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REVIEWS OF Billy Graham Library IN North Carolina

Ocean Mermaid

Very inspirational!! I was deeply moved!


Awesome place to visit for the whole family. So much to see and learn about Billy Graham and his family. He has changed so many lives and is still changing lives through his ministry at the library. We attended on homeschool day and witnessed a child getting saved. Praise God! Thank you to the Graham family for such a wonderful, beautiful place to visit. Looking forward to visiting again during the Christmas holidays.

Evan Windham

Simply amazing and the staff there are genuinely nice throughout.

A Smith

The staff is amazing and friendly, you feel at peace as soon as you step on the property. Great presentations about the ministry of Billy Graham.

Stephanie Email

Exceptional, excellent, and amazing experience from the moment I entered the grounds to the time I departed (2 hours later). All of the staff were friendly and helpful. I will visit Billy Graham’s Library again and should too!

sylvia scurry

I really enjoyed this place.

John K

Great place to remember Billy Graham.

Smokey Perkins

The staff were rude to me. I was a contractor there. My partner thought so as well. It was also feels like a display of money. People taking money to say a prayer for you.

Rita Pearson

I can't even describe how I felt when visiting here. The property was beautiful and the flowers were blooming and what a beautiful library! Then they held open the door for me to enter. Their greeting was so warm and genuine it really made me feel warm and loved. This place is not just a library, and a place of learning about Rev. Graham's life and passion for the Gospel. It is a Holy ground of love, pure love. I felt God's hand on me, drawing me closer to Him the minute I entered. Fabulous place to visit and NOT to be missed!

Scott Dobbins

The staff were all very friendly and the scenery beautiful. The story of how God used a humbled man to take the Gospel to the world, was so inspiring! I would encourage all Christians take the time to visit.

Chris Triano

So inspiring! The guides were amazing! What a legacy!

Benjamin Strine

Fantastic tour taking you through the life of Billy Graham. Each area was designed to replicate the specific era of his life. Great little cafe and ice cream shop.

Tina Banks

Soo thankful and blessed to having had the opportunity to visit this beautiful destination

Mandie Lawrence

We love this place! You can easily spend your whole day here! Peaceful walking outside. It kind of blew me away all of the details put into the tour. Very neat place to visit and make SURE you do the WHOLE tour. Worth your time spent. It's also free (unless you want to make a purchase in the library or have lunch in the cafe). A great way to spend a day visiting Charlotte!

Tim Mazyck

Beautiful grounds.

Tammy Knight

To walk on these yards you can feel the Lord is with you . We where very much blessed to be able to go with freedom biker Church of Monroe today for the toy boxes .

Frances Fogle

I wanted to pay my respects to Reverend Graham. Christians have lost a humble man who shared the Good News with over 200 million people around the world. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association does an excellent job of using all means of communication to share the gospel. Well done thy good and faithful servant. Welcome home!

Mary Burton

Toured the Graham family home and museum. Staff was very friendly and presentations were great. State of the art museum.

Kerry Krivoshein

Outstanding. One of the most organized, well staged and presented tributes to a person and his family that I've ever seen. The library contains a gift shop and cafeteria that offer books and other souvenirs, and the food in the cafeteria is on par with most upscale restaurants. It's nothing short of excellent. The museum starts out with "Bessie the Cow" ( a symbol of Graham's humble beginnings on a dairy farm) and lead you through a series of rooms that chronicle his life. There are guides and hosts throughout the complex and on the grounds to assist you and answer questions. They are very polite and professional. Access to Graham's childhood home is included and there is a memorial garden on the grounds as well. Regardless of your faith, the complex is well worth setting aside the time to visit and learn about this American Icon and his family.

Noel Fuller

What a marvelous display of how God has used Billy Graham. Everything was done very professionally and definitely brought glory to Christ. Thank you

Brolin Topa

We visited this library on our way back to nj! And this place is so amazing! You must come and see your self

Connor O'Neill

i am giving this place that i have never been to 4 stars rip billy graham

Byron Caldwell

Beautiful grounds and library. Very friendly staff. Worth the visit when you are in the Charlotte area.

Donna Landers

Love it!! Can't wait to go back!!

Angela Tyler

A must see. Very awesome amazing place.good food.beautiful place all over. Inside and out volunteers are especially nice and caring for your needs. I love this place. A great place definently coming back. Thank God .

valentin shapoval

Great place to learn about God! Great Place to Spend time with Family and Friends! Great Place to bring your Kids! Great Museum! Friendly, Nice, Christian, NOT RELIGIOUS PLACE! Great Park! Really Recommend anyone to go here and check it out for your self!

Chiew Johnson

Volunteers are here to serve people that come through. There’s a place to sit and pray after the tour at the library or you can have someone pray for you as well. There’s a cafe and gift shop inside the library. The house in which Billy Graham grew up is modest but lovely. The burial place where both Ruth and Billy are on the grounds as well.

