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REVIEWS OF Discovery Place Science IN North Carolina

Tray Formann-C

Extremely helpful, friendly & patient staff . Very accommodating as I had two kids in tow & one was not yet two years old. Great quality IMAX theater movie. The LEGO wing of displays was huge & activity was very engaging for all ages with tables arranged for all to work on their LEGO masterpieces. There was a table for guests well developed LEGO creations to be displayed. Table layout design was very well thought out. Plenty of scientific areas with microscopes & scientists to boot! An interesting variation of frogs were also on display with an entire area carved out just for them although the frogs were a challenge to find in their natural habitats at times. Additionally, a few of the staff members at the store were very helpful & showed me the exact toy we were looking for along with the option of sizes the toy came in. The small theater that usually houses nice a imitation movies was closed which was a HUGE disappointment . Hence the 4 stars rather then 5. Also. a gentle suggestion is that announcements of the establishment closing should be mentioned 45 minutes ahead of time, as opposed to 1/2 hour ahead of time to avoid the mad dash for hundreds of people heading to the restrooms, rounding up kids, family & friends, and everyone heading for the doors at once. Otherwise. intriguing time with plenty to do & see of a fun- filled time for the entire family!

Donnie Dial

Great experience! It was a very interesting trip and all of the activities were fun. They had some very interesting movies and shows. I think that anyone, especially if they live in the Charlotte area, should go here.

Emily Barius

So much to do here! There's something for all ages. Personally, the aquarium and rainforest are my favorite parts. You could definitely spend an entire day here.

Gizelle Briones

There are 3 floors, but we went on a Saturday and almost every square inch of the place was crowded. What makes it unique as opposed to any random Science museum is that they have a pretty decent sized rain forest "theater" and aquarium. The store was a bit expensive, but the entrance at $24 was a fair price for a couple of hours of engaging fun.

Andy D

My son love to visit this place. Good place to visit with kids

Josh Hardin

my kids love this place. there ages are 6 7 8 and 9. they all had so much fun. for that matter im an adult and i had a blast.

Tim McKenzie

Discovery place was one of my favorite places to visit as a child. We were happy to be able to take our children there. The exhibits have changed over the years but the concept had remained the same. Nice to see the familiar rain forest is still there though the touch tank is gone. Seems as though they did away with planetarium shows in favor of all IMAX. Had to take a star away for that. I will say the food options are better than expected.

Michael Roland

Nice exhibits for the kids. Lots of info for folks who like to learn. Frogs were super cool!

Jean Nicole

Very educational. My husband and I spent a few hours here. It is really informative and contains more activities than the average kids museum. Definitely was impressed. My favorite part was definitely the rain forest.

Jojan Paul

Good for science students at any age. If you are visiting first time, I guarantee you will learn something new. It's not up priced as review shows, can't prize the information, ideas and enjoyment of your kids gets that opens their mind. Have a visit and have fun.

Erin Wood

We went for Science on the Rocks and had a blast. Being able to navigate without being trampled, or deafened, by children was nice. The themes are fun, drink lines can be a little crazy, but we had a good time.

robert demeo

A great place to visit on a hot summers day..very interesting exhibits even my kids enjoyed it

JJ Joy

Always a fun experience for the whole family. Always different events to see that doesn't make the trip repetitive and boring. Pricey though and not the best place to eat. Leave and eat or have a cooler in the car then go back and enjoy the rest. It's costs extra but doing the shows in the dome are pretty amazing

April Cromartie

Great place. My kids had a great experience. Will be returning!

Yenitzia Montufar Pulido

Amazing museum!!! Even if you're a grown-up, you can have lots of fun! You can touch and play with everything ❤️ Everyone had great time :)

Monique Davis

The children and I loved the museum. They have so many different exhibits that help your mind explore beyond the norm. The IMAX movies were great and realistic. Even as an adult I want to go back, to explore some more.

Jessica Metheany

I expected there to be interactive exhibits, but more than half of the place is interactive! Better than expected! The only other science museum I've been to had a lot more room to work with, but for the space they have this museum packs itself with things that are able to draw attention, are interactive and actually teach cool stuff, even things that many adults probably don't know! My favorite part, though, was this enthusiastic guy with an electro ball!

