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1 Battleship Rd NE, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States

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REVIEWS OF Battleship North Carolina IN North Carolina


Great lesson on history and unbelievable how these men worked and lived daily while serving our country.

Hajime Sargent

Amazing piece of history that's worth checking out if you're in the Wilmington area. The ship feels (and smells) like the historical landmark it is. You can go inside the depths of the ship and even climb inside a 16 inch triple gun turret!

Nichol Tate

It was nice learning about history on a boat from history. The staff were incredible helpful. Can't wait to go again.

Andy Raynor

An iconic attraction just across the river from downtown Wilmington. (A water taxi is a fun way to go back and forth.). The ship is really a living monument to Navy life during the war and more than a military memorial. Inside are the post offices, soda shops, tailors, cobblers, cooking stations, and all the other details that help give a lens to life of sailors serving at that time. In summer they have movies on the fantail.

Brian W

Awesome place to go to learn about how soldiers live on their ships plus how they protect us. My son loved the open tour!

Jeff Katz

Amazing to see/imagine what our servicemen experienced defending our country. It was jaw dropping to see all the guns on this ship. Great job making it available to the public. Easy tour to follow.

Nate Knepper

Absolutely stunning piece of history! Even if you're not much of a ww2 history nerd I would definitely recommend that you check it out. The technology and complexity in this ship is insane. Also being able to see where and how these men lived during the war really helps you appreciate what they did for our country.

Damien Campbell

I loved the battleship, I think that the last time I was here I was alot smaller but I still loved it. It was a little hot inside but that's nothing compared to what those guys must have endured back in WWII. Good job guys place looks greag

Nathan Marrow

Very interesting to go through and they are trying to open more of it up. Be careful on hot days as even if they've got fans and some air the lower decks can get especially hot.

Zombie Pig

Absolutely a fantastic family day trip. Try to tour when the volunteer team is on board. They have a wonderful volunteer staff providing great interaction with children...both young and older-ish

Georgina Belcher

Great for sight-seeng for the whole fam.

Cynthia McCarter

Always cool to tour Battleship. Lots of ladders to climb up an down not stroller or wheel chair friendly on different levels.

Joel Abrahams

Wounderful museum to go when your in town. Plenty of kiosks to explain what is what and includes informative stories from the crew. Wished they had a numbering system for all the rooms.instead of just the guiding arrows - its not always clear where to go next and in what order.

Bethany Plumlee

Not much interactivity but I didn't do a tour as we went on a Monday. Lots of stairs (duh, it's a ship) so not fully accessible if you want to see it all. Stroller not recommended either obviously. Super hot to go in the summer even if you go before 10am, they open at 8am. My advice is to go at 8 as it gets hotter and hotter the later it gets. Plenty of shaded areas and fans for us though. Friendly staff. Nice gift shop. Photo op. Great views. Lots of vending machines. Military discounts.

Patty Magnee

Have loved this ship, since Ij was a kid. As an adult, I really enjoyed the daily life exhibits and reading the real life stories

Nathan Wilson

This place is very much as described. The claimed battleship USS North Carolina was indeed the battleship USS North Carolina! Big guns, much steel, very float. And that wonderful smell of "ship" on the inside. Really a great experience and would highly recommend for all ages. The ship appears to be well taken care of. One or two of the 40 mm AA mounts are still operable which are loads of fun to sit on and swivel around with a friend.

Nathan Miller

I go to a lot of military and aircraft museums, and this one was exceptional. My father, brother, and I spent about 4 hours scouring nearly every square inch of this place, and if we'd had time probably could have done some more. They aren't even into military hardware like me, but they loved it, especially seeing the conditions that our troops dealt with while working aboard these ships so long ago. Highly recommended, but be prepared for extreme heat/humidity and lots of stairs/ladders.

Toni Coats

The Battleship North Carolina event was fantastic! What could be better than sharing a great Carolina evening with Veteran friends on the deck of an icon Battleship like this! Excellent view, magnificent food and the best friends in the world!

