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105 Gilead Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078, United States

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Where is Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville?

REVIEWS OF Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville IN North Carolina

Cathy H

Fun on regular days but don't take your kids on New Year's Eve. The noon balloon drop event was awful. Kids crying. Parents grabbing for balloons. Way too many people there so our kids stood around and did very little until they got trampled and hit in the head for a balloon at noon. Wish I would have saved the $40 and did a balloon drop at our house.

Justin Hobbs

First time here. It was extremely crowded but that's not a bad thing. Plenty of places for a curious child to play. Well staffed and clean. Highly recommended for those days when you need your child to expend some energy. Price is decent for the value.

Hanna Huffman

My daughter enjoyed it more once she was older. Would recommend most for kids 3+ but there’s still enough for younger kids to do (water tables, sandbox, small kids play area).

Muriel Barnette

My kids had so much fun! We enjoyed it and will be back very soon.

Amanda Elaine Eldridge

So much to do and see!! The volunteers do a great job keeping things sage and tidy, and my kids have never had a bad experience! They also give WIC families an amazing discount

Jordan Burleson

Fantastic children's museum with exhibits for all ages and abilities. They have ♿ features like an elevator, parking, and ramps, along with activities for the wheelchair bound. They have a toddler play area as well. Love the water activities, climbing area, grocery store, hospital, sea life, and vehicles. Friendly staff and vending areas for snacks and drinks. Affordable and fun!

Ren ette

Great place. Tons of climbing, educational, and fun areas for the kids. It’s best for kids up to about 6 or so. There is an area for kids under 3 and some great climbing area. The submarine area was a bit scary for my 3yo but otherwise it was perfect for him and his 1.5yo brother. They have a water area that really only gets them wet. I actually like it better than the Children’s Museum in Atlanta.

Peri Lakshmikant

Awesome place for babies and toddlers


Great place for 9 and under toddler and preschooler loves it

Michael Wahba

I would give it a 3.5...nothing like the Charlotte discovery place location, but what they have is nice, up to date and well taken care of.

Elizabeth Jurcak

Amazing museum, my kids had a blast and would love to go back.

Ryan Hunter

Amazing place for younger children, lots to see and even more to do.

Megan Collins

Great for kids!!! My 3 and half year old loved it!!!

Elizabeth Cook

Awesome museum for kids. We went on a field trip of about 120 kids and it didn't feel crowded at all. Lots to do for the kids and they stay well occupied. Will definitely go back.

Sonya Neely

Plenty of things to do for the kids. There's also live puppet shows

Emily Perryman

Very cool, lots of fun for kids

Caleb Harmon

Great spot for our 5 year old.

Lisa Marie Turner

Great place for the kiddos and loved all the hands on exhibits. We will definitely be returning soon!!

Joseph S. Kubany

Children will love driving the real Fire Engine. There's a fun water table that is accessible from both the main floor and the 3 and under area. The dress up and stage was a fun way for the kids to show their dancing and singing skills and build confidence of being in front of a crowd.

Jason Campbell

Great place for kids. Lots of things to keep them entertained. Well maintained and typically clean play areas and interactive events.

Hilary Nicole

Excellent play museum with extensive areas. We have a membership to the Association of Science and Technology Centers through our home museum and make it a point to visit as many as we can throughout the country. Hands down this is one of the best I’ve seen so far.

John G.

Really great place for kids. Lots of cool things to do as we as programs at the "town hall". Can't wait to get back and do it again.

r George

First attending here with my almost 2 yr old (22 months). This place is super crowded on the weekends. It is very nice. The concept is cool. The story time was good. Sooo many different activities... I would high suggest bringing your child after nap time or waayyyy before. I say that so they can enjoy themselves and better for you as a parent/ guardian

Crystal Graham

Great spot especially for those bored summer days. Great for babies up until about 8. Kids play and learn the same time. They also have birthday parties. We did a party there one year it was a hit.

Renee Houser

Took our 3 year old. Fun and well maintained activities!

Denel Williams

A little small, but clean and nice staff.

Alicia Mowder

Tons to do, not bad price ($10 each anyone 1 or older). Fills up fast on a Saturday so get there early. When we left at 11:45am the line was 30 minutes long.

