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1610 Fort Fisher Blvd S, Kure Beach, NC 28449, United States

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Where is Fort Fisher State Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Fort Fisher State Historic Site IN North Carolina

Pastor Ray

The outside lot entry is a little odd, but the museum section, although a little light is quite interesting and educational. The bathrooms are nice and the staff is helpful.

Carol Larsen

Interesting old museum about the civil war battles there. Smells very musty. I almost walked out. Some exhibits so dark that the description was unreadable.

Cathy Bunch

We went there to see birds so we didn't walk but one shore trail. Birds didn't disappoint. The temperature and humidity were too high to enjoy more trails.

Lo Odo

Great little museum and large outdoor exhibit area to stroll around. Family friendly.

Cara Effinger

The staff are friendly and more than willing to offer information. This is great facility with plenty of Civil War history and knowledgeable volunteers.

Autumn Hinchberger

I love the trees and the walking area is so beautiful!

Jennifer Conn

Always a great place to visit. Absolutely beautiful.

Kelly Daugherty

Very nice and interesting place, beautiful place to check out history.

Vanth Dreadstar

What can i say? I love historical sites.

Alexander Gilmer

Good tour. Nice bit of history in Wilmington. Got to see a live action regiment with musket fires and packing. Pretty cool. Takes an hour or 2 to go through. The beach across the street is one of my favorites. Definitely check it out if you get a chance (usually not very busy-local tip!).

Brett Bradshaw

Wonderful historic site with an excellent facility.

Ara Robbins

Love visiting here and walking. Could be improved with a few shaded picnic places and staff that acknowledges you would be lovely. Not one of them was smiling or engaging any of us tourists.

Hugo Hackenbush

Plan on 1-2 hours: 30 min - 1 hour in the museum & same for wandering the grounds. Free to visit & park. Bathrooms with hot & cold running water as well as a drinking fountain. A couple restored cannons outside, many interpretive signs, and well-maintained boardwalk and cement path around the fort. There was an 11:00AM and 2PM ranger-led interpretive walk scheduled for the day I visited - not sure if that's daily, seasonal, or what.

Kier Skipper

Historic Treasure. Beautiful NC coast.

Michael Pait

The park benches were great! You can see the ocean and the inlet from the same place.

Kathy Burkey

Beautiful place. The trails are so nice around Fort Fisher. A must visit!

Michael Parenteau

Great guides who were very welcoming and knowledgeable. We stopped on a whim and recommend it to others

Kevin Underwood

Saw a 1861 Springfield musket demonstration! It's a can't miss every year when I visit for the summer.

Jess Carmichael

Historical places beautiful has a great scenery great place to watch the sunset and sunrise. We call it the point those of us who were born and raised New Hanover County. Has great fishing the fairies right there also a lot of trails. Great place to meditate

Christopher Weaver

Great place to learn a lot of the history

Frankie Holden

Great free site short movie and very informative staff.

chris albert

We saw a movie that was informative & you can actually walk out back & see the mounds that they used for hiding.. it was pretty cool. My grandkids loved it..

Analisa De Los Santos

Peaceful and beautiful. If you love history and historical sites come here

Dwight Yates

Very informative and easy walk. Over 4000 died here.

Sheri Rice

Well maintained, very beautiful. Lots of info about the history of Ft. Fisher. Well done exhibits. Worth the trip to see it.

Linda Smith

Interesting indoor exhibits.

Martina Loya

A little piece of history of this great country.

Caylyn Nicole

Quick detour or stay longer for the free tour.

Bob Brooks

History is the best thing to learn and Ft. Fisher is absolutely amazing.

Christine Kositz

This was a fun little stop on our way out of town. There is a kayak launch area at the end as well as some areas to fish and some sandy nature trails. You can also get out and look in the fort fisher civil war museum. Behind the museum are the earthen walls which were pretty astounding. I’m sure there is more that we just didn’t explore. Bring your bug spray though - those bugs are huge and hungry.

Christopher Lavene

A wonderful place to visit, with so much history

Anita Queen

Awesome historic location. Beautiful views!


