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220 N Church St, Greensboro, NC 27401, United States

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REVIEWS OF Greensboro Children's Museum IN North Carolina

Carrie Carter

Just went in at the end of the day to gain information about my daughters birthday party- BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE that I've experienced in a very long time (& in a timely manner) Thank you Mrs. Billings and staff I really appreciate all of your help!!

Anthony Ross

Got a toddler or even a big infant? They'll ADORE this place.

Sara Sheppard

Amazing place to take the children.

Jordan Burleson

Very cool museum with indoor and outdoor activities. The gym outside is a little too advanced for small kids but super fun for older ones. Love the huge trucks and vehicles kids can explore. Great staff who are constantly fixing the place up when kids destroy it and helpful when finding certain exhibits.

Rickey H.

Multiple fun activities and sceneries

Tammy Street

We made our first visit this month. We have 5 children ages 18 months, 4, 5, 9, and 10. All the children loved it. I was a little nervous going to a new place because my 9 year old is Autistic and doesn't do well in public. She had a great time and we had no problems. My 4 year old loved the grocery store, my 5 year old loved taking care of the babies in the doctor area, my Autistic daughter loved playing the piano and dressing up on stage, and my two sons were into a little bit of everything! We had a great experience. The staff was very nice and it will be a trip we will plan again. What a brilliant idea! Thanks from West Virginia. Only Con was limited parking.

Elizabeth Taylor

This is a wonderful place for children to explore many different hands on learning activities as it relates to them on an individual basis. I enjoy going with my daughter who is a college graduate just as much as taking my 8 year old granddaughter and my 13 year old nephew! We always have a wonderful day together at the museum!

Melinda Atwater

Great place for children to play and interact with other children

Susan Naudé

My kids (5 & 9) adore this place. There is a wide variety of play areas available as well as an outdoor garden area. They are also in the process of expanding. It's a great place to go when the weather is too hot, too cold, or rainy. The annual membership is a great value!

Steven Seiple

Good place to take kids

Monica North

Rude front desk staff, almost all exhibits had dust all over... run down.

Being Manny

A must for all children. Great new climbing area

Loria Roman

The staff as you enter is very rude and nasty

Michael McQuaid

Great place for kids

Amaya Skies

Incredibly fun with a gorgeous educational garden. Perfect for field trips and groups. Best when outdoor activity’s are available.

Jacqueline Ammons

What great place!!!! The staff was so friendly and very clean considering the fact that so many children are running around. My family had the best time and we also showed up at a time when it was half price ( which we had no idea) but full price would have been well worth it. Wish they were in every state, we would go visit them all. Your family is missing out if you don't that the time out and go have FUN!!!!!

Chris Mosley

It's a great time for the kids - limited space on the most popular attractions, but it's to be expected - a lot great photo opportunities and a very nice garden.

Mark Chafin

Great place for young kids. Many interesting exhibits that is fun for all.

Howard Davis

Amazing venue for events. Wonderful place for children to explore

Sue Barker

Great place to be a kid , indoor play with hands learning outdoor with climbing jumping and runing around as if it's the best day ever, a must place to visit

Alex Reckendorf

Visiting from Maine and we have a reciprocal membership from our children’s museum in Maine. We came at 12:30 on a Monday and we’re watching other kids go in and they turned us away. They told us we could not enter because it was “member Monday”. My kids got to watch other kids go in and play and were told they couldn’t. They should have honored our reciprocal membership. It felt very wrong. They’re trying to give a perk to ADULT members at the expense of other CHILDREN, and it’s a children’s museum.

Carol Brady

One of the best children’s museums we’ve been to. My kid had a really good time. We did too. So big and so much to do for outlet 3-5 year olds. Wish we lived closer so we could go more often.

Calm Videos

This museum is perfect for children ages 0 to at least 10. There are 'rooms' of all kinds for children to use their imaginations. A hospital, theater, grocery store, grandma's house, pizza parlor, etc. There is also a section for very young children exclusively and a water fun section. There is a separate room of transportation vehicles and the outdoor garden area (with a mud pie kitchen!) is lovely. The outdoor playscape is massive and loads of fun. They do collect diapers for charity which is wonderful and there is a code posted on the door for free parking as you exit if you had to park in the garage. Well worth a visit!

