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REVIEWS OF Bechtler Museum of Modern Art IN North Carolina

Angela Berasa

Such a cool museum. Can't wait to come back for an evening out and to see the new renovations!

Graphic Treatment

Rather small, but great art!!

Marvin R Moore

Great place to have an enjoyable experience for the evening

Christopher Reeves

You need to REALLY like modern art and the notion of less is more, because there's not a lot to see.

Hernán Marzoratti

It wasas nice... A little smaller than I expected but nice

Reagan Toal

Great jazz nights here and, if you're into modern art, good stuff.

Eddie Hamdokh

Top 5 of the most boring things I’ve ever done. Are you trying to look creative and sophisticated by bringing your date here? DON’T. You can literally see the entire place in 10 minutes. I’d say the best thing at the museum was the kids drawing table.

Kelly Covelli

Loved to see some of the Greatest artists ever. Picasso, Miro and Lichtenstein

Bryan Taylor

Blue Star Museum - Great works of art with a diverse number of presentations. Highly recommended.

Ricky Marti

Awesome had a great time while visiting

Joe Messina

Great museum of modern art in a really cool building

Riley Kaye

The quality and quantity of the art here is okay, but the Mint Museum right across the street is superior in almost every way.

Tasya Denisenko

Good, liked

Michael Karkos

Great staff, awesome collection.

Brendan Oconnor

I'm moving to Charlotte very soon from Dublin Ireland. . I'm looking forward to visiting you. It's looks like a very nice city .

Roxy Santamaria

Does anyone know the name of the artist and name of the painting on the 4th floor of the fish laying in a bowl?

adam george

Its modern art, so you really have to be in to it, or else it looks like random garbage. Its kind of stuck up, and the workers will follow you around and skulk like you don't see them peaking around corners at you.

Matthew Mahood

Start at the top! And work your way down. Beautiful museum and everything u need for a date.

Mindy Maxwell Tape

Nice museum. Amazing staff!

Ferrell Family

The triplets had great fun at family day today. The volunteers were super friendly and patient. The family art room is a creative hands-on space for kids to create art in the styles of featured art in the third floor collection. My only suggestion is not to charge for service workers who accompany kids with special needs. My trio can't go out with out their one-on-one aides and it is an extra expense for families of children with special needs.

Alyssa Nelson

Love the architecture film series!

Jeff Moen

Enjoyed a nice hour long break from reality. Beautiful building and great staff.

Joseph Levi

Fantastic variety of art. From classical pieces to very modern cubism, they have it all. Definitely worth your time and money!


A really great museum, but felt a tad too small. There were a few exhibitions that I felt needed more space to breathe. Because of the shape of the museum, tall and on the narrow side, there were less rooms per floor with actual museum content. But that's my only complaint-- the museum is quite beautiful.

Kent Lewis

The second floor is under construction, making the visit much shorter. The collection is amazing, especially the tapestry exhibit.

Yuliya Paskal

The museum is very small but it has its masterpieces mostly avant- garden works (not very famous and famous authors). Nice paintings of Juan Miro and some series of Picasso works, but we all know that Picasso was such a fruitful author that every museum has his art.

Igor M

Very interesting museum

Angela Choeijiam

Very relaxing

Steven Caughran

Great museum with captivating exhibits that are constantly updated. Great for a date! Wine and jazz some nights

free 2 b me

Beautiful work


gorgeous art ! but not much has really changed since I went in elementary school

irish spells

Very nice place

Richard Gates

There are some very unique pieces in this museum. It is spaciously laid out. All at least two hours to see everything.

Cass Is Real

There are three floors but not too many pieces. French, Swiss, German, and Italian artists were featured in the gallery. We used Groupon for the tickets and saved $8.

Robert Williams

The collection here of the Bechtler family is fairly small but carefully collected curated. The building is quite lovely. Until December there is a fantastic exhibit of large textiles. It's a once in a lifetime chance to view works by the modern masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Lichtenstein, and Leger. There is a parking lot across the street that charges $5 on the weekends, but there is a problem leaving it - it took me 20 minutes with not much traffic. Try to get something on the street.

Meena Cs

Modern art museum has about three to four floors. very intresting museum. there is even a section where you can draw or create anythong that you want on a paper and hang it up on the wall. paper color pencils and other things is provided there itself. Had a really good time here.

Mark LePard

Loved it! Not very big. But fantastic collection.