Julio Sebastian Gomez

Great place for kids. Very fun time! If u take care of ur child you and them will learn more about each other.

Nell McCallum

A really great way to entertain you toddler. Highly recommend

Greg Zearfoss

A lot if fun for kids and the staff is great.

cl p

No buttons to open doors, which makes stroller access difficult. Some outlets are not covered. The kids had a great time and can't wait to return. Dress to be very hot, especially after chasing toddlers and bring an extra adult if you can

Carrie Shepard McNeill

Love watching my son interact with other kids his age, especially when he's in the water area he's such a water baby

Mike Reid

What an amazing value for a one year pass. This place is such a vital part of my family's week.


My family and I love this place. If you are looking for an indoor place to take your child from toddler to 10yrs old, give this place a try. You need more than 2hrs to go thru the whole place and enjoy it. Let your children explore their imagination and creativity while learning at the same time. Enjoy

Betty Fantauzzi

Loved it. We brought my grandsons. They had a great time and so did I.

Bryan M

Great for a rainy day to let your kids get some energy out. My kids loved it. Can be very busy on the weekends, though it tends to die down around lunchtime (AKA: naptime).

Chris Nguyen

Great experience for younger children. Our twins always enjoy their visits at this facility. We like to come during the day on weekdays to avoid traffic; parking is very convenient.

Michelle Hooper

Megan AC

We are members and have been coming to this location for the past 6 months... the same objects remain broken or incomplete within the facility, I have never seen a staff member walking around the floor only the ones up front, and I question the security of the place.

Lady D

The awesome areas of fun for the children to play is amazing! They loved dramatic play area.

Colin Cappelano

Excellent place for a child to explore and have fun. Better for children under 6. I'm not sure if they still do but they used to offer birthday parties prior to opening to the public, it was amazing being able to let the kids run around without having to keep such a close eye on them.

haley hughes

If you have a chance to bring your children here please do! Located not far from the interstate, short parking distance. Plenty for the children to do. I was impressed with the thought and attention to detail in every single one of their rooms/displays. I was also entertained!! They had puppet shows, and an interactive dance party, a separate play area for children under 3, and the kids were encouraged to play with everything in here. Well stocked craft room, lots of buttons to push, things to turn, a huge diner area where the kids can pretend play there was also an outside area with sand box. No complaints. You could stay all day here!! My kids already want to go back. Well done guys!!

Matthew Bernstein

What a blast this place was for my two kids. We were visiting family and they took us there for the morning and it was perfect for ages 2-8. It was clean, the various discovery rooms were spot on for allowing full participation and interaction. They also do story-time and other shows throughout the day while you’re visiting. Highly recommend.

Esly Zamora

Great children's museum with exhibits for all ages!!They have a toddler/infant play area as well. If something I enjoyed so much about this place was that they have so much stuff that lets kids enjoy and think of what they want to be when they grow up. My boy enjoyed the inside of ambulance the most and said he wanted to be doctor when he grew up and he also enjoyed the play restaurant alot. Its absolutely an amazing place to bring your child. Friendly staff and vending areas. Affordable and fun for all ages! You will not regret it!!

Max Griffin

If you want your kids to have a chance to play indoors and work their imagination as well as their brain and body, this is the place! Fire engine, ambulance, town market (grocery store), bank, restaurant, and more! All centers where kids can play. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

T Horowitz

Hands down the best place to bring kids for a fun day. If you live in the area and plan on going more than 4 or 5 times a year, buy the membership. You have to pay for adults and kids to get in, but it's worth it.

Maureen Carter

Kids love the hands on experiences!! Lots to do for the little ones. My 10 year old prefers to go to Discovery Place Science. My 2 year old and 6 year old prefer this location bc it is suited for their age.

Gabriela Antunes

Took my God-daughter for her birthday. Easy parking. Went on a Saturday morning. We stayed for about 2hrs. It was some what crowded. Everyone had fun.

DeMario Sloan

My daughter had a blast

f Holston

good place to go, worth getting a membership

Mike Ball

This is a fun place for your younger kids it's more geared towards the 12 and under kid they do have a toddler area that is great my 3yr old loved it they have a water table that the kids love they have snack vending machines so pack a lunch we stayed about 4 hours they have a parking garage rite next door it's very nice not having to look for parking

Mara K.

