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53536 NC-12, Frisco, NC 27936, United States

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REVIEWS OF Frisco Native American Museum & Natural History Center IN North Carolina

Steven Jameson

Vicki's Keto Way Of Life

The inside was closed, but we walked in the trail. The trail needs some work, pretty unkept

Yvonne Price

The largest single Native American museum I've been to. So much to see and experience it takes a little time but its well worth it. The museum is very well laid out and staff are available for any questions or issues you may have. They also have a small gift shop that offers handmade items. I encourage everyone to take the time to visit.

Ruby Whitehurst

Loved it.

Craig Amick

Really enjoyed e

Maurice Robinson

J Lewis

John Rogan

Diana Pittman

Wonderful 2 day festival.

Kyle Davis

Diona Ann Tease -Fletcher

Great Museum staff very knowledgeable

Theresa Glaspey

Great experience

Amy Smolka

They have an impressive amount of Native history. It's very obviously been a labor of love. The museum looks very small from the outside but is really large inside. There's so much information and so much to look at. If you screen shot the QR codes at various displays, it'll give you more information about them. The staff is very friendly and enthusiastic about sharing information about the culture. They also have trails and things to see outside. Your ticket allows you to visit all week. Outside is always free. There's also a gift shop, a book shop and a thrift style shop to raise money. I highly recommend visiting. They've done a fabulous job! Be sure to check their website for different events they have. Also remember Mondays are by appointment only.

nonie page

So much on display thanks to all the generous donors who are sharing these treasures with us.

Jim Ballou

Susie North

Angie Miller

Richard Overby

Place is amazing. Old agave plants in front. Real artifacts and art from the Native American world.

Laurel waitkaitis

Andrew Henry

Cool place! Much bigger than it looks from the outside

melinda kennington

Olivia Kucsmas

Paul Smith

Rochelle Collins

Noah Nason

.not much to look at outside but inside quite large and informative. Nice gift shop. Worth the 60 to 90 minutes. If your interested in USA Indian culture. Cape Hatteras was first contact between English and native Americans

madhu y n

Its a nice museum to know about american tribes. Small but good one. The curator is ready to help and share information.

annie law

This may be the only place on the planet where you pay admission that covers you for the whole week! There is so much to see that we took advantage of the free return admission and came back again. GREAT collection. We saw Indian artifacts that we had never seen before. Beautifully displayed with obvious love and respect for the culture. We were really surprised!!!

Larry Spencer

Alton Braud

Carl Jones gaming

Great historical place

Kayla baxter

Love this place very friendly people

Barbara Miller

This small museum is run by a husband and wife team, both retired educators. Carl Bornfriend knows his stuff and is an amazing man to chat with. This is his life long collection, and he has taught and worked among two different Native American Tribes. The Delaware and the Hopi- in fact you get to make a wish on a gift from the Hopi to Mr. Bornfriend - a real kiva drum. Pretty cool. Some things need more tags and lighting but what blew my mind in talking with Joyce Bornfriend was that this tiny gem was put together by them without Federal, State or local funds. That they accomplished this much on retired teacher salaries is amazing, imagine what they could do if they got some real donations!

carson roberson

Not very Interesting and only a few sections are labeled but some parts were pretty cool

Jacob Brunk

Impressive collection

Teresa Bailey

Go. Learn some history and see a wonderful display of Native American clothing, artifacts, etc. Take the time to read about the items and you will learn a lot. The staff is friendly and informative.

L Lee

Mitchell Mayhew

I visit Cape Hatteras twice a year and have been doing so for over 15 years. I visit the Museum everytime I visit. I keep returning because of the staff, the owners Carl and Joyce Bornfriend and the content of the museum. If you want a state of the art museum go to Raleigh or Washington DC. The Frisco Native American Museum has survived hurricans and countless nor'easters. There have been times when the floor of the building was covered in a foot of water but the Museum and Carl and Joyce take it all in stride. If you decide to stop and take a look-see you will see artifacts and displays you won't see anywhere else. And you will find a loving spirit inside, that I promise, will encourage a return visit the next time you visit the Island.


Historical monument of indigenous ancestors that truly depicts the skills and gifting of these amazing native people... it's just sad to see such gifted people now assigned to reservoirs

Lucile Christie

Really Great Place!!

Jc Jones

Jim Churchman

Cheesey little tourist trap with very little local historical value.

Matthew Tucker

Great place of local history!

Tim Jackson Jr

Lisa Niblo

Rob Peters

Ann michaelis

Dena Marsh

Mike Vercruyssr

Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

Very educational and fun!

Debbie Shpritz

Megan Rohrer

PJ Wallace

Nice place to visit. Room for improvement. Lots of artifacts, needed more historical background.

Djuna Skye

Cain fort

Andrea Leigh Hale

Rhoda Waltersdorff

Love it

David Beattie

Joaquin Millan

Soumya Ghosh

Lovely visit if you have the time..don't miss the wooded trail in the back

Holly Smith


Mark Baines

Eric Aberle

It's been years since I have actually gone through the museum but it was very interesting and free at the time. They just asked for donations. Definitely worth while!

Julie Burall

A hidden treasure.

Starla Wicks-Heath

For a place that's open all year, you'd never know it. Even the entrance isn't marked in any way. It looks like there's a sliding door entrance but it was locked I assume and there was no type of handle to open with. If that's the entrance it's pretty poorly marked or maintained and if it's not the entrance, where IS the entrance? Looks pretty dumpy on the exterior too. How does this place have such great reviews??