Jonathan Lopez

My son loves this place. The staff are always knowledgeable and friendly. If you have kids and live in Charlotte. This place is a must !

Sue Spencer

Discovery Place Science is just what this Doctor (PhD education) would order to stimulate your child's mind. It offers many varied science experiences, for all ages, including a large number that are interactive. There are also movies and a gift shop. All of which are both educational and highly entertaining. I recommend Discover Place Science for your own family and friends, or out-of-town guests. I took my 5yr old nephew there on a recent visit to Charlotte. He thoroughly enjoyed himself as did us older children. I think you will too!

Jammi Gensler

Love this science museum.... especially Mimii in the Thinker Station... she was awesome with the kids and super attentive to all the children and parents. You are so lucky to have a wonderful employee as Mimii.

Jilian XD

It has many fun activities fir kids and you can learn a lot there too. They also have an IMAX Theater and that's cool too

Andii Andrea

Fair prices. Many activities for kids and adults. The cafe inside was pretty good too but not cheap.

J. Fitz

Really cool museum. Took my kids 5&8 and they really loved it. The place is clean and a little crowded. Staff was very friendly and helpful. There was so much to do and explore. My kids didn’t want to leave they had such a good time!

Jason Parks

Friendly staff. lots to do. several exhibits were down but we still had lots of fun. I'd go again specially considering those with ebt/snap get a huge discount

Tim Mincey

Great place to take the kids. Takes about 2 to 4 hours to see everything. Highly recommend! Around $80 for a family of 4

Brian Nelson

Our 4 and 6 year old love it here! Don’t forget to visit the bottom floor!!! Kids zone and aquarium!

Joe Caswell

For the price of admission and parking plus the other good reviews I was expecting much more. This place would be great for kids on field trips, however as an adult who enjoys going to science museums whenever I can, this one is very lacking. At other major places I’ve found myself wanting to stay for 6+ hours because I’m the type of person who reads everything and does all the stuff. I finished this museum in slightly less than 2 hours and walked out 36$ poorer. Again, great for kids, not good for adults.

Michael Clark

I really liked this place although we got there too late to see everything. The areas we did get to see were very interesting and informative. The staff one the floor was great as well. I didn't realize until we got there that there are more than one Discovery Place museums in the area. I really want to go too the science museum. I will definitely come back here when I have more time and would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Prisca A

Keeps the kids occupied and entertained, also contains a gift shop with cool items pertaining to science.

Ethan Caliva

Loved seeing Superdogs, was pretty cheap and not super crowded like I was expecting

kerri varney

Educational and fun. My son is 3 so a lot of the exhibits were a bit over his head, but he still had a great time. Lots of older kids there the day we went so it was a bit hectic.

Esly Zamora

My 2year old loves this place!! We come once a week !! Its great place for all ages and so much to do!! We love it ! Staff are so sweet very nice people! My 11month old gets entertain with everything and also they have play area for him!


I'm an avid lover of the sciences so Discovery Place checks my boxes when it comes to being engaged and intrigued! I love the events they host there for both adults and children as well. The atmosphere is very creative and interactive which leaves you feeling both smarter, and accomplished.

Robert Williams

we visited for the first time with my three nieces and nephews, all under the age of seven. There were activities and movies that appealed to all. The hands-on activities provided fun and easy ways to talk science and keep the kids entertained. We loved the backyard and panda movies - adults and kids alike. I need to arrange for my friends and relatives to come down so we have an excuse to visit again. What I really wish is for them to hold adult nights so we could play more!

Wendy Andrade

Fun facts! Had alot of fun! Lady was very nice to show me around.

Marcia G Hunt

Very educational in a learning fun way.Yes that is a bed of nails, didn't hurt.laying on them was my daughter.It would take a number of trips to see all.

Emma Cooke

Always fun, so glad to have a place like this to enjoy in Charlotte!