The history here is so intriguing and shows what the soldiers went through. I also love taking my 4x4 vehicle down the beach and watching the waves roll in. Staff at visitor center were very helpful and knowledgable. If you drive on the beach ALWAYS air down your tires!

Jason Lynn

Had some great artifacts and old coins and money for the public to purchase.

Lee Worsham

Volunteers were very helpful, and the facility was top notch.

Taylor Greene

This is a beautiful spot that combines both tourism with history. What's there not to like? This place has recently undergone a nice facelift. The history is good, beaches are nice, and water is warm. 5/5

Hannah Ockerman

Great tour of history and beautiful views

Michael Chesson

Tremendous, poignant spot in an unmatched location, staffed by National Park Service rangers. The best, real professionals.

Duke Call

Good historic place to go

david mccleary

This is the place to go if you have any interest in the blockade runners of the Civil War. The staff are courteous and very knowledgeable. They explain the artifacts that they have on display. Great for the family or by yourself

Vicky Sherrill

Loved seeing the history of Fort Fisher. The items on display are fascinating. We walked on the grounds to see the windswept trees and out to see the beach. No more beautiful beaches anywhere than in North Carolina!

Bradley Barnes

Location of one of the most pivotal battles of the Civil War, Lee surrendered 90 days after the fall of Fort Fisher. A nice compact museum and a chance to see what is left of the sand works. If you have interest in the civil war you don't want to miss this.

star wars

Cool place, a little dated but chock-full of information

Savilla Jones

Beautiful sunsets. Lots of history. And, on the ocean.

Randall Ayers

Great place with a great history/story plus it is on the beach for the folks who are in to that. It is a must see for history buffs!

Christopher Ivester

Friendly atmosphere and knew the knowledge in depth. Recommend it no matter what your belief of the civil war is.

Brandon Lee

Very interesting. And it's free! Wish we were aloud more access to the grounds though.

Edna Buchan

Not for small kids but a wonderful place to learn some history!

Zack Dasilva

The gentleman that helped us with the video was very polite, and it was neat to see everything

Ron Birn

A place to for Confederate history buffs. Our guide Steve was very knowledgeable and made you feel you were there during the conflict.

Richard Mudge

Fun place to check out and walk around with the family. Bathrooms really smell but could be worse. Really enjoyed the exhibits inside and the walkway around the fort.

Matt Coapman

One of my favorite places to go for a long walk at the beach. There is plenty of parking and you can visit the shore with grand views of the massive old wind-swept trees and the rough Atlantic Ocean. It's just past Kure beach and near the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. It's a great spot for photography at sunrise and sunset. Enjoy!

Sharon Burns

Family outing history lesson, very nice way to spend some time with my family

Jim Angerole

Enjoyed our visit even though it was only a quick stop. Interactive map was very interesting.

Max Lloyd

Exhibits nicely cover facts of battle using historical evidence. Nice job of speaking to slave escapes from Wilmington and black partipation in the Union efforts. Nice job of speaking to the undersupply of soldiers and shells that cost the South the second battle. Visited multiple times. Best to start to your right (west) and go counterclockwise around park. Free to visit, but donations help keep this park maintained.

Ashley Sherrill

We loved the Fort Fisher Historic Site! It was a great learning experience for my son!

Eric Johnson

Well upkept park, friendly knowledgeable staff.

Ivan Podkolzin

A place to feel the sea breeze. If you watched the movie Lincoln from Steven Spielberg that you have noticed the main characters talking about the siege of Wilmington (as an important moment of the Civil War) and the great losses the Union experienced during the siege: this happened there, at Fort Fisher

Chad Kellar

Very nice place to see my wife and I had a good time. The people who who work there are very nice. All around very enjoyable.

Troy Haney

A very interesting place to see our areas history.

David Lineberry

Left Southport to go to Fort Fisher to catch some fish. That's what I'm having tonight. Love it on Pleasure Island


This place is beautiful. You can see water on both sides. There is a civil war museum and some historic landmarks to look and learn about. If you go further there is a really nice aquarium with a dinosaur park and reptile area. This is a great area to walk, and take pictures of.