Lissa Perrin

Very interesting experience. The staging of the different areas below the upper decks effectively creates sense of what life was like on board. The educational materials were well done. I loved learning about the gedunk and scuttlebutt!

Dennis Brotherton

Loved visiting and thanks to all the young men that were a part of this ship who falt tje battles and the one's who gave there lives protecting this great country that we live in. If we only had more of them now days just think of the peace we could have. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Patrick Filippone

The most decorated WW II battleship. Very nicely restored and maintained ship. A most popular tourist attraction in Wilmington, NC. Attended the annual Memorial Day ceremony. Patriotic today...

Mike G

Great fun on the self guided tour. If you aren't with someone who is a Navy Veteran you might want to get the audio tour. It's hot in the summertime, but the hours are long. And you pay for the day, just keep your wristband and you can leave and come back the same day. Loved it!

Samantha Smith

So cool! Went with a navy vet that explained everything. Loved learning the history!

Emily Hartis

Really cool learning experience. Loved how they had little excerpts from the soldiers at the time.

Gretchen Holman

Spent a good 2-3 hours here, and easily could have spent all day! Great for any navy or history buff! Lots of climbing ladders, so keep that in mind!

Clayton Haley

Best museum ship experience that I have been on hands down!

Ryan L

Well worth the $15. You could spend 3+ hours walking around. I went through as fast as I could and it took at least an hour to see the whole ship. This was an amazing experience and was the best boat self guided boat tour I have ever been on.

Kleber Monázio Sousa

A friend suggested to visit this big Navy ship! It's cool but my wife liked more than Anyway, it's very interesting to see how hard was the life of the crew in the past.

Harald Ade

I have been there a few times, particularly when the kids were younger or when relatives visited. Very fascinating. I helps to make history palpable. A must see at least once.

Chip Snow

Gives us perspective of the sacrifice they endured. God bless America

Patrick Xu

I was surprised by how big the ship was! It took us multiple hours to do the self guided tour. It was a lot of fun learning about what the ship can do. Those big cannons can fire so far! Make sure you bring plenty of water if you're going in the summer it does get a bit too hot.

Bri Benton

Such a cool experience. My kids are still talking about it, over a week later. I recommend allowing 3-5 hours to really tour this and get the most out of it. So much fun

David Holmes

Great tour of a Battleship and all the history of ship and the sailors who sailed on her. You see how our sailors lived

Ryan MacKenzie

A truly one of a kind experience. I could spend hours walking through this museum ship. I can't recommend this place high enough if either you or a loved one is a WWII history buff.

Thomas Lahman

This is a true example of a WWII battleship as it was in 1947. Excellent place to take a Battleship Vet. They treated my Dad (USS Missouri BB63 1946-48) like a celebrity. Wear good walking shoes.

Nancy Needham

Great opportunity to tour a very well maintained battleship. Volunteers extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Wear comfy shoes, a lot to see.

Susie Potter

Went for a retirement party. I didn't have the time to enjoy a tour, but enjoyed what I did experience. I am definitely going back for a tour.

Kristine Rogers

Lots of history to experience. Tour guides were very pleasant and knowledgeable.


This place is great for those interested in history and naval vessels. While there is A/C, it's only in certain places and most of the ship is close to 90°F. The gift shop is a little pricey but has a pretty good selection of memorabilia and souvenirs. All in all, it's a great place to take your family for a few hours, strollers not recommended though.

Hannah Reese

I loved seeing this ship and reading the stories of the men who lived and worked on this ship. The restoration work is excellent. I think it's a great way to remember the sacrifices of WWII, especially if you have kids.

James Raynor

Awesome piece of loving history. The museum is a great testimony to those who served and continue to serve. There's a new marine walkway around the ship that gives you impressive looks around the ship and is free to walk.

Duke Call

A must see if you are in the area, a great experience for all ages

Mauro Rodriguez

Love it, it's a great place to take your kids. It's fun and very well kept. If like history and ships, specially Battleships, this is the one. We had great time. If you download the app it will make it even better. It will enhance your experience. So, don't wait and come and visit today!!!