Jason Nash

Probably the coolest museum I've ever been to. Had a few items out of order but other than that I really enjoyed my time here. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon and compared to places like the Nascar Hall of Fame it's definitely worth the price of entry.

Deborah Ando

It's a great time for kids and adults

El Div

Great for toddlers, but also kids of all ages. Friendly staff, convenient parking, and cool exhibits.

Joel Goldstein

Great mix of exhibits. Good curation suiting different ages and education levels. Loved the architecture exhibit.

SumoSpongeCat123 .C

I visited this place for a field trip, and the whole time, I was always doing something fun. There are some awesome exhibits, and you can even lay on a bed of nails! Real cool place that me and my friends created some pretty cool memories. Have fun here!

Karen Miller

What a blast!! The website is confusing because we were looking for the butterfly pavilion and we were told later that it was at a different location. Parking is ridiculous. I paid $25!!!! My grandchildren just loved all the interactive stuff... I think their favorite was either the bugs or the fish!!! We've been to the one in Huntersville and the kids love them all, so far!!!

Andrea Byrne

I went for the Fantastic Bugs and Where to Find Them adult only event after hours. It was super fun and I got to learn about more than just bugs. I was able to look around at most of the usual attractions. They had an extra lab set up where you could walk through bug habitats, and some table set up throughout to do extra Harry Potter activities. I can't wait to go back on a regular day and see everything I missed!

Kim Arrants

Great place to visit. My children love exploring the different areas. Right now the have an awesome Lego display and areas for children to create their own buildings.

Jessica Shelton

Great time for the family. So many hands on exhibits. Lots of very cool things to see and do. I wish we had more time. We really wanted to catch an I max show but due to poor planning we were not able to. I would definitely recommend pre planning to make sure you get to catch all the shows that you want to see. Parking was not so fun but ya can't control other drivers. I love that you can get admission for a dollar a piece (up to 6 people) with your EBT or WIC card and valid ID.

Marcin Tandecki

Amazing place for all things science! We took our kids here, but the adults had just as much fun. There are many different displays and exhibits to explore, many of which are interactive adding that much to the fun. There are some exhibits are at additional costs, but I'd say they're worth it, provided you have enough time to get through everything. It took us about 2.5 hours just in the general admission portion, without having watched any of the movies.

Kadeidre W

The building was much smaller than I thought it would be. It does not have a lot of exhibits and the ones they do have is minimal. The butterfly exhibit was nice. I enjoyed the quarter mile nature trail even though we did not find any of the items on the guide. The planetarium shows definitely needs to be updated. The facility has free parking, it's clean and was pretty empty so those were definitely a plus for me. The kids enjoyed the story time, puppet show and all the exhibit. The museum was a 3 overall for me but the kids had fun so I gave it 4 stars.

Brittany Mary Levinson

My little one had a Field day! There is so much to see and do. There are crafts and shows! This was our first time. We will definitely be back because we did not get a chance to do nearly as much as we wanted.

Sheila Vazquez

My son loves DPS. They have a great area down stairs for the younger kids to play and explore.


I took my 3 kids ages 1 1/2, 12, and 16 and there was something for them all of us we spent 4 1/2 hrs there we all had a great time.

Myrtle Vaughn

I've loved this place my whole life. I miss the jungle gym area. I make it a point to visit every time I'm in Charlotte. Well worth it.

Rebecca Gabay

Very cool place. Took my 10 mo old there and she loved it!

Renee M.

This place was great! Spent the entire day and was well worth every minute. We enjoyed every bit. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions. There are live shows that are included with admission and so many different areas where everyone can experience hands on projects. The Panda show in the IMAX theatre was kind of boring and long which was an extra fee definitely not worth seeing.

Teressa Lawrence

Discovery Place Science is one of the best educational fun and interactive places to visit everyday in the state of NC. My grandkids loves to visit and we stay all day every time we go.

Eva Freeman

I enjoy this museum every time I visit. It is great attending the Science on the Rocks and other adults only events. Although geared more towards children this science museum is interactive and entertaining even for adults. Check out the interaction taks, like the jelly fish, they're my favorite.