Corson P

The exhibits were nice, but it was very small and simply didn't connect with me. Front desk staff are very kind, though!

Alan Stopko

Love to attend First Friday Jazz at Bechler with Ziad on sax and Noel on keyboard with the monthly guest artist. Enjoy the bar and snacks but get your tickets early because seating is limited and sells out quick. Try free Becthler at Night on 3rd Wednesday. Local musicians and free entry to museum 5 to 9 pm.


They have freaking pablo Picasso drawing, Andy Warhol too! I enjoyed it but it was a very small museum. I would recommend going to the mint right next door unless you're a huge fan of Picasso

Pam Chaplin

A friend and I went for the new Tapestry exhibit. It was excellent. There was a very knowledgeable docent on the floor the day we were there.

Ricky Morgan

Great venue, nice architecture with three floors of exhibits and assorted activites and cool gift shop

rajeshwar chinna

Amazing experience of Picasso Arts

Steve L

Great new works and fantastic docents with extremely insightful conversations.

Jim Sorokes

Some very interesting art work... especially if you like mechanized art.

Jorge DeJesus

Saw some cool art, def worth the $9

Pamela D. Hall-Lappo

Nice place to visit.

Marion Hennings

It’s very nice, very abstract art, not really any realistic art, but other then that it was fun, we got in for free cus of technical difficulties but the customer service was very nice. But the museum is kinda small. So if you just wanna walk around somewhere definitely go in there.

Leslie Bond

A really awesome art and event. Right uptown convenient location awesome date spot

Jennifer Sperry

This museum is an absolute gem that would be the pride of any city in the world, but at times may be under-appreciated in Charlotte. It is an extraordinarily kind gift by the Bechtler family. The architecture is phenomenal, the collection is stunning and beautifully displayed. I believe that the city is old-fashioned in its taste in art but will catch up with itself before long. The location is perfect in the heart of uptown, with places to stroll and find coffee or just enjoy the day. The Firebird in front has become the icon for culture in Charlotte. Inside you will find works by Miro, Picasso, Degas, Giacometti and many other famous artists. The curators rotate through a large collection, only showing a limited number of pieces at any given time, making it intriguing to come back and see what they are showing next. Jazz and classical music are performed there from time to time, and there is a lovely, airy cafe. I was there yesterday for the Matisse show - the show is here for such a long time and it was such a gorgeous day that there were no crowds and it was easy to sit and have a great experience - but at the same time, I wondered why more people weren't there. An exhibit like that would be the type you'd think you'd have to crane your neck to see, most places. Thank you for bringing it!

Juan Monge

Beautiful clean city

Faisal Sulman

TRASH. The exit was possibly the best part of the entire museum.

Sam Sléibhín

Very nice museum. Great AC in the place too!

Sierra Nicholes

Definitely a unique museum experience. The organization of things was a bit confusing, but I liked the way they used the space on each floor and the different wall colors/framing was very interesting in a way that more "public" galleries/museums don't explore.

Lonnie Collins

Good jazz on first Fridays

Ksenia King

It is so tiny, they could probably fit all their pieces in a studio. Crazy expensive for what they have too. Staff is nice, but that's about it.

Alvarez Barron

More people should take the time and experience this wonderful museum. It's exhibits reflect meticulous attention to detail and care for the visitor.

Jeannette Salce

My kids really enjoy the visit! Very surprise abt that b/c they are only 4/6 yrs old. The front desk ladies are very nice, they gave them a Bingo card and they played a finding the art work game and they really loved it!

Ally Thomas

Very impressive art collection and exhibitions. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of recent works on display (past 5 years) and the building is worthy of a 2hr visit on its own.

Loren King

I really enjoyed myself! Every floor was entertaining for me. Just wish there was more to the exhibit!

Shayne Martin

Art/pieces are beautifully displayed. Great lighting. Not just a "museum" but an experience. Had a great time.

Jean Vander Heiden

Quite a gallery considering it's one family's treasures! In comparison to other art galleries I've been, this one is on the small side; however, I loved it. The price is well set for its size. The curators did an excellent job of providing written information on the artists.