My kids had endless fun

Mrs. Talley

My kids, niece, and nephews enjoyed themselves. It was close to my house and my nephew said it was the best day of his life. It doesn't have all the amenities as the one downtown, but it was worth my $6.

Crystal Thompson

This is a wonderful place to spend the day with your family. There's so much to see and play around with. It's truly fun for children and adults. Go early so you have the chance to check out everything.

Brittany Payntar

5 stars had the feild trip children not came in and acted like complete animals that weren't being watched by the chaperones. Most had their phones in their face. Otherwise this place was amazing and my daughter loved it. Everything was neat and tidy at first. The exhibits are so interactive and fun. Seems very clean. Staff was helpful and apologetic about the unruly children running a muck. I recommend calling in advance to see if feild trips are being held that day.

John Cochran

I took my 4 nieces here and they all had a blast.

angel farley

My child loves it here

Joseph Pilon

Kids going nuts and it's raining outside? Go to discovery place kids and let them burn off that energy. So much to do for so many ages. My boys love it here!

Lamont Morrison

My son had a blast here. It was worth it.

Bob Burnham

Awesome place to take my little ones!

Samantha Cook

So much to do here, my son loves it and we have to drag him out every time kicking and screaming. I rarely see the staff though except for front desk and the story or dance time. I wish they were a little more present but I can't take off the score for that. We are so happy to have this close by!

Kristen Sloboda

Lots of fun activities for young children. Very crowded on a cold Saturday morning. Lego table could have had more legos, and the grocery store which is a really great concept, would benefit from a few more shopping carts/ hand held grocery baskets and cloth or mesh reusable shopping sacks. An employed grocery store attendant to assist and restock shelves would also enhance the experience on a high traffic day/time period.

Keith Weilacher

Wow! If you have kids you have to visit this place. The best playground in town. Very well ran and cared for. The staff are all exceptional.

Maria Poplin

Very neat place for children. Lots to do.

Jeffrey Couick

This is a cool little place where my niece had her birthday party at a few weeks ago. We were in a private room so I didn't get a chance to really explore but from the look on all the kid's faces, they were DEFINITELY having a really good time. It seemed very clean and well maintained. I'd recommend it for parties and outings for little ones.

DeAnna Savage

This was the best activity for us! I want to go back so bad! It's super fun and your little one will want to stay all day! Worth the $20!

Visit Lake Norman

An amazing and interactive learning experience for "kids" of all ages. We enjoyed our day-trip with our group last week and our short-day trip to the unique and exciting children's museum. Perfect destination for birthday parties, summer camps, or day trips.

Julio Garcia

Very good place to being your children

Jason G

There's a lot of fun stuff for young children to do. I know it's not Discovery Places fault completely but my son got lice while we were there.

Ellen Blalock

Great spot to take kids!

Monica Jade

This place is great for little kids. There is so much for them to do.

Andreas Willis

The Discovery Place Kids Huntersville is predominately focused on toddlers to age 7 children. Please know this is also a fabulous place for learning challenged or Autism kids. My young friend had a blast at this place. He enjoyed the pet vet clinic, the splash station ( think about a change of clothes), the fire truck, the food market, bank and more! The front desk folks gave us a little nylon back pack to help him enjoy the experience...Head phones to “manage” loud noises, a little toy which could provide a calming effect etc. all intended for special needs kids. Thank you Discovery Place Kids for helping ALL kids to have fun.


This it's. One of its kind of Discovery Places for Children and family get together and enjoy the activities in the great Charlotte area. Enjoy watching my videos. Thanks

Krista C

I took my 2 2.5 year olds and they had fun. It's clean with a variety of areas to play and explore in. I think it is way too overpriced. We payed almost $50 for 2 adults and 2 toddlers.

Shana Jean

Had a wonderful day with the kids, it is totally worth the trip and the price!

Susan Wilson-Taylor

Great safe place for children to explore.

Gwen Johnson

For the young ones and their imaginations and fun!

