such as: "Why are your eyes wandering away from this photo. Look here, please!" (they're children, in a large setting, in a room FULL of photos that are back-lit to draw attention to each); "You either didn't pay attention or you can't count well." (said to one student who used more than the random, arbitrary amount of PAPER cutouts - this student started crying because of this individual's demeaning attitude); "Apparently, you won't do too well in arithmetic." (said to another student). When a couple mothers attempted to explain to her that another museum staff member just gave the students different instructions, she snapped back with, "Well, that was before I got here!". Maybe this place is full of historical value. Maybe it provides a unique, educational value to the community. Maybe there are many things to learn from visiting The Greensboro History Museum. However, people like the individual mentioned above will prevent my family, along with multiple other families in attendance this day, from ever finding out for ourselves. This kind of attitude also carries the risk of permanently scarring children into hating museums, disliking history, and being apprehensive to learn. Dear, Greensboro History Museum staff member mentioned above (you know who you are): if you hate your job that much, leave. If you don't like working with children, and dealing with children being CHILDREN, don't be the tour guide for a group of children. If you are having a bad day, we all understand -- just don't take it out on the children who are excited to be there, yet lack the ability to not feed from the excitement of the dozens of other children around them. If you only want the children to use a very-specific number of PAPER CUTOUTS for a craft, provide only that number per child. Don't stifle creativity. Don't punish a child for not paying 100% attention in an environment that already hinders the ability to maintain focus. And, certainly do not insult a child, nor attack their self-esteem, for not fitting within your predetermined "mold" of how a child should behave. You don't fit into my predetermined mold of how a museum tour guide should behave. I'm fairly certain you wouldn't appreciate it if I told you that you have no social skills, and further attacked your self-esteem and character in front of the children and adults. Please return the same expectation. Shame on you for behaving in such a manner. I sincerely hope you reconsider what you do with the time you currently spend at the museum "helping" those who choose to visit you.

Jim Tomasura

Very interesting and informative.

Roger Cooper

Much better than you would think. Interesting history and lots of exhibits for everyone.



Amy Adams

A great place to go to learn some history of our city! Free Admission, a small gift shop is available as well! They are adding some new exhibits so I will definitely go back!

Steve Plante

Do miss the old cemetery behind the museum.

Jeannine Wenner

5 by O Henry is a yearly event featuring 5 short stories brought to life in play form and surrounded by additional cabaret entertainment set in the early 1900's. Cheeky, dramatic, and funny for all ages

ShQuana Parker

Friendly and knowledgeable.

Stevie Lovingood

Great place for your family to feel the past of greensboro relaxing as well love the cars they need to dust the big ford it was however dust all over the rims and fendor took notice when i started coughing as i have very very bad sinus but overall its a great place.

Michael Glassman

Great way to learn about the city's history. Free admission (donations are accepted). Fun way to spend an hour.

Robert Cooling

Amazing museum with wide-ranging exhibits and artifacts from Greensboro long and turbulent history, from its founding, through the Civil War, the civil Rights struggle and up to the recent past: and it is all without an admission charge!!

Thomas Anderson

Great attraction, happy Greensboro has such neat exhibits in such a beautiful building.

The Ayers

Wonderful place to visit.All free

Rie Grandgent

(Translated by Google) There are about 10 parking spaces available. I went on a weekday, but I was stopped without difficulty because I was vacant. When you enter from the entrance, there is a madam and you will receive a brief explanation of the building. At first we went up to the third floor by elevator and watched while getting off in order. You can understand the history of Greensboro. I think it's very interesting. There is no admission fee. There is also a typewriter experience section, and if you are lucky, you can hear explanations by the volunteer gentleman. (Original) 10台ほどの駐車場のスペースがあります。平日に行きましたが、空いていたので難なく停められました。入り口から入るとまずマダムがいて、館内の簡単な説明を受けます。私達はまずエレベータで3階まで上がり、順に降りながら観覧しました。グリーンズボロの歴史が丸わかり。とても興味深いと思います。入場料はかかりません。タイプライターの体験コーナーもあり、運が良ければボランティアの紳士による説明を聞く事ができます。

Iraida Espada

Wonderful, great place for the family, friendly staff, great exhibits, huge place with a lot of interesting things and very educative, the admission is free and although has no parking place. There is a public parking very close and reasonable. I was amazed with the historic cars and the third floor has an exhibition of different building of the era. Definitely I want to come back.

Ilovenewyorkcentral NYC

Great exhibits very well layed oit.

Toni Fields

I wasn't expecting the wealth of information I gained from stepping back in time into this museum. The first room I was skeptical - a silver tea set, a couple of rooms with furniture, some pictures on the wall. But going deeper into the museum I was transported from present day to the time when Indians roamed the land. There were exhibits about the creation and transformation of Greensboro, from inception to wars and civil rights and industry and commerce and revitalization. One of the best parts is the old cemetery behind the gift shop. Be prepared to spend two to three hours here. Best part, it's free!

Ronnie Robinson

A definite recommendation. Took my daughter and she was enlightened and entertained. The staff acted as living monuments to historical figures providing information and acting for us as we toured.