Erica V

Great for a day trip. Reasonably priced, family friendly. Great historical information, and the employees/volunteers are helpful and informational. It is hot inside the ship! Would not be good for those who are claustrophobic.

Eriberto Ramirez

Beautiful and stunning. Be ready for inclined ladders and although it's not said... if you are a bigger or really tall person, be ready to be uncomfortable. You'll see what I mean. Haha Great place while staying here for vacation. #truestory

david mccleary

Great history and great people at the USS North Carolina. It is amazing what they have done to honor the men that fought on this ship. Take the time and come be with history.

Lacey Waits

Fun and interesting self tout of the ship. We could have spent longer but it was closing. Plan on at least 2 hrs if you want to walk all through the ship. The tour does require the ability to ascend and descend stairs and narrow walkways. I would suggest tennis shoes and bot flip flops like I wore.

Hilary Flores

Awesome! awesome awesome! Well worth the time and money! A thank you to all of our servicemen and women for their dedication and sacrifice to this amazing place we call the USA. It's so humbling to be in the presents of something so historical!

Evan Romine

Great historical venture! Plaques inside the ship are informative on technical aspects as well as highlighting personal experiences aboard the ship. The ship needs some restoration.

Amy Granata

The battleship is an excellent piece of World War 2 history. Very well preserved in its original state. The stairs are very steep so use caution. It gets stuffy and warm under the deck so be sure to bring some water.

Joel Katzenberger

If you enjoy history and cool places, this is a must on a Wilmington vacation. We went on a day that was about 80 degrees and they had some air moving down in the ship so it wasn't too hott. The self guided tour has plenty of signage and descriptions of certain areas. It's amazing how big it is.


Must-see thing amazing with these men/women did.

Bryan Brendley

One of the premier destinations in Wilmington and surrounding environs. Seeing "the Showboat" both from the inside and from the new walkway around the entire battleship is a great like no other! To be sure, there are a lot of tight fits (16 inch gun turrets) and steep stairs, but it is a WW2 ship designed for efficiency! It is amazing how much of the ship is open from the engine room, to CIC, to flag plot, to the medical areas, and the "heads!" One can certainly imagine life on the North Carolina in the wartime 1940s! What a treasure of history!

April Kissinger

Excellent, excellent, excellent! I highly recommend this to all! It's a step back in time and a great deal of history too! There's something for everyone to enjoy.

JoAnna Gwynn

This was an amazing experience. Knowing the history and actually seeing what soldiers experienced on the ocean was awesome. Tours are self guided and you can take your time. Amazing!

Shiau Shuang Ang

Very informative, we really got to see and feel what it was like to live in the battleship during that time. I only wish that they could show more of her service history.

Suanne Mosson

Very interesting and a must do place to go when you're in NC. So much history in one place. Wear your tennis shoes. There is a lot of climbing up and down.

Marilyn Tamburri - NASCAR Team Racing

What an awesome day! Walk and tour the entire ship! Yes, below deck, you experience how living on board is a whole new world. Just think, experiencing History as you go through the same halls and living quarters as the sailors did in the past. The ship and the museum is full of interesting facts and stories for the whole family. Come away with a new appreciation for all those whom served on this great Battleship!

Philip Ferraro

My children and I visited, and it was awesome! I spent a few months on ship with the MEU 05-06, and I was impressed to see and smell the memories it brought back!

Shannon Foster

Brings the kid out of me. Thousands of levers and handles to pull. A great place to honor those who fought for our nation and a beautiful background for pictures. I love this place. Lots to offer for all ages. Slow down and take your time and make a day out there. Picnic areas and a wonderful place to watch the sunset.

Sharon Burns

We are so very fortunate having this memorial battleship on our way to downtown, very informative and interesting

Matthew Bolich

So cool. Self-guided tour and you get to see A LOT of the ship. My son is 7 and really.enjoyed it. Some tight spots like the turret and engine room but we had a blast and learned a lot.

Debbie Serafine

The Battleship 101 was terrific. Lots of interesting information that we would not have gotten if we had gone on another day. The ship was very much to see and learn.