Michael Tuck

Fun place to take your kids. $2 first Friday of the month.

Michael Heerschap

$10.00 is a bit high for kids. But the place was fun.

William Rodden

Fun museum. Very entertaining

imacoookie andimproud

My little one loves this place. Gift cards for this place would make a nice present for a child.

Chandra Sama

GSO chldren musuem is good to go with your kids..

Katelyn Miller

Fun for younger kids inside, but toys are a bit worn out and dirty. The lot is often full, but there is a public parking garage across the street. The new outdoor play area is GREAT,

Juan P. Mejia

my 2 year old had a good time, wooden trains need more locomotives, outside jungle gym was closed for my visit

Sabrina Winters

Expensive for children prices! Dirty and unsanitary toys! And an injured and sick cat in the garden. No supervision for how toys should be used and a over reactive woman walking around telling at kids to not run! Not going back unless they clean up and hire more supervision for that price. You can pay the same to see animals at science center!


Nice childrens museum right in downtown Greensboro. 4 stars because the parking situation can be frustrating. The fire truck, ambulance, race car, police car and big rig inside make up for it if you find a spot. Little kids love exploring the vehicles. They do private bday parties and have many other areas. Would definitely return.

Donna Reeves

Awesome place for kids..

Ed Gatzke

We had a great time. They have a ton of space for the kids to run around. They did not have any canned exhibits, everything seemed novel. It was well-kept in general, appeared to be clean. They had the expansion area open even though it was not complete. Cons: Some of the buttons did not work in some things (media room) so basic maintenance would be better. Also, the music program they offered was weak. Just conducting? No banging or singing or similar? This is great now but could be a real gem once they finish the expanded area and the outdoor garden. UPDATE. We returned after six years with a nine year old and an eleven year old. Both are older than the target age but they still had fun. The garden was up and running with some nice features but a bit overgrown. They have a dig pit and mud pie area if your kids can get dirty. The rest of the museum is really just indoor play infrastructure. A pizza parlor, a train, cars and trucks, a low climb wall, giant blocks, a medical office, a post office, a stage, and others. Between this museum and the zoo we had a great time in Greensboro.

Dana Lacy

Our kids (4 and 8 yrs) loved it! Make sure you wear tennis shoes to play on outside playground (fun for adventure loving adults as well). Well organized "town" with many different places to stop. Neat place!

Michael Raizen

They have renovated and have an awesome outdoor area for the kids to climb on. It's always a good time and the kids get to jump from room to room at their own leisure.

Matt Wilson

No better place to take your kids!!!

Annie Seiple

Kids of all ages will have a blast! Take a lunch along and spend the day.

WLA Model

Absolutely amazing museum one of the best I have seen hands down . My son had so much fun he cried when leaving I highly recommend this place money’s worth .

Zhane Glenn

Good staff and volunteer

Kaela Trosclair

What a cool place! It makes me want to be a kid again just to be able to play in the doctor's office and little theater. The real emergency vehicles were so interesting to climb in and explore. We loved the area for kids under two for our little one to play safely.

Rocket Man

Great place. Lots of activities for everyone to enjoy. Wonderful scenery for children. The layout is perfect for a kid to just be free to roam so, parents and guardians get ready to be in shape, this will be an adventure for you as well. It's broken down into themes. They have checker tables. Restrooms accessible and convenient. Art is displayed all over the walls and ceilings. Vending machines in the seating area. Outside seating area. You can sit in a Fire truck, police car, mail truck, and an airplane, plus...The airplane has a slide made into it. The outdoor climbing adventure is the bomb! It's a must-do attraction!- no weight limit, no age limit but if the child is small I recommend you assist the child because there is no SAFETY NET underneath. However, the adventure staff and volunteer are there to help and guide you through because it is maze-like and it takes concentration [Kids master it with ease, the adults need the guidance more...haha] This side note has to be acknowledged, Staff Caroline would not let us in through the lobby until we verified that we were there for a child; a parent had to come out with a wristband before we could enter. I loved her commitment because predictors are everywhere and this simple request is appropriate! FREE PARKING! Street parking is available.