Jerry J

Amazing. Free. Great place to bring your family.

Greg Curry

My mother came to visit and asked to see this. We loved the exhibits and all of the information within the videos shown in each room. I had no clue how many people he reached in his life time. An aw inspiring exhibit. The only downside is that you are practically locked into each room as they are timed videos. They also had a decent cafe at the end where they served baked goods, ice cream, and coffee drinks.

Marie Sterling

Beautiful home and grounds to tour. Staff are truly so knowledgeable and friendly.Food was wonderful and well priced. Excellent place to spend the day! Completely inspirational.

Mariya Snizhko

Absolutelly amazing experience and a great historical recoding of Billy's ministry. I loved seeing all the photos and seeing professionally done videos on his life. It was great seeing family photos and also finding out more about his wife Ruth and their 6 kids. No one leaves without hearing and seeing the gospel, but its not pushy instead so genuine and natural!

Jojo Rodgers

Very great experience! Friendly volunteers and the grounds are immaculately kept!

Authentically U Tamekas Corner

Great exhibits, gift shop, and cafe! Wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff. Absolutely beautiful grounds!!

Robert Williams

From start to finish, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Each and every area was delightful to the eyes and heart. It is an amazingly gorgeous building where the decor and ambiance are just incredible. This library displays the ministry of Billy Graham well while keeping the focus where it belongs - on God and the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was a very moving experience and we highly recommend. The staff is incredible. Christ is clearly evident in them and while this is an educational institution about Billy Graham, it's primary intent is for the Gospel to be shared. If we were to offer one critique it would be to let people listen to the films at their own pace. We had to move on to let the next group in when the films were over and didn't have a chance to see all of the interesting items on display. Thank you for a very memorable and wonderful time.

Gerald A

I would give this 10 stars if I could. This experience was beyond inspiring, a fabulous journey, so very, very well done. I could tell that EVERYONE on the staff had love in their hearts and let you see it. A highlight for us was the welcoming speech by Bessie the cow: so cute, especially for us because we love cows, being from Vermont and all. The videos of Billy's powerful evangelism brought love and inspiration to our hearts. Thank you so much and God Bless everyone at this library.


This place is nothing short of amazing. Very beautiful well manicured grounds. They keep the entire museum super clean. Every exhibit was so well laid out I don't think it could've been laid out any better. All the people working here are super friendly. Coming here is amazing because it really shows how God used someone so humble for something that would impact people for generations to come and have a huge impact all over the world and seeing the museum really brings it all into perspective of just how big our God is and just how much he loves us all. I definitely recommend this place to anybody.

Scott Tungseth

Wonderful experience for the whole family. Even the restrooms are well designed and memorable.

Michael Krebill

The beauty of surrounding Charlotte, and the history surrounding his legacy, this is a must-see for any Christian interested in historical figures as well as anyone that wants to witness a man that has had a tremendous impact on the United States. I was only 21 when I visited and this exceeded any of my expectations. The tale of his biography moved me to tears, please book a trip if you haven't already!

Mark Kenney

Wanted to Honor Billy Graham for all the work he has done in his life. The library is a must see in charlotte ncA must see. Very awesome amazing place.good food.beautiful place all over. Inside and out volunteers are especially nice and caring for your needs. I love this place. A great place definitely coming back. Thank God .

Tina Harms

The power of Pastor Graham is revealed in this tour. His humbleness and that of his wife are evident throughout the tour. One does not have to be of one faith or of any faith for that matter to understand how Pastor Graham has impacted generations. Pictures of him with world leaders and other famous people (many of whom have left this world) attest to Pastor Grahams wisdom and love of all people. The tour is free. A nice gift shop and cafe are onsite as well.

Cyril Robins

I love the Word of God Billy Graham/Thank U

Akwasi Oppong

A great tribute to a wonderful life well lived in service to God preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to all.


Got there too late for a tour. They end at 3:30 bur it was a wonderful experience regardless. I got to meet the woman who took care of his mother before her passing what a treat! This place is like a oasis in the middle of the city. I had a rough day(we found out a friend passed during out stay here) and I felt such peace, it reminded me of home out in the country on the eastern part of the state. I will be back again in hopes to spend more time here.

Susan Williams

I visited the Billy Graham Library and was pleasantly surprised at how organized and well-informed each segment of the tours we went to. Billy Graham was a great man of God who faithfully served with conviction. His life and love of God and his ministerial journey impacted countless men and women around the world. So thankful I got a chance to visit this awesome and historic place. People of all ages would be thrilled, as I was.

Greg Burch

This is a wonderful place for the whole family to visit. There is no cost to tour the library or the old house where Billy Graham grew up in. There are several walking paths you can take to see other parts of the property. The grounds are very well taken care of with lots of flowers and bushes that are in bloom. This is really a beautiful place to visit. The inside of the library is magnificent when you enter. There is an information booth located in the center if you have any questions about the property. There is also a nice cafe, a fully stocked book store and lots of new information and pictures from Billy Graham's funeral. In the old house you will find many old pictures of the Graham family as well as some of the furniture he once used. This place is definitely worth the visit of your are in Charlotte.