Sean Gallagher

Remarkable to think that there were over 2,000 people serving on this battleship during WWII! A visit is money well spent. Perhaps we missed the information about guided tours but we were on our own wandering the ship and reading the signs. That was okay but it would have been amazing had we caught one of the guided tours we saw as we were walking about and to get descriptions of life aboard the ship.

Phyllis Munroe

This is definitely worth the stop!! I'm going back a few more times, because I know that there's a lot to see & learn. This a Great place to take kids, they'll Love it!! There's so much history & it's so interesting for all ages!! Don't miss this one!!

Clarina Emanuel

A fun place for the whole family. Very educational. Wear walking shoes.

Thomas Steffek

I have had the opportunity to tour several Battleships and this tour was the best.

Truther Pick

An eerie reminder of the horrible moments in history of our nation. Dead souls certainly John that ship. If you're sensitive to it, you will feel them.

Jocelyn Garcia

It was fun and historical but there's one thing I didn't like which was the rusty water and it had dead fish

Rhonda Gibson

Had no idea what living and working quarters were on a ship. So interesting and informative. Beware of steep, shallow steps going down below to the below decks. Lots of great pictures on the walls, as well as comments from those who were there during the war. Really, really enjoyed our visit.

Danda Naveen

After visiting intrepid museum in NY, this is not as big as that but a true battleship and this gives more feel of how wars used to happen and you can really chipin and view most of the stuff which makes this place worth visiting. Guns, rooms, machinery everything gives you a feel of real warship. If you are planning to kill a day, this place is something you can put on list and then you can go to beach nearby.

amanda ray

They have finished the walk way all the way around the ship. It is one of a kind experience you will always remember. They do have a store inside too. Good gifts and toys for the kids of all ages

Annie Ruokay

Our first time here and it was well worth the drive! My veteran husband got a discount on his ticket which only cost him $10 to get in and $14 for regular adult admission for myself. It was Battleship 101 day, so on every few sections we were given facts about the ship and we're able to ask questions. We were told that the ship had some "ghostly" friends aboard, but we didn't see any. It was extremely hot the day we went. Thank goodness they pump air down into the ship, although it was still very warm inside, the circulating air made it bareable.

Heidi Chambers

Most popular site in town to visit. Come aboard for your tour of the famous Battleship. There are many events held here as well for all ages including dances, bands and parties. Veterans are onboard to show you their skills and duties while serving on such a large ship but living in small spaces. This is one trip to remember

Sherry May

Fun, self-paced self-guided tour, educational. The whole family loved it.

Amber Golder

Awesome museum ship! Actually my favorite of many. They're always working on restoration projects, so it's looking better all the time! Tons of space to explore and learn. Wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing, as you'll be doing a lot of walking and climbing stairs in a lot of non-air conditioned spaces. There are vending machines on board for soda and water, but no snacks, so be prepared. You can come and go as you please though, so you can leave for lunch and come back later. I also recommend checking out their special guided tours (like Hidden Battleship, Firepower, etc) if you ever get the chance. Totally worth the money! Unfortunately, they chose to close the Veteran's Walkway on Labor Day weekend and didn't announce it. We drove over 10 hours and rented a room specifically to see the ship now that the walkway is complete, and no one we asked could even give us a reason why it was closed. There were construction signs but no workers present, and the usual flooding in the parking lot did not breach the walkway. Also when they drained the water inside the coffer dam, they left dozens of dead fish to rot in the mud, which looks and smells pretty awful. Still worth a visit, but be prepared.

Duane Karant

Great history. Whole family enjoyed it! Hot and plenty of walking, including narrow stairs, but all worth it.

Jack Burgess

This is a great experience for the entire family. The tour of the battleship is lots of fun and there is a gift shop as well. There are certain areas of the battleship that are not accessable to public touring. The staff is friendly and helpful and can answer just about any question you throw at them.

Phillip Harden

Overall great place. The experience and feeling you get when you put yourself in the shoes of the navy soldiers who serves and sailed that ship. Such discipline, strength, endurance, and patience those men had

Alicia Nashion

So happy we made the time to check it out. We enjoy just randomly finding things to do, whether we plan it, or up and go. In this case, we just up and left and enjoyed our time looking st the battleship along with our daughter.