Judith Ramirez

Bailee Setzer

I went here with my family and I really enjoyed all the little details of history that I never knew of!


Friends visited from Maine, left Minus degree weather and came to beautiful 64 degree Greensboro. Thank you Nancy for welcoming our friends to the History museum and making it memorable.

Aerin Crockett

Learned lots

Darnise M White

I love this place must go and learn

Anibal Ciliezar

Nice place, organized, clean, enjoyed the history.

Johnny Carpenter

Very informative

Tiffany Wise

Very informative. A lot of stuff ! Actually fun ! And FREE

Ellen Cunningham

Great resource in Greensboro! Check it out!

Wayne Holloway

Very informative!

Monique Battle

There were many nice exhibits and in an hour and a half we still couldn't take in all of the information. My kids really enjoyed the typewriter exhibit and I loved the area dedicated to colleges in Greensboro. It's definitely worth the trip. I'll be heading back soon.

Bennie Brooks

This is an interesting and beautifully put together museum promoting the history of Greensboro and Guilford County through much of its history. Definitely worth taking a trip to.

Nohelia Alvarado

(Translated by Google) Wonderful place (Original) Maravilloso lugar

Denise Thomas

Loved it! Great history of gboro

Kimia Watt

I personally liked the expirience


Great Field trip for Summer Camp. Staff was INCREDIBLY knowledgeable, patient, understanding and energetic.

Mechille Chavis

Great family place and it's free. Lots of historical facts about Greensboro.

Rana Dayal

This is by far the BEST City museum I have ever visited. I highly recommend spending at least a half day here - I had no idea that Greensboro had such a rich history.

Kamau Carter

My family loves this museum!

Darryl Thompson

Love the exhibits. Great old building with lots of history itself. Old graveyard out back to explore

Leotta Cobb

Great place to spend time learning about Greensboro history. Many interesting displays. Knowageable staff, also friendly

John Trent

Love it. Been driving by it for years never going in, go in on a rainy Sat with my two sons and had a great time.

kathy walden

Free admission. Interesting and informative.

Kyle Chriswell

Very interesting

karl shellenberger

ivory teague

Very informative. Is really big on the inside. Has interactive aspects for kids.

Elizabeth S

Very educational and friendly! Admission is free!

Antigone Scarborough

Always nice to visit. Free entry and self tour. The typewriting exhibit was my favorite


My first visit. The children loved it

Jocelyn Bryant

Really nice setting for meetings. Didn't get a chance to view the museum, but the gift shop is just inside the front doors with some pretty nice stuff.

Michaela H

Pretty interesting place. It's well laid-out and has some really good tidbits of information and "voice snippets" portrayed as being from figures throughout history. I was (more than) a little worried there would be a strong Confederate bias in the Civil War exhibit, but it was overall balanced and seemed to attempt to be non-partisan. I am a little disappointed it seems they glossed over much of Greensboro and North Carolina's horrific past. I understand they want to keep it open for families, but perhaps in the future they would consider opening an exhibit rated 16+, or with a disclaimer prominently placed. It is important for museums to show all of history, good and bad, so we may learn from it. Overall, a decent local museum. Definitely check out the International Civil Rights Museum, too, and the gift shops for both are good. (There are lots of pretty scarves and pashminas at this one's..!)

Cindy McPeters

More information than we could really take in in just a couple of hours. Learned a lot! Love watching young people trying to figure out typewriters.

Antionette Hingleton

Loving place

Chris Lewis

Very informative

Cary Hahn

Light on history big on diversity displays. Many of exhibits we enjoyed are gone.

Rita Marra

Love this historic place

Aaron Martin

This museum is a local gem. Great exhibits, friendly staff, free parking, and free admission. This is a very educational place, and you'll want to visit it again --- I know I do!

Nicole Spivey

Come discover Greensboro's rich historical events in pictures and in storytelling. This building has a rich and beautiful brick architecture that fits seamlessly with new parks and walkable gardens in downtown Greensboro. Rooms can be reserved for a variety of events and activities.

Debbie Lee

The parking lot is tiny! We went for a school field trip before they opened to the public and our 7 cars still couldn't fit and some had to park elsewhere. Once inside, it was great. All the guides were informed and there was more to see than we had time for. As a local, there was a lot to learn and they made it fun for the kids! It's free to enter and we will definitely be taking a return trip as a family!

Shykeria Collier

There is so much information here that I did not know about Greensboro. It is very educational and they have a lot of interactive exhibits for the whole family. It is free admission and takes about 3 hours to go through and enjoy the entire thing. The workers here are super nice and always greet you with a smile.

Linda Hess

Great little museum reflecting local Greensboro and North Carolina history.

Jeremiah Wilson

Great place for the family and people who want to learn the history of our area.

Ron Wedlund

So much history in Greensboro from the Woolworth sit-in to being the denim capital. Great place to learn and its free!

Wiley Leonard

Great venue for the city of Greensboro

Johanna Cockburn

The museum does a great job of interpreting local history in meaningful, engaging ways.

Ashley M.

Jam packed exhibit, free parking and admission! Replicas of 1800s shops were very cool. When we went, there was a Smithsonian exhibit visiting too. There's also a real covered wagon.

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