Jon Mowery

To me it’s fascinating to see the legacy of a man who spent his entire adult life serving God. I’m sure that he was told by Jesus, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” The facilities at the Billy Graham Library are outstanding. Their bookstore is full and cover many topics. Their café service delicious food.

Dorthy Thomas

Very nice facility. The grounds are well manacured and maintained. Ample parking. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. There’s a tour of the old farm house which has been staged to the period of Mr. Graham’s younger years. The “library “ was one of the best exhibits I’ve ever attended. Well planned and allowed people to move through in moderate sized groups. The estimated time for the tour is 1 1/2 hours and that would only get you through the exhibits in the barn. Allow that much to enjoy the grounds and main house. Easy street access. Would definitely recommend this place. Well worth the time.

Brandie Grubb

This was the Most Humbling and Life Changing Experience! I LOVED IT

Irene Lem

Very peaceful and learned a lot about the man.

Ebe JS

A must visit to see the life of great man of God, and an apostle of this modern generation! Every part of library profess the faith he had when he was on this earth and every wall and picture talks about Christ our God! Beautiful place and great source for spiritual encouragement!!

ravi Kumar

Nice and good environment with so many welcoming people.

Jan Wilcox

The beautiful chemically treated grounds assured that only God's wonderful, most pesticide-resistant insects could safely pollinate any beautiful non-native plants at the Library.

Janice L.

The many volunteers working here were VERY friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and looked professional in their outfits/uniforms. The facility and grounds looked beautiful. The three grave stones blended in well with the natural surroundings. This place honored the great leaders of the Christian faith very well. A+++

Cindy Burr

Visited on Monday (Columbus Day.) Plan to spend at least 3 hours if you want to read all the plaques and watch the videos - which I recommend. We were there 4 hours and left only because it was closing! Very interesting and well done. Covers all areas of his life with the focus on his desire for people to know Jesus. Café is very nice and reasonably priced. Wish we'd had more time to walk the beautiful grounds!

Rachel Johnson

This is a great place to visit for the whole family. The staff are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Make sure you allow plenty of time as there are lots of sections to the tour. As well as presenting the story of Billy Graham, the library shares the gospel message of Jesus Christ. You can also see Billy's childhood home, which has been moved to the site. Billy and Ruth Graham's burial site is in the garden here too.

A wolf

So much to see there and learn about evangelism and the graham family.

chloe nash

Ethereal! Burdens dissolve upon entering flowering walkway! Until Gods arms serve as our haven - peace and contentment are found at the grounds! Thank you Graham family and BG team - you are models of exclence! Ruth’s Attic has perfect reading and the dairy eatery is unbelievably inexpensive and I will pine for more of Ruth’s perfect pound cake until I can get back!

Rebekah Miller

Very festive at Christmas. A positive and uplifting place for all who enjoy the Christmas season. Plenty of space for parking and if you are parked far away, there are shuttles that will take you right to the door.

Charity Kelley

Such an awesome experience and detail on the life of Billy Graham and his family. Just walking through was amazing and I loved the way things were set up. The staff was so friendly and we loved meeting Rose she such a pleasant lady and funny. The dairy bar was amazing. Looking forward to a trip back with my children

Diana M

This is an amazing place where you can get inspiration and joy from what you learn from Mr. Grahams life. This journey of faith is wonderful! Staff is so welcoming! Will come back there again many and many times!

Kathy Thompson

The Billy Graham Library is amazing in detailing the life of Billy Graham and conveying his timeless message. The staff was very knowledgable and helpful. Too much to see in one trip - we are going again.

Andreas Willis

I had always wanted to visit here and so happy it finally worked out. All staff were so nice and pleasant. There was such a peace in the air as you walked outside along the bricked paths to view the graves and of course inside the house and library. The old house with many original furnishings inside was so interesting to view and read about. In the library there are several stations that have audio and video presentations that make you feel as if you are right there live, witnessing the events. And all of this is free. I can’t imagine how anyone could go here and not be touched. Very very nicely done.

Showbiz NC

A life-changing experience that I will never forget. Absolutely incredible!

Karla Rojas

It was a very nice place to learn more about Billy Graham, the staff is very friendly and attentive. It is free to visit but you can give a donation at your discretion. Also... the cow talks!!!!!!

Barnett Reresby

A visit to the Billy Graham Library (and grounds) is not anything like visiting a stuffy museum of history. It is full of historical video, pictures, and 'artifacts' relating to the long time ministry of 'America's Pastor'. It was very revealing to our church group to see the breadth and length of his ministry. Very beautiful museum and a moving story!! Such a great man with a unique life The museum is organized very well and filled with good information.There is no entrance fee, but donations are accepted.