Lisa Ashwood

Discovery Place is my grandkid"s most favorite place to visit

Brian P

Great place for small kids to explore so many different subjects. Can get a little crazy on weekends or rainy days but really fun for young kids

Billy Proudman

A very big spacious play place. My 4yr old loved it!

Ritesh Adhikari

Must go to place if you have a kid. They will enjoy.

Shelia Heck

Great place. Always enjoy going with the grand kids.

John Golden Photography 336.745.8238

It was ok. Busy and a little dirty. A bit expensive for a family. Would not recommend for toddlers. Early elementary age seems most appropriate.

Michelle Bolson

It a nice place and great if you have 1 or 2 children, but I have 4, and the place though has just one entrance is too big and section off so you can not see every area. Plus the place was so warm. I definilty have to think about coming here with my kids by myself.

Cody Helms

Kids had a blast! Plenty of stuff for them to do and learn.

Finktastic girls

Very fun place for kids 12 and under. Make sure the day you visit that there is no field trip going on as it can get very crowded and you are stuck waiting to play in most areas. But overall in a normal day kids have a great time using their imaginations and pretending to be whatever they want to be. This museum encourages imagination and creative play so there are plenty of opportunities to wear someone else Shoes. Kids can decide to be doctors, vets, fireman, farmers, EMS, mechanics, cashiers, pizza makers, weightlifters, actors, builders, airport security, bankers and so on.

Ella Stafford

It's always so warm in here

Stephen Viviano

Great place for the kids to play! Between the water table and the block crane my son had a great time! The place is well built and you can tell a lot of thought went into the materials and layout to ensure the safety of the children.

Camden P

Great place for kids. Tons of great learning and physical activities. Kids will sleep great after a few hours here

Stephen Walker

Would be 5 star if they hadn't charged us adults just to walk around and watch our son play and explore but it was still worth it

Chris Grizzard

Fun place with a lots of different things for kids to do and see. Recommend saving the water play for the end of your time there and possibly bring a change of clothes for the kids. It can get very busy and hectic during the weekends but still fun.

Heather Brown

Great place to take the kids to spend the day. Lots of things to keep everyone occupied. You can pack a lunch and eat it inside or out on one of the tables.

Bonnie Robinson

DPK is a kid's dream! I've been taking my four kids here from 6 months old to age 8, and they've enjoyed it and found different ways to interact as they've aged. Kids can become a vet, banker, EMT, firefighter, farmer, grocer, chef, submarine diver, doctor, construction worker, mechanic, racecar driver, artist, actor, flight attendant, and more. The exhibits are so interactive and well designed. My only complaints are charging adults $10 to watch their kids, and overly crowded spaces that become chaotic to keep up with toddlers.

Dinorah Carr

So much fun! This is the place ro let your kids run wild while you watch of course and an amazing space for creative play! Will definitely comeback

Chris Bestall

Great place for kids to play on a rainy day. So many activities for kids. 1yr old and 7yr old both have endless fun here.

Lord Tom Tom

This place is AWESOME! Great parking, several levels of sensory playing and learning. Such a great way for your young ones


We loved going and watching our grandson play and watched a play while we were their visiting

Katie B

This place is so neat. First visit definitely not our last.

Michael Engstrom

This is a great place for younger kids. Lots of room and good learning activities.

Andy Kerr

Definitely worth the membership. A great place to take my 5 and 2 year old on the weekends/rainy days ect. Membership is only slightly more expensive than day pass and you will find yourself with "free" place to take your kids for even a few hours when needing a place to run off some energy. I reccomend getting the membership to this and the downtown location. Both great for different things. This location is more for running and playing and imagination. The downtown location is great for more science based learning and discovery. Fantastic staff, clean, and kept up well.

Kathy Lowery

Went on a field trip with my place...only problem is parents don't make their children put stuff back for the next child.....and expect children that don't listen....but she had a great time as I did also....

Craig Pasquale

Great place for our 2 year old grandson. Nice folks too.

Jason Schefano

My wife and I love this place as well as our daughter it is only $10 to get in and you can leave go get lunch and come back and not have to pay ( as long as you keep the wrist band on) all sorts of thing kids can have fun doing and never worry about you child getting hurt. I suggest you bring your children here so they can have fun!