Jordan Patterson

very educational for the youth of this town

Kevin Bryant

Kids had lots of fun! Great time rain or shine!

Lily Parker

Nice place for kids . clean.

Rachel Garner

My toddler LOVES the museum! He can play for hours and never get tired of it and it's such a pleasure to see him so happy. We've found it's a great way to spend an afternoon when it's blistering hot outside or pouring down rain, when being outdoors isn't ideal. Definitely worth the money!

Dorthy Thomas

This museum is so much fun for my daughter. They have recently added a new waterworks exhibit and a climbing exhibit outside. I love it here! (Let your kids taking the cooking classes offered - highly recommend!)

Nikki Amos

The children's museum had a little something for everyone. My child was 20 months old at the time of his visit and we spent most of our time in the littles area, which is gated, with benches for parents to sit while their babies play with blocks, books, age appropriate figurines, and crawling tunnels. We also visited the other small play areas- grocery store, doctor's office, theater, house construction site, post office, technology center, campsite, airport, train station and garage. My son loved playing in the 18-wheeler cab. The only areas we missed were Nana's house and the cafe to play. When you go, your wristband is good for the entire day so you can go out to eat or pack a lunch and eat in the small eating area there (they do offer vending machines for snacks and drinks), come back and spend the whole day at play with your kids. We expected to spend an hour to and hour and a half before my child got bored and we spent 3 hours here. Its a great place to bring your kids for a day to play.

ron lila

Awesome place to bring your kids. Specially for toddler :)

Patrick Kirkman

Great for kids 10 and younger. Awesome new section with a big outdoor climbing structure!

Lindsay Westgard

I had my daughter's 2nd birthday party. It was fantastic! I got the cherry room on a friday, brought pizza cakes and juice and let the kids run all over the museum. They had a blast it wasn't stressful at all. Everyone was friendly and helpful. My guests were all so happy they wamt to have their children's parties there. Exceeded my expectations!

Brittany Larry

Great place

Ashley Milburn

So much fun for the little ones in our family....and the adult too. It's totally affordable and right in the heart of Greensboro.

MaryBeth Kerns

Child-sized supermarket, physician’s office, construction zone, tv station, post office, camping area, train. Actual fire truck, ambulance, police car, jet cockpit, and postal jeep! Play in a pizza parlor and on the exceptional outdoor playground! Edible schoolyard. Classes. Colorful. Interactive. Hands-on. Our boys ages 6 & 12 love this place!

Teresa Harrell

I took my grandboy's ages 3 and 2 they loved it. Stayed busy the whole time we were there. I couldn't ask for a better friendly good environment to take them. Everything under one roof. And keep s them entertain for hours.


Didn't appreciate the rude & disrespectful Staff When working an event especially when making comments about guests at people's event while guests were directly in front of them hearing them this not what no one should pay for this wasn't Customer Service making anyone welcome to have an event here around negativity when you're suppose to be working not gossiping & not ruin peoples event they're paying for especially what I seen from your staff unexceptable nor did I appreciate it !! Will be addressing this situation .....

Shaun Wolfe

Great time with the kids!!

Antoinette. Horace

Impressive, but the group will neex6 a your guard to tell the kids why they seeing, to impress on their minds why some of them could become.. Thanks for allowing the somewhr positive to be.

Fred Glancing yl

The staff is wonderful and will tell you right away that the museum is geared towards children ages 2 to 10. Luckily, our girls are at the perfect age for the exhibits and absolutely love coming! There's so much freedom for them to safely explore that I don't have to stress about my rambunctious four-year-old getting into something that she shouldn't. The activities are varied enough that we're able to come multiple times each week without either child (ages 4 & 8) ever claiming to be 'bored'.


Fun place, good for kids! Could have more hand sanitizing stations around.

Leigh Wall

Great place for kids to play

Jamela Bumpass

We took our 1year old son for the first time on Sunday and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We will be visiting again soon.