Zachary Alam

I had such an inspiring time here at the Billy Graham Library. I highly recommend you come here if you’re seeking knowledge about god. The Billy Graham Library provides decorated sets that pay tribute to Billy Graham and showcase the many lives that he impacted while on this planet. I really hope you have as much of an experience as I did when you come here.

magan watts

One of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. Billy Graham had a profound affect on my life. I am so glad I got to finally visit the library. Tears streamed down my can fill the peace of God in this place. I cannot wait to bring back my in laws, parents and children at Christmas time.

Fred Russell

The food is great also!!

Rhonda Hagar

What a wonderful day we had visiting the Billy Graham Library. It felt as if we were at a Revival. It’s amazing how Billy Graham’s Crusade for the Lord continues today in Charlotte NC ❤️

Kamryn Ingles

Amazing place! So clean and beautiful! Staff is so kind and friendly.. it was moving experience. A must do for anyone in the charolette area. Food was really great and priced fair. Amazing!

Kim Neptune

Friendly staff, informative sessions, impressive thematic rooms along the tour of faith, clean surrounding. Mighty to experience a glimpse of God working through bro Graham and the ministry. We also visited the narroway theatre and conference for an evening of dinner and a show.

4 HIS Glory

Not enough room here to express just how awesome this display of Gods powerful work that He accomplished through His obedient servant Billy Graham. This is a must visit, give yourself 3-4 hours to slowly stroll through the grounds and life of Billy Graham. It is free to visit here. The Spirit of God is so sweet as soon as you walk on the grounds. Here you can visit the old homestead; the burial plots of Mr & Mrs Graham, Bev Shea, and Mr.& Mrs. Cliff Borrows; and the Library shaped like a barn with the big cross. Tours all throughout these awesome grounds. There is a gift shop and sandwich shop at the end of the tour. This will draw you closer than ever to the Lord that blessed Billy Graham for his obedience. What a humble man of God. So thankful to God for this experience.

Tina Sakers

As a follower of Jesus, as someone in ministry and as an American, I was blown away by my experience at the BG Library. Learning about Billy and his family and how he aloud Jesus to use them all was incredible.

Martin Feinstein

A wonderful spiritual experience.

Joshua Collins

We visited on a Tuesday morning at 9:30am when the library first opened. The property is beautiful and parking is easily accessible. We first entered the main library building that is shaped like a barn with beautiful windows in the shape of a cross. Upon entering we were greeted with warmth and friendliness that we would meet at every turn. We were instructed to go to the information desk where we were given much information, a map, and were able to ask any questions that we already had. We were told that we can go through at it own pace, however due to the pace of the videos being shown, we were ushered along at times. Though we were never quite "rushed". I was not sure I would enjoy this trip, but upon actually going through the museum, it was incredibly touching and encouraging. Billy Graham was a blessing to our world though there was nothing special about him. He just happened to be faithful and dedicated to God's calling in his life and God was able to work in a mighty way through both him and his blessed wife. I also really appreciated the volunteers' availability to speak or pray with anyone as there are many opportunities throughout the library to give thought to God's reaching out and calling to us. We also had lunch at the Dairy Bar. I actually could smell the delicious BBQ as we entered at 9:30am! I had a "Billy Frank" hotdog, a cup of potato soup and water. My wife had the BBQ sandwich, potato salad, and fountain drink. It was delicious and the hotdog was a very good size. We actually didn't care for the potato salad though. All together it was $20, which I felt was very reasonable. Afterwards we toured the prayer garden where Mr and Mrs Graham are buried. Also along a path to your right, you will see a beautiful burial spot for his original crusade team of Beverly Shea, Cliff Barrows, and Billie Barrows. We then headed to the relocated Graham home which has been taken apart, brick by brick, and relocated here 4 miles from where it was originally built. It's a beautiful home that has been restored well and decorated with many photos and memorabilia from the family. Several tour guides were in the home to give you a lot of information about the home and family and guide you through the rooms. Unfortunately the tour is only downstairs which consists of the dining room, living room, and kitchen. The sun room is also in view. Unfortunately the only room you really walk through is the living room. Other rooms are roped off but are in clear view. The upstairs was also restricted but there are apparently 4 bedrooms and a bathroom up there. This was a wonderful trip in which we spent 4 hours just taking our time through the library buy could easily be done quicker if needed. Also check the website for special events and displays.

Pablo Gonzalez

Very well done, the exhibits were amazing. Great staff of volunteers and service. Food quality is great and the prices are affordable. These people want you to come back, and are doing a fine job. #Gospel #Evangelism #christian

Audrey McCarthy

Awesome! Just like Billy Graham's life his library is based on the truth of the gospel. I love this place!!

Guy Fleming

I have to give this tops ratings customer service. The great experience I ever had the four times I've been there. They know how to give a memorable experience that you want to come back to the staff at just totally out of your way to make you happy and they keep it immaculately clean inside and out. Yes, really, even down to the shelves are dust free

Sam V

Every time we have visited Charlotte we have visited the Library. It's a great place to remember how God used Dr Graham and good place to take our children to let them have a great experience of Christian evangelism throughout the world by Dr Graham.