Kim Reese

I really enjoy that the art is on 4 different floors and it's easy to navigate. They have art by Warhol and a few other famous artists- definitely worth checking out!

jason smart

Oh my goodness! So much wonderful to say! Every time I am in Charlotte I visit and the new exhibits never ever let me down. Fourth floor is where the magic is

Sybil Richardson

Nice , small , great for a quick outing . The staff that was there to answer questions while viewing an exhibit was great and very informative. She really made the experience stand out . Finding parking wheww . There is a place across the street good walking distance but the price wasn't great and finding parking suckec

Andreas Willis

The collection here of the Bechtler family is fairly small but carefully collected curated. The building is quite lovely. It's a once in a lifetime chance to view works by the modern masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Lichtenstein, and Leger. There is a parking lot across the street that charges $5 on the weekends, but there is a problem leaving it - it took me 20 minutes with not much traffic. Try to get something on the street.

patricia fleshmann

Wonderful collection of modern art. We went during Jazz fest. Great jazz artists,local food and drink. Loved it!!

Barnett Reresby

The collection here of the Bechtler family is fairly small but carefully collected curated. The building is quite lovely. Until December there is a fantastic exhibit of large textiles. It's a once in a lifetime chance to view works by the modern masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Lichtenstein, and Leger. There is a parking lot across the street that charges $5 on the weekends, but there is a problem leaving it - it took me 20 minutes with not much traffic. Try to get something on the street.

A. Starrs

My favorite museum in Charlotte

K Reese

We enjoyed our first visit.


These people have such a glorious collection of art in so many mediums! I love it here and could spend a whole day marveling! If you’ve really got an itch to scratch. Visit here on Wednesday afernoon, then go grab a bite and come back to their neighbor at 5 or 6, the Mint for a free entry to the permanent exhibit.

Michael Forbes

Surprisingly small for such a growing metropolitan area, but good collection and I enjoyed the exhibit that was there when I visited - tapestries by well known mid-20th century masters - and very affordable. A standout piece of architecture in the otherwise bland downtown by Mario Botta. A well-spent $10.

Holly Austin

Very great place to go! I enjoyed learning the exhibits are very interesting.

Mike Brandman

Not too much going on here. I'm no art expert, but I didn't see anything memorable. Says it's 4 floors, but the first is the lobby and the middle two have a handful of exhibits. Went for free and didn't get my money's worth.

Ray Bilson

Everybody’s museum. Staff was very good.

Ned Palmer

Literally the worst museum I have ever been to. They have a visiting display of modern jewelry on the second floor (which is all of the"art" on the floor) and it consisted of about 10 pieces of jewelry. My wife (an artist) and I spent $16 for entry and were done with the museum in 10 minutes (yes we did see everything). Don't waste your time, I have seen better and more modern furniture in nice office buildings. They should have spent as much money on the collection of art as they did in constructing this waste of space.

Susan Estrella

Lovely museum.

Carbo Kuo

Don't waste you money going there. There are only crappy modern "art".

Shaun D. Diehl, M.Ed.

Nice museum and free admission for military and their family.

Brad Arrowood

Great place to visit

Daniel Fieldstone

Do you like finger paintings??? The finger paintings here were incredible. So many different finger and hand marks and smudges. The colors swirled together on the construction paper. They also had exquisite paper snow flakes. The skills that goes into these works of art is grueling. One must fold a paper in half one way then in half a second time and cut sections of the folded paper out with scissors. When the masterpiece is unfolded you will see the radially symmetrical paper snow flake. Oh how marvelous. Oh how exquisite!

Lagreer Brown

Location was great Parking was excellent

Jai Lee

Nice spacious museum showcasing a good variety of artists

Remy Daitch

Small gallery, lots of Christ themed blk&whi Spanish civil war stuff, etc

Cathy Washington

Must visit the Tapestry exhibit.

Alla Chistol

The only nice art was the building its self! They need more art work! The artwork they have now is pretty much a joke, buy some real Art!

Sporadic Travels

I enjoy the architecture and the exhibits at this gallery. There is a small, but diverse permanent collection as well on the second floor. The third floor has a small exhibit and the largest floor is 4. The staff always does a great job with the exhibit layout and the descriptions are really informative. I always leave having learned a lot. I tend to visit on Bank of America Museums on Us weekends which offers free admission to Bank of America customers. Staff is nice, taking pictures is encouraged, restrooms are clean and beware the gift shop is expensive.

John Butler

Very nice museum. It has a gift shop on the first floor along with sparkling clean bathrooms then 3 floors of revolving exhibits With the top being the largest

nilay patel

Lot of new shows . The permanent collection is also fascinating.

