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Where is Birthplace of Pepsi Cola?

REVIEWS OF Birthplace of Pepsi Cola IN North Carolina

T Bro

Fantastic place! Enjoy the gift shop and beautiful town.

Joseph C. Fazekas

Neat to see, but just a basic tourist trap. I thought I'd learn more about the backstory and origins of Pepsi.

Joe Rivellino

Website is very misleading. All this is is a gift shop for Pepsi. Nothing to see

Rebecca Southerland

I love the story behind how Pepsi was created and the memorabilia you can buy here I love this place.

Maggie Joseph

This is a must see in New Bern. Such a fun historic sight to visit and grab a cool beverage, maybe a popcorn, to stroll around the rest of downtown. You might consider taking a moment to reflect on what lengths the pharmacist went to to perfect his recipe right on that very spot and how Pepsi is now a global superpower. The fact that something so profiud, albeit a soda, was created right here and in such a beautiful and historic town and you get to be a small part of it.

Crystal BelleAmie

loved it. history with a few souvenirs.

Noah Halstead

Cool Place to go and see the history of Pepsi. Lots of history and cool items.

Mike Berlinger

Awesome place in a great town.. Extremely inexpensive and great employees

Lesia Miller

Great place to visit in New Bern North Carolina, you can come in and have a Pepsi where it all began highly recommended!


Disappointed that it doesn't have a assembly line showing the history of how it was started or is processed.

Pamela Bean

Very nostalgic. We stumbled upon it by accident! Small but quaint, but if you’re a Pepsi or Mt. Dew lover, kinda cool to say you’ve been there once. I have some family members who are “Dew” fans so it was a great opportunity to grab them some souvenirs.

Jonathan Black

Very interesting, I loved the boat made out of Pepsi cans.

Brian Dingman

Super cool stop, a must see. All i wanted was a pepsi!

Tonya Nye

MS. Mary you rock! Thank you for all your directions. I love Pepsi and let me tell you that it is so worth it to walk in grab a cold fountain Pepsi and enjoy looking at the merch ! Easy on the wallet too!

Casey Boles

Fun little stop when you're walking downtown New Bern. It's not very big so it doesn't take long to walk through.

Bruce Carty

I enjoyed this place very much I got to try new Pepsi cola products and the had all kinds of Pepsi gear. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful and courteous. A great representation of/for New Bern North Carolina.

Halie Parks

Super cool. It was very interesting seeing where "Brad's Drink" started. Staff was also super friendly and helpful.


Quaint little town with its own history... Walkable downtown... personal favorite

Renee Loy

Only got to peek inside because we had our dogs with us but it was neat to look at.


Small, quaint little area. Well decorate and had fountain/bottled Pepsi drinks with a little sitting area. Lots of fun merchandise, reasonably priced.

Victoria Macgregor

Fun little destination for popcorn and a Pepsi!

irene donachie

❤️ the Birthplace of Pepsi. The store is quaint. And were in New Bern, NC. Can you get a Pepsi for 0.05 cents the popcorn

Rebekah S

This is a must visit when in New Bern, NC. A great blast from the past for those nostalgic for soda jerks and a great picture of "the old days" for the younger folks. There are great displays and artwork through the small space. Souvenirsare available for any Pepsi or Mountain Dew fan. Finish your visit with a fresh bag of popcorn, a Pepsi float, or a glass bottle of Dew.

kcastro castro

amazing experience but i hope they do sell the legit retro bottles and not just regular bottle with retro stickers placed on them which is obviously a sticker. friendly staff

Rebecca Lynn

It's neat seeing all the artifacts in the history of Pepsi Co.

Alexey Batchenkov

This is an interesting place even if you prefer Coca Cola. A gift shop with some unique stuff occupies half of the facility. The other half is Pepsi cafe. Cheap and nice looking. They sell always fresh and fragrant popcorn and of course as much Pepsi as you can drink.

Pam Ray

I always enjoy coming to New Bern. And the pepsi store is a must visit each time. Nice place

Jo Wiscarva

The history of Pepsi is really neat.