Amy VanGundy

Love this place. The grounds are beautiful, the staff is nice, and great area to walk through to get information on Billy Graham, his career and his personal life. There is a beautiful store inside to get various books, little knick knacks and clothing. During the Winter they have an amazing Christmas meal, and around Easter there is a fun hands on activity then as well. People can also tour the home that was once his and it is set up as it was then. Small tour but still interesting to see. They often have various authors there for book signings. Would highly recommend.

Julio Suárez

What an experience! Such a beautiful property and even more beautiful story of how God used Billy Graham and continues to use his legacy.

Big Girl Chronicles

I took my daughter and I left in tears. Such a wonderful place to feel the holy spirit. The horses were beautiful and the lights gave it a soft feel. The nativity warmed my heart and to see the animals at peace was even more satisfying. Boy was a Billy Graham a great man of God!

Jim Wooten

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was really inspired. He was a powerful but humble speaker in his earlier years. Unashamed. The library honors the man but also and more importantly, the cause Billy Graham stands for. Really neat to see the impact he has had on the rest of the world. I personally know an Indian missionary (who is Asian Indian) named Moses, and he named his son Billy Graham. I used to find it a bit funny, but I now have a better understanding for the reverence found both here (US) and abroad.

Jonathan Gutierrez

What a wonderful and inspirational experience! Anytime I am back in the Charlotte area I will definitely keep coming back . The people were so friendly and the museum/library was one of the better ones I have ever experienced.

Sherry Griffin

I couldn’t think of a better place to take the whole family.

Sherri Lucio

Awesome, lots of history on Billy Graham and family. They have tour guides that tell you of the different areas of the library, short films, you have a choice of praying with assistants after the tour, and they will show you a film at the end and give you a chance to accept Jesus as your lord and savior if this is something you feel compelled to do. HUGE bookstore, and snack restaurant, beautiful grounds surrounding the library, and The Graham home rebuilt on premises, final burying ground of Ruth Graham, Billy Grahams wife

Marcia Black

The Billy Graham Museum cannot be missed!!! Truly, it cannot be missed!!! There are no words except that your socks will be blessed off!!!

Krzysztof Miszczak

Very nice experience getting to know about Billy Graham more.

Carol Forbes

Truly, seeing this place was inspirational! People can see how one person can make a difference. Of course Billy Graham had help along the way but it all started with his comittment to God. I am so thankful we all have Billy and Ruth Graham to look to as examples of faith.

Cavonna Holcomb

An amazing place to visit! I was extremely impressed how the entrance, cafe, and gift shop were all in the theme of Billy Graham's childhood family business. Even the bathrooms had the same theme! Learning about not just Graham's life but the ministry he started and it's impact on not only people of the United States but from around the world was fascinating. Each section was engrossing and immersed the visitor into each time of Graham's ministry to where you really felt you were there. I would highly recommend it!


From the beginning to the end, a moving experience. I cried as I looked over the graves of Billy and Ruth and I cried at the amazing humility and obedience of this man who fulfilled his calling to go into all the world and preach the gospel. The same annointing that he carried with him throughout his life to reach people for Christ is still present in death. The cafe is reasonably priced, free parking is plentiful and convenient, very friendly staff and no admission fee. ❤️

Melanie Shreves

Love it! It is so peaceful and so neat to see how God took one man around the world to spread the gospel. And allowed him into places that no one else was allowed to go.

Porter Speakman

This is the best place to visit in Charlotte. Although it tells the incredible journey of a man who was used greatly by God to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it even more so is a story about God and His incredible love for everyone. The Library is tastefully done and the Journey of Faith is inspiring and challenging. The grounds also contain Billy Graham's childood home, which was moved brick by brick and restored to its original, and the resting places of both Billy and Ruth Graham. The Library also features a well resourced bookstore, Ruth's Attic, and a great place to eat, The Dairy Barn. It is well worth the trip and plan on spending at least a few hours to take in everything it provides. You will not be disappointed.

Milana M

Well maintained. So much learned! A very spiritual adventure

Tyrone Baker

What a blessing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Arron Baldwin

Very awesome amazing place. Great food and a beautiful place! Inside and out volunteers are especially nice and caring for your needs. I love this place. A great place definitely coming back. Thank God .

Vern Jackson

The cafe was much better than we anticipated, sweet tea was freshly brewed and delicious. The tour was very well done with a mix of video documentary and self guided. The bookstore carried a variety of books in the Christian genre. The staff was very courteous as you might expect at a place like this (to bad you can't expect that everywhere). We ran into one of Dr. Graham's grandchildren and heard him speak for a few minutes.

h a i r f a r e

So boring. Not an actual book library. You cant just browse through. They try hard to get you to go through a 2hr long excruciatingly boring tour. Never again. I mean no disrespect to Billy. But this place is not for me.