Jessie Pressley

I love the new outdoor area.

Jonathan Winstead

Awesome place to take the kids during a day out of school or on the weekends. There are so many things to keep the kids engaged and learning. My kids especially like the outside climbing structure and play ground.

Lorraine Melendez

Definitely love this place. My granddaughter begs to go everyday.. Lol One thing I'll SUGGEST is to have the GIFT SHOP open until closing, cause like in our case, child doesn't wanna leave and by getting her something there makes her happy and ready to go home. Other than that... Its an A+±

Jennifer Michelle

My kids love going here. So fun to go from area to area pretending and learning! They love the play restaurant and grocery store! Great fun for my 7 and 9 year old!

Kate B

My kids had so much fun here, we are looking forward to their new exhibits.

Pam Bynum

Very family friendly alot of things for kids to do

Thomas Williams

Awesome place for little kids and big kids alike! The playground outside is great and the gardensare a great way to teach kids about healthy eating. Also an awesome place for a young child's birthday party!

Kevin Shoffner

Amazing location for all ages. A great place for kid birthday parties and quick activities. The outdoor garden / farm is really refreshing to see downtown and highly recommended!

Sarah Frederick

It's fun, more so for kids under 6. The garden area is fantastic, but I was sad to see it not being cared for too well. Things needed to be watered and the weeds and invasive vines were everywhere.

Tosha Freeze

We love this place! My children beg to visit, and we could spend all day here!

Shawn Baumgarner

Such a great place and now even better after the remodel.

Bianca Pimentel

This place was so fun they were so many fun things to do and there many different careers like a pilot a chef and a cashier

Shan & bokassa Sedjro

It's ok my 2 year old and 3 year old enjoyed it. I think it going renovation in certain area which it needs. Its missing balls for the pipe wall there were only 4 balls and the kids fight over it. Outside garden needs help I know its autumn but still. It was ok for my little ones.

Christy Mitchell

We are Greensboro locals and have been to this museum many times with our daughter. We really love all of the different centers, the new water exhibit, and the outdoor climbing gym. However, I’ve noticed that many stations are getting bare. We went today and I was surprised to see the doctor/dentist station had barley anything in it, the post office had like 5 letter and 2 packages, and the pizza station had 1 pizza crust and 1 cup. With so many children playing in each area at a time, that’s a little ridiculous. I think the museum could definitely take some time to go through each area and restock. Put some diapers, doctors tools, and casts in the doctors office. Load up the restaurant with play food and cups. The market area needs an overhaul too as there are many empty shelves that have been perfectly labeled but with nothing on them. I know kids are hard on toys but the museum needs to take this into account and replenish the centers every now and then.

Deborah Napper

We were surprised at all the upgrades and new equipment. We took our 6 year old and 1 year old, plenty there to keep both ages occupied until they were exhausted!

Dunali Kalpana Ranawana

Awesome place to take kids.My daughter loved the outside garden as well as the inside activities.There was a fire truck, race car, ambulance police car and a big rig.Kids love pretend play at the Kids hospital, pizza station and grocery store too.

Keane Cunnington

Nice children museum right in downtown Greensboro.. There are so many things to keep the kids engaged and learning. My kids especially like the outside climbing structure and play ground.

Samantha Danley

Great for imaginative play! My kids love it here.

Amy Strawn

I would not recommend this place first it’s very dirty. All the toys and pieces are missing. The staff is rude. We came just to go out side on the play structure And we are from the other side of the country and can’t come back. Then we came back the next day just asking to go back outside on the cool play structure. The freaking said NO!!

Emily Holmstrom

fun place

Falishia Duenas

First time being with my 4 year old daughter & 11 year old son seem to like it they say. They had a blast! We will be back soon!


Excellent place for children, with a wonderful garden. Their goal is to educate and entertain, and kids have tons of fun while learning.

Jon McIver

Awesome place for kids and very close to the train station.

cassandra sparks

It'll be awesome if they went to a 2nd floor as well

Chris Birkhimer

Really fun place to take your kids. Lots of different and interactive areas.