2 stars! We were looking forward to a nice place to visit. It was very disappointed it was just a general store

b P

Great place to visit and see and taste Pepsi and mountain dew

David Sanderson

Cute little old pharmacy with anything pepsi a sight seeing person could want. Nice find as we were getting some fresh seafood!! Glad places like this still exist to keep our history alive.

William Kahkonen

Cool little shop bit they could do SO much more with it.

Jose Cappai

Really nice atmosphere inside this place.

Kevin Miller

Very nice place, people were very friendly

Steve Albright

Great store. We visit every year. Very friendly staff.

Amanda Towner

Pepsi on tap and popcorn. Great history of Pepsi represented and souvenirs.

T. J. Ledford

Somewhat interesting, lots of Pepsi & Mountain Dew stuff. Be sure to get a Pepsi float.

Zach Taylor

I had to give this 5 stars because the staff was so very friendly. I got the rundown on Pepsi a cold drink and lots of recommendations for what to see in New Bern. Soda is probably not the best history of America but it really is a part of our culture for better or worse.

Russell Davis

Cute little museum and shop with a small soda fountain.

Yeshanth Jayakumar

Having been to the coke center in Atlanta, I expected a lot from this place. Being the birthplace of Pepsi, one would come to expect a show but expect to see none at all. You wouldn't even see a video of the history of Pepsi. They do have videos of Pepsi advertisements over the years. Get in and See yourself out.

Jacob Gibson

If you're a huge Pepsi fan and need to stock up on your Pepsi commercial merchandise this is the place for you. However, the staff are not overly attentive or friendly and the main point of the whole store is to sell your merchandise. It does a little bit of disservice to the brand to not have a more clear narrative or presentation of the development of what became a worldwide brand.

Carl Gies

Really thought it was cool. Long standing Pepsi extended family!! My parents are both 94 years old. Still Pepsi people!!

Jennifer Dominey

I love Pepsi and always enjoy going in the Pepsi store. It is a cute spot that is worth visiting. Staff is friendly, bathroom is open to shoppers, and prices are reasonable. I wish the merchandise selection was a bit wider, but we still enjoy seeing what's new each time we visit.

William Moots

Right in downtown New Bern, very nice pepsi museum

Stacey Cole

Very small but cute museum. Definitely worth the stop if you're in town. Get yourself a nice Pepsi Cola shirt or a drink from the old fashioned soda fountain!

Sasha Malic

A modern take on a historic place

Lea Drake

It's a neat little piece of history

Tom Imrie

A nice shop with a little glimpse into the birth of an iconic international beverage. Lots of souvenirs and memorabilia available for purchase. Super nice staff who obviously enjoy their job. A taste of history in beautiful downtown New Bern.

naomi face

Very nice I even got free drink and water

Kylee Kylee

Always nice to stop inside. Popcorn and a soda is only $2.50 and you can come back and get a free refill on soda. Customer service has always been nice too.

rahul r

Nice little museum to learn about the origins of Pepsi Cola..Lots of memorabilia displays adorn the museum. The staff are glad to share interesting facts about Pepsi and the area around New Bern..Enjoy chilled Pepsi cola in the vintage glass bottles with pop corn.

Chelsea Jernigan

The smell of popcorn just entices you right in the door of this small pharmacy where Pepsi was created. Friendly staff and cozy atmosphere

Archon Is Back

My favorite place to get a cold Pepsi

Benjamin Kramer

Very nice tribute to the history of Pepsi Cola. Enjoyed the Pepsi and ice cream float.

Molly Parham

Amazing store! The whole place is so cool and the Pepsi 'bar' is really cool. You can get amazing floats and the people that work there are amazing and so nice & helpful

Charmaine Bacorn

Neat place to experience but other than signs and a plaque there is not history to see by going inside.

Mark Vincent

Lots of stuff in here that says Pepsi if you need some. Was disappointed that they don't have a real fountain...just the modern day version. Loved downtown New Bern though...if you're already here, pepsi is worth the trip!

Joey Martin

More of a gift shop than out right museum. I was excited to see that it had an old fashion soda bar, but was disappointed when the Pepsi was still served using a regular modern fountain. Would have been nice to experience drinking Pepsi the old fashion way. Ended up getting Pepsi in a bottle, which you can pretty much get in any grocery store. Not a unique experience.