Stephen Lane

This place is amazing. Ashley and Lauren are the best! if you have young children, definitely check this place out.

Vette S

My daughter had so much fun playing and learning in each area.

Jewel Jenkins

Nice place for the children and adults on a Sunday afternoon.

Tristan Flora

Very awesome place to take kids all ages to, has activities for anyone to interact with.

Nancy Arruzza

We took our just turned two granddaughter here. We thought the entrance fee could have been a little cheaper,10.00 even for a 1 year old. Our granddaughter had fun going from one spot to the other. They had a tractor you could get on, a restaurant you could pretend to work in. A grocery store you could pick out groceries either check them out or be the cashier. A nice water feature to squirt water, a boat to drive & airplane, you could pretend to be a doctor, work on fixing a car, a stage with someone coming out and entertaining the kids and lots more. It was a good place for younger kids.

Kelsie Perkins

My family and I visited Discovery Place today with my daughter's school today. We were told the entire month leading up to the trip that it would cost us $6 at the group rate they were offering us. Upon arrival we were told the group rate was out the window and that everyone was to pay $10. It doesn't seem like much until you consider that I would have paid $18 for my family but ended up paying $32. There were well over 50 parents there with the group, who for the next 6 hours would simply stand and watch their children play, they could have given the group rate and still made a killing. Once we got inside we found that the downstairs bathroom was the only one available to use because they hadn't turned the lights on in the one upstairs, so everyone piles into this bathroom and then realize that only two of the five stalls have toilet paper. Not to mention the overall smell of the bathrooms at different times of the day. Several of the play areas were not stocked with the things that the kids needed to explore or play, ei. (Paint, microscopes or registers turned on, etc) None of the employees seemed too concerned about any of the complaints made. You know, it's a long review & maybe not that big of a deal to some, but when you expect so much from a reputable place such as Discovery Place and this is what you get it's a little selfish not to warn others that might be interested in visiting.


Great place to take your kids, we normally spend 3 hours visiting the whole place.

Aaron Sams

Very fun place for kids.


Granddaughter and grandson loved it. Lots to do here.

Mrs MK

This is a greatplace to take your little ones and its juat over all fun

kim McIlwain

Not for teens but if u have little ones I would say 6or younger this place is it...make sure ur little one is not by thereself if so you will be the playdate...


Lots to do and see. Very interactive! My 7 year old had fun and kept busy from cooking in the restaurant to getting dressed up in costume and dancing on stage to playing outside in the sandbox. Fun place for lil kiddos!

Scott Rabideau

Neat place for rug rats. Lol

Kristina Villella

We have a membership, so we come here regularly. There are few places that my 9 month old, 2 year old, and 4 year old love equally, but this place never disappoints. The separate area for the little ones is great for the baby who loves to play at the water table. Children get to explore different career paths, healthy eating, life underwater, and much more. A separate space to create an artistic masterpiece is stocked with art supplies and a different craft/project. There’s a small outdoor play area that has sand and shovels. Upstairs kids can build with large blocks, Lego’s, and cars. It’s a great place to let your kids get out some energy. There’s a small area where you can eat, but you can’t purchase a meal there (only vending machines), so if you would like to stay longer, pack a lunch or explore the small town’s restaurants.

Destiny Brown

My girls had a blast


Lots to, if you're interested in getting them tired, this is a very good start.

Shirley Lane

Loved it, so many things for kids to do. Staff excellent also.

Mina Johnson

I wouldn’t call it a discovery place. More like a club house with activities!

Linda Jane

We had alot of fun! My only complaint is that some of the main activities were missing pieces so we couldn't do them.


Very cool place for young kids. I always thought it was for school aged children but definitely geared toward the 2-6 crowd. I was so impressed I signed up for a membership. I will be making weekly trips out to discovery place!

David Jennings

Too much fun. We will be going back in the future.

Rachel Aguilar

Great place to take the kids. They enjoy hours of fun.

Horacio Osorio

A nice place to have fun with your little ones.

Matthew Parks Sr.

Kids had a blast and plenty to do. $10 wasn't bad and they got to play for hours. Great value for the price.

Jenny Jones

Great place for small kids! It's like an entire city for small people, and then some!

gayle fortner

Great for toddlers and kindergartners.