Heather Burns

This place was wonderful! It was the perfect place for a toddler and 4 adults to run around, get out energy and be entertained. The Water Works area let's them splash around and was easily my daughter's favorite. They even have a large section for kids 2 & younger so they're protected from the big kids. Such a great price for the amount of activities and free play that they offer.

Claudette Daughma

Real life size play areas. Hospital, fireman's truck, police car, supermarket etc

Jan Solar

Great location. Food market is the best :-)

bikewalla bikewalla

If you are a little kid go there

Abbie Walsworth

It was amazing all the places you can learn about

Izabela Kaufman

The place is covered in dust. The trucks and cars are really dirty and covered with layers of dust. There are dust balls all over under the cars. Not a good environment for children to play. Also not advisable for small kids. There’s no areas where children can trip without hurting themselves- concrete floors with laminate just don’t cut it. Ownership shouldn’t be greedy if you take entrance fee plus donations.

Dolores Grissett

We used to take our kids here all the time and they loved it!

Donna Ortiz

Excellent place for the kids to go and play.

Nikole Jasso

Fantastic children's museum. My opinion is a child over 9 or 10 might get bored easily. This museum is not very crowded and great for toddlers. Membership is the way to go if you live in the area.

Philip Powell

Lots of fun expertly designed exhibits

Matthew Bolick

Great place for families with kids of all ages (up to about high school).

gta master

It's very fun and I volunteer here and I might get a job here and you should come if you have kids

Leah Hazelwood

This place will amaze you the first time you visit with the breadth of activities and the oven the top size of things. And that means it doesn't bore your children no matter how many times you go. Summer camps and after school camps are great, too! Very clean and safe and friendly.

C24 Y

Large complex for running around with kids, safe place for kids to engage in a variety of play areas without constant line of sight, also had an outdoor nature trail

Les Lewis-Wilson

The Greensboro Children's Museum is a wonderful place for young children to learn through play. The museum is basically a big circle so it's easy to navigate. While this place is geared toward young children, I must admit, I had tons of fun myself. Parking is free and stress free. In my opinion this place is well worth the cost of admission

Nicholas Bakken

Terrific way to spend 3-4 hours with your young children (ages 2 -11 are the ages I would think would be most interested). The ACTUAL, LIFE-SIZED emergency vehicles, Police cruiser (w/working lights and siren), Ambulance, and Firetruck steal the show. Also has a NASCAR race car, USPS Mail truck, and the front end (Cockpit) of a Commercial Airliner, which themselves are incredibly cool. These things just mentioned, make up just a small portion of the entire museum. So if Vehicles don't interest you or your family, there's tons more to do, from arts/crafts, to hands-on engineering, to role playing in scale doctor's office, construction site, restaurant, news studio (with working cameras), and and store. This place is not to be missed.

Brittany Little

We loved this museum

Meghan Plott

Great place to take the kids on a cold, rainy day.

Ashley Gupton

Very much like Marbles. Kid friendly.

Anastasia Dutova

This is a wonderful place for young children!

Amber Cox

Cute place for smaller kids.

Walter Miranda

Wonderful place to spend a Saturday afternoon! I recommend for anyone with a tiny human.

Vashti Abshire

Great family fun wished we would of stayed longer.

Wendy M

Was really nice more meant for little kids not older though

James H

My girls had a great time. After paying admission you get wristbands and you can come and go throughout that day. Awesome exhibits

Jakie Vong

Great place with great staff and members!

Bobbe Wright

A wonderful place downtown Greensboro for kids to eat play learn and grow.

David York

Pretty fun place. My kids (2 and 6) loved it.

LaDonna Ames

Great for the kids so much to do

Heetal Majmudar

Took my 7 and 4-yr old boy and girl. They had a blast role playing at the pizzeria, market, mail truck...and that's just inside! Depending on the weather, the outdoor equipment can to hours of fun too.