Jessie Flowers

Nice people, loved the people they were helpful in giving advice on how to find thing and what we might want to see in town. Very cute town. Loved the bears.

Courtney Dryer

This store is so cute! They say it's hands on for kids but it's really just a souvenir shop! The history to this building is astonishing! Definitely something to check out!

JP Amolat

It's small and quaint. Definitely no Coke Pavilion like the one in Atlanta... This is a small town corner store concerted into a museum filled with memorabilia.

David Stine

Fun place with Pepsi and Mt Dew on tap! Lots of souvenirs in a fun little shop.

Dan Tuckey

New Bern is a pretty place to visit. Pepsi should step up their game and invest in a bigger museum/immersive experience for New Bern.

last railfan

If you like or are a Pepsi or Mountain Dew fan this place is a must if your in the area

Sharee Smith

Neat store! My grandpa worked for Pepsi for many years so I had to stop by while in town. Lots of souvenirs to purchase and I enjoyed glancing through some of the books on the history of the drink. They have cans for sale with 1893 logo …

Judy King

Got go back they were closed

Brittany Barwick

Truly a special place with rich history. You are literally standing in the same location it was invented. I saw a review a while back expressing disappointment and comparing it to Coca-Cola's museum in Atlanta, this is nothing similar to that but It is truly authentic and FREE unless you make a purchase!! They have memorabilia and souvenirs for purchase but it is not some huge production your going to spend 3/4 of your day on. It's especially great if your on a budget, just stop in and get the best tasting Pepsi you've ever experienced in your entire LIFE in the exact same spot it was created in all for roughly 5 bucks for four people!

Miguel Alvarez

I like Pepsi so it gets 5 stars.. if you like Coke well then this is not your place

steven jones

Interesting historical place.

amanda ray

They have every kind of pepsi and mt dew t shirts metal signs glasses. They have a lot of history in this building. They pepsi flot was awesome.

Helen Scott

Check out these cool wings right around the corner


Iconic place of Pepsi Cola. I went there in Christmas season and it was worth visiting.

Tasha Tillery

Very lovely and if you love PEPSI its a wonderful place to visit. Loved the history


Fun place to visit..Great for a nice cold Pepsi very reasonable price..

Kathy Bruening

I had a great time with family

joel henderson

Down to earth customer service!

Chris Hoover

Nice Pepsi history but I am a Coke guy!

Mary Ann Loss

Interesting step back in time.

Joan Lilley

Great to see where it all started!

Billy Kof

Not to exciting. I thought that they would have someone making soda the original way. They just use a soda machine.

Sugar Sprinkles

New Bern is a nice town. Lots of history and unique shops

Todd Parsons

I love this place. Always a real treat

Brandon Roth

Amazing place! Definitely a go to if you're ever near by. Great history and landmark!!

Vincent de Lhery

Great little museum full of Pepsi and Mountain Dew stuff

Rajesh Agrawal

This is really a cool store to visit and to know about the Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola , the history of its inventor and the early days of one of the world's favorite soft drinks. The price of drinks in this store is under 1$. There are seats inside store to sit and enjoy the drinks. You can also purchase souvenir and other stuff from the store. You can take pictures nearby buildings and church.

Dee Butler

The Pepsi store is a quaint little shop. You can learn the history of Pepsi, buy merchandise, and get a drink and popcorn.

Terry Pulley

Really neat to see the Pepsi birthplace. Pepsi souvenirs abound from shirts to bottle openers. Very friendly people greeted us.

Kyle Edwards

Don't expect too much memorabilia. There are a few signs that tell the story of the birth of Pepsi. But it will not be confused for a museum. And the only drinks available are exactly what is commercially available in every store, bodega and gas station. It's a good stop if you're planning to be in downtown New Bern anyway. But I wouldn't make a special trip though.

Mendie Hawkes

What a Great stop. The ladies working were so kind. Stop off and get a fountain drink or bottle of Pepsi!

Jared Morgan

Interesting place. To be honest there's not much to it. It is a nice place to dip in for a quick drink while walking around New Bern.

Ron J

I love the history of the place. But wish there were more to it. You can buy fountain pepsi like at any other place, popcorn and there is a gift shop. We just walked through and out the door.