Mike Mailloux

Gorgeous, mellow, loved driving and fishing on the beach. We will be coming back

Anthony Casanova

Very interesting historical place. You wont find in any history books

southern girl

Very lovely area overlooking the beach. The area has a nice set up for cooking out and or having a picnic. There is also a nice changing area for if you are planning to head out onto the beach. Extremely peaceful and not overcrowded. Love visiting this area.

Nolan Nunez

Well mainted historic battlefield, the staff are very enthusiastic and willing to educate. Very nice even if just walking around the trails.

Ski 900

Very informative and great views! A nice walk too!


Historically accurate. Plus, sheds light on difficulty faced by both sides. Also, gives brief mention to one of my ancestors, General Robert F. Hoke. He was ready to take action but not permitted to do so by Bragg

Kyla Grace

Very informative on the historic battles and everything that happened around here.

John Holman

This was the “Gibraltar of the South” during the Civil War. While Mother Nature and other site usage caused the loss of some of the key fortifications, the crucial Bloody Gate and significant portions of Shepard’s Battery are preserved for visitors to understand the final Battle for Fort Fisher in 1865. The visitor center has good exhibits and many interesting artifacts. The electric map is helpful in better understanding what happened on the site.

Blade 666

Loved this park very educational and lots of stuff to explore would highly recommend and the kids loved the ferry ride

David Webb II

Good place to go to learn about the fort and some about wwII

Dmitry Novikov

It is a great place!

Jodimarie Pendrick

The most famous for its own

William Davis

Having the ability to drive onto the beach and have your own slice is fantastic. Watch out for biting flies.

Wayne W

We liked the tour guide he was full of enthusiasm and knowledge. Great place to learn about history. Lots of things on display there to see. Definitely go see Fort Fisher while you are there.

Michael Blount

Clean park and had fun seeing the old fort and learning a bit about it.

Shandi Black

As a local, this is one of my all time favorite spots especially for photography. Amazing sunrises and just on the river side, beautiful sunsets.

Bobby Redmon

Fort fisher is a great place to learn some confederate history and of which we need more of for our future of this land, great history and no negative aspects. We will be back.

John Taylor

Beautiful state historical site! There aren't a ton of trails, and the museum is small but well done. The highlight here is the location and incredible views. Perfect for a picnic or short stroll.

George Frink

Recommended. I have visited here since the early 1960's. Something for everyone. Enjoy the freshness.

Peyton Burgess

This place has a great display of artifacts with information displayed below them. There is a nice path out back going through some trees. It's a really nice stop that doesn't take much time.

Patrick Kelly

Great history to be learned!

Duane Cress

Interesting museum and grounds.

Joseph Corbin

Great relaxing spot to walk and enjoy the ocean, beach and historical markers.

Skyler Whitfield

Our tour guide Alex was unbelievably knowledgeable and entertaining to listen to. The guy knew his stuff in and out and was able to mix in some humor & kept us engaged.. My parents and I are big civil war history buffs and we've experienced Gettysburg, Appomattox, Petersburg, Richmond,Charleston .. Best history experience to date.. Alex is an intern.. Pay the man! 5 stars

Bryan Melliand

Excellent program for both children and adults. You can walk around the battle grounds and go up to the vantage points.

Christy Hampshire

Most beautiful absolutely love this place

Kevin Eliason

Great free museum with free tour. Easily fill an hour or two too see everything.

Helen Hunt

Civil war history, great museum inside and nice walk outside of the original fort.

Tony Murnahan

I think this area is special. The surrounding trees are fantastic. Great area for photo shoots. You have so much scenery in a small area. Sand, rocks, trees, waves, etc ... I love that there is a sidewalk to view the beach. There are a couple gazebos. There are bathrooms at the museum that are open til 4:45p. I really love the ocean breeze there.

Mike Sexton

Super underrated. You are going to do some walking but it is gorgeous grounds so GO.

Doug Blackley

Very nice and well kept historic museum and site. Staff is very knowledgeable about life here at the time and the contribution this site made to the cause of the confederacy.

Renee Greene

Great historical site with a lot of information about the battles during the Civil War. Aquarium is very nice and affordable.