Gayle Thomas

A great place for the younger crowd to explore, discover, build and have a dance party. From the water play area, the grocery store - our little ones personal favorites: the interactive apple tree and the brick conveyor. Everyone has a good time!

Shane Pitman

Our 3 year old granddaughter loves this place. It's not somewhere we would take her frequently, as I could see her getting bored of it if we did, but it's a great Saturday morning excursion every few months.

Andrew Siniarski

One of the best places to take the kids. We have a 5, 3, and 1 year old. There was plenty of activities for all three of them. Highly recommend this if you have kids. Full sized fire truck is pretty sweet too

Airdragon Chen

Been member for two there years, my 5 and 3 year olds can always spend an afternoon there having fun.

Lily Rivers

SUCH a fun, sweet place to bring the kids. They love it every time. Worth getting the membership to here and Discovery Science.

Ron hardison

My 2 yr old and 4 year old love it. Keeps them entertained for hours


Best place EVER! My son enjoyed himself so much and the games were very educational. I had to drag him out to leave. Great place for kids

Lisany Martinez

The kids and I loved this place!!! I definitely recommend to take your little ones here.

Roy Luis

It is more for smaller children but we all have fun

Tera Campbell

Besides the price, it was amazing. My toddlers loved it. Nice people. Clean. Easy to park.

Marisha Avery

I love Discovery Place Kids! It has a play area for every stage of life! My daughters truly enjoyed themselves!!

Allegra Cooper

Very fun and Interactive. Can be a little crowded during peak times so if you have small children it may be best to go earlier in the day.

Jennifer Stewart

It needs to be updated with more realistic activities.

Jacob Rickman

This is a great place to great place to take you your kids. They have lots of fun activities for all ages. My family loves going here, it's a great time

Brian Guild

This place is HUGE! If you live locally and have children 1-12, I would definitely recommend the season pass. It is almost impossible to do everything in one day. Even when the place is at capacity, there is still plenty of room to play.

Taryn Slaughter

Amazing! Kids 8 and under will love this place! Be prepared to spend some time there as the museum is huge! They also have puppet shows, science shows, and dance parties everyday.

Kim Hall

Great experience for all kids

Daniel Merithew

This place is great for kids 7 and under. Lots to do, but it does get packed on Saturday afternoons and when it is raining. They have science experiments, puppet shows, dancing, etc. on the stage every hour or so. We like to use this as the final thing we do before leaving. Friendly staff, clean environment. My only gripe is that adults must pay for admittance too, so really it's more like $20 per kid since my wife and I both go with our two children. If you're going to go more than once or twice in a year, look into a family membership.

Cory Cunningham

My daughter loved this place. Played with most stations and we were there for a hour and half. She loved the sky slid and tunnels, really enjoyed the sea area, the sub and climbing into the boat. The water was a big win too. Wish the derby kart area had wheels. Couldn't race the cars and she didn't get why. Overall alot of fun.

Dara Grosso

One of the best places to take your kids. It's close enough to nearby Concord and Charlotte if you're visiting. It has 2 floors and is filled with tons of different activities for kids. They also have an arts and crafts area where they help your child with a variety of projects.

shayne Gilliam

Amazing place for the kids!! Thankful to have this place in my neighbor!

Donald Milam

Wonderful for kids - infants have their own area. Kids up to 10-12 will have fun exploring the interactive exhibits including building your own race tracks and climbing the 3 story slide .

Michael Bridges

My kid loved the experience

Chris Carroll

Great place to bring my grandkids on a rainy Sunday played here for hours and they still did not want to leave. We loved it and will be back next time we are in North Carolina.

Josh Byers

Wonderful place to bring the family. I loved watching the excitement on my son’s face

Cheryl Jeter Jones

Family friendly opportunities throughout the site. Life sized models are great for all ages.#fun

Amber Sigmon

Great place for kids to learn and have fun, and adults as well! We had a blast, and will definitely be back

Janessa Kimmel

Wow it is a lot to take in but my kids loved it. I had herd it was for younger kids so we've put off going but my 8yr old nephew loved it as well.

4family Fontil

Great place to take kids for an outing.

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