Stacy Martin-Duffy

It was fun to walk around the store and look at some of the old time bottles and cans as well as the history. It only takes maybe 15 or 20 minutes but you can take a cool picture of the Brad's drink sign outside.

David Ermold

Beautiful town. There are plenty of wonderful small, family owned shops and restaurants to enjoy. Another plus is that Atlantic Beach is less than an hour away.

David Jones

What a great shop and museum. My grandparents were Pepsi Cola Bottlers so for me this was almost like going home. I certainly felt a connection to family while visiting. The prices were reasonable. With the influence Soft Drinks have had on America and the World this is a great stop. And its not over the top like the rival brand.

Lisa Burton

We spent a few hours in New Bern and learned that Pepsi was born there. Had to make a quick stop at the shop. Purchased a few items for the kids in the family. They do have a great variety of items for the collector. Snacks and drinks available too.

Debbie Beighle

Old fashion soda shop where you can get a pepsi, or Pepsi float and popcorn. Lots of Pepsi and Mt Dew things.

Shantime B

Cute place but wished it had more Pepsi history in the store. The video you could barely hear.

Su G

Fun place for history of Pepsi & to drink the soda where it was invented. If you collect flattened pennies, there is a machine there.

Jeff Mitchell

Very interesting place. Buy anything Pepsi!

Kassaundra Theberge

Really fun experience. Lots of neat products to buy. I highly recommend getting some popcorn and a fountain drink.

Cheryl Bridwell

Neat place the history is written on the wall and recipes are there so u can see how the first Pepsi recipes


Always stop here for a fountain Pepsi and fresh popped popcorn when I am in new bern. They actually just flipped the open sign to close but they still let my family and I in to purchase a few things. Great customer service. Highly recommended if you are in the area

Dangerous Dan

They've got the manger where Pepsi was born. New Bern is a nice little town and this is the spot to get a Pepsi Float!

Lindsay Daniels

Cheap drinks. Good AC!


Cool experience, Pepsi float was delicious at the soda jerk

Carey Leerek

Sooo retro. Awesome.

Michael Torbert

Pretty cool to have a Pepsi at the place where it all started. They also have lots of Pepsi merch as well if that’s your thing.

Keith Leese

When we visit the store I have a store on the other side did not have plus sizes for large people big disappointment I think everybody skinny that's not true prices are way too high location was good very interesting things to look at there's a museum parlor on the other side just kind of cool price of things are five times more than what they should be people are nice dress well and clean little loan with checking out I guess they do that to keep you there longer to buy more things at those prices I don't think so

Vernon Ross

Have an old fashioned Pepsi from a keg

Rachel Eldridge

not as big as expected but very enjoyable

Joseph Carmelina-Klosterman

Would be a better experience if there was at least a soda fountain. Maybe a Pepsi ice cream float???

William Benton

Great place to sit and enjoy the place where it all began. Nice shopping in the historic building as well.

Hada Chop Chada

New Bern is such a beautiful and historic city full of unique stories such as this one. As I prefer Pepsi-Cola over Coke any-day, this was a very fascinating visit. It is not overwhelming at all but gives you a timeline overview of how Pepsi-Cola came to be and the man behind the genius of it. There are plenty of souvenirs to choose from and the workers are the best and kindest workers I have met in a coons-age! Highly recommend this quick-stop along the historic route.

Jerry Miranda

Great shop in downtown New Bern. Lots of history. The staff was friendly and courteous. Many Pepsi souvenirs obviously. Nice place for a quick visit.

Greg Funk

We were surprised to find the birthplace of Pepsi on our visit! The staff were extremely friendly as we arrived close to closing time. We bought a few souvenirs; if you know any big fan of Pepsi or Pepsi products (like Mountain Dew) make the pilgrimage and pick up some interesting merchandise!

Adam Phelps

Best Pepsi you'll ever have. This is our family's favorite place to go for a inexpensive treat. Nothing beats a Pepsi and a popcorn at the birth place of Pepsi. Mr. Phil is the best and really makes the whole experience better.

Jovanni Pinero

Staff was warm and welcoming. Good place to purchase a souvenir. They have a counter where they serve pepsi drinks and popcorn. The mountain dew is delicious here and tastes much better than the regular bottled kind.