Crystal Hamel

Great fun for kids and teens aswell.

Nirmal Krishnan

Excellent place for kids. IMAX Theater is amazing. Its required min half day to cover all the activities for kids. Plan accordingly. Exhibits and movies changes frequently, check on the website before plan for visit.

joseph beckwith

Made a daytrip down from Durham bye train to visit. It's a fun place for the kids, but multiple stations were out of service. Tough to stomach the total price of admission when you don't get the full experience.

Cindy Rhodes

Love it now more as a adult.. I guess it's cause I i understand it more

Joshua Burrell

As a child I always enjoyed this museum. It was full of exciting and interactive exhibits. As an adult they've kept the excitement going with their Science on the Rocks series every month. All around a fantastic place for all ages!

Jennifer Avery

I am really sorry I usually do not give a bad review on places but I was not happy with the place. I hate even saying that because it is a cool place. It's just we payed almost 70 dollars for like an hour and a half. A lot of the exhibits were not working. When I went when I was younger it was awesome!! My 4 year old didn't really have any fun either and I hate that for everyone. Sorry I just really think that it was not worth the price when I can get the same thing where I live. And again sorry for the bad rating but I really did have to say something. Thank you for your time.

Bryan Prather

Really a fun place. I didn’t know what to expect. Kids and adults seemed to enjoy and we even bought a bag of bug chips to eat. We had the crickets! Our tickets were very cheap through school so we didn’t have to pay full price. It’s worth the time. Budget the trip and go.

Andreas Willis

As a family with both young and a teenager, this was worth a visit! We did not visit the IMAX but did pay extra for the Lego room (which is where our kids spent the most time). Having been to so many museums of this type, I'd put this toward the top, but that being said, these places tend to be about the same for our family. The under-7 area was one of the better ones I've seen, spacious and bright with so much to do for the littler kids. We were impressed with the aquarium and rain forest exhibits. The cafe had a nice variety of items. Overall, a lovely visit.


Barnett Reresby

The areas we did get to see were very interesting and informative. The staff one the floor was great as well. I didn't realize until we got there that there are more than one Discovery Place museums in the area. I really want to go too the science museum. I will definitely come back here when I have more time and would highly recommend this place to anyone.

wanda person

Love the IMAX movie theater! And my 12 year old and 9 year old had fun watching the aquarium. Being involved in the creative play, hands on with the starfish,and the iguana!

Amanda Clemmer

Such a fun place for the family. We went on a Saturday and it was busy. Had to wait in line for a lot of the activities. Lots to look at and good for all ages. Bug exhibit did require additional tickets. Would recommend for anyone with children. Top floor was not for us and was very unorganized with not much to do but the first two floors were great. Also you may want to check online before you go because they have a lot of daily activities like the fire show and labs that are included in the admission price scheduled throughout the day.

Ineal Knowlton

This is a great place for a elementary or middle school field trip. You can arrange for special classes that go along with the curriculum you are teaching. You can also arrange for box lunches or have lunch in the cafe.

Kendra Chaput

I took a class field trip here, and they had a blast! They loved exploring and the hands on experience.


Cool place for kids and adults. Enjoy

Stephanie Marchan

This place is amazing with fun & unique activities for kids ages 1 - 18 & adults as well! I always have a blast here & my 5 yr old son LOVED the lego land. The rainforest district was cute & cool when you get to interact with the parrot!! I recommed this place HIGHLY to anyone

Jason Bruce

This is a great place to take the kids where both them and the adults will have a good time and learn a few things. Lots of interactive displays and plenty to do.


I visited today - keep in mind that I understand this is a kids museum - but good lord. Having a place for kids to learn about science and wildlife and all that cool stuff is great! But I couldn’t look at any exhibit without a child yelling in my ear or running into me or the visitors I brought along. We still had a good time and maybe I’m being too harsh, but the school children that were there were running absolutely wild. Is there an adults only night or something I’m missing out on? I have a new respect for teachers, I could never. I salute you brave soldiers of education. Other than that, the exhibits were pretty sweet.