Ian Becker

Inside of the museum has an extremely high amount of mold smell. It was very difficult to breathe inside and I wanted to get out as fast as possible. Apart from that, I was interested in local (meaning North Carolina, specifically outer banks) Native American history, but the museum was filled mostly with things from across America. While that's fine, it really isn't what I wanted from a Native American museum located in the outer banks, so that was disappointing. What's more, only about half of the things on display were labeled, so much of what I saw was pretty much just me guessing what it might be. The actual area pertaining to the local Native Americans was tucked away far in the back near the exit and had sparsely labeled artifacts. Lastly, the trail outside was overgrown in a lot of areas, such that when signs were pointing out specific plants, it was not clear which plant was actually the one referenced by the sign and which were weeds. There were also a great deal of mosquitos on the trail, which is not something that they probably can do a lot about, but there are options. I won't dock points from the review because of the mosquitos, but if you are going on the trail I recommend some bug spray.

Rachael Reynolds

We went there over a decade ago and my husband can’t wait to go this September when we come back!!! They have the authentic amazing Native American artifacts! They are super knowledgeable and very friendly!

sumin d

Charles Folger

Worthy place to see run by native islanders - has a lot of interesting information and isn't one of those places that are like the museums in Washington DC or anything - also has a nice gift shop and if I remember right a sandy woodsy trail behind it with not too long path.

Kevin Dawson

Great educational displays and great staff.

Patrice Wheaton

Glenda Page

Wonderful and moving experience going through the museum. We could feel the presence of those long gone from this world. The staff was also friendly and very helpful.

Jason Hawke

R Sandoval

Not much as far as a store front but once inside you will be surprised. Entry is inexpensive

Zach Mcbride

Brenda Lea

Haven't been there but I've heard that it's great!

Gary Szatkowski

A surprising amount of exhibits in what looks like a small place. Very friendly staff.

Paulette Taylor

Knowledgable and friendly staff. Our whole family enjoyed our longer than expected visit. This museum has many authentic artifacts. A historical showcase. Hope to return in April for it's fundraiser! It deserves it!

Rahul Singh

JJ Harrison

Good place to see Native American artifacts

Sarah West

Rude staff, but other than that, a very enjoyable experience.

Jimmy Fox

David Sonney

Much bigger than it looks from the outside. A lot of interesting artifacts inside. There are some steps and uneven flooring, so be careful if you are with someone that might have difficulties. Great stop on a rainy day.

Mary Jo La France

I went with my sister and brother-in-law I have been to museum off and on for many years and they had new exhibits which were very interesting. this time there was a lady if you gave her your name she would give you your Navajo name very cool

Ken Hussell

Danielle Shepherd

Lots of great items and information on Native culture. The layout however needs some work.

john fisco

Really nice place..

Greg Davidson

It's educational and the information is good, the staff is friendly and the festival was interesting if not well organized, the museum itself could be updated and better kept but it was worth the trip


If you love history than you will like this place. Super cool nature trail in back of museum....

Victoria Orth

Jerry Sullivan

Nice place, wonderful folks, rich history. Great place to visit....

Tyler Moyer

I was really surprised by how big the museum was, fairly well organized, the lighting and music/ambient sounds set an appropriate tone. I went there more for the stone tools since I am a local flint knapper, although seeing the silver, iron and bronze artifacts were really awesome to see. The trail behind the museum was beautiful, full of signs with lots of information. If I had brought bug spray I would've stayed back there and knapped for a couple of hours. Very beautiful, well worth the 5 bucks for admission, I believe the trail is free though, open all day everyday.

Nathan Truitt

Matt Modena

This is a fun museum to visit if you’re staying in Frisco.

Loretta Sedler

Wonderful experience for whole family something f For all ages, staff extremely informative love everything about it

Sandra Cochran

Lots of great native American information and friendly atmosphere .

Jennifer Aycock

Ralph Moxley

The crystal Native American Museum was a great stop. I think the photograph all pieces that were displayed in the museum as you can see through my photos. the cashier and the help was fantastic she was versed pretty well and as far as the display was concerned and knew where the place was headed in the future. The future will consist of either raspberry pi and or Arduino.


This was an excellent museum with lots of exhibits and history. It was a lot better place than expected from the outside. The staff was very friendly and attentive. I would definitely visit this place again. The souvenir shop had a lot of quality selections that were priced fairly. It was definitely worth the stop.

Elizabeth Jandl

Dharam S. Khalsa

Friendly and very knowledgeable staff.

Natallia Riddick

Surprisingly a lot of artifacts and detail in such a small place, very knowledgeable and friendly staff. trail walk is pretty bad, nothing like advertized.

Donald Lysell

You just missed it. You know that sign that said Native American Museum thats next to the post office in Frisco. I know you've been in a bunch of shops selling junk. Wait your all wrong, this is a life long collection of native american artifacts collected by a most amazing man and his wife. Go back and spent some time with Carl and Joyce Bornfriend, and your life will be changed forever. I know, they did it to me. Walk the trail and see examples of native vegetation. Spend a little time in the gift shop and see some beautiful native crafts. Convinced--then turn around and be ready for an educational experiece, and meet two fantastic people continuing a life time of education. You wont be sorry, and where else can the kids bang a drum.

Julie G

Sandra Rodriguez

It's a wonderful place, full of magic and wisdom. ♥️

Mcc ForIsu

kate anderson

Mike Frazer

Amy A

Fantastic place. Extremely knowledgeable staff. Lots of information, a lot that I'd never heard before about local tribes.

Crystal Rhoades

Very big extensive collection good price

Joshua Millan

Tina Stauffer

It was intetesting, the staff was kind ,respectfull and knowledgeable. Small place and just not my thing, but intetesting.

Danielle Taylor


K Entrophy

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