Toccara nicole

Visited a few weeks ago and I love this place. Its a good way to beat the heat in the summer. Lots of things to do to satisfy a creative mind. Everything in there is interactive. There is an area to sit and eat so its convenient to bring a lunch and spend the day there. My child is 1 now and we have to pay $8 for her to enter. I'm my option it should be free for 0 to 2 years. So it may be better to buy a yearly pass for $125 and go as much as you would like. The toys in the Tot area could be upgraded and needs to be cleaned more often.

Toni Fields

Used to have a great time here when my kid was a toddler about five years ago, but he kind of grew out of it. Then they did a big makeover and added the climbing rope tower, and the big garden out back, and my now-ten year old son likes coming here with a friend. Great friendly and patient staff. I love it when they offer discounted admission for parents and caregivers who give up their cellphones while they're there! It's a wonderful idea that I'd love to see more places do.

Arthur Weitz

Well laid out, lots of interactive, and places to have birthday parties.

Matt Villella

This is our favorite children's museum!

Lupita ReyesLopez

good place to take the little ones


Be forewarned. It’s a museum for children. Not a museum displaying children. My daughter enjoyed her time here.

Cynthia Reece

Fun activities for the kids that keeps them busy all day

Thomas Farrer

The new climbing structure outside is terrific (they even let adults try it out and my wife and I both climbed - it was very fun). KEEP IN MIND they will NOT let kids on the climbing structure unless they are wearing closed toe shoes - We saw the staff prohibit several kids in flipflops/sandals. In fact, the outdoor climbing is probably better than the rest of the museum. The garden out back is very poorly kept and really not worth seeing when you are only a 20-35 minute drive from the UNC Gardens or the (even better) Sarah P. Duke Gardens (best botanical garden I have seen). The inside of this museum is a little run down and will entertain for perhaps 1 to 1.5 hours. It has the typically childrens museum stuff (play post office, play kitchen, play market, play pizzaria, etc) but it is a little run down. The Marbles museum in Raleigh is way better and encourages more science activities. If you are limited to Greensboro, the sciquarium is better.

Veronica Carter

My grandkids came in from va and i decided to take them to omega of the sight this week and this was one of them they had a blast haven't stop talking about it staff was extremely nice . Thank you

Monique Battle

Great for the kids! On Fridays from 5-8 its $5 for everyone

Stephen Williams

The children loved it!

christy kahl

Staff friendly and constantly cleaning up after the masses of kids. My children loved it. The new outside portion was a little challenging for my 4 y.o and 5 y.o (be sure you have shoes with ties or they can not climb!)

Tamishia Leath

Its the best. I love it. Kids won't wanna leave.

Sandika Peiris

Good place and kids love the visit and they really enjoyed. Even I enjoyed looking inside the Big Volvo truck... I think this is a must visit place if your in Greensboro and you have young kids. Staff was nice and place was clean.

Stephanie Meade

On the surface, this is a fun filled place for kids to play and our son had a blast. We were the first ones in when the doors opened and appreciated the discount $5 Sunday entrance. They have a ton of interactive games for young children and the outdoor climbing course was amazing. However, as we played around, it became apparent that most of the exibits were in deperate need of attention. Everything was dirty. Dust bunnies in every corner, a nice film of filth on almost everything. My biggest area of concern was the downstairs construction area. It should have been a fun spot, but there were broken plastic toys, wood splinters, and dirt/dust just LAYERED on the steps as if it hadn't been touch in a month or more. We did enjoy the experience as a whole and the staff was great, but a place that caters to small kids shouldn't leave you feel like you just rolled around in a locker room.

Jay Orlando

The Greensboro Children's Museum is an amazing place to take the young ones. I brought my one year old with her cousins who are between 1 and 5 years old and all of them stayed entertained for quite a while. We stumbled upon this place through Google and decided to make a trip out here. It was well worth it for our short trip up to North Carolina.

Topher Ellis

Highlights include awesome new playground and a real full sized airplane cockpit, truck cab, ambulance, fire truck, and race car that you can explore and sit in.


Kids seemed to like it well enough. 6yo and 3yo. Stayed entertained for 2hrs. Lots of areas to do hands on activities. Wide open play areas which make it easy to keep an eye on your kids.

Telisa James

Its a fun and informative environment for kids.