Daniel Northington

A fun learning experience for my children. Price could be a little lower though.

J Lla

This place is great! It is worth the visit. Just skip the gift shop. Overpriced as usual.

Jayce Petersohn

My wife and I absolutely loved their themed Science on the Rocks event <3 It was a great social event for us homebodies, educational, and an honest good time with my bestie, alcohol. I enjoyed making a tiny pair of shoes, seeing tons of frogs and birds, and even engineering type exhibitions. The various displays and interactive things to do are spread out across multiple levels and all have different set ups, keeping you interested throughout. The “treasure hunt” encouraged us to find answers, accomplish a task while we were there, and a little competitive spirit. There are always events and rotating interactive experiences. Everything is very hands on & a learning opportunity. I’ve also been with family - children were having a great time, well supervised so that everyone could enjoy the space and the exhibitions. Also notable is their café which has a ton of selections, truthfully prices are a little high which is to be expected. My favorite part was probably the IMAX movies – they are enriching to say the least.


Great for all family! Kids just love it!

Ronald Schuppe

Awesome place. Great place for kids. It kept the kids and I entertained the whole time we were there. A lot of things to do and learn, even for the adult folks. Thank you keep up the good work.

Pearlyn Omotola

We had a blast here! From 10am-4pm closing there was so much to do! They also have events/shows throughout the day so they make announcements to make sure everyone gets a chance to experience it! The food here was also delicious I got a burger with fries and my kids got pizza. The parfait and banana nut bread OMG!! Soooo good! They also have a parking lot behind the place 12$ to park! We saw a movie the screen was from the bottom through the ceiling and all around! It was beautiful great picture and story line we watched the wilderness! We will totally come back if we are staying in town!

Jeff B

This place has a lot of cool stuff for kids. Went about 5 years ago with my boys and just went again. For the most part, it is more directed at the younger ages but still fun. The Lego room is pretty cool, but is temporary.

Judy White

So much to learn, see and do. Excellent place for inquiring minds.

thomas lenz

A wonderful science center to visit with or without the kids. You learn some great and interesting things that we take for granted every day. As an added bonus, DPS honored our membership from Orlando science center. No fee if you have a membership from a reciprocal ASTC organization. Staff was very helpful and the exhibits were engaging and we'll kept.

Kanisha Miller

Great place to beat the heat and make education fun!

Kimberly Baker

Excellent place for schools, families, etc. who are looking for a place to have fun and learn while doing so. Many hands on activities included in admission as well as fun add on activities for an additional fee. They have a place to purchase food and several places to eat if you packed a lunch...the little patio outside is one of our favorites.


Very nice!!! My girls enjoyed it a lot.

deedee wortman

My daughter loved this place. They have all kinds of games, exhibits and fun activities for the kids to learn. They have a pool where you can touch sea creatures, try experiments and a crafting station to make yourself a souvenir. If you have bored kids, take them here.

Eudania Burrell

Discovery science has an awesome staff and the exhibits are great. There is something for everyone.

danely concha

Very good place for the kids to visit on a slow day

Dylan Hane

Took the kids here, 7 and 11, last Saturday for an discovery event. They were left with a great impression and spent all car ride home and all next day talking about what they've learned. To be honest, even I found myself mesmerized by facts and fun tasks. It was also really busy, so good to see that in 2019 there is still such a high demand for discovery and not just sitting on their phones.


Kids had an awesome. And they’re always adding something fun & educational.

Daniel Jones

Has some cool stuff, kids enjoyed it. Cleanliness is the biggest issue I had. My kids and I observed a cockroach over two inches long cruising around. None of the workers seemed to mind. We will not be returning.

Amaala Martinez

This place is amazing!!! I think I had more fun than my toddler. Everything worked and no pieces were missing. The animal exhibits, hands on exhibits, shows everything was just extraordinary. I’m Looking forward to coming back next year when I return.

Ely Troche

We love this place every time we go it is an amazing time. Lots of things to learn and have fun while learning. Also we are low income family so for those who aren't aware, if you receive food assistance can get up to six people in at the price of one dollar. They also discount parking just remember to bring parking pass.