My Name

Very cool and the history was great. Very cramped quarters but to be expected for a ship built 75 years or more ago. I love history and can highly recommend. First time on a ship like that. I am an Army Guy but have a lot of respect for the Navy guys that worked on that ship.


Its a beautiful ship up close and in real life. It truly takes you back to their time when the world was way different. Beware of the smell though, it has a very pronounced steel smell to it as it is made out of tons of steel.

Plymouth Ruckingberg

Climbing aboard the stern of the battle ship, I knew I was into loads of fun when I got on. From experience of climbing into one of the turret guns, to navigating the hallways deep inside the ship, to climbing up into the crows nest and event interacting with the AA guns you can pivot around. If you really want a tad bit of historical information about life on a World War 2 age Battleship, then this is one of those places to be.

John Seng

Enjoyed our highly educational visit this morning! Very friendly and helpful staff. Even if you only have two hours, well worth the time to honor those who served to defend and protect our country.

Makia Pike

This is such a cool museum. My husband and I have visited it many times and have had a great experience each time. The admission price is cheap and the views are amazing. This museum offers a great view into history. We will definitely be visiting again!

Robert Lafayette

The ship was actually very cool and I would highly recommend the tour to anyone visiting Wilmington. We spent about two hours on the ship, and could have spent more. It can get hot in parts, but bring water and you'll be okay. We didn't do the audio tour, but the informational signs were very good and the crew experiences were quite interesting as well.

Tony Stish

Made me feel real big like. Careful if you're tall. Overall pretty cool place to see.

Tom Remein

Massive guns, projectiles at least five feet long, capable of travelling 35 miles to a target. Visitors can see the entire ship above and below decks. As we were driving north back to our rented condo we checked the distance a shell might have reached in wartime. I can hardly imagine what the experience of an enemy soldier on the receiving end would have been.

Kevin WIlliams

This was a great piece of history to explore. My dad was a sailor and he enjoyed telling us all about the different parts of the ship and why things were designed like they were. I encourage you to take a sailor with you if you get a chance to check it out.

Chris Clark

Wonderful ship. Well worth a visit

Zachary Markham

The ship was absolutely amazing to be on. The whole tour of the ship, and the sheer amount of everything you are able to see was awesome. It is very incredible, it is a milestone in US history. Something that everyone should go see.

Steph Diablo

Loved visiting this battleship. Definitely an eye opener to what the navy guys had to live and breathe while stationed on this regal lady. Loved all the points of information to explain what it was like to call this ship home. Thankful to all that help to keep this piece of history alive for upcoming generations

Donna Vlassick

My family and I went down for the batty battleship festivities and we had a fantastic time! They had games, candy prizes for all ages, display tables with lots of goodies, a magic show and access to the upper deck to get a view of history within! Recommend the full tour! I know I'll be returning soon! 2

Gitana Music

WE. LOVED. THIS. Wow. What a beautiful tribute to our military during World War II in the Pacific.


Loved this place. We drove from Alabama to go on a ghost hunt there over night. The staff was so helpful and helped anyway they could.

Laurie Cory

Very informative and interesting tour of the battleship. Both my husband and I enjoyed it. Bring a bottle of water with you as it gets a little warm.

ellen mckenna

So many plaques with great information. we liked being able to your on our pace. Very hot inside though; they do have fans in spots which was nice.

Sherri Brake

We always visit the battleship when in Wilmington. Nice to see restoration going on and the boat in drydock for it. We will be back!

Petra Boermans

Well laid out and very interesting. Especially liked the posted comments from some of the men who remembered their time aboard.

Donna Lane

Very interesting. Liked very much

Teresa Shaw

Very interesting. We spent several hours on the ship. Our service men had everything from an ice cream shop to a bakery from a printing press to an operating room.

nate carroll

Very interesting and entertaining Great way to spend a half day checking out history and viewing how easy of a life we have. Many great things to see, their online app didn't work though. Both myself and father were not able to get it to work.