Dan Hoelting

If you love God and History, you will love this place.

NC Sam

Absolutely inspiring and amazing. Plenty of artifacts, film clips and information pieces on the life of a legend and icon. Totally worth visiting

Hajro K

This is a straight up a religious institution. The staff is really nice and courteous, but you actually have an option to pray with the staff. If you are into this evangelical Christian groups, then this is a five star. I learned that Billy was a spiritual leader for all the presidents since 40's. Wow. You are highly encouraged to sit down and listen to his sermon high lights. He is a good speaker. I was looking for more touristy thing to do but don't regret it.

Nate Bramsen

Three visits and seems to be better each time. The power of the Gospel is evident.

James Tyndall

First visit. We celebrated our 42nd. wedding anniversary here. Very inspirational place with gr8 staff. They went out of their way to make it a very special day for us. Thank you and God bless you all. The Diary Bar serves gr8 hot dogs!!

Brittany Linder

This is a great place to visit so much history, legacy and info regarding Billy Graham and his ministry.

Corey Fink

Awesome tribute to an obedient man and woman of God. Can't believe it was free. Billy and Ruth Graham are buried here. We spent 2.5 hours here including a small lunch at the Dairy Cafe.

Marko Sharko

I went expecting a nice day with friends. Didn't expect to be inspired. Great place, great Gospel message.

Sharon B.

Oh wow where do I begin? Amazing place. Carriage ride, story time, decorations and the lights.... just to name a few. Ruby and Clementine were our favorite horses! ❤️ The Christmas caroling was so perfect. The volunteers, so humble and helpful. I am so thankful to have come here. Completely humbling to hear of his life and experience what he is about, his faith, and his teachings. The best experience I have ever had.

sharon phifer

Beautiful place, and the people that work and volunteer there welcomes everyone with the utmost respect. God's love is represented very well there. To God be the glory, and that He continues to bless everyone that works and volunteer at the Billy Graham facility.


Great place to visit and learn about Billy Graham's ministry. The library layout was excellent allowing the visitor to journey and experience the life of Billy Graham and his response to God's calling. Yes, you will have a chance to hear the good news that Billy Graham so embraced and be presented an opportunity to response. Best of all, it is free . Unfortunately, I was in a rush so did not get to explore the rest of the ground (e.g. the restored house he grew up in).

Krystal Smith

A must see! Volunteers are very helpful and informative. This place brought us to tears. The cafe inside of the library was delicious and nice to have on site.

Charlotte Hart

Beautiful place with very nice people!

Jay Smith

We had a wonderful experience! The food was good and the tour was great! Billy Graham was a good man and I look forward to meeting him someday!

Brenda Lee Legault

Fabulous place... Grandson got saved going there. Highly recommend anyone to attend, very spiritual uplifting experience!

Suzanne Roach

The people were very nice and knowledgeable about billy graham and his life. Very beautiful grounds. Very inspirational and amazing place to visit. Good bookstore also. Got some great things there. A must to do if in the area.

Mary Eudy

We just got home from there and it is a very moving and beautiful place. I felt I was so close to holyness that I should have removed my shoes. I had goose bumps that just kept coming over me. Just a true blessing. Thank you for continuing the work of our father in heaven and may each person there be blessed ten fold for the work that they do.

Jen Willard

I love the Billy Graham Library! The best time to visit is at Christmas when there is so much going on. The grounds are covered in Christmas lights and you can take carriage rides around the area. The best part is going though the museum and the library. You are able to go at your own pace and enjoy your time there. We ended the night with some hot chocolate at the small deli restaurant located in the museum! We will be back!

Nicholas Gibson

Very awesome amazing place. Just like Billy Graham's life his library is based on the truth of the gospel. So inspiring! The guides were amazing!

Susan Hayes

From the parking lot to the house to the barn to the grave sites... THIS experience will forever be etched in my mind and felt in my emotions. Extremely well put together as an honorable tribute to a God-called, God-serving person & his Family. We spent 3.5 hours there because it was so hard to leave the beautiful presence that abides there. I will return—— multiple times. I will bring family and friends... it’s just too good to keep it to myself . A day well spent!

Tucker Forrest

Great experience and great place to bring your Family

Ed Tullar

GREAT place to visit give ourselves 2-3 hours Take in all the videos etc.... I was not so excited to see the videos to be honest. But WOW slow down and enjoy the time and moment....Thanks

Shannon L

Very inspirational. Well worth the visit.

Jessica Miller

My family really enjoys coming here every year. Thanks for having such an awesome facility.

Daniel Walker

A must visit if you are in Charlotte! This will refresh your faith. The environment is beautiful and the staff were so loving and kind. The thing I liked most is the Journey of Faith tour which was about Billy Graham but also had a major focus on the gospel and the work of Christ. The intent of the tour is to build your faith or to help people come to Jesus. We loved it and would come back. The book store and cafe are also perfect!