Allen Davis

Too much to take in in just one day. It was a very educational experience and not just for my daughter.


Kids had a great time. They did not want to leave. It was very engaging

Wade Glotfelty

Perfect for a day with young children. Your child will learn about science in an easy to understand way. Staff are all incredibly generous and just nice people. They have an indoor rain Forrest exhibit that is a must see!

Veda Cook

I had fun on this school field trip with my Grand twins. The science Magic show us our favorite attraction!

Matthew Harrison

This place is always engaging. I brought my daughter this past time and had a lot of fun. She loved the Lego exhibit. If it's busy, be prepared to deal with some rude adults and their kids cutting lines.

Adrienne Burris

Great space and a lot of thing for children to do and learn.

Rosa Maria Marte Rosario

It's always so fun for kids all ages... plus they learn too..!!!

Mr H

Visited the IMAX only - the curved screen is a very encompassing experience. Looks like the rest of the museum is good family hands-on visit.

Julie Hawk

This was our first visit, but it won't be our last. The lady at the front desk said over 800 school kids were there on field trips, but there was still plenty of space for us to discover mostly everything. The labs were closed due to the school kids, but I now know to call ahead and plan for days the labs will be open. My grandkids didn't notice that they missed anything because they stayed entertained for over 6 hours.

Karen Nickel

Absolutely Loved It. It's great place to go for all ages

John McKiniry

Great place for the family. The staff is friendly, helpful and engaged with their guests. The staff changes the science experiment areas often so the experience changes with each visit.

lavida mickens

It's a nice place, but for me not worth the money tou spend. The special exhibitions are extra. For example, they presently have a Lego exhibit. You'll have to pay extra to let your children play with legos. Great for school trips though.

Sindhu Radha

Best place to engage kids of all ages. Myself got deep into Lego workshop this week..

John Crossman

This place is great! Lots of cool things to do and learn about for the family and would be decently fun solo as well. The staff is helpful and enthusiastic about their jobs which makes it even better. Overall a good experience that I would recommend to any family looking to get out of the house and have a fun time.

Ian Shaw

Great place for the kids and family. Also a nice IMAX theater. Hours of fun and easy parking.

Mina Hairston

Really enjoyed our visited to the Science Museum during our Family reunion.

Chelsea McQuaid

A lot of exhibits were broken. We loved the aquariums and rain forest. The science show was great and the maker space kept the kids entertained for hours. The goddess were really funny and informative.

Michele Kane

Discovery Place Science is a great place to bring your children for an interactive, fun learning experience. This place however is not just for children. When I went it was with a group made up of soley adults and we had a blast. There are all different types of exhibits so there is a broad range of different sciences explored. A great place to spend the day if you're looking to do something in Charlotte.

Cheryl Cunningham

This Discovery Place Science Center was accessible and reasonably priced. The layout of facility was nice and opened I did not feel smothered by other visitors. The staff were friendly and very knowledgeable. They had a lot of hands on activities. The kids were engaged and fascinated ,It as well as adults. I truly enjoyed it.


Visit here while on vacation, kids enjoyed the visit. Very educational and the price was reasonable.

Abby Bjelac

Our favorite climate controlled hang out with the kids! We’ve been coming here for decades, there is something for every age. Check out the Thinkers Lab on the 3rd floor, it’s a hands on, state of the art studio to build & create.

Devaraju Rajagopal

From June First 2019 Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO bricks exhibition is going on at Discovery Place Science.They have displayed models of world tall Towers made with LEGO bricks.This exhibition moved from Sydney Australia and will be here for three months.After that it will move to some other city.These tall Towers are made painstakingly with LEGO bricks and worth watching.Visitors can spend time and make make their own ideas with LEGO bricks.

carrie s

Its fun for families and its only a dollar when u have WIC card or ebt card .