Michael Tedesco

We hosted a party on the main deck and it was a great venue. Everyone loved it and our guests were able to tour the boat during the party. Great venue!

Kristen Barnett

This is a place we love to visit. Everyone should go at least once. Prepare for quite a bit of walking a climbing, but there is so much to explore and so much to see. It is a unique experience. This is a great experience for both kids and adults.

Laura Ballard

This ship is absolutely beautiful. My first time coming here was with my boyfriend and his best friend, theres so much to see and so much to learn. Keep in mind it takes anywhere from 2-5 hours to see everything in full, especially if you read every single word on each sign. It's well maintained and the shop is a really cute addition which I enjoyed very much. I will most definitely be back here again soon.

Wes McClintock

Had time to visit after delivering a load , spent about 3 hrs and that wasn't near enough time. 1st off it's easy to get to. Lot's of parking ,( I was in a semi), I've been on a few battleships , and in my opinion, this is the best maintained. Great tour, people, gift shop.

Mark Schulz

Fun informative tour let's you walk through multiple levels of the ship, from the guns up top to the decks below, def worth going at least once

Timothy Tharp

The rich historical live, well preserved artifacts have withstood the time and weathering very well. If one may care about Pacific world war history this is truly a great piece. You may want to prepare for wet conditions, tight quarters, and strong military odors, some of which can be very offensive. Other than that, the vessel is very sound and authentic for the most part and very interesting, to know and feel the very effects of sailor life and what it cost to provide American liberty and freedom is amazing. Thanks to all the ones who sacrificed all for us. I hope all forward generations come even half as close, because it seems today is all about waste and selfish me. Thanks North Carolina historical society. Great job.

Michael Maragos

Very well kept and excellently presented. There was enough to see to occupy us for over 2 hours

Shawn Janke

History at its finest It was Battleship 101 day so you got to see areas not normally open.

Angela Welch

Had a great time exploring the ship. Wrist band enable you to come and go as you please. Spend 2 hours on the ship. Very neat experience. Not a lot of people there that day. Customer service was super friendly even though they were short staffed. Gift shop had a lot of stuff in it. Over all the kids had a great time being able to speak in nooks and crannies. Will have to find some more ships to explore.

Chuck Pearsall

Very detailed self guided tour. Easy to follow. You can take as much or as little time as you like. Facilities are clean and comfortable. Great for anyone interested military history.

Mitch Norman

This is one of the coolest destinations in Wilmington. We took a day off from the beach to go here and I'm so glad we did. My kids loved it (all 10 and under if that matters). You can feel the history. We got such an incredible glimpse into soldiers lives during World War II through this incredible battleship. I believe everyone needs to go, especially adults, at least once if you have the opportunity. I only give four stars, however, because I felt the adult price was a little high. We probably won't go back for a while and that would be the main reason. I also wish you could either see more of the ship, or had a better understanding of the layout and how things worked. Guides to answer questions would be phenomenal. I would rather pay more for that experience or pay less to go home and start googling all the things I didn't understand while on the boat.

Bryan Bell

Great attraction. The billboard going towards Wilmington was great, I don't remember the exact wording but we were in the range of the guns (23 miles).

Michael Clemmons

Been here many times over the years and they have made great improvements. They have a walkway that goes all the way around the outside of the ship now and many new spaces open to the public. My kids love this museum.

Donna Stillie

We enjoyed touring the ship. Got lost a little bit but there is always someone to help guide you. Great experience.

Kris J

Great place to visit and learn some history, which also has great views of downtown Wilmington

Woody Hadley

Very interesting if you like history, military or just boats

Benjamin Schooley

Super huge ship, couldn't see everything. Awesome experience, everyone should go.

Arkopal Choudhury

It was a great experience going through a real battleship! Really exciting!