Derek Feely

Always a stop for me when I'm in Wilmington. Love this place

Matt T

Fort Fisher State historic park is a great place to learn more about the history of North Carolina. Friendly and helpful staff will help you learn about part of North Carolina‘s military history and then you were able to walk around and see a small part of the actual Fort.

Sharon Holmes

Fascinating glimpse into American history, showcasing the importance of Ft Fisher in the Civil War. The staff is well-informed and interesting to talk with. The learning continues outdoors, on well-kept trails.


Went to a wedding here and it was very nice. Good food, excellent servive.

Chris Mullins

Windy! Very well kept historic site, awesome cannons and great views

Thomas Jones

Awesome place to visit and very historic place!

Oneshott Linder

I live next to Ft. Fisher, it is so nice and peaceful over there. I enjoy walking around it on the boardwalk.

Cullen Richardson

This area is definitely worth visiting to break away from normal beaches. It’s a great beach with very picturesque views. From the tree line to rocky beach walls, it’s gorgeous. The history of this area is very interesting as well. Great beach.

Barbara Keeton

Very interesting..did not know about this civil war battle

Hayley Hudgins

A short walk around the surviving ruins of the fort with a small air conditioned museum inside. Group tours are available but there is enough information on the walking trail if you aren't interested. Bring sunscreen! When you're done walking through the Fort you can drive across the road to the beach for lunch. A good spot for a quick bit of history and not so long that children will get worn out.

James Mapel

Very interesting and informative. Plus it is free. Donations are appreciated .

Angela Welch

The fort spans on either side of the road. The larger section being behind the museum. Had lots of info leading up to its demise. Take about 45 mins to go through the museum and walk around the perimeter of the remains. Very interesting. And had a great time.

Jason Fischer

Very interesting history and a gorgeous place to spend some time walking around. The bugs can be a pain though so wear bugspray. The museum is closed mondays, but the fort is always open.

Crystal Price

Love it. Lots of history and free to tour

Gator Mangrove

Would honestly give it 10 stars if I could. The staff was wonderful and so was the .5 mile walking trail. If you go be sure to check out the live Oak trees throughout the park. One of the most pretty things I have seen. The visitor center is nice as well. They show a movie about the site and also have relics from the War between the States. Donations are accepted which help keep the park maintained. Walk across the road and check out the beach. What a gorgeous place.

Sabine Hayes

The tour guide was very knowledgeable, inside. We did not get a tour of the outside grounds. I would love to go back and get there early enough to have an outside tour.

Patrick Mehfoud

One of the most interesting places to visit in Wilmington if your into history. Good visitors center and walking trail to tour the fort, view of the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean are incredible.

Joanne Medford

Historical spot with an outside self-guided tour in addition to the inside displays.

Peter reynolds

Great place to visit for free.


Fort Fisher Beach always delivers for us. Free psrking, has bathroom facilities and the beach is never crowded.

Patrice Sweet

Interesting free stop on our beach tour.

Kristi Wilson

Great historical distraction while at the beach. The facility was well kept and the tours were informative.

Jarrett Weist

So beautiful, people where so nice and very informative

Sarah Wildhagen

I love it here. Very nice place. Pretty beach.

frank Perez

So informative, if you enjoy Americana then put this place on your list of must see.

kris johns

Great history. Very well maintained. Sobering story of the capture, many were killed in this prelude to the end of the Civil War.

Alexis Vivian

Wonderful exhibits and helpful staff to get the most out of this historic site! Beautiful area!

Melissa Lynch

Beautiful experience! Even though no swimming this beach is beautiful.

Mike H

The Fort Fisher Historic site is the most visited place in North Carolina. You can get amazing sunset pictures here and the trees are gorgeous. Walk around the Fort for free and check out the local museum for free as well. Come here late at night and see deer, raccoons, and coyote!

Mark Glass

Interesting museum. Free. We intend return to explore further

Melinda Davis

History well kept.

Inga Burinskaya

Very interesting historic site and fort!

Stephanie Graham

Fun to walk around outside. We didn't do the tour and still had fun. Tour probably would have made it better.