Andrew Barnum

This place is great for kids, tons of hands on exhibits. But none of that is why I want to give this place a 50 star review (Google only allows for 5 so use your imagination) This place has one of the 10 last 70mm film based IMAX projection systems in the United States. Far better than anything digital, this theater is Awesome!! This type of film has a resolution 4x higher than the best digital system at a mind blowing 18k (equal to). The film is manufactured by Eastman Kodak so watching IMAX movies here helps them too! Anyway I can't recommend this place enough. Your be totally blown away by anything you see here!!

Walter Hemingway

Really fun. Extremely interesting! We went without the kids for the first time, but will be bringing them back!

Yogi Sookdeo

This place is great for people of all ages with a scientific interest. They have various interactive activities that you can participate in to help you learn more about different fields of science. Definitely recommended

gayle fortner

The best! All day fun for children and parents with hands on activities. Parent child involvment somewhat with everything. Energetic day. Love it !

makeupby dbj

This place was GREAT! Wow so fun and so educational. The staff is great! I learned so much here as well as my kids! They had super cool educational experiments, I enjoyed this place just as much as an adult! We have planned to go here every other weekend. They also have an amazing comfort room for moms and babies! What a neat place this is! The food was good as well though their large hot chocolate was super small and taste watered down, which stunk because I love hot chocolate but everything else definitely made up for that!

Dinorah Darby

Plenty of hands on activities. Was disapointed to find animals did not have a description of habitat, eating habits and maps of where they can be found in the world. Cafe had nice fresh food options.

Dasha K

It was our first time at discovery place and we had a blast. We were there for 2 1/2 hours and didn’t even get to second floor. Definitely going back again in the near future. I would highly recommend this for all ages. They have a beautiful aquarium activities for kids of all ages

Angel Rojo

My kids enjoyed this location but I feel a little disappointed. They have many things to do for the kids but I did not at all find the staff at this location friendly. We have been twice. The first time, 30 mins before they we set to close, they pretty much ran us out of the toddler play area. The manager of that area had volunteers cleaning blocks my two toddlers were playing with Clorox wipes. I understand having to get things done, but we were not asked to leave this area, as they were cleaning they out them back and soaked in the solution, my toddlers were able to pick them right back up. We took the hint and left. On another occasion, am older lady went by and suggested that my 2 years old were too old for the toddler section (36 months and under). Then she returned to make my older son leave the area and he was solely sitting beside me as a "time out" . I struggled with a 3 star review and a four star because my kids had fun but the staff at this particular discovery place is not friendly and I do believe that is an important part of the experience. On the contrary, the man that had done the electricity demonstration for the kids, was great! Friendly, funny and entertaining!

Rosanell Jaquez

Absolutely fun for all ages affordable . Great for a weekend activity.

Stephanie Doyle

Science on the Rocks was a wonderful experience! All the fun of the science museum in an adults only atmosphere with adult beverages. Many of the attendees had wonderful costumes! We will definitely be going again and dressing up for the occasion.

Cassandra Linklater

So many cool things to see and do. My kids had a blast there!

William Wallace

Science on the rocks is one of the best date night friend night events in Charlotte. You get to be a kid a few science experiments. See a few fun animals ...and have a blast. I absolutely love science on the rocks.

Tera Campbell

Great visit with my kids. Fun for all ages! Parking on the top level is nice since you can walk right in, but then u have to go to 1st floor for tickets. Glad I remembered to bring in my parking ticket to pre-pay as well. Nice place to enjoy lunch too.

Nicholas Gibson

This place was GREAT! There are also some interactive areas with facts and explanation. This place is very educational and great for kids! Nice place to enjoy lunch too.

Barbara Mintz

A wonderful adventure for children of all ages and grandparents as well.


There are so many different things to do. Give yourself at least 3 hours, to really go through it and enjoy everything.

Chris Hoey

Great place of learning for kids (and adult honestly) whether your child is scientifically oriented or not, they will surely learn a lot here. Whether physics or life sciences, they've got it covered. And the learning is fun and interactive. Great for a field trip or a day with family

Jason Bailey

We love Discovery Place. The activities change often enough you can go pretty much weekly.

Steven Hager

Seems like this place was more amazing when I was a kid, but with how my kids reacted it was still amazing to them. Good place to take your children for educational fun. Prices are high, but what isn't anymore.