Sonny Dixon

There is a peace when you see this memorial of the brave who have died or served this country to protect it and preserve it. It is very educational and in lightning to see. God bless this country and all who serve!

snowwhite Bullock

Absolutely worth the trip. My son and I went and killed hours in this wonderful piece of history. We took a self guided tour which allowed us time to look, read and enjoy at our own pace. It has well kept grounds and a friendly staff. We saw everything from the laundry to the gunnery. This ship is huge and full of world war memorabilia. I highly recommend a trip here with your kids! Fantastic experience.

Tommy G

This is something to see if you are a history buff like I am! It's amazing to see! Watch your head if you are tall as I am!

Manny Vargas

A beautiful place to visit. It truly transports you back in time to the history of the ship. I highly recommend it

Bryan Kruk

Excellent battleship with a ton of history. The self-guided tour took me about 2 hours or so, but you can either go slower or faster depending on how much time you want to spend reading the information scattered about in each of the areas of interest. The admission price is very competitive with similar experiences. You get access to seeing a lot of different areas of the ship, both below and above the main deck. I also recommend coming back and walking around the walkway that surrounds the entirety of the ship. I toured the battleship during the day, when it was hot, so it didn't seem to enticing to walk around after, but at sunset, the walk was beautiful- and free.


It's a self guided tour though parts of the battleship open to the public. Plan to take 3-5 hours to tour every part of the ship available, if you take your time to read the placards, etc. It's a very interesting experience to see how different life was at sea during the 1940's, and seeing the analog equipment that was state-of-the-art at the time. Definitely worth a visit, at least once in your life!

Lydia Filipasic

Awesome place. I always remembered going here so I took my children. So much to see and very educational. We will be going back since we missed a few sites but for my kids to walk over two hours was great.

Randy Husted

Great to be aboard a ship that means do much to our history. I would not recommend the app, it was not user friendly. Difficult to navigate through. Simply enjoy your time on the ship.

Niels Oostra

A good museum ship but the aged is showing on the old girl. But the tour is nice with lots of stories and old photos.

Jason Reskin

Hot, need to plan accordingly... Rest rooms are the only air conditioning accessible aboard ship... We somehow missed a whole section and were there for 3 hours!

Ferrell Hornsby

Such a wonderful experience! To see where my father-in-law served in WWII, to find his name on the list, to find him in a picture displayed by the guns he loaded, and best of all, to see the flag raised in honor of what would have been his 100th birthday! Thanks to the staff, the volunteers, and all who made this possible!


Excellent location to take in some history and Engineering magnificence. I would recommend going during the gay as well as during the week. You can also download an app that will give you an audio throughout the tour of different locations. Excellent location to capture some fantastic pictures and taken some of the United States amazing history.

Jacqueline Morgan

Wonderful way to spend the day with family! Loved the exhibits.

Paul Holt

Good tour if you're interested in WWII. It's still interesting even if you're not. You can make it through in 60 minutes if you're just looking at the ship and not reading any of the info boards. Plan on 2 hours or more of you want to soak it all in and try to imagine life aboard the ship and what the crew would have lived like back in the day. I felt that it was reasonably priced.

Chris Reed

It's an awesome piece of history! A lot of the ship was accessible. You can see all the interesting parts like the guns, ammunition magazines, bunking areas, as well as fire control, damage control, and engine rooms. There are information posters everywhere describing what part of the ship you are in, its functions, history, and stories from the brave men that served aboard her. Audio tours are offered if you like. I roamed around the ship by myself in about 4 hours. Be ready to duck your head a lot and go up and down very steep ladders. If you take small children, keep an eye on them in the engine room. There's lots of nooks and crannies they can hide in. Being one of a handful of battleships left on earth, this is a must see. It was a very interesting and extremely unique experience. It was cheap, too. Be sure to say "yes" if they ask you to donate an additional $2. It helps preserve and maintain this precious memorial. If you are in the area, it's worth the visit.

Richard Cartier

Great history lesson. Cool old tech.


It’s really cool to visit and it is awesome on the the it served our country. God bless the crewmen who severed the years the ship was active. I hope that the USS North Carolina will still be viewed as a symbol of American Freedom.

lynda french

So much information and such a cool place to visit. There are many many flights of stairs and it's very hot and stuffy inside, so bring a water bottle, but don't miss it. It's amazing.

craig purvis

Very cool, my teenage children (I think) started to appreciate what the near teenagers of the greatest generation went through living and working on such a mammoth steel ship.