Toby Lumley

An amazing place full of history:)

Henry A

Enjoyed this place alot of history here,museum is free you watch a short 15min video explaining what happened there and staff was friendly, and you can walk outside still see the bunkers built, cannons, anchors, fencing, recommend this place!

James Winterclock

Small but well documented historical area with a not to be missed reenactment map. The narrator sounds like Sam Elliot and the illuminated enactment is a winner.


Awesome place to visit and learn some history! Lots of artifacts and information, small gift shop for souvenirs, and one of those neat penny press machines ☺ The outdoor exhibits are really neat also!

david flores

This is our "getaway" place and you can fish right off the shore here. Beautifull scenery.

Paula Amador

A great way to spend the day. Lots of great historical information and in a beautiful location near the ocean and the aquarium.

Gregg Policari

Good walking, and old as you'd expect

Caroline B

Gorgeous grounds. You can stroll them even if the museum is closed. Amazing twisty maritime forest. Stairs up to a cannon with views over Cape Fear River and the cute earthen fortifications. Such a magical place. Lots of plaques describing the battles that took place here.

Jeremy Brown

Very Nice to see and experience with the family

Lesa Andrews

This place is pretty cool and packed with history. Nice little stop to and from the beach.

lynda french

This place is really cool. Such great information and the volunteers are very knowledge. I would recommend this stop to anyone visiting the area.

Dustin parr

Very historic, nice tours and gift shop. Very high on their southern pride.

Ed Davis

Nice place to talk a walk. The Aquarium is pricey but worth checking out

Carol Bennett

Do the 10 min video first then set off to see everything. Loved the volunteers!

Shaun York

Great place to be a local tourist and walk the family.. excited to see what their improvements consists of!

Gloria Gibson

There's a lot of history at Ft. Fisher. It was a battle ground once, and when you visit, you can sense the past, tho It's very peaceful and quiet. We walk our dog here occasionally during off season but mostly the summer.

Bree Brantley

Very interesting. Learn so much

Nathan Ramirez

Nice stop on our way to the trails, staff was friendly and helpful. We were able to get a hsitoric stamp at the center, there were alot of intersting exhibits to interact with. The gift shop had a large selection of memoribilia of the fort and battle, a nice stop before you hit the beach.

Mary Roper

The folks working here are very knowledgeable and happy to share what they know. They run walking tours of the (smallish) site a few times a day. There is a 5 or so minutes long video you can watch. All good stuff.

DeDee Williams

We love visiting the museum every time we come to Kure Beach. They often have hands-on activities or videos for the children. Adults too. They have a very informational display of numerous items found along this coastline and lots of facts about the Civil War. The museum is free (some things cost a small amount) at this time and that's very beneficial to people during their vacation. They have guided tours or you can go along at your own pace. Beware-it can be very hot outside while taking the tours around the historic site but it's worth it. The gift shop is great too. They try to put out literature pamphlets for everyone to grab as well.

charity stolzenbach anderson

This place is so magical..A must see place .

Jennifer Maddox

Very spread out but worth the walk. They close parking lot at 5 exactly.

Tipsy Bass

Lots of cool artifacts.. Old weapons, clothing.. I especially enjoyed the small area where they talked about the women fighter pilots, and the women who helped the soldiers. Many times, that is overlooked or forgotten. The interactive battleground was pretty cool too

Willow Mull

It was good very good for trying to learn new things about history..

Shawn Higgins

A very interesting piece of NC Civil War history. Great location on the coast and a good number of places to visit and learn about the sight. The visitor center is great, informative and staffed with helpful people.

Patrick Carroll

If you think the south will rise again, you'll love this place. I'd pass next time.

Robert C.

Excellent visitors center, educational.

Dan Rogers

Beautiful! So much to see and do!!

John Foreman

A top-notch museum with extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. The movie is well worth the time and try to arrange a tour of the grounds with one of the staff. Expect to spend at least one hour at the site.

Steven Robideaux

Love this place, thank you for preserving our much needed history.

Craig Greer

Went with 5th grade class trip. Guides made it informative and fun.

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