Christina Sanson

Love it small town feel

Marky Mark

The cradle of soft drinks.

William Wall

A good history lesson


It was a nice place but not much on the history of Pepsi. Mostly a gift shop and a snack bar. Although the glass bottle drinks were cheap.

Susan Crawford

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pepsi, or any souvenir you wanted to buy is here. Crowds of folks filled this place on a Saturday afternoon, and lots trying the fountain drinks available. Popcorn smelled goid too!

K Jenn

The garlic parmesan salmon with cheese grits and roasted asparagus was truly outstanding. We will be back for more.

April Turner

Cool place to see.

James Milostan

Great historical place.. love the history..I personally donated very old Pepsi bottles which are in a display case

Andrew Thompson

Cool little place to stop if you are already in the area for something else. You'll spend about 15 minutes here.

Joel Clark

Great little chunk of americana check it out

Norma-jean Chandonnait

Interesting to find out about the start of Pepsi. Store has some history but is more of a souvenir shop

mark means

Pepsi cans from iraq and afghanistan among many cool things

Stacey Barnett

I love this place and visit here quite a bit however I have noticed on two separate occasions when ordering popcorn the server has her thumb inside the bag when filling with popcorn. Gross. One server was young on the weekend and one was older during weekday. It would be nice to observe them wash their hands before serving or at least keep your thumb out of my bag.

Julie Doyle

I prefer coke, but the history is so interesting. Quaint town

Randy Foster

This is a great place if you want to learn about the history of Pepsi cola, which was first formulated in New Bern. It features a nice selection of clothing and memorabilia for sale, and there is a counter that serves ice cold Pepsi products. My favorite is the Pepsi ice cream float. If you are wandering around downtown New Bern, this is a great place to stop for a refreshing drink or ice cream float, learn about your favorite cola, and buy a gift for yourself or someone you know.

Joeskid Calhoun

Great history, cool refreshing Pepsi and really good popcorn

Chris Prentice

It was great, really cool store with a lot of history and merchandise.

Stephen Moquin

Was expecting more than a memorabilia store.

Thadd Fiala

It was closed when we were there but it was still pretty neat to see such a historic landmark.

Brian Conlon

New Bern is a beautiful old town with plenty to see and do, the Birthplace of Pepsi Cola is among them, friendly people there to help you purchase a Pepsi.

Tim Culp

Cool stop, not a lot to see.

Cris Cantin

Cute little shop/museum. If you're wandering downtown it's worth a stop for all things vintage Pepsi. And then, when you're hungry, I highly recommend stopping by MJ's Raw Bar & Grill just up the street!

Kimberly Barnes

We love Coke Cola!!! Let that be known!!! But besides all the Pepsi signs everywhere, New Bern North Carolina is a beautiful area. Highly recommend you visit

Tommy Hair

This is a must visit for anyone coming to New Bern, NC. I remember this store as Hearne's Jewelers in the 1980s but it is now a fun shop where you can learn the history of Pepsi while sipping on a fountain drink and eating a bag of freshly popped popcorn. Several shirts and other souvenirs are on sale and they have done well in giving the shop the early 1900s look.

Daisy Bratton

I visit the Birthplace of Pepsi Cola every time I visit Eastern North Carolina/home. They have a wide variety of gifts and trinkets including my favorite t-shirt “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Coke”. I suggest, at the minimum, stopping in for a fresh fountain Pepsi, with a small only being .50! You can also get some popcorn and enjoy their bistro Pepsi tables and chairs. On your way out, there’s a guestbook to sign, too! Parking is available on the streets and I usually park on either Pollock Street or Middle Street for easy access to the store. Enjoy!

Katrina Engelhardt

Love this town called New Bern, North Carolina. When you think of Southern Charm oh my gosh New Bern should be the top of everything this place is so cute and the towns people are friends that you haven't met yet.

Dejon vocal

The best experience I ever had

Carol Colangelo

Fun. Great small all American town. Clean and well preserved.

Judi Jetson

I don't particularly care for Pepsi, but enjoyed seeing all the memorabilia. Staff were very friendly.

Alice Christian

Good place to visit

Debbie Jay

Phil was funny , friendly and informative. Had a great float and a few laughs. A must see.

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