Nissa Novas

I went to visit the Billy Graham library over the Easter weekend and it was wonderful. The grounds and the buildings are very well kept. Very beautiful and peaceful. The staff was warm and friendly. The BGEA has preserved very well the life and spirit of Billy Graham and has done an exceptional job continuing to spread the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. The entire experience was moving. The only suggestion I have is to consider placing captions on all the audio videos and interviews on display. I am deaf and many deaf people come to visit this place and are not able to take advantage of the same aspects of the library as hearing people can. It takes away from the experience and the message of the library and isolates a certain group of people. Everyone should be able to experience this wonder to it's full extent.

Bruce W

Had an amazing experience. From out of town and exceeded expectations. Staff were very kind and friendly. Ended up spending 3 hours here. So much to do for the Christmas at the Libary. Will be returning in a month. Looking forward to it. The building designs, decorations and lights were really nice. Had lots of real animals and live actors for the nativity scene.

im blessed

I Have been here twice and its an amazing place

ixhabi wong

it's a place where you can see how the Lord can use a ordinary person to do something extraordinary.

Joey Amberson

We visited in July 2018 and would highly recommend this as a must do if in the Charlotte area. All of the workers were awesome, happy to answer questions, and the guides in the "Journey of Faith" were all awesome as well. Very inspiring and educational look into the late Billy Graham's life and ministry.

Martha Greenwood

My first time visiting, and it won't be my last.. So beautiful.. Lots to see and do.. People who work here were nice and willing to help if you needed it. There is a prayer room to use.. Restaurant are had delicious food. I recommend a visit here..

Marty Aided Design

Humbling experience, learning about his roots and preaching the gospel.

Sam M

Been here twice. During Christmas time they have a beautiful tree and decorations to look at. In general they have beautiful well manicure grounds. The house is nice to walk through and look at. Inside the museum the video, cow display and store are nice. Gift shop is very expensive. Staff is nice and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t really call this place family friendly on one of their “normal” days. My eight and three year old were very bored and there are a lot of things little hands can touch and break.

Cody Eagle

The place is great and is nice to experience and the grounds are beautiful. The only problem I have with this place is there isn’t really a sign that is visible when entering. But the restaurant at the place is nice.

Cathy McCarthy

This is a wonderful gem in the Charlotte area not to be missed. You have no excuse not to stop since it is very close to CLT. Admission is free and you step into a very significant piece of history. Billy Graham touched so many lives and his library is a wonderful tribute to the man and God's calling in his life. There are several exhibits and self guided tour. If you don’t want the “religious” experience but would like to visit, there’s absolutely no pressure. Even a restaurant on site for those who are squeamish about being around church stuff. Great place to visit with kids. The people there are so nice and very helpful. They say it’s a great place to visit around the Christmas holidays.

Sunshine Sunshine

Beautiful place. Billy Graham left behind a glorious legacy dedicated to His life work with God.

Angie miller

No charge to park & tour. Well organized. Informative. Inspiring!

John Craig

The organization for signing the guest books and walking through the homeplace past Billy Graham's casket is very well done. There are no photographs allowed inside the home.

Jeff Westman

What else can be said that has not already been said in some of these (lengthy) reviews? I will just add my two cents worth ... First time here, we came here with family visiting from out-of-town. We were rushed and had a very limited amount of time to spend here (big mistake). The library is setup in stages to get the whole effect, the life transition and stages of Dr. Graham's life and influences. You cannot just wander around and casually glance at the different phases, as everything is setup in separate rooms, like a walking tour. As others have said, plan on 2-3 hours! We had asked the guides how we can expedite our tour, and basically, we would literally go into one stage and wait for an all-clear by the guide to walk-through to the next room. Awkward. After the end of the tour you are asked to fill-out a "decision card" (awkward if you are not feeling "moved") and drop it off in a plate. Once done with the walking tour, there is a nice Christian book store, where you can buy inspirational music or books, including those of Dr. Grahams. It is a very nice arrangement, and much more than you would have thought was going to happen before entering. The grounds are well kept, with Dr. Graham and Ruth Graham having burials discreetly and respectfully off to the side where you can visit. Very tastefully done. We will be back on our own to absorb everything we missed :-/

Mihaela Stir

I am so glad I had the chance to visit. Such a blessing and an encouragement for my life of faith in God. All the expos were nicely timed and great visuals. The personnel is very friendly. Thank you!

Adam Smith

Fabulous great place. Staff are so nice and grounds so lovely.

my experience In America

I toured the Billy Graham library on 08/21/19 for the first time. I never met Billy Graham but If the staff at the Billy Graham library is a reflection of his brand of Christianity, I do not want any part of that. Most of the staff was friendly but a few bad apples left a lasting impression on me. The guy by the mechanical cow leading into the Journey tour was rude. The cook with the brunette colored hair got mad at us because she had to rewarmed the soup, very unprofessional, I did not think I would be treated with so much hate in a so called spiritual place. So I let my guard down but I guess this is normal for a guy who supported Donald Trump I guess?