Chandra DeVaul

Wonderful experience for a modern art museum. I usually don't like modern art, but this collection took me off guard.

Vj Delisle

OMG such beauty!! I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of their monthly free night lovely art in a wonderful, dedicated Staff. You have got to participate in their art bingo game; made me pay more attention to displays. I also really appreciate their outreach to incarcerated folks and the developmentally challenged!!!! Every one needs ART in their lives.

Rayshema Parker

There are monthly events hosted here with music, games, and activities. Great for all ages!

Paul Contreras

What a terrific find. Wonderful art on display from so many eras and styles.

Grace pie

Very nice museum. It gives a lot of background for the pieces they have on display. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Pete Freedman

Wow, to see a Miro, Picasso or Warhol on display is a treat anyone should enjoy!

Lauren Bloom

Nice galleries but I was disappointed with the atmosphere and staff. Children were running around and screaming. Three staff members on the top floor were supposed to be stationed throughout as a reminder for guests stay quiet. They were standing together talking somewhat loudly— it took away from the experience.

Christy Miller

A great place to visit for an hour or so for your trip downtown in Charlotte. They have a great display space upstairs which is currently modern tapestries. Some beautiful pieces on display and the sculpture floor was my favorite. We parked at the parking structure across the street and walked easily up the stairs and across the street into the building on the weekend for $5 parking. There is a balcony on the sculpture floor too check it out! Alberto Giacometti sculptures in bronze were my favorites.

Nyingise Barake

Awesome Museum, great displays of art, and poeltry.

Thomas Holmes

I am very pleased with this place because they have great modern artworks.

t money

Beautiful art and nice architecture, lots of cool stuff to look at and they always have something new

Kezia Ciesielka

The staff was extremely nice, and art was good. Thats my favorite artwork there.

Cars n Stuff

I was visiting Charlotte and exploring downtown when I decided to see what this museum had to offer. It was $8 and change to get in and all of the art was on the 3 floors above. I'm no art expert, but there was nothing that awe inspiring about anything here. The paintings and serigraphs were few and half of the "art" exhibits were just pieces of 1960s furniture. There was literally an entire section dedicated to office chairs. A staff member was on every floor & they graciously greeted what guests were there but not surprisingly, nobody seems to have any questions about what they were seeing. There seemed to be more space set aside for museum offices than exhibition. The building itself inside and out was nice to look at, and that was the most exciting thing about my visit.

Manish Sheladia

Fun and enjoyable

Rachel Arment

Spent a lovely hour here looking at the diverse artwork presented. Teal, who was working on the third floor, was extremely welcoming and supremely knowledgeable with questions I had about the artwork. You could tell she was passionate, which made the exhibits more dimensional. Loved the personal touch and would come back when there is a new exhibit!

johnny bailey

Great museum. The only thing more impressive than the exhibits is the building itself. A great design by architect Mario Botta.

David Pomeroy

Awesome modern art collection

Claus W. Geraets

...architecture is more than impressive

Paris Simpson Godwin

Went to go see the Jean Tinguely exhibit, so awesome! Very glad to have had that opportunity and experience.

Pauline Zimmerman

Beautiful museum, nice collection. Staff is very helpful.

Ian Lewis

Smaller than it looks from the outside. A few interesting kinetic pieces but they don't run. Without the movement they lose the impact.

Yury Darash

Cute and easy to go through.

Amber Anderson

Great exhibits. Wish the 4th floor would have been open.

Hanna Fermin

get your culture fill and more.

cynthia bedoya

Its cool

Tes Peralta

Great timing as the museum had a new collection on display including art works by Picasso and Miró.

Marko Sharko

Fantastic collection of mostly Swiss 20th Century artists. Not very large, but loved it. Love the view from the balcony too.

Amber Lee

Picasso and Warhol on display. Beautiful building. Check Groupon for a deal.

Donnyelle Smith

Simply amazing

Joshua Dickinson

The building and architecture is stunning.

Richard Korzenko

Take this for what it's worth, however they had the top floor closed, which is 70% of their for space as we were told, and they wanted to charge full price entry. Not well thought out. Well revise if I can get back.


Nice place to enjoy art

Julian L

Boring af. Mostly photographs that I could have Googled

Sharon Melville

This museum offers great jazz once a month. Kick back with your favorite beverage and jam. Love it.