Loganne Johnson

I have 5 beautiful kids , 1 who is to little to play right now but the others ages range 2-10, there is something there for all of them boy and girl we been going for years they loved it ! I really like the water works new thing they got going on ! That was their favorite

Dick Bednar

Kids LOVE this place.Better than the Children's museums in Los Angeles and in Orange County. Fabulous!

Alicia Hunt

My 2 year old loves this place!

Sylvie Tissot

we already went 2 times since we arrived in Greensboro beginning of March. This is really great place for kids, my daughter aged of 3 had great fun and we spent nice afternoons while it was raining outside. Place to go with kids!

Ömer’in Maceraları

An excellent place for kids to have fun! Prices could be little cheaper but still really nice place!

Princess Glitter Sparkle

The climbing playground ALONE warrants 5 stars!!!!!!!!! We visited with our 6 year old and 14 month old. Our 6 year old was a little bored until we got to the "Touch A truck" showroom. That was awesome! Our 14 month old thought everything was amazing-lol. They both equally loved the garden and climbing playground area. Very innovative, one of a kind and an absolute blast!!!!! We went on Sunday and got $5 admission for each of us. GO!!!!!!!

Dan Ponjican

Well worth a visit with your kids. Tons of educational activities for your kids.

Shamira Dessasau

I learned a lesson today that I should never pay for service before you meet the employees. I booked my daughters birthday party and paid my $50 deposit over the phone before viewing the facility because I was pressured by the coordinator. I arrived the next day to find the outside was in a mess (being renovated) and half the parking lot was gone! I went inside to be greeted by a Caucasian woman who called me a "gal" mind you I'm a black woman. I then viewed a horribly outdated room with chipped paint and mediocre room dividers. I asked just to verify that the deposit was non-refundable after expressing I was unhappy and no longer wanted the party there. The employee said yes so..... I guess I'm out of $50.

Paul Johnson

This place was worth the drive. So much for the kids to do and experience. If you have kiddos and want them to get some energy out in the A/C this is your place. Don't bother looking at your cell phone... To many kids running around to not pay attention.

Casey Farrell

A great place for the kids. They recently added an outdoor climbing area, make sure your kids have closed toe shoes so they can enjoy the new addition. Also, under attack by giant butterflies, no big deal.

Stephanie Rankin

This place is AMAZING! I went there for my sister's field trip. Staff were amazing, the place has SOOO much to play with, I would most definitely recommend this place to bring kids! Obviously going to come back some time!

Brielle Lowe

It was very fun taking our daughter here, but one of the girls working at the front desk is SO RUDE, she was the one with glasses. Didn’t see any name tags or anything. I couldn’t believe it. We told her that we were with a party that was standing right next to us & told her the name of the birthday girl & mom name & she said it was no help... mind you she seemed so frustrated... until her other co-worker with the sheet with the party we were with comes back & greeted us nicely & told us where to go. I hope she gets fire with her bad attitude, girl you work at a children museum, not the club. This isn’t the first time someone has comment about her attitude & behavior.

Andrew Patteson

Fabulous children's spot in downtown Greensboro, and it was an excellent rainy day activity for our family with young kids. Lots of "play" areas for them to explore and get hands-on, especially if they like role playing as adults in a safe pretend setting. Grocery store, post office, truck driver, doctor, you name it.

Samantha Monroe

This place is awesome. Lots of things for kids to do. The themed areas are neat. The staff is polite and always answers your questions. The outdoor garden is pretty cool. The outdoor area is amazing. Look forward to going back

Michael Rest

Always fun for the kids. Great centers for growing minds.

susan wulz

Awesome time !! So much to do, it is hard to know where to start. The staff were unbelievable friendly and helpful.

Mona Lisa

Its nice, but after a while gets a little boring. Needs a starbucks.

Sophia Bahena

it's a great place for children to learn

Director AdamLeeJordan

$5 every Sunday!

Matt Biagiotti

My kids love to visit! So many options to keep them engaged!

Nathan Sieg

Kids love this place! Staff is great!

Tony Larson

I bring my kids here once a month- we are lucky to have a museum like this so close to home.

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