Lindsay Nichols Ollard

We loveeee.... this place! We became members of all the museums that they offer and this is our favorite. The staff is friendly and the place is very clean. We have already paid for our family pass considering how many times we have already visited and we have only lived in the area for 2 months. Well worth it.

Robin Mead

Had such fun there with my grandson.. will go again

Vicky Rubinovich

Amazing we spent 5 hours. Kids enjoy a lot This museum is so interactive We was on Miami kids museum but this one is the best

Sherry Atria

Great place for the kids to spend the day. So much fun!

Elizabeth Lutz

This is a fun, friendly and educational place for children and adults.

Lon jenkins

Great learning experience for the younger crowd. Grandkids loved it.

Chae C.

We visited the body works exhibit here and it was so unique. We plan on visiting again very soon. It is a great place for the families ages 2 and up. The gift shop is pricey but you can find small items there just so your kid won't fuss about not getting something. They have a program for families on wic or snaps to get in for just a 1.00 so check into that if you qualify.

Morgan Harding

The exhibits were very interesting and the museum seemed to be well-kept. The employees were also helpful and nice.

Brian Swift

Discovery place was one of my favorite places to visit as a child. I suggest you spend at least 3-4 hours here. Your kids will love it, probably at least 4 and up. Lots of activities to do. Watch an IMAX movie which I recommend.

Cabha Rufus Baskar

Good for Kids on all ages. Lot of areas to learn new things for them.

Mo Peeps

Its not just a library its a whole world for kids with plenty of activities..most recently they have a Mr.Potato Head exhibit for the summer..great atmosphere

Melissa McAtee

Every single time I go I find something else that I love about this place. It is great for adults and kids and I absolutely love the toddler area.

Enigmatic Muse

Kids live it! Discounts for WIC or EBT guests!

Hannah Hunter

Something for children of all ages. My 5 children loved it and they learned a lot while having fun.

Monnie Claus

We had a great time at Discovery Place! My kids learned so much from the exhibits such as magnetism, electricity, friction and many more. We also saw animals in the aquarium and live insect displays. There are also some interactive areas with facts and explanation. This place is very educational and great for kids!

Brookie Mclean

Great discounts fun for the kids even has a lunch nd snack area has parking deck good price for all day parking gift store all in all a great place to explore and have fun with the lil ones

Rachel Roczynski

I chaperoned a 3rd grade class and they had a blast. Lots of interactive, super-fun science activities and displays. The Bug area had several mazes for the children to go through and lots of bug specimens. There was an area for the class to eat lunch, but I also saw a couple of areas for guests to buy food to sit and eat. The IMAX movie about Africa was awe-inspiring. Staff was friendly and helpful. This was a great experience and I would bring a class here again in a heartbeat.

Chapin Burgess

Very cool and informative place. I want more time here.

DaGrands Noir

Great self or social activity. Great place to meet new people.

Clara Jordan

A place the whole family can enjoy young and old alike. I suggest you spend at least 3-4 hours here. Your kids will love it, probably at least 4 and up. Lots of activities to do. Watch an IMAX movie which I recommend. There is a place to eat. Learn things about your body, animals and insects. Fun place.

Deanna Mapes

Great place to spend time as a family. Educational and fun for people of ALL ages as you are never too old to learn something new and have fun while learning it. Great hands-on exhibits that are fully functional and not in need of repair. Staff is pleasant and helpful. There is something of interest in science for everyone to explore and enjoy. The last time I brought my family here, my son was 12 years old. Today he is 26 and we had just as much fun today as we did years ago. Highly recommend, especially if you have inquisitive children.

Andria Celeste

They had a special rate that honored those with lower incomes or those affected in the September 2018 hurricane and government shutdown. THAT IS AMAZING!!! I APPLAUD THE COMPANY FOR THEIR CONSIDERATION!!! Never knew a company as considerate as this. I will always recommend. So much to do, make sure you block out at least 3 hours to enjoy. Fun for all ages. I could say more...

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