Sara Homsi

Really beautiful museum. I don't love modern art so sometimes i like the exhibits and sometimes i dont. I do love the museum gift shop. They alwayd have unique gift items.

Tacora Woods

The staff are great! The museum doesn’t really offer much. And half the art is pictures taken and printed out of the art. Still a nice little walk through.

Loria Hubbard


John Lee

Nice place but not really for young kids.

Allison Cochrane

It was okay. We went to two art museums that day. This was my least favorite. It seems large but didn't have a whole lot. My group was done with the place in about 15 minutes.

cynthia artis

Enjoyed event

Marvin Smith

Didn't go in, but love the Disco Chicken!

Forrest Chambless

Straightforward exhibits with excellent docents. The tapestries are moving and rugged. The Picasso pitcher ought to be turned 45 degrees like a diamond with respect to the wall so we can see all of it.

Denise Cagan

4th floor has most of the art, and this floor is great. There's night a lot on the other floors.

Destiny Sherman

Tons of wonderful works, all well-displayed and great floor layouts so nothing feels crowded.

Jean Westcott

Beautiful building, neat gift shop and interesting art. Only negative is that the collection on display is small. Lots of Giacometti and European artists.

Daniel P

Great museum, It has a variety of exhibits, so there is something for everyone.

william moreland

Enjoyable visit

Shomari Levy

Awesome experience!

Bruce Yelton

What a great show these folks put on! We have been going since these started and now make a 900 mile trek each year to be here for the "lovers" show. If you want to sit get in line early! Ziad can really blow!

Ross Plourde

Amazing display of artwork

Tolu Osinowo

Nice architecture, visited on all-star weekend in Charlotte. I was impressed and liked the layout of the building

Carl D

Very Entertaining with plenty to see in a small space, we loved the location and passed thru during pride weekend and me and my fiance had a wonderful time in the uptown area, Plenty to see as well as places to eat. You'll have a Great time and worth the visit & Don't forget to take a Pic under the Chicken out front.......Enjoy

Racelle Weiman

When there are changing exhibits, this museum is at its best. Otherwise it is too small and unchanged from visit to visit

Steve Johnston

Will not go there again. I was informed that I could not take pictures there because of the focusing beam on a Sony A6000. The flash was not being used and I showed the volunteer that for the flash to be used, it had to be raised. As a result, I cut my visit short and complained at the front desk. They agreed that the individual was incorrect but they offered no solution . That was $15.02 of wasted money. Staff should be properly trained .

katie Rains

Eh, quite a small collection, really for a particular taste. To be honest I am more a fan of classic figurative paintings or figurative modern work so I suppose I'm not the ideal audience. However, I think it was still worth checking out and am glad I went but wish there was simply more on view.

Jeffrey Brown

Great experience!

Josefa Sepúlveda

You walk in like a normal human being, you walk out like a sofisticated one.

Stone Chen

Sincere advice: don’t go. Nothing there

sharan gowda

Wonderful place. Best part is that you can create your own art.

Jessamine Qualman

What a cool place! Their 3rd Friday event was engaging and interesting and a great free and fun Friday night out. The staff were friendly and helpful and the while experience was great! We will definitely be back!

Roosevelt Jackson III

Nice little museum located in the heart of Charlotte. Nice for an afternoon with family or date outing.

Faith Samples

Very interesting pieces. A nice collection.

B Sipe

I guess an interesting place. You have to really love art to enjoy something like this. I myself cant enjoy lines that appear as if they were drawn by a a mill drunk 1 year old and then thrown against a wall starting this is art. Although walking between the legs of this statue out front is what gave it the entire 3 stars. Even though I didnt pay for entry (and I'm glad I didnt) but still saw all 4 floors. Walking between those fine glass legs was the best.

James McLachlan

One of the greatest things to ever happen to Charlotte. I love this institution for all that it is and all that it does for our community. Jazz at the Bechtler is one the highlights of my month. Thank you!

Sujey Carro-Mojica

Best Museum in Town

Danielle Miller

Love their jazz evenings!!

Clara Jordan

As this museum was built upon the Bechtler family's collection, there is an intimate feel to the curated art. A good mix of artists and media. Not as large as the Mint Museum, but since they are across the street from each other, it's easy to do both in an afternoon.

Marley Carroll

Great architecture. Important asset in Charlotte.

Prabhjot Khera

Very Good knowledgeable Modern Art museum. Staff very good and cooperative

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