Joseph Somervell

Great semi-self guided tour. The tour guides accommodated our small window of time before our flight and let us pass the beginning of the tour. We enjoyed seeing all the ways God has worked through the Billy Graham Crusades and other ministries under his organization.

Debbie Lou Medlin

Great experience! Awesome staff. Thank you for your dedication and patience. FUMC Polly Gibson Group Laurinburg NC

Josh Clemons

Always fun for the family and amazing stories of God and Billy Graham. I personally love the Berlin Wall room. Even if you're not a Christian, its a really cool history museum.

Tim Vasile

Incredibly well done, and beautiful tribute to the great Billy Graham. Was so much better than expected! I will definitely go again when Im in the Charlotte area.

Elizabeth Wilson

What a beautiful tribute to the life and ministry of Rev Billy Graham. My husband and I thought this would be a quick little stop, a simply tribute, but this is an experience. The self-guided tour inside can take as little as 90 minutes but we actually took a few hours, carefully reading everything and seeing all of the memorabilia throughout the tour. Of course, the whole library points you to Jesus, and at the end of the tour, it’s basically a heartfelt, Spirit-filled altar call. Absolutely beautifully done. Super nice staff working here. The Dairy Bar is fun and everything is good there, plus there is plenty of seating. The Graham house and walkways to the headstones for Billy & Ruth Graham were also a pleasant surprise for us. Make sure you fill out the survey and turn it in. The staff give you a nice souvenir bag with one of Billy Graham’s books inside. What a special place. We will be back.

Holli Gray-Luring

Beautiful place, very clean. Was not expecting it to be so commercialized and rehearsed. Young children may not sit for long and the video in each room is very repetitive.

Meng Thao

Nice clean place to bring the family out for a few hours. Staff was friendly and helpful. The yards were well maintained. Several nice areas for picture taking. We didn’t go through the tour, but our visit was still entertaining. Good place to learn about Billy Graham or just to be reminded of the impact he had on Christianity. Great preacher and Evangelist.

Gladys Cooper

Always fun for the family and amazing stories of God and Billy Graham.

Bill Atkins

Beautiful place and nice location.., Food was blah but overall really enjoyed the experience

José Miguel Sánchez

Awesome experience. This is a magical place that will connect or reconnect you with God

Evan Pittman

Truly an incredible experience I will never forget, will definitely be coming back!

Dana Mock

Amazing library of Billy Graham’s life work. Very moving. I went on the Saturday before Father’s Day. It was packed! All the workers were very kind & efficient. Easily spent 3 hours here. The bookstore had a great collection, not sure if all of the books Billy Graham wrote though. It would be nice if they sold CD’s of his sermons, could have listened to it on way home. Definitely will be back during the week when less crowded! Very well done..

Bruce Venable

Wow, what an exceptional place to visit! The library is laid out to present the story of Billy Graham and more importantly the good news of Jesus Christ in a multi-media format. It is a self guided tour where you proceed from one area to the next with each area having a different focus. It is extremely well done and far exceeded my expectations! You also tour his boyhood home that was moved onto the property. The volunteers and staff are all so nice and friendly as well as very knowledgeable about Billy Graham. Food (healthy choices) is available at very reasonable prices and is very good. The book store is filled with a lot of books and other items of interest. The grounds are immaculate and very beautiful. Billy and Ruth Grahams burial site is very beautiful and serine. The entire experience is exceptional and I highly recommend visiting if you are anywhere near the area!

Clara Jordan

A very beautiful, peaceful, and respectful place, dedicated to the memory and mission of a remarkable man. You can freely walk the grounds, visit his home, see the graves of Rev.Graham, his wife, and three close co-workers in the ministry. A barn contains exhibits and a gift shop. It's free, the workers there never hit you up for money, there are no donation boxes everywhere. Very low-key and respectful. A nice, pleasant and inspirational stop.

Michael Mandarino

Wow, Rev. Billy Graham was 1 Man that God used to spread the good news about Jesus Christ to millions! 1 Man, with the Holy Spirit! A must visit! #Jesus

Polly Dunaway Cockrell

Legendary legacy of faith from this man who changed the world with his message of God and his love. Beautiful experience and the staff was unbelievable.i will go back again and again!

Nia Ford

Excellent from start to finish. Courteous staff, clean barn style restrooms, delicious food, clean areas and lovely gardens. Library depicts a chronological review of the crusade and life of Rev. Billy Graham and family. Grounds are well maintained, and hold the burial grounds for Rev Graham, wife and staff. A full set of books for review or purchase, novalties and gifts. Impeccable tour, thank you.

J. Whipple

We have brought many bus groups through for the library, childhood home, and grounds tours as well as lunch in their dairy-style cafeteria. The staff is usually prompt, pleasant , and helpful with our Queen City Tours groups. The site is clean and well kept and very well presented.

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