Avril Loy James

This was a really cool find. My son who is a world war II buff recommended it. Easy to find, ample free parking. I do not recommend downloading the app. That was not worth it's amazing to see the technology and the experience of what the sailors live like on a day-to-day basis. the only reason for four stars is it takes a long time, and sometimes you get turned around because the arrows are not always well laid-out. Make sure you have time and if you're not in great shape you might want to just do the main deck. I would like to check it out again when I don't have my nine-year-old with me.

Anne Simmons

Really a nice visit...interesting and truly will leave you in awe. Worth the money and an extra donation..I imagine it could get rather warm and tight on hot days so unless you want the reallllll experience...opt for a cooler day or stay up top. Amazing engineering and bravery

Leah Ballinger

Only complaint I have... considering the time of day and the weather outside... it was extremely friggin HOT!!! I give serious props to those that have been and are on a ship. I couldn't do it. Food looked amazing and it wasnt even real! But my question still remains... the world and why was there a post office and mail service?!

Colin J

An amazing experience, so much to see, we’ll worth the time.

Jeremy Politte

Love the floating museum's. Made this part of my vacation for my birthday. Even able to buy a piece of the original deck. VERY COOL

Jenn S

We had a great time here and learned alot! Spent over 2 hrs here. It was a self guided tour so you can go at your own pace. There's lots of steep stairs below deck and raised doors and it's really hot below deck so wear good shoes and dress for the heat especially if going in the summer like we did!

Tina Sturgis

My Dad and Uncle were both in the Navy and it was interesting to see how he lived in the ship during that time. You get to walk almost the entire ship, back to front, up & down.

Skyler Dyer

Massive battle ship. You can easily spend a few hours here looking at the whole ship. Lots to see. My kids loved it. Tons of bobs they can turn and spin. I was amazed at the size of this vessel.

Ada Lopez

Learning about the battleship was amazing. The volunteers are real life superheros. It is such a humbling way to learn American history. The ticket and gift shop area has some room for improvement but the ship itself is incredible!

James Carroll

Amazing battleship. Tour is really well laid out. It gets really hot. So drink lots of water.

Samantha Monroe

This place is awesome. Our family visited the Battleship and spent close to three hours exploring. This was our first time there and we enjoyed ourselves. Definitely worth the, and educational. You have the option to do a self-guided tour or pay a little extra money for a tour guide either way the historical significance for the Battleship North Carolina makes it worth the experience. Highly recommend visiting!!o

Laura Owens

So much history on this ship. Very fun and interesting tour! I would definitely do it again.

Linda Pinkel

My husband wanted to tour the battleship for his 60th birthday. Our tour was awesome thanks to Tony Honeycutt. We saw every part of the ship that was accessible. The day was beautiful, the ship was not crowded and Tony answered all of our questions. He proved to be an excellent and informative guide. Thanks Tony for making my husband's tour memorable.

Jeny J

So much fun, however I do wish there was a tour guide cause I didn't realise there was a small sign indicating an app could be used as one and I got turned around down there. It's a labyrinth down there. Can't imagine being on a ship that long in those tight spaces, especially the brig hidden behind the stair case.

David Smith

An amazing ship. Well with the trip even in the heat of summer to see how the sailors of the USS North Carolina defended our nation during WWII.

Jakim Friant

Had a great visit, even with it raining. The self guided tour was easy to follow and took us through a lot of interesting parts of the ship.

Peter Collins

Stopped by on a rainy day and toured with the kids. Lots of fun learning some history. Lots of info inside the ship.

Steven Robideaux

I have toured this Ship twice. Loved it both times. The ship is a great piece of history. The staff onboard give a great history lesson.

Elizabeth Butler

I appreciate this great history museum. Unfortunately, it's very hot inside the ship during summer. Try to go during a cool time of year. There's no air conditioning.

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